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Statements from Stephen Ross and Carl Peterson

Stephen Ross released a statement about the general manager search that begins on Friday. That search, by the way, will be done with the advise of longtime Ross friend Carl Peterson, who will not have a role with the team beyond that according to the Dolphins owner.

The statement from Ross:

“We will begin interviewing candidates for the General Manager position tomorrow.  It will be a thorough process with the goal of bringing the best person to help us build a team that will be a consistent winner. Carl Peterson will serve as an advisor to me on this search.  Carl and I have had a business relationship for almost 30 years dating back to the USFL and I have tremendous respect for his experience and judgment on team building and football operations. He will advise me on the search but he will not have a role with the Dolphins after the process is over.

"The new General Manager will have autonomous responsibility for the 53 man roster and selecting players during the draft and will report to me.  First and foremost, this person must have a passion for the game and demonstrated player evaluation expertise. They will need to be a person who is a collaborative team player that puts the organization first.  Regardless of reporting structure, the relationship between the General Manager and Coach Philbin must be one of trust, respect, and collaboration, and this will be an area we will look closely at during the process.  This individual also must be a person with integrity who is open-minded and creative.

Our media relations department will update you on the list of candidates when interviews are finalized.  Once the process is complete, I will make the final decision on who to hire.

Coach Philbin and his staff are continuing their offseason activities while conducting interviews for the offensive coordinator position. We are also working on our draft preparation, including our upcoming trip to the Senior Bowl as well as all of the other aspects of player evaluation and procurement.  At the end of this process, we will be a stronger organization with people working together to build a Championship team."

The statement from Carl Peterson:

“I’ve known Steve for a long time and I know that no one wants to bring a winner to Miami more than he does. I look forward to advising Steve through this search and I am confident that he will add an outstanding candidate with a proven track record in talent evaluation to the Dolphins.“

Previously you read that John Wooten had issues with the clarity of the Dolphins GM job. This statement has changed his mind.

"Everything is fine," he said. "Everything is great. No problem."

He is now encouraging minority candidates to interview.


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Make Aponte the OC and bring in a real GM.


My bad for capitalizing at the end. Just wanted to get my point across.

...I would also like to see Lauren Tannehill serving hot dogs at the games next year.

Posted by: Dashi | January 09, 2014 at 09:38 PM

Point noted.

I was using sarcasm, FYI.
Posted by: Still Waiting... | January 09, 2014 at 09:37 PM

I thought you may have been but wasnt sure...

Dashi struck a nerve. We have the Troll reverting to his old ways. Imitating Bloggers. I always knew you wanted to be Dashi you HeShe.

Dashi out. I see someone is in his feelings.

Sam I Am,

We can't be discouraged...except by the Dolphins. ;)

Seriously, I get your posts and the frustration that this team has too much negative drama and not nearly enough success.

All the great 'history' of this team was a very long time ago. As you mentioned, one playoff appearance in a dozen years.

Anyway, maybe this team will surprise us one day. Lol.

Dashi, we notice you are normally here during the day, but not often at this hour. This must be your night off. What kind of low paying night job do you have?

hey Ross , do us all a favor:

get rid of Aponte and Philbin, and hire Marino or Dungy and let them run the show..the now what their doing..

end of storey..


If TCHOKE could of hit on half of the CLUSTER plucks on long balls not just to WallaCe but the ones he MISSED to BH "2". for you STUPID HOMERS.the PASTY FACED PUNK Arse USELESS POS AT QB for the Fins, WOULD HAVE SAVED THE JOBS of Sherman,Ireland,THE punk QB coach who is a useless DORK on the payroll Eh?

Posted by: Ape Tamer | January 09, 2014 at 09:36 PM
Oscar,Fidel looks good Eh?

When Todd Bowles was coaching the team at the end of 2011. He was in one of the rest rooms at The Dolphins Davie complex smoking a joint in one of the men's rooms when Ross and Carl Peterson walked in. Alarmed, Bowles hid in one of the stalls. Peterson got down on his hands and knees to check the stalls to see if anyone were in the room with him and Ross, however Bowles was standing on one of the toilets so his presence could not be detected. In their conversation about who should be the team's next head coach, Peterson suggested keeping Bowles on as head coach...shocked, Ross replied "Do you really think I would have a n-word coaching my football team ?" Afterwhich Peterson replied, "Of course not, neither would I."

So basically the last 5 blogs of Salguero were a waste of time and sensationalism journalism. If he had of checked his 'sources', this wouldn't even be an issue. Keep up the great work Armando... you my friend, are truly a POS

Victor how dumb is that. Dungy? Why because he is a clean honest religious man? One ring with the best QB of his era along with a great defense?

Dungy sucks. Then he passes his HC job to idiot Caldwell that got fired shortly after? That is who you want to guide us? Took another coach to get his Tampa team a ring?

Dungy is a joke. He belongs in church.

I would like Stephen Ross to show his commitment and dedication to the Dolphins and their fans by serving hot dogs at home games next year.

Posted by: Still Waiting... | January 09, 2014 at 09:35 PM

Not if he's cooking because they'll be burnt while he decides if they're plump enough.

I'm out.

Aponte should be linebackers coach and the strength and conditioning coach.

Aponte should be giving lap dances in the locker room

Fire Ross can't give up his love for us losers. You know what they say.

No Marino. He already QUIT the FO after 10 days. And he was a big CHOKE artist. CHEATED on his wife. No QUITTER, CHOKER, CHEATER.

Remember According to you Dashi has NO JOB. Or I'm a Janitor. Let's go with Janitor who rides the metro to work.

Either/Or the thing is Dashi doesn't post as often because of the same thing I have been saying for the past couple months. Dashi is tired of having to deal with you and your 5 jokes of Fury. I stop by during the Day now because that is when a few good posters are around here.

At night we had a couple good posters but I believe even they took the hint. You want the blog to yourself at night. You should be happy Dashi has obliged with your request.

Dungy is a joke. He belongs in church.

Posted by: Amen | January 09, 2014 at 09:46 PM

Aside from having become more Self-Grandiose than a TV Evangalist. Since I saw the interview with him after visiting Vick in jail were he was speaking as if he thought himself the true voice of reason I tuned him out! Had my sympathy after sons tragic death but today acts as if his don't stink! Also after Colts S.B. loss to Saints he had as much to do as anyone tossing the team under a bus with his rant about the most embarrassing showing he ever saw and if he were still there! No thanks another holier than though self proclaimed Jesus freak!

..."the relationship between the General Manager and Coach Philbin must be one of trust, respect, and collaboration, and this will be an area we will look closely at during the process."

Sounds like Ross is trying to protect Philbin from getting bullied. That's nice.


Dashi out. I see someone is in his feelings.

Posted by: Dashi | January 09, 2014 at 09:41 PM

I thought you were out? Nooo. You can't resist. We are under your skin. Why? Because we are right. The harder you try to defend your kiddie world, the deeper the hole you dig.

Everyone sees it.

But you.

So that report by Jason Laconfora of Ross wanting Gamble so it sets up so Jim Harbaugh comes in with Gamble not true since the new GM has to work with Philbin. Ross Ross wants to keep Philbin so where did Lanconfora come up with that report.

Oh...so now Wooten says it's okay for the minority candidates to interview...after Ross and Peterson make carefully worded statements which can be interpreted in a variety of ways.
But his prior calls to the Dolphins rendered no clear structure for the GM job, which created confusion in the first place.

So, again, the owner who declared his desire for an open relationship with the fans has managed to muddle the public perception again, only to have to make a follow-up clarifying statement.

What a clusterfutch this has become..

Company lol ?

That's one reason why I call so many of you losers.

Among fans of the same team you feel a sense of community, that truly is sad.

I've made it perfectly clear many times that I only come here to take the pi$$...wtf it's obvious.

...and this trainwreck that is The Miami Dolphins is godd@mn hilarious at this point.

2013 was one of the most enjoyable seasons that I've ever had with following sports.

The only thing that would have made it better would have been if The Steelers player's foot were inbounds on the final play...and The Dolphins had gone 7-9.

Losing season #5 would have been roflmao.

You hide like a coward with these different names lol.

Probably afraid of Dawn Aponte, the new head of "your" team.

This just keeps getting better.

Wait til the GM candidates start shunning The Phins pi$s poor organization.

The Dolphins will be under .500 for many years to come.

It's as clear as me making sport of the homer's here.

New logo, new era.


Posted by: FIRE ROSS | January 09, 2014 at 10:01 PM

You were wrong this season.....a lot. What makes you think anyone thinks other than you are off by 100 miles. Based in your past gaffe predictions, you don't have a shred of credibility.

Jus sayin'


Michael Vick got Andy Reid fired, RG3 got Shanahan fired, Thill got Ireland/Sherman fired, sounds about right to me


Posted by: Darkoak | January 09, 2014 at 10:05 PM


fin4life I don't know what I like more, hiring Omar Khan or just yelling Khaaaaaaaaaaan!!

If he works out we are golden, he's supposedly the man instrumental in keeping the veteran Super Bowl winning group together for another run contract wise. He short listed last season twice.

If he fails I'll personally fly a banner over Sun Life saying......


Dashi, I have seen the future.

When we are both frail and elderly, we shall live together in a decaying yet romantic and charming old French Colonial villa on the outskirts of Phnom Penh, Cambodia.

Our manservant will bring us cool, gin-based cocktails on the veranda as we fan ourselves in the tropical heat.

It will be an adventure. It will be a few years of idle bliss. And then a typhoon will come and the resulting tidal wave will sweep us out to sea where we will be devoured by hammerhead sharks.

Losing to The Jets in the final game to miss the playoffs. I couldn't have scripted a better finish to the season.

...losing the team's most consistent wide receiver to a career changing injury in the same game = piling on.

Hartline will lose a step with his knee injury, yet he didn't have a step to lose.

The Phins #1 WR in 2014 will run a 4.7 40.

...and you thought The Phins couldn't score points in 2013 lmao.

I delight in Phins fans misery.

After booing Chad Henne in 2011 this is what you set yourselves up for.

Tannehope, Tannebust.

...and if you bought the USFL logo you deserve misery as well.

New logo, new era.

No playoffs again.

Phins are staring at a 1-15 to 3-13 type of season in the next year or two.

Even the blind homers are starting to see how utterly out of whack the Dolphins operations are.

This is worse than Wannstedt/Speilman by a mile.

Ross, Peterson, Philbin, Aponte and some lame noobie GM.

Committees advising committees.

A coach reading his locker room speeches off of an index card wtf !!!

Ireland's scouting dept is still in place etc...

Ross won't spend up to the cap.

Stands are empty.

The team hasn't one legit star and its best player in Grimes will likely be leaving.

O-Line can't possibly be fixed in a year.

Phins 2-4 in the division.

New logo, new era.


How does possibility this strike you ?

2014 5-11
2015 3-13
2016 4-12
2017 2-14

Or maybe this one :

2014 12-4
2015 12-4
2016 14-2 Miami Dolphins Super Bowl Champions (Tannehill MVP)


This is why you follow the team right ?

Ain't gonna happen.

Which scenario is more likely ?

Phins fans will wish Jeff Ireland were still here in 2-3 years.

Fire Ross,
look at what you just said, I'm sorry son but if you'll be honest and look inward, you'll see the real lost loser. I'm sorry son but it had to be said.

One thing Stephen Ross left out; The new General Manager will know how to identify weather a college football players Mom engaged in prostitution without asking.

As long as he picks Impact Players and works smoothly with Philbin, I really don't care how strong or weak that GM will be.


New GM can pick players but cannot fire the coach even if he goes 0-16?

Dream job!

Basically the same stuff they had this year. Because that worked so well. How somebody as mentally challenged as Ross ever made billions of dollars is inexplicable. This is just depressing. It just feels so hopeless.

That slack-jawed Larry Coker clone will be standing on the sideline in an empty stadium twenty minutes after the final loss of next season wondering what happened and where is my Dawn-binky?

You know Sparano is eating a slice somewhere with his goombahs, wearing a XXXL Jets jersey, yukking it up in karmic satisfaction and thinking how glad he is to be coaching offensive line at Podunk U.

Years away.

Dashi was right, Ed Lacy is a Beast.

Fire Ross is just a worthless douchebag troll who would blow Mark Sanchez and Geno Smith behind a Citgo station in New Jersey if he could. A loser in life whose only happiness comes from the Dolphins losing and a splurge on his face. What a total moron.

If he fails I'll personally fly a banner over Sun Life saying......


Posted by: Darkoak | January 09, 2014 at 10:20 PM

There was a discussion last Season about who everybody would like to see as the new G.M. if Ireland were fired and I said I didn't know who Art Rooney Jr.'s Assistant was but would start there. The Steelers are so low key about the way they go about business you really don't ever here about there F.O. personnel but are always among the best at team building. That team always seems to have the answer on the bench. I googled and came across Omar Khan and read up. A graduate Assistant Coach who the Saints signed to the F.O. in 04 was later hired by the Rooney's were he was the Head of Football Administration for their last 3 S.B. runs were they were 2-3. I'll take it6 and like the fact he came up in such a solid F.O. were he was tutored by some of the best Football F.O. people in the game. A win win as far as I'm concerned.

That slack-jawed Larry Coker clone will be standing on the sideline in an empty stadium twenty minutes after the final loss of next season wondering what happened and where is my Dawn-binky?

Posted by: Jimmy Jam | January 09, 2014 at 10:32 PM

You know Jimmy Philbin kept reminding me of someone but I couldn't put my finger on it (I blocked it out) but your right on ith the Cocker comparisons and not just in terms of looks either given Larry had the UM team playing like they were at a funeral as well! He ain't slack jawed though more like an open mouthed stare into space.

They'll hire someone other than Pioli or Gamble.

Posted by: FIRE ROSS | January 09, 2014 at 09:44 PM

Fire Ross: You do know that sometimes you make posts that would lead one to believe that your smoking some very strong stuff.

To sam i am at 9.36
My friend this blog has 3 kinds of people rational minds like ourselves and others
Old fans who are losing hope with our franchise
And trolls who just come here to laugh at us and feed our anger. Honestly there are few names that i see here daily and the ones i recognize i read and reflect if its just some troll there is no point in reading there comment because they ussually dont post anything. Its always fire ireland, now its fire philbin, next fire aponte, and before u know it fire ross!!

Truly ridiculous!! Dont worry sam true dolphin fans( heck all sports fans)would never turn on eachother!

Posted by: promichelle | January 09, 2014 at 7:48 PM

I agree, Tannehill has exceeded all expectations. He has really done the most he could with no oline giving up a record number of sacks, most of his key receivers out on injury, and an OC stuck in the past.

I'm with you, by his 5th year he coud emerge as the best QB of his draft.

Well hopefully around tomorrow night and saturday we will have an idea at who our new GM and OC will be.

I still have high reservations that Philbin went up in Ireland with his personnel acquisitions.
I think intentionally Philbin benched and misused players to make Ireland appear even more incompetent.
I am expecting players from last years draft to have major roles in this coming year, as well as Wallace and maybe other recent FAs to somehow magically become more productive.

I think intentionally Philbin benched and misused players to make Ireland appear even more incompetent.

Posted by: Hardin Drye | January 09, 2014 at 10:59 PM

Ridiculous. Nothing makes a coach look worse than losing. They are going to play the best players. Most of the 2013 were injured and couldn't play.

Irelands 2013 draft was a total bust this past season. It remains to be seen if the two corners can get healthy enough to play and if they can find a starting spot for Jordon.

That's a possibility, Harding. It seemed that way to me too at times. If it was so, those silly power schemes cost Us the best Season where we could have challenged NE for the Division. Forget about that next Year with the schedule we have.

The only thing awesome about Trannyhill is his super hot little wifey. I wonder is she shaves down there and if she likes to go down.

FIRE ROSS has been on the mark with his evaluations. He has tremendous insight and his comments are objective and intelligent.


So lonely desperate for acknowledgement on an anonymous blog.

Lets hope the new GM can find us a franchise QB.

Oh lord Hardin. You must be the dumbest SOB on the planet.

Which bench warmers out played a starter but wasn't allowed to play??

Wallace would have had over 20 if Tannehill didn't have accuracy issues.

Ban Hardin, he or she is an idiot.

Whoever gets picked to be the next GM we owe it to him to give him our strong support
He knows what he is getting into, and will rapidly find out what our needs really are.
He will have a hell of a job to do in fixing this mess
we would need 6 first round picks to make us contenders
RB, MLB, 3 O Linemen; TE; receiver; safety and CB
That is 9 new members of the dolphins team
We can pick some of them in Free agency
we will have to have a great draft to pick up the rest
I just hope we are able to pick up starters in the draft if we can get 4 starters then we will have done a good job.
So lets give the new GM a little breathing room and lets hope he indeed is a better talent evaluator than Ireland.
Like it was said here we need starters not players with potential by the time they develop they will be free agents and they will leave
no more Egnew's or Jordan's
Anyone taking the job under these conditions will automatically be under a lot of pressure. I just hope he is strong enough to pick the players he wants and not the ones the coaches want. I do not trust that Philbin gave Ireland the right advise when selecting Jordan. We wasted a first and a second round pick for a non impact player. It ended up costing Ireland his job.

I think that started the rift between Philbin and Ireland were all those WRs that Jeff brought here in 2012, all of whom sukkked di-k except for Bins late in the Season. A case could now be made that it was Ireland that didn't want Marshall here, not Philbin.

Ross is the most inept wimpy indecisive weak owner in the history of American sports franchises. He is a squeakly little mouse fart.

Jamar Taylor a high second round pick but can't beat out Nolan Carroll or Jimmy Wilson??
Classic Ireland move.

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