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Stephen Ross at Dolphins camp today

Dolphins owner Stephen Ross arrived at the training facility Thursday morning via his helicopter and it is expected whatever decisions he mulled and pondered about the hiring and firing of assistants and personnel people the last few days will be made today.

As you read here, the Dolphins coaching staff is on the line and while Ross wants change, coach Joe Philbin is resisting that change.

The fate of GM Jeff Ireland is also at stake today. I reported a month ago that Ireland had been told he was safe. Much has changed since then. But I'm told the club owner has been struggling with this issue because he likes Ireland and doesn't want to go back on his word.

We'll see.



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Please Fire Failbin!!!

And of coarse Ireland....

So basically, no news.

Ross is a puss!

Mando, still trying to figure out your "Philbin is resisting that change" point. Is this based solely on the answers he gave in the presser, or is there other information which you are not disclosing (which is your prerogative) to come to that assessment?


was debating....merely posting stats....I thought you would appreciate that.....

In any case...I am not looking for solid.....I am more into spectacular...with a sprinkle of perfection from time to time....that is what I want out of my QB....

If that can be developed....than good luck to Tanne next year.....

The 2013 rookie class played less than half the league average for rookie classes. The Dolphins had 5 picks in the first three rounds going into the draft. They could not convert one of them to a starter or even a player than played vey much.

It was, so far, an epic fail of a draft.

The 2012 draft gave us Tannehill; the most iffy QB in the league in some ways. He could be great and he could be below average.

Tannehill was ranked tenth among all 1st, 2nd, and 3rd year QBs -- no exactly anything special.

The 2013 draft also gave us Martin, Vernon, and Egnew.

So, nine premium picks and Vernon is the only good player so far. Tannehill is a toss-up. The others do no play.

I hear he walked in to the facility carrying a broom.


- Ireland and Philbin survive. The Dolphins say they are 'close'.

- Defenses have already learned how to neuter Tannehill and he regresses in 2014.

- The FA signings and draft are a joke.

- The Dolphins finish 6-10.

I admire Ross wanting to be a man of his word. Here's the problem Ross. You said a stupid thing and gave a man an extension because the team won a few football games at the beginning of the season.

We all make mistakes. Pay out Jeff's contract and do the right thing for the team and the fans. FIRE HIM!

Reading everything, sounds like the only change will be Sherman. I'm hearing Ross is STILL loyal to Ireland, and he doesn't want to go back on his word from earlier in the season (big mistake) that he was safe. And he also doesn't want to get rid of Philbin.

Now, might Philbin talk Ross into getting rid of Coyle (to make SOME kind of change) to protect Sherman, that would be interesting?

But if I were a betting man, I'd say Ireland is safe, Philbin, and the axe would go to Sherman.

Lord Help Us in 2014!

Fu$k your word ross. You are the owner. What about the fans who deserve much better than what you are giving them. Follow in jimmy haslam's footsteps. If there is no progress then you are gone.

From Dashi's post on Mr. Barry Jackson

I know this isn't a popular opinion in Sfla, but keep Ireland and Philbin 1 more year.

This team only really has 1 hole to fill the O-line. Ireland has done his job. And will continue to do a good job if given an opportunity to finish what he started. (Yes, I know this isn't a popular opinion but it is the truth. Over the last 5 years nobody in the AFC East has drafted better, Name 1 team. This team has talent on the roster.)

And those complaining about coaches and their "System" must hate every great coach that has ever lived. Lombardi, Shula, Belichick, Walsh, Etc. I wouldn't want a coach who doesn't have a set system. It shows he has no vision what he wants his team to look like. You wouldn't want to work for someone who doesn't have a set system and adjusts his company according to his employees. That is bad management.

It isn't like we went 4-12 after 7-9 last year. Yes, we should be better than 8-8 this season(At least 10-6 if we had a better Kicker, 12-4 with a decent O-line.). But how many of you negative Dolphins fans were expecting even worst, The Majority of you. Very hypocritical if you ask Dashi.

Also, Give L.Miller more Carries. Even at 4 ypc given an average workload for a starting RB of 250 carries he will get over 1000 yds. Something Reggie Bush and Ronnie Brown only did ONCE THEIR WHOLE CAREER. This behind the worst O-line in team history.

Again, Ireland and Philbin deserve 1 more season. If they go 9-7 or worst next year, then FIRE EVERYONE.

BUT You shouldn't Fire someone after the 2nd season of a rebuild. Well actually the First. Cause last year Philbin couldn't go FA shopping because we were cap strapped from the Parcells and Spo rebuilt.

At least UCF won the Fiesta Bowl vs Baylor!

Storm Johnson anyone?

Read more here: http://miamiherald.typepad.com/dolphins_in_depth/2014/01/over-the-past-two-weeks-it-has-become-clearto-dolphins-owner-stephen-ross-his-team-must-address-issues-on-offense-and-that-me/comments/page/5/#comments#storylink=cpy

I'm tired of hearing that Philbin isn't emotional enough - these players are professional players!! Are they stupid? Do they not know how important these last two games were? These guys are a bunch of cowards - Philbin could probably whip them all. There are a lot of coaches who are under control and not rah rah guys that have been successful - Landry - Walsh - even Belicheat - dungy. Bottom line - the leadership of the team -players - were non-existent in the last two weeks. Bunch of wanna bes.


Hey Sigh -

I'm with ya.

You just forgot the part about how Ross will have eight local blackouts on his hands next year…..

Adam Schefter is reporting Ireland and Philbin stay but assistants may be gone. Saw it on another blog so don't know how accurate that is.

Dashi is beyyyond delusional...

Bortles 300 Yds, 3 TDs, 93 yds rushing 1 TD in a bowl game. Better than RT has ever done in a re important game as 17 point underdogs...and he wasn't even spectacular that game!

Storm Johnson 170 Yards and 3 TDs rushing

I think everything will stay status quo, including Sherman being kept as OC. Ross for some reason is obsessed with Ireland, and also seems to like Philbin the person running his team. 0% chance Philbin OKs to fire his best friend Sherman.

The reality is that Ireland's first rebuild failed. And now, his rebuild of a rebuild is failing.

Given what has happened to the 49ers, Seahawks, Colts and Cardinals, it seems that Ireland and Philbin are way behind others. And they are sinking like lead.

thet r gunna cut some1 from the practice squad to make a statement

Why take the time to repost one of the worst posts I've ever read? You and Ross should get in a room together and blueprint the 10 year plan. You're as blind as he is!

He likes Ireland huh? Does he like having the least productive draft class last year?

Ross is an ignoramous. Or, Ireland has very complicit photos of Ross. For no other reason should Ireland still be employed.

Armando, do u have pix of the clown car that greeted ross at the chopper?

I hope hes there to entertain a potential buyer!!!! Anything short of an all out sale is the continuation of the same old same old

This team has the 26th ranked offense and the 21st ranked defense. It was an 8-8 team with too many unknowns all over the roster going forward.

I'm so tired of hearing rebuilds take a certain amount of years.

The Chiefs, Colts, Eagles, Cardinals, Chargers ALL pove this theory false.

There is NO reason this team hasn't been in the playoffs. Ross' love fair is keeping Miami down.

Not only is Ireland, Sherman, Coyle & Turner a problem but, the owner might be the biggest.

Please please please retain the current brain trust. I am tired of being farted on by all those sweaty Julios.

Also Common Sense.

I know most of you hate Ireland and would want nothing better than for him to be gone.



With that said Ross has good PR people and they know that is what the Fans want to hear, Fire Ireland. He is playing the Media. After the Harbaugh disaster Ross hired a PR team to help him spin the news. Ross made his money out of the public eye. So he had to learn how to deal with the media.

Its Thursday. Did Ross sell the team or die?

Blake Bortles

He put up good numbers off a typical college offense. His 2 biggest pass plays were WR screens that went for about 50 and then 45 yards. The element of the run game is what the difference in that game was not his arm. He rushed for more yards then any game this year and he had his longest run of the year as well. That was because of good coaching. The read option was not a part of UCF offense this year and yet they ran it over and over in the Fiesta bowl.

Element of surprise. Shocker for us Dolphins fans that a coach would do that.

If the Dolphins stand status quo, then their record in 2014 will be status quo --- sub.500

nothing will change,ross was on his way
2 palm beach and needed take a dump so he landed at cap davie
fitting becuz it's a chit hole

Ross MUST instill accountability in the organization. Succeed or leave. It starts at the top and must flow all way down to coaches, players and scouts.

Ireland failed because it doesn't bring in players that are ready to contribute. His only successes are players that contribute 2-3 years after getting drafted.

Philbin and friends failed because they don't adjust and continue making the same mistakes, playing the same unsuccessful players, calling the same unsuccessful plays.

A player is at fault if they miss an assignment, get physically beaten, or make a mental mistake. Every season (every team) has plenty of these. Coaches need to address the mistakes. At some point, it becomes the coaches fault that the player is still playing and still making the same mistakes. Either teach something or don't call the plays that cause the problem.

And 2 seasons is more than enough to judge a GM and coaching staff. Look at Flyers hockey. Fired coach 3 games in, now half way through season, they are in a playoff spot.

Dawn Aponte,

She's already left team HQ. No need to speculate could mean many things. She's safe! She's out! She's been promoted! She resigned for a NFL FO job. Who knows? But I'm keeping hope alive there is a house cleaning done.

lotz a season tix holders r waiting 2 c

The reason theres no/poor leadership on our team is also Philbins fault. He got rid of all of last years The Leadership Council so there would be no strong personalities to question him.Epic fail by him, why? Because hes never been a Head Coach before, anywhere, ever.

Fans should have greeted Ross at HQ's with the Fire Ireland banners. Then again, I think he knows what the FANS want by now.

The Dolphins are a .500 team for half a decade because of horrid drafting, subpar FA signings, and bad coaching. It really is that simple. There have been good QBs available, but the Dolphins got Tannehill - who cannot throw accurately over 15 yards; it's a significant flaw in his game.

orange seat don't worry, the only fat axxes u r gonna have 2 worry 'bout are glorias and j-lo's next season unless they sell

How could they surprise an opponent? They only run a dozen plays?!

I'm tired of the ignorance on this blog. So my bad if I don't participate as much anymore. We have some great posters here who are very informative. But the constant over and over trolling of the good posters gets annoying and tiresome.

Plus, it is the same 5 jokes or insults that get repeated.

And EVERYONE KNOWS THE DEFINITION OF INSANITY. So to keep my sanity I no longer participate with the Riff Raff.

I will still keep reading Mando. Yes, I give him flak sometimes but he is the best we got when it comes to news about my Dolphins. I will still stop by and converse with some of the regulars. Dashi will just not talk to Geriatric Retards.

Funny how the younger posters here have more respect for people than the Senior Citizens who are suppose to be setting the example. It is a shame.

Season ticket holders DO NOT RENEW your @MiamiDolphins ST LET OUR VOICES BE HEARD! MAKE A STAND #fireeveryone


I thought it was a half dozen plays. ;)

Breaking news;
Noises coming from Ross' office.
Suck slurp suck slurp suck suck suck slurp slurp suck slurp suck slurp slurp slurp.
Ireland and Philbin whereabouts unknown.

And everyone was bragging that RT knew the offense like the back of his hand. I don't know why they pass out out iPads for a playbook that could fit on a single sheet of notebook paper. Maybe the playbook is the wallpaper image on the iPad?

What could Marino, Dungy and others be recommending Ross to do?

1) A complete house cleaning and let the new GM bring in all his people?


2) A piecemeal house cleaning that includes Sherman and whom else?

Dashi you are by far the worst most delusional blogger on the blog.. Keep Ireland... Let Bush and Dansby go was a good move.... Keep Philbin.... Dolphins should be 11 and 5?? Everything you write is utter garbage bro

GUT IT!!! Pathetic run defense last 2 weeks, HORRID offense play calling and a HC who cant motivate his team to play with heart for the playoffs?! Sorry, in the real world, the business world, no results lead to no job

Well, a couple of the six plays have tweaks. Like the HB Sweep, fake draw, whatever that terrible play is. Sometimes they run into the Middle LB, Sometimes it's the DE, and Sometimes it's the OLB.

Sushi say no1 care bout dashi.

Sushi say, better when dashi not hear.

Sushi says he no gives fukk bout dashi but he make sympathy post about leavin like anyone cares.

Sushi says best if dashi just not talk to anyone & not come back so we can throw party.

Fire everyone please Mr.Ross do us a favor as a fan of the one time Proud Elegant Franchise MIAMI DOLPHINS.

Pull the trigger man

I just bought a bottle of Moet in expectation that I will be celebrating tonight at Irelands misfortune... Im such a POS wishing for a guy to get fired but I can live with the guilt.


This was the worst collapse ever fire them all


Good post about the plays. :)

I have to admit that Sherman shocked me when he did that 7 or 10 yard pitch back to Thomas on fourth and inches. I think that was the Saints game. Lol.

Posted by: Marc | January 02, 2014 at 12:04 PM

ya i like him too but did you see his o-line, they can block.

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