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Stephen Ross at Dolphins camp today

Dolphins owner Stephen Ross arrived at the training facility Thursday morning via his helicopter and it is expected whatever decisions he mulled and pondered about the hiring and firing of assistants and personnel people the last few days will be made today.

As you read here, the Dolphins coaching staff is on the line and while Ross wants change, coach Joe Philbin is resisting that change.

The fate of GM Jeff Ireland is also at stake today. I reported a month ago that Ireland had been told he was safe. Much has changed since then. But I'm told the club owner has been struggling with this issue because he likes Ireland and doesn't want to go back on his word.

We'll see.



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Hire UCF coach O'Leary!

I don't dislike Dashi. I actually agree that there should be more intelligent posts with healthy debate. Of course, it is hard to have intelligent debates with guys that want the same forumla for failure every year.

But he's a true fan. Blind faith is his team? One would agrue yes, but probably not a bad guy. There, I said it.

Make Zachary Thomas the coach

truth @ 12:29

Think of it as a reassignment to another organization.

I don't like constant turnover, but if Philbin truly believes that Sherman has done an acceptable job, then I'd fire Philbin FIRST.

Any moron, such as myself, can outthink Sherman from my couch. Truly a Good ol boy network.

Dashi - your level of ignorance is astounding.

As expected from Miami so called FANS.....
FIRE THE COACH...... LOL you guys are morons!!!
Dolphins have been firing coaches for 15 years now and it has not worked... how about keeping a guy longer than 5 years!!...... FIRE IRELAND!! HE IS A DOUCHE BAG!


We were shut out by the best defense in game 15 and we scored 7 against the 2nd best defense in game 16.

Ron- Agreed with the good ol' boy network. There lies the problem.

Fire Philbin Fudd, fire Ireland and trade Tanne-fail for a 3rd round pick.

There will be QB competition if a complete house cleaning is done.

FA QB or draft?

This is sounding more and more like Ireland is going to stay. I say, give the guy another 4 years, we have a culture of losing here that shouldn't be interrupted.

I'm not sure what direction we head into today, a bit of a quandary? From a continuity stand point you'd like to see the team finally settled into a particular identity and direction but the reality is when analyzing Philbin's history till the present I see alot of similarity to Sparano in all honesty than I care to see! Both were OL Coaches who ascended to OC at previous stops but at least Sparano actually called plays while Philbin was essentially running the O through practice drill for McCarthy!

Sparano's idea of O was out-dated and to this day I wonder how many calls were actually made by QB Coach Garrett but the whole scenario is just eerily similar! On down to hiring a mentor of sorts to run there O's and the biggest one of all being that both men allowed very under qualified people tutor they're young signal callers. You can make a case David Lee was actually head-over-heels in qualification when you take into account what Philbin allowed Sherman to do in hiring his Son In Lwa to mentor Tannehill.

It's when my thinking goes here that I get to thinking everybody should go top to bottom!! Alot of praise heaped on Philbin for keeping it together during the supposed "BULLYGATE" but these are supposed Professional players and I believe to talented even with the BAD OL to fall to 8-8, forget for a minute about the last 2 games think for a minute how you can lose to the winless Bucs one week then go back and beat the Bengals the next and how this up-n-down swoon reflects on a Coach I really believe in over his head, I would love to be wrong here but believe the facts in front of me!

The latest report from Philbin's office inside Dolphins HQ's:

Knock Knock
Who's there?
Mr. Ross
Mr. Ross Who?
Mr. Ross I said!
No seriously, who is Mr. Ross?

At www.DolphinsTruth.com, they make better points that Philbin should be fired, more than anyone else.

I have never posted on this blog but I do read for entertainment and opinions of fellow fans. I enjoy reading others perspectives on this team. I do have news that may please some of you. I have been a Miami Dolphins season ticket holder since 1987 and I will not be renewing my season tickets this year if Joe Philbin is retained as Head Coach.

I know many blame GM Jeff Ireland and I am not high on him either but if I had to pick 1 person and 1 person only to go it would clearly be Joe Philbin. He did a terrible job utlizing players strengths.

A Head Coach can't win a game for you but they can lose a game for you in my opinion and that's what I saw happen this past season. I saw a stubborn Head Coach who doesn't bring anything to the table that he was brought here to do. The offense is bottom of the league. The defense is regressing. The worst thing of all was getting beat on your home field with a chance to make the playoffs vs a rookie QB and an inferior team in talent te New York Jets.

I'm signing off with I will no longer consider purchasing season tickets until they change direction. I will always be a fan but will not purchase anything Dolphins including tickets.

That's it ross, buy failbin and irescum and the rest of the losers their final lunches before you send them packing.


Think about it:
Every free agent is watching. If Ross wanted to fire Ireland he would have done it Monday. For him to talk to people outside the organization and then fire Ireland would be worse than letting him stay as it shows lack of direction at the top.

If Sherman retires then everybody gets something and no one gets scarred.

They all should go. The one fact that solidifies this for me is considering how many of our first round picks are still on the team from the last few years. Gone:Vontae Davis, Jake Long, and going back further we have Ronnie Brown. Also, there is a lot of money and roster spots invested in defensive line. That line should have been incredible. It wasn't despite Vernon emerging. I don't know who you send packing there but rotating didn't work.I can't remember hearing Dion Jordan's name since October.


Parcells - gone
Sparano - gone
Ireland - pending

bengals traveled on a short week
away team always loses
1 phantom pi against the falcs,
phins lose
steelers toe
phinz lose
6-10 is what they r

Here's a little message for all you Ryan Tannehill bashers. Pro Football Focus rated Tannehill as the 7th best QB of all NFL QB's this year. He was also rated 1 spot ahead of Tom Brady. So if you are calling him a bust, you are a complete moron that I refuse to waste my time talking to !

Posted by: Rick | January 02, 2014 at 12:23 PM


Best point of the whole debate. It shows that football isnt about one position or one guy. It shows that this team is flawed in other positions and that the QB position isnt an issue.

As ive said. Tannehill needs to improve in his accuracy on deep throws and pocket awareness but the fact he was rated 7th in just his second year and the stats he put up shows me we have a QB here who in the very least deserves another year or two to show he can get us to a superbowl.

Remember guys. Even Joe Montana, Troy Aikman, and Tom Brady needed a team around them to get it done

It's a simple question. Mr. Ross just needs to ask: Which one of you tards decided to draft Dion "Benchwarmer" Jordan at #3 overall. Who was responsible = fired! You guys keep blaming Ireland, but it was Philbin who INSISTED that we need a backup defensive lineman instead of a starting offensive lineman. Thus we got stuck with Millionaire Dion

Tampa Bay will be the best NFL team in Florida next year. Why? new coaches...

Lovie Smith, Jeff Tedford and a DC to be named.

That was swift and decisive, congratulations Tampa Bay.

If Sherman and a few position coaches are fired or 'retired' then what credible and talented OC will want to come to Miami and risk his future career prospects working for a couple of lame ducks in Philbin and Ireland. Also, is Tannehill's deep ball accuracy even fixable? Replacing Sherman is probably not going to lead the team to the Superbowl.

Now I don't particularly want to pull the AP story back up but I believe it said...if true...that Ross had formed a committee of sorts help guide him with this decision. So I guess your saying that Marino, Shula, Dungy, Peterson and whoever else all feel sorry for Ireland.

If thats the case he needs to find a less sympathetic group of evaluators. It doesn't appear the Glazers felt sorry for Mark Dominik or Greg Schiano.

As far as Philbin fighting the dismissal of his coordinators, that one is easy. He can pack his bags as well.

Storm Johnson

"If Sherman and a few position coaches are fired or 'retired' then what credible and talented OC will want to come to Miami and risk his future career prospects working for a couple of lame ducks in Philbin and Ireland."


This is an excellent point, and something that I hope Ross is taking under consideration if he is only planning on replacing the coordinators.

tchoke out scored 39-7 last 2 games. he suxx

My guess is that Ross takes Ireland's power away and has him report to a Czar. Sherman should not survive this, he is a horrible OC.

czar = aponte

If Dawn Apone goes who is going to write Joes locker room speeches. I've never seen anything as weak as Philbin reading his idiot cue cards to the team.

Posted by: HartlineNumberOne | January 02, 2014 at 12:42 PM


How do you know it was Philbin who insisted that??

Not only is Ireland, Sherman, Coyle & Turner a problem but, the owner might be the biggest.

Posted by: LOL | January 02, 2014 at 12:10 PM

This the elephant in the room! No truer statement that we all rather ignore! Huzienga for all the fan hatred always got his man when targeting a Coach at least. Yes all retreads but retreads the fans clamored for! We had a shot at some really good Coaches that Ross passed on in his Ireland love affair.

The Fins need an enema to purge themselves of its Trifecta remnant.

Bortles. Not the strongest arm, but, watch what he does when a play breaks down. He makes things happen!


To many idiots continue to pollute this blog. Talking about Dion Jordan as a bust just shows how ignorant some people are. Jordan is going to be a big time player on this team. How did the #1 offensive tackle in the 2013 Draft do??? Ohhh, that's right, he was mediocre and BENCHED. No one thinks he is a bust.


Don't tease ETF. Fins aren't that smart, nor have they fired anyone

Former Jets brass aka Ross' advisors suggested Rich Kotite.

So what rick. Bleacher report has the loser 19th. You can find some website to justify your post all you want. Bottom line is results on the field.

Kotite > Philbin

The Stache > Philbin

Bobbyd12 @12:54

Eric Fisher was benched? I thought he was starting in the playoffs this week.

Dennis Green > Philbin

Funny how the younger posters here have more respect for people than the Senior Citizens who are suppose to be setting the example. It is a shame.

Posted by: Dashi | January 02, 2014 at 12:22 PM

More delusions from Dashi. He is one of the younger posters here and how many times has used the terms suck and swallow towards other bloggers? How is that respectful.

Yes, he will have some lame response that completely avoids the point.

Thoroughly convinced of ONE THING:

Stephen Ross Is A Whimp!

Goes all the way back to the first BTCHED ATTEMPTED FIRNG of Tony Sparano. Ross can not fire without having an HR Department to HIDE BEHIND. Which is why he SNUCK AROUND in the slitheriness of the dark to hire Sparano's replacement before firing him.

He only fired Sparano a year later, after all the damaged had already been done.

Now, again he shows his SPINELESS colors, which appear to be YELLOW, and will fie NO ONE. Only coordinator and possible assistant coaches heads will roll.

We all know Ross doesn't have to make those firings. True to his now apparent "spineless colors", he can hide while "OTHERS" do the "MANLY" work for him.

There it is dolfans, your owner who's a spineless coward!

Kris, i too would like the kind of Qb you speak of. Rodgers, Brees, Brady, manning. Fact is there are only four of those guys on the planet. And they don't win every year either. Facti si most of the league wins with solid - with very good teams put around them. This is a route we may have to consider taking if Tannehill doesn't improve drastically from here on in.

However, also consider that most players do improve leaps and bounds within their first three years. We do see that kind of progression in the young guy. Is Andrew Luck - the most herladed prospect in 20 years really setting the world on fire? his stats were not that much better than Tannehill overall and for a good chunk of time there was actually behind our qb. It took Drew brees years to find himself. brady was a system qb for years and Rodgers spent four years on the bench. peyton found himself pretty quick but even then it took him about 3 years to find himself too.

I like to think I can be honest regarding this team but I think the only things we do have at a competent NFL level this year were a receiving corps, qb, and pass rushers and one CB. That's it. We had nowhere near the proper supporting cast. Flacco fell apart this eyar without a supporting cast too and he still ahd some very good players around him.

OK Boys....everyone get your predictions in. Not what you want to happen or what should happen. But simply your predictions for what Ross will do here and now.

My Predictions:

Ireland - safe
Philbin - safe
Colye - safe
Sherman - safe

I think they all should go but I just think Ross will wimp out and take the 'I have given all of them one more year to prove themselves' route.

here we go, ross in da house lets fire ireland and sherman today. then lets hope new gm has power to fire philbin

Instead of firing anyone Steve Ross said pass me the coleslaw and cornbread ,yup that's right he bought everyone sonny's BBQ yup that's right there having a freakin party hurrah hurrah we suck

Parcells convinced his NY buddies to keep Rex another year so that he wouldn't be available to us. Rex would do wonders with our defense.

I say no one gets fired. Sherman "RETIRES" with a HUGE severance package. Via coward Ross.

A BBQ party that's how we roll

We can fire the owner by not going to the games or buying merchandise.

Ross better fire Ireland and Philbin. He keeps dragging this out. If he needs a committee to make his decisions, he is really stupid. I think he just need to blame his final decision on someone else, therefore the "committee".

The longer he delays the move fewer good candidates available for the jobs.

If these two failures are retained, the stadium will be a ghost town next season and merchandise sales will also decrease drastically. He will deserve it.

Bucs already have new coaches

so true trw, if he keeps any of them next year is a lost season and philbin will be fired mid season. what a waste

Someone here was saying the we have had the best drafts in the AFC East the last few years, I beg to differ.

Look at Buffalo, they have a real running back in Spiller, and a monster DLine, probably the best in the NFL, all 9 players they drafted this year made the team and contributed.

True they probably had a lower bottom floor than we did going into this year's draft, regardless, their players make onto the field, ours sit in meetings and watch the games from the stands.

dusty Ross s a coward. He has the balls t fire no one. Wait and see.

He couldn't even fire Sparano in 2010. That's why he went behind his back the botched hirings and make the franchise look run by fools.

I guess Ross hoped if Harbaugh had signed, Sparano would "figure it out" and just resign. Ross is to spineless to fire anyone not mopping floors at Davie.

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