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Stephen Ross at Dolphins camp today

Dolphins owner Stephen Ross arrived at the training facility Thursday morning via his helicopter and it is expected whatever decisions he mulled and pondered about the hiring and firing of assistants and personnel people the last few days will be made today.

As you read here, the Dolphins coaching staff is on the line and while Ross wants change, coach Joe Philbin is resisting that change.

The fate of GM Jeff Ireland is also at stake today. I reported a month ago that Ireland had been told he was safe. Much has changed since then. But I'm told the club owner has been struggling with this issue because he likes Ireland and doesn't want to go back on his word.

We'll see.



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dolfan 29,

I agree that the decision to make the LB change to Ellerbe and Wheeler was awful. However, I wonder how much of that is on Philbin. I am sure that at the end of last season if Philbin comes to Ireland and says wow I love Dansby and Burnett that they would still be here. The GM and the coach work together on personnel decision. The GM has to build a team to the HC's image.

I agree thought that the replacements brought to replace Dansby and Burnett were awful. In the end, I think that letting Burnett and Dansby go was a huge mistake.

I mean Danby leaves and now he is one of the front runners for defensive player of the year! SMH

Ted Ginn might be superbowl MVP.

least ravens lost to 2 very good teams. we lost to garbage.

Mark, you're plain wrong on this. Your love of Tannehill is clouding your judgment. There's 2 stats you need to review:

Points allowed (defense) - 8th in the league (20.9 points)
Scoring (offense) - 26th in the league (19.8 points)

Washington Redskins were 23rd (20.9 points scored). I mean, how can you even debate that? So, the defense was Top 10, but "should've" held teams to way fewer points (when there were only 7 defenses better)?

Yet you don't want to hold the offense accountable for not scoring as much as TWENTY-FIVE other teams in the league? All due respect, that's a joke.

Should the defense have been better? OF COURSE! But in the end (and this is why I said yards, IN THIS RESPECT, don't matter) they either produced turnovers, or made teams settle for FGs rather than TDs.

On the other hand, the offense ONLY scored more than 6 other teams in the league (and if you look at those teams, you're looking at the worst of the worst). They were AWFUL! Is that ALL Tannehill's fault? No, I didn't say that. It's a COMPLETE OFFENSIVE FAILURE. From the HC down to the OC to every position on the offense.

But if you want to fix the team, sure you can ask the defense to improve themselves to be a Top 5 points allowed squad (like Seattle, Carolina, 49ers). The area with MORE room for improvement, however, seems obvious. I don't think asking the offense to score (on average) as much as the Rams (with a backup QB) or the Titans (with Ryan Fitzpatrick), and getting closer to the middle of the NFL instead of the cellar is asking too much.

And if you beleive your own argument about points being more important than you will concede that Tannehill is the one part of the team that scored well in comparison to his cohorts - his 25 tds were 12th in the NFL among qbs...

mass that was actually funny

All the stats COMBINED matter, but none more than WINS! They failed to win when it mattered and that falls on everyone. GM, coaches, and players.

I will state that if Philbin caves in and gets rid of Sherman (Very unlikely), whomever comes in will be a puppet on a string for Philbin and his silent partner (Sherman). I feel that Sherman will still be the OC in the dark and the new OC will be taking phone calls and having behind the door meetings with Sherman while just acting the part. Yes I know this new coach would be getting paid, but whose to say that contract would not include a privately written agreement to pay Sherman a percentage? Sherman is a patsy for a broken coaching staff and if Philbin is not fired, the Dolphins are toast for a while. Turner is definitely gone and with good reason. The NFL is an incredibly huge entity with plenty of secrets kept hidden from the public.

Agree with you all that major changes need to be made. My concern is you will the replacements be. Getting results like Andy Reed and Harbaugh got in such a short time is very rare and I do not want to go back to 5-11/6-10 seasons, because every new HC and GM get free passes for the first couple of years. It has been too long for us. During the Marino days being down 2 to 3 TD starting the 4th quarter we knew we had a chance and many time we won, but now being up in the first half leaves me without any faith in what we have. I hope Ross has already identified his next GM and it better be some one real good or else another disappointing season ahead.

Just remember, if we hire anyone with experience, the fan base of that team will be cheering good riddance.


Only calling it like i see it on the field and in the offseason.

Ive banged the drum how Ireland has had more misses than successes and really it isnt even close. The proof is in our records and more times than not that record has been 7-9,6-10 or 8-8.

I dont know what neighbourhood that means for most but for me, that means the dolphins reside on average st, or not good enough way

ff23 at 2:04, exactly. Thank you for saving me the effort.

This is a brutal Machiavellian business in which the bottom line is winning. Everything else is secondary. I don't care if Ross, Ireland and Philbin think each other and their coaches and players are doing a fine job. If it doesn't translate into winning, than their assessment is wrong.

Some Tannehill Stats:

4th QTR only:

Completion %: 56.1
TD: 5
INT: 7
Rating: 64.3

1st QTR only:

Completion %: 55.8
TD: 3
INT: 4
Rating: 68.9

He's MUCH better in 2nd and 3rd quarters. BUt slow starts and weak finishes are probably not what one wants in a QB.

Ireland has got to go or the stadium will be nearly empty next year. Also, get rid of those crappy uniforms. Typical, change one of the best uniforms in the NFL and keep the GM as if that were the problem!

dolphins just brought water to all media waiting outside. not a good sign

dolphins just brought water to all media waiting outside. not a good sign

Posted by: dusty bottoms | January 02, 2014 at 02:19 PM

Sounds promising to me. Perhaps Ross is preparing to make a statement about some dismissals.

All the hype about changes will yield the firing of the offensive line coach at the same time using him as a scapegoat for most of the offensive line issues and the offense in general.
Ross is an old man and he wont make any bold moves.
Salguero writes all this stuff for discussion on the blog.He knows nothing major will happen.

no 48, offered bathrooms and to recharge laptops also if they wanted could be there awhile


You cite the LB mess as part of the problem but still use philbin as an excuse to protect Ireland from that mistake. So now Ireland reports to Philbin. Its irelands job to evaluate talent and bring in the best guys to compete.

So was it Irelands fault or philbins when they decided to ignore the oline and draft Jordan. Better yet they ignored the oline position for the entire draft except for Dallas thomas who never seen the field anyway, so what are we really saying. Ireland in free agency and the draft failed overall. He was given an open check book. A tool most GM's dream of and he still screwed it up.

How will he get any better. Your answer. He wont. If he cant mold a team with the third pick overall and 280 million in contracts and extensions then its never happening

most all of us knew right away how bad the trade up was for jordan right when it happened

The reason why bringing in a new staff would be great is because it would define Tannehill once and for all... What I mean is that Tannehill knows he is Sherman's boy and been branded with Philbin's hand on his butt. By bringing in someone who does not share the same enthusiasm about Tannehill as those guys, the Dolphins could bring in a veteran QB to challenge Tannehill and now his reassurance would be in question. Tannehill would have no choice but to learn pocket presence and throwing the deep ball. If it's not in him, then so be it... Someone has to hold Tannehill accountable for his lack of getting better. It will not be Sherman or Philbin and as long as they are here they will be Tannehill apologists...

most all of us knew right away how bad the trade up was for jordan right when it happened

Posted by: dusty bottoms | January 02, 2014 at 02:25 PM

When it was announced at the podium by Goodell, I was just happy it wasn't Lane Johnson.

assuming Ireland is gone.....for all those fearing Philbin will be allowed to stay, relax.....he gets 1 more year max and maybe not even that--next season is make or break for Philbin

Its been said by many but you fire all of them or none of them, when it comes to Ireland and Philbin. Bit drastic to fire all of them considering we were 8-8. But we did blow the last two games, so there needs to be some change. So does Philbin agree to Sherman and/or Coyle? Can this defence be better next year with a couple of upgrades and another year in the system for Wheeler and Ellerbe? So if they get rid of Sherman and Coyle, who do they add? I've always like Leslie Frazier but does he fit what we're trying to do here? Does Norv Turner get another crack here?

My gut says Philbin and Ireland get another year to make the playoffs OR ELSE.

Posted by: Mark in Toronto | January 02, 2014 at 02:15 PM

Yes, I DO concede that fact. And your point that Tannehill is almost twice as good as ANYTHING Henne did in the NFL is spot on.

But regardless of fault, the focus of the offseason needs to be fixing the offense to score more points. Defense really just has to clean up run stopping, and they'll be fine. And I think even Philbin will concede the crux of the problem in 2013 was offensive scoring. It's clear as day.

By the way, running goes a long way towards scoring. And of course line protection. Tannehill is the least of the problems that affected the offense this year (his limitations just fed into the rest of the problems).

Hey dashi I could name about 31 teams who have done better u read my post over last 5 yes they have 2 1st 4 2nd rounders and 2 3rds not even on roster and that don't include egnew and class of 1 2 and 2 thirds that made absolutly no contribution the while trading Marshall and Davis patheyov

And if you beleive your own argument about points being more important than you will concede that Tannehill is the one part of the team that scored well in comparison to his cohorts - his 25 tds were 12th in the NFL among qbs...

Posted by: Mark in Toronto | January 02, 2014 at 02:15 PM

So are you saying he is the 12th best scoring QB in the NFL ?.

As Marc pointed out MIT, it is a combination of all the measureables, it's not just one or two. I know you don't like QBR when taking about QB's, but when you find a rating system that you like let me know please.

Overall Thill is rated 24th, the rest of the league goes by this stat and we have all used it as the fairest indication of the QB's performance.

Thill went 30-67 with 1td and 3 ints for a rating of 44, in the last two games of the season, there would be questions about the ability of that player in clutch games, even for his biggest fans.

Some people are bigger Thill fans than they are Dolphin fans I think.

I know most of us are complaining that nothing has happened yet but it is at least encouraging that the ownwer has taken the 8-8 finish serious enough to at least consider if dismissals are in order.

The first thing he needs to consider is are these men clear on what the objective is? That is to win games, make the playoffs, win the division, win the SuperBowl and sooner rather than later.

Because it certainly doesn't look like in the game planning, drafting, and in game coaching that eveyone has got that message.

It seemed like the sense of urgency was there during the free agency period but tapered off at the end it and going into the draft. Its like they said well we've excuted our plan so we should be good.

Then of course the draft started with a trade for a guy who may help you out by the time the team is sold and playing in another state.

Then as it became apparent the offensive line wasn't up to snuff it took 3 weeks of fans crying foul for Clabo to go the the bench.

Who's telling these guys winning football games isn't important? If they don't care anymore than that about losing their jobs I certainly wouldn't be worried about hurting any feelings.

nothin happens until after the superbowl wen bullygate report comes out

dusty bottom, with two 2nd rd picks, I preferred to stand pat using both picks.

Hell, I even thought it was a no-brainer to use one of the two 2nd rd'ers in the Branden Albert trade. Every year with this bozo Ireland there's a draft-capade that blows us in both the organization and fans face.

This probably doesn't get reported until this evening sometime (there's a blizzard up North so maybe not even until tomorrow, Ross is probably here overnight).

Posted by: DC Dolfan | January 02, 2014 at 01:52 PM

Ross owns a Penthouse in the Ft. Lauderdale Yacht Club were he and the Marino's a neighbors, he purchased the property a couple of Yrs. ago after having owned a North Miami Beach Mansion for Yrs. as a Beach born-n-bread native. He splits time between that home and his N.Y. one. I got a money bet that the Dolphins as his most expensive personal holding is taking up enough time right now were he's not going anywhere till he settles the issue.

His N.Y. based Real Estate/ Construction Comp. is the goose that laid his Golden egg but they make they're money off the bids they secure while never really owning anything. The Dolphins are a holding that increases in value as one of the products of parent Corp., the NFL with an estimated 12 Billion a Yr. in adjusted income! We may all have our differences with Ross (I'm chief among those) but in these very bold black-n-white conversations about profitability he needs nobody to remind him he's not meeting his potential bottom line.

Think about the fact he's got to be eating around 20,000 Tix per game lifting the black out which to him means he's really eating over half the Stadium Capacity between unsold and what he buys up. Also important to note is he takes his TV windfall and pumps 90% into player salaries and you get the picture when the bottom line comes out and you learn the Dolphins are one of 2 teams that perenially loses Money.

The trick is "IF" Ross (the limited in Football knowledge owner) gets the right Football man to help lead him out of the mess Wayne started! I feel the hesitation on a move by this point coupled with Ireland's many lives are a product of Ross's lack of Know-How in this particular field. So given he's the only given to stay as looooooooong as he wants then we better all hope he has used this time to pick the right brain about his course of action!


The offense struggled. But we knew going into the season that the offense didn't have a good line then we lose 2 Of our top 3 linemen during the season.

To me this season on offense I was just looking if T-Hill made some progress which he did. Last year he completed 1 TD to WRs, this year he completed 12.

The Defense was expected to be a Top 5 unit. They played like a middle of the pack defense.

DC, I'm blind??? Is the Qb the whole offense? Did Tannehill not score the 12 most among his position league wide? Was the red zone offense not #9 in the NFL? Our Qb scored. Our run game didn't add a thing all year - last I checked you are allowed tos core running the ball, are you not?

The reason I defend Tannehill is not because I'm in love with him, it's because he did his job. Who on the defense do you think had a good year? Outisde of Grimes and Vernon, I can't think of anybody. They all got slapped around.

Personally I've always sided with yards allowed as a better barometer because the fewr yards you allow the less time your defense is on the field and the more offensive drives you get. I mean our defense was top 10 in points allowed? A top ten defense doesn;t allow 350 yards rushing to those two teams in the last two weeks.

Considering the amount of $$$ invested in this defense, it performed WELL below expectations.

It has gotten worse in the 2 years Coyle has been in here, WITH BETTER PERSONNEL!

It could not get off the field. Was getting gashed every single week in the running game. Performed at it's worst against the bottom feeders of the NFL - Jets, Tampa & Buffalo.

No one is saying the Offense performed up to par but, to even have the audacity o suggest the D did enough simply because they were 8th best in points allowed? Laughable!

At least the offense was hindered by the horrible line play & horrible play calling & predictability throughout the year. Even injuries played a significant role.

What's the defenses excuse? Soliai, Starks, Ellerbe, Wheeler, Grimes, Jones..ALL BIG MONEY GUYS WHO DIDN'T SHOW UP ALL YAR LONG.

Say what you want about WAyne H., but, he knew when to sell and doubled his profit. Ross has a team that is the equal to owning a boat. A bottomless hole of money straight into the ocean.

No Marco, I didn't sa he was 12th best, you did through your argument.

Only the Texans and Giants had a worst QB rating in the 4th QTR.

Tannehill was sacked 58 times and had a rating of 81.7 while Russell Wilson was sacked 44 times and had a rating of 101.2 -- so bad OL play isn't the only thing to account for Tannehill's subpar year.

Guys if you're blaming this season on. Tannehill you're looking in the wrong dire tion. Behind a very spotty line, Tannehill played his ass off. Yeah. He sucked the last two games of the year but are you really pinning that on him? Seven sacks against Buffalo. Three picks against the Jets but he was forcing it at that the end. Record number of sacks against him, no running game all season and a run defence that gave up 2000 yards on the season.

Those are the real problems.

Marc, but it gets you laid...

Sigh, don't point out stuff like that. It might seem like RT isn't as good as advertised...

Oh well, nothing left to say that hasn't been said, same chatter as usual 13 out of15 off seasons.

Happy New Years everyone. Im out.

I've been a TH supporter but also have been on board since late last year with drafting another QB (a reasonable, mid round at worst prospect)....I wouldve drafted another QB in 2013 and would do so every year until they found a good one--tons of mid round picks are wasted every year, here and across the league....may as well waste one on the most important position on the field.

The reason I defend Tannehill is not because I'm in love with him, it's because he did his job.

Poster: MIT.


No. His job is not to go 30-67-1td and 3ints in the two biggest games around here in 5 years.

A rating of 44 for a QB is a joke. If he threw one incomplete pass he wouldn't be much better at 39 of a QBR. You can't blame the defense either, they sre constantly having to come back out on the field after 3 and outs time and time again, they never get a breather. The D is not great, but they did a lot more to help us win than the O did all year.

The stats are all over the place with Tannehill. That's one of the primary reasons the team is 8-8.

HAHA. That's an expensive toy to get you laid lol

Sigh, you want to talk Rusell Wilson, you do know he turns the ball over more than Tannehill on a per attempt basis -right? So yeah, perhaps having a super dominant defense and having to pass it only 25 times per game than 37 times per game may have something to do with that too...

And to clear something up on Wheeler and Ellerbe that was said earlier.......

My understanding is that their contracts are guaranteed ext season. If thats the case, why in the world would you chop them, if their contracts count fully against the cap?

Yeah Marc, I don't own one... yet.

Benz @ 2:39,

Agreed! Tannehill may work out but it's best to be safe given all that has happened.

Flip flop flop flip flip flop flop flip.

Craig, someone pointed out that they may have June 1 clauses - still find it odd that Spotrac.com has their salaraies as non guaranteed and have never corrected that. They are normally spot on with that stuff. There may be something to that June 1 clause.

Or maybe he's just better MarK? Could that be possible?!

A top ten defense doesn;t allow 350 yards rushing to those two teams in the last two weeks.

Posted by: Mark in Toronto | January 02, 2014 at 02:32 PM

The very reason in my surprise move of the day would be the firing of Coyle who the news barely mentions as on the hot seat!


With the new TV deal even if the stadium is empty no team is losing money. There is a reason the league didn't want to open the books.

The only way the team loses money is if the game is blacked out. Reason owners are told to buy the remaining tickets. Plus they lowered the percentage to lift a blackout from 90% to 75%.

Heck the league is planning to lift the blackout rule cause of how juicy that TV deal is.

Wilson is in the playoffs as is Luck, Dalton, Kaepernick and Foles. Tannehill is watching the playoffs on TV. With most games decided in the 4th quarter, stats in that quarter matter.

I agree that Tanny should get another year behind what we HOPE is a better supporting cast. But we know it all starts and ends with the QB, and anyone claiming that he is the answer is watching football.

Tanny still has plenty of flaws and those cannot go unrecognized by anyone paying attention. I would certainly not be against drafting a qb somehere in this deep class to push him harder or push him out, but I know the current regime won't do that. They didn't hedge their bets at LT or RB last year, so why bother hedging their bets at the most important position?

Again, another reason why I have no beef whatsover in axing the entire staff.

No. His job is not to go 30-67-1td and 3ints in the two biggest games around here in 5 years.

Posted by: Marco | January 02, 2014 at 02:39 PM

Stop acting like a moron. BTW,

Was is the D's job to allow a Practice Squad QB throw for 60% completion & let Buffalo run for over 200 yard on us? Allow them to keep the ball for a full 13 minutes more

Was is the D's job to allow Geno 'in Smith throw for 63% completion & allow the jet to run for 154 yards on us? A full 5 min more of possession?

The D sucked even worse than Tanny did the last 2 games. Drop the bias, you might be taken seriously then.

Isn't watching football.., sorry

I do agree with O Kelly on this.....until the Fins have a good/proven QB, they need to focus on running the ball well and having a stout D--to continue to force the pass with our crappy Oline and running game, and with an inconsistent TH, is/was foolish--improve the running game and the defense first....a dynamic passing attack is/should be a luxury, and needs the right pieces

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