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Stephen Ross at Dolphins camp today

Dolphins owner Stephen Ross arrived at the training facility Thursday morning via his helicopter and it is expected whatever decisions he mulled and pondered about the hiring and firing of assistants and personnel people the last few days will be made today.

As you read here, the Dolphins coaching staff is on the line and while Ross wants change, coach Joe Philbin is resisting that change.

The fate of GM Jeff Ireland is also at stake today. I reported a month ago that Ireland had been told he was safe. Much has changed since then. But I'm told the club owner has been struggling with this issue because he likes Ireland and doesn't want to go back on his word.

We'll see.



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Against the Jets, on 3rd & 5, the fins brain trust dialed up a corner blitz? The corner was 25 yards from the QB and the safety was a good 10 yards from the line of scrimmage. What do you suppose happened?

Who calls that play?! The blitz didn't even come from Smith's blind side...arrggh. I wish I knew more about football so that I could understand why that seemed like a good idea at the time.

I remember invoking profanity and walking from the room...good times.

Anyways, hopefully we'll get some news on this today. I'll stay in the minority and think that with an improved OL, a run game and an improved run defence this could be a good team next year.

Happy New Year to those on here that matter....

stats and fax jax

Look if Tannehill sucks as much as he does and Ireland and Philbin suck as much as you claim then you should want them all to stay. because the Dolphins will be drafting first overall with a totally new regime.

Then the blog will be all aglow ... but then they won't hire who you want them to hire and you can complain about that for 9 months.

Mark, you responded before reading my post @ 2:29 (which made many concessions to the points you brought up). But if you look at other successful past teams (Patriots come to mind), they gave up yardage, but the 2 stats defensively they were very good in were points allowed and turnovers. And those were stats we were good in this year.

This isn't the defensive scheme of the Zach Thomas/Jason Taylor years, we knew that. We all knew their focus was fixing the secondary, getting more turnovers, and limiting points. Based on that we figured they'd be Top 5 (I did as well). But looking back we shouldn't have because this team isn't as stout as past teams.

However, we brought in an OFFENSIVE-MINDED HC to fix the teams OFFENSIVE woes that have been an issue for over a decade. That's why Philbin is the HC, no other reason. Improve the offense. Therefore, I don't think it's too much to ask, what happened to the offense?

Craig says it's OL, RBs and those are all legitimate reasons. Of course, Philbin isn't known for being a rushing guru, so I hope he knows how to fix that. I also hope he can keep Tannehill upright, because maybe then he'll succeed even more.

On the Tannehill point, all I'll say is the knock against him coming out of college was deep ball accuracy and crunch-time effectiveness. Two years in the league, I think any unbiased watcher would say those are still the 2 knocks on him (though I think it's fair to say he's improved on both counts, more in crunch-time effectiveness than deep ball accuracy). Doesn't mean he's horrible (or Henne), but there are definite avenues for improvement he MUST display at some sooner rather than later date to be the franchise QB the team needs him to be.

Points allowed vs. yards allowed? Points trumps all. No one wins a game by giving up less yards than the other team.
But yards is somewhat important too, as the longer the defense is on the field the more tired it gets and the offense can't score from the sidelines.
The other factor is how many turnovers does a defense get and how many points does the defense score on int and fumble returns.
Regardless, one only had to watch all the games this season to determine the offense sucked and the defense was worse than the previous season.

Fire Ireland, ya frickin' retard.

http://overthecap.com/calculator/?Team=Dolphins - Here is the link you should be using

No, they'll be middle of the pack irrelevant just like every year since Dan retired except 2006/7

There were a lot of irrelevant years with Dan too.

If I matter lol, Happy New Year to you too Craig!

For those who need it to be crystal clear. Tanny does NOT suck. But Tanny IS NOT elite either. Tanny should be given another year to prove whether he can be a true leader and improve on the flaws of this game. Yes, he has some and we should all know what they are at this point.

Now the Coaching staff? They sucked. And Ireland? He continues to suck

The only rational choice here is to fire Mike Sherman and his horrible offensive game planning. Despite having exceptional talent provided thru the draft and free agency. Sherman continues to bring down this organization like dead weight. If you want fire the offensive line coach and QB Coach also cause they are part of the Sherman circle of evil.

Lets be rational and stop this fire Ireland non-sense everyone knows that this team has the talent of a playoff caliber team.

I'll stay in the minority and think that with an improved OL, a run game and an improved run defence this could be a good team next year.

Happy New Year to those on here that matter....

Posted by: Craig M | January 02, 2014 at 02:48 PM

Sounds like a 2 off season to fully correct. Plus, let's say by total miracle the run defense is improved, only means more 3rd and longs that have been a plague for this defense.

Regardless of each of our opinions on QB, HC, GM and the team, I believe the one thing we can all agree on is that we are tired of 8-8 seasons! Lol.

I agree that the decision to make the LB change to Ellerbe and Wheeler was awful. However, I wonder how much of that is on Philbin. I am sure that at the end of last season if Philbin comes to Ireland and says wow I love Dansby and Burnett that they would still be here. The GM and the coach work together on personnel decision. The GM has to build a team to the HC's image.

I agree thought that the replacements brought to replace Dansby and Burnett were awful. In the end, I think that letting Burnett and Dansby go was a huge mistake.

I mean Danby leaves and now he is one of the front runners for defensive player of the year! SMH

Posted by: Orlando Dolphan | January 02, 2014 at 02:14 PM
You are correct. A GM gives or at least tries to give the HC what he wants. When that doesn't happen, you hear about it....you can't keep stuff like that quite. Regarding Dansby: Wonder no more, the Dansby change(among other now vacant team leaders) I can almost guarantee you was what Philbin wanted. People like Philbin do not like anyone questioning him. I think it speaks to his insecurity as a leader.

Craig was only speaking to me of course. ;)

Happy New Years you crazy Phin Phans!

I hope he at least fires Ireland, he has needed to go for a few years. After Philbin "claimed" he knew nothing about the hazing going on shows me he is clueless as well, or just a lying to all of us.

tvegas, that is all i've been saying all along.

Regardless of each of our opinions on QB, HC, GM and the team, I believe the one thing we can all agree on is that we are tired of 8-8 seasons! Lol.
Posted by: Sigh | January 02, 2014 at 02:56 PM


You would think so sigh but I think a bunch of the knuckleheads like the losing and mediocrity so they have something argue about.

3 pm make it happen!!!!

vegas....dont mean to quibble here and I agree with your general point, but there is a huge gap between "does not suck" and "is not elite"--dude, there are/should be only 3-4 QBs that are truly elite, despite what the pundits say and how ESPN throws that word around (its a pet peeve)--if someone has to ask if a QB is elite, then by definition that QB is not elite--future HOF's or those that are pretty much on track are elite, and thats it--extremely high level of play over at least 6-8 years or more, with preferably a ring or two included...thats my definition of elite (or could be considered to be elite)

I LOVE THIS BOARD. The passion of some of the fans is just great. I love the desire to see this team improve and become consistent winners.

Mark in Toronto and DC Dolfan are two guys that I have seen here for the past few years positioning their thoughts/suggestions. I respect them both because they really know the team and have clear thoughts on what they want to see done.

So, I find it interesting to see you two debating the THILL situation and the Offense vs. Defense issue. I think you are a both correct. But getting caught up in stats is a bit misleading. We true fans don't need stats to know what is wrong with this team.

Clearly the Offense is in need of more improvement of the Defense (clearly the Defense needs to improve - especially against the run). But THILL is by far the biggest issue on this offense.

You both know the biggest issues on Offense is the OLINE and Sherman's play calling. It really shouldn't be debated.

Sherman is not showing flexibility to work with the talent he has. He is trying to fit OLINE road graders into his Zone Blocking scheme and they weren't able to get it done. I also think he missed Miller and Wallace. No screens, limited WR motion, etc.

The OLINE is in desperate need of upgrade but I don't think this team is going to realistically rebuild it's entire OLINE in one season and make it great. Pouncey is really the only top guy in that unit but upgrading the entire line and having them have chemistry out of the gate will be tough. I hope they can get two tackles. I'll take Garner and Jerry for one more year if necessary.

I think the next biggest issue on offense is RB. I think Miller is fine but his pass blocking is not good. He is also unable to get that tough 1-2 yards when needed. I really think a big RB is needed this year and let Thomas go. I hope for Carlos Hyde.

Yes, clearly THILL needs to improve. But he did show good progress this year. I think the OC needs to play more to his strengths and keep him mobile. I think he all continue to advance. He is clearly the best option at QB this team has had in years.

G-D D*&$IT, why did my post get deleted.

Anway Mark, it basically said my 2:29 post conceded a lot of the points you made.

But Philbin was brought in to fix the offense, plain and simple. And while Tannehill is a HUGE improvement over what was here before him, other reasons made the offense regress. And I'm holding Philbin (not Tannehill) accountable for doing what he said he'd do. That's his supposed "expertise" and so my assumption is he can do more to straighten that side of the ball out then he can to the defense.

Mark I like Tannehill too and would like to see what he can do with a competent OC. That said his stats don't cover his obvious flaws and aren't a defense for them.

Personally I think Foles is the best QB to come out of that draft class, that kid has got it.

Where is dusty with those reports of who's going in and out of the stadium??

We need a livecam lol.

Heck the league is planning to lift the blackout rule cause of how juicy that TV deal is.

Posted by: Dashi | January 02, 2014 at 02:45 PM

The League didn't open the books apprehensive of their pending Legal issues with retired players looking to cash in on the brain trauma explosion which has captured the publics attention and slanted any verdict in their favor! Goodell mande the settlement because of all the bad press and in honesty should have maybe stayed the course with 3 new pending lawsuits with another group of players not happy with the last deal.

Every team gets an allotment of the 4 Billion in TV Money which is what fixes the CAP # and the reason the 2010 Labor dispute dragged on because the players then wanted to look at each teams individual books which the Owners mindful of all kinds of ramifications including with Federal and Regional taxes balked! The League books were disclosed as far as annual income from the contracts they had negotiated on behalf of the Owners.

It was the info. that established based on projections were the CAP increases would come and in what Yrs. Don't know how much of what took place during the CBA mess you followed by I did almost religiously given I thought the impasse would drag through the Season after the League gave the players the info. on the contracts and the players through reps Saturday and Mawae said it wasn't enough with their bag man Demaurice Smith leaking alot of it to the press with his slogan about how the Big-BAD owners were squeezing the players.

After all of that what was becoming less of an issue in the Tagliabue CBA regarding what your stating about the TV Bailouts became an issue again for owners regarding their stadiums. If not then how do you explain the explosion in attempts to build newer bigger more state of the art Stadiums by Owners looking to make the games events? The Cowboys dropped 1.7 Billion on AT&T Stadium yet the Organization itself is worth an estimated 1.8, so your telling me the Team, Training Facility ect... are only worth 100 Million of the amount Jerry and Texas legislators dropped on the Stadium? If anything you want the Stadium to at the very least pay for itself which I don't believe Sun Life does for Ross today.


The reason you cut someone even if you have to take the cap hit is because they are underperforming.

I'm OK with cutting Wheeler. Ellerbe can stay one more season in my book.

On their contracts. Yeah, they basically signed 1 year deals. Even M.Wallace.

But again, that falls on the DC if he wants to replace them.


Yes 8-8 is unacceptable. Just like 7-9 and 6-10.

I would like to announce right here at 3:03PM EST that I will be returning to the Miami Dolphins in 2014 as the General Manager.

I look forward to continuing to bring forth the best talent to this team.

Jeff Ireland


If popular opinion is right (Sherman goes)....who picks the new OC? You gotta know Sherman's firing is going to piss Philbin off.

Oh man, I am in heaven! 2014 will be another great year for the Dolphins and this board. Jeff Ireland retained and my fellow Jeff Ireland apologists out in force today! Matt Millen had an eight year tenure with the Detroit Lions. Anything less than that for Jeff Ireland would be a major break in continuity for the Dolphins, and we don't want Steven Ross to go back on his solemn word, do we? And really, keeping Matt Millen a few more years would have done wonders for the Lions.

I'm a fan of the "bend don't break defense" IF you have 2 critical things:

1. Great MLB
2. Great "PAIR" of safeties

Ala, Nick Buonticonti(MLB) Jake Scott/Dick Anderson(Safeties).

In the 70's this was called "Prevent Defense". Let the opponent work themselves down the field, make tackles, then when the field shrinks your ball hawking safeties make picks.

Today, this style of defense is called, "zone pass defense". I still believe you need a great pair of safeties to maximize it.

Running this 4-3 run defense, we need a great, not good, MLB. The 3-4 run defense was born out of the scarcity of great MLB's.

The biggest stat is azzes in the seats. They are getting less and less and each game that I seen the stadium seemed more and more empty.

If Ross maintains the status quo he risks alienating even the most die hard fans. He must realize that this entire staff has run the franchise into the ground and that nobody save for a few people with nothing better to do than mow the lawn will be out mowing the lawn or painting their sister in laws shed.

Why go to a game and shell out 150 bucks or more to go home disappointed? People start to ask that. Even fireman Ed got sick of his Jets for the same bs that this team is doing to Miami.

I thought Sherman should have been gone at the bye week.

Such whiners and fatalists. All news is bad news. For every candidate you want, there are 10,000 fans glad to get rid of them.

Coyle and Aponte already left the facility. It means either they will stay or there gone.

Brady, P Manning, Brees, Ben and Rodgers are elite....and thats it--Ryan, Rivers, Flacco are "very good" (not elite, yet.....doubt any of them will actually get there)....could throw Eli in that group too, but he's so inconsistent its debatable--Luck and Wilson are on the way but cant include them after only 2 years (durability matters)--guys like Stafford, Kaep, Newton, Romo and a few others are good, and will likely push up further....


Get it? Fish...tank. The fish tanked.

Posted by: jpao | January 02, 2014 at 03:02 PM

Pretty much spot on to my own opinion. Like I said, Tannehill is probably the least of the problem (on this year's offense).

I'm OK with cutting Wheeler. Ellerbe can stay one more season in my book.

But again, that falls on the DC if he wants to replace them.

Posted by: Dashi | January 02, 2014 at 03:03 PM

Think about it. Wheeler's most likely on the outs simply because a #3 overall pick(Jordan) absolutely can not spend another season as a "man without a true position.

I see only two choices for this coaching staff:

1. Trade Wake or Vernon, DE's


2. Cut Wheeler, OLB

Your #3 overall player can not spend another full season as a "part time" player.

Wake has more value to Miami than to other teams in a trade, IMO.....very good player but his age is an issue in a trade

The problem with this Team is the Owner, he need to take a trip to Washington to ask to Mr. Dan Snyder if he can teach him how to fire his G.M. and staff.

They aren't cutting Wheller, Ellerbe, or WAllace. They are NOT basically one-year deals. They will be tons of dead money. After year TWO there's a tiny bit of wiggle room. At least that's the way I remember it

One thing on Sherman. While I agreed with his stance on not over exposing Tanny to injury by not over using him in the run game. It was a good policy as Redskin fans would probably attest.

But how many of you agree with me that he went overboard with it to the detrimant of the team, specifically with a weak offensive line.

The QB has to have the freedom to make a play when can especially if its to move the chains.

I know I will get hammered for defending Tannehill for the 3rd and 21 play last week but I bet slide has been hammered into the kids brain for two years.

And how many 3rd downs could have been converted with a simple roll out, fake pass, and dash to the marker.

$4Billion is the minimum the league will get on the new TV deal. They can make almost $10Billion on the life of the new TV deal.

Also every die hard football fan watched religiously to see what happened.

The Books weren't opened. They showed them what they wanted to see. NOT what they needed to see.

Joe Robbie is paid for, Ross doesn't pay rent. If the Fins made the renovations then the Dolphins will be paying for something. But they are not.

I'll find you the article were it talks about how the league pulled a fast one on everyone with the deal. I know you won't take my word for it. Since me and you have had many discussions and you have shown to be knowledgeable but stubborn to anything I say.

Remember the CBA was signed before the TV deal. The league did that on purpose.

Wake has more value to Miami than to other teams in a trade, IMO.....very good player but his age is an issue in a trade

Posted by: benz | January 02, 2014 at 03:15 PM

I believe almost any team would at least give up a 2nd rd pick for Wake. Maybe some teams would even give a 1st.

Robert Mathis(Colts) is 32yrs old and just had a career year. Mathis has 19.5 sacks this season. Could be NFL Defensive Player Of The Year.

I have to say that Ireland does do a decent job finding his 'acorns.' Wake out of the CFL was huge. He just signed Michael Ola from the Canadian league. He played for Hampton college, which is where Kendall Langford came from. He is a +300 pounder who seems to move pretty well (check out videos online). He was a G in school but has been playing RT in Canada in a spread type offense. I know it's Canada and it's no guarantee but I do have to applaud Ireland for working to find these guys.

I missed something. Why are we trading Wake??

Sam....yes, Mathis had a great year and I think Wake is still a very good player, and teams would love to have him....no argument there--but I'm simply talking about what teams would be willing to give up in a trade-I'd be shocked if any team would trade a 1st rd pick for Wake....maybe a 2nd rd pick but that would surprise me too--its just an age where players start to break down, thats all....with a few exceptions

There were MANY teams looking at Wake as he just won DPOY for the 2nd straight season! If Ireland "found him" after the draft, that's one thing, not 3 years later after EVERYONE knew who he was.

I'm OK with cutting Wheeler. Ellerbe can stay one more season in my book.

On their contracts. Yeah, they basically signed 1 year deals. Even M.Wallace.

But again, that falls on the DC if he wants to replace them.

Posted by: Dashi | January 02, 2014 at 03:03 PM

Ellerbee played the entire Yr. in a new Pos.!!! He was the SAM in the Ravens 3/4 were his dropping ability in pass coverage was his asset! The G.O.A.T. Sugar Ray no longer a factor in the pass game cleaning everything up in front. We signed him and asked him to learn a new Pos. on the fly! Our slip in run D due to the fact we no longer kept our best personnel on the field for it while playing undersized DE's in Vernon, Wake who for all their pass rush prowess were muscled up-n-down the field by the opposition. If we bring in a 3/4 DC he'll be a genius by the end of 2014 when the D goes back to Top-10.

When Ellerbee dropped in coverage this Yr. you saw what he could do, I would terminate Wheeler while moving Misi inside with Ellerbee. DJ is my SOLB (OLB who drops in coverage's) Wake/Vernon platoon the WOLB spot till Vernon makes Wake expendable (this is how you win thinking a few moves ahead) The key is that in this scenario not having inked the 29 Yr. old Starks or also 29 Solia will haunt us! If one is let go you would have to think it's Starks with Solia indispensable in the 3/4 at NT.

If Wake were traded and we got a 2nd rd pick in return, that would be a disaster. Because then the trade would be Wake for a Daniel Thomas or Jonathan Martin caliber player - we've seen what Ireland does with 2nd rd. picks.

YG I remember when for 9 weeks you gloated how great a QB Stanzi would be and that we should take him.

Then I remember you telling us how Sparano would be the most sought after coach in the NFL.

So my question is...

....do you think anyone cares about your drivel opinions?

I have to say that Ireland does do a decent job finding his 'acorns.' Wake out of the CFL was huge.

Posted by: jpao | January 02, 2014 at 03:23 PM

I absolutely hate this part of Ireland vs Parcells arguments.

When building Ireland up, he gets CREDITED for Wake. Then, when also building Ireland up, it's Parcells that gets blamed for everything that went wrong in this same era.

Then, its: Parcells still had ALL of the power. So how the hell do we give Ireland CREDIT for finding Wake? Come on, man!

Dolfan.....I'm not trading Wake....someone above suggested that was one of a few options, thats all....and I just said that Wake has more value to Miami than to another team in a trade....summary > we're getting bored


How is Ireland at finding impact players from the college ranks. Overall I'd say he's failed.

The acorn thing. I live in a city with a cfl team. Sounds like Ireland should come to the cfl and lead a team to a grey cup. Unfortunately he runs an nfl team. Not a cfl one

Marc, many people would argue that Wake was the best defensive player in the history of the CFL ... he was kind of obvious. The real question is what happened at Penn State that he couldn't develop at all??

Daytona, it's because parcells told ireland to go find him something special in Canada and Ireland came back with Wake. That's why ireland justifiably gets credit for Wake. mando reported this.

Dolphan Rick read this:

Think about it. Wheeler's most likely on the outs simply because a #3 overall pick(Jordan) absolutely can not spend another season as a "man without a true position.

I see only two choices for this coaching staff:

1. Trade Wake or Vernon, DE's


2. Cut Wheeler, OLB

Your #3 overall player can not spend another full season as a "part time" player.

Posted by: Sam I Am | January 02, 2014 at 03:13 PM

So you see, some only taking part of the post and running with it. As usual. Wheeler wouild be cut long before considering "TRADING WAKE' or "VERNON".

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