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Stephen Ross at Dolphins camp today

Dolphins owner Stephen Ross arrived at the training facility Thursday morning via his helicopter and it is expected whatever decisions he mulled and pondered about the hiring and firing of assistants and personnel people the last few days will be made today.

As you read here, the Dolphins coaching staff is on the line and while Ross wants change, coach Joe Philbin is resisting that change.

The fate of GM Jeff Ireland is also at stake today. I reported a month ago that Ireland had been told he was safe. Much has changed since then. But I'm told the club owner has been struggling with this issue because he likes Ireland and doesn't want to go back on his word.

We'll see.



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Someone mentioned Michael ola, if he turns out as good as the last OT Miami got from Canada, we will be fine. mark Dixon was aweosme just undersized and eventually injured out of the NFL. He was an awesome guard and Left tackle during Ricky's record year that originally JJ got from the montreal Allouettes.


I hate to say it but that is a great idea. Trade Wake. Vernon is to young to trade. Get at least a 2nd rounder for Wake. Hopefully a late first. If you plan on using DJ as a DE. I love Wake, but sometimes you have to do what is best for business.

Wheeler has shown he is average. Coyle tried to use him on Blitz plays and he was always a step slow. He sucks in coverage. Horrendous tackler.

For those people supporting Coyle you bring up a great point. He wasted a #3 overall pick on a player he begged Ireland for. For what? He didn't even give a hint on how he plans on using him in the future.

Agreed. #3 overall shouldn't be a part-time player. But he wasn't even that this season. He was using him like a 4th string special teams player.

Posted by: Dashi | January 02, 2014 at 03:20 PM

Now your knit-Picking we've agreed plenty over the Yrs. but I remember it well. The League Office gave the NFLPA a copy of the deals negotiated by them but the players in particular (from reports) a few Steelers players wanted a look at the teams personal financials which opened up a hornets nest were it became something they all wanted and the sticking point with Jeff Saturday who argued the point to death along with Mawae. There other sticking point was that as Pro's the 2 a days were to much and now in hindsight a reason for increases in injuries hurting the product.

On your argument regarding the TV money when I say worth 4 Billion I meant annually! CBS, FOX, ABC/ESPN and NBC pony up a Billion $ each a Yr. The deals were signed for 4 Yrs and are worth 16 Billion to the NFL and if you remember which your confused the reason the CBA mess caused the TV Companies to threaten injunctions Vs. the League for product not recieved, that part I remember well!

Posted by: Dolfan29 | January 02, 2014 at 03:30 PM


IMO Jordan is the shining example of an Ireland pick. Although someone earlier said he was Philbin's idea.

Maybe I just have a vision of Ireland stuck in my head but drafting a player based on measureables and projections instead of stats based on actual production seems to me to be Ireland's MO.

I hope like heck I'm wrong and Jordan ends up being a beast and a game changer but I'm not holding my breath. I'm more than willing to eat crow though. We are in dire need of some game changers.

There should be no Players in Camp now and probably only Coaches and FO People. The high probability lies in that Ross is there to inform Coaches and others from the FO of the changes he wants to make. As he is a busy man, expect a press conference by him, sooner rather than later.

I have been clear here for months...I am not a hater or defender of Ireland. I see his work as 50% failure and 50% success. I NEVER stated his work with his own vs. that of Tuna. I look at all the draft picks, FA's and undrafted players signed and I think he is 50%/50%.

If he stays for another year. Fine. If he goes. Fine.

I just wonder when you look at a GM's body of work how many of the GM's that ever worked in the NFL really had better than a 50/50 track record picking players?



On your toes, Armando! heheheh

Ok Sam I get it now. I vote release Wheeler but I would have a back up plan. We have no evidence yet that Jordan can in fact play either position at a high NFL level.


Being a Sensible Man, I would have preferred for any changes to be made to come after the conclusions from the Ted Wells report. But also being a Practical Man, I realize that good candidates for Coaches and FO People are dwindling fast. In any case, it's Ross' call, with a little help from his friends.

Darkoak is finally correct.

Wake's 38 1/2 sacks in the CFL were unreal imoressive.

Twelve teams were after Wake.

He chose The Phins because he thought he had the best chance to play here.

Ireland deserves no credit for sighing Wake or Grimes.

They were low risk/high reward + no brainers.

A GM makes his money in the draft.

I've seen enough of the Clyde Gates, Sean Smiths, Michael Egnew's etc...

Having said that Ross likely won't fire Ireland this year.

He lasts through 2014, so does Philbin.

They aren't cutting Wheller, Ellerbe, or WAllace. They are NOT basically one-year deals. They will be tons of dead money. After year TWO there's a tiny bit of wiggle room. At least that's the way I remember it

Posted by: Marc | January 02, 2014 at 03:18 PM

Incorrect. Dead money does not equal loss of cap space. Wheeler can be cu 6/1 with no impact to the cap & would save million on future years.


Agreed. I used the wrong set of words. Me and you have agreed on many things and disagreed on many things and we have always kept it respectful. I was just trying to say sometimes you treat my opinion like the little brother who doesn't know everything he is talking about. Again my bad for choosing the wrong choice of words to express my opinion.

The TV companies made the league fold and start football. Cause like you said else they would've been fined. But the players union didn't want to sign the CBA until they knew what the new TV deal was worth. Reason after the league signed that TV deal the players wanted D.Smith's head.

Heck, the league even settled before the TV deal to prevent the former players from getting an even bigger settlement.

Hey! You know what's cool, let's make grand declarations based on a short sample size or single result. That can't possibly be short-sighted. That's not acting like a fan or anything, that's how an owner should be running a franchise.

We Beat New England!!!!
What was that? We are statistically in the bottom of the league in virtually every category?
Define an actual strength of our team?
You say no one in this stadium could define the team's offensive or defensive philosophy?
We had 5 picks in the first 3 rounds you want to know where they were on Sunday?

None of that matters, we're going to the playoffs....Or....Uh!....Okay, maybe that stuff mattered a bit.
Oh well....I told Jeff he's safe, can't hurt his feelings now.

I literally don't have words at this point.
I just can't believe Jeff Ireland still has a job, and it looks like he'll keep it....I'm done.
Swear to God I'm done. I can't take the anger and frustration anymore that comes from everyone else in the world seeing what an idiot POS this person is, yet having him represent and build our franchise.

I swear I want to head downtown and piss on the Stephen Ross school of business. Watching how he runs this team I have no idea how he achieved such levels.

Sorry for the rant, but it;s just years of frustration...I was for sure we'd finally be out. There could be hope and now I'm not sure if I want to cry or just break something.

Yeah Darkoak, that's exactly it Darkoak. i don't know why the NFL isn't more aggressive with players from the CFL. i mean if your team has an obvious hole, who is more likely to fill it? An alls tar from a professional league and 2nd best league in teh world or a 3rd round pick from Ark Pine Bluff?

Mark Dixon was also a perennial all star in Canada. Seattle did ok with browner too. Kory Sheets (former Dolphin camp body) tore it up this year and I think he was signed right after the final.

You can't be an NFL Owner if you aren't willing to make big, tough, hard-on-someone-else decisions.

The Miami Dolphins are not a Mom-and-Pop corner store, Ross is not Pop, and Jeff Ireland, Mike Sherman, and Joe Philbin are not his !@$^%&@% Sons whom he has to agonize over whether to replace or not.

This is a business, at times a harsh one. These gentlemen have had their chances, very particularly Mr. Ireland, to fix things here and get things right.

The quicker the door is shown and the search begun for newer and better talent, the better.

If Mr. Ross can't pull the trigger on it after an epic and stomach-churning collapse like the Dolphins just had, what does he need? Does he want to see 2007 all over again? I sure as hell don't.

Dashi.....it is not croquette…this is a business and the revenue depends on fan base. Losing seasons and complete failure by the incompetence of the coaches will diminish ticket sales and revenue. You all say they have talent...then it has to be coaching and the scheme. If you can’t see that your scheme is not working year after year and do nothing to change it to be Successful then you must go. The consistent late game management and inability to adapt on offense, especially the last 2 games, was very bad. If you owned the company you would be a fool to stay status quo while losing money, reputation, and future sales. Now go back to doing my dry cleaning.....

I know Wake was well known in Canada. I know Grimes was an injured pro-bowler. But Ireland did successfully bring them here. If you are going to knock him for his failures you have to give him credit for the successes.

Bess - another good example of an undrafted player who contributed well here.

Bennar - Did a decent job when they needed him (but failed at Bills game).

Don Jones was a solid guy nobody knew much about.

etc, etc, etc.

If Philbin is resisting the change of his assistant coaches then he needs to go too.

Clay was a 6th rd pick, Vernon a 3rd. Both are brodering on/should've been pro bowlers this year. Not supposed to draft pro bowlers there.

I don't think Ireland is awful either but is he good enough? More ammunition today than ever to say no he isn't. Perhaps if Tannehill could've kept his hot streak going through two more games - or one more even...it could've all been different. That's the way it goes...

Over the past 15 years Ireland has been the best talent evaluator the Fins have had. I know that is not saying much but it is the truth.

Plus, look how J.Jones has drafted after he lost his top scout/asst. GM.


I recommend that you take a dump on Ross' helicopter instead of pi$sing on his School of Business.

etc, etc, etc.

Posted by: JPAO | January 02, 2014 at 04:00 PM

OK, so his record is a few undrafted contributors have been better than almost every one of his drafted players...cept a few?

I thought GM's make their livin in the draft, not w/post draft undrafted free agents?

Ireland has been a failure at drafting players. A few undrafted FA' isn't enough to keep his job 6 years.

He hasn't built a "team". He hasn't drafted a real difference maker. It's time to move on.

I suggest that anyone livibg in ryan flahertty's neck of the woods stay indoors. Especially if you have big ears and look about 70 years of age.

Posted by: Dashi | January 02, 2014 at 03:52 PM

I wish I had a Little Bro who knew a fraction of what you know and get about the game, if anything we get so passionately wrapped up in our argument that it gets a little edgy every now and then!

That said I want to agree with your assessments regarding Ireland/Philbin but tend to disagree for one reason and that's that to me 2 Yrs. in Philbin is beginning to remind me of Sparano a bit to much! Both former OL Coaches brought in their respective GURU's to run their O's. Neither a play caller at their stints as OC's. The biggest kicker for me is both have turned their respective Coaching staffs into Mom-n-Pop Org.'s! You would think a Coach inheriting the Henning/Lee mess would have been a little more conscience of letting Sherman (who kind of acts like the Co-H.C.) hire a Son-n-Law to Coach their young QB!

How can you sell us on redefining T-Hill's mechanics working on his deep pass ect... When the man you've tasked has NEVER been a Coach much less QB GURU at anytime and probably as qualified as the team Equip. manager of holding the post? Coyle not adjusting to his 3/4 talent stacked squad by at least going hybrid is another! I want continuity as well but not at the point of turning a blind eye to some really troubling set of events that IMO are hurting the progress of a talented team outside of the OL. Your going to tell me that this D with the improved Vernon, addition of DJ, Grimes and Ellerbee is inferior to last Yrs.??


Polian also says the poor O-line play began as a result of bullygate. I don't agree. I think the O-line performing badly was the one thing you could count on all year long, beginning to end.

Sometimes, in retrospect, I wonder if Incognito was one of the reasons Long wanted out of Miami, regardless of the money offered him. I remember when Long left, thinking that Incognito's pleas to Long via twitter were a little bizarre.

whatever, water under the bridge.

At least we haven't signed jay Cutler to a 7 year deal expected to be north of $18M per season with $50M guaranteed...

Brenner, Brenner, it is Brenner, JPAO.

FIRE Ireland

Fire Philbin

FIRE Sherman

Fire Turner


This game was based on fan support at the gate. Reason you have 80,000+ seat stadiums. With the New TV deal the league is telling teams to build smaller stadiums. So you can have less blackouts.

Attendance at the stadium is down league wide. But TV viewership is higher than ever.

You have 2 playoff games that might be blackedout locally. So winning doesn't equal people in seats.

fire them all...burn them mando burning...we want heads rolling!!!

oscar canosa you always make really good comments..dashi you are an idiot

Revolucion Mando Revolucion...queremos la cabeza del presidente

Long live the Dolphins!!!

Ireland has been Fired! Noooo! Ireland and Sherman have been fired! Noooo! Ireland, Philbin and Sherman have been fired! Noooo! Ross has fired himself! Noooo! - Some from this Blog.

It's after 4pm and as a life long Dolfan I'm ready for my pound of flesh. Heads must roll. Primitive, yes, but it's come to that.

Look if Tannehill sucks as much as he does and Ireland and Philbin suck as much as you claim then you should want them all to stay. because the Dolphins will be drafting first overall with a totally new regime.

Posted by: Mark in Toronto | January 02, 2014 at 02:49 PM

Just caught this any I agree with Mark 100% about Tannehill having earned the job in 2014 based on what I viewed as improvement in his play without any real protection from his OL and RB's nor a running game to sell offering him play action freezing dropping LB's and Safety's sitting in zones. Some of the posts about Tannehill being the biggest problem on this O is just CRAZY TALK from my prospective!

Owner is too stupid to make intelligent moves, you'll see...watch

It sure seems that Jim Turner was not very happy Today when he left Dolphins Camp somewhat early.(before 5PM)


www.DolphinsTruth.com Join the Truth!

No gets fired !

Adam Shefter Tweet:

Miami makes changes. Ireland dismissed - replaced by B. Gaine. Coyle stays. Turner fired - replaced by TBD. Sherman to retire. Replacement - TBD.

against the tide here I guess, and I would not have traded up to get him, but isnt way too early to pan D Jordan? yes, disappointing first season, no question, but he got a late start in camp plus many people have questioned how the coaches used him--I dont know that he'll live up to his draft slot but he was considered, by essentially every well known draftnik, as a top 10 pick and many had him going top 5 in mock drafts--I agree it doesnt mean much, but he was a consensus stud, very high pick.....thats a fact. Its year 1 folks....

It is perspective, f4l, perspective. I admit no mediocrity wherever I write.

No one gets fired they all got raises and lunch

Hey Dashi: I disagree with your REPEATED posts 100%. And you have been wrong many times before (beginning with Wheeler).

Sherman's system sucks. It's predictable and ineffective. Even if it works out like he expects (which won't happen since Ireland is getting all the wrong players for the system, beginning with Tannehill himself) nobody will fall for such retarded plays in a SB.

Ireland? he was the bright mind who created the whole OL mess by allowing Jake Long to leave while not even reinforcing the OT roster. He also wasted our 2 first picks in the last draft and the simple truth is that he doesn't deserve ONE MORE chance (2nd chance my ass, he has been here since Parcells!!!).

Philbin on the other hand is a nobody. He will never put any pressure over his peers. He will never risk anything. He's just milking the cow (Ross) and trying to avoid pissing somebody while maybe expecting a miracle to happen.

And bully-gate was 100% his fault. We owe the whole scandal to his incredible lack of intervention and attention to details. Philbin is such a face painted in the wall that if he doesn't get fired, we should fully expect something alike to happen again in 2014. Mark my words.

In short, Ross can begin to forget about his new/renewed stadium as long as he doesn't fire Ireland and Philbin today. Because we will never even win the AFC east if we have to keep dragging those two nefarious characters behind our backs.

And I talk about winning the AFC east because even getting into the playoffs is not good enough for a starving franchise on the brink of collapse:


Have a nice day.

Wow, read an article from Chris Kluwe (kicker for Vikings) who got let go this year and called out his position coach, HC and GM as bigots and cowards (he's been outspoken as a gay marriage proponent, and basically said his position coach was a bible-thumpin' gay-basher).

He knows he'll probably never play in the NFL again after this (plus he's getting up in age) but he stood up for himself on principle (which is praiseworthy).

Apparently Leslie Frasier tried to shut him up from speaking out and he told him the Owner said it was fine and to be applauded. But the position coach snapped on him and that's why he says Frasier and Spielman are cowards. Good article. Waiting to read one from Jonathan Martin one day:

"The bad man called me names on the field. He said he would kick my teeth in and feed his sausage to my sister. I went home and cried and cried. Next day at practice the team turned their back on me in the shower. It was awful!"

just dont get the hatin' on D Jordan

Bring us a head Mando, let it roll

By the way on the talk of trading Wake I have a different take! How about moving forward we use Cam as the situational pass rusher for about 30 snaps a game insuring he makes it to week-16 and 17 FRESH? I see a player alot like JT before him who wilts away at Yrs. end. Your not going to get the value on a player 32 Yrs. old but you can have yourself one heck of a pass rush specialist for another 3 to 4 Yrs. I would extend him back loading the deal the way Tannenbaum did with JT in N.Y. were his 2 Yr/11 Mil deal was really a 1 Yr. 2 Mil guarantee! The idea someone would give you a #1 for a 32 Yr. old player in the FA ERA is laughable! In 05 we sent Ogunleye to Chicago for a 3 and he was in his ubber prime! The 2 for JT in 08 was us picking the dysfunctional Redskins pockets!

Posted by: NFL breaking news | January 02, 2014 at 04:27 PM

Sounds believable to me. Gaine, yuk!

Posted by: benz | January 02, 2014 at 04:30 PM

Oh it's not the kid's fault. We just had (and still have) more pressing needs.

Ummm no. This is the breakdown on Wheeler....

CONTRACT:5 yr(s) / $26,000,000 SIGNING BONUS $7,000,000 AVERAGE SALARY $5,200,000 GUARANTEED:$13,000,000 FREE AGENT:2018 / Unrestricted

Year BASE S Bonus Cap Hit Dead
2014 5 Mil $1,400,000 $2,400,000 $10,600,000

Doubt much will happen beyond Sherman Turner dismissal. Ross is a hand wringing vacillator who clings to FIRELAND & czar/overseer model. He can't just fire GM & let new GM do the dirty work.

We will wait(we have no choice).


I agree that nepotism is bad for business.

On the QB coach. He has to go. You won't get any debate from me. I believe position coaches should've at least played in the Pro's, specially QB coaches. To many details and to important a position to just have a regular person with no previous pro experience handle it.

Even Turner the O-line coach, Fired. I thought he was better because he did develop decent linemen in college. But he has just shown to be average at his job. He is solely to blame for bullygate. He coaches the O-line everyday. That is his unit. He should've been the first to know and say something to Philbin and Ireland. Ireland shouldn't have to hear from the players agent that he is getting bullied. Ireland has no reason to be in team meetings.

On Sherman. I know everyone dislikes my opinion about him. But I am with Philbin. Sherman is an excellent Offensive mind. He has just been handcuffed by having zero O-line. From what I know about Sherman he is a balanced play caller that loves to throw screens. But he can't do that in Miami with this horrible o-line. And I know Sherman, remember Dashi has been saying for 2 years what this offense was going to look like, while everyone was screaming 2 TEs.

FIRE COYLE!! I've been saying that since midseason. I would need a whole separate post to describe his downfall. Starting with the obvious. He says he runs a multiple formation Defense yet we are basically a 4-3 team. When our roster does scream 3-4.

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