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Stephen Ross at Dolphins camp today

Dolphins owner Stephen Ross arrived at the training facility Thursday morning via his helicopter and it is expected whatever decisions he mulled and pondered about the hiring and firing of assistants and personnel people the last few days will be made today.

As you read here, the Dolphins coaching staff is on the line and while Ross wants change, coach Joe Philbin is resisting that change.

The fate of GM Jeff Ireland is also at stake today. I reported a month ago that Ireland had been told he was safe. Much has changed since then. But I'm told the club owner has been struggling with this issue because he likes Ireland and doesn't want to go back on his word.

We'll see.



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Meanwhile geno smith had his penis posted on the internet how funny is that

well ross has left. better be firings announced soon

Ross owns a Bell 222, nice blades for a bum.

who is mark higgins

Why is Home posting under different names and giving himself artificial praise??

Cocoa Slow? How classy. The June 1st designation only lowers cap for that year. The next year, that prorated money counts against the cap. So, in other words, pay now or pay later. Got it?

Posted by: cocoajoe | January 02, 2014 at 05:40 PM

No, you STILL don't got it. Christ!

Go to the site or be quiet already. you are coming off dumber & dumber.

The cap calculator calculates the hits or gains in the cap for every year of the contract. Go find the negative cap hit in any year. Go ahead, I'll wait.

FYI Mr. Ross, only totally detached from reality morons fly around in personal helicopters. If you're not a world leader take a cab to the airport like everyone else. You're not that important.

X-jets guy...in buisness with Ross now

T-Hill is not the problem with the dolphins... Any true Fan, that watched the games should understand this.. No first or Second year QB thats been drafted would have done that much better... CK has struggled all year in SF, why, WR out, blah, blah.. Wilson has struggled the whole second half of season.. Both of them, are playing on superior teams compared to miami.. Just look at Luck's struggles since Wayne went out.. Foles "which i was praying miami drafted that year in 2nd or 3rd round" Has a superior cast of Offensive talent around him, and a inovative coach. You put anyone of them on miami this year, yeah maybe wallace would of had several more big plays, but all in all, they would all be running for there lives.. 90% of the sacks this year were like within 5 seconds, that was crazy.. and for the jets game, yeah there was no sacks, but T-Hill was coming off getting killed the week before.. and if hartline doesnt go down, we'd be looking at CIN this week.. bad enough he started the season with 2B, and a C WR..and a C TE.. 3/4 the season the C WR turned into a D... and when hartline went down.. he had a B, D, F WR... and no running game... and a Mia defense who forgot how to stop the run, pressure a QB and tackle.. T-hill on SF, SEA, PHI, CIN etc.. would be in the PRO BOWL....

statler he doesnt have to

Ear Force One? HA! That's a good one.

Matt Higgins is the old PR guy to 9-11 new york mayor Giuliani.

so he has some experience bailing out his boss after a complete disaster.

Ross has taken off in the escape pod. Maybe he is going to , 'Nuke the site from Orbit', its the only way to be sure, right ?

Good evening , Master Ape Tamer is now here Eh?

Told you nothing of significance was going to happen

We have to have one more embarrassing season

Then reboot

The allow two to three years for that to fail....

Then reboot....

ETC Until Ross is Gone

Ireland needs to be fired, because he was too damn cocky and stupid to draft and sign O-linemans. Did he really thnk we can play well without any pass protection? get out of here..... Fire Ireland now!!!!

Well, Ross was not there 7 hours Today for nothing. Investigative reporters?

You forgot about Dallas Thomas Eh?

lets hope tomorrow brings changes. sure nothing will be announced tonight

I hope that Bell 222 doesn't crash ?

Oscar Good evening Eh?
Oscar, Ross is clueless Eh?
he couldn't find his office for 6 of those 7 hours Eh?

Ross made saps of us yet again. We all thought some exciting news was coming today, and of course we got no changes. Joe Philbin and his pal Mike Sherman will be back again. DolphinsTruth.com was saying all along that Ross would take no action. I wanted to believe Armondo and alkl these mysterious "sources", but I shoulda known.

How about the "AlbatROSS"


Ross is going to drag this out only to be right here in Jan-2015! I love this team but at some point the pain of there gross incompetence becomes alot to bare! When local news came on I was watching hopeful that at least some shake ups came about. I felt Philbin would stay but a shake up with a cleaning house of Assistants. Sometimes a shake up at the Assistant level can help given I felt the Canes regressed under Coley at OC and the DC D'Antonio is PURE GARBAGE that may get Golden canned.

Before anyone states the massive difference between NCAA and the NFL it's worth remembering that Assistants teach execution and while I'm very skeptical of Philbin willing greatness out of the team as it's leader and head-man I do get that for continuities sake they were inclined to keep him for another Yr. but even in this case in the very least a shake up was needed. I now wonder if Ross who didn't win his capital in a Cracker Jack box isn't purposely tanking to take the NFL record low home attendance in his forever bid to land the L.A. bid in expansion?

Seriously?! He has to know this decision will plummet Season ticket sales ever further down! If by some chance in early Oct. next Yr. this team is sitting at 2-3 or something the Dolphins are seriously playing with the possibility of posting a 40 Yr. low in attendance with 20,000 people in the stands!

Apparently it took so long because they're trying to figure out how to spin business as usual to the fan base.
In other news John Clayton has posted his 2013 all pro team. Of course it has no Dolphins and of course thats not Jeff Ireland's fault.
And I know it's just a talking head's opinion but the cryptkeeper is one of my faves and he's usually pretty fair.

And yes Ear Force One was funny!

I should change my username to 58-Sacks 'cause that's really the highlight of this season.

This is a F##KING three ring circus ! SAD.... SO SAD

Any real fan knows that by defending RT by making excuses you come off sounding like a cheating husband. Well, it wouldn't have happened if she wasn't wearing a mini skirt, and all the other guys...They couldn't help themselves either, and she had big, fake ones! That's not fair!

who is mark higgins

Posted by: dusty bottoms | January 02, 2014 at 06:37 PM

A little RB Shula found somewhere in left-field who was probably the toughest little S.O.B. Marino ever had behind him outside UPS find Bernie Parmalee.

Hilarious to the maximum extreme. The Flying Circus/Dumbo Drop f'rilla.
Looks like Dumbo's leaving having accomplished little or nothing.
More embarrassing than The Harbaugh Debacle?

fin4life, I think that was Mark Higgs not Higgins.


lol yes rick he was going off my typo

Posted by: Marc | January 02, 2014 at 06:53 PM

you mean, like, "I was just sitting there and she jumped on to my C""K" ?

Matt Higgins is the old PR guy to 9-11 new york mayor Giuliani.

so he has some experience bailing out his boss after a complete disaster.

Ross has taken off in the escape pod. Maybe he is going to , 'Nuke the site from Orbit', its the only way to be sure, right ?

Posted by: Marco | January 02, 2014 at 06:43 PM


Don't know if everybody gets your Mid-80's Aliens reference but that was Damn funny!

Maybe you should put the little girl in charge! Game over Mr. Ross, game over man!

Another year of this gut wrenching dreck w/the Cue card Casper Coach & the T
Draft Dag Trade for DioNP and Thomas & promote an unprepared RT to LT GN?


Once again Ross flies off into the sunset leaving us poor FinsFans behind desperate for hope. Thanks Ross.

So the long, slow off season has begun. Let's begin our annual debate over:
1. Ireland's fate
2. Draft picks (which is useless because Ireland always picks acorns not in fans' radar)
3. Moving the team to LA
4. How crazy is Aloco

Hmmmm?????..... Many of you reported that ross would go to the hq in davie and claim some heads?
It is now 10 minutes until 7.00 pm and i doubt he is still there!
The man is not firing anyone!!! Im dont support sherman or coyle but i have to at least admit that they are staying one more season to prove everyone that we are contenders.
Just deal with it we have an 8-8 team with a qb on the rise. A afc where manning and brady will soon be gone!!! This is how it will look in a couple of years AFC contenders should be the colts bengals(overated) dolphins and chiefs.
We just give ireland and philbin there last season to see if they can get us in the contender conversation!

Irelands job begins march 11(free agency). And the draft is may 8-10!
Better get started!!!!!

After 7 hours at Dolphin camp Ross decided it was best to take no action, and to allow the Indians, not the Chief ,run the organization. Ross disregarded the facts, the team, the community and dolfans everywhere. When I thought things could not get any worse, they did. This is an unforgettable sad day for professional sports in Miami.

fin4life, I think that was Mark Higgs not Higgins.

Posted by: Dolfan Rick | January 02, 2014 at 06:57 PM

That's right Rick! Ole little 21!

New blog up but it doesn't say sh*t.

Ireland has to go...more bad choices by far than good ones ( Zero starters from this past draft, Mike "stone hands" Wallace, etc)//Next Sherman goes...way to predictable and no ability to adjust// and finally Coyle goes...draft a DE number three who never sees the field and continually should Nolan "torched" Carroll knowing the liability he is. If Philbin refuses to acknowledge he has to change things up and will no fire his coordinators then he goes too. Remember he has a major say in who stays and goes along with who is drafted right along with Ireland.

The only camp I'd like to see Ross in is Auschwitz.

You Ireland supporters are going to make me do it. Post his worthless drafts since he took over. Someone said Ireland's failures versus wins were about 50/50. Are you kidding me?

Acorns are acorns. Every team finds them. But building a team through the draft and free agency is a different.

I'm almost about ready to post and analyze Ireland's drafts for the guys that keep defending him. Trust me, you will be embarrased

Ive decided to have a little fun here in the blog I'm gonna talk about a different player on our roster everyday(except weekends).just highlight what kind of year,they had if they had any signature moment,there contract, my personal opinion,if they should be on the 2014 dolphin squad etc. This could help pass the time until free agency starts on March 11! I should be done by then.

Feel free to also give your opinion on the player selected for the day!!!!
I will also do injured reserves as well as the rookies!!!
Starting first thing tomorrow.(just to make it fun i'll go reverse alphabetical order)

If you don't fire Ireland im not buying season tickets anymore!!!!!!!!!! Ross wake the hell up or sell the dam team!!!!!!! Enough is enough you douche bag!!!!!

For all of you that blame Ireland for the Philbin hire, here are two interesting quotes from Miami insider Omar Kelley:

"That is where FACTS get in your way fans. Please, know the facts first. STEVE ROSS hired Joe Philbin. That was HIS COACHING PICK."

"This coach purposely abandoned a blueprint that made the Dolphins solid. He banished leaders that helped the process. Those are FACTS."

This is what I have been saying on this blog. This coach gave away all of its ALPHA leaders (Long, Bush, and Dansby). After being favorites to make the playoffs when they had an 8-6 record the team showed no emotion or motivation. They could have used some of those outspoken leaders to win at least one of the two games against the lowly Bills and Jets. The formula Kelly talks about is playing stout defense and being physical and then turning into a finesse team.

And like I said, I do not like this coaching staff and feel that Philbin, Coyle, and Sherman are the main reason that this team is not in the playoffs. They beat 5 playoff contending teams this year and then laid two eggs against garbage teams. That is all on the coaching staff. Ireland gave Philbin the players to make the playoffs.

Dashi your a dumbass!!!

Shame on those thinking Ireland is doing a better job than the rest of the AFC East drafting and finding players to build this team.

Name 10 guys on our list in last year's draft and free agency. Almost all of these players were plucked in the last 2 years by Buddy Nix. The guy is running circles around Ireland. And if EJ Manuel takes it up a notch next year, watch out. If you want to defend our GM, please do your research first!

uddy Nix and Doug Whaley deserve a lot of credit for the folks on this list. The Buffalo Bills did exactly what fans continuously pine for: got great value from aging veterans and young additions to the roster. This list represents the best bang for the dollar Bills in 2013.
-Lowest-value 2013 Bills players

10. Robert Woods ($884,868). Despite missing a pair of games with an ankle injury, Woods still had 40 receptions for 587 yards and three touchdowns in his rookie campaign despite a near-catastrophic quarterback situation. He also chipped in a pair of runs for 16 yards. His rapport was clearly best with EJ Manuel, who was named the starter heading into the 2014 season, so hopefully Woods' numbers will only go up.

9. Jim Leonhard ($555,000). The league allows each team to "ignore" up to $1,000,000 in cap money from three veterans with five or more years experience. This is called the veteran exception, and it's in place because for each season you are in the league, the minimum amount a team must pay you goes up. To combat players getting released to save a few thousand, the NFLPA added this exception so players like Leonhard, who made $840,000 in 2013, can compete on a closer monetary field with the youngsters' league minimum. As you'll see, the Bills used this exception to their advantage in 2013. Leonhard benefited by playing more than half of Buffalo's defensive snaps in place of injured Jairus Byrd and Aaron Williams throughout the season, compiling 37 tackles and four interceptions while returning seven punts.

8. Cordy Glenn ($1.1 million). The only player to cross seven figures on this list, Glenn earned his spot with great play as the starting left tackle. Projected by many as a guard coming into the NFL, Glenn has locked down the blind side for two seasons and is making fewer and fewer mistakes as his career progresses.

7. Thad Lewis ($391,764). He was 2-3 as a starting quarterback thrown into the fire this season, but the pro-rated league minimum is a great price to pay for a backup quarterback. He threw more touchdowns than picks and had better per-pass numbers across the board than any of Buffalo's other quarterbacks.

6. Brian Moorman ($391,765). He played in 11 games in 2013 after replacing the man who replaced him, Shawn Powell, early in the season. Moorman played for less than $1 million, and using the veteran exception noted earlier, the Bills were able to bring Moorman's cap number under $400,000. His 41.6 yards per punt weren't great but for the price, the Bills got a bargain.

5. Da'Norris Searcy ($676,106). Searcy had one career-defining play in the season opener, running back a fumble recovery for a touchdown against the Patriots. It was the beginning of a solid season for the safety, who contributed 3.5 sacks, a pick-six, 69 tackles, and solid all-around play to the defense. He is clearly the Bills' third safety and a great value moving forward.

4. Jerry Hughes ($870,000). Obtained in a trade during the preseason, Hughes was labeled a bust in Indianapolis but in Buffalo proved why he was a first-round pick. With 10 sacks and 42 tackles as a pass rush specialist, Hughes was the disruptive force the Bills hoped he could be.

3. Dan Carpenter ($555,000). A late roster addition, Carpenter had a 92 percent success rate on his field goals in 2013, scoring 131 points. He was nothing short of exceptional. He collected paychecks totalling $715,000 in 2013, but like Moorman and Leonhard, the Bills used the veteran exception on Carpenter with great results. He's due for a much larger contract in 2014 with Buffalo or elsewhere.

2. Nickell Robey ($405,000). Quickly inserted into the lineup when Ron Brooks went down to injury, the undrafted free agent making the league minimum quickly established himself as a key contributor on Buffalo's new-look defense. He played more than half of the defensive snaps in 2013. Three sacks, a pick-six, 10 passes defended, a fumble recovery and 39 total tackles is a pretty solid year, all at a bargain-basement price.

1. Kiko Alonso ($781,891). The second round pick finished third in the NFL with 159 tackles, and his cap hit was $7.5 million cheaper than number two on the list, Paul Posluszny, who finished with 161 tackles. He had four interceptions, five passes defended, a forced fumble, and two fumble recoveries. He played every snap on defense.

Not to mention the 1, 2 attack of Spiller and Jackson, and probably one of the best DL's in football.

If they had any continuacy at QB this year, we would have been the team trying to knock THEM out of the playoffs.

So you want to build a team or keep Ireland around boys?

Guys the fact Ross left the facility already and no announcement has been made he either is going to think about it and maybe talk it over with his scommittee like he calls it or he is going to keep them. Philbin is pushing the issue to stay but Ross better realize changes need to be done. Wishful thinking by me but I think Ross wants to get rid of everyone. Maybe he has some other coach he in mind.


You said from the last two years. Here you go for Ireland:

Olivier Vernon- 3rd round pick- 12 sacks. 4th in the league in sacks.

Ryan Tannehill- A franchise QB.

BTW some of the guys you listed for the Bills are garbage. Thad Lewis? Jerry Hughes? If the Bills were so good why did they go 6-10 and are picking in the top 10 in the draft.
Brent Grimes- Pro-bowler

Brandon Gibson- was having a great season before his injury.

Dion Jordan is going to be a stud pass rusher. He could not get passed the great pick by Ireland last year Olivier Vernon and Wake. That is the reason he did not play more but mark my words. He will be a stud.

Demitri Patterson- 4 interceptions in 5 games.

Bryant McKinney- Had a solid year for the fins.

Mike Wallace- Had almost 1000 yards and 5 TDs.

Sam Brenner Undrafted rookie that made two starts for the fins.

He had a lot of success the year before.

Changing to the new blog posted by Armando.

I still believe that T-Hill can be a great QB if the OL give him 3 more seconds/Down. Our priority in the draft and in Free Agency most go in that direction. Then, I think we need an explosive RB and third we should find a Young and high caliber TE. of course Ireland is not the man to do it and fire Sherman, Philbin are to priorities.

It's time to start over. The Ireland/Philbin experiment had been an utter failure, but Stephen Ross doesn 't have the courage to do it.

You know what hurts even more than the incompetence of our coaches is the nepotism that they have giving jobs as coaches to family members who have no nfl experience
Just for that they should be fired

If Mr.Ross still thinks Ireland is the best GM send him this link below!


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