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The football czar approach might be Ross answer

So what does an NFL owner do when he's got a lot of money?

When he needs to make changes to a stagnant NFL franchise but doesn't want to actually fire anyone?

When his general manager and head coach are not BFFs and he wants to keep both?

When he needs to make a splash announcement to sell tickets and try to save his reputation?

Well, that's the situation facing Dolphins owner Stephen Ross. And his answer might just include throwing money and resources at the problem by hiring another football czar.

A football czar is not an official title. It's a term I use to describe that person who reigns over the entire football organization. He's over the coach. He's over the GM. He reports to the owner and is the owner's eyes and ears. He's like a king of football.

For the Dolphins, the football czar should be somebody with name recognition that fans will eagerly receive. It should be someone with football acumen. It should be someone who can get in the gap between Philbin and Ireland (assuming they both stay) and bring them together. It should be someone without an agenda for being power hungry. It should be someone who can report back to Ross -- an absentee owner living primarily in New York -- and let him know what he thinks about what is really going on down here in South Florida.

Those necessary qualifications means there's not a long list of candidates, folks.

Dan Marino is a possibility.

Tony Dungy is a possibility.

Carl Peterson is a possibility.

Eric Mangini is a possibility.

Don Shula is a possibility.

Scott Pioli is a possibility.

Bill Polian is a possibility.

Now, those are just the names. Let's whittle those down.

Shula is a great name, knows football and commands respect of the football people. But he just celebrated his 80th birthday. He's been living a great life for quite a while and managing the health issues that most men his age manage. I don't believe he's want to take on this day-to-day job.

Marino is the biggest name on the board. The Dolphins have discussed him having a role (again) with the organization as recently as last year. Marino never dismissed the idea and indeed embraced it as a future possibility.

But is the future here?

Is he ready to leave TV -- a cushy gig that requires only 25 weeks of work or so per year -- to do a 52-week a year grind? He had a taste of that work a decade ago when then-owner Wayne Huizenga hired him and Marino lasted only a few days before he realized he didn't want to do it.

Has anything changed?

Marino would be roundly received as a coup for Ross. It's a PR win. And he is so secure in his own skin and identity that he wouldn't be playing any political games with Ireland and Philbin to gain power. Moreoever, both those men respect Marino as a football guy for obvious reasons.

Mangini? Ross loves him. Ross wanted to hire him before -- before the 2011 season -- but Ireland and then-coach Tony Sparano presented a united front against the idea.

Now, neither Ireland nor Philbin have the accomplishment capital to keep Ross from bringing him if the owner wants. Mangini knows football. But he has no South Florida ties. Fans would look at him as a failed New York Jets and Cleveland Browns coach.

Dungy? He'd be great. He's a winner with multiple Super Bowl rings. I suggested him as the answer months ago. Ross tried to bring him on board last year -- Ross has been trying and failing to hire a lot of people it seems -- and Dungy declined. Despite this, Dungy has remained as something of an advisor to Ross.

But is he ready to leave his cushy TV job? Is he willing to move to South Florida? Does he want to take on a role as peacemaker for men (Ireland and Philbin) who aren't his guys?

Polian? He'd probably love the job. My sense is Dolphins fans respect his body of work. The problem is he would come in with predisposed ideas about the principals involved. Polian is not a big Ireland fan. And he's 72 years old so there's a question about his desire to do this for a significant length of time.

Peterson? Ross has resisted the idea so far. Maybe he's desperate enough to do it this time. Ross trusts Peterson. Peterson has the experience and credentials to do the job. But he's not a popular answer among Dolphins fans.

Pioli? Makes sense. Knows what a winning organization looks like. His family would probably like it as he is married to Bill Parcells' daughter and Parcells lives half the year in Stuart, Fl. Would he be a PR boon? Probably not. But he's young, he's energetic and if he's empowered he could be a resource.



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This is where that move where Ross tried to fly out to Cali to woo Jim Harbaugh blows up in this organizations face. Clearly he demonstrated what a slime he is to work for, by not even firing his then coach Tony Sparano. Why would anyone, with any sort of solid reputation like the names on this list, want to work for this guy?

Works for me. Better than doing nothing. I like Peterson, Polian, or even Mangini.

Marino has no experience and Mckay did the drafting for Dungy in Tampa.

Marino is a winner though. If there was something at stake for him he would put his heart into it.

Tony Dungy is the only answer on that list and that would be incredible

Here we go again, "too many cooks" in the kitchen. So when this fails(football czar) do when bring in an "emperor" next?

Basically, this idea only amounts to having a very highly paid "babysitter". I am not onboard with it, though something must be done.

Love Dungy, Marino or Polian for the Phins but the one who may make the most sense if none of the three mentioned jump on board is Pioli.

oscar canosa @ 12:48

What up bro?

Here is what happened: After the loss to the NYJ Ross said he was coming down to look into things. He camne down on Thursday and left. CASE CLOSED.

ROSS NEVER BROUGHT UP THE NAMES Pioli, Peterson, gaine etc that was all fiction written up by Mando.

ROSS FINISHED HIS BUSINESS on Thurs and left. The only one that is INCONSIDERATE IS MANDO for pretending that something is still going on.

LASTLY DOESN'T BEING A REPORTER mean that you report on EVENTS THAT HAVE HAPPENED? Or does it mean that you can imagine what may happen and then post a story as if it had happened?


It is fiction writing

Is there any indication that this is a route Ross might go? If there is no real inside info that this might be happening, this article might as well be called "IT IS AT LEAST POSSIBLE THAT ALIENS WILL LAND AT THE STADIUM THIS EVENING."

Nice idea, but why not just hire a competent GM that works well with Philbin? Seems like a lot of layers which is not necessarily efficient or effective. Where does this work anyplace else?

Be dynamic on both sides of the ball, win some games, get into the playoffs, and show progress each year and we won't need to talk about adding layers to the Front Office. -- Fix the coaching staff, offense, defense, and special teams...make the players accountable for their actions on the field. Cause them to have pride instead of just going through the motions...

Pioli is a no brainer hire. Why Ross is taking so long to clean out Ireland and Philbin is ridiculous. Not sure of the fit with Pioli but from a distance it would seem Zimmer would be a great choice as HC. It keeps Coyle here for the D and it gives him help to make adjustments from Zimmer. They obviously know each other and the system well. There is your continuity there. He is labeled an in your face straight shooter - well maybe this team needs to finally hear the truth. On offense you need to blow the whole thing up anyway. It's Sherman and Philbins system and it sucks! Start over there! The longer he waits the more of a joke this is. This team was out coached too many times and how many players actually got better?

Well let's a least take a baby step and cut Nolan Carroll.

Mark I actually remmebe you wanting Darick Rodgers and he did make a big grab in the playoff game, how he do for the season? I didnt really hear or see his name

I agree Sam, I HATE the idea of a "football czar". If you're GM needs a babysitter, maybe that's a glaring indication that he's not the right guy for the job.

Plus, Mangini does NOT have the pedigree to be a "czar." If I were the GM/HC under him, I'd laugh openly in his face when he spoke. Dungy has said, on television, he's retired and doesn't want another "gig" other than what he's doing. I saw Shula at the White House and love him, but the guy is in a scooter and barely lucid. Marino, can't see him being as good at that job as Elway seems to be.

Sorry, doesn't excite me in the least.

Shula? I'm sure you've seen him. He can barely move let alone take a new job overseeing a football team.

Dingy 1 Pioli a close second....

pls, Armando, marino is waaaaaaaaay 2 stupid nd shula is on a respirator.

Bye bye, Mike Sherman...

Breaking news!!!!!! Mike Sherman fired !!!

Wonder if Philbin somewhere in his office crying....

Dungy said No to Ross for the same reason everyone else does.

He is spineless. He's soft. He's indecisive. And, most importantly, he's football stupid.

Ross has NEVER owned a winning or even competent NFL franchise. Under his reign, it's been incompetence, disarray & no results. Sound like a good gig?

Not surprised no one wants to be employed by him.

Armando put down the blunt and blog Sherman firing!

Mando, I love the idea of bringing in someone to run the football operations, I just don't like a lot of the names on your list.

The best options on your list are Dungy (who wouldn't take the job), Peterson (who will come with instant distrust from the fans), and Polian (who would bring an ego bigger than Jimmy Johnson's to the Dolphins).

Mangini as a front-office person might be better than as a coach, but the bar there ain't too high.

What about Mike Tannenbaum and Jason Taylor?

matty,dungy yes if he brings p manning in his prime with him

So well see exactly what Tannehill about when he has to learn a new system!!!

Sherman is out? Its for the best I think.

soooooo tpuke gets Sherman axed 2wice now

Mike Sherman fired. Half the job done... come on Coyle you are getting a tremendous benefit of the doubt, pick up your game...

nemo its on he ss

This better not be it

Truth @ 1:35. he had a nice game for Indy near the end of the season too - 80 some yards. overall he didn't play much but if he keeps his nose clean, he will and Luck, Hilton and Rogers will go on to terrorize the league for a few years.

Mark, Coyle isnt going anywhere the D regressed from 2011 and 2012 but the O was wayyyyyyy worse..

Sherman shouldn't be the only casuality today.

I cant believe Ireland survives another year. 6 str8 season of no playoffs and Ireland is still here! Smh

Personally I think Dungy is over-rated, his team won a super bowl on the arm of Peyton Manning, just like the Broncos might do. Dungy is the uncle type, which reminds me of Philbin. Marino? Why? Marino didn't want it a few yrs ago why would he want it now that the Dolphins are in the toilet? Mangini, fired to many times. Peterson, Shula are to old. Scott Poili would be my choice and frankly the only choice. President of football operations,,,now thats a mouth full. Pioli looking over everyones shoulders might be a very good thing. Fear will keep you going when you didn't think you could, and in the NFL fear of losing is a life altering experience.


Personally I would like the idea of a football confidant to Ross in the organization. It is not a day to day activity but someone who just brings football knowledge to Ross in an evaluation capacity and brings some cache to the front office as well.

Dan Marino is a possibility.

Marino and Elway are apart from friends life long competitors and I feel Dan would make this move after having seen what Elway has accomplished as the Broncos V.P. Elway has a G.M. and Scout Dept. who does the digging on talent acquisition while Elway has final say, could be a possibility and one I'm not against given Dan bleeds aqua-n-orange and would look to finally getting the ring in Miami that alluded him as a player.

Tony Dungy is a possibility.

Like Parcells before him I'm not sure what the difference is in this hire compared to Marino given neither has held the position before and in Marino I feel there will be a sense of loyalty to getting it right you might not get in Dungy.

Carl Peterson is a possibility.

He's BIG Achilles heel in K.C. was always banking on a FA vet QB (from S.F.) as the long term solution (Montana, Bono, Grbac) while never grooming one to lead a solid core he put together. While others are apprehensive I don't see how Peterson can do much worse while possessing the type of people skills that Ireland sorely lacks!

Eric Mangini is a possibility.

My thought here is, "ARE YOU F'N KIDDING ME?

Don Shula is a possibility.

Again aside from the fact he's geriatric and moves around in a cart he was the reason we never won in the 80's and 90's when picking the groceries, so a BIG FAT NO!!!

Scott Pioli is a possibility.

He picked some nice players for K.C. that Reid was able to win with this Yr. That said I fear his constant re-hiring of former N.E. assistants who've proven failures at other stops. Same line of thinking as with Peterson though in regards that he couldn't do any worse and will at least command more respect in future Coaching searches.

Bill Polian is a possibility.

In Indy at the end his son was the defacto G.M. and the reason there both unemployed today not another older burned out NFL man of glory's past.

Why not look at the Personnel, Scout Directors, Assistant G.M.'s in both Pitt. and Baltimore?? For my money Ozzie and Art Rooney Jr. are the best at always building from within!

I don't think the o was way worse. I think both co-ordinators failed miserably. one was given significantly more to work with tho. I could've probably got his defense to be ranked 21st while playing fart games all afternoon with that personnel.


I have suggested a Czar in previous posts. Scott Pioli would work and he is current on talent acquisition. Moreover Eric Mangini would work also. Wow can you imagine Sparano and Ireland not wanting Mangini in the picture. This shows how naive Ross has been. Sparano will most likely get fired for the 2nd time since being fired from the Dolphins. Ireland wanted all the power for his acorn dumb acquisitions which have hurt the Dolphins. 'Acorn dumb' is Ireland's way of getting talent he thinks will develop in 2 to 5 years and forgetting about the Dolphins current needs.

I have been a Dolphins fan all my life. Subscribe to Directv just to get my Dolphins every year. They have really tested me this year, to the point where i am not sure i want the package next year...they have worn me out. I am basing my decision on what is done during the off season. In particular, Mike Sherman.
I will not be wathing the Dolphins next year if Sherman is not fired. In two playoff critical games he could not come up with anything offensively to score more than 7 points against horrible teams. Our offense is not that bad. I used to believe that the players are the one responsible for all the horrors on the field, but recently changed my thinking some. With the help of Sherman and my Hockey favorite team i have seen that alot of how a team does is a reflection of the front office and coaches just as much as the players.
I happen to be a Colorado Avalanche fan in hockey. They have gone from last in the western conf. to one of the tops in the league with basically the same players. The movement last year for the Avs was mostly front office with Joe Sakic hired to VP of operations and Patrick Roy as head coach. They have turned this team around, with very little change to the roster.
I think the Dolphins need this...a whole sale change in the front offices and a coach that is able to get more out of whatever talent the team has. Yes, the Dolphins need to make roster changes, but i think they need more changes in the front office and in the coaching areas to bring out the talent more in the players.
If Sherman, at the least, is not fired i will miss the Dolphins for the first time in my adult life next season and I am 45 so that is a long time.

Sherman? That's it? They definitely need the bosses man to hang everyone next year.

And Dan is not the guy. He is just too nice a person. He is over talked on CBS every Sunday. Not a strong enough personality.

Posted by: JUST FYI | January 06, 2014 at 01:38 PM

if thats true then why does Dungy stay on to give him advice?

Dungy could do what Parcells and Ireland hasnt done.. link both sides so they are on the same page, evaluate talent, and help guide decisions on personel.. He is a smart man that knows football.

Interesting list you offer, but if you really want Ross to hire someone who will be impartial and not power hungry for any of those two's jobs, then the only candidate you mentioned would be Marino. If you want the best qualified person for the organization, then it would be Pioli but I am sure he would get rid of Ireland in a heart beat to take over Personnel. Would Marino be good at it and put in the hours the work requires? Would Pioli do a better job that Ireland because eventually if you bring him Ireland will be gone? Time will tell. Ross has an ace he can play which is Peterson, so that would be the best short term solution perhaps.

nj, Sherman is not the 1 mixing Wallace 9 diff x's wiiiiiide open deep. blame the qb

nothing like watching a playoff game(of NO significance to me as i am diehard DOLFAN) and actually getting more upset then miami's last two losses...the game: greenbay vs. san fran...why? EDDIE LACEY....i blogged and pleaded for miami to draft this guy, one would think that after the eddie lacey show(last years national championship game at none other then dolphins stadium) that miami, a team with a screaming need for a toughguy runningback, might actually put two and two together and draft this guy. i cried for us to draft him, i cried and complained the day after we blew another draft, i became upset yet again watching eddie lacey tear through the 49ers defense and fighting for every yard, and then low and behold...packer fans were actually chanting EDDIE, EDDIE, EDDIE...i guess us dolfans who were campaigning for lacey are going to have to re-live irelands 2014 draft day debacle for a long, long time!...this draft offered miami the most oppourtunity it had seen in decades, it was to be the follow-up to a freeagency period that left fans in awe, but instead, this draft will go down in history as one of the worst all time. when we traded up, i thought ireland was going to get his left tackle, and that would be o.k. as long as lacey would still be available later on, or, even if we drafted lacey at #3(overpay), that would be o.k. as well because miami had to answer the bell at runningback, then...we draft dion jordan?????!?!?!!!.mando, please break our 2014 draft down the way you see it...all i can say is if ireland is still around and tries to salvage his reputation he is going to have to get that shutdown corner(opposite brent grimes) to allow jordan to get to the QB, as of right now miami has a big whole in the secondary that QB's like brady exploit, they know they have somewhere to throw the ball, they do NOT have to hold the ball that extra second and take a dion jordan hit, or try to force the ball somewhere else(like into the hands of our speedy linebackers...yep that 2013 draft stunk...it's hard to believe that after the 2012 draft that we could totally screw up the biggest oppourtunity that miami had in years...............

soooooo tpuke gets Sherman axed 2wice now

Posted by: 2 watt | January 06, 2014 at 01:41 PM


Philbin fired his best friend and mentor because he was told to do so. ouch; Chud said "no way" and got fired. i have more respect for Chud!

Did anyone here the story that Harbaugh was rubbing the front office the wrong way in frisco.

Maybe you stay the course and the 49's give us a gift next year. Maybe we need to start praying for a 49 collapse.

Just sayin patience may pay off this time. Boy Chud would be a great addition, I like Norv Turner also. Think his and Chan Gailey's offenses have been our best since Marino left town.

Next year might provide better change opportunities. Bring in Chud and maybe that turns into your next head coach. Browns players said he was doing all the right things and needed and deserved more time.

We need to tweek our O philosphy to the players. Philbins system/ Greenbay way allows for way to many sacks. Tanhill was beat up at the end of the year and think that is why o performed so bad. Didn't Help hartline also got hurt.

Stay the course and tweak the offense. Bring in some more weapons and good things could happen. We can all say what we like attendance turns around with every win. Look at how it jumped when things looked brighter mid-way thru. Ross is going to bet on a long shot. Probably smarter than we give him credit for.

How about Bob Greisie as football Czar. He is a Dolphin loyalist like Shula. Dan (I love the man) but in my eyes he jumped ship and put his loyalties more to Pitt. Listen to him compared to Boomer. Boomer loyal Bengal man, Cowher loyal Pitt man, Shannon loyal Denver. Marino does not sound like those guys. Again I love dan not taking what he has done for the organization for granted. But Bob always sounds like a Dolphin Lifer. And other than Shula who is probably to old I want a man who is a Dolphin Lifer as Czar.

Lets get back to the Dolphin Way of the 70's and 80's. You do that and you might end the curse.

I vote Bob Griese. Would love Dan to do it but dont think he wants the job. Also bring in Pennington as new QB coach.

'And Dan is not the guy. He is just too nice a person. He is over talked on CBS every Sunday. Not a strong enough personality.'

Which is hard to believe given the way he used to eviscerate the unfortunate wide receiver who ran the wrong route or dropped a pass.

Have you read the article about Pioli and the way he was in KC?? He was just like Saban a total dictator (emphasis on the first syllable), do we really want that AGAIN??

Why would anyone want the job? A boob for an owner with a dysfunctional franchise with a track record of ineptitude. Why risk your reputation in that kind of situation?

In the free enterprise system, companies have a responsibility structure that works very well. There is a Chairman of the board , there is a President, that usually acts as the CEO, and maybe an Executive VP. And then the rest of the jobs. There are no "Czars".

The Phins already have a Chairmaan (Ross) and a President (whose name I forgot). I assume that Ireland is the executive VP. Why doesn't the President do the functions Ross wants now a Czar to do. I don't understand. Or is the President a figure job or just to promote the Dolphins? Why the President does not do the functions Ross want a Czar to do.

Somebody explain, please.


The Dolphins President oversees the business side of the team, but not the football operations. He oversees the stadium, finance, marketing, HR. But Ireland and Philbin report directly to Ross.

Presumably the new OC will bring in his own QB and OL peeps, so that will be good. I think Tannehill can develop with some better instruction. Who knows, the new QB coach might even think it worthwhile for RT and Wallace to get some practice reps in.

I can see this as a one-year experiment: get some OL personnel (AND A FULLBACK), maybe get some new linebackers or else have Coyle rethink his D scheme, and fire up the great potential our offense has ... it's plausible. But if it doesn't work next year, and by "work" I mean "playoffs," then Philbin needs to hand over the keys.

The concept of a football 'czar' would be laughable to most teams. But given the circumstances, it just may be the way to go. The circumstances? The team is a mess with multiple problems. I'll say it one more time, MULTIPLE PROBLEMS.

Sherman was just the most visible...the one who stands out. It's obvious to everybody in the known universe Sherman is only the tip of the iceberg. I believe Ross knows this either on his own or what he's been told. So, what to do? Not in you do do the dirty work. Hire somebody to clean up your mess.

Love the Marino idea, great football mind and has shown he has the smarts by comments made on many issues in pre game. But is he willing to leave. He's already a legend in Miami can you imagine if he were to bring a winner to Miami as the boss. OMG.. And Pioli would love him as well but he doesn't get along with Ireland WHO cares Ireland MUST GO.

No one needs a Czar to tell them that Mike Sherman stinks. www.DolphinsTruth.com New message board for us fans !

As the Nike ad campaign says" Just Do It!" Fire Jeffie now and gives the keys to Bill Polian. I've been repeating that mantra for over two years now.Rossie--please pay attention and don't nod-off again!

I have an excellent choice for football czar. A man that knows the game, has Ross' full confidence and is relatively young: Nat Moore!

It is better to have a person with lot of energy and time. Marino will not have the time or the energy to do this, TV guys will not leave their current jobs. That leaves Pioli.

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