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Would Gamble, others join snakepit hijinks?

The leading contender for the Dolphins vacant general manager position?

Tom Gamble, the vice president of player personnel for the Philadelphia Eagles.

And if the Dolphins were a stable, well-led, functional franchise, I'd say they would have a great chance to get him. Gamble is eager to be contacted and would be happy to listen to the Dolphins, according to a source.

But ...

As I write in my column in today's Miami Herald the Dolphins are not exactly a model franchise. The Dolphins had issues internally part of the 2013 season, with sniping and backstabbing going on at the highest levels of the football operations.

Jeff Ireland vs. Joe Philbin.

Dawn Aponte vs. Jeff Ireland.

Aponte and Philbin forming a bond and alliance that ultimately helped bring down Miami's general manager. And whatever you think of that -- be you glad Ireland is finally gone or sad because you don't believe professionals should engage in such snakepit hijinks -- the drama matters.

Because word of the drama is already making the NFL rounds. People in franchises like the Washington Redskins, places with issues of their own, are aware of the issues the Dolphins had this year. I know this for a fact.

And the problem with that is simple: If Stephen Ross wants to hire the best and brightest individual as his next general manager, will he be able to gloss over his team's reputation to get that guy? Will he be able to provide assurances that the next GM won't be fighting an alliance of the coach and executive VP for football administration like the last GM had to?

Another thing:

The Philbin-Aponte axis is almost certainly going to work toward getting a weak GM to the Dolphins. The last thing Philbin wants is for Ross to give the next GM the power to fire him after the 2014 season is over. So Philbin wants his pal Aponte over that GM. He wants that hire to be just a talent evaluator with the title of GM but not the full weight of power that title suggests.

And again ... if Ross agrees that is the way to go, what great GM is he going to land? 

It's the Dolphins doing Dolphins things.


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If you are going to tell whomever the new GM is that Joe Philbin is untouchable, then there is absolutely no point in even hiring someone - just give Philbin the GM duties.

The reason is simple - no GM worth his salt is going to accept the job after being told he cannot fire the head coach if he decides it is warranted.

The perfect solution lies in the sale of the team. Non-football owners are the bane of the NFL. We've endured two, now.

Death to the mockey. All hail an owner who knows FOOTBALL!

After 36 years of owning season tickets and a die hard fan that doesn't miss a game, I am done. I am not renewing my 48 yard line lower seats. I promise you that. What a waste of time.

Thank you Mando for all your work thru the years.

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@ Capone.....hit it on the head, cuz

I would like to know how Philbin the Pilgrim...with a record of 15 and 17 makes demands ????????????

this is friggen nuts !!!!!!

Ross has to either dump it, or get off the pot.......

Why now Armando? I mean report of these fractures when you knew all year long they were an issue? Seems like this "drama" that you "knew for a fact" was going on would be something that the ticket payers would want to know about. The shenanigans seem to reach into the media as well as you work to protect your sources ny reporting favorable tidbits to us. So now, on the middle of the finding process you drop this on the team, ergo, submarining the process for any potentially good hire. Well f_ING done.

What a mess....I sense that it will continue sorry to say ...under Mr. Ross "ownership"

The Miami Dolphins have become the laughing stock of the league. The RAIDERS are better managed. Who'd have thought it!

This team is so bad.... that now I am mad at my parents for introducing this team to me in the 70's...and mad at myself for developing whats become an addiction to follow this team. I need an intervention maybe it starts with this article THX Armando!

That's interesting, pancanfinfan, because I didn't read anywhere where Armando wrote he knew all this stuff was going on before now. My guess is he wrote about this as soon as he found out so as not to get scooped.

Also, you seem mad at the wrong guy.

You're like the guy looking at a gunshot wound, seeing the shooter, and you're mad at the doctor for not preventing the wound.

There's more proof 9/11 was Biblical than internal.

Read Revelation 18: 9 thru 11

Lol, you have got to be kidding me, your a joke reporter! You should be writing scripts for As The World Turns!!!! Lol you kill me. GM would not take a job with those demands and Ross knows that, so stop with all the drama! You would have reported that info as soon as it hit your ears, your a hater so you would have hated first chance!!!!

This is not new. Armando and other Journalists have written about the disfunction of this team earlier in the year. Right before and after the Tampa game.

Right after that loss whipsers were heard that an Aponte / Philbin alliance was emerging against Ireland. Aponte wrote Philbins press conference index cards. She wouldn't let him make any initial statements on the Cog/Martin thing.

Apont / Philbin tag teamed Ireland and have Ross' ear. Unfortunately this team is now the laughing stock of the NFL. Good job!


Why hire anyone, promote Aponte to whatever label suits what she will be doing. Allow the Aponte-Philbin marriage to happen into free agency and the draft. Moreover be thankful for, 'Ding Dong the wicked witch is dead' Ross still has to pay for the wicked witch. I predicted a Czar would be introduced and felt that the arrogant Jeff Ireland would do exactly what he did. Get angry and agree not to coexist without power. Ireland is an acorn moron who should have been fired when Sporano was let go. Parcells, Ireland, Sporano were the three stooges who did not know what they were doing.

The team is so bad they almost made the playoffs?? The Dolphins played three out of the four remaining AFC teams, and beat all three. The cupboard is far from bare, sure there are questions but far from the worst team. Who knows, a new OC might work wonders and Tannenhill could take another big step to being an actual franchise QB.

I always thought all the 'Firelend' nonsense was just that, nonsense. But after the collapse this year, and after the big spending spree, the writing was on the wall. I also think Mando loves to stir the pot, I don't think there is much 'drama' surrounding the Fins as he makes out. I think it's a big opportunity for any executive. Sure there are drawbacks to it, such as inheriting a coach, but Ross has shown the desire to build a winner and isn't afraid to spend some money in the process.

The assumptions here, laughable ones at that, are pure entertainment.

"The team is so bad they almost made the playoffs?? The Dolphins played three out of the four remaining AFC teams, and beat all three."

And then they loose to two mediocre, playoff eliminated teams....Thats a bad team. Sacks, cant throw past 20 yards, D is inconsistent... 6 years too build a SB bound team more than most GM's have and what do we have to show for it?

Philbin should have been let go along with Sherman and Ireland. The Dolphins will not be able to get any GM worth anything that cannot her his own HC. I sense more mediocrity.

A potential Franchise QB? The lot of you so called 'fans' are comparing us to the worst of the league, that just isn't the case. Sure the last two weeks were horrid and unbearable but terrible? Sacks were an issue, and the OL has to be a big concern, which IMO was Irelend's biggest downfall. Spent numerous high picks and it's still a mess. We have one very good player and a lot of question marks. It's a good possibility that we will have two new starters at tackle, and who knows maybe at guard too.

Crazy as it may sounds, either Ross next dump Aponte or make her gm. At least you have assurance hc and gm are working together.

No one will come in to become a highly paid talent evaluator with gm title in name only. If hiring a "real gm" Aponte has to be next to go.

But as long as you have hc and Aponte both on the same page, why not give it a try.

See I told everybody that Tom Gamble was the best GM candidate around !!!



To quote one of my all time fav movies "Well....bye." circa Tombstone!

Ireland found a few players of decent ability but when you had as many draft picks and as much money as he had last year only to come out 1 game better?

In the end, Ireland had a very fair 6 years to turn the tide and did not. OL failures, FA busts, trading up for RB Thomas AND D. Jordan only to have neither make much of an impact at all? They had Pats OLB Rob Nincovich in camp and let him go. He has started for the Pats ever since. The list goes on with many mistakes.

After one year of seeing Tannehill operate Ireland could not see that an ultra fast WR was not a good fit for his lack of deep ball skills? Instead of helping Tannehill it really exposed a weakness in Tannehill and Irelands eye for matching talents.

It was year 3 of drafting Cro-Magnon types BIG but slow players like Parcells liked for him to look up and say "Gee, we need some ore speed on this team." Huh??

A year ago some were lamenting not being able to sign top talent as FA's hated Miami per Ryan Clark...they signed a bunch including Clark's own ex-teamate Wallace so it wasn't a problem.

Organizations always talk about getting the "right 53" man roster. I never valued Jeff Ireland's comunication skills and that is a HUGE problem for a man at the head of an NFL team.

I believe Ross wants to win in the worst way and is actually putting his wallet and placing winning above even his own loyal ways. It is being reported that he had no intention of making huge moves as he thought the Fins were a shoe in for the playoffs with 2 games to go. When the collapse hit his desire to have a winner drove him to make changes as the results were not meeting his playoff mindset.

In the end, even though it appears Philbin is being retained I believe things will work out. Of the given choices I like Pioli or DiCosta from the Ravens as best choices. It appears Aponte may be in the mix as well and promote Gaine?

In the end, this officially closes the Parcells/Dallas connection. May the next GM have a better eye for talented draft picks and FA's. May they be decisive and good at their craft so that the transformation of the Fins is not another lengthy project.


I think Ross being a smart man (regardless of what people here might think. He may have football ignorance, but he is not stupid)played this very well. Why, as its well known he did not want to fire Ireland, so in order to keep face he made his smartest move ever in letting Ireland decide his own fate. Im sure Ross was fairly confident in his approach with bringing in someone over Ireland that Ireland would walk. And again with the Philbin situation, he does not want to fire him. He will just leave that up to the new GM, again he saves face. Of course this is just opinion, but seems however very logical. The Philbin Aponte relationship ( if all thats reported is true) is something that has to be ended. And again I think Ross and his advisors are smart enough to see that.

Armando you need to shut your pie hole, because you sound like a complete moron. I have been telling everybody INCLUDING Stephen Ross that Tom Gamble is the best GM candidate around & trust me THIS IS'NT JUST WINDOW DRESSING !!!!!! Stephen Ross wants the best GM available because he is as tired of losing as all us fans are. Why do you think he had to turn his head when they were losing to the Jets ? BECAUSE IT WAS TOO HURTFUL TO WATCH !!!!

See I told everybody that Tom Gamble was the best GM candidate around !!!



After 36 years of owning season tickets and a die hard fan that doesn't miss a game, I am done. I am not renewing my 48 yard line lower seats. I promise you that. What a waste of time.

Thank you Mando for all your work thru the years.

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WTC 1, 2 & 7 were brought down by controlled demolition.

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Posted by: Investigate 911 | January 08, 2014 at 01:24 AM


PLEASE give up your seats!

None of us with season tickets wants to sit with an aging, freakish nut case like you.

Drop your seats and sit home watching FOX you Tea Party fruitcake. REAL fans want to be in that seat cheering!


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Any new GM worth his salt would insist on having the power to choose his own head coach. Look out Joe Philbin.


Thank the good Lord somebody has the sack to get these perspectives wide out, in the open, right now. Mando is 100% correct.

We are at a crossroad. The next step is crucial to the success, or failure of the decisions made this past week. Fin history shows that the most important administrative decisions to come will continue to assure continued failure. Look at it this way; What would Vegas odds be after all these decades of stats?

The question is, will history continue to repeat itself?

why you guys read Amanda's gossip column is beyond me.

Barry Jackson hit's all the talking points of the phins gm search without all the drama in SportsBuzz.

But before I go one question. Amanda, is it too early to wear bright colors and if so when is the appropriate time to do so?

Ha hahahahahahahahahahahahahahah!

#1.) Bring DAVE SHULA in as OC. This in NUMBER 1. Nothing is more important than this, at this point. He's the backup assurance that Philbin gets off the Prozac, produces, or else we move to Plan "S".

#2.) Look long and hard for a proven and experienced GM with a history and track record of success, no matter where he may come from. However, this is no training ground, and anything less is unacceptable.

#3.) No czar is necessary if the above two issues are dealt with accordingly. However, build and solidify the "Mastermind Group" of insightful individuals with a sincere and passionate interest in the organizations turn around, and success. They are the additional catalyst to provide further depth perspective of service and opinion until the numbers are achieved.

#4.) Nobody deserves respect. Respect is earned. Starting in 2014. Make that clear to the entire organization.

#5.) Mr. Ross gets his butt down to SoFlo and takes up residence. It's all on the line. With an absentee owner, we can be reassured that it will be business as usual, as this year, as last year, and the decades before.

#6.) The Superbowl is the only goal. Anything else is utter failure.

Correction: MIKE Shula.

If Marino gets the Czar of this organization, Mr.A**Clown (Philbin) will not last this season !! I want Marino badly to be the next Czar of the Miami Dolphins Period !!

You people.are pathetic you want the guy fired and he's fired be happy now the media creates all this so called drama and guess what they sell papers. Don't believe the hype we will have our next gm by the weekend it's already a done deal don't eat the cheese people

Oscar canosa will be named the czar of the miami dolphins

I love dawn aponte

We did draft a kicker that can't make kicks

What GM would want to come in without the power to fire or hire whomever they want...

I brought up Tom Gamble last week!

Rick- last week you and I were talking about Tom Gamble!!!

The circus will continue as long as the head clown is in charge. Rosso the puckered anus face clown. No makeup needed.

C'mon Armando, the Aponte-Philbin thing you're referring to is way over the edge. There's no doubt they paired off vs the GM but there was no way this was done without Ross' implicit or explicit approval:
1. Steve Ross is BOSS- he can do anything he wants to do.
2. Aponte reported directly to Ireland;
3. Ireland as GM had power to prevent an Aponte-Philbin pairing- even had power to fire her... but;
4. Ireland's power was steadily reduced by Ross throughout 2013;
5. Aponte assumed some of those responsibilities formerly held by Ireland;
6. Ireland pushed to background by Ross during Incognito-Martin affair;
7. Philbin had gained the trust of Ross and became the spokesman and face of the franchise during Incognito-Martin;
8. Ross wanted to limit Ireland's power even further (as recently reported) by limiting his power over player acquisitions.

All of this tells us that Ireland had fallen from favor already. Ireland's shortcomings and his boss' disenchantment with him didn't have to do solely with player acquisitions either. Ireland was a magnet for franchise scandals bringing national shame to the organization: see Dez Bryant, Jim Harbaugh, Ryan Clark, Martin-Incognito, etc.

Dolphins players held him in low esteem and contract negotiations and recruiting became difficult. Top coaching talent cited again and again, Ireland as the reason for shunning Miami as a coaching destination.

Simply... Ireland was on his way to being marginalized by his boss, Steve Ross. Others in the organization were assuming his duties. This in no way means there have been structural changes in the organization and a new GM would have to work under the same conditions as Ireland did. Ross is obviously farther along than you give him credit for.

Well who ever the next GM is I hope he can do what Ireland been trying to do since he got here and thats put a decent O line on the field

After seeing Martin with a couple of strippers in a night club smiling that big azz smile, I don't know about you "reporters" and your opinion pieces. There never was bullying as anyone in their right mind would define it. Bullied to go to a strip club? Really. All you media types get the cocked eye on that one.

As for Dawn and Philbert sleeping together? I said sleeping and not having sex. Ross would know about that. Aponte has done some remarkable work with the cap numbers. So where was Ireland through all of this? Driving his kids to school? C,mon. It is stories like this that make it tough for a franchise to succeed. What? A plot to rid themselves of a GM that was out of there anyway.

What is true that a house clearing should have happened. Ireland failed to get working parts. Aponte was her cohort and pissed off a lot of players. Remember the finger episode. Just a little sign of things to come.

And Philbert failed to recognize that his coordinators were "suspect" (I laugh at suspect) at their jobs. Philbert failed his team and the fans on many occasions during games. (clock management being one) Ross can love him this year but Philbert is done within the next 15 months.

Philbert, as dumb as Sparono but with a better vocabulary. I can call him Philbert because the FO has turned the Dolphins into a cartoon. May as well call them the 8-8 porpoises.

Dawn Aponte is a cancer! She is typical corporate scum. Divide and conquer. Suck up to the bosses new guy and report back anything negative. Just brown nose your way to the top. Philbin better watch his back this year, he's now the old shoe. Aponte will suck up to the new GM and hope for her NFL office job next. Then you'll hear the NFL come down on the Washington Redskins to become more politically correct, lol!

What a strange way to do business. A couple of years ago, we're trying to get a new head coach while one was still in place. But the new guy had to work with Ireland. Now we fire the OC, we fire the GM, and we're looking for a new one that has to work with Philbin and this Aponte chick...Man what a mess...

Well everyone was calling for Ireland to be fired and got what they wanted. I have been saying Ross had to go all in and fire Philbin too. Now that he didn't we have this "drama" nonsense to listen to and risk not attracting a top talent for GM who SHOULD and MUST be given proper authority to be successful. Philbin has done NOTHING in my mind to earn any internal power in this organization. I feel he should have been fired too so there is no reason for him to not be in the Hot Seat next season.

As usual Armando stirring the pot, you know this team is well managed, you are one of the worst at blowing things out of proportion, you called for heads to roll all season, now you report on the consequences.

Ross continues to make incomplete decisions. He needed to clear the decks entirely and hire a top talent at GM who had full control. Now he is left with Philbin in place and seemingly with Ross' full backing. I just don't see the best GM candidates coming here.

We got Rossed!!!!!

I agree Philbin should have been fired too!!

I am certain Ross did not make these drastic decisions out of the blue. He was smart enough to surround himself with very knowledgeable and respected Football People and his decions have come from there. If anything, you have my respect Stephen Ross. We'll see.

Posted by: billcale | January 08, 2014 at 06:55 AM


Good post. It appears a plan as been in place all along. All this speculation of drama is ridiculous. I don't think anyone is a deal breaker.

Most every Dolphin's followers knew there was some kind of conflict between Ireland and Philbin, at least I did. Some crazy things were seen, mainly with Players brought in by Ireland who were not played by Philbin. Under no circumstances I am condoning Philbin, or Ireland. These power struggles just cannot exist within an organization under threat of destruction for all. I am glad Stephen Ross realized it and cut it in the bud. Now, to prevent it from happening again.


Ireland is finally gone and that's a good thing. These sort of alliances happen ALL the time in the business world and the last time I checked the NFL is a multi-billion dollar business. I can give a rat's you know what about what alliances and sabotage were hatched to do so.

I gave Ireland chance after chance and his batting averages as a GM stunk. No need to call him childish names but it was what it is and his averages just weren't good enough over his long tenure.

I for one would be all in for Pioli. KC was stacked with talent top to bottom, unit for unit. His failure and it was a big one was signing Matt Cassell. But make no bones about it his drafting his top notch.

MONEY talks and Ross has plenty of that. He will get his man and a top tier talent evaluator if that's all he wants the job to entail because he has the MONEY to make it work.

This is so typical (glass half full) Dolphin fans and media. Ross has not had his first interview,that we know of,and here comes the negativity. How about this scenario,Ross hires a really great GM and he cleans house once and for all. Aponte can go to New York and work for the NFL and Philbin and his staff of clowns can just go. Now would'nt that be nice?

Although I'm not a supporter of Ireland as GM for the Dolphins, it does seem like he had some valid complaints about the coaching. Also, Aponte seems to have an agenda.

I believe that a new GM should be hired and have the power to hire/fire both Aponte and Philbin at anytime. Aponte has never been GM and Philbin is a very subpar coach. If they both leave, then the Dolphins will probably be better off.

Ross needs to hire the best talent to be GM and then let him run the team his way. Give him four or five years.

If there is no power to clean house then why even bother firing Ireland. I'm not against giving Philbin another year but contingent upon the new GM saying yea or nay. Ross needs to tell whoever he goes after that they have total control to hire and fire at will...even if that person decides Philbin, Aponte et al must go and he wants to do a complete top down makeover...otherwise it's mediocrity as usual and another several years of wilting in December

I would be totally down with hiring Pioli. In all honesty, if we hire Pioli I would go ahead and fire Philbin and hire Josh Mcdaniels as our coach. They both were with the Pats at the same time and work well together.

All these discussions about GM's. Can someone explain why Charlie Casserly's name is never brought up. He was a pretty damn good GM and draft 2 future Hall of famers, if not more

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