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Would Gamble, others join snakepit hijinks?

The leading contender for the Dolphins vacant general manager position?

Tom Gamble, the vice president of player personnel for the Philadelphia Eagles.

And if the Dolphins were a stable, well-led, functional franchise, I'd say they would have a great chance to get him. Gamble is eager to be contacted and would be happy to listen to the Dolphins, according to a source.

But ...

As I write in my column in today's Miami Herald the Dolphins are not exactly a model franchise. The Dolphins had issues internally part of the 2013 season, with sniping and backstabbing going on at the highest levels of the football operations.

Jeff Ireland vs. Joe Philbin.

Dawn Aponte vs. Jeff Ireland.

Aponte and Philbin forming a bond and alliance that ultimately helped bring down Miami's general manager. And whatever you think of that -- be you glad Ireland is finally gone or sad because you don't believe professionals should engage in such snakepit hijinks -- the drama matters.

Because word of the drama is already making the NFL rounds. People in franchises like the Washington Redskins, places with issues of their own, are aware of the issues the Dolphins had this year. I know this for a fact.

And the problem with that is simple: If Stephen Ross wants to hire the best and brightest individual as his next general manager, will he be able to gloss over his team's reputation to get that guy? Will he be able to provide assurances that the next GM won't be fighting an alliance of the coach and executive VP for football administration like the last GM had to?

Another thing:

The Philbin-Aponte axis is almost certainly going to work toward getting a weak GM to the Dolphins. The last thing Philbin wants is for Ross to give the next GM the power to fire him after the 2014 season is over. So Philbin wants his pal Aponte over that GM. He wants that hire to be just a talent evaluator with the title of GM but not the full weight of power that title suggests.

And again ... if Ross agrees that is the way to go, what great GM is he going to land? 

It's the Dolphins doing Dolphins things.


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I dont see the problem of Philbin and Aponte having a close relationship and it should not deter a good GM.

Man, I hate Scott Pioli. Anybody who picks matt cassel as a qb, had the opportunity to flip him for a young jay cutler straight up and turned it down, and picked Romeo Crennel as a coach is a bum. I don't care what position players you pick. Picking the right coach and Qb is more important.


Where do you get most of your information? Do you make things up?

How is Ireland tied to the Harbaugh fiasco? That was all Ross. He was TOLD to accompany his boss to California to court Harbaugh. Don't know about you but usually when my boss TELLS me to do something, I do it, especially if I want to keep my job.

And then you talk about how Ireland had the ability to FIRE Aponte if he wanted. Where are you getting that from? Don't you know that Ross LOVES and trusts Aponte very much. Its clear shes won whatever power struggle there might have been in the FO. Ireland didn't have the authority to fire her.

I get that you and others didn't like or even HATED Ireland but that doesn't make it OK to make shit up.

2 watt, I should've sent you and autographed 8*10 of myself for Christmas.

rdubs, what good are strippers with their parts blacked out? That's like a car without an engine.

Back it up two yrs

Home has had no confidence in Ireland,Sherman, coach Baldy
and def no confidence in the worst top (3) picks in the 2012 draft

3)Egnew (for B-Marsh)


Bring in Marino & Cowher together
See if Jason Taylor will come in as a defensive assistant

and bring back this once proud franchise

Thank -u Mr. Ross :)

Joe Philbin is far by far the darkest member of this poorly ran organization. He surrounds himself of inept staff member so he looks "better". He is NOT a leader. Adept leaders and great HCs actually surround themselves with the smartest and more capable people. See Belichick, Harbaugh, Carroll.

That's why other teams want their coordinators. Now look at the Phins, who the hell would want to hire ANY of Philbin's coaches? LOL

Philbin is a terrible HC, his best trait is to build alliances like a high school girl and befriended Aponte. And yes Mando is right they will land a weak GM, I mean no decent GM would like to come in to this mess. Mark my words, this draft will be a mess. I think Ireland actually picked the players Philbin and his inept staff wanted. Just ask yourselves if Ireland would have picked DJ over an OL, no way in hell. Same with Dallas Thomas, that is NOT an Ireland pick.

As long as Ross does not clean house and brings a true football czar that know what he is doing this team will continue to be a mess.

Sigh, I didn't know about the contract extension he got with baltimore or what their succession plan is but it's obvious they think the world of him. His section on the team website is pretty massive for a guy that is not the gm or coach. I've been a fan of his for years - mostly because of the team success but also because of his ethnic background - very similar to my own.


Maybe him asking Dez that question so bluntly was a test. As we all know, Dez had off field issues and is kind of a dikk. If anything Dez failed that test, ran straight to the media and his mama. Didnt he slap his mama? She sounds like a rather deplorable person as well, from the outside looking in anyways

Dashi, i agree. This job will be as easy as it gets for a new GM. Imagine you come into a team, get carte blanche, a tonne of cap space, and all you have to do to get the team in the playoffs is get the offensive line to be useable, find a linebacker, and a running back.

Doesn't get easier than that.

The NFL Network Live this morning is unanimous on the greatness of QB Cam Newton

and nobody of course mentioned the WR posing as an NFL QB in Miami who cannot throw a deep ball to save his wife's vagina and scored zero points again in December w
7 hapless points in 2 games against losing teams in the division



And then you go on to say 'recruiting became difficult'......HUH??

Didn't seem to get in the way of recruiting Wallace, Keller, Grimes, Wheeler, Ellerbe or Gibson or the re-signing of Hartline or Misi. So if the players held him in 'low esteem', as you've indicated, how come they all chose to come to or stay in Miami?

I know.....you'll use the argument that money talks....or that Grimes and Keller had no other offers but Wallace could have made more money with the Vikings and Keller more with the Vikings. I don't believe Bush wanted to leave but the team showed him no love.

rdubs, not going to argue on Dez. personally I never had the distaste for that incident others have had. Dez has indeed proved himself to be the headcase Ireland thought and has gone on to prove it with several on the field incidents as well as off. The problem is that he is also a tremendously gifted player and the type of offensive player we lack most besides a left tackle.

Tough pickle.

You mean, you mean, Philbin is fuc-ing Aponte? Nahh...

So billcale,

Who are they 'players that hold Ireland in such low esteem'? Are we talked about the jilted ex-lovers, Channing Crowder, Joey Porter and Karlos Dansby or maybe players that didn't like the due dilligence they had to face, Ryan Clark and Dez Bryant?

Thats a List of some REAL credible characters right there.

Craig, no doubt Ireland wasn't a probelm in getting players here. When we've had space to shop, we've got whoever we wanted... Dansby, marshall (yes it was a trade, but he had to sign a contract too), and the numerous guys you mentioned.

Why have we had trouble? Because Ryan Clark didn't want to leave the Steelers? Peyton Manning looked bad but truth is he had better options... frankly I'm still surprised he's not a 49er. But Peyton wanted his big money too and winning came 2nd I guess.

Weak ---- this means more Jet cast offs. If that happens a d more of the NY good ol boy/gal club shows up ....... That is major trouble for this once proud franchise. Please NO!

Mando has discovered that people working together don't often get along . . .good work there . . .you'll definitely get a Pulitzer . . .


I agree with you. This is a promo job for the GM that wants to come in and make his mark. Lots of space and we know what the problems are (OL, running game and improving the run defence). Only issue might be finding someone who's prepared to let Philbin do his thing. What if he's NOT the guy? How long do you give him?

To me, Philbin's a lucky guy if he escapes this. Not saying Ireland shouldn't have been fired but with two games to go and needing one win, how does the coaching staff explain the last two games of the season? Yeah I get the OL was awful against Buffalo and thats on Ireland but how about the game against the Jets for all the marbles? Thats on the players and the coaching staff.

I don't believe for a second that Ireland was drafting and acquiring players to help Philbin without Philbin's input. Doesn't work that way. 'Coach, just got you two new linebackers. Say hello to ELLERBE and WHEELER'. Philbin, 'Oh great. But who are they?' Ireland: 'and I got you that stretch the field WR we needed in Wallace'. philbin: 'Oh OK. But did I ask for him?'.....

Funny Mando would use the Washington Redskins as his example of us having problems landing a GM due to our internal issues. This is a plus of having out-of-town fans on this blog. Let me tell everyone here something Mando may not know, but there's is NO TEAM IN THE NFL with more internal problems this season than the Washington Redskins. The media here are saying the Redskins are the LEAST attractive team to any potential head coach hire (they're about tied with Cleveland). An article JUST CAME OUT YESTERDAY saying RG3 is arrogant, calling him the "Boy Emperor", saying he went around the facility telling people he curried favor with the Owner, could get things done due to his standing in the organization, the backup QB (regarded as a straight-shooter) said he would have say in who the team hired as HC, that RG3 got into a few shouting matches with WRs and other offensive players in meetings, etc.

So, we may have problems due to our issues (I don't buy into that though). But it won't be even CLOSE to the problems the Redskins will have landing their coaching staff.

Bad example to use Mando, what else you got?

i think marino and/or cowher and dungry sre brought in some form of capacity. they staying mr. ross is copying what jets did i say they are leaning more to wat denver did with elway

MAark @10am,

Great post! Yeah Clark was never leaving the Steelers. I think he was using the Dolphins. He can paint it any way he wants, its clear what happened. And Manning was never coming here and why should he? It wasn't because of Ireland. Also surprised he didn't end up in SF.

Craig, it's pretty easy, Ireland was here 6 years, Philbin 2. You can't fire your HC every other year (unless you go 1-15). Philbin needs 3 years minimum to see what he can do. Ireland had 6 years, that's long enough. That's why Ireland's gone and Philbin's here (doesn't matter who was at fault for those last 2 games).

Gamble baby! and if he wants Phiblin gone than it should happen immediately.


How the mighty have fallen......

Maybe RGIII isn't the sure thing everyone had him painted as just two short years ago. Maybe hes starting to show his true colours. Facing adversity can do funny things to people. All I know is the Rams are going to get a really good player AGAIN with the second pick in the draft or the possibility of adding more pieces with another tradedown.

Craig, it was obvious that last year the Gm and the coach were not on the same page. Ireland left Philbin shorthanded on the o line and in turn Philbin et al didn't do enough to get the higher Dolphins draft picks to figure more prominently. I mean I don't really blame them for not getting Taylor in the field because he missed so much camp time and he may have been a liability out there and you had some guys that could doa decent job but Jordan was a guy who easily was position flexible and could've played significant snaps between flipping from DE to OLB depending on the scenario... yet he continued to put ok putting Wheeler there time and time again and who can forget his numerous missed tackles and getting beat by the Pats 5th string TE for a TD? Liek rdubs said before - worse player than Gibril Wilson.

But I digress....

Anyway I agree Philbin is lucky to escape this. I figure if the team went this far, might as well start all over, but for some reason the owner has a lot of faith in him. If you want the best GM possible, and I think that should be your goal above all else - then you tell the GM, I will grade you solely on your moves in free agency and the draft, try to work with the coach for a year or simply if you don't want to then go ahead and fire him and bring in your own guy. But your job is safe no matter what... underline that with a 5 year contract.

keeping the coach shouldn't be problematic. Ross should pass off coach hiring to whoever he hires as the GM... that's the only way you will attract candidate #1.

Drop your seats and sit home watching FOX you Tea Party fruitcake. REAL fans want to be in that seat cheering!

Posted by: smarter fan | January 08, 2014 at 03:40 AM

OK you left wing liberal whacknut!

You're dumber than a F-ING rock to suggest the Tea Party or Fox supporters think 9/11 was an inside job.

That belongs to you left wing, socialistic conspiracy theorizing nutters!

Get a life you doofus!

Craig Moron is here, spouting off as if he has a clue as to what goes on in the Dolphins' management. Craig, just STFU already. Nobody likes you because you are an arrogant, moronic douche.

DC, from up here in Canada regarding the Redskins... people up here say it's a tricky job to take too because on one side you will be seduced by having a promising Qb to work with who seemingly has all the upside in the world and how important that is to winning..\

however ....

The personal side of things may get difficult because of RG3's personal relationship with the owner. RG3 for a guy who is probably marginally more proven than our own Qb wields a whole tonne of power in that organization.

The only drama hear is Armandos halucinations.
Any GM that comes here will know what is expected and know philbin has to succeed or he is out next year.
Miami is an excelent oppurtuity for any good GM.
Ross is willing to spend whatever it takes
I am going to have faith he has thought this through and make a good decision for GM.
Every year Armando says we are only a couple pieces away from being a good team. Well he aint saying it but I think we are there now and we will turn the corner.

dc, I'm an out of touch out of towner on this but I doubt that bob 3 is a boy emperor,which qb "other than tpuke"doesn't beef with thr wr's?
and it is the same media hos up there that started the wedgie gate down here in camp davie. just smoke

Craig/Mark, I think the Owner is mostly responsible for RG3's downturn (as far as handling his fame) because he's done this before (specifically with Clinton Portis).

But to Craig's point, yeah, we dodged a bullet on that RG3 draft. I wanted him, but thank GOD we got Tannehill (and didn't give up 2 #1 picks).

Mark @10:17am,

Again I agree with your post. What I don't get are moves like Egnew in the third round and trading up for Jordan. I refuse to believe the HC isn't onside with those moves. Isn't it the GM's job to give the coach the players he needs to win? So we have a huge need at TE and we draft the best pass-catching TE left, in the third round. Seems like a natural, no? Except it's clear the OC doesn't like the guy because he's weak, can't block and God know what else. What if it turns out Egnew's a much better player than what we've seen? What if its about Sherman's stubborness and thus Philbin's stubbornness to play him, because he can't do the oittle things they wanthim to do. Just doesn't add up. If you don't like the guy, then why draft him?

Yeah, Daniel Snyder is a super fan like Mark Cuban. It has a lot of good traits like spending whatever to make the team go and put the talent on the field first. But as we see it also has a negative side like elevating the talent above the people they are supposed to report to. Ross seems to be a better version of Snyder. he is also a super fan but let's his people do their job and is loyal almost to a fault (allows them to fail repeatedly) and spends whatever it takes to sign free agents. Now the gm and coach picking the wrong players does not fall on the owner at all.


Two number ones and a very high second. Rams got their very talented CB with that second round pick.


Brookwood Camps beat us to him. They obviously felt the pressure of our GM/Czar search and pulled the trigger.

Craig, Engew is a tough nut to crack. he so looks the part. His athletic traits are superior for the position but something seems to be missing between the ears. And as we saw last year, it is not toughness. He agreed to play fullback - a puzzy would not have done that - when he catches a ball he provides a massive, imposing target, runs very well for his size, can jump out of the stadium, but then you look at the results ... I'm stumped.

Huge disconnect between coach and GM---giving reshad jones money as pro bowl roaming safety and the asking him to cover all season. Drafting a guy 3 rd overall who doesn’t fit in to your system as an everyone down player?
Problem for me is this team laid down on Philbin big time when it mattered most. That is not the GM.

should have cleaned house.

Congrats Armando. You made it to PFT with this garbage. I can't believe backstabbing is a concept only executives with the Miami Dolphins have mastered.


Might be the best thing that happened to Egnew that Sherman is gone. The guy DOES have talent. Might be just ANOTHER example of how Sherman could never use these guys properly (see Bush, Miller and Wallace). Hopefully the new guy figure out a way to make Egnew more of a weapon. It took Clay a couple of year to 'get it'.

Who cares about who will be coming in or who will be promoted to what. It will all work out. 'THE WICKED WITCH IS DEAD'

Ireland was clueless as to drafting skill players. That is just a fact. Parcells method of doing so was formulated 15 to 20 years ago when an organization had a better chance of picking a skill player up in the 6th or 7th round.


No more wondering if the teams next DB or WR had a prostitute for a Mom or perhaps a pimp for a Dad.

Sorry, I love the Dolphins legends as much as anyone, but, Marino has ZERO GM or talent evaluation exp. He could have a role like Elway in Denver, but, he had that role and quit in less than 2 weeks. He also has no incentive. He's got a cushy TV gig.

JT? Was never a defensive mastermind that I recall

If they want to bring any former Dolphins back in any capacity ZACH THOMAS would be the way to go. He was the Peyton Manning of the defense and knew EVERY team's tendencies. A true student of the game. He wouldn't give his notebook up to Crowder back in the day. As long as he's not brain damaged from all the concussions I think he would be a brilliant addition

2watt, a couple of instances of issues isn't very noteworthy, but RG3 has now had a year's full of incidents (some worse than others) that have been troubling. His father has been meddlesome (more so than any other parent I've ever heard about), he's been called out by 2 respected WRs (Garcon and Santana Ross), one time because after a loss he blamed them for not getting open (which is a no-no in the NFL).

Not saying he can't regain his footing from Year 1 (no pun intended), but see Craig's post at 10:35am why it was probably a bad move for the Redskins (and a great move by the Rams). Last year many (including me) didn't see it that way.

From what I read on CBS sports.com. The way the dolphins are setting up their structure The New GM would report to Dawn Aponte, so the real good GM candidates out there will not apply as they won't have final say over personnel, basically they are going to hire someone who Aponte worked with before, someone With the Jet organization and this position will be basically turned into an asistant GM reporting to Aponte. I don't want to seen biases but when was the last time any Women ran a successful sports franchise. Basically if this is true Aponte will be in charge,if that's the case I'm heading to cheer for another team.

How do we even let a capologist attorney with zero football talent-picking acumen be even remotely involved in selecting the so called "groceries to cook the meal?"
I mean wtf?
What kind of lame-duck, powerless, yes sir, yes ma'am GM are we targeting to bring in here?
No one with their butt on the line will agree to this. At least no one worth having, i.e. Gamble, Polian etc...
As things unravel with this franchise, more fecal matter is discovered.
You build a team with a talent evaluator that finds the right pieces missing to your puzzle and coaches who can teach and motivate.
Friggin' amazing. We are indeed clown central.

Not here to defend Ireland because I think his time was up but in what world is the GM not the guy who picks the HC? As usual the Dolphins have things backwards. If you're going to judge a GM on how the team does in the standings, shouldn't the GM get to decide who the coach is. Sparano was thrust on Ireland by Parcells and Philbin was Ross' pick. How can you really judge how good a GM is at putting a team together when its not his choice who is being hired. And they're going. To do it AGAIN with the new guy. Obviously they never learn.

Is Tannefail and coach Baldy gone yet?

So Stephen Ross, who's not a football guy, continues to decide what it takes to be a successful coach in the NFL? HUH? No wonder guys like Chuckie and Cowher have no interest in coaching in Miami.


I don't understand any of you Tannehill haters. I really don't.

1.O-Line -He had the worst Oline in the history of the franchise. Were some of the sacks on him? Of course they were but mostly was just terrbile protection. The run blocking was just as bad.

2.RB - Miller and Thomas are not feature RBs. Miller is a change of pace who can hit the long ball if you open a hole but he can't create on his own because he isn't powerful enough or elusive enough, he's just straight line speed, fast. Thomas stinks. He runs hard for a play or 2 and then doesn't. He poses no great threat. Both equally bad at pass protection as they got Tannehill killed by blitzing slot DBs all year.

3.Coaching - fans, media and opponents all knew Go vs Go-Go snap count. It was a joke. Sherman prepared Tannehill as much as he can up until this point but it's time to get a QB guru offensive mind in here. Coaching was bad for Tannehill this year.

Tannehill - with all these problems Tannehill improved in many statistical categories this year. TDs, yards, completion percetage and wins were all up from year 1. Can he hit the deep ball? Not to save his life but with the first 3 problems he doesn't have a chance in the law of averages to hit a few more of those deep balls. He won't ever be some elite bombs away, touch passer but he can improve. If you fix problems 1, 2 and 3 I think 4 is much improved in year 3 of his NFL career.

Tony Sparano likely going to Tampa as o-line coach, per http://NFL.com

TMZ says the Jonathan Martin strip club photo was taken during a "team outing" to Tootsie's in 2013

Check it out - Martin w (meh)two naked strippers

http://www.tmz.com/2014/01/08/jonathan-martin-strip-club-richie-incognito-dolphins-tootsies/ …

Santana Ross???

I guess Stephen Ross likes the dark meat... good for him!! Once you go...

TMZ says the Jonathan Martin strip club photo was taken during a "team outing" to Tootsie's in 2013 http://www.tmz.com/2014/01/08/jonathan-martin-strip-club-richie-incognito-dolphins-tootsies/ …

Good help us if Tannenbaum or Mangini are hired to be the new GM. Going to make cheering for this team awfully tough, having a couple of ex-Jets people running the show. What's next, Rich Kottite as the new HC?

promote Aponte to GM and extend Philbin another year - that way we can be guaranteed a 1-15 season and then get a real GM in here to clean house and start anew.

How in the world did Ross become successful? Hire the best talent & give them control over personnel decisions & coaching - tell Aponte to go back to managing the cap or hit the streets


Let me first say I am not anti-Thill but it is all too apparent the guy can't make the big throw. He's got a cannon arm but the NFL graveyard is littered with QB's with cannon arms.

Tannehill sucks
Get over it

Cannot hit a deep ball w zero pressure

No sack given up the last game on Tannehill
Still he sucks and scored nothing

Watch the game, genius

whatever Armando.....the Miami media seems to love to exaggerate and create or imply drama, or turmoil, or both--just like the Martin situation, where your rush to judgement, including words like "laughingstock", was later met with plenty of backpedaling and apologies quite a few weeks later, as details became known and the urgency of the issue faded--guess what.....I'm sure this type of thing, on some level, happens across most if not all of the teams in the league--its human nature--GM and top level coaching jobs are hard to come by in the NFL, and this team barely missed the playoffs--ANY GM position would be a plum job.....including Miami's

Just remember guys. Panthers coach Ron Rivera had one foot out the door last year. The owner canned the GM and kept Ron. Everyone up here said the GM should pick his coach. The new GM has a good draft and now Ron Rivera is the 2nd seed in the NFC. So lets have some perspective

@ 10:41, Georgia Frontiere wont eh Super Bowl with the Rams... can we hire her?

Seriously though, I hope that report is wrong... jsut let Dawn go to the NFL. if you want the best, you've got to give them the right of way...

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