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Would Gamble, others join snakepit hijinks?

The leading contender for the Dolphins vacant general manager position?

Tom Gamble, the vice president of player personnel for the Philadelphia Eagles.

And if the Dolphins were a stable, well-led, functional franchise, I'd say they would have a great chance to get him. Gamble is eager to be contacted and would be happy to listen to the Dolphins, according to a source.

But ...

As I write in my column in today's Miami Herald the Dolphins are not exactly a model franchise. The Dolphins had issues internally part of the 2013 season, with sniping and backstabbing going on at the highest levels of the football operations.

Jeff Ireland vs. Joe Philbin.

Dawn Aponte vs. Jeff Ireland.

Aponte and Philbin forming a bond and alliance that ultimately helped bring down Miami's general manager. And whatever you think of that -- be you glad Ireland is finally gone or sad because you don't believe professionals should engage in such snakepit hijinks -- the drama matters.

Because word of the drama is already making the NFL rounds. People in franchises like the Washington Redskins, places with issues of their own, are aware of the issues the Dolphins had this year. I know this for a fact.

And the problem with that is simple: If Stephen Ross wants to hire the best and brightest individual as his next general manager, will he be able to gloss over his team's reputation to get that guy? Will he be able to provide assurances that the next GM won't be fighting an alliance of the coach and executive VP for football administration like the last GM had to?

Another thing:

The Philbin-Aponte axis is almost certainly going to work toward getting a weak GM to the Dolphins. The last thing Philbin wants is for Ross to give the next GM the power to fire him after the 2014 season is over. So Philbin wants his pal Aponte over that GM. He wants that hire to be just a talent evaluator with the title of GM but not the full weight of power that title suggests.

And again ... if Ross agrees that is the way to go, what great GM is he going to land? 

It's the Dolphins doing Dolphins things.


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TMZ says the Jonathan Martin strip club photo was taken during a "team outing" to Tootsie's in 2013

naked (meh) strippers w Martin -

http://www.tmz.com/2014/01/08/jonathan-martin-strip-club-richie-incognito-dolphins-tootsies/ …

Anyone know if Dawn's any good in the kitchen or bedroom?.....

Good post Rdubs but if the Dolphins are looking for a GM to play second fiddle to a Czar, then you're comparing apples to oranges.

Posted by: Craig M | January 08, 2014 at 10:51 AM

C'mon Craig those guys have no interest in coaching anywhere.

Just like the bullying scandal (not).
Pro Football Talk has picked up Armando's
story and is already twisting it into (THE SNAKE PIT OF CRAP).
I am glad real GMs wouldn't waiste their time on Armando's crap reporting.

I really dont believe anyone GM or Czar is answering to Dawn. I mean really, she handles contracts, plain and simple

Craig M, you have already provided yourself with some valid reasons in your own post. If you don't want to accept them, that's fine. I guess we'll have to agree to disagree again today...

HAHA. Martin doesn't look like Richie twisted his arm too hard

Andy, easy to understand the Thill haters when it's Home - he's obviously retarded and been banned from two blogs.

at this point, despite all the implications, Philbin is on a 1 yr deal....cant imagine any GM having a problem with Philbin as HC for a year--if he wins next year, he might get re-signed, and if he loses he gets canned--I actually think thats an ideal situation for a GM....basically gives the GM a mulligan for year 1--who would have a problem with that?


Ross apparently loves and trusts this woman. Its very obvious she didn't get along with Ireland at the end and made it known to Ross. I can see whoever comes in reporting to her. Makes no sense to me but whatever.

benz, also totally frees up th GM in his first offseason to totally concentrate on free agency and the draft instead of wasting weeks trying to put a coaching staff together.

Name your sources or you're just reporting "hear say" which in reality is not news but gossip.

Did Ross say Aponte was good with figures or had a good figure?

and I'm not quite sure what Mando and some others here really want....been bitching/pleading/begging for Ireland to get canned, or questioning how he still has a job at least (and saying other execs around the league share that sentiment)....most have been critical of Sherman as well, to say the least--they're both gone, and Philbin is on a short leash--so whats the problem? I've said all along it starts at the top, so this is the way to do it....find a new GM, and Philbin doesnt have enough currency or power to override him--he just doesnt.

If your rumors are right then the only one who can correct the problem is a person with complete control over all football operations reporting to Ross.
That means in time a clean sweep of every manager and coach in the organization.

Is Ross ready for that?
Parcells and company did not deliver as promised!

Just cannot afford to blow this opportunity. Gotta get help in here that can:
- Address the OL which will lead to better productivity from Tannehill and the RBs
- Address ILBs (Wheeler and Ellerbe, particularly Wheeler was a disaster)
- re-sign Grimes and depth at DB, particularly safety to play alog side of Reshad Jones (forget Chris Clemons he is not a starting quality S) and forget Nolan Carroll.
These changes could lead to a good 2014 season but can't get this done without the right people in place and they are not here.

I think its going to end up being the Philbin-Aponte-Gaines axis.

I dont give a crap if Philbin aligns himself with Aponte.....if Miami doesnt make the playoffs next year, or has at least 9-10 wins, Philbins gone--no scenario I can imagine can change that....aligned or not, he needs to win. A proven/big name HC might get more rope/time, but Philbin wont

All I can say to Armando's first blog post Jeff Ireland is......


Oh, this is but round #1... This thing is just getting warmed up. The moment Steven Ross fired Jeff Ireland without also firing Joe Philbin, it was like handing Armando and the rest of the local media a pre-arraigned platter full of drama. The sports section of these news paper guys must have blown a load the very instant it happened. When Ross hires his next GM, the speculative reporting about ongoing relationships between Aponte, Philbin and "the new guy" will make the best written dramas on HBO look like a school play.

Let me just say this. If you believe even for ONE SECOND that a viable candidate for being an NFL GM is going to pass on one of only 31 teams (jerry jones is his own GM ) then you are the PERFECT KNEE JERKING CANDIDATE these guys are looking for. Any high level position in the NFL (HC, GM , coordinator) are so rare that playing "beggar gets to be chooser" just doesn't happen. What these guys are selling is the guy who is being hired to get a team back on track, or pointed the right direction.... Won't take the job because the team is NOT ON TRACK AND HEADING THE RIGHT DIRECTION.

Do you guys realize just how F'in stupid that sounds...?

Yup.... It's going to be an AWFUL off season. And these writers will make sure of it. This is just the beginning of the 2014 Miami Dolphins Media roller coaster. So buckle up and hate the ride.

You people need to get a grip ! Stephen Ross is going to Interview Tom Gamble for the GM job, because he's simply the best GM candidate anywhere. Furthermore Stephen Ross is going to ASK NOT DEMAND that he would like to retain Joe Philbin for at least 1 more year on a trial basis. Tom Gamble is going to be given TOTAL CONTROL OVER ALL FOOTBALL OPERATIONS !!!


This isn't necessarily about Philbin getting fired a year from now but rather Ross getting it right, now. If you're going to bring in a new GM then give him/her the freedom to do their job unencumbered.

..Dashi. This offense had better change. The first thing that needs to happen is way less 11 personnel. Way less spreading the field. Less throwing the ball. We have to aquire a fullback. A must! We must qaquire the personnel so that we can efectivley run formations out of 2-3 tight ends.

This is what will help Tannehill get better. Not this 3-4 wide garbage that killed us this year. Phoeey to this offense!!!!


No one knows what Owner Ross is thinking or setting up; not on this site or in the media. Could it be that Ross wants the new triad set up so that personnel decisions are not made by only one person but three.

and I'm perfectly fine with Philbin staying on for another year, for a little bit of stability plus they certainly havent sucked under him--disappointing end to this season but they were in the playoff hunt, he has had only 2 years as HC, pulled them through the Martin mess (which is impressive on its own), fired his OC--he was a rookie HC so giving him a 3rd year to try to improve this team is not unreasonable


I hope you're actually Stephen Ross. Mr. Ross, please don't mess with us.

What is so hard for the GM.. we need to get the O line fixed, big back and a solid LB can tackle


Didn't you also just tell us just a couple of days ago, 'nobody is getting fired because Philbin has final say of who gets hired and fired'? Now you're saying 'Gamble is a shoe-in with full control'?

Has Dawn Aponte become the dolphins' Matta Hari?

Is there more intrigue in the dolphins organization than the court of Louis XVI?


I agree with many of you that his deep ball could of changed the complexion of so many losses but at the same time imagine if the Oline was a C to C minus consistently they don't lose to Bills or Ravens more than likely. I know it's all woulda, coulda, shoulda but lets be fair. He had NO running game to speak of most weeks. The defense under performed all year. He was asked as a 2nd year QB to take the entire franchise on his back and he almost delivered.

He delivered game winning drives this year vs Falcons, Colts, Patriots. He out dueled Andrew Luck, Brady in 2nd game, Cam Newton in a loss, Flacco in a loss. He went blow for blow with Rivers in a win. He made very good progress in year 2 while being pummeled week in and out and showed mental toughness every week. Yet all people see is he can't hit the long ball.

Like I said get him some protection and get them sacks down about 15-20, get him a complimentary RB or how about this a young QBs best friend a possible stud in this draft like Seastrunk or Sankey if they pan out and a coach who the game hasn't pass like Sherman and then if he regresses or doesn't improve then it's time to move on.

Tannehill did great under the circumstances he was under in year 2. I'm not a Tannehill lover nor do I have any reason to be biased but having perspective is key when evaluating a player.

Very likely Ross will mess up on his decision hiring the new GM. He's always messed up since he bought the team. He's ignorant about football, he's stupid about football, he's blind about football.
So, firing Ireland was necessary, but that doesnt mean that things will get better. As long as Ross is the owner, I dont see deep changes.

Dear KillerFins on Page 1, How can there still be people who believe that "ALMOST making the playoffs" is some kind of Badge of Honor? This team has not won a playoff game since Bill Clinton was President. They last plated in a Super Bowl at the end of Ronald Reagan's first term and they last won a Super Bowl when Nixon was President and the Watergate Hearing were heating up. Don't you believe people who STILL follow this team have the right to really be angry? How many more years would they have to go with "almost making the playoffs" before you joined the Pissed Off crowd? In about 63 years the Miami Dolphins will be the Chicago Cubs. Of course the Cubs receive support so they will somehow remain a viable entity. The Dolphins will eventually cease to exist and go the way of The University of Chicago football program.

fin--I agree....I'm not focusing on Philbin but Ross is often underestimated (sometimes deserved, no doubt) but you dont think he knows that? And/or most GM candidates wouldnt demand that? You dont think his "trusted advisor", Carl Peterson (a front office vet) has told him that? Whoever comes in as GM will have considerable, if not ultimate, sway....thats the way it is.

But does ANYBODY actually know if Philbin is THE guy? What makes Ross so sure? I'd say any team that plays as poorly as the phins did the last two games of the season should be setting off alarm bells. Philbin said so himself....'I need to get better'. Well no kidding, Sherlock. But can he? What makes Ross so sure? Because hes super-organized? Great! Most likely it's because this was Ross' hiring and he's trying to save face.

4get gamble,71 is right,it's gonna b pioli,under dawns dress
which ain't 2 bad

again, I dont care who Philbin aligns himself with (and I dont mind giving Philbin another year at all, unlike most here it seems)....he wont have enough currency to outduel a new GM, if it comes to that--he hasnt won anything....he'll lose that battle--quote me.

Mark Toronto,

I don't understand how some one can take one part of someone's overall game and say they suck without looking at the entire picture.

Like I said his deep ball was bad I acknowledge that but there was also times on that deep ball he couldn't step into throws or the timing was rushed because of bad protection. There was also several Wallace drops. There was also plenty of under and over throws when the protection was there which is on him totally.

I just want to see how Tannehill works when he has a competent OC, RB and additional protection.

I can't wait for Armando to go on hiatus for the offseason so we don't have to read Craig Mouth's thesis on every topic phins related.

What a yapping yenta!

..Andy in NJ. Good post. I agree 100 percent.

..I hope the team can reduce the amount of pass attempts next year. My fear is that this team takes on the offensive identity of the Detroit Lions. I'm sure a lot of people would love this. But they are too pass heavy. Can't run it. It is not an offense that can win games when they matter. Lots of gaudy numbers Lots of excitement. Totally over rated.

This team had better learn how to run the ball.

Craig M I said that Philbin has final say on coaching decisions only & If Gamble comes in here Stephen Ross is going to give him the power to fire anyone, Although he will still ask him to give philbin a season on a trial basis to see how they work out together.

Home Scout Says:
January 8th, 2014 at 11:26 am
Okay Home has fixed the 2014 Miami Dolphins and u guys missed it all:
So here it is Mr. Ross
OC doing an outstanding job w the Carolina Panthers is ….. Mike Shula
Dan Marino – GM
Mike Shula – HC
Jason Taylor -DE/LB coach assistant defensive coach
Draft Johnny Football (he can actually throw deep passes to Wallace & co)
Home Recap:
2014 Miami Dolphins
Marino, Shula, Taylor & Draft QB Johnny Football

- See more at: http://blogs.palmbeachpost.com/thedailydolphin/2014/01/08/potential-candidates-to-replace-jeff-ireland-as-miami-dolphins-gm/#comment-662438

and for all of the speculation about Gamble, Pioli, Gaine, Mangini, etc....none of us know if they will be good GMs...so dont fret over "who we can attract/who would want to come here"--any of these guys, and others, would take the GM job if offered to them....but that doesnt mean they're going to be good GMs--so please, no crying over who eventually is named as GM, or "who we coulda had", or "told we shoulda signed so-so"....none of us know, including Mando, if any of these dudes/chicks will be good GMs--and unfortunately it will be several years until we do.

Home Scout Says:
January 8th, 2014 at 11:26 am

Okay Home has fixed the 2014 Miami Dolphins and u guys missed it all:

So here it is Mr. Ross
OC doing an outstanding job w the Carolina Panthers is ….. Mike Shula
Dan Marino – GM
Mike Shula – HC
Jason Taylor -DE/LB coach assistant defensive coach
Draft Johnny Football (he can actually throw deep passes to Wallace & co)

Home Recap:
2014 Miami Dolphins
Marino, Shula, Taylor & Draft QB Johnny Football

Home Scout Says:
January 8th, 2014 at 11:26 am
Okay Home has fixed the 2014 Miami Dolphins and u guys missed it all

So here it is Mr. Ross
OC doing an outstanding job w the Carolina Panthers is ….. Mike Shula
Dan Marino – GM
Mike Shula – HC
Jason Taylor -DE/LB coach assistant defensive coach
Draft Johnny Football (he can actually throw deep passes to Wallace & co)

Home Recap:
2014 Miami Dolphins
Marino, Shula, Taylor & Draft QB Johnny Football

Philbin, ultimately, doesnt have final say on just about anything....regardless of "what his contract says"--he supposedly had final say on his assistant coaches/coordinators, right? How did that work out for him?--how iron-clad was his contract, after all? Do you think he really wanted to fire his friend/mentor/OC?--doubt it....dont care what his contract says....Philbin works for Ross, and will work for/under the new GM.

Hi Home!

Rick @ 11:12, that is the way it should go. Anything less and it becomes a disaster...


Don't yourself. Come March and April guys on here will be calling for the head of the new GM.....watch!

If you go back & read it, I said I doubt that Stephen Ross would fire anybody else & the only reason I said that is because Ross totally believes in Philbin. I'm totally happy with the prospects of bringing in Tom Gamble as the GM, but there is still a 50 / 50 chance that Philbin will be fired if they bring in a outside GM with total control.

Hi Twinks,

Home Scout Says:
January 8th, 2014 at 11:26 am

Okay Home has fixed the 2014 Miami Dolphins and u guys missed it all:

So here it is Mr. Ross
OC doing an outstanding job w the Carolina Panthers is ….. Mike Shula
Dan Marino – GM
Mike Shula – HC
Jason Taylor -DE/LB coach assistant defensive coach
Draft Johnny Football (he can actually throw deep passes to Wallace & co)

Home Recap:
2014 Miami Dolphins
Marino, Shula, Taylor & Draft QB Johnny Football


Thanks man.

Good post on your part too. You're right the pass attempts were rediculous and that's because the run was abandoned so quickly most times. Hopefully better personel and a fresh outlook from another Offensive mind will make a difference and I believe it will.

Most QBs go from college to the pros and get better coaching at the big boy level and although Sherman was at the highest level before the fact Tannehill has never been able to pick someone elses brain or have things tweaked from another set of eyes has limited. Now at the same time it's helped him adjust and get comfortable but he needs to be under another wing a fresh set of eyes. Who? I don't know but Sherman was probably effective 10 years ago but not now.

Go! GO GO! lol



Andy, you are preaching to the choir as it pertins to our QB. I'm sold for next year ... I believe he did enough to be the unquestioned starter.

Also I do acknowledge the incomplete long passes but I also went on yesterday on how now for two consecutive seasons and under two different competent Qb Mike Wallace has gone on to have tremendously inefficient seasons as a #1 WR. Just have to look at the # of tragets he got and the yards he returned. both years now he's got under 7 yards per target. The league average is 7.2. Tannehill was over 7.2 yards per attempt with every other significant receiver on this team - hartline, Clay, Gibson and Matthews was at 7.0.

Mike Wallace if he doesn't get it right this year will show the entire NFl that he is not a #1 WR - he has a damaging effect on an offense's efficiency.

It is curious that Ross hasn't said Philbin is safe. The fact he hasn't been fired to this point is no indication of job security. Hell, the fact the OL coach is still employed is a minor miracle.

Whatsup guys
Just one quick question can we give the franchise tag to Grimes?
If so that fixes a big problem for us grimes defenitely was the MVP of the team this year!
If not im not sure who to use the tag on

@ Benz : What his contract actually says is that nobody but he or Stephen Ross can fire his coaches & After Tom Gamble or another outside GM is hired, Philbin will be officially on the hot seat (meaning he could be fired at any time).


Now that I am back in the office I can once again devote excess time to this blog.

Mike Wallace was open EVERY game

Tannefail just sucks and, ......... fails

Stop the sucking

Tannehill could not carry Cam's jock strap

Tannefail belongs in the CFL and please take Mark w u

Mando there is isn't person in the world who doesn't work in a place where there is BS going on, favoritism, people scheming with each other. If you think this doesn't happen on other teams then you are woefully wrong. Winning covers all that up and losing exposes it. This not only happens at the front office leve, but at the coaching level and the player level. The league is littered with good players on practice squads because they do not fit the hierarchy. We have all seen situations where incompetents are in positions of power. So to single out the dolphins is wrong.

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