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Would Gamble, others join snakepit hijinks?

The leading contender for the Dolphins vacant general manager position?

Tom Gamble, the vice president of player personnel for the Philadelphia Eagles.

And if the Dolphins were a stable, well-led, functional franchise, I'd say they would have a great chance to get him. Gamble is eager to be contacted and would be happy to listen to the Dolphins, according to a source.

But ...

As I write in my column in today's Miami Herald the Dolphins are not exactly a model franchise. The Dolphins had issues internally part of the 2013 season, with sniping and backstabbing going on at the highest levels of the football operations.

Jeff Ireland vs. Joe Philbin.

Dawn Aponte vs. Jeff Ireland.

Aponte and Philbin forming a bond and alliance that ultimately helped bring down Miami's general manager. And whatever you think of that -- be you glad Ireland is finally gone or sad because you don't believe professionals should engage in such snakepit hijinks -- the drama matters.

Because word of the drama is already making the NFL rounds. People in franchises like the Washington Redskins, places with issues of their own, are aware of the issues the Dolphins had this year. I know this for a fact.

And the problem with that is simple: If Stephen Ross wants to hire the best and brightest individual as his next general manager, will he be able to gloss over his team's reputation to get that guy? Will he be able to provide assurances that the next GM won't be fighting an alliance of the coach and executive VP for football administration like the last GM had to?

Another thing:

The Philbin-Aponte axis is almost certainly going to work toward getting a weak GM to the Dolphins. The last thing Philbin wants is for Ross to give the next GM the power to fire him after the 2014 season is over. So Philbin wants his pal Aponte over that GM. He wants that hire to be just a talent evaluator with the title of GM but not the full weight of power that title suggests.

And again ... if Ross agrees that is the way to go, what great GM is he going to land? 

It's the Dolphins doing Dolphins things.


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Craig @ 11:22, I hope not or we will end up wiht a Jerry Jones/jason Garrett scenario. Garrett has a job for life it seems because firing him will mean Jones was wrong about someone he was so sure about and he so far has refused to acknowledge that possibility.


I hope you will also be blogging in the nude like I am It is truly marvelous.

Right now, as I sit here without a stitch of clothing on I am wondering if Ireland will wind up back with the Cowboys as he and Jerry Jones are close.

.....Mark in Toronto. Good post @11:40 up until the last thought.

How does Wallace have a damaging effect on an offense. Is it because his bread and butter is such a low percentage play? I would argue that his presence creates opportunity. I would agree that he is not a number 1 receiver. He is a piece to a puzzle. But to say he has a damaging effect on an offense is a bit unfair. IMO...

ok Rick....I dont know Philbin's contract specifics but its been reported that he has final say on his coaching staff....whatever, I think we agree in general--Im just saying that ultimately Philbin doesnt really have final say on anything, from a practical standpoint--thats in response to a number of folks here that seem to think that him aliging with Aponte will give him alot more control/sway....enough to challenge a new GM--and I'm just saying that that wont happen, thats all--so yes, you and I agree that Philbin is/will be on the hot seat, and could get fired by the new GM....aligned with Aponte, or not.

From what John Clayton (ESPNs the professor) says...Ross indeed intended to hire a 'football czar'. Ireland didn't like it, exit Ireland stage left. He also said that Ross wanted to promote Aponte. To what job wasn't clear but would have some stroke in the "reorganization".

Kinda sounds like Ross wants a personnel guy not a real GM and they (Aponte,Philbin & new personnel guy) will all share power.

Strange, very strange

Told you guys last night we needed someone from the 49ers or Seahawks and what do you know Barry Jackson reporting several candidates are from that orgainzation. I really like Gamble go go get him!!

Mike Wallace was open deep every single game and Tannehill just couldnt throw the long ball.. Im hoping the next OC will get the beat out of Ryan but not sure what they can do about his bad long ball... You either have it or dont..


yea I hear but I actually think Wallace did his job. He allowed guys like Hartline at times to see softer coverage. He definitely allowed Clay to have a break out year because LBs couldn't cover him.

This is why I think Wallace did his job and was more of a positive then a negative besides coverages for others. If Tannehill was able to deliver, or the line holds up and gives Tannehill that time deliver or whatever your reason for the incomplete deep ball is, if just say 3 or 4 were complete which is probably only 1/3 of the misses or less then Wallace finishes with a career high in catches, around 1100-1150 yards and right around his average in TDs.

Both Tannehill and Wallaces were at fault on many of the deep balls but so was the Oline and lack of a respect of a running game, etc.

Tannehill to Wallace will never be Montana to Rice combo but I do think both are good players and if they can find a way to make that deep ball click just a handful of times more and the Oline improves etc then the 2 will have accomplished what Wallace was brought here for.

Ireland is finally gone. I didn't have as big of a problem with him as most people. I thought he was about average.

Gamble would be a good pick, someone else mentioned him last week and I researched him a bit. I think he is a great candidate.

I really hope Philbin improves this offseason. I really wasn't impressed with him, Coyle, or Sherman in 2013. The coaches were worse than Ireland in my opinion.

I don't really agree with the firing half of the people like with Ireland/Sparano. I also don't really get why the GM would have less power, Philbin has don't too much to be impressive.

I hope Philbin learns from last year and we still get Gamble. These GM/coach arrangements usually don't work evidenced by Lovie Smith and Phil Emery and even Rex Ryan and Idzik although Rex did survive.

Reading this blog this guy Mark seems to place blame on everybody except Tannehill.. Defense, Coyle, OL, RB, WR, etc. Dude Tannehill lead the offense to 19.8 ppg he deserves blame if not more than eveyone else you like to blame...

Home, he had the exact same #s last year under ben in Pitt on a per target basis. i would never suck ... I acknowledge you are the Queen of all Knob Jobbers ... I bow before your Royal Highness...

this "report" sounds like supposition. something armando does a lot. but when you don't have hard facts why not just sell a maybe as a story??

cocoajoe, please write something interesting for once.

I feel bad for this country after reading the stupid comments from you fans. The Dolphins are the worst franchise in football? Really? Then why aren't they picking first in the draft? Or does perception and scandal count more than victories in today's NFL? Morons.


Philbin & Tanne will be gone next year the way I approach the draft.
That means that if a QB is there at our first pick I might take him and a 1st round QB pick definitely makes for more controversy not less.

Home Scout Says:
January 8th, 2014 at 11:26 am
Okay Home has fixed the 2014 Miami Dolphins and u guys missed it all:
So here it is Mr. Ross
OC doing an outstanding job w the Carolina Panthers is ….. Mike Shula
Dan Marino – GM
Mike Shula – HC
Jason Taylor -DE/LB coach assistant defensive coach
Draft Johnny Football (he can actually throw deep passes to Wallace & co)
Home Recap:
2014 Miami Dolphins
Marino, Shula, Taylor & Draft QB Johnny Football

Who said the Dolphins are the worst franchise, I mean other than the idiot trolls? You would have to agree though that they certainly aren't a model franchise. I pine for the Robbie days but they are long gone.

As I sit here stark naked I still feel that fixing the offensive line must be the primary focus of the offseason.

With my 'private areas' completely exposed, I don't think there's any chance of putting together an effective offense unless that OL is dramatically upgraded.

In total nudity, I don't think it matters who the OC is unless this issue is addressed and foxed.



We get it, now move on.


A good friend of mine works in Eagles PR department and I asked him his opinion on Gamble. He said the obvious he has a great eye for talent, helped build up 49ers, etc. He also said that he's one of the nicest guys he's ever met. Now I know that means nothing on the surface and doesn't mean anything cause Parcells, Belichick are miserable F###S but it would be in stark contrast to Ireland asking how much does your mother charge or Ryan Clark saying he felt unwanted etc. A nice guy WITH football knowledge might be a new day in Miami with team chemistry, FAs, drafted players, resignings, etc.

Again it doesn't make him a good candidate but just saying hell would freeze over before anyone ever says Ireland is one of the nicest guys I ever met.

M is for Moron-
You're right. Craig M is a douche.

Mark in Toronto,

What kind of Italian kitty cats do they have in Canada?? Are you Chinese? Do you like water?

What about me!

Yes it did benz. It stated the Jeff Ireland, Dawn Aponte, Brian Gaine had no chance of hiring or firing a coach unless Stephen Ross first firt Joe Philbin. That is as strong as it gets without getting fired himself.

Ireland is the scapegoat for Joe Philbin's inexperience. Philbin didn't think Cam Wake was good enough, so he demanded that we draft Dion Jordan. He thought that Jon Martin was loyal, so he told Ireland that Jake Long was expendable. You guys don't seem to realize that these choices were on the COACH, not the g.m. Go read www.DolphinsTruth.com for once, instead of reading it from Joe Philbin's pal Armando

maybe George Costanza can use me ???

Terry Bradshaw ??

Obese Ken ???

Well, I see a half empty stadium if their lucky. who is this Aponte chick and why is Philbin and her so close? When did a woman learn enough about football that she would or could council Philbin. And does Philbin need a woman's council for football matters. Sounds like two snakes in a large pile of S***. I think Ross has let the in-mates take-over the asylum. And your right as rain Mando, what GM are budding GM want to sign with the Dolphins knowing there are snakes around hiding in holes in the walls,,,,,

I want a group of wealthy lesbians to buy and manage the Dolphins, with lesbians running most team departments.

Lesbians are the most educated and hard-working pillar of our society. The Miami Dolphins would be restored to glory in the hands of lesbians.

DD, perhaps because his bread and butter is a low % play. It is true that his presence has a positive effect on other receivers in the game and that doesn't get taken into the overall #s.

The reason i say that he is inneficient in a #1 capactiy is because he doesn't produce enough based on the targets he gets. last year he received 119 targets as the #1 option in Pittsburgh. he produced 836 yards ...7.0 yards per attempt or target. This was with a Qb that he had several years experience with. This year, Antonio brown was their # 1 option, received 165 targets and produced 1,499 yards ... 9.1 yards per target.

The league average among the top 40 qbs by yardage this year in the NFl is 7.2 yards per target or attempt.

This year in Miami, Wallace produced 930 yards on 142 targets ... that's 6.5 yards per attempt or target ... well below the league average of 7.2 and he's also receiving the most targets on the team. By comparison, hartline produced a very respectable 7.6 yards per attempt, Clay 7.4, Gibson 7.4, and Matthews 7.0 (which you can take because he is supposed to be your 5th receiving option).

So some people simply write off Tannehill as being innaccurate because his year end yards per attempt was below average but as you can see it was pretty dam good with most of his receivers except for Wallace. So you can say that Wallace doesn't play into Tannehill's strengths which has merit but how does it explain that he had similar problems with Ben last year - a Qb he had many years experience with and success with. Some of this lies with the Qb but some also lies with the WR based on now his last two years.

If this goes on another year, you will have to revamp the receiver pecking order if you hope to make the most of your passing attempts. Look around the NFL and look at all the #1 WRs and see their yards per attempt - they are all above 7.2. I will not say Wallace does not have significant benefit to the offense but it might be best to make him a 2nd/3rd WR and use him mainly on long passes and out of the slot in crosses as opposed to the centrepiece of your pass offense.

Another reason why I think a big bodied catching option should be near the top of the draft list.

It appears Aponte is the problem, she likes to play corporate politics, takes sides and is more worried about moving up the corporate ladder at everyone's expense. So explain why she is so important to this organization and does something that the Fins can't find anywhere else.

Somebody please set fire to 'Joe Philbin's hairpiece.'

@ dolfnman : Not necessarily, Aponte & Philbin may have been noticing one Ireland mistake after another & trying to stick together so it wouldn't cost them their jobs.

Mark in Cabbagetown,

Are you Chinese? What is the best Asian food in Toronto or Bathurst Manor?

At least Ireland is gone. That takes care of part of the problem. Hoping against hope that a very competent GM is hired with full authority to hire/fire all staff and he starts by getting rid of Philbin.

Also, those wanting Marino to be the GM are nuts. He is as dumb as a box of rocks.

He Hate Me,
Not making excuses for Tannehill but could the fact that the kid was sacked 59 times, not including the number of times he was hit, have anything at all with his timing being off?
I mean if 6'6 270 lb guys were hitting me 10 times a game id be a gun shy myself..
Get the kid a line to half way protect him and then pass judgement, his int's compared to his TDs was an improvement with no running game and no line..


So your suggesting we take another wide receiver in this draft and make Mike Wallace our number 2 or 3 wideout. We just gave him a 5 yr 60 million dollar deal. No way the fins go WR in round one.

I actually think WR is not a weak spot on this team. Wallace, Hartline, Matthews, Gibson and Binns. We have Clay and Sims who can catch it at the tight end spot. Even lamar millar should be used more in the passing game.

Wallace can be a #1. Tannehill needs to be better with his deep ball and you will see wallace up with all the top WR's

Wrong Armondo, we won't get a weak GM and Scott Pioli is a Joe Philbin fan, so i think he is not weak and can work well with Philbin. The problem was Ireland, he was feeling the heat for not having a winner in 6 years.

MIT @ 12:15

First of all I'm back at work after 98 days off so I can dedicate more time to the blog.

Last Spring when I 'exposedthe fraud' a large part was due to Wallace's lack of production in Pitt in 2012. Off the top of my head I believe Wallace had 64 receptions in 2012. 1 of tghem went for 80 yards. The other 63 averaged 11 ypc. Wallace had 128 targets in 2012 which was the most of his career at that point, now he's up to 142 evidently.

Bottom Line: Ireland/Dolphins got swindled.


Specifically the laws of scarcity and mutual exclusivity.

Belichick by comparison has a degree in economics from Wesleyan.

Ireland pays Wallace and harline a combined $18mil/season and gets nowhere. Belichick brings in a bunch of stiffs, pays them all less than $1mil, and they get a first round bye.

Ireland donates NFL starters back into the league evey year with no compensation, Belichick keeps his starters and trades washed up players for compensation.

I've been poting this for years.


@rick I say that because it might have been Mando or someone else that wrote an article stating that when she heard Ireland complain about play calling and coaching during the Tampa game, she went straight to Philbin and said everything word for word, according to the article.

I can't see why a GMA would not want to come here. Ross has deep pockets and is willing to spend. Despite his mistakes, primarily the Harbaugh/Sparano fiasco. He has been loyal to his coaches and Gma, too loyal probably. Both Sparano and Ireland underperformed and should have been let go sooner. The team is in good cap shape, the one thing Ireland did a good job of. Ireland also did a good job of not making knee jerk trades to fill a hole like prior general managers. Remember AJ Feely? Bottom line with Iteland is he has a rep for being a condescending jerk and he missed on too many free agent signings and draft picks. Passing on Jimmy Graham when tight end was a need position and failing to upgrade O line talent...As for Philbin, I like him to a degree, but he seems to be unwilling to hold his coordinators accountable. Kubriak had the same problem in Houston. Good coach but would stay loyal to his coaches and qb who weren't getting the job done. In my opinion, Coyles should have been fired with Sherman. Too much talent on this D for them to not be able to get off the field. Can't stop the run even with 3 really good defensive tackles rotating playing time in the middle. I think he did just as poorly as Sherman.

maybe Shula wants to recant his approval of Philbin?

Now you know why Philbin's kid killed himself in a drunken stupor. Embarrassment.

Philbin should simply be made the GM, with Aponte overseeing him. This way, if the team continues to loose games, both can be fired for incompetence. I say give them both one drat and one season to see if they can produce a successful product!

Damn Armando, u ain't helping by postin this crap....but don't worry I'm sure the best candidate won't be reading this sorry ass blog

Mr. Ross, please sell the team ASAP as you might have the best of intentions but you continually make mistake after mistake in how you run the Dolphins. Fire everyone and let a new owner start from ground zero...

bring in tom gamble as gm lands us jim harbaugh who's contract is up this year and is in current power struggle with the niners gm that's a fact harbaugh loves gamble

Mando-you've been a jock sniffer long enough to know the coach vs GM battle happens all the time. Cowher vs. Donohoe in pittsburgh. Parcells vs. The pats Gm when he was there . Jeff Fisher vs. The titans gm with Vince young. C'mon dude, this happens all the time.

You must be kidding with this post. You may have insulated yourself so much from the actual realities of business by writing these posts in your underwear far from an actual office, but the last I checked is that all business is, and the NFL is certainly a business, are people doing stuff to make money. We are all human and when you put us in groups, we make alliances and sometimes we even say stuff behind each others back....gasp... oh the humanity. The Dolphins are 1 of 32 teams where this goes on. Grow up Mando, at the end of the day what's going to matter is the yearly salary, lack of state income tax, a workable franchise QB and Florida weather. The Phins will be fine, dysfunction and all.

Thank You Armando for blowing the lid off this thing. We as fans have the ultimate power, and won't fill Ross' coifer with $$$ until he puts a winning team on the field. F-you Ross!!!

If as you allude to, the GM position should be occupied by a superior talent evaluator, then why
should the GM be a position of power ? "Too many cooks
in the kitchen spoil the broth". And one last adage:
"He who got da' money - make da' rules". And the silent
hand having writ - moves on". Go Dolphins !!

I believe philbin knew his old friend and mentor wasn't doing a good enough job. He just couldn't fire him or even call him out. Shouldn't have hired Sherman in the first place. I think it all came about because of THill evaluation. So was this years failure/inconsistency due to coaching, play calling, or lack of talent? I believe philbin is a good coach. I think the right people got fired or mutually departed. As long as the GM and coach can agree on the same system and can work together, that's all that matters.

Philbin and Aponte became close because they were the ones working together trying to un-F the childish bulling BS while Ireland set back and watched.

Why was Aponte so involved with the football operations if she was just in charge of the salaries/ cap? Numbers! She had to deal with numbers behind a desk, not overseeing players or coaches? I don't get it!!

I definitely blame Ross for this.... for allowing for her to get involved in Ireland's and Philbin's duties...

The Dolphins are a mess. No surprise there. The front office politics make Emperor Caligula's Rome look like Microsoft. The last days of the Third Reich were more orderly. So, that said, Steve Ross must either fire Joe Philbin and Dawn Aponte and then hire a new GM, or he can hire a strong GM and make Philbin and Aponte heel and behave themselves. No one in the front office is untouchable. Not with the record the Dolphins have compiled. It is up to Ross to take charge and lead.
Prof. Hal
Prof. Hal

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