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The prepared messages from Ross, Hickey

The Dolphins hired Dennis Hickey as their general manager on Sunday. He found out right after he got out of church.

And he, owner Stephen Ross and the rest of organization had two days to prepare for the press conference they held on Tuesday. That gave everyone time to get away from the idea of saying Hickey was the best man for the job because, well, he was the third man offered the job. It gave Ross time to figure out how to explain why he made a change in parting ways with Jeff Ireland and why he picked Hickey. Obviously he wasn't going to say he picked Hickey because he believed him the best candidate because, again, the organization offered the job to others.

And Ross also had time to explain the so-called structure issue that alienated multiple candidates although not Hickey.

What follows is the prepared statements from Ross and Hickey. This was their message unfiltered. It was edited by the Dolpins for mistakes -- such as when Ross said Hickey worked eight years with the Bucs when it was really 18.

I have taken the liberty to bold what I believe are the most important points:

(Stephen Ross statement) – “Thank you Jason and welcome everybody. I’m very happy to be here.  I know this is our first press conference of the year and I’m looking forward to a very successful year and it’s been an exciting first part of the year for us.  Probably looking for a general manager is probably one of the toughest jobs I’ve had because it really involves something that…it’s kind of hard to prepare yourself for. You’re interviewing people that really haven’t had the responsibility you’re asking them to have and so you’re looking to find somebody who’d be a perfect fit for an organization.  Before I started this search, I spoke to probably some of top successful General Manager (and asked), what characteristics do you really look for in the general manager as opposed to naming names and all that.  But, how do you find the right person?  And the words that came out of his mouth, 'You have to find somebody who can be joined at the hip with your head coach. Somebody who puts the team and the organization first and can be totally compatible with the head coach and let the head coach be the representative of the team to the public.  With you have to find evaluation skills.  That’s obviously is finding personnel and everybody has evaluated players, but how do you really determine when someone else has made the picks how good evaluation skills that person has.  That makes it really difficult.  Obviously, you want someone with real passion for football and having a lot of integrity. ' So that was really the characteristics we were looking for and I’m really happy today to say that I really feel that we have found the person with all four of those characteristics.  Dennis Hickey has spent 18 years with the Tampa Bay Buccaneers starting at the bottom of the personnel department and rising to be the Director of Player Personnel.  We spent a lot of time talking to him.  Getting his thoughts.  Kind of determining if he would have that compatibility with the Coach (Joe Philbin), because to me that was the most important thing.  You all know we made change and the reason we made the change wasn’t because I didn’t think highly of Jeff.  Because I have a lot of confidence in Jeff.  He was a good friend, but we needed to have harmony within the organization.  We had to think as one organization where everybody had respect for each other.  That operates in the same mindset at all times in all situations.  So we started our search, I was joined by Carl Peterson and also Matt Higgins and Tom Garfinkel, our CEO, as well as with Dawn Aponte. Everybody really looked at the organization first to try to decide what would be the best.  Dennis Hickey, as I said, has performed that task.  That’s where he started and I think his knowledge and his dedication and is willing to work and spend the time, I thought was a perfect fit for the Miami Dolphins.  In terms of what the organization will be, Dennis will be the General Manager.  He will be responsible for the 53-man roster and he will work with the rest of the organization.  Dawn Aponte will be reporting to him and assisting with him in making this organization or working Coach Philbin to bring the Miami Dolphins back to the prominence that we all want.  I know if anybody at all who wants to see them win more than I do and provide whatever resources are necessary for this organization to regain its past.  With that let me introduce Dennis and then we’ll have a few questions after.”

(Dennis Hickey statement) – “Thank you Mr. Ross.  I’m truly honored and count it as privilege to be named the General Manager of the Miami Dolphins.  It was a thorough process.  Challenging process.  But it was key for me as I went through the process, I wanted to get a feel for just the level of commitment to bringing a championship back to Miami and through every interaction that I had with Stephen and through the whole interview process I found a person that was totally dedicated to committing whatever resources needed to bring a championship team back to Miami.  Just I was impressed with his knowledge.  We had numerous conversations and his knowledge of not only of his own team but also my team and players and we had one interchange where he was asking me about the high school achievements of one of the players we drafted and I was very impressed with that knowledge and just a passion and just his commitment in know that he will commit whatever resources that we need to make us a winner.  Also want to thank the Glazer family and the Buccaneer organizations. Spent 18 years, almost half my life as part of that organization and through it all, even though I was with the same organization all those 18 years, worked under several different head coaches, several different GM’s and was truly blessed to learn from some great men and great football minds and great people -- starting with Tony Dungy, Jon Gruden, Coach Raheem Morris, Greg Schiano in addition to the General Managers that I’ve worked under, Rich McKay, Bruce Allen, and Mark Dominik.  Again, I took it upon myself as a young scout to just be a sponge.  There was so much knowledge in the building that I always wanted to look and learn and not only learn from successes but learn from failures and continue to hone my craft not only as an evaluator but also with the thought of eventually becoming a GM and how I would detail my processes that would lead to good decisions. I was truly blessed to be in the Bucs organization and also have a good relationship with Lovie Smith and Jason Licht. I only worked under them for a couple of weeks before this opportunity presented itself.  I’m also blessed to have my family here.  The scouting profession, like the coaching profession is very challenging and a lot sacrifices have to be made by the families.  I’m blessed to have a beautiful and lovely wife that’s a special person, that’s my soul mate, and really my guardian angel here on earth that has been with me and really helped me through this process.  Being patient for my opportunity.  The talented and beautiful daughter, Brianna, age 14 who will always be daddy’s little girl.  Then my son, what I call my mini me, Barrett.  Upon learning that I accepted the job we were leaving church.  We were in my wife’s minivan and got the call from Mr. Ross and Coach Philbin and the excitement and he’s like okay, when do I get my jersey?  So we made sure that drove down to the local sporting goods and got him his (Ryan) Tannehill jersey. They’re a part of, a big part of me and I’m so thankful for their support throughout the years.  I’m also thankful for my mom and my dad who passed away a couple of years ago and just the foundation they laid for me, making me the person that I am.   Appreciate my two brothers.  As I had an antidote as we talked with a lot of staff over at the stadium today that they taught me competitive nature at an early age.  Two older brothers, we competed about everything and that kind of drove the competitive nature that drove me to want to play sports and when I was done playing sports to get in the sports profession.  I think as a competitive environment as there is in the world and just excited to be part of that.  My brothers, Bart and Brett, they’re both very successful in their endeavors and they’re a big part of shaping who I am.”

“You know as we went through this process there were so many things that as I did my research on the Dolphins organization and the past and the present and the future it struck my first time in the building I was let through and seen, you know all the pictures of the Dolphin greats.  Because that’s the one thing about this organization.  It has a very proud past.  History of not only good players but great players.  Not only great players but legendary players.  Not only good coaches but great coaches.  Not only great coaches but legendary coaches.  Not only good teams but great teams.  Not only great teams but legendary teams.  And just the excitement to join in that organization and embracing all of the great names and seeing the pictures of Dan Marino, Bob Griese, Larry Csonka, Jason Taylor, Zach Thomas.  Just knowing the rich tradition that has come before me and come before our future team because I think it’s so important that as our players, that they embrace the greatness that has been part of this organization and that was a huge part of my draw to the organization. That’s my personal commitment is to return and build a, continue to build a team along side Coach Philbin that is a team that our passionate fan base can be proud of on the field.  That’s successful on the field but also that our community can be proud of off the field.  And that can bring, look I’m about winning.  Okay.  My competitive nature as they asked me, ‘What is it about you that separates you’ and that’s competitive nature.  I no longer play.  My competitive outlet is scouting, evaluating players, being innovative, looking at different things, different ways to approach team building that can be better than the other 31 teams.  It starts with unified vision, detailed proven processes and surrounding yourself with as many talented people as you can.  That’s the goal and that was the other draw of the Dolphins organization.  I had come to know Coach Philbin, just as an area scout in the Midwest going through Iowa and as an area scout you watch a lot of practices, you see how coaches interact and the ones that develop and develop players and teach are always the ones that kind of stood out and I always felt that Coach Philbin was one of those and as I followed his career it was no surprise to me that he continued to climb the ladder, had success at every point.  And that was a big draw to the Dolphins organization for me was the opportunity to work a long side Coach Philbin with commonality as I went through the interview process and kind of laid out a vision of who I am.  My beliefs, my core beliefs, my philosophy.  What I believe in, an organization of trust and integrity.  A group of passionate people that will work hard, that will use innovative methods to become a winner and as we sat there it was kind of like, yes, this fits.  As I came back and talked to my wife I said it went great.  I feel like we’re already on the same page and our philosophies are the same and we just want to build a winner and do it together, collectively and there’s no magic pill to building a championship team.  I was fortunate in my time in Tampa to watch a championship team being built and it took the entire organization working together and it was a process.  And it was built one decision at a time.  That’s going to be the same way it is here but the goal is to be a winner and to win championships.  One of the other draws to the organization and why I felt it was a fit for me was I thought it had a good nucleus of young players that I felt could develop into a championship quality roster.  And so I was excited about that.  I was excited about the people.  As I interacted with them over the last couple of days and I’m actually in the building and working with the people, all of my impressions have been confirmed.  Just the talent, as I sat down with Dawn Aponte and went through out salary cap structure and again that was another appealing, the salary cap flexibility under her direction and her command of the salary cap.  I was fortunate to participate in a GM Symposium over the summer at the Wharton School of Business and she presented on a couple of different salary cap topics and I was always impressed on her knowledge of the cap,  her abilities to work numbers and also just her, the presence and ability to work together with people.  So all those things were draws at every point.  I just felt it was a perfect fit for me.  It was a perfect fit for my family and I felt it was place that I could come in and through good decision making, one decision at a time that we could build a winner.  A sustained championship team here in Miami and that’s why I took the job.  That’s why I’m hearing, like I said, every day since it’s been just complete confirmation of all my thoughts.  As I have interacted more with Tom Garfinkel, Matt Higgins, Stephen Ross, with the PR, the strength coach, Darren Krein, the medical staff, Kevin O’Neill.  Even the assistants, Anne (Rodriguez), coaches assistant, who’s been here 35 years.  To interact with her and just see everything fit.  My own personal assistant Annie (Berger), everything, I see an organization that has the foundation, that has the people and has the vision to become a championship organization and that’s my personal commitment to play my part.  To be that compliment to all the talent that’s already been assembled here and the staff not only with the nucleus of players but also the people in the front office and just continue to work, roll up my sleeves and I’m just anxious to get to work and that process has already started.  I came in on Monday and we’ve had meetings with the medical staff, we had meetings with our personnel departments, meetings with the coaches and continue to get to know the roster better.  I have a knowledge of the roster.  We played you guys, we played us twice, we played us twice and so I have knowledge of the roster but you don’t really know the roster fully until you get in the building, get to know the coaches, get to know the players on a more intimate level and so I’m anxious to get to do that and I just know that the commitment from Mr. Ross is there for the resources for us to build a championship team.  I know the team is in place.   People that can complement and work together under a unified vision to bring the championship back to Miami.  This is a passionate fan base.  Every time I’ve been to a Miami Dolphin game when we played you guys you just notice the passion because it’s a passion based on history and success and I don’t take the charge of being the General Manager lightly and you know building that champion that our passionate fan base deserves and that this city deserves and that South Florida deserves.”



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Hickeys introduction was the usual sad act from Ross. "We have to work together .....", really meant nothing in all honesty. Hickey looks like a guy that spent 18 years to get to this point to be honest. Another nice guy that will jump through any hoop put before him.

When Ross asked him to answer a question, Hickey almost hopped to it, literally up to the podium, I've never seen that since high school. The most pathetic part of the presentation, is when Ross mentioned, "because Im the owner", now thats really weak. Somewhat akin to your boss replying, "I'm the boss to a direct challenge, or call for them to explain their actions". This isn't working together folks, its working for Ross and DawnJoe.

Ross has learned little in the football world. He knows numbers, but has no idea about people, passion or sports. Ross spoke of getting the "best people", yes. The 'Best people', that were left who wanted a job because they were about to be fired would have been more apt.

The Miami Dolphins today is a patch job to be honest. A very unexperienced group in their respective roles. New GM, new OC and a HC that is really going into his first season without his coach Sherman to guide him along. Philbin was clearly a massive stumbling block in an attempt to get a good GM in here. Ross is sticking by Philbin no matter what the result it seems. Next year no-one is thinking playoffs, but a slow death until we have to clear house again in round 2016. Truly Pathetic.

I'm not sure that any of us can really evaluate how good of a GM Hickey is going to be at this point.

I will say that the Bucs have put a lot of talent on their roster over the past 3 years. Injuries and poor coaching really hurt them badly this year.

I will take a wait and see approach with Hickey. I feel like the recent coaching aquisitions at OC and assistan O-line coach are huge positives for this offseason. Will see what we do in FA and the draft but we can't get any worse than the 8-8 season we just had.

Hickey isn't even the GM, Philbin is.

That much has become clear.

When Ross said he wants someone who can work with Philbin what he really means is someone who will not make issues with Philbin.

The way Jeff Ireland apparently did.

Michael Egnew was a Philbin draft pick.

Philbin also made the decision to get rid of Dansby, Marshall and Bush.

Woodshed is of the delusional fan's mindset. Every player acquisition is an improvement, same with coaches.

Phins are picking out of the trash bin with every move nowadays.

Fielding a team of free agents because they haven't been able to draft.

Picking up other teams trash.

Garfinkle = 2nd choice for CEO.

Hickey = 7th choice for GM.

Philbin nobody had ever heard of...

It can certainly get worse and it likely will.

8-8 will be the high water mark for any Ross owned team.

Ross will never have even a 9-7 season.

Expect four years of 4-12 quality football.

That's your new era with the new logo.

The Dolphins worst since the expansion era.

Candidates stayed away from this mess for many reasons.

Marco and Fire Ross….Right on all the comments!

This is an embarrassment, backwards, dysfunctional joke of a once proud franchise.

Funny…Ross to get all the best people (who are left and will accept working here).

Im still wondering if after the Incogito/Martin news comes out….will it be disclosed that Philbin indeed pushed to dump Incognito, but Ireland AND Ross overruled to keep him. Perhaps it would end up looking like a really bad PR move if Ross indeed fired Philbin??

Anyway, the leadership is all lacking in football leadership and experience.

Agree….this too will implode and either Ross will eventually sell or in two years blow it all up again…….not good!!!

Any yet you're STILL here commenting on a team you apparently HATE, FIRE ROSS @ 5:11 in the morning. How PATHETIC must your life be to do that on a daily basis?

Not sure there's medication out there that can help a hopeless individual like you.

Terrible syntax. Very hard to understand.

Ditto to FIRE ROSS comments. We are a second tier organization. We have a delusional 15-17 HC demanding as if he was the second coming of BILL WALSH. We have become the old DETROIT LIONS of years past.

It has been clearly stated that there was disharmony between Philbin and Ireland. I noticed that during the 2012 Season when we had no receivers and Ireland brought in a bunch of receivers, everyone of them Philbin cut except for Armon Binns. Then in 2013, Philbin did not play or very little so the majority of the Players that Ireland drafted. Who was right in this clash of opinions about Players. Hopefully Philbin, but is more probable that neither was right. We seem to be fuc-ed at least in that aspect.

Good morning, Herald Boys.

The presser is over and here's what's known about Dennis Hickey: nice guy, known J Philbin for years; sympatico with Philbin; prefers BPA for 1st round in draft; his acorn picking is better than Ireland's (LeGarrette Blount - Michael Bennett); aggressive with waiver wire; not afraid of big deals.

Hickey will have full control over the 53-man roster. Uppermost in his philosophy is to consult with the HC and strive for agreement on players before acquisitions. Dawn Aponte, widely recognized for her expansive knowledge and understanding of NFL rules and regulations governing contracts, will assist and is subordinate to Hickey on cap matters.

Steve Ross has "his guys" in place. Neither was recognized as the best available candidate at the time of interview but both became last man standing. The atmosphere around Davie will soon change for the better as the prickly heat from Jeff Ireland's regime cools.

Philbin's hires to his coaching staff in recent days also ring positive. Expect that the Wells report does little damage to the Dolphins since Ireland, Incognito and Martin are already gone and OL coach Turner's replacement is already on the roster.

I mean, I like DJ and all, he was a roommate of Kiko Alonso and likes Cuban food, but there is no chance he was worth a #3 overall losing a 2nd in the process and having already 2 good to very good DEs in place. If that was all Ireland, he was wrong.

Wth does Hickey know about salary cap management?

Perhaps you should go back and read those statements by Ross and Peterson that were published 2 wks ago explaining the reasons why Ireland was let go. There was much more there than just disharmony between Jeff and Philbin.

I have always believed that Spielman was per$uaded by the NE Patriots to trade Wes Welker to them.

Wth does Hickey know about salary cap management?
--Posted by: oscar canosa | January 29, 2014 at 06:22 AM

Good morning, Oscar! Well... he knows he has Dawn Aponte on his staff.

Yes, Bill, but I foresee a problem there. What if Hickey wants to spend on a Player that Aponte thinks will negatively affect the salary cap?

Oscar, Hickey has FULL CONTROL over the 53-man roster. Dawn is subordinate to Hickey on cap matters. It will be Dawn's job to find a way to accommodate his choice.

There is no negatively-charged drama in their association as of yet and I sincerely doubt any develops. Dawn is a pro at her job and Hickey recognizes it.

Certainly hope so, bill. Yes, we have to give them a chance(albeit a short one, at least with Philbin).

Rds 1 and 2 in the Draft are designed to add at least one impact, immediate starter Player to Teams. So there you have it, Mr. Hickey.

Oscar, if you don't mind, what is the minimum won/loss record- or development (playoffs, etc.)- for which you would keep Philbin next year?

just over 3 months til the draft, now you guys can obsess over which draft pick should be where and who will draft who where, and then when your all done these dip sh!its in Miami will disappoint us with their picks. I hope beyond hope that I'm wrong. But givin Miami's track record they don't leave much room for hope.

P.S- your wasting your time obsessing about the draft. If Hickey doesn't disappoint then Odin says he'll blo everybody twice. He said he'll give everybody a hummer regardless of outcome

Posted by: Puzzled | January 29, 2014 at 07:01 AM

I agree

I don't think it's only a matter of won/loss, bill, youcan lose vs any Team but giving them a fight for the Win. We learned what a great Coach was with Don Shula here. It's more a matter of having the Team prepared with a good Game Plan in place, making it easier for Players by playing them in their right positions, execution ability, imagination, flexibility and a myriad other traits that good Coaches possess. Philbin has demonstrated few of those qualities up to now. We'll see soon early next Season.

good morning to the hopeful

Shula was the best ever at making half time adjustments, with him you always knew there was a chance to win the game at the end

Root for the Jets, at least they have a real NFL coach and GM and the owner is a real Woody!

For all on this site who choose to make Dawn Aponte an issue; She is not the issue, She did a great job with the cap and then Ireland attempted to fire her. Philbin is being given the opportunity to succeed and I just hope that T-hill helps him to that end. Aponte is the VP of administration with the education and background to help the Dolphins in her role moving forward. If your a Miami Dolphin fan accept it and move on.

it's 11 below here right now, I want to move south, we'll you guys down south except a freezing yank?

will* you guys

I hate Ryan and I hate the Jets

Like Mando said, this is all on Ross now, the whole structure is his baby. From presser comments I get the feeling he is willing to spend $ on roster to get it to work.

This reeks of the Cleveland situation in, I think, 2009. Mangini got the owner to hire his old friend, Kokinis, as GM. Kokinis was contracted with final player personell decision making. But Mangini was making the call and Kokinis wasn't much more than a yes man to Mangini. The season went south and Kokinis took the fall. Of course, Aponte was aligned with Mangini all the way. The Cleveland situation looked like a power play set-up from the start with Mangini manipulating the ownwer into the GM hire knowing that the GM would be nothing more than a paper tiger and his own yes man.

I really hope I'm just wearing the old tinfoil hat here. Hickey seems like a real nice guy and I'm sure he has some credentials in evaluating talent otherwise he wouldn't have been retained for 18 years with one team. But he isn't a rocket scientist of a talent evaluator otherwise the NFL world would have offered him more opportunities long before Miami did. I don't believe he is that hidden gem or wallflower that was just waiting to be noticed.

Frankly, Hickey appears to simply be out of his depth in terms of being an NFL GM. Could he surprise? Sure. But again, this reeks, to me, of a situation where Philbin (with Aponte) effectively just took control of the front office in Miami. If Hickey turns out to be the agreeable yes man to Philbin, it wont matter that he has paper authority of final say on player acquisitions. Philbin (again, with Aponte) will effectively be running the whole show.

All that said, I do agree with Ross in that you have to have a positive working relationship between all involved in the process ... scouting, coaching, GM. But that does not mean that everyone has to agree on everything. It simply means a working respect between all involved and a respect for decisions made that may differ from your own. Making the most of players that may not have been your choice. A yes man GM to a still unproven, and questionable head coach (who is NOT a personell man) is NOT a necessary submission to achieve that "working respect". If this is essentially the scenario in Miami now, then there are no checks and balances. Ross has effectively (and inadvertently) given the power to Philbin, something that Ross himself said that he didn't want one individual to have. And I don't think anyone here wants Philbin making all the draft and FA decisions.

Again, I hope I'm wrong. Just my 2, 97.5% zinc, pennies worth.

Hey they forgot to thank Dawn for preparing the speech.


Grier, one important distinction, in my understanding of the matter, is that George Kokonis never really had the control. The move was originally objected to by Baltiore as a lateral move and Cleveland had to embellish the position in order to satisfy NFL rules. That Kokonis THOUGHT he had the power is not important. The fact of the matter is that he didn't.

FYI, Aponte's role in this, AFAIK, was minimal. There are still rumors of substance abuse, power plays, etc. that dominate the stories surrounding Kokonis' departure.

Oscar C. I agree with your assessment that top tier players are usually picked in the 1st and/or 2nd rounds,but many have come out of later rounds or not drafted at all. ie: Tom Brady,Russel Wilson,even Cameron Wake. All-pro players that were passed over by all thirty-two teams. There have also been a lot of 1st and 2nd rounders that became total busts,(too many to name). So this years draft will be like drafts of the past,a crap shoot at best. Just sayin

Hey they forgot to thank Dawn for preparing the speech.

Posted by: Marco | January 29, 2014 at 07:35 AM

It did have DawnJoes air of polish around it. "Er.... Uh..... er......so you cam clearly see we have to work together" !!!

"We are the world, we are the children......" ?

Ryan Leaf = 1st round 2nd overall pick

Tom Brady = 5th round pick

talk about a crap shoot

Ross said “compatibility” with the coach was the “most important” element he was seeking in his GM search.

Considering that subpar drafting is the main reason why the Dolphins have, to put it politely, struggled for over a decade, one would think excellence at the GM position would have been the priority. But Ross set the priority of protecting Philbin instead.

Philbin and his staff had problems on many levels last year: The lack of in-game adjustments, lack of player development, inability to game plan, horrid play-calling, and failure to prepare team for important games to name a few.

Ireland needed to go for his subpar personnel management, drafts, trades and free agent signings.

But protecting Philbin had the cost of limiting the GM talent that would take the GM position.

The end result is that Ross has substandard hires in Philbin and Hickey. The hiring process for each position resulted in talented individuals refusing to work in Miami. The fact that two subpar hires can work happily together as they fail together may make the front office a joyful place to work, but one suspects the fans will not share that happiness when the losing continues as it almost surely will.

Going forward, Dolphin fans should expect more of the same incompetence that has plagued the team for a very long time.

I disagree with the idea that everything the Dolphins have done is take leftovers from the bottom of the barrel because imo, because each of the three new coaches are top shelf guys.

new gm was kissing aponte and philbins ass in introductory press conference. looks like a acting job to me .dude is happy to finally be a gm. hope he drafts some good players.

Sigh, I think most of feel the same way you do.

The one positive in all this is we are not filled with false hope like we were with JJ, Saban, and Parcells. The worst that can happen is we continue to be embarrassed by this awful franchise. But I am hopeful that we will all be pleasantly surprised, being hopeful is not the same thing as being confident though.


I agree. I too had false hope with JJ, Saban and Parcells. Even a little with Philbin.

Now, I just expect more of the same. Lol.

Sigh, at least your not hopeful this time. Big consolation right?? haha

just need to keep philbin quiet and out of sight, just let him do his organizational things.

BRAINSTORM, put Philbin up in the box and Lazor and Coyle on the sidelines to interact with the players.... Oh wait, I forgot...who would throw the red flag?


It's a great consolation. Haha. :)

yes keep zombie man up in the box and let someone else for the red plaid.

Meant throw red flag

Prepared mustard is sold at retail in glass jars, plastic bottles, or metal squeeze tubes.[21] Because of its antibacterial properties, mustard does not require refrigeration; it will not grow mold, mildew, or harmful bacteria.

thank you Oscar

So sorry if I'm late with this, but:

Philbin wanted Ireland gone.

Finishing 10-6 with a wild card would have made it very difficult to get rid of him.

Throwing the last 2 games however ..

Is it even possible for an NFL coach to think like that?

We will never know whose picks were either Ireland's or Philbin's. Safe to say it was probably a mix. I believe DJ was Ireland trying in vane a switch back to a 3-4. Dallas Thomas reeks Philbin, no way Ireland picked that guy.

Both men were wrong. Exactly why this team needs either a strong GM who is allowed all of the executive choices most GMs in the league do, or a czar figure.

Ross is that respect completely at fault here for not hitting the reset button again. However; there is the hope Hickey makes the best out this opportunity. It is in fact a good thing he will be well aligned with Philbin since it is so clear for whatever reason he is Ross' man.

Now Philbin must show some growth here and fire both Turner and Taylor who failed miserably on their jobs. Worst OL in the league and the under development of a QB who was behind from the get go.

While teams like the Steelers do the smart thing and hire Munchak as their OL coordinator we can not afford to be stuck with Turner. If I see Philbin do the right thing for the team I wanna see those moves made. Please take a cue from Mike Tomlin and hire the best.


Whatever Mr. Hickey does, he better start by looking in the draft's 3rd and 4th rounds for a QB. Jimmy Garappalo looked really good in the Senior Bowl. Quick release and good arm strength. Tannehill is not the man for the job. He will cement this administration in history as being a failure, not to mention all the other crazy things that happened. At the end of the day, if you have a QB you have a chance. The Dolphins are still looking for a QB, and therefore have no chance of being anything other than a mediocre team.

new gm was kissing aponte and philbins ass in introductory press conference. looks like a acting job to me .dude is happy to finally be a gm. hope he drafts some good players.
Posted by: dick snort | January 29, 2014 at 08:12 AM

Dude is thrilled to have a job! he was getting fired from Tampa!

Whatever Mr. Hickey does, he better start by looking in the draft's 3rd and 4th rounds for a QB.
Posted by: A Realist/It's The QB Stupid | January 29, 2014 at 08:54 AM

Whats wrong with the 1st rd? Manziel or Bridgewater.

Kind of reminds me of Bobby Beathard in looks and demeanor. Lets hope he's as good an evaluator.

Kind of reminds me of Bobby Beathard in looks and demeanor. Lets hope he's as good an evaluator.
Posted by: Texas_Dolfan | January 29, 2014 at 08:58 AM

Clearly he isnt. He's been crap for 18 years.

blake bortles
and his gf rox the boat
compared 2
tchokes skinny malinque

lazor couldn't
fix vix
how is he gonna
fix thenne?

I should have had
15 - 20 more
td's last season

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