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Salguero a Pro Football Hall of Fame selector

The Pro Football Hall of Fame has asked me to serve as one of 50 selectors that will vote to determine the Hall of Fame class of 2014 on Saturday.

I will serve as an alternate in place of former Miami Herald sports editor Edwin Pope, who is not present at this year's Super Bowl and wil not be at the meeting to determine which of the 17 finalists becomes part of the new class of inductees. Pope has been South Florida's representative to the Hall of Fame ever since I can remember.

A determination on a permanent South Florida rep will be made in the months following Super Bowl and I will be considered for that high honor. Regardless, I feel privileged to be among the few who have ever gone behind the so-called curtain to see and participate in the process of electing a HOF class.

There are 17 finalists whose HOF status will be decided Saturday.

K Morten Andersen: Played 25 seasons and was the most prolific scorer in NFL history when he retired. Was in seven Pro Bowls and at his retirement was first in games played, most points scored (2,544), most consecutive games scoring (360), most FGs attempted (709), most FGs made (565), most FGs of 50 or more yards in a career (40) and most FGs of 50 or more yards for a season (40).

RB Jerome Bettis: Played 13 seasons with the Los Angeles/St. Louis Rams and Pittsburgh Steelers. Was chosen to six Por Bowls. Gained 13,662 yards over his career, which was fifth on the all-time list at the time of his retirement. Had eight 1,000-yard seasons. Averaged 3.9 yards per rush. Was comeback player of the year in 1995.

LB Derrick Brooks: Never missed a game during his 14-year career. Names NFL's defensive player of the year in 2002. Was Pro Bowl selection 11 times and All-Pro six times. Had three interception returns for TDs in 2002, second most ever for a season. Retired Tampa Bay's all-time leader in tackles for a career (2,196) and a game (23). Was part of the 2000s all-decade team. Was the Walter Payton man of the year in 2000.

WR Tim Brown: Played 17 seasons. Starting in 1993 Brown recorded nine consecutive 1,000-yard seasons. He had 10 seasons of 75 or more catches. Was on the 1990s all decade team. Selected to the Pro Bowl nine times. Caught 1,094 passes for 14,934 yards with 100 TDs. Aslo had three punt return TDs and one KO return TD. Led the NFL in pass receiving in 1997 and kickoff returning in 1988.

Owner Edward DeBartolo Jr.: Purchased the San Francisco 49ers in 1977. Team went 2-14 two consecutive seasons before DeBartolo hired Bill Walsh in 1979. Walsh draft Joe Montana. San Francisco won the Super Bowl in 1982. Under DeBartolo team claimed 13 division titles, 16 playoff appearances, went to the NFC title game 10 times and won five Super Bowls, including in '84, '88, '89 and '94. Franchise had NFL's best winning percentage in the 1980s and 1990s.

Coach Tony Dungy: After serving as defensive coordinator in Pittsburgh and Minnesota he took over as head coach in Tampa. The Bucs had 12 double-digit loss seasons in previous 13 years but Dungy's team was 10-6 in his second year. Took Bucs to the playoffs four times in six seasons in Tampa. He then coached Indianapolis for seven years and won double-digit number of games every season. He won the Super Bowl XLI over Chicago. He was 139-69 in the regular season; was 9-10 in the postseason (2-4 with Tampa Bay).

LB Kevin Greene: Had double-digit sack seasons 10 times in a 15-year career. Won the NFL sack title twice, in 1994 and 1996. Was a member of the 1990 all decade team. Was selected to the Pro Bowl five times. Finished career with 160 sacks in 228 games.

P Ray Guy: First punter ever selected in the first round of the NFL draft when he was pick No. 23 in 1973. Played 14 seasons and averaged more than 40 yards per punt in 13 of his 14 seasons. Had 1,049 punts and had only three blocked. Led the NFL in punting three times and finished second three times. Was selected to seven Pro Bowls.

DE: Charles Haley: Only player in NFL history to win five Super Bowls. Led the 49ers in sacks in each of his first six seasons. Amassed 100.5 sacks in 169 games. Was named to five Pro Bowls. Had double-digit sack seasons six times.

WR Marvin Harrison: Caught 1,102 passes in 190 career games. Finished with 14,580 receiving yards and 128 TDs. Caugh 100 or more passes four consecutive seasons from 1999-2002. Was a member of the 2000s all decade team. Was selected to eight Pro Bowls. Led the NFL in receiving yards in 1999 and 2002 and led the NFL in catches in 2000 and 2002.

DE Claude Humphrey: Was NFL defensive rookie of the year in 1968. Credited with 122 career sacks in 171 career games (although the sack statistic did not become official until after he retired). Was selected to six Pro Bowls.

OT Walter Jones: Selected to nine Pro Bowls in 12 seasons. Part of the 2000s all decade team. Was an AP All Pro selection four times. Considered the best LT of his day.

S John Lynch: Selected to nine Pro Bowls in 15 seasons. Had 26 interceptions in 224 games. Also collected 13 sacks in his career. Finished with 973 tackles, third most in Tampa Bay history at the time of his retirement.

WR Andre Reed: Selected to the Pro Bowl seven times in a 15-year career. His 951 career catches was third in NFL history at the time of his retirement. Had 13 seasons with 50-plus receptions, exceeded only by Jerry Rice at the time of his retirement. Finished wtih 13,198 yards and 87 TDs in 234 games.

G Will Shields: Never missed a game during his 14-year career. Had a string of 12 consecutive Pro Bowl berths. Member of the 2000s all-decade team. Walter Man of the Year award in 2003.

DE Michael Strahan: Collected 141.5 sacks in 216 career games. Was selected to seven Pro Bowls. Won the sack titles in 2001 and 2003. Set the record for most sacks in a season with 22.5 in 2001. Selected to the 2000s all decade team.

CB Aeneas Williams: Played cornerback first 12 seasons of his career and moved to safety final two seasons. Was selected to the Pro Bowl seven times as a cornerback and once as a safety. Finished with 55 career interceptions in 211 games. Was second in NFL history, at the time of his retirement, with nine interceptions returned for touchdowns. Led the NFL in interceptions in 1991 and 1994. 


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To the Herald's Macho Men:
When addressing my person in this Blog, you must always remember that I write under my real name. As you must know, I am a well known and highly respected Physician in this Community. If I joke around with you and permit you to joke with me is probably for the same reason that Jonathan Martin did in that locker room, to create a sense of belonging to the group, in each particular case. Not because I like the constant driveling sh-t here, much less the insults to my person or my relatives, especially when I'm not here to defend myself, as happened at 2:06AM today. If this continues, you might be rewarded with the same kind of surprise that Ross is going to receive From Jonathan Martin and his Family. Is that clear, Armando?

Just saw a NFL plays of 2013, and it only showed Tannehill being sacked twice and Fields catching the snap in the face. The coaching segment was coaches getting fired up, of course no shots of Philbin.

Utah and Nebraska has a 6-3" corner. Not really any tall safeties in this years draft.

Utah and Nebraska has a 6-3" corner. Not really any tall safeties in this years draft.

Posted by: 2 twatt the Jay blade Marco | February 01, 2014 at 03:41 PM

who cares? we need offence.

Jimmy Cefalo said we need a new QB, 2 new RB's, and 4 new OL. If Pouncey's on drugs we need 5 new OL.

cefalo is dumb as they come

love the nebraska corner


Jonathon Martin is ghey. Are you associating yourself with other famous bone smugglers of the 21St century?

Welcome aboard!

cefalo is dumb as they come
Posted by: dusty bottoms | February 01, 2014 at 04:03 PM

not nearly as dumb as you

I think its pretty clear that Pouncey's on drugs. He's a good friend of A Hernandez and Incognitabrain.

Dusty, I just noticed the Nebraska corner is from Miami

Martin is definitely gayy.

He dreamed of doing damage to Incognito's rectum.

No-one on at the moment, just the peasants talkin junk. I'll come back later.


I just heard the great news, welcome to the team big boy!


Congrats on being a true Macho, Macho Man! Keep up the good work sailor!

Oscarito, mi vida....


Booo andre reed he in the hof that sucks.

good to see that Ray guy finally made it to the HOF. long overdue...

also, if Strahan is in, J Taylor should be make it in a heartbeat.

Andre Reed gets in but no Duper or Clayton. Amazing!


Darkoak, that's because your beloved Dolphins aren't even an afterthought around the NFL anymore. The only time The Dolphins get any press is when ppl are poking fun at the team. Even in South Florida no one cares about the lowly Phins. There are only three or four homers left here.

Wait til the Aponte/Hickey/Philbin era begins.

Then things will really be amusing.

I predict that The Dolphins will go for a new record. The only franchise to have a perfect season, and an imperfect season.

0-16 in 2014.

Goodell, feeling sorry for the lowly Phins decides to extend The Dolphins season two more games just to give the team a chance to avoid infamy, yet Tannehill only musters one touchdown in two games yet again, and The Dolphins finish 0-18.

Ross increases Philbin's power even more.

No one cares about The Dolphins, no one respects this franchise anymore.

The Dolphins are pathetic.

Pouncey should be in jail already.


The dentist said I have Sphinc-tosis, he says it smells 10 times worse than holitosis, and I guess I have it real bad. My dog hasn't come near me in months.

Without the dolphins horrible secondaries from 1985-1997,(thanks coach Shula) Andre Reed does not sniff the HOF, he was the ultimate dolphins killer and watching Louis Oliver, Jarvis Williams and other chasing him from behind was comical!

The Fins had very good secondaries most of those years. Andre Reed was just an exceptional receiver.

Without the dolphins horrible secondaries from 1985-1997,(thanks coach Shula) Andre Reed does not sniff the HOF, he was the ultimate dolphins killer and watching Louis Oliver, Jarvis Williams and other chasing him from behind was comical!
Posted by: Bud Brown | February 01, 2014 at 10:14 PM

Is that an idiot blogger knocking Don Shula?? ....possibly the best coach that ever lived? I guess he's not too fond of Joe Failbin.

In an effort to further educate the real fans of the Dolphins, not the butt-hole aficionados; I call your attention to Colt Lyerla.

Those that want an athletic TE need look no farther. This guy has talent beyond that of any other in this draft, even Ebron.

There is a rub though. He is an idiot. He appears to be a caine-head thug.

Can he get his shyt together,or will he be another A. Hernandez? Do we have a GM that will take a chance on him, or will he let him be absorbed by Bilicheat in the draft at a discount?

You hose-handlers still at it?

After the Senior Bowl, Zack Martin has been moving up the rankings. Like I said, when this guy gets his hands on a defender, he owns him. I still think he is a better blocker than any of the LTs rated above him. If his arm length measures 34 or better at the combine, I think he is a legitimate NFL LT.

After the Senior Bowl, Zack Martin has been moving up the rankings. Like I said, when this guy gets his hands on a defender, he owns him. I still think he is a better blocker than any of the LTs rated above him. If his arm length measures 34 or better at the combine, I think he is a legitimate NFL LT.
Posted by: Coltrane | February 01, 2014 at 11:23 PM

Did you measure his lower unit too?

Don Shula was a postseason choker, these facts do not lie.
1978-lost home wild card to interior oilers
1979-destroyed by steelers on road
1981-lost at home to inferior chargers with no defense
1982-lost to inferior redskins team in super bowl
1983-lost at home to 9-7 seattle team at home..(this is the choke of all chokes) Should have been fired after this game.
1985-lost at home to inferior patriots
1986-1989-NO playoff appearences even with MARINO????
1990-destroyed by andre reed and bills
1991-choked in regular finale vs jets at home
1992-destroyed at home by ANDRE REED and bills
1993-LOST LAST 5 GAMES after starting 9-2
1994-lost to inferior chargers after blowing 21-6 lead
1995-lost to bills in wild card giving up 400 yards rushing

Yup, sure sounds like the greatest to me for sure!!

A physical WR that can beat DBs for the ball, many people want this kind of receiver. Boldin and Fitzgerald come to mind.

What if you could get this kind of receiver, with more speed, at a discount in this year's draft?

The one thing I liked about Ireland is that he found those acorns. He had a bad history of front liners, but he could find latent or obscure talent.

I would like to introduce to you, Jeremy Butler. I expect you will hear his name more.

Boy if that's how some view Coach Shula imagine what they think of me?

Ireland founds acorns? Dude what you smokin?
You must be that Ireland's Republican Army Guy.

Kelvin Benjamin will elevate the Dolphins receiving core to best in the league.
We would be a match up nightmare.

The dolphins have wallace, hartline, gibson and #18, the last thing they need is a wide receiver with so many other glaring team weaknesses.

Please, lets find the following first before another WR
1-tight end
2-running backs
3-(80%)of an offensive line

No one cares Ralphy. The man is LEGONDARY!

Thurman Thomas was just a beast. And they had the QB from the U.

Shula did make a mistake continuing to play Marino after he found out what a choke artist he was. He should have made a change. Jimmy J realized it immediately.

He is best known as coach of the Miami Dolphins, the team he led to two Super Bowl victories, and to the National Football League's only perfect season. Shula was named 1993 Sportsman of the Year by Sports Illustrated. He currently holds the NFL record for most career wins with 347. Shula only had two losing seasons in his 36-year career of coaching in the NFL. He has been head coach for a record six Super Bowls. In his first, he set the record for the longest period to be shut out (not scoring until 3:19 remaining). His next Super Bowl he set the record for the lowest points by any team (with only one field goal). The very next year he turned that all around during his perfect season, breaking his record of longest period with a shut out, this time with him on the winning side (not giving up any points until 2:07 remaining). As of 2013, Shula's perfect NFL season remains unmatched, and his three Super Bowl records and total NFL wins remain unbroken.

Vazman has a very good point on Marino here, Jimmy wanted him out asap but could not pull it off.

We definitely need 2 new safeties. Nebraska dude is 6-3".
Definitely need line backers that can play down hill.

We don't have any D lineman under contract.

Also need a RB that can pick up the blitz.
Lamar Miller can stay. Everyone on this blog was screaming for Sherman to run the
ball which means he must have been running well.

I bought up only the truth on Shula seasons, those are facts not my opinion.
He won 2 super bowls with teams handed to him on a platter and assembled by Joe Thomas.
He was 2-4 in Super Bowls, this qualifies as the greatest ever?
What about Noll, Walsh, Belechick & Joe Gibbs with more rings??

The D isnt the problem. They averaged 3.5 pts last 2 games vs crap.

So Ralphy Shula is 34-2 in winning seasons

Who is better than that?

LOL, those seasons are 40 & 41 years old, its like a Boston Celtic fan trying to live of the 1960's, its ancient history.
I know the dolphin nation still lives in 1972 but it's 2014.

Shula has 31 winning seasons in 33 years. That is a feat that will never, ever be rivaled.

Posted by: FIRE ROSS = Rick Flare's celibet

This is the funniest shyt you have said yet. I doubt it is funny to you, because you have spelled the name wrong; also Ric( the Nature Boy)has several children.

What a dumb-ass, not just in regards to the Dolphins, but in general.

Also, dumb-ass, the word is celibate.

Biz, those stats mean absolutely nothing to today's dolphin fan.
Wouldn't you agree?


Nothing means anything. Football is fun to watch, but totally meaningless. It has no bearing on anything. It is nothing more than something to grab your attention so advertisers can force feed your their propaganda. Sitcoms and nightly news exist for the same reason.

If the results were switched in every SB game, what would it matter? What would be changed? Nothing.

It's frivolous entertainment.

Your right Biz on all points.

Ralph wimped out, pitiful. Or is Ralph also Biz?

I'm here Coltane, just chatting with my cougars online.

Oh please Ralphie those old hags with no one to talk to on a Saturday night are not cougars, the are dinosaurs.

I chat with a couple via skype, these are not hags at all Marco. Nice looking mature ladies without drama.

Those hags would talk to anyone for attention husbands probably ran away quicker than J Mart from a bad situation.

Who the hell is Coltane?

Think what you want Marco, i could care less.

Ralphie how old are you?


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