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Edwards promotion great; Turner status merits scrutiny

The reported departure of Dolphins linebacker coach George Edwards to Minnesota to become the Vikings defensive coordinator deserves congratulations for him. Dolphins fans should applaud that someone from the Dolphins coaching staff is moving on up, professionally and geographically. No, seriously, you should really be thrilled ...

Because in his last two seasons coaching the Dolphins linebackers -- Edwards's second stint with the team following a tenure that lasted 2005-2009 -- the unit has mostly underperformed. Indeed, last season as the Miami defense fell to 24th in the NFL in rushing yards allowed, the worse ranking since 2007, it was clear that linebackers Dannell Ellerbe and Phillip Wheeler were at the core of the problems with the run defense.

That fact is so obvious that at least one general manager candidate interviewing recently said the next GM must replace at least one of the two players because the performance from the positions did not merit the salary cap and actual money expenditure.

(Peanut gallery: Well, Armando, this clearly shows what a poor GM Jeff Ireland was. After all he signed Ellerbe and Wheeler.)

Yes, gallery, the signing of both players was apparently a poor decision given their contracts -- Ellerbe at five years for $34.75 million and Wheeler for five years and $26 million. The Dolphins paid Ellerbe $14 million guaranteed. The Dolphins paid Wheeler $13 million guaranteed.

But here's the rub ...

Ellerbe played quite well for Baltimore in 2012. Wheeler was outstanding in Oakland in 2012. And the two players the Dolphins jettisoned to upgrade to Wheeler and Ellerbe played better for their new teams. Karlos Dansby was a borderline Defensive Player of the Year candidate in Arizona and Kevin Burnett was a revelation in Oakland.

The two departed players combined for nine sacks, four forced fumbles, two fumble recoveries, five interceptions, 23 passes defensed and two TDs.

The two players under Edwards combined for 1.5 sacks, zero forced fumbles, two fumble recoveries, two interceptions, 12 passes defensed and no touchdowns.

So to recap, the players the Dolphins added under Edwards played better elsewhere before arriving but took a step back in Miami. And the players who didn't play well enough under Edwards the year before were released and had banner seasons elsewhere.

I don't see this as a coincidence. And I see a good portion, if not the majority of the responsibility for this, falling on the position coach involved -- Edwards

So congratulations to him for getting the promotion. Problem partially solved.

Unfortunately for the Dolphins, Edwards was not the only Dolphins assistant that deserves scrutiny based on the performance of his players.

Last season the Dolphins offensive line was, as the entire NFL knows, something of a problem. Yes, sometimes the pass protection breakdowns fell on the shoulders of running backs or tight ends. Yes, sommetimes quarterback Ryan Tannehill held the ball too long or did little to get out of the way of the pressure.

But those franchise record and NFL worst 58 sacks?

The offensive line, folks.

(Peanut gallery:  Well, Armando, this clearly shows what a poor GM Jeff Ireland was. After all he put that offensive line together).

No doubt about it. At the end of the day, the Dolphins did not have enough talent on the offensive line. Ireland bet on Jonathan Martin, his draft pick, and that bet was a loser.

But the thing is, Mike Pouncey is a talented center. And Bryant McKinnie is a solid left tackle who Ireland brought in via trade midway through the season. And John Jerry was often able to get in somebody's way. And Tyson Clabo is a former Pro Bowl player who went 14 consecutive games, including the playoffs, without allowing a sack for the Falcons in 2012.

And these guys, together, simply were not very effective. There was no unity of action on the field. They were disjointed. And there certainly was no unity of thought as the NFL scandal obviously suggests.

So who is responsible for solving those issues? Um, thinking ...

Yeah, the position coach.

Offensive line coach Jim Turner oversaw the statistically most inept offensive line in Dolphins NFL history. That is not an opinion. It is a fact, as evidence by the phrase, "most sacks allowed in franchise history." One can argue the expansion offensive line was worse, but that was an AFL line.

Unfortunately for the Dolphins, the Minnesota Vikings haven't been calling to hire Turner. Neither has any other NFL team that I know of.

Barring a return to his college roots, Turner is likely to remain in Miami.

So while the offensive line that underperformed likely will get a nearly full reconstruction this offseason, the man who led that terrible line, likely will remain.

It is possible new offensive coordinator Bill Lazor may lobby to replace Turner and others but he said recently that subject had not been discussed with coach Joe Philbin.

(Huh? How does an interview happen and either the head coach or OC candidate doesn't bring up the topic of what will happen with the offensive assistants under the new OC?)

Anyway, this brings up another little issue:

What's Philbin thinking?

Does he know more than everyone else in thinking Turner is a great coach that deserves the chance to step out of the shadow of an epic failure?

Does he know Turner isn't it but rather not replace him out of loyalty? (This is a possibility because, well, Mike Sherman.)

Or does Philbin, a former offensive line coach himself, simply not know a failing OL coach when he sees one?

There still isn't an answer to these possibilities. So far Philbin has stuck with Turner. We'll see if that lasts through the release of the NFL report. We'll see if it lasts through that conversation he and Lazor apparently haven't had yet.


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I usually am a homer and usually try to be positive with the Dolphins. I'm going to be extra critical of Philbin, Coyle and the rest of the coaches this year.

Sherman was bad and got fired rightfully so. Turner and Taylor also seem to be bad.

On D I don't think Coyle got the best out of his players and made some bone head decisions like in the Panthers game that Mark talked about.

Philbin picked these guys. He gets some of the blame. He is very slow to correct their mistakes if they get corrected at all.

I think if Ireland was fired for the collapse, Philbin should've received the same fate. Firing half of the problem is not the answer. It also hurt us in attracting the "best" gm candidates on paper. I say "best" because I don't really know for sure.

Here is the best case scenario for the Dolphins as I see it.

The new GM is good and is an improvement over Ireland. He has a good amount of power/freedom with Aponte keeping her same role and being in charge of the cap.

Lazor is a good OC. He improves the offense(most importantly Tannehill) and he rubs off on some of the coaches including Philbin.

Philbin and Coyle in their third years both improve in making adjustments and other areas.

Tannehill improves with the help of Lazor, a much better O-line, and an improved run game. Whether you think he is the long-term answer or not (personally I think he is) he had 25 total TDs and 4,151 total yards and earned a 3rd year.

I think its playoffs in 14 or the coaches will not be back. Sorry for the length.

Can we make our QB coach, (Sherman's son-in-law) a scapegoat for bullygate too?

everybody just needs to get used to Philbin for another year……obviously all indications are that he's getting that 3rd year and I can live with that, because that 3rd year should tell the tale--either he's not a great HC and the team is mediocre/misses the playoffs again (and he's fired…..and Ross can tap his new GM to help with the new HC search) or the team progresses and is 9-7 or better, and he's in a position to stay-on top of all the other issues/turnover/uncertainty, I cant see how adding a new HC to the mix would be beneficial--Philbin gets 1 more year to make or break…..

Thill sucks

perfect 72,

When referring to this team and what will happen. We cannot go back 20 years. Trust me I am there with you, I obsess over this team year round and want to win.

But we almost made the playoffs last year. Yes, we should have been in the playoffs, but we arent a total train wreck.

Ross has made bad decisions. But do you honestly think it is from a lack of trying?
Dont you think the collapse of our team could be attributed to the players and position coaches?

The head coach is a team manager, he doesnt call plays and must rely on his coordinators.

Should Philbin be gone? I guess so, but i cant say for certain. He seems intelligent and organized. I dont care that he doesnt get all riled up, but he does get in officials faces and challenges and usually wins. I hated Sporano cuz he came across as an idiot, Philbin does not.

Im done ranting

ghost, i agree with you to a certain point. Let's use Ray Lewis, or better yet zach thomas. Both are elite in their positions and have that killer instinct. Obviously wheeler and ellerbe don't have that attribute. Look at Reshad Jones, a perfect example! On his contract year, he was playing lights out. After he got that fat cheque, his level of play dropped..... why? we all know why. Anyway, all i'm saying is that a coach can teach but it up to the player(s) to execute. Don't get me wrong i'm glad edwards is gone and i hope Turner does too but we all can't blame the coaches for the players performance.

Just saw an article where it appears that Donald Brown of the Colts will be looking for a new team next year. With the investment in Richardson it appears to be mutual. Brown ran for 537 yards last year, at a 5.3 yds./carry average. He's been in the league for 5 years so he probably has some ware on the tires. But he would most certainly be an upgrade to the Dolphins current RBs. Looks like a doable deal but there will be competition. He's played his entire career with Indy. Against the Pats in last week's playoff game he rushed for 118 in 28 carries. Not saying he's the answer to a maiden's prayer but he would certainly be an upgrade over what we have now.

I do think a team takes on the personality of its coach…..and I've said it before here, and I dont know HOW big an impact that has (but I firmly believe it has some impact), but Philbin's (and Tannehill's) way too bland/nonchalant/aw-shucks personality/approach doesnt seem to work or click in an uber-emotional sport like pro football--yes, composure and discipline and quite intensity are valuable traits, as is the ability to channel the emotion…..but I just see a little too much composure, too much acceptance/shrugging/"oh well" after a loss…...comes across to me as questionable confidence, leadership--where was our team leadership this year?--who held the others accountable? Who felt "losing was unacceptable", as the best coaches/players in the league seem to feel/express…..doesnt seem to be Philbin or Tannehill.

I agree rdubs @ 12:46. Philbin is excellent in his dealing wiht officials and challenges and timeouts. he gets points there. Ultimately he may suffer from the same affliction Ross does - loyal ot a fault in his staff that may cost him his position. I mean, I'm no pro and I can see the job is too big for Coyle.


The problem with Philbin is they can't show you cursing on national TV. And Philbin has been known to drop more F-Bombs than the Nazi's.

On the Overall negativity that we get on this blog. Don't know what to say. They sound like a bunch of New Yorkers constantly Whining and Complaining.

Any real Dolphin fan should be excited about the future of this team.

Also, is it just me or does D.Bess look a lot like Ricky in his new mugshot.

As far as FA Rb'S. Keep your eyes out for Toby Gerhart. 6'0 230 lbs and only 26. Has very little tread on the tires.

Now if only GB wouldnt re-sign john Kuhn

signal, Brown is intriguing because I think he had his best year. he isn't a feature back but may form a formidable 1-2 with Miller... my #1 is still Tate tho

Philbin is is The Peter Principle in real life. Google it.

DC @ 12:08 - interesting perspective, but let me respectfully counter with this argument: Philbin and Ireland were tied at the hips. I believe the departure of Bush, Dansby, Bennett and the change in OLine roster were as much Philbin's decision as Ireland's. Philbin wanted to introduced zone blocking, so logic would dictate he knew the types of players he wanted. I can't imagine Ireland going grocery shopping on his own without Philbin's input.

rdubs, yes on Gerhart and Kuhn...

Who's the best FART (free agent right tackle) - Saffold or Oher?

I just want to point something out because you people irritate me when you regurgitate stuff ad nauseam because you heard someone else say it.

ALMOST ALL HS and college teams run a 4-3 defense! Even if a select few players on the defense have run a 3-4 in the past they are CERTAINLY accustomed to running a 4-3. 4-3 is pretty much the STANDARD. Half the teams that do run a 3-4 run some hybrid anyway!

Please stop saying that the defensive failures have anything to do with that. They don't! Are there a couple players that might be better suited in a 3-4? Soliai (NT) and Jordan (OLB) come to mind, but, other than that? Probably not!

Yeah Philbin does do a great job getting on the refs and with the challenges and managing the clock for the most part.

On picking up a RB there are some good ones out there in free agency like Tate and Brown. I personally like the cheaper, young RBs with less tread on their tires in the draft.

I would go with the 2nd-4th round pick of a RB route. Lots of good ones out there Carlos Hyde, Tre Mason, Ka'Deem Carey, Jeremy Hill, and Bishop Sankey appear to be the best so far.

I Love Z.Thomas.I consider him the best MLB in Dolphins history. Don't care what you old timers say. Zach played all 3 positions in a 4-3 at the same time. A sideline to Sideline Beast. Ruler of LB Land.


Have you seen ZT lately?

You can tell Concussions (CTE) clearly have affected him. You can barely understand ZT now when he speaks. Has that weird shake to him. You can tell in a couple years he is going to look like M.Ali.

It is shame what has happened to the Best LB to ever wear a Dolphins uniform.

There is no way in hell that they did not talk about the offensive staff during the interview process. You're clueless if you believe that. Lazor simply didn't want to talk about what they discussed.

Posted by: Dashi | January 17, 2014 at 11:53 AM



Marc, when I think people point out the system faults - it isn't the 4-3 v 3-4 - it's the passive nature on 3rd down - except for DT stunts - and the almost exclusive use of zone putting more pressure on the LB to do mroe when it's the weakest part of his defense.

Hypothetical question

If Ebron is still there at 19. Can the Phins pass him up?

I really dont think so

Massdolphins, Ellerbe was a full time player for Balt. nearly the whole season. Remember, Ray Lewis was hurt about 12 games.


Dont like Saffold. He was replaced by the guy we let go in Long. As a RT, he may be formidible but then were again spending big money in FA on a position that doesnt warrant big money. If he was to play Left tackle then thats a different story.

Im on board with signing Brandon Albert. I was praying they would have gotten him for the second round pick last year.

I wouldnt mind the dolphins signing Albert and drafting a tackle in round 1 to play the right side and learn to eventually take over the left side. Thinking Cyrus from Bama or Martin from Notre Dame

Has anyone else shunned the Dolphins today ?

I hear The Dolphins offered the janitor at The Jaguars training facility their current vacant GM position yet he declined, claiming he was happy in his current job.

The only team without a GM at the Senior Bowl. The Dolphins select CB Nolan Caroll in the first round of next years draft...

Only to find out he's already on the team.

Embarrassed by his team's latest round of public relations blunders. Ross insists that Dawn Aponte changes the organizations views regarding transparency.

Minority owners The Williams Sisters conduct a press conference on the organizations behalf while wearing see through clothing...at which time it is determined that both sisters are really brothers.

Garbage organization.

More disarray. Mr. Salguero, why do you not ask those question you pose on your blog directly to Mr. Philbin? If the response is the same lame index card drafted response, why not pressure? Why hasn't Mr. Philbin been asked about Zac Taylor and how he managed to land a job as a QB coach when he has never played, nor coached that position at any level? I would certainly like to hear that answer, of course assuming the answer won't come from a pre drafted index card. And in retrospect, why hasn't anyone followed up kn the use of index cards at pressers and Ms. Aponte's role in drafting them?

It is unfortunate when I hear other coaches give real interviews and stand there, get grilled, but at least have a voice, instead of the weekly do loop we hear. I am ok with a coach standing there and saying, "I am not going to speak about that" but what does roil me is when there is little to no follow up. If Philbin when asked about Turner says he's done a good job, I would think the follow up question has to be, "well coach, what about those 50+ sacks? How can any reporter stand there with a straight face and just cringe.

Wasn't Blue Edwards the ASSISTANT LBs coach?

No, there are CLEARLY people blaming the defensive woes on the system. I don't know if you've used that or not. I remember CLAMORING to shift to a 4-3, because almost all the players had experience, and/or were suited for the 4-3. Now, 2 years later everyone is second-guessing it? 3-4 is a MUCH harder adjustment.

However, I will agree that moving from ILB to MLB is a monster transition, and I'm not sure that Ellerbe was up to the task. Not that he's half as poor as Wheeler.

I trust that this team will improve big time and coaching will be better this year. More of an urgency in everyones preparation and actions.


I will go with Saffold.

I believe the Dolphins will be able to get 2 Serviceable Tackles in Free Agency. And Not have to spend a ton of Money.

I believe the Fins will get at least 2 Starters for the O-line in FA. And draft the other one with one of our first 2 picks. I expect the Guards to be answered from within with a pick or free agent to battle with the guys already here. We should be able to get at least 1 starter out of D.Thomas, Brenner, and N.Garner.

Don't think so either rdubs ... especially if the best three tackles are gone... next up OT won't be any better than a RT year one and in martin (really, another Martin), you may be lucky for him to be your rt. I think it's a no brianer - have to go synamic playmaker and the kind of target we don't have especially in the red zone.

The Steelers are interviewing former NFL G and OL coach Mike Munchak for their OL coach opening.

Meanwhile in Miami ... Jim Turner.

Keep Turner, let him go, it doesn't matter. Edwards going to Minnesota, does that mean we'll be better next year defensively...doubtful. And now that we FIrelanded, will we be better with a new GM?...doubtful.

Philpin and Tannehill will get the blame next January and likely be replaced. It just never ends with this franchise.

I'm so disenfranchised after 35 years of rooting for this franchise. They can do whatever they think is best and in my opinion it won't be any better. They just don't have enough proven football professionals in the organization and they haven't since Shula and Marino.

So Go Dolphins, or don't, doesn't really matter anymore.

Never mind I'm thinking of Blue Adams asst db coach.

D29, yeah I would agree. I threw Saffold out there taking for granted it wwould be RT. Didn't even know he was a legit LT option.

Maybe in the short term I guess at LT - half season or so.

ANd I still have to do a lot of research regarding the draft and won't come up with conclusions until early April - but some of the scores I've seen on martin are far from flattering. Doesn't sound like a legit pick at 19 according to ESPN stats Inc. Grade of 88 on a 19th pick would stink of a reach....

At this early point, I would pick from the 2nd round prospects to play RT and hope you get an Evans or Ebron or Benjamin is worthy of being picked 19th...

so this is America's voting base huh? well good, I'm counting on a lot of you guys coming out to vote in 2016, and the less you know about what us politicians and what's going on the better. vote for me KKK, I'll send you a pic of Bill wearing a Marino jersey.
Thanks guys,
Killary "What difference does it make" Klinton

Good point Phinbo. I root for the team, but, I EXPECT the same ineptitude year in and year old. I barely even get mad anymore. I don't even yell at the TV. Mostly, I just laugh.

I'll never understand how common, (ignorant) fans can be right at the same rate as multi-million dollar coordinators or GM's...About half the time. Is there ANYONE here that thought Sherman's infamous Fake HB draw/sweep left would work on 3rd and short? If Madden suggested that play I would immediately audible out of it!

I do not take questions. I do not make myself available to the media after the season ends. I do not care what the media or the fans think. I am that I am.

So let it be written. Let my will be done.


Can't disagree with you on Tate but just thought I'd throw out Brown's name and see if it stuck. My personal opinion is that both of our RBs aren't NFL caliber. Brown and Tate in a tandem would be a very good upgrade over what we currently have. That, also, would take some of the pressure off in this years draft when we obviously have to concentrate on the OL.

At this point the only player that I feel relatively certain would be a big upgrade is Gabe Jackson, OG, Mississippi State. He fits the profile in what they're trying to do with the OL. Won't list the reasons for now but he's a top to middle 2nd rounder.


Lazor is already learning the art of saying nothing to the Sfla media. At least nothing that a little common sense won't answer.

I believe that Philbin hired the guy who gave him the best game plan to fix his offense. But that also coincides with Philbins Philosophy.

The first thing that Philbin said when he got the job as coach was that the Fins were going to play fast. They played at a faster pace than under Spo. But who had the fastest pace in the NFL this season? The Eagles. So why not hire a guy from that staff. And definitely the QB coach who did a Miraculous Job with Foles and had Vick playing like a Real QB for once in his life before going down.

Marc, personally I don't see the alignment as a main reason for failure but I do lend credence that some pretty big pieces might get more opportunity to shine in a 3-4.

Jordan, Odrick, and Soliai shoudl all be equally as effective in a 4-3 as a 3-4. Jordan easily could play a 4-3 OLB - it's actually easier in some ways....

Posted by: Rdubs | January 17, 2014 at 12:46 PM


Something else to keep in mind when it comes to Philbin and the Dolphins offense....Pittsburg made an attempt as well to switch to the spread and a zone blocking scheme.

They backed out of though when their season was going to crap and they figured out they didn't have the personnel to run it correctly.

The difference is imo is Tomlin isn't a spread offense guy, he was trying roll with what alot of teams were having success with. When it didn't work out he went back to what he believes in and what the Steelers were built for.

Philbin came here to install his offense and what has worked best for him. When it was apparent we didn't have the personnel to run it effectively he had nothing to fall back to. All they could do is vanilla it down and keep trying.

On Turner, Coyle, and Sherman, Philbin, on Ireland.

If I am an IT manager, and my team does poorly, and we have an all-time low for uptime in a year it would probably be time to polish up the resume.

Now, if Philbin (The Sr Manager) went to HR (Ireland) and said. OK. You need to find me replacements for X positions and they weren't made then...

Philbin sucks

signal, at this stage I would agree with almost everything you said @ 1:17. I think Miller is a useful and dangerous back but no way he's the back that breaks down the other defense. He's too easy to play against - goes down instantly. But if you ahve a guy to wear downa defense for a half or three quarters then put those fresh legs in there - there's teh chance he could be very effective.

I do like what I've seen so far in Gabe Jackson and would not complain if he's our 2nd round pick. Better to pick an elite guard prospect than a middling OT prospect.

And I also think brown and tate are both legit options at RB and I would also like to see as many needs as possible settled in free agency to take the pressure off our draft and give us total felxibility. If you are just picking BPA every round - you should have a fantastic draft.


Interesting you bring up Saffold. My friend is a Rams fan and he thinks Saffold is solid and very versatile. The problem is,the Rams have been playing him at Guard but Saffold wants LT money so the Rams are reluctant to give him a new deal knowing they wont play him at LT.

I'd rather sign Saffold than Oher but Brandon Albert would be my preference.


I like Evans alot over the guys you mentioned but i dont see him lasting until 19th overall. If not an OLINEMAN than maybe HA HA Clinton Dix.

Chris Clemons is lousy and the weak link in our secondary. This guy can cover like Ed Reed in his prime and hit like Palumalu in the run game. Great value at 19

anyone ever nibble on royalty rug? ummm

Dashi is worried about what's happened to Zach Thomas, yet what happened to him when The Dolphins season collapsed ? What happened to him when his boy Jeff Ireland was fired ?

Dashi is posting from Behavioral Health Of The Palm Beaches.

He has Joe Brat and Randy Grimes assisting him.

Every year he's on suicide watch after The Dolphins fail to make the playoffs. The Dolphins have only made the playoffs once in over a decade.

He is inconsolable, apparently people's attempts to comfort him by assuring him that The Dolphins will make the playoffs at some point in the next seventy years isn't enough.

Maybe this will help :

Miami Dolphins AFC East Champions 2057.

How about this :

Miami Dolphins Super Bowl Champions 3018

Hell freezes over 3017

do you have kankles too?

I like your thoughts on the safety. I was leaning more towards an ILB like Mosley but either way we need a playmaker on defense.

I really like ILB Chris Borland as well. Probably 3rd rd.

Trouble is a tackle and a guard have to come early in the draft as well along with a couple of free agents.

"Just like many GM's have declined the Miami job because they want to pick there own coach

oh? who and how many? how many nfl gms have full control also?

Any real Dolphin fan should be excited about the future of this team.

Posted by: Dashi | January 17, 2014 at 12:55 PM



I've been excited the future of the franchise since Dan Marino's first year. That was 1983. This is 2013. Our last playoff victory was in 2000.

I'm a homer to be sure, but it's becoming increasingly difficult to maintain that excitement.

What exactly is happening now that should be cause for excitement?

Mark @ 1:26... yeah I agree with what you say there... if it turns out Saffold is indeed a capable LT then I make him my #2 option behind Albert... I knwo he's a very good RT at the least.

I kinda feel like I fit right in here with this top notch organization and all these skilled qualified employees of the dolphins. Do you all get the same pay or is their a sliding scale per incentives for creativity and thinking "out of the box". Thanks fellas

D29, I see Dix mentioned a lot in mock drafts - I've seen him play but I want to see how he tests out before draft time to conclude on him. At any rate, I'd like to see almost any other position than OT at 19 - I think the position will be milked dry by then.


Thanks. But it doesn't matter how many times I post the facts. People want to go against the facts because Dashi posted it.

The guy didn't do nothing as a Dolphin, even though he was one of the highest paid defensive players in the League. The guy was good at best before then as an OLB. He has his best Season Ever this past season. And by Ever I mean Ever!! Now they love him like a god.

Ellerbe cost $1M this season. Wheeler cost $1M this season. That is a total of $2M for the both of them for the whole year. DANSBY WOULD'VE COST OVER $11M TOWARDS THE CAP THIS SEASON AND HE WASNT TAKING A PAY CUT!!!


Plus, Dansby always quit in the 4th qtr. The Dolphins blew the most 4th qtr leads during his 3 years in Miami. That falls on the MLB, not the QB.

If you can't comeback that falls on the QB. If you give up a 10+pt lead in the 4th that falls on the D!!

Henne was beating the Broncos 15-0 with less than 5 minutes to go. Dansby let Tebow lead one of the most miraculous comebacks in history by a non-Qb.

Gave up 1000yds to the Pats on opening day.

dropped multiple game winning INTs.

The list goes on and on. But yeah!! The fins would've been better with the same old Dansby around.

I do not have Kankles, if anything I have skinny lower legs for a guy what comes in near 215lbs (thanks marriage - it was 205 before you got here...)

" My belief is that the players believe he is a left wing, electric car driving, global warming activist with a penchant for watching his team shower.

WTF is wrong with people?!

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