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Edwards promotion great; Turner status merits scrutiny

The reported departure of Dolphins linebacker coach George Edwards to Minnesota to become the Vikings defensive coordinator deserves congratulations for him. Dolphins fans should applaud that someone from the Dolphins coaching staff is moving on up, professionally and geographically. No, seriously, you should really be thrilled ...

Because in his last two seasons coaching the Dolphins linebackers -- Edwards's second stint with the team following a tenure that lasted 2005-2009 -- the unit has mostly underperformed. Indeed, last season as the Miami defense fell to 24th in the NFL in rushing yards allowed, the worse ranking since 2007, it was clear that linebackers Dannell Ellerbe and Phillip Wheeler were at the core of the problems with the run defense.

That fact is so obvious that at least one general manager candidate interviewing recently said the next GM must replace at least one of the two players because the performance from the positions did not merit the salary cap and actual money expenditure.

(Peanut gallery: Well, Armando, this clearly shows what a poor GM Jeff Ireland was. After all he signed Ellerbe and Wheeler.)

Yes, gallery, the signing of both players was apparently a poor decision given their contracts -- Ellerbe at five years for $34.75 million and Wheeler for five years and $26 million. The Dolphins paid Ellerbe $14 million guaranteed. The Dolphins paid Wheeler $13 million guaranteed.

But here's the rub ...

Ellerbe played quite well for Baltimore in 2012. Wheeler was outstanding in Oakland in 2012. And the two players the Dolphins jettisoned to upgrade to Wheeler and Ellerbe played better for their new teams. Karlos Dansby was a borderline Defensive Player of the Year candidate in Arizona and Kevin Burnett was a revelation in Oakland.

The two departed players combined for nine sacks, four forced fumbles, two fumble recoveries, five interceptions, 23 passes defensed and two TDs.

The two players under Edwards combined for 1.5 sacks, zero forced fumbles, two fumble recoveries, two interceptions, 12 passes defensed and no touchdowns.

So to recap, the players the Dolphins added under Edwards played better elsewhere before arriving but took a step back in Miami. And the players who didn't play well enough under Edwards the year before were released and had banner seasons elsewhere.

I don't see this as a coincidence. And I see a good portion, if not the majority of the responsibility for this, falling on the position coach involved -- Edwards

So congratulations to him for getting the promotion. Problem partially solved.

Unfortunately for the Dolphins, Edwards was not the only Dolphins assistant that deserves scrutiny based on the performance of his players.

Last season the Dolphins offensive line was, as the entire NFL knows, something of a problem. Yes, sometimes the pass protection breakdowns fell on the shoulders of running backs or tight ends. Yes, sommetimes quarterback Ryan Tannehill held the ball too long or did little to get out of the way of the pressure.

But those franchise record and NFL worst 58 sacks?

The offensive line, folks.

(Peanut gallery:  Well, Armando, this clearly shows what a poor GM Jeff Ireland was. After all he put that offensive line together).

No doubt about it. At the end of the day, the Dolphins did not have enough talent on the offensive line. Ireland bet on Jonathan Martin, his draft pick, and that bet was a loser.

But the thing is, Mike Pouncey is a talented center. And Bryant McKinnie is a solid left tackle who Ireland brought in via trade midway through the season. And John Jerry was often able to get in somebody's way. And Tyson Clabo is a former Pro Bowl player who went 14 consecutive games, including the playoffs, without allowing a sack for the Falcons in 2012.

And these guys, together, simply were not very effective. There was no unity of action on the field. They were disjointed. And there certainly was no unity of thought as the NFL scandal obviously suggests.

So who is responsible for solving those issues? Um, thinking ...

Yeah, the position coach.

Offensive line coach Jim Turner oversaw the statistically most inept offensive line in Dolphins NFL history. That is not an opinion. It is a fact, as evidence by the phrase, "most sacks allowed in franchise history." One can argue the expansion offensive line was worse, but that was an AFL line.

Unfortunately for the Dolphins, the Minnesota Vikings haven't been calling to hire Turner. Neither has any other NFL team that I know of.

Barring a return to his college roots, Turner is likely to remain in Miami.

So while the offensive line that underperformed likely will get a nearly full reconstruction this offseason, the man who led that terrible line, likely will remain.

It is possible new offensive coordinator Bill Lazor may lobby to replace Turner and others but he said recently that subject had not been discussed with coach Joe Philbin.

(Huh? How does an interview happen and either the head coach or OC candidate doesn't bring up the topic of what will happen with the offensive assistants under the new OC?)

Anyway, this brings up another little issue:

What's Philbin thinking?

Does he know more than everyone else in thinking Turner is a great coach that deserves the chance to step out of the shadow of an epic failure?

Does he know Turner isn't it but rather not replace him out of loyalty? (This is a possibility because, well, Mike Sherman.)

Or does Philbin, a former offensive line coach himself, simply not know a failing OL coach when he sees one?

There still isn't an answer to these possibilities. So far Philbin has stuck with Turner. We'll see if that lasts through the release of the NFL report. We'll see if it lasts through that conversation he and Lazor apparently haven't had yet.


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As far as drafting a safety goes, Calvin Pryor from Louisville is a very good prospect along with Ha Ha from what I have seen from him.

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Rd 1 - Brandon Coleman WR Rutgers
Rd 2 - Ahamd Dixon SS Baylor
Rd 3 - Seantrel Henderson OT The U of Miami
Rd 4 - Brandon Linder OG The U of Miami
Rd 5 - James Wilder Jr. RB FSU
Rd 6 - J.C. Copeland FB LSU
Rd 7 - Boseko Lokombo OLB Oregon

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Just saw an article where it appears that Donald Brown of the Colts will be looking for a new team next year. With the investment in Richardson it appears to be mutual. Brown ran for 537 yards last year, at a 5.3 yds./carry average. He's been in the league for 5 years so he probably has some ware on the tires. But he would most certainly be an upgrade to the Dolphins current RBs. Looks like a doable deal but there will be competition. He's played his entire career with Indy. Against the Pats in last week's playoff game he rushed for 118 in 28 carries. Not saying he's the answer to a maiden's prayer but he would certainly be an upgrade over what we have now.

Posted by: signal | January 17, 2014 at 12:51 PM


Agree with you on Brown...

I think he would be a nice addition to the Dolphin's offense.

He reminds me of the type of player Belichick seems to be able to come up with when needed.


The Fins have a Young QB. And most of its core players are young.

This team has more potential right now than any D.Marino lead team or any JT and ZT lead team.

If you feel some type of way. Not my problem. I dont watch sports and get depressed. If the team loses. OK the team loss. My day keeps moving. I had no say in the outcome anyway. Now if I was playing or coaching and we loss then I would take it personal. But why get mad cause the next man failed?
What I have noticed is that for a certain generation of Dolphin fans they usually feel the same way you do. The older the grumpier.

Beerphin that is one impressive draft. Ireland missed way to often w the talent in his own backyard.

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The LB play the last couple of years says a lot about the coaching staff. The fact that Burnett and Dansby were very successful away from Miami proves that Ireland made the right decisions at those positions. As Armando mentioned, Dansby underperformed here but was a candidate for defensive player of the year in Arizona this year. Burnett also had a great year this year. The new comers, Wheeler and Ellerbe had great seasons prior to coming to Miami and now seem lost. Ireland was a victim of poor development and coaching by this coaching staff. Ireland brought in the right players but the coaches failed to put them in a position to succeed.

Wallace was dynamic before coming here and now is mediocre. Reshad Jones was an up and coming young player before Philbin and now is terrible. The defensive line is talented but regressed as a unit under this coaching staff. Clabo went from pro-bowler to a disaster under Philbin.

No wonder Ireland left. I am sure that Ireland asked Ross to get rid of Philbin but he would not do it. Ireland wanted McCoy 2 years ago but was overruled by Ross in favor of Philbin. Once again Ireland was right, McCoy should have been the coach. Ireland did the right thing by stepping away, this franchise is a mess right now and Ross has no clue what direction to go in.

I am not sure that Donald Brown would be an upgrade over what we have now. Heck Lamar Miller ran for over 700 yards with the worst OL in pro football blocking for him. Donald Brown had barely over 500 yards. That guy is not the answer.

It is true that we need a #1 RB but let's not reach for someone else's garbage. I would love to see the fins go after Blount in FA or better yet draft a good RB in the draft like Tre Mason, Carlos Hyde, or Jeremy Hill.

A blind monkey throwing darts would have a better outcome than Irescum did. Things are looking up.

Rdubs 2014 Dolphin Gamplan

Re-sign Grimes (Duh)
Re-sign Grimes (4 mill or less year only)
Re-sign Solia
FA Branden Albert
FA TOby Gerhart
FA John Kuhn

Draft BPA I dont care if he is a DT, Just want a really good player

Draft 2nd Rd Tre Mason

SuperBowl here we come

In what decade do we get a franchise QB?

...Dashi. From the other day. I couldn't continue on that phone.

Anyway...I disagree that the offense is going to be the same. The verbage will, the formations will be similar. What I think, what I hope, and what I think needs to happen, has to do with the personnel groupings.

First off. it was a mistake to play minus a fullback last year. Putting a tight end in the backfield as the answer is pathetic. At least with the guys we have. None of them can block. Perhaps Simms will, but IMO get a fullback.

This leads me to personnel grouping 2...We have 3 tight ends. Use them. Use them all on the field at the same time..2-3 tight end sets 13 personnel, 12 Personnel. It has to happen more then few times(I think we used 3 tight ends on 1 formation 7 times last year...)

If we are going to run 3 wide, single tight end, 4 wide..That is fine. But this team needs balance in its personnel groupigs. From this balance should be better blocking, a more quarterback friendly situation, and hopefully an improved offense.

We were in 11 personnel way to much. It made it a no brainer to figure out the tendencies of this team(pass). I posted those stats about our to pass percentage on downs and distances 3-4th 3 yards or less. We only tried 22 freeking runs all year, we only converted 11, and 3 of those 11 were on scrambles. 6 sacks on pass plays on these D&D's, and 46 pass attempts. It was poor offensive strategy. Magnfied by poor line play.

Better line play will ultimately fix our problems. We could run whatever we want if we could block it. The problem is. New system, we had better find ways to be more efficient running the ball, limit Tannehills throws to about 4-5 less per game. To me integrating these personnel groupings, and limiting the 3-4 wide stuff so there is a better balance..Will be the key

I hope the new Coordinator agrees.

Dolphins are going to have more than 7 picks this year.

I know everyone wants to make mock drafts. But we don't even know how many picks the fins will have. I expect a couple compensation picks this year.


Agreed. First round pick should be BPA. Preferably a Tall WR that can catch a Fade in the red zone(the 6'6" guy from FSU) But if a Stud DT or Good OT happens to drop to our spot. I would take it.I would even take an Interior linemen like Pouncey at #19.

Dashi's Priority for first 3 picks for the Fins. Linemen(Offense or Defense), Tall WR, FS, LB. Free Agency will also influence the needs. But right now these are our biggest holes.

You win games upfront. And we lost most of our games when our lines played bad.

Tall WR- The Fins have nobody that can catch a Fade or out jump someone for the ball. Plus, we don't have a True #1.

FS- Clemons isn't the answer. He doesnt produce many dynamic plays.

LB- Wheeler isnt the answer. And we need someone that we can develop into the QB of our defense.

gosh everyone, the dolphins have so much going for them and there is so much to look forward too. It's just soooo exciting right now to be a FinFan. I get goosebumps just thinking about all the possibilities.

PS- is Ross going to the shrine game this weekend, I know the GM we have right now isn't.

Firing Ireland cleared away the biggest obstacle to improvement. We cant help but have much better drafts and personnel decisions. Of course if cheap Ross leaves 30 mill in cap space we wont ever compete.


Great mock.

The only thing I would change would be the FB. But more to a FB/TE player. An H-back. A guy that is similar to Clay and can develop behind him. Probably a little bigger than Clay.

Canadiens talking football is like Americans talking curling lol

Ya Dashi, I keep looking at Kelvin benjamin becoming a Dolphin too - espe is Mike Evans and Eric Ebron are gone...

The American curling team is actually pretty good ...

The American curling team is actually pretty good ...
Posted by: Mark in Toronto | January 17, 2014 at 02:18 PM

The Canadien Football League isnt good at all.

thanks ecto n Dashi... Dashi in regards to Copeland, he seems like a great blocker and tenacious runner. I just don't see Egnew being a legit FB, I'd rather see him stick to TE. Also Copeland's drive and motivation are intangibles you can't teach. Checkout his backstory. I'd like Kuhn in FA if possible though. Also if Mckinnie isn't resigned then Albert would be a need. Henderson reminds me of a younger Mckinnie and needs a strong mentor... He has potential on both sides imo...

..As far as running more plays. I'm all for it. In fact this is the way to win on offense..Run more plays. We cannot do it if the quarterback, the offense has such a low completion percentage. Especially on first and second downs. These are the downs you have to be efficient if you choose to throw it. Incompletions stop the clock, you do not have a chance to stop the defense from bringing in their personnel to match up with your offenses.

Here lies the idea we had better find a way to run it. You want to be able to both, on any down. We never ran it well on first down, we never tried to run on third down, and in between. A lot of incomplete passes. No way to run an up tempo offense.

I watched the Oregon offense at UM for 3 years. (Montana coaches all coached in the Oregon style system)..They gouge people with the run. You can run more plays when you run as your guys are not down the field. Short passes, a bit of zone read, play action, and draws..But the bread and butter of a lot of plays is not the pass..It is the ability to run.

It sets up the whole offense

Hey Armando I like the Peanut gallery thing but I think most of us fans are smarter than that, anyways we know it has been a combination of GM and Coaching because we follow the team very closely.

What i would like to know next time you get next to Joe is how is the offense going to be different this year? Will we bring in some bruising running backs sorely needed to go along with at least three quality linemen. But I know your answer already Philbin won't say anything, or at least until Dawn tells him what to say, if this truly is the case then why would Ross want Philbin at all ?

As far as the GM goes, Ross kept Ireland one year too long , all the moves he made last year really hurt the team this season and for the one coming up. Can we get rid of at least Wheeler or would that cost too much ? Play Jordan in his spot he has to be better
That is all the questions I got for now

that dude from auburn if he drops to sixth rd would be nice too

My Draft:

1st. Taylor Lewan RT
2nd. Tre Mason RB
3rd. Dominuque Easly DT
4th. Aaron Murray QB

FA: Sign Brandon Albert, C Alex Mack (move Pouncey to LG), RB Blount, DT Tony McDaniel. Resign: Grimes, Clemmons, Soliai, and Kellar.

Under this scenario the OL would be upgraded significantly and the RB goes from a position of weakness to a position of strength with Blount and Mason. LB would still be a concern though, they better hope that Jelani Jenkins can take over for Wheeler this year.


Great Post. And I also wanted to continue our ongoing conversation about the Dolphins offense.

Agreed. I see no need in the Fins changing the verbiage or the plays itself. But I do believe the Fins will change certain concepts in their offense, along with certain personnel groupings. And I also expect to see maybe a little more presnap shifting.

Now, me and you have discused this before. I believe you can run out of the Spread. They do it in College all the time. And the Eagles did it real well this past season.

C.Clay is our FB. Problem was our TE went down and Clay had to play TE. The Eagles don't use a FB either. They use their TEs as FBs. They had Celek line up as the FB when ever they would switch to a power formation. Or Ertz would be asked to play FB.

In this Offense the TEs learn how to play FB. And I am all for that. The Average TE is way bigger than the Average FB. Take Clay for example undersized TE but he is huge for a FB. I would rather have a guy like Egnew and Sims leading the way for my RB, then the next play go no huddle and line them up in the slot. Defenses will go Crazy.

I know. I know. Sims and Egnew Suck. But my point is TEs make better FBs than FBs do.

Take the Pats for example. They used A.Hernandez in that role. He was the FB/#2 TE while Gronk was the prototypical TE. Even without Hernandez. The Pats are still using their backup TEs as FBs. The Pats don't use a FB.

I would love to have Keller come back healthy. Have Clay and Keller as our Starters at FB and TE. Have Egnew and Sims develop right behind them. All 4 can play either position in this system.

With all that cap space, letting Dansby, Long, Bush, and Fasano walk away and getting nothing in return was idiotic. Yet they kept D Thomas and M Egnew!!


Blount is a head case and malconent. If were going for a big back which i feel is sorely needed then we should focus on Tate. The man has been waiting in the wings behind foster and has flashed the number 1 RB status we desire and need. Dont get caught up in Blount over the past two weeks. The system in NE allows RB's to be great. See Stevan Ridley

The dolphins do not need another WR. We need to address other areas. They need to improve pass blocking and run blocking. They need better running backs and they need to stop the run. The WR position is actually one of the few positions of strength on the team.

Why would you want to replace Wallace, Hartline, Gibson, Mathews, and Binns? They only keep 5 WRs on the roster. The fins cannot afford to neglect the OL this year. They have to make sure that they have a good stable of RBs and they need to significantly improve the OL; those should be the top priorities this year.

I like Copeland


It is also hard for a FB to block if the linemen can't block. A FB needs to pick up steam. He is also meant to block LBs and Safeties. Not 300lb DTs.

The FB is suppose to engage on his first block after the line of scrimmage. Not while he is still getting up from his stance. Clay, Egnew and Sims looked real good when they had to block guys their size or smaller. They usually only had a problem when they had to block a 300+ NT or a DT.

Admitted homer Jimmy Cefalo said we need a new QB, 2 new RB's, and 4 new OL. WOWZA!

A lot of good NFL players got their start in the CFL..

...Dashi...I have no issue running out of the spread. It is great. It was always the issue can we block it? Last year we could not..It effected the whole offense. I totally get it if the line is fixed. The whole complexity of the offense changes. That is one of the reason I thought it was a mistake that people put the blame of the offensive problems on OC Sherman. I understand if the players were questioning his competence it was time to go. But what happens with this new OC if the line continues to struggle? By default they should be better. But we don't know if the group will be good enough to block the field when we spread it out.

If they are..We will see some cool stuff. To me the fullback buys you a bit of insurance. We have to run the ball. Whatever way that happens the team has to figure it out. We are going to throw it, and the sacks really don't bother me as much as the inefficiency of he line when it came to the run.

People will make a big deal about the sacks. And it was a big deal. But take away those plays, and Tannehill had decent protection. 50 or so out of 580 plus attempts..Less then 10 percent.

The anger should have been over the poor run blocking. That has to change. They fix this part. And so many things open up.

Good point on Blount dolfan29. However, Tate will be expensive. With the need at OL, I am not sure they can afford it. I like Tate too and would not mind signing him but not at the expense of the OL. We need to come up with two OL in FA and 1 in the top of the draft.

I also like Tre Mason a lot and feel he is going to be a top #1 running back in this league. He will probably be available when we pick in the second round. That would still leave the fins needing a big short yardage RB. They need to cut ties with Daniel Thomas, I have seen enough of him.

I also like the FB Copeland but Philbin is not a big fan of the FB position. I doubt that Philbin will advocate for drafting a FB.

Orlando swap out Blount for tate and "thumbs up"

You can't make chicken salad out of chicken shyte. Hold Turner responsible all you want but he's a position coach, not a fukking magician. One of Jeff Ireland's biggest failings as a GMwas getting the OL straight. We paid for it this year and he paid for it by losing his job. NONE of us (including Armando) know if Jim Turner is a good line coach or not. How about we give him some good players first before we write him off.


Benjamin easily adds another 5-7 TDs to T-Sizzle stats. Add that with better chemistry between Wallace and him. With Lazor calling more deep throws next season. I can see T-Hill throwing over 35 TDs with a WR corp like that.

You know last year I wanted the Fins to spend their first round pick on Lacy or C.Patterson. You know I am not a fan of the midget WRs or undersized RBs like The NHC does.

I guess me and you are a lot alike in our player evaluations because of that. I believe in real life Goliath usually wins. Only in Fairy tales does an Ant beat up an Elephant.

Prototypes exist for a reason. And usually the really great players are even bigger than the prototype for his position.

*The NHC loves.

Not sure why you guys want to sign a RB in FA when you can draft a guy with less wear and tear on him and pay him less. Seems like a no brainer to me. Find this years Eddie Lacey in the 2nd or 3rd round and lets go.tired of teams finding guys like Ray Rice and Shady McCoy in the third round and we end up with a guy like Lamaar Miller. Lets go!

Everyone here clamoring for the dismissal of Coyle fails to bring up the fact that the only real valid statistic in Defense is points allowed, and on that note we were 12th in the league in points allowed.

I agree that the scheme should probably be revamped, I think a 3/4 would work way better with the personnel we have than does the 4/3, I agree that Grimes was a STUD on the corner this year and should be given an extended contract to finish out his career here.

If Coyle is willing to modify his defenses to fit his personnel then I see no reason to axe the guy. He is keeping us competitive points wise, our awful offense is what killed this team's aspirations this year.

Yes we failed to get off the field on 3rd down way too many times, yes we failed to cover screen passes way too often. But, I think if we were to change over to a 3/4 those screens would net way fewer yards, or first down conversions on 3rd and 15.

A DL consisting of Odrick, Starks and Solia and adding Jenkins to the LB corps, and letting Wake stand up as an OLB, putting Vernon on the edge as an OLB would stop a LOT of the sweeps that killed us this year too. Put Jenkins and Ellerbe in the middle to stuff the run, give them each A/B gap on their side, responsibility instead of forcing a MLB to cover both A gaps while forcing the OLB's to cover the B/C gaps takes a lot of pressure off these guys and allows them to make plays instead of trying to be a soothsayer on every play, trying to outguess the offense.

I also like the wide C gap formation for defense making the OT really have to reach to make a block and giving the OLB that extra split second to diagnose the play and get in position. If you have strong B gap responsibility from the ILB you can really stuff the edge runs and the cut-back lanes.

The 3/4 requires real studs on the DL and we have them, so why not use it? Now saying that, we MUST re-sign Starks and Solia, OR replace one of them in FA or the draft.

Rant mode off...

Really what coach could do anything with this garbage we had that we called an offensive line. Orlando did your really try ad rationalize that Clabo was an all star in the past. He was getting beat off the snap from day one and I am sure he wasn't coached to let that happen. Jeff Ireland was garbage and blaming anyone one on his ineptitude is ridiculous. Jerry (Graham) Long (Ryan) Pat White, the de out of Clemson, the TE out of mo. (TY Hilton) Gillisee (Mike James)etc. Why is this even a question. Philbin had this team one win from the playoffs with this gargbage roster. He held the team together when Jeff Irelands additions to the roster had a lovers quarrel and we was the but joke of the league. The man has been here two years and has clearly been dealing with a clown for a GM and we still have people here standing up for Jeff Ireland. Hell yeah I am the peanut gallery but I don't give a damn about a capologist and I never have. This has nothing to do with Dawn if that punk Ireland bitter ass didn't leak her name we wouldn't even be talking about her. He was the problem and now he is gone stop trying to deflect he has been here and is responsible for this entire garbage filled roster. We can fire our coach every few years and rename this team the Browns if you want I hope that Phil can put it together.

Tannehill's delivery is so slow he'll always get sacked a lot. And he cant hit the broadside of a barn at more than 10 yds away. Its no wonder Wallace hates him. Matt Moore will be the starter next season.

Dashi, you are a Camodian peasant woman named Kyu Huong.


Good points this morning earlier. One of my problems with Jeff Ireland was this goal 'to make the playoffs'. Bullshyte! If you're not shooting for the Super Bowl you're setting your sights too low. The Pats and Niners aren't happy just making the playoffs. They EXPECT it. If they're not winning the Super Bowl they're not happy. The mentality and thinking needs to change in Miami. Too content to finish second all the time.

dashi, Darryl, the signal...

First to 'The Signal' I feel like I'm talking to myself. Which I probably do way too much anyway! Maybe I should change to The Noise but that's a bit self defeating.

Darryl.....this team doesn't have the personnel to go with either 2 or three TE sets. We have only one blocking TE, Sims, and he has a lot to learn regarding blocking. Clay couldn't block anyone at fullback and Egnew is.....Egnew.

dashi.....you disappoint me my man! Opting for a WR in the first or even BPA? This team needs on OL and if we were to address this in the first 3 rounds it wouldn't upset me in the least! Tate nor Brown couldn't of run behind this OL. The only reason Tannehill survived the season was because of luck or the ability to take a hit. 58 sacks and the 25th best rushing attack and you want a WR? I hold you in a much higher opinion then that!

The mentality and thinking needs to change in Miami. Too content to finish second all the time.

Posted by: Craig M | January 17, 2014 at 02:51 PM

Like the Portuguese.


Ireland was not fired, he walked away. My theory is that Ireland wanted Philbin out and Ross would not do it. After that 2 game collapse against two garbage teams, Ireland was probably very disappointed with the coaching staff.

Ireland had build a power OL (Jerry, Incognito, and Long). Ireland did not have time to transition the team to a finesse zone blocking line. I agree that perhaps Turner did not have the right players for a zone blocking scheme. However, Clabo went from being a pro bowl player to being one of the worst OT in the game, Martin a second round pick never developed, Dallas Thomas was rated pretty high in the draft and he never sniffed the field. So Turner does shoulder some responsibility.

Cefalo has about as much credibility as Dashi.

Yet I agree with Cefalo, Dashi is never right...EVER !

"Phins have as much talent as any Dan Marino or ZT/JT led team"

They have a Punter...little else.

Phins set franchise records this year...for all the wrong reasons.

Franchise record for sacks given up.

Franchise low first downs in a game (Buffalo game two).

Franchise low rushing in a game...2 YARDS !!

To an 0-8 team.

Outscored 39-7 in their final two games when only one win was necessary to make the playoffs lmao.

Can't stop the run.

Can't protect the quarterback.

Can't throw the ball beyond twenty yards.

Not a single starting caliber RB on the roster.

Mediocre receiving corps.

No true TE.

D-Line in decline (and bird finger Starks is leaving)

Pathetic LB corps (main reason why they can't stop the run)

Mediocre kicker.

Nolan Caroll is a staring CB.

Grimes will probably be leaving too.

Useless safeties.

What world does this Dashi guy live in ?

Bizarro world.

I know some love the RBs in this draft. But I don't see anything special in this draft. Maybe they surprise me at the combine?

The 2015 draft will be loaded with blue chip RBs. Guys who actually deserve to be drafted in the first.

If I get a RB this year it would be after the 3rd. And it would be more to get rid of D.Thomas and Gillislee. Hopefully good enough to compete with L.Miller. A guy that can return kicks his rookie year.

I still don't get drafting Gillislee. When the guy can't even return kicks.


'Fired', 'parted ways amicably'......doesn't really matter. The owner sided with Philbin in all this. He was taking power away from Ireland because he didn't feel the results were there and He felt Ireland didn't deserve them any more. So its clear Ireland lost the power struggle. That can't be denied. Maybe it was Ross' hope thatIreland would quit. Doesn't really matter. He's gone.

Craig, almost 60 sacks is horrendous no matter who was there and there were a few capable guys on that line.

How come 'signal' is talking to 'the signal'?

Does this blog come with a program?

ireland was fired. Walked away? How naive can one get?

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