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Edwards promotion great; Turner status merits scrutiny

The reported departure of Dolphins linebacker coach George Edwards to Minnesota to become the Vikings defensive coordinator deserves congratulations for him. Dolphins fans should applaud that someone from the Dolphins coaching staff is moving on up, professionally and geographically. No, seriously, you should really be thrilled ...

Because in his last two seasons coaching the Dolphins linebackers -- Edwards's second stint with the team following a tenure that lasted 2005-2009 -- the unit has mostly underperformed. Indeed, last season as the Miami defense fell to 24th in the NFL in rushing yards allowed, the worse ranking since 2007, it was clear that linebackers Dannell Ellerbe and Phillip Wheeler were at the core of the problems with the run defense.

That fact is so obvious that at least one general manager candidate interviewing recently said the next GM must replace at least one of the two players because the performance from the positions did not merit the salary cap and actual money expenditure.

(Peanut gallery: Well, Armando, this clearly shows what a poor GM Jeff Ireland was. After all he signed Ellerbe and Wheeler.)

Yes, gallery, the signing of both players was apparently a poor decision given their contracts -- Ellerbe at five years for $34.75 million and Wheeler for five years and $26 million. The Dolphins paid Ellerbe $14 million guaranteed. The Dolphins paid Wheeler $13 million guaranteed.

But here's the rub ...

Ellerbe played quite well for Baltimore in 2012. Wheeler was outstanding in Oakland in 2012. And the two players the Dolphins jettisoned to upgrade to Wheeler and Ellerbe played better for their new teams. Karlos Dansby was a borderline Defensive Player of the Year candidate in Arizona and Kevin Burnett was a revelation in Oakland.

The two departed players combined for nine sacks, four forced fumbles, two fumble recoveries, five interceptions, 23 passes defensed and two TDs.

The two players under Edwards combined for 1.5 sacks, zero forced fumbles, two fumble recoveries, two interceptions, 12 passes defensed and no touchdowns.

So to recap, the players the Dolphins added under Edwards played better elsewhere before arriving but took a step back in Miami. And the players who didn't play well enough under Edwards the year before were released and had banner seasons elsewhere.

I don't see this as a coincidence. And I see a good portion, if not the majority of the responsibility for this, falling on the position coach involved -- Edwards

So congratulations to him for getting the promotion. Problem partially solved.

Unfortunately for the Dolphins, Edwards was not the only Dolphins assistant that deserves scrutiny based on the performance of his players.

Last season the Dolphins offensive line was, as the entire NFL knows, something of a problem. Yes, sometimes the pass protection breakdowns fell on the shoulders of running backs or tight ends. Yes, sommetimes quarterback Ryan Tannehill held the ball too long or did little to get out of the way of the pressure.

But those franchise record and NFL worst 58 sacks?

The offensive line, folks.

(Peanut gallery:  Well, Armando, this clearly shows what a poor GM Jeff Ireland was. After all he put that offensive line together).

No doubt about it. At the end of the day, the Dolphins did not have enough talent on the offensive line. Ireland bet on Jonathan Martin, his draft pick, and that bet was a loser.

But the thing is, Mike Pouncey is a talented center. And Bryant McKinnie is a solid left tackle who Ireland brought in via trade midway through the season. And John Jerry was often able to get in somebody's way. And Tyson Clabo is a former Pro Bowl player who went 14 consecutive games, including the playoffs, without allowing a sack for the Falcons in 2012.

And these guys, together, simply were not very effective. There was no unity of action on the field. They were disjointed. And there certainly was no unity of thought as the NFL scandal obviously suggests.

So who is responsible for solving those issues? Um, thinking ...

Yeah, the position coach.

Offensive line coach Jim Turner oversaw the statistically most inept offensive line in Dolphins NFL history. That is not an opinion. It is a fact, as evidence by the phrase, "most sacks allowed in franchise history." One can argue the expansion offensive line was worse, but that was an AFL line.

Unfortunately for the Dolphins, the Minnesota Vikings haven't been calling to hire Turner. Neither has any other NFL team that I know of.

Barring a return to his college roots, Turner is likely to remain in Miami.

So while the offensive line that underperformed likely will get a nearly full reconstruction this offseason, the man who led that terrible line, likely will remain.

It is possible new offensive coordinator Bill Lazor may lobby to replace Turner and others but he said recently that subject had not been discussed with coach Joe Philbin.

(Huh? How does an interview happen and either the head coach or OC candidate doesn't bring up the topic of what will happen with the offensive assistants under the new OC?)

Anyway, this brings up another little issue:

What's Philbin thinking?

Does he know more than everyone else in thinking Turner is a great coach that deserves the chance to step out of the shadow of an epic failure?

Does he know Turner isn't it but rather not replace him out of loyalty? (This is a possibility because, well, Mike Sherman.)

Or does Philbin, a former offensive line coach himself, simply not know a failing OL coach when he sees one?

There still isn't an answer to these possibilities. So far Philbin has stuck with Turner. We'll see if that lasts through the release of the NFL report. We'll see if it lasts through that conversation he and Lazor apparently haven't had yet.


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Marc and MIT,

I want to be clear that I think the Defensive struggles this year were primarily due to player execution (lack thereof) and coaching.

Having played HS and College football (D3 nothing impressive) as a MLB I assure you it's different playing 4/3 vs. 3/4. It's a speed/coverage issue. I can only imagine how much more the difference is at the NFL level.

As a MLB in a 3/4 you only have the NT taking on the G, C, G as blockers. In 4/3 you obviously have the two DT's taking on the G, C, G. But it goes beyond tying up the blockers. In the 4/3 the MLB has a lot ground to cover, Tackle to Tackle. In the 4/3 they really only have to handle Center to Tackle. Then you add in pass protection and the protection responsibility (ground you cover) in a 4/3 is greater. So I think Ellerbe's instincts are not that great, meaning he reacts a slower than Dansby, and the 4/3 is making him cover more ground. This also puts pressure on the Safeties as they have one less LB in coverage.

I honestly don't know the system Wheeler came from in Oakland. But again as a OLB in a 4/3 Wheeler has more complicated pass coverage and has to cover more ground against the run with only one MLB to help cover Tackle to Center while he is trying to cover Guard to outside contain.

I know it sounds like it shouldn't be that big of a deal but I think the SPEED and COVERAGE issues are truly different.

The next time life gets me down, I'll just pop in a dvd of the first Dolphins vs. Bills game. When The Dolphins top notch defense couldn't stop the mighty Bills from controlling the clock and running the ball some 70 yards for the game winning field goal as time expired.

6 yards

8 yards

4 yards

12 yards

5 yards

No gain...Misi chest bumps a fan (Dashi)

17 yards

12 yards

7 yards

Game winning field goal.

Thad Lewis gets carried off the field on his team's shoulders.

It wouldn't be the first time.


I never got the Gillislee pick. Wasted pick IMO. And it's funny, guys like Daytona were saying he'd be starting by mid-season....lol.

Pick like the Ricki Stanzi prediction I think.....lol.

Posted by: james ford | January 17, 2014 at 02:48 PM

This team was 8-6 with the top odds of making the playoffs and went 4-1 against AFC playoff teams. All they needed to do was win one game against two putrid teams (Bills and Jets) and Philbin laid an egg. The bills and jets did not just beat the dolphins, they blew them out with the playoffs on the line. The GM only puts together the roster it is up to coaches to come up with game plans, make adjustments,develop players, and motivate players. Philbin and his staff are the reasons that this team is not in the playoffs.

Everyone makes mistakes when drafting. Ireland is human and had some bad picks. However, he also found Hartline, Pouncey, Clay, Odrick, Vernon, Misi, Carroll, Jones, Mathews, and Tannehill. He also made great decisions signing Wake and Grimes in FA. This was a playoff team that with a good coach would have been playing in the post season.

As for Clabo. He is a former pro bowl player who gave up 0 sacks in 2012 with the Falcons. You have to wonder how do you go from that to one of the worst OL in the league. That is coaching.

I still don't get drafting Lamar Miller. He cant run or block.

Nobody realy knows what is going to happen, only fact was that we needed change and that is good. The bad is that we are going to have to wait 3 years in order to again feel this good.


Dashi only wants a WR early if the Guy is a beanpole that can jump thru the roof.

You know my #1,#2,#3 priority for this team is the O-line this Offseason. But I expect at least 2 of them to be answered thru free agency.

Are you telling me the Dolphins don't need a 6'3"+ 220+lb sub 4.4-40 with a 35+inch vertical who can fight and outjump people in the redzone, won't make the whole offense better. Teams will be forced not to double team Wallace. It would give T-Hill a legit option in the red zone.

Ask Peyton if having 2 guys like I just described didn't influence his decision to go to Denver.

With a quarterback The Jets are clearly better than the third place Dolphins. The only question now is whether or not The Bills have passed The Dolphins ? Head to head The Dolphins can't match up with The Mighty Bills (who swept the lowly Phins). Ross is so a s s backwards when The Phins finish last next year he'll think they've finished first.


The other issue to think about on 3/4 vs 4/3 is talent on your squad (their size and speed).

I really think Jordan can play 4/3 DE or 3/4 OLB. Just like Jason Taylor. But I think he can be a freak at OLB as he wont' have blockers on him right away and he can cover TE's.

Vernon had success this year in sacking QB's as a 4/3 DE. But he doesn't set the edge well. I wonder if he would be better served as a 3/4 OLB who can still blitz QB's but may be better against the run in space vs. right up against a OT?

I think Odrick can play 4/3 DT or 3/4 DE. I actually think he would serve better (due to other talent on the team next year) as 3/4 DE as he sets the edge much better than Jordan or Vernon.

That is so not a Cambodian name...

Nice of Matt Moore to drop by the blog ...

Craig M your Dolphins finished third in the AFC East.

The Jets were second.

The kicker ?

They draft one position ahead of The Dolphins anyway.

Yes. James Wilder Jr., in the 5th, perhaps the 4th.

Ireland left because Ross was going to limit his authority. Pretty sure there was a post about it in this blog, also was on NFL site.

Though I don't see how you can excuse the coaches for all the bs that happened this season. The roster does have talent on it, especially on defense. The OL was terrible and needed work. IMO, where the coaches really failed was trying to have players fit a scheme (zone blocking) instead of having your scheme fit the players.

Martin Scandal... All on Coaches
Buffalo, NYJ games... All on Coaches
OL Talent... GM
OL Scheme/Play... Coaches

No need for conspiracy theories on what happened to Irleand. Ross wanteed to give him a boss and Ireland said no thanks so instead of keeping the same - they disolved the working arrangement.

Realist, you know? Not like tehy've neglected that unit in order to supply the offense either. Top picks, free agent dollars, defense gets way more than it's fair share. Yet all it does it get worse under Coyle...

Posted by: Mark in Toronto | January 17, 2014 at 12:34 PM

As I've posted many times here resently, I would have FIRED Coyle in the Locker Room after the Jets game! He would have been on my radar of to do things since right after the Bucs game in actuality. It boggled the mind the way the Bucs RB's (at times they played with a street FA in that game with Martin out) were shredding our D! It had been a year long thing really because even in winning Vs. the Colts and Falcons early both those teams with depleted OL's and back up RB's pounded the Football at will right down our collective throats. Our D this Yr. has been consistant about being very weak up-front if they were consistant about anything!!

The fact Coyle's not even mentioned in any of the conversations relating to change has had me wondering if he'd mastered the Jedi Mind trick or something?? With regards to this post about Edwards I saw the introduction of Zim as Vikes H.C. on NFL Net. and they said that he was still interviewing for the DC Pos. and it wasn't yet clear what post Edwards would hold on that team, so Mando jumped the gun a bit here because they further stated that Zim would be heavily involved with the Coaching/Play calling on D while Norv Turner would have control of the O.


I know Daytona must curse his TV every time he sees Lacy play. The guy went ad nauseum how Gillislee will be better than Miller. And How Gillislee was a better prospect than Lacy. When Lacy Averaged almost 2 yards more a carry.

But seriously. Gillislee should've at least made Thigpen expendable.

That pick was head scratcher as an Ireland supporter. I would've taken M.James from the U. Who was the Starter at the U. And was the Thunder to L.Millers lightning in college. Well he gashed us when we played the Bucs.

The Gators have only produced 2 NFL RBs in over 100 years of existence.

Posted by: CommonSense | January 17, 2014 at 03:07 PM

This is a great post. Your post name fits you. Great analysis.


Ross is indecision personified. Needed to clean house, i.e., fire Failbin & GM, Hire GM & allow him to restaff according to his preferences.
Instead he's taken the half_assed


You called it when it came to Lacy. You wanted Lacy to be drafted here. You even wanted the Dolphins to spend a 1st round pick on him. No one argued more for Lacy before the draft than you did, and you were right.

approach, guaranteed to fail.

Dashi @ 3:12pm,

Totally agree. James over Gillislee would have been a much better pick.

Fire Turner & Coyle & whatever stiff is allegedly coaching our QB.

Yes it is true. Ross either should have kept the regime together for 1 more year or just cleaned house. Ross seems to be the kind of leader that struggles to make a decision.

Hence, why don't the fins have a gm yet?


'my Dolphins'? Why are you here, man? You don't think there's anything strange about a guy who spends as much time here cheering against the Dolphins and commenting daily, and isn't even a fan? A pschyiatrist would have a field day with you!

Two big RBs that I really like are Carlos Hyde and Jeremy Hill.

I have been watching some highlights of Hill and that kid is a beast. We could take him in the 3rd o 4th round. Take a look at these highlights from Jeremy Hill:


Ross's goal is to set up a scenario whereby he can convince Goodell he's tried everything in SoFla but fans have abandoned team although he's prevented blackouts, & that politicians won't build Super Bowl worthy Stadium despite league guarantee we'd get the game frequently so HE deserves the L.A. Franchise & the basically free Stadium that goes with it..... Poof, a franchise that's instantly is worth MUCH MORE than what he paid. After all, he's in Real Estate, not football.


Maybe then they could actually get an appreciative fanbase...

Marc, I can't look at that type of stuff here ....

Posted by: Dashi | January 17, 2014 at 02:10 PM

I believe this Yrs. group of Tackles is the deepest I've ever seen! I'm not sure why Jake Matthews is the highest rated on the board and feel the BA at LT will shift during the Combine but deep non-the-less!! I think Matthews man-crush comes in part from bloodlines Dad Bruce played LT,LG & C for Oilers/Titans during a whopping 19 Seasons were he only missed 3 starts in career (the 3 strike games in 87) Uncle is Clay of course Cousins are Clay and Kasey. That aside he was the RT for Tex.A&M in 2012 with Joekel at LT were he moved in 2013 out of need and I saw him Vs. Bama, Auburn and LSU were those SEC speed rushers lit him up!!

Buyer beware with him at LT but a mauler in run-game and NFL RT! The best LT in the draft is Auburn's Robinson followed by Mich.'s Taylor Lewan, FSU Cam Irving, Tenn.'s A.Richardson, N.D.'s Z.Martin rounded out by phenom Cyrus Kouandjio from Bama who had it rough in the Sugar Bowl Vs. those smaller quicker Sooner DE's but a BEAST of a man who I would plug as a day-1 RT while now 1 Yr. later over-paying (even more) for Brandon Albert as my LT. In Rd-2 I cover my bets at RB with IMO the best all around player at the Pos. in Carlos Hyde. The best DT on the boards that can play in the 4/3 (if Coyle is staying) would be my pick in Rd-3 were I see if USC's Uko (an Odrick type clone)is available.

I'm not forgeting Safety but not sold in this group outside of the obvious in Ha-Ha Dix but would maybe tweak my thinking if Uko's teammate D.Bailey is still available in Rd-3. He is a BIG HITTER who covers centerfield well for the Trojans. If not then maybe LSU's C.Loston in Rd-4. I posted about RG Brandon Linder the other day as an under the radar player to look into in Rd-4 as well. The players I've mentioned in those Rds can all be 1-A or 1-B if you'd like but the ones I'd target! In getting back to Rd-1 a group of those Tackles mentioned will fall to our pick 19 because the QB's will slide everybody in the top end of the 2014 draft!

Cam Erving staying in school...

Who's better?

Ha Ha Clinton Dix (the forgotten love child of the Clinton-lewinsky affair)


LMAO Clinton Dix?

Come on, someone had to say it....

Gillislee is the best rb on the dolphins roster. Does it means he's great? Hell no! Only means the rb's on this roster all collectively stink.

I've said it before and will say it again. The quality of our rb corps went to hell when BOTH R&R were allowed to walk in the same offseason, without adding a VET rb presence.

So, in 2014, we're left to go with a proven inconsistent Daniel Thomas. Lamar Miller, who received not enough 2012 carries to warrant the "blind faith" top be placed in him as the starter. Plus, he may be the NFL's worst starting rb in pass protection.

Then Gillislee, a "raw rookie". But, many here have to have a "whipping boy", so may as well blame it all on Gillislee, he's the lone reason why the fins running game stunk so profusely.

Our greatest disappointment at rb in 2013 were Thomas and Miller, yet the main target of line of fire here, for some "totally ridiculous" reason seems to be an obscure "5TH RD" rb. I mean, why wouldn't all of this be Mike Gillislee's fault. I mean we couldn't blame Lamar Miller, because Dashi says we cant, right?

uhm, they added Reggie Bush when R&R left, not quality vet?

Personally I thought Gillislee stunk way before he got drafted...

Precisely, MIT.
And at the rate he's going, he'll have a convincing case to make to Goodell.
Remember.... Huizenga schnookered Ross, esp. W/the Parcells no-work-required multi-million $$ contract, $
&Ross is first owner in recent history to have purchased franchise that almost instantly was worth less than purchase price.

kick in a few bucks, we can take it off Ross' hands. Nfl doesn't make money off relocation. They will most certainly let Ross sell to us before he gets an explansion team.

Posted by: Craig M | January 17, 2014 at 03:22 PM

Seems like cheering against the Dolphins is defined by some here as:


Come on man, everyone has a right to be here. Even if their thoughts and opinions are far different than our own.

If everyonehere here agreed , or close to agreed, on everything. This would not be a blog, it would be no more than a:


As many have said. No one here has the right to say who should or shouldn't be here. After all, why come to a place where activity you disdain occurs anyway?

It's like going to a hospital saying, "I hate sick people". How much sense does this really makes?


I wanted Lacy cause I felt he was going to be special. The guy is built like a house and has the feet of a Ballerina.

What I don't get is how people Swear that I only want L.Miller to be a star. Like you said Dashi was screaming for Lacy. I even wanted Lacy to start over Miller. Which is a little sacreligous being a UM fan.

My Prototypical RB is Ricky. I compare all other RBs towards him. Lacy isn't Ricky. Will never be. Ricky was a Physical Freak of Nature. But Lacy does run similar to Ricky.

Jeff Ireland is more experienced than any of the current GM candidates. Be careful what you wish for. We are going to now get an unknown with no track record. Philbin cost Ireland his job. The next GM we get will be a complete educated guess. The OL was not good, I agree but this year the fins did not make the playoffs because of the coaching staff. We will have to endure this coaching staff for one more year. Philbin is not HC material, the games against the Bills and Jets at the end of the year proved that. This was from Omar Kelly on the performance of the coaching staff:

"IF anyone in the Dolphins organization doesn't realize the coaches did a MEDIOCRE job coaching the team in 2013 please buy them a clue."

My opinion has always been that the GM and HC must be on the same page. The GM "MUST" know the X's and O's of football to be able to get the players that fit the HC's system. Bringing in Wallace, Ellerbe and Wheeler did not solve any of our previous issues. That being said, Philbin has not done his job as a HC either. He needed to address all the problems and find solutions. Throughout the season we continually saw bad play calling by Sherman, No adjustments were made. I never did see the QB coach on the side lines breaking down plays with Tannehill and in two years did not teach him simple moves of how to avoid the rush by stepping up in the pocket and getting rid of the ball faster. Philbin needs to give up all the BS of loyalty to his coaching staff and be loyal to the fans. Either his QB and OL coach perform or get them out of here. Looking at the GM hiring criteria as required by Ross, just another move setting the Phins up for failure.

I see a lot people posting about a running back like Tre Mason. Mason is good back don't get me wrong but I don't think he is what we need. Getting L. Blount in free agency is the move to be made. A big bruising back along with Miller would serve us well with improved blocking.
Would do you guys think we should take in the 1st round if a O-tackle falls, Ebron and Benjamin are all there at 19?
Also I would take a 4th round flyer on QB Aaron Murry

I keep trying to convince myself that maybe Philbin with some better personnel, another year of experience, and a bigger sense of urgency maybe can turn things around.

But you turdheads have to keep reminding me and repeating the debacles from the past season.

It really doesn't make you feel warm and fuzzy when like fin4life says, a 4th string RB from the Bucs just run rampid on us.

It's not likely we improve if the head coach views this type of play as acceptable and noone is held accountable.

Possibly the players are being coached correctly but they just lack motivation which again is on the head coach.

Don Shula was also known as a coach who stood by his coaches but at least he could motivate his players.

Personally I thought Gillislee stunk way before he got drafted...

Posted by: Mark in Toronto | January 17, 2014 at 03:47 PM

Drafting a rb is a "hit or miss" proposition no matter how you choose to draw it up. It's not like the guy was drafted upper rds.

Ireland traded into the 2nd for Thomas and Miller isn't much better than Gilislee as a 3rd rd pick himself.

Many here cry to use Gillislee as a "whipping boy", but geez, with the same some, he's more of a whipping boy than Daniel Thomas.

Not only was Thomas a 2nd rd pick, we also used a 5TH RD pick(Gillisle was a 5th rd pick all by his lonesome) and a 7th rd pick. At least as a 5th rd pick Gillislee made the team.


I agree with you about the running back situation and the draft. It would be a wasted pick IMO unless it was a big back who is different from Miller. I really don't think Miller is a problem for us at running back.

Dashi please stop with the Gillislee crybaby rants already. No way could we afford to use a 2nd rd pick at rb. Even you know this.

How many years will you continue with this none sense?

To the Head of the NHC,

At least we make whipping boys of players that Suck!! You try and make whipping boys of guys who are good. You just want to be the opposite of everyone here.


You see what you have done. You pressed the Red Button!!! Now prepare for a Nuclear Meltdown!! Prepare to get added to the Dashi! Dashi! Dashi! List. The blog for the next hour is going to be Craig!! Dashi!! Craig!! Dashi!!

At least nobody has come out and said Salguero is a Hack and gets his inside info from the Nursing Home near the Dolphins facility. Whoops! I guess Dashi just pressed the other button.

OK, guys we only have a few more hours of daylight before the 600 year old vampire is fully awake.

Sam, don't think drafting a RB is hit or miss but I will cnceded that by the time he was drafted, the talent had been sucked dry from that draft. I might havve taken a flier on an athletic guard prospect like Garrett Gilkey at that point but it's not like he set tthe world on fire either. Started one game for the Browns ... big whoop.

I'm not about to sit here and tear about late 5th round picks... all GMs are playing powerball by that point.

Posted by: Fin_Fan_in_DC | January 17, 2014 at 04:00 PM

Right, Tre Mason's all of the buzz here. However, I love the way the Auburn offense is constructed period!

If I had my way, I would hire Auburn's OC on the spot. I absolutely love the creative ways in which he runs his ground game as a whole.

Not calling Tre Mason a total system rb. But I believe the way Auburn's run game is constructed, it appears to be a "rb friendly" system in which many rb's could prosper.

I believe Mason's success is both system and he's a good back.

Drafting a rb is a "hit or miss" proposition no matter how you choose to draw it up.

Posted by: Sam I Am | January 17, 2014 at 04:01 PM


Same thing your Mom said before getting pregnant. I guess we missed.

I'm not about to sit here and tear about late 5th round picks... all GMs are playing powerball by that point.

Posted by: Mark in Toronto | January 17, 2014 at 04:08 PM


Same thing your Mom said before getting pregnant. I guess we missed.

Posted by: Dashi | January 17, 2014 at 04:10 PM

Wow, your maturity level is simply breath taking. Is there any chance that when I grow up, I can be exactly like you?

Posted by: Fin_Fan_in_DC | January 17, 2014 at 04:00 PM

Yes, fin fan, I love the way the Auburn offense is constructed as a whole. It gave Bama fits, and gave FSU fits in the Nat' Championship game.

Their OC could be a rising star.

So sad, the Devon Bess story today. I hope all dolfans are praying for him.

fin4life....your right in saying that the OT position has rare depth this year. And in saying that all the OTs aren't LT material. If we don't trade down in the first (and we might still get on OT later in the first) I say go with the best OT available with the 19th pick. It's only a hope but then getting Gabe Jackson, OG, Mississippi State in the 2nd would certainly solve a lot of problems. Signing Albert to a bloated contract would work because in the following year we have Ellerbe and Wheeler coming off the cap as they're shown the door.

Also agree with the Coyle situation. At least Sherman had a little bit of on excuse with the OL being what it was. But Coyle? Other then keeping Ireland around for so long, Coyle making the cut was remarkable! What he's going to do to get this team back to the defense we'd become used to is beyond me. And I have a suspicion that it's also beyond him! Philbin was, obviously, told to get rid of Sherman. With Coyle also being forced to leave that would have casted a very poor reflection on Philbin. With Coyle staying it casts a bad reflection on Philbin AND Ross.

Seems like a little of the RB talk is a mute point until we can block consistantly.

A veteran RB familiar with zone blocking and chipping should be a priority if you ask me, more so than the draft.

Both Miller and Thomas had their moments this year when they had a hole to run through. Although both could be a little better after contact and could certainly be better blockers.

Ok, I hate to repeat myself. But your ignorance is astonishing.

Here are the Facts on Gillislee.

Gillislee didn't see the field til he was a 22 year old senior at UF. And UF had nobody at RB. So he couldn't beat out anybody for 3 years.

The guy barely gained over 1000yds as a senior in College.

He is Smaller and Slower than any RB on the Fins. D.Thomas actually ran a faster 40.

Gillislee rookie season

6 Att
21 yds
3.5 Avg
0 TDs

Now please re-explain how Gillislee is/will be better than D.Thomas or L.Miller.

L.Miller was the #3 RB last season and gained over 250yds.

L.Miller is also a year younger than Gillislee. Let that one sink in for a minute.

Almost everyone agrees that Philbin just isn't a head coach, he may be organized but he doesn't know talent, player or coaches. Does anyone ever clue in Ross as to position coaches, etc, etc?

So while the offensive line that underperformed likely will get a nearly full reconstruction this offseason, the man who led that terrible line, likely will remain.

PLEASE TELL US MANDO how will the OL be completely reconstructed?

Will we be signing multiple high-dollar FA lineman?
Will we be drafting starting OL with the first 4 picks?


The point isn't criticizing a 5th rd pick who more than likely will be a camp cut this preseason.

The Point is that he said Gillislee will/is better than Lacy and L.Miller. Even after this season. He is still delusional enough to think Gillislee will be our starting RB next season and that the kid will be a game changer.

Just look at him rant and try and explain that Gillislee is the best.

Notice he is the one making a big deal out of a 5th rd Special teams guy.

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