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Edwards promotion great; Turner status merits scrutiny

The reported departure of Dolphins linebacker coach George Edwards to Minnesota to become the Vikings defensive coordinator deserves congratulations for him. Dolphins fans should applaud that someone from the Dolphins coaching staff is moving on up, professionally and geographically. No, seriously, you should really be thrilled ...

Because in his last two seasons coaching the Dolphins linebackers -- Edwards's second stint with the team following a tenure that lasted 2005-2009 -- the unit has mostly underperformed. Indeed, last season as the Miami defense fell to 24th in the NFL in rushing yards allowed, the worse ranking since 2007, it was clear that linebackers Dannell Ellerbe and Phillip Wheeler were at the core of the problems with the run defense.

That fact is so obvious that at least one general manager candidate interviewing recently said the next GM must replace at least one of the two players because the performance from the positions did not merit the salary cap and actual money expenditure.

(Peanut gallery: Well, Armando, this clearly shows what a poor GM Jeff Ireland was. After all he signed Ellerbe and Wheeler.)

Yes, gallery, the signing of both players was apparently a poor decision given their contracts -- Ellerbe at five years for $34.75 million and Wheeler for five years and $26 million. The Dolphins paid Ellerbe $14 million guaranteed. The Dolphins paid Wheeler $13 million guaranteed.

But here's the rub ...

Ellerbe played quite well for Baltimore in 2012. Wheeler was outstanding in Oakland in 2012. And the two players the Dolphins jettisoned to upgrade to Wheeler and Ellerbe played better for their new teams. Karlos Dansby was a borderline Defensive Player of the Year candidate in Arizona and Kevin Burnett was a revelation in Oakland.

The two departed players combined for nine sacks, four forced fumbles, two fumble recoveries, five interceptions, 23 passes defensed and two TDs.

The two players under Edwards combined for 1.5 sacks, zero forced fumbles, two fumble recoveries, two interceptions, 12 passes defensed and no touchdowns.

So to recap, the players the Dolphins added under Edwards played better elsewhere before arriving but took a step back in Miami. And the players who didn't play well enough under Edwards the year before were released and had banner seasons elsewhere.

I don't see this as a coincidence. And I see a good portion, if not the majority of the responsibility for this, falling on the position coach involved -- Edwards

So congratulations to him for getting the promotion. Problem partially solved.

Unfortunately for the Dolphins, Edwards was not the only Dolphins assistant that deserves scrutiny based on the performance of his players.

Last season the Dolphins offensive line was, as the entire NFL knows, something of a problem. Yes, sometimes the pass protection breakdowns fell on the shoulders of running backs or tight ends. Yes, sommetimes quarterback Ryan Tannehill held the ball too long or did little to get out of the way of the pressure.

But those franchise record and NFL worst 58 sacks?

The offensive line, folks.

(Peanut gallery:  Well, Armando, this clearly shows what a poor GM Jeff Ireland was. After all he put that offensive line together).

No doubt about it. At the end of the day, the Dolphins did not have enough talent on the offensive line. Ireland bet on Jonathan Martin, his draft pick, and that bet was a loser.

But the thing is, Mike Pouncey is a talented center. And Bryant McKinnie is a solid left tackle who Ireland brought in via trade midway through the season. And John Jerry was often able to get in somebody's way. And Tyson Clabo is a former Pro Bowl player who went 14 consecutive games, including the playoffs, without allowing a sack for the Falcons in 2012.

And these guys, together, simply were not very effective. There was no unity of action on the field. They were disjointed. And there certainly was no unity of thought as the NFL scandal obviously suggests.

So who is responsible for solving those issues? Um, thinking ...

Yeah, the position coach.

Offensive line coach Jim Turner oversaw the statistically most inept offensive line in Dolphins NFL history. That is not an opinion. It is a fact, as evidence by the phrase, "most sacks allowed in franchise history." One can argue the expansion offensive line was worse, but that was an AFL line.

Unfortunately for the Dolphins, the Minnesota Vikings haven't been calling to hire Turner. Neither has any other NFL team that I know of.

Barring a return to his college roots, Turner is likely to remain in Miami.

So while the offensive line that underperformed likely will get a nearly full reconstruction this offseason, the man who led that terrible line, likely will remain.

It is possible new offensive coordinator Bill Lazor may lobby to replace Turner and others but he said recently that subject had not been discussed with coach Joe Philbin.

(Huh? How does an interview happen and either the head coach or OC candidate doesn't bring up the topic of what will happen with the offensive assistants under the new OC?)

Anyway, this brings up another little issue:

What's Philbin thinking?

Does he know more than everyone else in thinking Turner is a great coach that deserves the chance to step out of the shadow of an epic failure?

Does he know Turner isn't it but rather not replace him out of loyalty? (This is a possibility because, well, Mike Sherman.)

Or does Philbin, a former offensive line coach himself, simply not know a failing OL coach when he sees one?

There still isn't an answer to these possibilities. So far Philbin has stuck with Turner. We'll see if that lasts through the release of the NFL report. We'll see if it lasts through that conversation he and Lazor apparently haven't had yet.


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The Fins have a Young QB. And most of its core players are young.

This team has more potential right now than any D.Marino lead team or any JT and ZT lead team.

If you feel some type of way. Not my problem. I dont watch sports and get depressed. If the team loses. OK the team loss. My day keeps moving. I had no say in the outcome anyway. Now if I was playing or coaching and we loss then I would take it personal. But why get mad cause the next man failed?
What I have noticed is that for a certain generation of Dolphin fans they usually feel the same way you do. The older the grumpier.


Dashi, I just saw your response.

I respect your opinions. However...

I never used the words "anger" or "depression" so, not sure where that is coming from. I feel the same way as you- this is a game, nothing more, just a game.

It is a game that we enjoy however, and it would be nice to see a little success at some point. But when have we seen success lately? If success is gauged by wins and playoffs, then we haven't been successful in quite some time. Again, 2000 was our last playoff victory. That was 13 years ago.

I would say that is disappointing that we have not had more success in the last 13 years. This current drought has gone on way too long. If you used to watch the Dolphins when they were winning, and you like winning, then you too may be disappointed that we haven't won in well over a decade. I think if you fall into this group, you have just cause to be disappointed.

Success for the Dolphins is defined by the following statistic:

Our last Superbowl appearance was 28 years ago. Our last Superbowl victory was 39 years ago.

This franchise used to be respected, now we're ridiculed.


Again- if we gauge success by wins and losses, then how can you say we're closer now than we were under Marino-led teams? REALLY? Do you really want to argue that point?

In 1984, the Dolphins won their first 11 games en route to a 14–2 season (the franchise's best 16-game season to date). Marino, in his first full season, produced one of the most impressive set of passing statistics in NFL history, setting single-season records for most yards (5,084), touchdown passes (48), and completions (362). He was voted NFL MVP. In 1984, a Marino-led Dolphins team went to the Superbowl. we didn't win, but that's what I call "close".

Marino-led teams went to the playoffs 11 times, won the AFC East 6 times, won the AFC conference 2 times, and appeared in the Superbowl once. That's what I call "close".

You see, the Dolphins used to be a winning franchise.

For the record- I like Tannehill, and I think he will get better. I don't believe he is anywhere near his ceiling due to his relative lack of experience. I think we can win moving forward with T-hill.

I think with the right moves, we can be close again. But until we can break .500 and get into the playoffs, and until we can actually win a playoff game, then I don't think we can say that we're close at all.

ETF, better be primarily through free agency - you aren't goign to eb much improved if you depend entirely on the draft. Those boys will be thrown around.

yeah Dashi, he's clearly not better than anybody. Too small, too slow, too weak, too stiff.

Teams are making moves for coaches, and the Dolphins are stuck in neutral as always.

New Era, New Logo.

Yeah, right.

I am the only person that solved the OL/Draft dilemma:

Trade out 1st pick for a starting LT
Trade our 2nd pick for a starting RT
Trade our 3rd pick for a starting LG
Trade our 4-5-6 picks for a starting RG

Boom! That's how you get 4 starting lineman from 1 draft.


Wouldn't Full reconstruction include getting rid of Pouncey?

Not just almost the Whole line. But Replacing the Whole Line.

Not saying you said this. I'm actually with you. I would like to hear how the great GM Salguero will answer.

The Peanut Gallery is waiting.

Seriously, pardon the sarcasm. Salguero sometimes has some good theories. And he is more realistic than his die hard fans (the NHC) into what you can accomplish in the off season.

ETF, that's retarded.

Sign Albert
Sign a G
draft one other lineman in either the first or 2nd

line is re-built.

All picks are kept save one.

rdubs, hear Kellen Winslow was whacking in his car?


Agree with you d29
I would also like ha ha clinton dix he is a great option in case we dont find a linemen at 19.
The mocks now are pretty inacurate after the senior bowl and pre draft training we will truly see who the dolphins could want or get at 19. It also depends on who we get in FA if we resign keller i think Ebron would not be necessary(just my opinion though)

I can say my first option so far is zack martin from notre dame, after that cyrus from fsu.
I would love robinson or matthews however i think we would have to move up to top ten to be able to pick one of them
If all the good day one starting linemen are gone and if ebron clinton dix cj mosely or hell ecen mike evans are available by all means draft them!!!

2014 don't let go of the rope!!!!


I with you on the o-line. I would use a 2nd on the RT though and draft another guard in the 3rd or 4th as well.

Clabo, Jerry, and Garner if resigned would be good depth as well as Mckinnie if the price were right.

Mark/Rick I agree on rebuilding the O-line. I'm hoping that there is a chance of Dallas Thomas/Brenner/Garner may be able to grab a starting job, but that seems overly optimistic.

Dont forget about brenner rick!
Brenner had a really good season(except buffalo) especially for a undrafted rookie.
I would go as far as to say brenner could even start next year in my books!!!
Yep i think the kid could start at LG for us, and we get a nice player who is on rookie contract for 4 years!!! That is good in my books!!!


My bad if it sounded like that comment was directed towards you. I was making more of a general statement about some of the older folk in this blog. Who have actually used the word depressed. Who go on endless rants after a loss on this blog.

Agreed. The correct word is Disappointed. And Correct again. I am Disappointed with my team. Dashi was one of the few people who believed this team can have a winning record this year.

You do have a point. We can't say we are close until we are consistently playing in the AFC title game.

I was referring more towards, We are close to making the playoffs. Someone earlier (I believe it was DC) in this blog referenced Harbaugh and what he said about Superbowl or Bust. Agreed. But I also believe in Baby steps. You can't run before you crawl. We already went thru the mirage that was the 09 season.

I believe this team is being built to make a long run at success. Not just a 1-2 year run with a bunch of FA veterans like 09.

Well technically three since one already passed!!!

I imagine our line to look like this next year!
LG brenner
LT Albert
C pouncey
Rt vet or rookie not sure yet
RG my man Zack martin
I say keep garner and get some other young linemen in the draft for development

Bess also seems to be acting like an idiot.

Marc is the God of judgement, only he has the answers, your a brilliant dashi, thank you Marc for showing your ignorance.


Agreed. I rather hear what Salguero has to say than Mueller Jr.

ETF, that is one of the weirdest theories I have ever heard.

What would make you trade all our picks for linemen?

You want to get everyone fired do what you just said on Draft day.

dallas thomas, hilarious

I have no ideas what position the dolphins will address by round in the draft!
Were definitely not getting a CB
Or a QB no kicker or punter, no WR( unless evans is available and there are no promising linemen)
My opinion for FA is grab Albert, and Tate. Resign Keller soliai, franchise tag grimes(if possible) let starks walk and give Paterson his last chance.
Not sure about Clemons if we don't resign him we would need a safety( hence ha ha clinton dix would become my pick)

Still need a QB.

Lever isn't Clever.

Not real hard to figure out who you are.

Wait, don't say anything. One of your next post is going to have something along the lines. I'm new here and I am not who you think I am.

if breener is starting on our oline next year we have serious problems again

no way u give patterson another chance unless he restructures his deal for much less

And stupid HOMERS,Who was the QB when Sherman got AXED the last 2 times he has been working Eh?


Great breakdown @5:06. Agreed with most the moves. I would actually keep Carroll and release Patterson. (I know that isn't a popular decision)

On Ha Ha Dix? I don't know about drafting a guy that sounds like a name in a sketch of Key & Peele.

Why would Albert leave KC?
If Albert does leave KC then why would he come here?

Just got this from SI extra.


Witness: Jets TE Kellen Winslow Jr. was masturbating outside Target before pot arrest

Jets tight end Kellen Winslow Jr. was arrested for possession of synthetic marijuana in New Jersey last November, but details of a police report are drawing the spotlight away from the pot. NJ.com reports court documents reveal police were called to the scene in a Target parking lot because a woman alleged she saw Winslow masturbating in his vehicle.

albert def gone from kc, but he will si mply go to whoever gives him the most money

guys named Marc are the least intelligent statistically speaking, they are easily brain washed and willingly believe all the lies

Arrrrgggg, been trying to read about the Davone Bess arrest all day, but our lovely Miami Herald wants to charge me a buck, so I cannot see it.

Posted by: DolphinsFan | January 17, 2014 at 05:10 PM

Stop being a freeloader and subscribe to the paper.

now miami interviews hickey from tampa, whyyyyyyyyyyy

Who is that dusty??? Never heard of hickey before???
Everyday it gets clearer that Farmer will become GM. Im ok with that

I was referring more towards, We are close to making the playoffs... I believe this team is being built to make a long run at success. Not just a 1-2 year run with a bunch of FA veterans like 09.

Posted by: Dashi | January 17, 2014 at 04:58 PM


I agree with that too Dashi. I believe we have gotten younger, faster, and more talented in the last two years. I think we can build around T-hill. The holes we need to plug are well documented.

I believed we should have made the playoffs last year. we controlled our own destiny. In my opinion, the coaching failed to get us there.

Next year is huge, and with the right moves, we should get there.

There's absolutely nothing I can do for Davone Bess. He got himself into this trouble, he got to get himself out of it. I think he can do it.

Wow, now the fins are interviewing personnel folks from a team that won 3 games (Tampa Bay). Talk about desperate. The sad thing is Ireland has more experience and has been more successful than any of these guys. Fans be careful what you wish for. The next GM that will be hired by the dolphins is going to be hired based on hope because he will not have a track record.

Is anyone else sick of this moronic writer referring to his readers as the "peanut gallery"? He obviously thinks he's hilarious by referring to us in such a demeaning manner. This jerk's ego is out of control. Omar leaves him in the dust.

I think there is another explanation for the performance of the linebackers. The defensive line's assignment this year seemed to focus on penetration to put pressure on the quarterback, at the expense of controlling lanes and defending edges. The defensive line was no longer occupying offensive linemen and allowing linebackers the freedom to make plays. The added pressure made the secondary look better, since they had to cover for less time. But it made run defense and linebacker play suffer.

I like or at least optimistic about the O coordinator hire. I just can't get too excited about this team with clueless Coyles running the defense. Philbin seems to be one of these pansy head coaches that refuses to fire assistant coaches because they are friends. I've supported Philbin but failing to hold his assistants accountable shows a lack of leadership. You can't tell me someone like Wade Phillips wouldn't be an instant upgrade. Philbin had to forced to fire Sherman, would have brought back his underperforming lb coach and seems to be just fine with bringing back Coyles and Turner. The good ole boy coaching fraternity strikes again. He's more willing to piss his own career down the drain than ruffle the feathers of his friends. As much as I dislike Belicheat, I respect the way he holds people accountable.

The Dolphins could pick up a great offensive line Coach in Mike Munchak.Munchak was not a good Head Coach with the Tennessee Titans but was a great offensive line coach for the Titans before he was named Head Coach of the team.Munchak is a classy calm man who is a great teacher plus he was a Hall of Fame offensive lineman himself.Munchak would be be a huge improvement over the inept Jim Turner and Armando you are right about questions should be asked about Philbin keeping inept coaches.

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