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This Dolphins situation belongs completely to Ross

It's on Stephen Ross. All of it.

He hired this coach. He has hired this general manager. He has hired the Dolphins new President and CEO. All that stuff about inheriting people like Bill Parcells and Tony Sparano is out the window now. For the first time since he's owned the Dolphins, Ross actually owns the team of people that will take the Dolphins to heights or keep them at their current level of mediocrity and NFL irrelevance.

It is all on him.

And Ross is apparently quite comfortable with that because he obviously believes he's got the right people on the job. As I write in my column in The Herald today, Ross had plenty of chances to get rid of Jeff Ireland after 2011 when he jettisoned Sparano.

He didn't.

And at least one candidate for the general manager vacancy asked Ross to remake the team as a condition of being hired over the weekend. And Ross remained oddly loyal to his people, most notably Joe Philbin.

Do I agree with that loyalty?


I think the owner's loyalty must be to the brand and his fans first and foremost and his coach and employees after that. And if someone isn't helping that brand, he or she is hurting that brand. I guess I ascribe to the Genghis Kahn school of NFL ownership.

And having graduated from that school summa cum laude I would now be looking around the room if I were Ross and figuring out who is helping my brand and who is diminishing it. And whoever is diminishing it gets pushed into the shadows.

So let's go through the exercise.

Carl Peterson: He is a longtime Ross advisor and confidant. He led in identifying and pushing of many of these candidates. But I'm looking at him sideways now because while he convinced Ross and others that Ray Farmer and Lake Dawson were quality GM candidates, he didn't seem to have much pull with either man. Farmer, named a finalist, didn't even take a second interview. Dawson, another finalist, took the interview but, as I detail here, didn't take the job. Nice work, Carl! Unless Peterson identified Dennis Hickey and Hickey turns into a stud of a GM, fake owner Salguero isn't feeling all this love for this trusted advisor going forward.

President and CEO Tom Garfinkel: I get the feeling he's going to be wielding a lot more power within the organization going forward, and I'm not thinking it'll be limited to the business side of the organization. Unlike Mike Dee before him who was not included in interviews for coaching candidates and thus couldn't save the process, Garfinkel was intimately involved in the search for the GM. His was apparently a stabilizing voice in the room. Yes, he is a strong Ross advocate. Obviously. But I have a feeling he sees the process was not pristine by any measure. He recognizes need for improvement.

Executive VP of football administration Dawn Aponte: I'm told many of the candidates came into their interviews wary of Aponte. Understandably, I might add. She reportedly had her issues with a GM in Cleveland. She definitely had her issues with GM Jeff Ireland in Miami. But once the candidates got to understanding Aponte's role, she sunk into the background. She was not the reason, at least not the primary reason, either Nick Caserio or Dawson declined the job. Now, fake owner Salguero would not have included her in the interview process at all because, as the Dolphins describe it, she will be answering to the GM on salary cap matters going forward. If that is true, what kind of backward set-up allows a subordinate to interview a potential supervisor? Strange.

Head coach Joe Philbin: He should be feeling pretty good about himself right now. Ross stuck with him. Showed loyalty to him. Is convinced he's the right guy to coach the team. He emerges with the most valuable of endorsements -- one proven by actions. But it should be understood that during interviews when Ross was asked by at least one candidate what he (the candidate) would be able to do after the 2014 season if the Dolphins didn't play well, the answer was not, "Joe Philbin is staying no matter what." The answer was, "We'll handle that situation if and when it arrives." So loyalty from the owner has to continue to be earned.

Assistant GM Brian Gaine: This one has to hurt. Gaine was the only finalist who was not offered the job. I'm told he is considering his options and future, including leaving the organization. Hickey will make a call on trying to keep him or not. Look, would fake owner Salguero have hired Gaine as GM? No. He's been a leader in the personnel regime that was just fired. But does fake owner Salguero try to move heaven and Earth to try to keep Gaine? To make Gaine feel whole? To convince Hickey to keep Gaine? You betcha. Brian Gaine is a quality person. He's a good personnel man. He helps the brand. And that should keep him with the Dolphins if the owner is trying to keep good people.


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NSA....you dont know how true that statement likely is....but welcome to coporate america in 2014, bro.....aint just ross

It would not be the first time that a head coach, who had a GM that he didn't "like" on the ropes, did not play that GM's player/players, or play him/them to full advantage, in order to expedite the GM's firing. All one has to do is read into one of the GM candidates (I believe it was Caserio) reported responses to the question of what he would do if he and the HC disagreed on a player. IMO, it would have to be pretty dire to go that route and Miami wasn't that bad off in terms of W-L record. Do I think Philbin did that this past season? I believe that Philbin knew he was far more in favor than Ireland and also that Aponte had already dug in with Philbin. I wondered about it most with Jordan. But I'm not convinced that it was anything more than just not being a very competent head coach. That's nothing more than my opinion.


i totally agree with you of having Philbin playing all 53 players to their highest potential. Don't get me wrong, i hate Philbin for what he has done so far but like i said earlier, let's just play this year out and hopefully he gets a grasp of things and turns this once proud of a franchise around......

We all need to boycott the home games ! We are the laughing stocks of the whole league. How did Ross make all that money? When 7 people turn you down flat for a NFL GM job , that says it better than any words we can come up with ! And if I was Gaines I'd jump off this train ,!



The Dolphins failed to Suck for Luck. Unfortunately, they succeeded in Sucking for Hickey.

Ross is loyal to a fault. That's not the worst trait in the world.

Loyalty to Ireland brought Philbin and not Fisher (for better or worse).

Loyalty to Philbin brought Hickey and not DeCosta, Gamble, Caserio or McCouglen. That's probably for the worse.

Caserio was the first candidate from a recent NFL powerhouse winner to enter the Dolphin facility since Jimmy Johnson. Not saying it would work, but still.

Hickey comes from Tampa Bay, perhaps the worst team in the NFL over the past five years. A team that has not won a playoff game in eleven years. A team that started 2013 with an 0-8 record.

Combined with Philbin and his staff with a roster lacking talent and a questionable QB, this is not looking like much more than a 6-10 season.

And Ross will be loyal to Hickey if Philbin is fired in 2014, which will result in candidates of limited quality.

Philbin is still green in this tough business gig, so lets give him another chance to fix this. This is his 3rd year on the sidelines so lets just believe and trust him to turn this thing around. I have to be optimistic here just for my sanity and to show my wife and kids that i'm not really crazy and a lunatic!

fans seem to forget that Philbin is an inexperienced HC as well....was only his 2nd year, so still plenty to learn (not saying he's done a great job)--AND he was basically a B list hire as well, so I'm not sure why all the seemingly lofty expectations to begin with--he's not awful, not great, not dynamic, not a great leader...and they're 8-8--sounds about right--give him 1 more year to improve the team, or let him go...

If we could get Failbin to coach like he did the last 2 games of the year against scrub teams like the Bills and Jets, imagine if he could do that all 16 games.

That #1 overall pick is all but ours baby!! wooohooo!!!

Yeahhhhhh baby!!!!!!

benz, no doubt Ross has probably "feathered his nest" by contributing to candidates on either side of the aisle if he thought he could curry favor in return but there is NO doubt about his personal politics.

He hosted at least two fundraisers for Romney at his Palm Beach County estate and has been a financial heavy hitter in GOP circles for many, many years. Like Huizenga, the guy is conservative to far right in his own politics.

Like the other poster said, it was Joe Robbie who was the liberal Dolphins owner. I still can't believe someone actually thought Ross was a liberal! That's a hoot.

Everything is out the window that made this franchise a desired destination and a benchmark of success in the NFL community.

If we are to hitch our wagons to dawn aponte and joe philbin. When can we rename the dolphins the "Miami dawnjoe's". Why stop at blind loyalty. Give the people in power their just due. Now all we need is a logo. I suggest a family portrait of philbin and aponte with their arms around each other

With all the discussions around the organization set up, some other reporters have looked around the league to see if it so unusual. Read this article stating that the Giants, Eagles and 49ers have similar set ups. http://network.yardbarker.com/nfl/article_external/what_kind_of_authority_will_dennis_hickey_have_in_miami/15639611

Maybe this will work better than we think??

If the rumors are true that Joe P. kept players off the field because he was shouldering some sort of grudge against Ireland, what does that say about Joe P's character?

And if it can be proven that it was a concerted effort to make Ireland look bad, how is it that Joe gets a pass in all this?

And what REALLY looks stupid is Ross in all this mess if he was oblivious to the fact, if in fact this is what was going on.

The handling of Dion Jordan reeks in my estimation, here is a guy with phenom written all over him and he ends up playing the fewest plays of all 1st round picks not injured? Yes he started off a bit gimpy with the labrum, but that was fixed way early in the season.

Why was he not getting a steady increase in playing time over the course of the season? Was it because some childish dipshit decided he wasn't "his" guy so he was going to sit him, regardless of whether or not it hurt the team?

If this is true, then Joe is willing to throw the whole team under the bus due to his vanity, how is he worthy of ever coaching a fantasy football team, much less a real one ever again?

Has this organization really sunk so low? I really pray that this is not what has happened, because if it is Joe needs not to just get fired, he needs to be tarred and feathered too!

Yeah, benz. I prefer this one year hot seat scenario than giving some leftover guy like Farmer full or even Cesario full control. New England to me is tow people. Brady controllign teh offense and Belicheck the defense. They don't have superior personnel like the Seahawks or 9ers or the Super Bowl Ravens. Like I said before except for Qb and coaching, the Bucs had superior drafting and personnel than most of these teams.

It could've been a lot worse.

Although if we don;t see 9-10 wins and we were healthy this year - everyone must go and Ross needs to hand over hiring to someone else - and not Carl peterson - he's been as bad as Ross here with his recruiting.

I'm thinking a Matt DeCosta or the current Seahawk gm and give them the keys ot the football side...

Teams that start winning when they are young tend to win for a while if the right QB is in place.

The Dolphins are not winning now. They did not win last year. They have had years of horrid drafting. Their QB is the second worst in the NFL in deep ball accuracy. Their top two WR are near the league lead in drops. They have a terrible OL and their defense is not very good either.

Philbin cannot teach or develop players; nor can his staff. In-game adjustments never happen. The team plays flat.

But, Hickey of the hapless Bucs is here. All will be well. Really?

Ross runs the Dolphins like a fantasy football owner. Thinks he knows everything about football when in fact he knows next to nothing. Makes emotion and loyalty based decisions instead of logical football decisions which I might add he isn't qualified to make in the first place. Unfortunately for us fans we better hope he sees the error of his ways because odds are we are stuck with him for a while.

Liberal NFL owners: Paul Allen (Seahawks), Jeff Lurie (Eagles), Dan Rooney (Steelers...and also president Obama's ambassador to Ireland).

Right wing NFL owner: Stephen Ross.

loso no doubt, i never wanted anyone to go this offseason - Ireland included. I wanted to have full knowledge that we gave this group every opportunity possible and three years would've been sufficient time to know where we were going. Up till now, everyone's opinion including my own is speculation - but speculation is a guess. And guesses have as much opporunity to be wrong or right.

But after this year we will know for sure.

The only guy that will get the shaft in this whole thing if the team doesn;t perform is Hickey but he was going to be out of job in a few months anyway by all reports.

I have not seen a positive commentary here yet. How about moderating the negativity until things develop? In the end, none of us here are Football People.

Posted by: oscar canosa

Apparently no one at Dolphins Inc is either. I've tried to remain as positive as I could since Dec. For me, the majority of our problems start and end with Philbin. So after the end of season collapse, I negotiated with my emotions by convincing myself that 'eh, we wouldn't have won the SB anyway, so if missing the playoffs means cleaning house and bringing a better coaching staff to develop decent talent we have, so be it.'

Well, not only was he retained but we we shunned by the top GM prospects mainly BECAUSE of philbin! What is so wrong with giving the GM the power to fire philbin for a THIRD season if there's no playoffs? Instead, he indicates to all the candidates that not only can you not fire him for another poor performance, but I just might KEEP him beyond that??? WTF? Ross, the real estate man, will categorically evaluate whether his football coach is doing a good job managing a football team and if he decides 'yes' even after a losing season, the GM is stuck with him? who the hell wouldn't run away at that deal?

This isn't complicated. If everyone agrees that the team, by definition, must change things to improve. And after another mediocre season, how is changing the coach not the biggest part of that conversation? And how can the GM do his job properly at that point?

what a ridiculous situation

Actually Armando, the overall negativity is the problem. The lesser minded fans feed off of it, and the media supplies it. Articles like this are no exception. Certainly, from you, they're no surprise either.

You make it sound as if these assistant GMs who interviewed for the job have a proven track record of running an NFL team. Not one of them does. They all work with people who run NFL teams. So as to their expectations that they will step in, clean house, and then succeed, you are mistaken. I'd rather Ross be loyal to his people than to have him go all in on an unproven commodity with an over-inflated ego and subject the fans to yet more rebuilding.

Here's the actual news and the situation: Ireland is gone, and in his place we now have an upgrade at GM in Hickey. The end.

Yeah Grier, I think the rookie class not playing had more to do with the coaches not doing their job than some sabotage. If it was sabotage than Philbin should've been fired.

....Mark in Toronto...I agree with you about Philbin, and his shortcomings. So far his regime has been a fail. Will he turn it around this year?

I can't look into the inner workings of this team. I can only comment on what I see, base an opinion, then discuss. But to me this guy was brought in with the idea he was an offensively gifted HC. So far, there is little to suggest this is the fact. So many here assumed he could groom a young quarterback into a franchise caliber Pro. The jury is still out on that one. Even with the marginal improvements from Tannehill. The quarterback position is still very much a question mark(is he any good?)

I look at the offense from last year. WFT was that? The fact that this coaching staff could not adapt an offense around anything more the 11 personnel heavy formations turned my television into a brick throwing apparatus. If an everyday loser like me could chart a professional football teams personnel groupings, then from these tendencies from these groupings see the impending doom. Imagine what DC's thought?

The 11 personnel alone should have been reason to fire Joe Philbin.

Anyway. Could it be that the players we had were just unable to adapt to a different scheme? Were they that inept n the classroom that nothing else could be installed? At least 60 percent of our plays were ran from this personnel grouping..60 percent!!!!!!

It is like food poisoning it is so sickening. IMO all the issues stem from this personnel grouping. The sacks, the poor run blocking. Tannehill being forced to play above his current skill level.

The Broncos will use this personnel quite a bit this weekend. A huge difference(I don't have to even say it) The Seahawks will use it sparingly.(They actually understand that you have to develop your guy)...I'm not sure what we were doing last year? I hope it changes big time for 2014.

I disagree with those that think the Bucs have superior talent to the Patriots.

The Bucs and Patriots record since 2009:

Bucs Patriots
2009 3-13 10-6
2010 10-6 14-2
2011 4-12 13-3
2012 7-9 12-4
2013 4-12 12-4

The Patriots did not do all the winning with inferior talent.


Why will anything change if this team continues to lose and struggle. Ross will continue to fire a coach but not a GM or fire the GM and hire the coach. I'm not sure Ross even knows what a solid front office guy resembles much less knows what a solid coach can bring to the table. As long as Ross is in power and owns this team we are the bengals of the 90s. The cardinals of the 80s and bucs of the 70s and 80s.

After what has occurred with the latest GM hire. I have no faith this team will ever reach the playoffs under Ross let alone win a Super Bowl.

Sigh, depsite how you paint it, Tannehill has won more games in his first two years than any Qb since Jay Feidler (who wasn't a rookie) and more games than any Miami qb in his first two years than any QB since Marino.

You think the team is all of a sudden going to go down to 6 or five wins although the Qb has won 7.5 games per year during his greenest of years with poor and in his first year- no supporting cast.

Let's not overdo this....

Which of you gentlemen will be drawing pictures of kittens and unicorns today?

I said it yesterday and I say it again....

OK people….fans….lets move on together and support this team. Nobody is more frustrated with how this process went than me. I was against Ross' approach from the start and believed he should have gotten rid of Philbin and Ireland. I don't like the structure he created. I worry that it won't work well for this team.

But….we need to move forward. We had an 8-8 season and the coaches cheated the team out of the playoffs. But a new OC is here. A new GM is here. We have some solid proven players, we have some young talent that has real potential, we have a young QB who shows promise. We have free agents who need to be resigned. We have an important round of new free agents and draft picks to figure out. It's an important off season and it COULD be the turning point.

Lets see how it goes. Complaining now is going to resolve or change a thing. Lets drive some positive energy and support behind those who are hear representing the team we are all passionate for.

Posted by: jpao | January 26, 2014 at 01:00 PM

Thank God, Ross is the Boss.

The Dolphins will make the playoffs next season.

Florida has the dumbest politicians. I guess you have to blame its constituents.

$1 Billion Dollar Stadium for Jeffrey Loria that will never even attract 1 All-Star Game.


$200M Upgrade to Dolphin Stadium that will attract Superbowls. At least 1, Every 4 Year. It would also host National Title Games for CFB. Any 1 of these Events will recoup the $200M in the local & state economy.


You know, Something for everybody.

I have always been a Ross defender. But no more. This is such gross executive incompetence. The reality of all this is that a GENERAL Manager is in charge of all the management aspects, that is what makes it general. With no control of the HC and with Aponte scheming in the background with direct ties to a gullible Ross while we call this role General Manager, actually it is a head of player personnel/scouting role and ROSS, who gets the real reports is the actual GM. If Ross knew football backwards and forward and was 100% focused on the role, that would be OK. But he is not a football expert and most of his wealth and attention is focused elsewhere.

I always believed he had intelligent reasons for his decisions because he had so much success in business. He may be a great deal maker. But when it comes to functioning as an Executive he is worse than worthless.

I had no objection to exiting Ireland (since I though he was only mildly better than average) but the real problem is Philbin. Philbin has none of the qualities you associate with a great HC - he is not an innovator, not inspirational, not tactically good at making corrections (usually being out coached in the second half), not a great teacher, and has no clear system he has expertise in and wants to build. Worse, he hires cronies and exits strong capable players like Long, Dansby, Bush and Marshall because they speak up in favor of excellence while staffing the team with weak yes men who have no heart and collapse at the season's end. Disgusting. Absolutely disgusting.

Evil conspiracy vs Ireland? HC incompetence? We'll find out the first Game of this Season.

Sigh, if you did a man up draft between the Bucs and Pats and after you selected Tom Brady, teh bulk of the next picks would be Bucs.

Vincent jackson or Danny Amendola?

Darrelle Revis or Aqib Talib?

mark Barron or whoever the heck plays safety for NE...

Gerald McCoy, Doug Martin, jahri Evans, etc, etc, etc...

D29, i agree. If this season falls flat again ... time for Ross to hire one guy that reports to him a la Matt DeCosta and fall into the background...

..Mark..The Bucs roster has tons of good talent. Like Miami. The coaching has held this talent back.

The biggest problem here is not so much getting Hickey instead of Farmer, Cesario or Dawson etc.. Although I don't agree with his overall post, Fiasco Jones is right when he says who the hell knows whether those guys are better than Hickey? We don't. NO one does. It's all a crap shoot and as far as I'm concerned, Hickey isn't Ireland so he, like any other unknown entity who isn't Ireland, starts off with a clean slate in my book.

But that's not the issue. The is yet another clear indication that Ross has a severe blind spot in Philbin. And worse, Ross, who has no ability to make football decisions, be the sole arbiter on Philbin's performance this coming year and possibly beyond. I'm sure Ross will have no trouble making a decision if we go 3-13. But what if we're 6-10, 7-9 and lose a bunch of close games - again? Are you guys confident Philbin is gone then? I'm not.

I'm at a loss for words when trying to justify Ross' loyalty of Philbin. Just admit your mistake and move on for goodness sake. As I wrote in another post last week, no way in the real estate world Ross keep someone like Philbin who couldn't close real estate deals, couldn't bring the best out of his dept, can't acknowledge there's things he has to change to improve, and cost the company millions of dollars. NO FREAKIN WAY that happens in the business world.

Dashi, the Marlins poisoned the well for any funding initiative.

The Dolphins proposal was actually completely reasonable and didn't ask for so much as a dime from local taxpayers. It was simply a ONE PERCENT tax on hotel rooms, and only those in mainland Dade County.

The team was pledging to do 70% of the funding themselves, and also offered a guaranteed rebate if a certain number of Super Bowls were not awarded over a 30-year span.

Few voters ever bothered to look at the actual proposal and lumped it in with the Marlins scam---which was both ignorant and unfair.

Doesn't mean anyone had to support it, but at least get the facts straight. They were VERY different things.

Hickeys are guy now. Full support until he shows otherwise.

Philbin is not good but can that can be masked by a Lazor and t-hill improvement

Coyle needs to be better. I think he is still the weakest link excluding Ross.

DD, I don't know how else to explain it - the mirror image of what you saw on offense is what I saw on defense - constant zone, soft coverage that allowed opponents to churn out first down after first down and rush yard after rrush yard. it's like we were in prevent defense every series. Sure we didn't give up many points but it seemed like it would go 7,8 minutes before we got the ball back again either.

These coaches like I said before seems to do all their work before August and then fishes all autumn...


I agree with you. However it will not happen as Ross is to foolish and unintelligent to do the right thing when it comes to how to structure his franchise and bring in the right person to do so.

For the five years he's been here, never once has he been able to hire his guy. He always gets stuck with hiring his 7th or 8th choice in GMs or 3rd or 4th with HCs. The only way this team starts to get better and successful is when Ross sells the team. Ross won't change thus his habits of how he structures the team won't either


I totally respect your view on Tannehill. He may be good, very good or great. He could also collapse as many young QBs do. If he cannot throw an accurate deep ball, then he's going to be easier to defense, like in the last Jets game.

He's not led the team to the playoffs yet; something that four other QBs drafted in 2012 have done.

I still think, at this point, a 6-10 season is in the cards. It could be better but doubt it. That's two games worst than last year. Not a big drop off. About par for the Dolphins.

DD, don't have to convince me about teh Bucs talent - their defense is good, line is good, rb is good, wrs are good...

Armando states in this article, "I'm told many of the candidates came into their interviews wary of Aponte."

Who told you they were wary (I realize Armando can't say or they'd probably be fired but if I'm Ross I'd be pissed)?

The candidates either spoke to the source PRIOR to their interview OR the source was present in the closed door interview.

This seems to rule out Aponte as the source for the leaks coming out of the closed door interviews.

I believe the source is someone present in the interviews.

Aside from the job interview panel, could there be one or more note takers (e.g., secretary, etc.)?

Well D29, Armando has told us that Mr. Ross reads this blog at least on occassion. So the best thing you can do as afan, is voice your opinion intelligently in thsi forum. You come across as a smart guy, like I know you are, and give reasons as to why you feel a certain way - you may have an impact down the line.

But just kicking and screaming and coming off as a jerk - which you don;t do - accomplishes nothing.

personally, I think Ross would do the right thing when he's ocnvinced Philbin is not his man. Three years would give plenty of support if he can't do somethign here. He was willing to have Parcells run teh ship so if he finds someone as qualified as Parcells - he would do the same again - no doubt. Someone like Matt DeCosta or John Schneider...

Sigh, I never said he was the answer or the future of super bowls or or bowls - just played well enough to be our unquestioned starter next year.

I mean if you are looking for a immediate upgrade (not an upgrade in two or three more years time) - that's going to be tough. Won't be bridgewater, manziel or Boyles. Won't be a vet in free agency who will give you 4,100 yards or 25 tds either with certainty.

he does need to get better though. I don;t buy that he can't throw a deep ball. he has plenty of arm - it's all about timing. Do it about 2,000 times with Wallace this summer and a DB in coverage, and it will get better. maybe not perfect, but better.

Why do so many overlook the fact that nearly everyone who left the Patriots organization to work elsewhere fell completely on their faces?

You guys act as if there is some "magic formula" with these people when in reality no such thing exists.

Know what the "magic" is? Having freaking Tom Brady fall into your lap in the 6th round. Christ, even Belichick had a career losing record as a Head Coach until that happened.

When it comes to the Dolphins, 'Positive Thinking' is actually telling big lies to yourself.

A better outlook is: If the Dolphins can mess something up, they will.



I agree that right now that Tannehill is the unquestioned starter. And upgrading him for next year would be difficult unless the Dolphins luck into a Brady-like gem in the draft.

I hope the Dolphins will look for such a gem but even if they found one, it takes the right team, coaches and front office to bring out the best in a player and a team.

My gut feeling that for all his potential, I do not think Tannehill is going to be a good NFL QB. And I blame some of that on Ireland, Philbin and Ross.


Thanks for the props. It's just so frustrating as a fan to see what needs to be done and it's not executed by the one who runs the whole show. This faith in philbin I just don't get. Philbin never called the plays in GB. He's never proven himself at the HC level. So now our owner will keep him around and sacrifice getting a gamble or decosta in here to right the ship.

Not only do the fans see it, but the media and NFL experts see it as well. I hope your right that Ross will finally get it but I'm not holding my breath

Since the whole mess of selecting players is a crap shoot, you can hire that octopus or the monkey that called games and won. All of this talent evaluation drops off real fast after the second pick.

We pick at 3 and the guy looks good but wasn't good enough to make the team. The Jets pick at 6 a couple of years ago and the guy gets on the field 3 times in 2 years and out of the NFL. Revis is signed to big contract. He sucks with the Bucks. (for the money paid) Wallace did barely Ok with us. (for the money)

The only thing that matters is players believing in team and working to the utmost best of their talents. Then the coach and leadership have to get the guys believing and working as a unit.

So talent evaluation during the pre season of the Phins showed the line as weak and the running game as poor. The GM did not address. Then during the season the team at times played poorly. The coach appears that he wants a system in place, even if it hasn't been proven to work with the players he has. However in this situation, the coach may have been better to play to strengths than weaknesses and exploit opponents weaknesses. He did that in the first half of games but did not adjust in the second half of many.

So unless the coach and GM can get on the same page, the team gets some luck in the draft and improves in every facet of the game, we are stuck between 5 and 10 wins. 10 wins if we get lucky. But this team isn't lucky and we always fail to hire people that can create.

Well like it or not Hickey is our man. All we can do is hope that he will pick good players and make good FA decisions. We then have to hope that Philbin can pull his weight and get this team to play. The only way we turn all this crap around is to win. I don't care about winning in the offseason, we need to win between the lines. If we can do that, all this BS goes away. Great things can sometimes come out of colossal failures. That's all I have.

This organization is totally confusing me! Looks like they are doing things backwards! I don't get Ross. Not sure if I should jump ship now and save myself the aggravation or what and see!

Good article Armando and also good breakdown, what does Appointe do exactly cap specialist, do we need that ? GM should be able to handle that job I would think she should get the AXE just to keep everybody honest here and Make Joe think for himself.

Let's see what philbin can do. He will have a big say in our acquisitions this year because Hickey will listen to him cause he's a first year GM.
Thill can throw the ball on short passes and is decent on the intermediate pass, his long ball is not very good but that can be improved with practice and a better oline.
Philbin is on the hot chair this season for me because of the talent he has on the team.
I think this team has the talent for a playoff run just fix the line get a real good RB pay your younger players to their strengths and get some depth(LB S DT DE) in the draft.

Some act like we finished 1-15 we were 8-8 in a unpredictable year where we could have beaten the bengals in the wildcard.


I agree EOR, ntohing is lost here through the Gm search except our egos as fans - hopefully Ross learned the biggest lesson here. That if you want to best and the brightest you have to empower them. I understand him wanting to shelter Philbin for one more year as Philbin hasn;t really done a lot to entrench himself or get himself fired either.

Tim Liweike of MLSE who used to rule the LA sports scene used to say about the NBA - you don't want to be 7 through 11. That means you don;t want to be the team that barely makes the playoffs and gets trounced and you don;t want to be jsut barely on the outs of the playoffs. You either want to be good enough to progress through the palyoffs or bad enough to get the game changers in the draft.

We've had enough of 7 through 11, if Philbin and Tannehill and Lazor (forget Coyle - he's a lost case) can;t pick us up out of this mire then it's time for change...

Moving forward...I am looking to a very important Free Agency and Draft class. I am hoping that this coaching staff and new GM get on the same page quickly with overall talent assessment & position priority list, key FA's to keep, key FA's to sign and then develop a plan for the draft.

One thing that came out of this GM selection process is that Ross made it 100% clear that it needs to be a collabortive process between GM and HC. There should be NO FINGER POINTING going forward. So, if they succeed this offseason with their talent moves, I'll celebrate them bot publicly. But if they fail, they fail together.

I agree JPAO, and for pete's sake, start spenidn this cap.. the team needs vet help. You aren't going to get more than three players out of a draft... and you have a coach who is known for not coaching up his rookies.

Hickey, do yourself a favour and work free agency for all it's worth...

Speaking from just the bodies of work many of these "candidates" had, gotta say that its just the luck of the draw. Hickey may be as good or as bad as any of the others.
The disappointing thing is the dysfunctionality of management which is why many bailed after their first interview and others just said no thanks to being interviewed period.
As it has been regurgitated many a time, are just 32 of these jobs and to pass one up really speaks volumes of what NFL executives think of this organization.

JPAO, the positive (depending on how much say Hickey had on those FA signings) is Hickey seems to understand (at least) FA talent. I'm interested to see what he does there. That will give us a window into how destructive the relationship aspect b/w GM and HC was in the past. When we think of players like Marshall, Dansby, Bush, Wallace, and how none have worked out (so far), we'll get to see if a more collaborative relationship will provide better results with FAs.

At this point, it is what it is. I'm not expecting anything, just waiting to see the results so I can critique the team based on facts and not perception.

Hop Chou Ling @ 11:45

China number 10.
Vietnam number 2.
USA number 1.

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