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This Dolphins situation belongs completely to Ross

It's on Stephen Ross. All of it.

He hired this coach. He has hired this general manager. He has hired the Dolphins new President and CEO. All that stuff about inheriting people like Bill Parcells and Tony Sparano is out the window now. For the first time since he's owned the Dolphins, Ross actually owns the team of people that will take the Dolphins to heights or keep them at their current level of mediocrity and NFL irrelevance.

It is all on him.

And Ross is apparently quite comfortable with that because he obviously believes he's got the right people on the job. As I write in my column in The Herald today, Ross had plenty of chances to get rid of Jeff Ireland after 2011 when he jettisoned Sparano.

He didn't.

And at least one candidate for the general manager vacancy asked Ross to remake the team as a condition of being hired over the weekend. And Ross remained oddly loyal to his people, most notably Joe Philbin.

Do I agree with that loyalty?


I think the owner's loyalty must be to the brand and his fans first and foremost and his coach and employees after that. And if someone isn't helping that brand, he or she is hurting that brand. I guess I ascribe to the Genghis Kahn school of NFL ownership.

And having graduated from that school summa cum laude I would now be looking around the room if I were Ross and figuring out who is helping my brand and who is diminishing it. And whoever is diminishing it gets pushed into the shadows.

So let's go through the exercise.

Carl Peterson: He is a longtime Ross advisor and confidant. He led in identifying and pushing of many of these candidates. But I'm looking at him sideways now because while he convinced Ross and others that Ray Farmer and Lake Dawson were quality GM candidates, he didn't seem to have much pull with either man. Farmer, named a finalist, didn't even take a second interview. Dawson, another finalist, took the interview but, as I detail here, didn't take the job. Nice work, Carl! Unless Peterson identified Dennis Hickey and Hickey turns into a stud of a GM, fake owner Salguero isn't feeling all this love for this trusted advisor going forward.

President and CEO Tom Garfinkel: I get the feeling he's going to be wielding a lot more power within the organization going forward, and I'm not thinking it'll be limited to the business side of the organization. Unlike Mike Dee before him who was not included in interviews for coaching candidates and thus couldn't save the process, Garfinkel was intimately involved in the search for the GM. His was apparently a stabilizing voice in the room. Yes, he is a strong Ross advocate. Obviously. But I have a feeling he sees the process was not pristine by any measure. He recognizes need for improvement.

Executive VP of football administration Dawn Aponte: I'm told many of the candidates came into their interviews wary of Aponte. Understandably, I might add. She reportedly had her issues with a GM in Cleveland. She definitely had her issues with GM Jeff Ireland in Miami. But once the candidates got to understanding Aponte's role, she sunk into the background. She was not the reason, at least not the primary reason, either Nick Caserio or Dawson declined the job. Now, fake owner Salguero would not have included her in the interview process at all because, as the Dolphins describe it, she will be answering to the GM on salary cap matters going forward. If that is true, what kind of backward set-up allows a subordinate to interview a potential supervisor? Strange.

Head coach Joe Philbin: He should be feeling pretty good about himself right now. Ross stuck with him. Showed loyalty to him. Is convinced he's the right guy to coach the team. He emerges with the most valuable of endorsements -- one proven by actions. But it should be understood that during interviews when Ross was asked by at least one candidate what he (the candidate) would be able to do after the 2014 season if the Dolphins didn't play well, the answer was not, "Joe Philbin is staying no matter what." The answer was, "We'll handle that situation if and when it arrives." So loyalty from the owner has to continue to be earned.

Assistant GM Brian Gaine: This one has to hurt. Gaine was the only finalist who was not offered the job. I'm told he is considering his options and future, including leaving the organization. Hickey will make a call on trying to keep him or not. Look, would fake owner Salguero have hired Gaine as GM? No. He's been a leader in the personnel regime that was just fired. But does fake owner Salguero try to move heaven and Earth to try to keep Gaine? To make Gaine feel whole? To convince Hickey to keep Gaine? You betcha. Brian Gaine is a quality person. He's a good personnel man. He helps the brand. And that should keep him with the Dolphins if the owner is trying to keep good people.


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First of all why is the clown AKA lake dawson being interviewed for?? He was a NOBODY receiver for the Chiefs years ago. What experience does that waif have for managing a team? NONE! Is Philbin still the coach....then next season may be even worse then this last one was. Whomever's responsible for our first round draft choice playing an avg of (what...16 plays) per game, FIRE them!
This organization just outdid itself in the failure dept.! Congrats Ross....you're the new Jerry Jones!
And no, this situation isn't "Now Stephen Ross!" IT HAS BEEN FROM DAY 1!

I know Rdubs. Jeff Ireland is a smug idiot that was too full of himself & didn't work as a team with Joe Philbin to get him the type of players he needed.

Posted by: hollywood-Rick | January 27, 2014 at 03:49 PM

agreed i think the new GM will listen...

What a relief this is for me and my 50,000 brothers. Hiring Hickey is going to do wonders for us. We are going to get a break from millions of chimichanga farts. Thank you Mr. Ross for guaranteeing we will be unused all season. AAAHHHHHH!

Posted by: hollywood-Rick | January 27, 2014 at 03:44 PM

OK, so all this positive "reflection" from you is all based on the premise that Failbin is a qualified HC, correct?? and what ever Failbin feels and desires is correct right??

Hickey was hired because he told Failbin that his lips will be firmly planted on Failbins anus!!!!

That's why the 8th person in line got hired, (the only one besides Gaines that would of accepted the job)

My thoughts is how most people with half a brain would see it giving all the circumstances

Posted by: konandy | January 27, 2014 at 04:03 PM

Who should Jordan replace Wake or Vernon, both played very well.

@ konandy : You are wrong. Stephen Ross didn't hire Jeff Ireland Bill Parcells did. Ross just stuck with him a little longer than he should have. Now that both the GM & head coach were hired by him & he chose to keep this front office structure intact NOW it is all on Stephen Ross.

Posted by: konandy | January 27, 2014 at 04:03 PM

plus Jordan had shoulder surgury and reinjured it in a pre season game.


You have disappointed the city of Akron and all who live there. Shameful.

Posted by: C'mon Phins! | January 27, 2014 at 02:33 PM

I don't want to ok? you have alot of nerve telling me what to do just cause I'm fat, short and bald. Your not the boss of me

@ Jasper zinkler : It doesn't matter to me how many candidates turned us down, out of all candidates THAT WERE INTERVIEWED Dennis Hickey was my second choice ONLY behind Nick Caserio. Unlike you I think Joe Philbin is a very good head coach, only I believe his love & respect caused him to make a bad decision hiring Mike Sherman as the offensive coordinator. Now that we have a young creative OC instead of a old half senile OC, I think this offense will be MUCH better than it was this year.

The new GM is a gopher

I love all my chilrens here. Come put yo head on Mammy's chest, my babies.

Hickey was the 8th choice. He's shyt.

@ wallyfin : I think Miami will play 50 / 50 3-4 & 4-3 defenses this year to allow Jordan, Wake & Vernon to be on the field together mostly all the time & if they don't, I can see Vernon OR Jordan being moved to OLB. Keep in mind Miami may still consider trading one of them if the right deal exist's.

agreed Hollywood, Jordan nees to be a full time player at DE or LB.

Despite what many believe, I have a feeling that this is going to turn out to be a great hire. Jeff Ireland was about to get fired long before this rift started up with Joe & Dawn against Ireland. I feel almost certain that Jeff Ireland pushed Ochocinco on Philbin, made Philbin retain Incognito after he molested that woman at the golf benefit & refused trading for Brandon Albert because he didn’t want to admit that Jonathan Martin was another bust he drafted. Rumors have already come out that Jeff Ireland completely overruled Joe Philbin with many player personnel & I sincerely believe that it’s what caused the friction & why Miami had to fire him. I don’t believe that anybody has to worry about that with Dennis Hickey as the GM for 2 reasons. 1) Multiple sources have already come out & said that Hickey is the ultimate team player. 2) Joe Philbin clearly has Stephen Ross’s ear & Philbin conducted his own interview with each GM candidate after their initial interviews. Right after Dennis Hickey interviewed the first time, the Miami Herald reported that Hickey hit it out of the park in his interview in front of Stephen Ross & that was the same thing that was said after he hired Joe Philbin before the 2012 season. If you put 2 & 2 together that tells me that Dennis Hickey hit it off big with Joe Philbin AS WELL as Stephen Ross. I doubt very seriously that Stephen Ross would have hired Hickey if Joe Philbin wasn’t completely comfortable with him as the new GM. These reason along with Hickey’s expertise in evaluating talent is what leads me to believe that this will be a excellent hire, Now I may be wrong & I’m well aware that there is always a 50 / 50 chance that any big organizational move can backfire, but this is my feeling nothing more.

We live in a nation that offers many fine tissues for us to select from and purchase.

We can go to many different retailers and find an assortment of tissues to fit our individual needs, whether we simply need a small amount in a 'travel pouch' or hundreds of tissues in a bigger box. Why, there are even some tissues embedded with LOTION that are more gentle on the skin! Imagine that!

Truly, God Almighty and His Son our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ of Nazareth have blessed our land with the finest selection of tissues the world has ever known!

Posted by: hollywood-Rick | January 27, 2014 at 04:21 PM

agreed Jordan needs to be a full time player at LB or DE

Jordan would have been a full time player this year if not for 2 reasons. 1) He opened the season unhealthy & not ready. 2) Olivier Vernon came out of camp as the teams best player & they couldn't bench him as productive as he was. This year THEY MUST find a way to get all the 3 of them involved together in at least 80 to 85% of the plays.

What's amazing is that his man does not learn from his past mistakes. He stuck by Ireland, and lost good coaching candidates over it, then found out everyone was right and Ireland was useless.

Now we have to wait for him to find out Philbin is useless.

Here we go Fins Fans the blind IS leading the blind!!! I hope our new OC knows how to motovate our offense & prevent 3 & outs & use Wallace as a deep threat he's supposed to be!!!

Hoping for the best.

Be back before the draft.......we shall see what we shall see!!!! I, personally, can't predict what will happen. Hope it goes well! But I'm setting the bar low.

I honestly hope you're right. I have been pushed to the edge with this team. They have been mired in below grade mediocrity.

I just want to be able to enjoy watching a good solid football team. Good football teams know how to win the close games. We had a lot of close games. I hope they can get over the hump. I will be the first to praise you if Failbin delivers. I have nagging doubts, I hope for the best and expect the worst. I'm just going by the M.O of the Dolphins for the last 20 years.

CSN Bay Area expects impending 49ers free agents SS Donte Whitner and CB Tarell Brown to reach the open market.

That sounds like more good news. With Miami moving of from so many contracts, we will have tons of cap space. So I am expecting a lot of changes this year. They aren't going to go out & spend like last year, but they will be releasing many of their own players for better players.

At least I hope they are better players. It all depends on how well Dennis Hickey does as a GM.

I hope so too Jasper zinkler

@ signal : NEVER set the bar low, you always set it high. That doesn't mean that I'm going in expecting a Super Bowl birth, but I do think the playoffs & possibly a bye week is attainable if things go completely right.

I think Hickey could be just what we need to get this team on track. If you look at the Bucs draft record since he was promoted Director of Personnel, he added a lot of talent. If Doug Martin never gets hurt and Glennon was the starter from day one, who knows how many wins they would've had. They also had that staph infection that took a lot of guys out.

@ Franchise Of The Fallen : I think things are going to work out great this year, but that's just my opinion (& no your opinion isn't any more credible than mine).

no matter what happens, I'll never regret wanting Ireland gone, He is/was nothing but a Parcells flunky. He talked and acted like he was a man of Parcell's pedigree, except Ireland's record was thin on merit and short/non-existent on accomplishments.

I'm just glad that Italian knuckle-dragging gorilla didn't come in as GM.

As Dolphins fans, what else do we need to see from those greaseballs? Sparano, Olivadotti, now Aponte...all of 'em Guinea halfwits.

They belong in the back of the kitchen cutting tomatoes, NOT running a football team!

Here we go Fins Fans the blind IS leading the blind!!! I hope our new OC knows how to motovate our offense & prevent 3 & outs & use Wallace as a deep threat he's supposed to be!!!

Posted by: KillerFin | January 27, 2014 at 04:38 PM


@ KillerFin : We have a new start beginning, you need to be a little more optimistic !

That's right Woodshed Gang & they did all that despite playing for a head coach all the players hated(according to Darrell Revis).

LMAO @ james evans



Exactly Jasper !

Broncos 49
Seahawks 10


What are you talking about JD, things can finally be looking up. You need to learn to be a little optonistic, this is a new beginning !

Seahawks 24 Broncos 17


You certainly have a great attitude, hope it's justified. But I will add that Philbin has to get better and the GM will have to fill several critical holes in the roster. If these things happen then the label 'dysfunctional' will possibly go away. With the talent that's currently available and if someone can convince Philbin to play rookies then a playoff run is certainly possible. Hope it all goes well. But it will certainly be interesting where LV sets the over/under for wins in '14.


Posted by: JD | January 27, 2014 at 04:57 PM


Only if you post more.

Hello Signal (or rather 'Susan Thompson').

Yes, I know your secret. But it is safe with me.



In my opinion there were 5 things holding Miami back last year :

1)The offensive line Jeff Ireland built was horrendous.

2) Mike Sherman's offense was obsolete & predictable

3) Ryan Tannehill & Mike Wallace didn't work out their timing together enough during the off-season.

4) Miami has to make defensive adjustments to get their better players more involved.

5) Miami needs someone to supplant Nolan Carroll as a starting CB, because Carroll is only good in the slot. Dimitri Patterson played great when he was healthy enough to play, but that was very little.

JD you are pathetic ! Who cares what you think, this is a Miami Dolphins blog board & trolls like you aren't welcomed here.

JD, Hi boy, want a Ross-cicle son?? come get it

As an old, lifelong Dolphins fan, it is both sad and embarrassing to see what has become of this once great team and organization since Joe Robbie passed. I have 0 faith in Ross. In fact, I am so embarrassed by both the culture of this organization, as well as the number of football professionals who have turned down offers to be a part of this once great American franchise, I can't look at myself in the mirror wearing a hat with the team logo on it. I am too tired to name them all, but if you rewind 10 years, make a list for yourself. It is beyond shame. So here is what I am going to do. I will NOT attend any games, I will not buy any team branded merchandise, and I will not subscribe to the NFL ticket. I will not put 1 penny into this business until Ross sells it and the new owner remakes the organization from top to bottom. I encourage you all tondo the same. You will get nothing but losers and embarrassment until that happens.

As someone who lives in the C-Ville area I've seen Lazor as an OC when he was with UVA.
He does a good job of keeping the offense balanced and unpredictable. That's something we severely lacked last year.

He does a really good job at getting production from RB's, whether it be rushing or on screens. We will be more balanced and Tannehill will be more efficient IMO.

Butch up Quig, I think you are finally going to be happy about the Dolphins again this year.

I feel your pain, I feel the same way. But I've decided to be positive about the whole situation mainly for myself. It's not doing me any good to keep hating. But I am with you on the boycotting of anything Dolphin.

I think so too Woodshed

when does Free Agency start, anyone know?

I think Miami will be one of the top 7 scoring teams in the NFL this year. If Miami doesn't become a top 12 Offense & Defense this year I will be extremely surprised.

Actually I meant to say if they don't become a top 12 Offensive & Defensive team I will be deeply disappointed.

Can u say dysfunctional franchise?

Jasper, it's okay to be short fat and bald. no worries my friend.

Look, if Ross had replaced Ireland with a house plant we would see improvement. I am just glad he is gone.
The new GM has his work cut out for him, but I am going to give him a chance. I am also going to give Tanne a chance in his 3rd year, esp. if the oline is upgraded and the team gets a RB that can actually block.

That was beautiful. Brought a tear to my fly. Wiped with a tissue.

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