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Time for Dolphins OC search to make haste

Making a wise and thoughtful decision requires time. You typically don't go with the first contractor you call, you rarely marry the first girl you date and you shop around for the best deal on most things you buy. That is apparently how Dolphins coach Joe Philbin is conducting his search for an offensive coordinator.

Orderly. Methodically. Systematically.

Kind of how the Dolphins play, come to think of it.

And there's nothing wrong with that in a perfect world. But the world is not perfect. And the world is full of competition. And the Dolphins exist in that less perfect, competitive, cut-throat world.

And so what is definitely an orderly attempt to hire an offensive coordinator is now starting to look like something of a slow attempt to do so.

Consider that Miami announced the firing of offensive coordinator Mike Sherman on Jan. 6 -- which is nine days ago. The Dolphins did not conduct their first OC interviews until Jan. 10, according to the team's own accounting of events.

So even if one ignores that Sherman was a pretty much a goner after the season ended Dec. 29 and Philbin had to know, sources close to math say it took the Dolphins four days before interviewing Eagles QB coach Bill Lazor and Redskins former offensive coordinator Kyle Shanahan.

It took eight days before Green Bay quarterbacks coach Ben McAdoo came to town to interview on Tuesday. And by the time McAdoo got here, he'd already reportedly interviewed with the Cleveland Browns for their head coach job and the New York Giants for their offensive coordinator job.

And, by the way, the search for an offensive coordinator took the weekend off on Saturday and Sunday. 

Now, compare that to how other coaches who are looking for coordinators are doing business.

In Tennessee, Ken Whisenhunt was hired Monday and Tuesday it was reported by ESPN that John McNulty was "pretty much hired" as the OC. So that took one day.

Whisenhunt left the San Diego OC job on Monday and on Tuesday the Chargers promoted quarterback coach Frank Reich to OC.

One day.

Detroit's Jim Caldwell apparently works even faster. He was hired by the Lions Tuesday afternoon and by Tuesday evening there were reports from ESPN that Lazor was headed to Detroit to be the OC. Lazor, obviously, cannot serve as Dolphins OC if he's the Lions OC so that's that if ESPN's reporting is correct.

In Washington, Jay Gruden was named head coach January 9 (last Thursday) and within hours there were reports Sean McVay would become the OC. Those reports were accurate as McVay signed his new contract Tuesday.

The Bengals lost Gruden as their OC and within hours Cincinnati had a new OC in Hue Jackson.

The point is coaches are working fast to fill their staffs. And teams that are losing coaches to promotions are replacing them quickly because they feel they have candidates in-house capable and ready to step up.

The Dolphins so far are not working as quickly. And Philbin so far has looked elsewhere other than considering a promotion for quarterback coach Zac Taylor to the OC job.

(By the way, if your QB coach isn't ready to take the next step to OC when the opportunity presents, why is he your QB coach?)

Now, for the sake of being fair, it can be that slow and steady wins this race. (Yawn). The most optimistic of Dolphins fans are suggesting that just as the Dolphins passing on Matt Flynn a few years ago was the right thing to do, so was the passing on McAdoo and the others that have interviewed.

Maybe. Time will tell.

But from an outsider's perspective, I feel like I'm watching Uncle Joe from Petticoat Junction -- yeah, look it up if you're too young. Like Uncle Joe, this search is moving kinda slow. It also seems to me there is one name out there that glows in neon and deserves not just consideration but a contract:

Gary Kubiak.

Kubiak, 52, was fired as the Texans head coach weeks ago and is hoping to land interest from either the Cleveland Browns or Minnesota Vikings as a head coach candidate. That hasn't happened so far.

(I use "so far" a lot in these posts because the NFL changes fast and the words here do not, so I have to let you know that this is not the Gospels.)

Anyway, Kubiak runs a West Coast offense, which is what Philbin wants to do. He's tutored great quarterbacks like Steve Young and John Elway and the Dolphins need such a tutor for Ryan Tannehill. Kubiak has won three Super Bowls as an assistant, so for a Dolphins staff that sorely needs pelts on the wall, that also makes sense. And, by the way, if you're interviewing Kyle Shanahan, why aren't you doing that with the man Mike Shanahan had as his offensive coordinator before young Kyle?

Speaking of interview, who needs an interview? I spit on interview. Call the guy. If he is open to coming and understands Philbin is the boss and he's the assistant, what the heck else does the Dolphins coach need to do, run a background search to see if he's an New York Jets spy?

Offer him the job. Hire him.




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Yeah, he seems to be dragging with this stuff.

This guy seems to be childishly vengeful, not playing Ireland's Players, now mad because he was made to fire his OC and friend Sherman. We really can't work with somebody as passive-aggressive as that.

I'm not sticking up for Philbin, but there is a very good chance that he has his eye on one of the 4 remaining teams assistants. Which he can not talk to until they are eliminated, or after the Superbowl.
Either way, I would not mind K. Shanny or Kubiak. If I had to pick one of the 2 , it would be Shanahan.

One needs to consider all angles. Just maybe, Pihilbin didn't want Mcadoo. After all, he knows him better than the Giants. Kubiak? With all the coaches you mentioned getting snapped up, few if any have as complete a resume as Kubiak has, yet nobody else has hired him either. Why not look into why not? Instead of assuming fools gold is gold.

Gary Kubiak would be a great hire. In a Perfect world Armando would be our GM. Love Your perspective!

Totalitarian regime is going on here. Armando posts at 2am and only him and his partners can play.

Philbin might go to jail.

You think that nerdy looking SF OC will come here to work under Philbin? Phuleeesss

I'd be kinda worried for Kubiak in the booth. As many nailbiter's as the Dolphins play year in and year out, The dude's ticker may not be able to take it.

I'm still learning and will probably never stop from doing so.

As for the GM job, maybe there is someone on the final four team's staff they want to interview but have been told they will only interview after they are eliminated?

Kubiak seems doable.

I would say no to Shanahan. I have never been enamored with what he has accomplished and his Daddy opening so many doors for him. Plus didn't he start fighting with his Pa? That doesn't seem to fit the "get along with DawnJoe" M.O.

I know so many fans and Mando want the search to simply be filled yesterday. It's not a bar of soap type thing. There will be more candidates to choose from and they have already interviewed a bunch of them.

Chillax peeps, it will get done. I feel we did not "lose out" on anyone that chose another team. I only want a GM that wants to be in Miami 100%.



A good read and article. I have posted myself on PFT, Florio's site responding to an article about the GM search that the Dolphins more important hire right now due to less available candidates is the OC search. Perhaps there is a verbal agreement with Kubiak that a simple phone call was able to acquire. Everyone knows that Tannehill needs a major coaching job and an attempt at correcting his passing flaws, if that is possible.

The real good candidates know what a cluster f**k this
outfit is and are shying away.

Maybe he sh$t on himself and he can' t move!

jeepers promicael. i'm on pins and needles dying to read that post. I hope I can find it!

you clowns. you own a tv and computer and suddenly you think your experts and/or that somehow some way the Miami dolphins my read what you wrote and take your advice.

get over yourselves.

They are moving the same way the players did against the Jets..

Wow jsm08,

Are you really that dumb that you can not read a post. I state a possibility in my post and then the moron that you are goes after what you think is without knowing anything. You are a moron......

And your surprised because...

Mcadoo left the team and already had the phone dialing the NYG before he even got out of the building. "Better take the real job before im left with only this mess as an option".

Everyone knows that Tannehill needs a major coaching job and an attempt at correcting his passing flaws, if that is possible.

Posted by: promichael | January 15, 2014 at 04:59 AM


What everyone knows is this:

1. Most yards for a rookie QB in team history!
2. 3913 yards in his second season with the worst oline in history, no running backs, with no alpha receiver and all but one of his starting receivers going down.

We also know you are the type of fan that will only magnify the negative ad nauseam and never acknowledge the positive.

MR ROSS ( voted most handsome man in an Equestrian Magazine )is the current owner of this once PROUD-WINNING-DESIREABLE Sports Franchise. On top of that he has a HEAD COACH with a record of 15-17 acting as if he is the reincarnation of DON SHULA. Enough said.

Posted by: proknow | January 15, 2014 at 05:57 AM

You write like a Canadian blowhard who blows his opinions all over this site. Read Tannehill's numbers and stats for when he had to win. The last two games were against losers. If you can not identify a loser, look in the mirror.

OMG already. Lets wait until all the coaches are hired before we make a decision. Maybe we can bring back Cam for our OC. I'm sure he will be all that's left after we drag our feet for another week or 2. Hire Kubiak this year, fire Philbin next year, and promote Kubiak. We will finally have a deserving head coach who knows how to use talent.

LOL @ Chop Chop.

Tannehill is probably affecting the OC search, especially if the feeling in the league is that he's already hit his ceiling.

Tannehill is only the 5th rated (using standard QB ratings) QB from the 2012 QB class. He's behind Luck, Foles, Wilson and RGIII. Of the five, Tannehill is the ONLY one not to have played in a playoff game.

Using the same standard QB rating, Tannehill is tenth of all QBs with 3 or less years of experience.

His overall QB rating puts him in the bottom third of the NFL.

Not saying Tannehill cannot be a very good or great QB, but where he is today is not such a good place relative to other QBs in the league.

As others have said, the last two games were sobering. Especially the Jet game.

The fact that Philbin is a lame duck is probably affecting the OC search as well. Any new OC knows that if the Dolphins fail in 2014, there could be an entire new staff in place for 2015.

The GM process is going slow as well. It's the most important hire the Dolphins have made in a long time. After the disasters of Mueller, Spielman, Parcells and Ireland, the Dolphins need to get the GM hire right.

The primary problem of the team for fourteen years has been drafting and talent evaluation. For the future to be better, it starts with good drafting.

promichelle doesn't ever mention RT's stellar performances against Indy, Cincy, SD, NE, Pitt. nope. he only focuses on the negative.

not even the marino experience has taught him the qb can't do it all on his own.

poor sap.

I am still waiting for them to fire our QB coach Zac Taylor? Why he is still on the team is a surprise to me. He is married to Sherman's daughter, and that qualifies him to be a QB coach....I don't think so, and please don't ever mention him to be a O.C. Is this an April fool joke?

What we have here is additional proof with the Dolphins organization that the more things change, the more they remain the same.

Posted by: Sigh | January 15, 2014 at 06:28 AM
Sigh your post does give some insight into what might be an issue in hiring a good OC, one who wants to be employed for more than one season. The answer might be to go after another QB in the draft or FA, what do you think?

Ross insists on an unsound offensive approach, so the good ones will never come.
Expect a Sherman2 hire and more mediocrity at best on offense.
Yeah team, here comes 7-9 again...

Rob in OC, did you know Shanahan was QB coach and then )C at Houston from 2007 to 2009 when Houston was running those high powered offenses. Had nothing to do with daddy there.

Sigh, btw did you know that sacks is a component of QB rating. That's why RT is so low. Use ESPN's QBR and see where he rates. That rating excludes sacks as a component. I would think he rates much higher using QBR. In fact I know he rates much higher using QBR,

Denver Broncos QB coach Greg Knapp as our next O.C. He knows the west coast offense and has experience as a O.C.

So you can't hire someone before you fire their predecessor, and you can't wait 4 days after firing someone to start interviewing new candidates...doesn't leave a lot of room does it? You whiners got your wish, Sherman and Ireland are gone. We have turmoil again (when all we really need is a new line and a running back) and now you are bitching that the Shula-backed Philbin was retained. Ritalin is the answer fellas. I'll tune back in in a few months when you've got your stuff under control.


Who is to say that these guys turned our offers down ?

Who would want to work with DawnJoe and Thill ? In a new job in the NFL you have to make your make fast. If an OC comes in here and fails, many idiots will blame the co-ordinator and not the short comings of the current QB.

Kubiak may also not want the gig as he is tied to DawnJoe and the curious case of Thill Button. I'd love to see Kubiak as the HC and Philbin can go back to picking up litter and doing the admin work for Ross.

Shanahan will be gone pretty soon too, so that leaves us with QB coaches from the Seahawks, Broncos, Pats and 49'ers. Can you seriously see any of those guys coming to this train wreck of a franchise ?

Carl Smith- you kidding
Geep Chryst- Why not just for his name
Josh McDaniels- Yeah only is Tebow is QB
Greg Knapp - Maybe the most sensible option. Working with Manning and the best offense in recent memory.
Knapp has coached three Pro Bowl quarterbacks to a total of six Pro Bowls as a position coach or offensive coordinator including Steve Young, Jeff Garcia and Michael Vick.

As Houston’s quarterbacks coach, Knapp developed Matt Schaub, who was a third-round pick of the Falcons in 2004, when Knapp was the team’s offensive coordinator. Schaub ranked fourth in the NFL with 4,370 passing yards under Knapp’s direction in 2010.

In Knapp’s three seasons as the Falcons offensive coordinator, he helped Vick to two Pro Bowl berths. Atlanta advanced to the NFC Championship game in 2004 and in 2006, Vick became the first quarterback in NFL history to top 1,000 rushing yards in a season.

Knapp entered the NFL in 1995 as a quality control coach for San Francisco before earning a promotion to quarterbacks coach, then offensive coordinator.

Knapp coached Young during his final two NFL seasons, including the 1998 season in which the Hall-of-Famer earned first-team All-Pro honors from the Associated Press. He then helped Garcia to three Pro Bowl honors as the team’s quarterbacks coach and offensive coordinator. Garcia threw for a franchise-record 4,278 passing yards in his first season as a starter in 2000.

So DawnJoe, dont take a Knapp and go for Greg.

Posted by: jmike | January 15, 2014 at 07:19 AM


Skew the numbers or change the way one evaluates a QB. If you were T-hill's agent that would be great. Reading and releasing quickly; so as a QB you do not get sacked plays into being a QB.....

The Miami Dolphins NEVER used to be like this??????

Wow, Knapp's record looks impressive. Maybe he's what they are waiting for.

If OC candidates are balking due to the lame duck status of Philbin then there are 2 choices to resolve that.

1. fire Philbin and bring in a real HC.
2. give the prospective OC candidate assurances that if the team falters, due to HC inadequacies, he will be first in line for HC next year.

There is a 3rd possibility too, offer the OC candidates a golden parachute if it doesn't work out.

I'm of the opinion that any real quality OC is going to slip past us because of item 1. above. Everyone in the league knows JP is a lame duck and that if he is short of the playoffs next year, he'll be kicked to the curb faster than it takes Lindsey Lohan to get high.

Then what happens to the OC? Do we kick him to the curb too? Or do we stifle our HC search next year by saddling him with an OC that he may not want?

This whole thing is a Mongolian clusterfukk and unless Ross comes to his senses and realizes that hiring coaching positions in the NFL is not like ordering dim sum, you can't just change the spark plugs on an engine that has a spun main bearing, it takes a major overhaul, but Ross just wants to change the plugs, ain't going to make this engine run.


Thill's stats are those of a guy with limited skills, hitting quick strikes and praying that his receivers can break tackles or have busted coverages.

Ireland gave him a poor line, Sherman called predictable plays and the rest of the offense had ZERO leadership from Philbin, add into that a young QB that has'nt that much experience of playing the position and you get what we saw. Next to worst O in the league, record number of sacks and a QB looked lost and awful in the last two weeks of the season.

Thill really has no improvisation skills atall. For a bbig fast guy he really goes down early on all his sack, a fetal position if you like. All the QB's have had injuries to their o-lines and all have to improvise throughout the season. All will have to throw the ball deep when the situation requires it. Thill can't improvise, he can't throw deep and he can't decide when to tuck the ball down and go for the first down. He gets one more year, but I'll give him a 40% chance that he is our QB in 2015. I say we will draft a QB prospect and the new OC, will look to have him ready, just in case.

No playoffs next year, Philbin is done and it doesn't really look like he even cares. The same reaction Sporano had when Ross wanted jim Harbaugh, disgruntled child.


I agree but I'm hoping that a new brain trust begins evaluating T-hill from day one and takes action to help the Dolphins get into the playoffs. The blank look from Philbin indicates, what do I do now when the offense is being shut down.

Marco trolls on all the blogs and says the same junk about their QB's.

Does Joe Philbin plan to keep Zach Taylor as our QB coach in spite of last year's results? Is Ross going to allow this happening? Can we afford to keep Zach Taylor in view of the long term projection and investment we have with Tannehill? If the answer to these 3 questions is "Yes", then we might as well turn off the lights and go home.

Hard to blame a young, talented, aspiring OC for avoiding this mess down here. Their opportunities to shine are limited and they don't want to look bad down here. Maybe the options that John proposed above might help in bringing one of those here.

PACE is critically important in all businesses, especially the NFL. I am not saying RUSH but I am saying a good business knows the PACE of the environment it works in and knows when to throttle down or throttle up.

In this case it is widely known that NFL teams who are in search of GM's, HC's, OC's and DC's usually move quickly to land their lead candidates. They move quickloy knowing their competitors will move quickly to land top talent.

So, in both the OC AND the GC situations this team needs to move quickly. While they want to take a 'methodical approach' they have to understand that slows their PACE and they will get beat out. I see the problem as Ross and Philbin not having a plan as the season finished. Instead they scrambled to fire Sherman and Ireland and now they are without a strong understanding of who the top candidates are. So, they want to see everyone. That is taking too long.

Psst, Psst, Mr. Ross, psst, psst, excuse me....

Pull the trigger man...pull the trigger on your new GC. That will help you lure a strong OC, who will wantt to know what he is walking into.

Pull he trigger NOW....everyone of your competitors is also hunting talent and they are putting their trophies on their walls. Make a decision!!

So is it important to do it quick or to get it right? Hue Jackson, Frank Reich? Who the Hell knows if these are the RIGHT guys for the job. If we'd hired Frank Reich, Armando would be complaining about 'hiring another first time OC'. And where is it written that because a QB coach isn't promoted as OC then 'why is he your QB coach'? Ridiculous comment! Tons of guys working as QB coach that never get a sniff at OC.

I've liked Gary Kubiak all along but I'm starting to think he'd be the wrong choice. I like what this guy brings to the table but I think he'll get a HC again, maybe in a year. So that means another new OC and offence for Tannehill. I think he needs some continuity and maybe a guy he can work with for the next year or two. Could Chudzinski or Shanahan be that guy?

Hat should have said 'the next 2-3 years'.

I would trade away the few talented players we have for draft picks, I would continue to use Shermans/Phillis's offense plan and Coyle's defensive plan guaranteeing a top 5 pick in next years draft and it would also get us a good house cleaning with only the new GM and the capologist left to rebuild.

I have no problem with Philbin taking a little more time and exploring all options available. We desperately need to get it right this time.

Ross listen up! Here's an idea, it's the perfect solution to all your problems.

Let's save you some money, as I am sure you could use it, and assign Czar, GM, and OC title to Aponte! She is tight with Philbin, a real team player which is exactly what you have been looking for.

Does not matter she doesnt have expereince as talent evaluator or Offensive play caller. Philbin didn't call plays as an OC, the QB coach was never a QB and OL coach did not have experience either at NFL level and see how that worked out? The only thing she is missing as a candidate for a Dolphin coaching job is apparently Dawn has never had a previous relationship with Sherman.

Kudos to some posters here that predicted if we didn't fire Philbin too then we'd have limited options replacing a coordinator. That's exactly what is playing out. It may seem obvious in hindsight, but it wasn't obvious to Ross. Now it seems Philbin may be hamstrung, and play out a final season as a lame duck coach.

It's sad that there are some fans who could make for better management than what we currently have.

My top OC candidates at this point:


I agree with Craig that Kubiak is less desirable as he can be a HC next year and leave. He could also hold out to see if he gets a HC offer this year and cause Fins to miss out on the others.

Philbin has enough bodies of work on Shannahan and Chud. He could move quickly on them.

that's right,
cheap ross is looking 4 the be$t deal
not the best candidate

Shut the Fk up Armando, I dont even need to read your dumbchyt story to know what it says. Go to NY or DC and GTFO of Miami ya douche.

OC Search,

I'm not sweating over missing out on Lazor on McAdoo. If I had to pick I'd been happier with Lazor for the simple fact he may have picked up some things from a fresh mind like Chip Kelly. He also would have had to play a part in the development of Nick Foles. However, he never called plays at the NFL level before.

McAdoo on the other hand was about as qualified as Joe Philbin to call plays. He may understand the X and O part of the game as well be a great game planner like Philbin was or supposedly is but he's never called plays and how hard is it to be part of system where Aaron Rodgers is your QB?

I like Kubiak he's experienced. His O's are balanced and run oriented at times. He got a lot out of a slightly above average QB talent Matt Schaub (save last years melt down). But why would he want to come to Miami? He's more qualified then Philbin is to be the HC let alone OC. Philbin is also a dead man walking if Miami doesn't make playoffs.

If we know we are losing on purpose it won't hurt so much at the end of the year. We'll be stoked to be in the running for that #1 overall. Didn't we just have one a few short years ago?? That draft sucked at the top, how come we can't get the #1 overall when a true #1 player is available?? I say suckforLuck2 til that happens. It's better than pretending we're not a joke. At least if we do it on purpose it looks like we have a plan

I'm rarely on the wrong side of Rob in OC, but gotta disagree with you this time Rob. Also somewhat with Craig. You guys are stressing patience, but I agree with Mando that patience is not a virtue in this particular example. I agree Craig we don't know if we "missed out" on someone, but I'm making is we want the option to land our first choice (not have to settle for someone else). And if it's true Miami wanted McAdoo, well now Philbin's not getting his first choice (which I assume was well thought out). Now it sounds Lazor's gone. So it's possible the guy Philbin wants is someone else all along, or maybe no one being mentioned at all, but it's also possible Philbin's A, B and maybe even C options are unavailable, and now he's looking at D, E and F options.

Could that work out in our favor in the end? SURE! But it also could land us a lesser OC than we may have had with the top options. There's risk in waiting, and being meticulous. I think Mando pointed that out well in the article. Nothing's a sure thing in the NFL, but for a team that needs to get it right THIS year, Philbin is being either really wise or really stupid, I guess we'll find out this time next year.

What I have learned is that it doesn't matter the time of day on this blog some people just post ridiculousness.

What do some of you get out of it? What sick pleasure can you possibly feel?

That select few that I am talking about have the Sociopathic tendencies of a Serial Killer. The need to feel superior with every comment. The Blind Rage when their opinion gets trapped into a corner. The different personalities to try and hide their real identity. The want to create some sort of Stockholm Syndrome with the other bloggers.

The Internet is a beautiful place, only problem to a few of you is that the internet is the only place.

I know Parcell's picked Long, does the word facetious fit here?

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