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In shadow of Bess trade, Dolphins looking for integrity

When Dolphins owner Stephen Ross released a statement telling the world what kind of person he wants as the team's next general manager he included this sentence:  "This individual also must be a person with integrity who is open-minded and creative."

"Integrity" is a word that should not be ignored here. Ross, I'm told,  wanted that in there because right now the Dolphins don't have a very good reputation within the NFL personnel community for, among other things, the manner they traded Davone Bess.

Bess, as has been widely reported this week, is troubled. And as The Herald reported this week, he was troubled before the Dolphins traded him in April 2013 to the Cleveland Browns. Less than one month before shipping Bess out, the Dolphins learned Bess's family had him Marchman Acted so he could be evaluated and receive treatment for the emotional or psychological issues that seemed to be troubling him.

But while the Dolphins knew Bess was troubled, sources confirm they took a don't-ask-don't-tell approach on the matter when shopping and trading Bess. The Dolphins did not offer information on Bess's apparent personal instability, according to multiple sources.

[Update: Another source confirms the Dolphins did not offer information but did tell the Browns to "do their homework."]

Now, an aqua-and-orange bleeding Dolphins fan might smile and consider this a coup. They might think the Dolphins pulled the wool over the Browns. Ha-ha, yeah too bad. Buyer beware.

That is not how most NFL teams conduct business.

Most would have simply cut Bess rather than run the risk of seemingly serving up a potential lemon without some sort of disclosure to another team. Why is this?

Well, because even though players come and players go, and front office people come and front office people go, teams remain. And personal reputations remain.

And having a reputation as a team or individual that cannot be a trusted trade partner is a bad thing. You can be certain the people who made the trade for Cleveland will never trust former Dolphins general manager Jeff Ireland again. You can also be certain the Browns will likely be distrustful of the Dolphins in the future unless fences are mended.

Credibility and respect are currency in the NFL and no one wants to be bankrupt. 

You have no idea how many NFL people I talk to tell me about the respect they have for one another despite the fact they want to bash each other's heads in on game day.

Once upon a time the New York Giants and Dallas Cowboys fought for NFC East dominance year in and out. And yet Tom Landry served up advice to young Bill Parcells. The Oakland Raiders roster was known an NFL rogue's gallery and yet Al Davis offered advice to practically any young coach or personnel man who called.

There was an honor code among these men and although the times have changed, much of that code remains. Not all of it, but much of it.

The Dolphins broke that code by not disclosing Bess's problems to the Browns. Indeed, if they'd decided they didn't want to break confidence with the Bess family because their son had been a valued member of the organization for four years, the right move would have been to simply cut Bess and walk away.

That message, I'm told has reached Dolphins ownership.

And that's one reason the word "integrity" was used in the statement Steve Ross released when he began searching for a new GM. 


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The Dolphins havent had any integrity since Don Shula.

2 watt, the gig is up kid, accept it and move on

Posted by: Just so you know | January 19, 2014 at 10:20 AM

Parcell's was in the War Room, nuff said eh?

You're way off on this one Armando. The Browns and Dolphins merely swapped draft picks. I'd say the Browns got the better deal, even if for just one season.

Ross extended Ireland way after he dumped Bess on the Browns. Kind of puts a hole in the story don't you think?

This story blows. How about some real news Mando?

Even though I often disagree with you orlando dolphin- that was a great post @946. Business is business. Davone Bess stat line for cleveland in 2013 was 42 catches for 362 yards and 2 TD. Not bad for a swap of 4th rounders and an exchange of 5th and 7th round picks.it wasnt like he didnt suit up for cleveland and his numbers would have been better with a stable QB there.

Ha ha ha...this sour grapes post is so ridiculous all you can do is laugh about it and the fact that anyone thinks this is a story. Who really gives a rats arse if the Browns ever trust us again? Integrity? It's all so laughable and childish.

The poor poor Browns. Are they and Mando really trying to get us to believe they shouldn't have done their homework by investigating the player??? HA HA HA.

Gonna be a long season with these hack reporters, and there mindless echoing blogger lackies. You guys are a joke.

Anyone know where the real fans lurk these days? If so let me know.

Dolphins are a premier organization who have seen better days. If you don't see that get your head out of your a sses.


how can anyone be serious when talking about the Dolphins, they just get more embarrassing every year

Integrity? C'mon, get serious here.

Gonna be a long season with these hack reporters, and there mindless echoing blogger lackies. You guys are a joke.

Anyone know where the real fans lurk these days? If so let me know.

Dolphins are a premier organization who have seen better days. If you don't see that get your head out of your a sses.


Posted by: dj baracus | January 19, 2014 at 10:45 AM


What you can't find real fans on your Jets blog????

So we should respect Bill Belichick for cheating on the league rules by film spotting the opponent?

yeah whatever mando!

And another thing here! Where does Dawn stand in all this????

Because you apparently pointed out that Dawn was a part of much more in the power structure than you and the rest of your cohorts led us to believe!!!

Integrity? I call on Roger Goodell for some Integrity.

you can't have an intelligent conversation about a team when there isn't any intellectual honesty within the team. Why bother to even look at mock drafts when these clowns are always reaching and picking dung nuggets

Evidently we didn't put a bounty on any Jets in the season finale.

We have integrity. We just suck.

Come on they should of just released him. Yea right! Then he lands w a quality team has a break out year then we are laughed at once again. It was a no win situation. Second guessing every move this team makes is getting old.

Oh!, you mean survival. Now we are talking.

Ross is SENILE, He doesn't remember when he and Ireland stabbed Sporano in the back Eh?.The dysfunction continues with the barbies and no Super Bowl let alone Playoffs in sight Eh?

yeaaaaahh, K-mart underwear sucks, yeahhh,definitely Whopner at 7 yeahhhh

EVERYBODY, at one Time or Another, has been stepped on and has had to dis-integered, at least partly and some more than others.

Unfortunately Clueless cheap Ross has already said he is leaving the team for his even more clueless and cheaper kids.
This is only going to get much worse.
Change teams because this ones goose is cooked Eh?

Great article.

I agree with dolphin rick. lets face it guys the media in this town just love to bash the fins. Bess was "TRADED" and anytime you trade a player its because of a "REASON". You just don't give away your best players without cause. The Browns knew they were getting damaged goods and the "Buyer Beware" sticker holds true here. GMs know this so armando needs to be real. The fins didn't pull the wool over any organizations eyes.

Oscar,only a mass extinction of Phans can cure this disease.1-15 and 0-16 is what this team needs for a massive over haul Eh?

now that I think about it, I've never seen Jeff Ireland and Rainman together at the same time. could they be.... Hmmmm.

If there is no news to report,please dont write anything salguero you clueless idiot.

integrity? integrity?? is that what Jerry Jones used when he dealt with Tex Schramm and Tom Landry?

Would someone PLEASE kick my brother's asss.
He's an embarrassment to our family.

This Bess affaire and trade comfirms one more time Ireland's lack of ethos. This GM was a true garbage, an scumb bag. How can this bigot of Ross can say now that he wants integrity when he was aware of all of Ireland's dirty actions ?
Since the D. Bryant affaire and even before, we fans knew that this GM smelled pretty bad. Yet Ross kept him, despite his mistakes again and again.
I don't trust Ross. He's the main responsible of this chaos, and very likely he will mess up with the new GM. A puppet or a zombie that can be manipulated by the current staff.

What a stupid story Mando. Like no team has ever traded a player knowing the guy has issues, and potentially hiding some of them? Look, I'm not a big fan of the way Ross is running this franchise into the ground lately, but this isn't one to analyze.

A lot of player's have issues. A lot of teams trade players knowing they have issues. MOVE ON!

Can we just get back to FOOTBALL.....

I'm tired of both you and your brother. You use to be such good kids. petting and picking bugs off each other, what happened to you two youtt's??

Furthermore, I doubt the GM's turning down the Dolphins are worried about the integrity of the organization nearly as much as the screwed up structure and recent failures of the organization. And the Bullygate story carries far more weight than this one. Think GM candidates care? Maybe... maybe not. What they care about is their egos and the leniency they will be given to make changes in the Dolphins organization. That's where Ross has been a total fool

That's my 2 cents and I'm done with this subject.

Ape Tamer, we're all out fishing, farming and fu*king and your in here playing, wait til I tell ma

Posted by: zonk39 | January 19, 2014 at 11:26 AM

what goods it going to do?

Hire whomever you want. Miami does not have the right HC in Joe Philbin. Hopefully, Owner Ross will wake from his slumber and allow the new GM to decide the future direction of our franchise. Ross is totally clueless.

Would someone PLEASE kick my brother's asss.
He's an embarrassment to our family.

Posted by: Ape Tamer's Brother | January 19, 2014 at 11:17 AM


I know your just making a funny but your post proves a pretty good point.

The teams are just trying to save face and deflect Davone Bess's issues on the other.

We all have that cousin we don't want to run into in Walmart. The fact is people are individuals who usually aren't open to constructive criticism until they're at the end of their rope.

Hopefully Bess will wise up. He has a lot going for him and he's pretty darn good on the football field.

with Philbin as HC how can one be serious when talking Dolphins? you can't

This incident took place in the offseason I believe it would be a violation of HIPPA if they disclosed his personal medical evaluation. Also Bess was one of our most reliable players when he was with us and I am sure his mental instability is not a recent development. Even if you could why would you release this information to potentially damage his career if he does his job effectively (and by the way he had a productive season in Cleveland).

The Browns should have been suspicious when the Dolphins literally gave him away for nothing.

Either way, just another sterling entry in the %&$*show that was the Jeff Ireland years.
I am just thankful that with this latest negative story, I no longer have to want to punch the computer wondering when Ross will finally wake up and see how dysfunctional and poorly the Front Office is being run.

Where'd all these Ape's come from?

Yeah and if the dolphins would have told the browns about it and the browns didn't want to make the trade then the fins decide to cut bess guess what happens next? Bess finds out they discussed his medical situation and sues both teams and continues to smoke weed and get paid and throw his career away anyway

Not so clear at all that disclosing an employees health issues to another perspective employer is legal, let alone ethical. The most you can do is to not give a recommendation or say something positive, disclosing protected health information is not legal.

Posted by: Dolfan Rick | January 19, 2014 at 11:40 AM

Who in the he!l do you think you are calling out my boy in front of the whole comment board and all these posters?

Posted by: oavery | January 19, 2014 at 11:47 AM

Tell that to the treasonous IRS who now own your health records and will be using your health records for political purposes when it suits their needs

the only way the Dolphins are going to establish any integrity is if they hire someone named Integrity

Can we all agree that none of this is the fault of Jeff Ireland?

Ireland is gone, get over it. How about trying to convince Ross to sell the team to someone that wants a winner?

Can we all agree that none of this is the fault of Jeff Ireland?

Posted by: Ireland's Republican Army | January 19, 2014 at 12:00 PM


See and you thought you'd run out of material.

They told them to check under the hood. What do they want? And the Browns are no angels. They checked, or didn't, they traded and voila. Seems to me Bess was a pretty good player here.

What did we get for him? Bess for a couple of late pics. Big deal. The Browns would have made the trade even if they knew he was a full brick short of a load which they probably did.

Without Ireland on the Dolphins who's going to trade me for all the 3rd rate hacks that I draft?

Since TCHOKE can only throw 11 YD Slants,
Bess would have been a perfect fit for him Eh?

Dolphan Rick

I was a huge fan of Ricky. He ran hard every play. The NFL quit on him. He has a pot problem. They pick on pot as if that is such a big deal when a lot of their players are running around shooting, golf club raping, stalking, selling hard drugs, smacking their wives and girlfriends around, driving under the influence. Even accused and probably did murder. etc etc etc
Ricky was an easy target, a Dolphin and therefor a threat to Brady and New England. Ricky is a good guy and had a minor drug issue. He didn't quit on us, we quit on him.

Typical Mando BS. Keeps piling on the Phins any way he can because his qctual job reporting Phin news borders on the unemployment line and janitorial career. We know Mando everything the Phins do is wrong and everyone of the other franchises are gods who do know wrong. Feed into fan base anger you pathetic excuse of a reporter. At least Alex Marvez pulled a career with Fox over talking this kind of trash everyday. You're a hack who'll never break onto the national stage. Learn it, love it and keep living it. LOSER!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

This is a girls team run by a woman and play like a bunch of girls! in other words "NO BALLS!" a sorry ass organization from top to bottom, A buffoon for an owner, a woman running the show and a zombie for a coach!

The Bess issue is what it is. He is not a member of this team any longer. He has means to seek any treatment he needs. Back to the Fins. The problem I would consider serious can be found in Barry Jackson's colum/blog about Philbin and his inability to hire NFL quality type coaches. Given the coaching staff and Philbin's strange desire to hire what appear to be "yes" men I have to wonder whether Sherman and/or Ireland were as bad as we thought they were. Make no mistake, they were bad, but I think not as bad as originally thought.

Before bashing me here and it may be deserved given the heresy I have committed by saying Sherman and Ireland may have not have been as bad as previously thought, think this through. Philbin hires inexperienced coaches for key units and players. Players claim coaches did not teach and often were over matched. Think Buffalo... Game 1 eight sacks, game two seven. No adjustments on the o line, no TE use, no nothing. Just the same. Now throw Philbin being nothing more than an o line coach glorified by a title like OC/QB guy and there is no surprise why the Fins are not contending. The fact they won eight games despite these coaches may be provide some sense of vindication for them.

Simply, it is a sad state of affairs when an o line coach is hired because of some preceived offense accumen only to find out that it is not the case. No wonder he wanted to hang onto to Sherman. No matter what we thought of Sherman, at least he had a clue about an offense where as Philbin does not.

Jesus, you people are depressing. Who cares if they didn't tell the Browns? "Do your homework" should be enough in the professional world. That's on the Browns, who we aren't even sure didn't know about all this.

As for the cracked vertebrae, I'm pretty sure Bess was on the injury report the last few weeks of the 2012 season with a back injury. And I'm pretty sure that every player has to pass a physical to complete a trade. So he must have been healthy enough for that.

The writing was all over the wall, Ireland was a scummy arrogant clod, and it's since been confirmed he was even worse than we suspected. If he was competent in the draft I might have had a tiny bit more respect for him, but there was nothing redeemable about the guy. Everyday that I remember he's fired, I smile.

I smell another "victim" in the making. Articles like this embolden losers to blame someone else for their poor decisions. Look for a lawsuit from "poor" Bess and his family.

I understand some people will never be happy and love to hate something, but I just don't get all the hatred for Steve Ross. What exactly has he done that was so bad? Sure, the Harbaugh flirtation didn't look good but the guy was just trying to nab one of the up and coming coaches in the league. He's a first time sports owner, he's learning the ropes and I think I speak for all of us, well most of us, when I say we just wanna be a good team, at any cost. All this "integrity" is PR.

Posted by: klndry | January 19, 2014 at 12:09 PM


I wasn't trying to hate on Ricky. I was a fan of his. I was also a fan of the team he retired on (or took a sabbatical) in the middle of his contract.

It was obvious Ricky wasn't ready for what came along with being a football star and I don't begrudge him that. We'll disagree I guess on rather or not smoking the gonga was going to help him deal with that.

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