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In shadow of Bess trade, Dolphins looking for integrity

When Dolphins owner Stephen Ross released a statement telling the world what kind of person he wants as the team's next general manager he included this sentence:  "This individual also must be a person with integrity who is open-minded and creative."

"Integrity" is a word that should not be ignored here. Ross, I'm told,  wanted that in there because right now the Dolphins don't have a very good reputation within the NFL personnel community for, among other things, the manner they traded Davone Bess.

Bess, as has been widely reported this week, is troubled. And as The Herald reported this week, he was troubled before the Dolphins traded him in April 2013 to the Cleveland Browns. Less than one month before shipping Bess out, the Dolphins learned Bess's family had him Marchman Acted so he could be evaluated and receive treatment for the emotional or psychological issues that seemed to be troubling him.

But while the Dolphins knew Bess was troubled, sources confirm they took a don't-ask-don't-tell approach on the matter when shopping and trading Bess. The Dolphins did not offer information on Bess's apparent personal instability, according to multiple sources.

[Update: Another source confirms the Dolphins did not offer information but did tell the Browns to "do their homework."]

Now, an aqua-and-orange bleeding Dolphins fan might smile and consider this a coup. They might think the Dolphins pulled the wool over the Browns. Ha-ha, yeah too bad. Buyer beware.

That is not how most NFL teams conduct business.

Most would have simply cut Bess rather than run the risk of seemingly serving up a potential lemon without some sort of disclosure to another team. Why is this?

Well, because even though players come and players go, and front office people come and front office people go, teams remain. And personal reputations remain.

And having a reputation as a team or individual that cannot be a trusted trade partner is a bad thing. You can be certain the people who made the trade for Cleveland will never trust former Dolphins general manager Jeff Ireland again. You can also be certain the Browns will likely be distrustful of the Dolphins in the future unless fences are mended.

Credibility and respect are currency in the NFL and no one wants to be bankrupt. 

You have no idea how many NFL people I talk to tell me about the respect they have for one another despite the fact they want to bash each other's heads in on game day.

Once upon a time the New York Giants and Dallas Cowboys fought for NFC East dominance year in and out. And yet Tom Landry served up advice to young Bill Parcells. The Oakland Raiders roster was known an NFL rogue's gallery and yet Al Davis offered advice to practically any young coach or personnel man who called.

There was an honor code among these men and although the times have changed, much of that code remains. Not all of it, but much of it.

The Dolphins broke that code by not disclosing Bess's problems to the Browns. Indeed, if they'd decided they didn't want to break confidence with the Bess family because their son had been a valued member of the organization for four years, the right move would have been to simply cut Bess and walk away.

That message, I'm told has reached Dolphins ownership.

And that's one reason the word "integrity" was used in the statement Steve Ross released when he began searching for a new GM. 


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Why is he waiting to hire the gm and fix the coaching staff , something is not right

BUM I agree with you totally.Sure he did things the wrong way at times but the man just wants to win.Ross is not afraid to spend money either.If he just sat back and did nothing everybody would be complaining that he does not care at all about winning.I WOULD LIKE TO SEE how all you experts would manage this team

The same morons that praised Henne are now praising Tannebust. TOO F'N FUNNY!!!
Posted by: Get Sense | January 19, 2014 at 01:41 PM

The same morons that hate on Tannehill can't stop stating it even when Tannehill isn't even the topic. You guys are like parrots. Do you need to say it very single blog? Like we didn't get you viewpoint the last 200 times you said it. lol

Jesus you guys are boring.

Clowney is running a 4.46 forty that's sick

We are to believe that MarC, Marco, Tannepuke, Cadillacdeville, Get sense, Fire Ross, Ape Tamer, 2watt, Harris etc....have ever:

played organized sports above HS level?
broken down tape of a NFL game or any other football game?
coached at any level above HS?
devised and written a playbook for football?
even seen a football playbook?

Do you KNOW the blocking schemes?
Do you know the WR routes?

Y'all are experts at nothing! Maybe you should educate yourselves and read what the EXPERTS say!!

I would hire bill polian and let him work his magic or someone like him , a football man

its also amazing how so many here, and in the media, have such a short memory…..when we were looking for a HC, dont we all recall discussing the reality that the best/experienced "A" candidates wouldnt likely want to come to Miami (Gruden, Cowher, Harbaugh, Fisher, etc), because Ireland wasnt well regarded and because of the way Ross handled the Harbaugh/Sparano situation? So we were basically forced to look and hire from the unproven "B" and "C" pile because of those issues/circumstances--and thats basically why we got Philbin……unproven, age 50 yet no HC offers to that point, etc--do we all forget this?--and now we're shocked by Jackson's column, and how things have played out in the last 2 years? Try recalling the circumstances from the get-go…..and this is the result-not surprising at all.

Bunch of crap, anytime you get rid of a reliable pass catcher for a fifth round pick everyone knows you're simply unloading the guy for one reason or another...Browns assumed that risk. Armando when are you going to stop dumping on this team...

Bill do mad Madden skills count? ;)

Benz...I would agree with your reasoning as many others would as well. If what you described was proposed to any of the GM candidates, sure they would pounce on that opportunity. The rub is the owner coming out and saying "no" to a strong, buck stops here GM. Instead he has been convinced that it won't work because of the failings of his previous GM. Yes, the HC and GM must be in the same page and the HC should be allowed to hire his staff, but if you were the GM and you just found out the HC just hired a QB coach who has never been a QB, never coached a QB, or any other offensive position, would you not as GM go and ask WTF? And insist on his release immediately? That is a problem no GM wants.

Posted by: Dashi | January 19, 2014 at 01:50 PM

Posted by: Sam I Am | January 19, 2014 at 01:51 PM

You guys just get it.....not because you agree with me or MIT....you educate yourselves and research and then make conclusions. Is TH ready to take us to the promised land in 2013 absolutely not. But how about we get him some tools...like a Run game, OL, TE and coaching.
If TH does not get us deep into the playoffs in 2014 then I would get rid of him and start over at QB.

I'm hoping the new GM is an excellent talent evaluator and a shrewd trader. That's all I'm hoping for.

Bill do mad Madden skills count? ;)

Posted by: Darkoak | January 19, 2014 at 01:58 PM

Too FUNNY....but that is the issue. These guys have "mad Madden skills" and then think they can be f^kin GM of the team. It would be laughable if it weren't so sad??

I'm hoping the new GM is an excellent talent evaluator and a shrewd trader. That's all I'm hoping for.

Posted by: Darkoak | January 19, 2014 at 02:01 PM

HIT THE NAIL ON THE HEAD!! END OF STORY!! sic and tired of 7-9, 8-8, 6-10 mediocre sucks!! Parody sucks!!

Ross said publically that he wouldn't change the logo...then he did.

By using the word integrity, he insults the intelligence of the minority of Dolphins fans who have intelligence.

One of Philbin's sons was a convicted rapist who raped two girls.

Philbin used his power in the Green Bay community to get his son off easy.

There are a lot of adjectives to describe The Dolphins organization nowadays.

Integrity is not one of them.

Well, if it is true what Barry Jackson reported that Dolphin's Players don't respect their Coaches and that there was little teaching going on, then we are thoroughly fu-ked for next Season.

Posted by: J T SANDER | January 19, 2014 at 01:59 PM

Yep and here's something else, you have to wonder about the locker room itself. How do you motivate players when they don't respect you?

Bill and I mean talent evaluator within the front office and scouting staff as well. The team needs to be excellent at even the ball boy level. That team culture of greatness just doesn't seem to be there. You look at the Pats and you get that, Niners, Seahawks etc. you get that.

Posted by: Bill Arnsparger | January 19, 2014 at 02:00 PM

So much more than the obvious surface stuff that even the casual fan sees, equates into a very successful offense. Take Bellichik for example:

Even though he has arguably the greatest qb of all tie, Tom Brady, every season he seems to "tweak" his offense. DC's can never trust last season's blueprint to stop the current year's Pats offense.

As a defensive guru himself, Bellichik knows it only takes a season for the league to catch up to your offense, if everything remains "unchanged". Bellichik knows, at least the good dc's, will quickly figure you out.

Even when having a surefire hof'er leading your offense year after year.

Maybe Ross is going to Europe and China looking for prospective buyers for his Football Franchise.

Dolphins Priority

#1 GM
#2 Resign Grimes
#3 LT
#4 RT
#5 LG
#6 RG
#7 LB
#8 FS
#9 DT
#10 Big WR(6'4"-6'6") or Huge Athletic TE(6'6"+ former basketball player)

Another RB isn't even in the Top 10 Priorities for this team. If you can find value in the 5th rd or later, then yes.

The Dolphins should feel comfortable with their top 4 RBs. Specially if they are going to be using the RB in the passing game. Use them like L.McCoy, 3 of the 4 are built in that mold. L.Miller is actually 10lbs heavier. The one RB that should be in jeopardy should be D.Thomas. I can see Lazor trying to advise Philbin and the New GM that B.Brown will make a good duo with L.Miller. and the new GM drafting a RB late to replace Gillislee and Battle Thigpen for Playing Time and Returning Duties.


Posted by: Bill Arnsparger | January 19, 2014 at 01:13 PM

Everyone that tramples in here is doing this exact thing, everyone. It's all a matter of perspective. On mans garbage is another mans treasure. Thanks for the link to that article. Get over yourself. Armando is a joke. Have nice day.

It was very obvious game after game that the Dolphins were unprepared. Extremely clear we were out coached game after game. You do not lose games to Tampa Bay, NYJ and Buffalo when you have more talent than all 3 put together. We were beat by walk on QB's this year!! Coaches that got fired!!
I said it when Bullygate broke. The ENTIRE mgmt. from GM down to water boys should have been canned IMMEDIATELY. Not because of Bullygate. although that was reason enough, but because this staff had been part of too many misteps and blunders to be given the benefit of the doubt. They had nothing "in the bank" to lean on. It should have been done then. If this had been a realty company owned by Ross he would have pulled the plug but for some reason he didn't tret this decision as a sound business decision.

On the weekends Patsies fans vacation in this blog. Slobbing all over Bellacheats nob.

Posted by: Darkoak | January 19, 2014 at 02:09 PM

Talent evaluation is critical, yet as a "stand alone" totally useless. Talent evaluation has to be more "sharply defined", as in how translate to the specific "SYSTEM" your team employs on either side of the ball.

A guy can be an absolutely fine talent, still, his skill set does not necessarily translate well in the system that your team runs. When this happens, he plays crappy in your system, then moves to another team with a better "scheme fit" and looks like an all-pro.

Sign Brandon Albert to play left tackle, draft either Taylor Lewin in 1st to play right tackle or Timmy Jernigan DT. or Eric Ebron TE. round 2 or three this guy James Hurst, OT, North Carolina played very well against Clowny. he broke leg in December may fall to round three. Caros Hyde round 2.

also sign Alex Mack to play center move Pouncy to left guard. Line fixed...

Now I understand the meltdown in our lat 2 Games.

I think evaluating talent in such a way that it fits your teams needs goes without saying Sam.

Ok folks have a great day. I'm going to get ready to watch the Pats and Broncos play. Hate them both so doesn't matter who wins. Hate Harbaugh and Carroll too so this is a tough year. I will NEVER forgive Carroll for the cut across the throat sign he gave to ole Pete Stoyanovich! A TRUE DOLFAN NEVER FORGETS!!

JT and others……I think you all assume an awful lot……and assume whats written in columns like this are completely valid/true (assuming thats the case as well)--we dont know the details of the many conversations/meetings going on……we dont know the context of many of the supposed "sources" comments (the nuances of how the questions were asked/answered…..context of the conversation,etc)--we also dont know if some of these folks have an axe to grind, or an angle, as is often the case…..how petty they are, or are they looking to gain an edge, etc--I think many here assume way too much, considering none of us has much real/good information.

Bill A$sburger,

You don't like 7-9 huh ?

Mediocre football ?

Can't wait to see how you like poor football.

5-11, 3-13.

Dawn Aponte is running The Phins now lol.


No, benz, Players here not respecting their Coaches rings true to me.

More info please...which coaches have lost the player's respect?

I assume Sherman, who else?

Or is it the entire staff?

I always thought we only had a couple of decent coaches.

Now I don't expect B.Brown to sign with the Dolphins. Him and L.Miller have history.

My guess would be a guy like MJD for1-2 years.

Bill. You really have nothing better to do than quote silly articles that support your train of thought? If anyone is trolling here it's you! You called me out homeboy. Do you think I give a crap what you think? You have no sense of humour. You're just sad dude. Exposed me?! HAHA. I've never HIDDEN anything. Self important much? Go get laid man.

Well, yeah, those sources spoke of plural, Players not respecting the Coaching staff. Some kind of Bomb dropped on Us just before the games Today.

PS Bleacher Report isn't exactly full of experts HAHA

oscar……thats not according to the many players that were asked about the coaching staff…..I dont think they "disrespect" their coaches per se (they like them, so they likely respect them too)--sounds like the players dont think they're very good coaches ("havent learned alot")--there is a big difference between "not respecting" and "not thinking they're good coaches"--to me, it sounds like its the latter, not the former

and again oscar, much of this is a columnists interpretation….open to discussion, gray area……thats what Im saying

Sure, benz, that's what they mean, they think these Coaches are not very good. Are they going to trust in a Coach that they think is not very good? No. They will probably decide to play their own Game, as it happened in the last days of Sparano here.

At least we get to watch good QB's play today


This is nonsense! The Dolphins dealt Brandon Marshall who had psych. issues and now he is productive. Bess must deal with his issues so he can continue to be productive.....

Posted by: Bill Arnsparger | January 19, 2014 at 01:54 PM

who needs all that experience? look where it got the dolphins the last 20 years genius

so "how much of this really matters", in a GM/HC search? That is whats hard to determine, hard to quantify…..Mando and Jackson's columns (and others) give the impression that it matters alot (the dramatic)……it might, or it might not…..yet most here post/comment assuming it does matter, alot--maybe it does, early on, but it would be human nature for some of these candidates to think about these things alot initially…..but then shrug them off as time goes on, think "not a big deal" or "I can deal with that situation"…..and/or they're probably too tempted by the opportunity, at the end of the day--again, "how much of this really matters"?--hard to say, but I honestly dont think alot of it matters all that much--GM and HC jobs are hard to come by, period……ideal situation or not.

I don't know, benz, this makes sense to me, it was the last piece of the puzzle to explain to me all those all those unexplainable losses that we had.

I'ts funny how bumbs like FIRE ROSS talk smack but can't back it up.

You no wanna talk$ about it, benz?

FIRE ROSS claimed a year ago and throughout the season : "The Dolphins wont make the playoffs, you're all idiots"

Did The Dolphins make the playoffs ?

I get to be smug because I was right.

I usually am.

The season's result proved that I knew more than everyone else.

I have nothing to defend.

Do I need to defend being right ?

The result played out on the field.

My logic defeats your pathetic attempt at an argument.

This proves that I am smarter than you.

Posted by: Bill Arnsparger | January 19, 2014 at 02:00 PM

It's so awesome having such a top pro as yourself posting comments on this comment board. They must be paying you astronomical amounts of clams for all your genius research. You really don't see what a delusional clown you are do you??

Think about it.

thats fine oscar, I agree with your last post…..explains a good bit, if accurate (lets assume it is)--so thats to my post above, re: dont we all remember that we were looking at sub-par HC candidates to begin with, because of Irelands poor reputation and Ross's poor handling of the harbaug/sparano situation--so its surprising to me that so many here are surprised by the sub-par performance/results under Philbin, thats all--he was not some A list candidate to begin with…..so here we are.

ie. I'm not defending Philbin…..I dont have a big problem with him getting a 3rd year, for the small bit of stablility it provides, considering the other significant changes going on--he wins in year 3, or he's gone…..

Who is Denver's HC, John Fox? Bet on NE.

almost game time. Time to watch a couple of top notch organizations with real intelligent sports people. And the two best QB's in the league. It is such a joy to watch professional teams play, I can stop being embarrassed for a little while and enjoy two great QB's

Nothing really new this offseason. Personnel, coaching, new and old gm issues.

Fins offseason filled with ill-fated issues year after year year, after year. It's never a singular thing that can pin pointed, identified, and easily corrected.

All the way up to the ownership(Ross) itself, that's most unfixable itself. Hang on tight, for another 5-10yrs of very mixed results. Consider us lucky to see 2 playoff appearances within the next 10yrs. At least if Ross is still sits the ownership chair. Incompetence will always sit next to him in all the high places

So what do you think we can do to fix all the problems here, benz?

Sam, he's 73……aint gonna be no 10 years for ross

I have to laugh at Armando.

The Browns gambled up a 5th round pick if I'm not mistaken. Not a lot for a pretty decent player. Personal problems or not.

But General Manager Armando would have just cut him.

Of course, then the writer Armando would be ripping the move.

Damkned if you do, Damned if you don't........

oscar……(hope we) hire a good GM, who brings in better talent and with a clean slate/better reputation than Ireland--to me, thats where it starts…..even if Ross hires a new HC next year, the new GM has to have alot of input in that process (I would think)--hire a good/respected GM first, to draft better players…..and good coaches follow--common thread of all the top tier teams

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