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In shadow of Bess trade, Dolphins looking for integrity

When Dolphins owner Stephen Ross released a statement telling the world what kind of person he wants as the team's next general manager he included this sentence:  "This individual also must be a person with integrity who is open-minded and creative."

"Integrity" is a word that should not be ignored here. Ross, I'm told,  wanted that in there because right now the Dolphins don't have a very good reputation within the NFL personnel community for, among other things, the manner they traded Davone Bess.

Bess, as has been widely reported this week, is troubled. And as The Herald reported this week, he was troubled before the Dolphins traded him in April 2013 to the Cleveland Browns. Less than one month before shipping Bess out, the Dolphins learned Bess's family had him Marchman Acted so he could be evaluated and receive treatment for the emotional or psychological issues that seemed to be troubling him.

But while the Dolphins knew Bess was troubled, sources confirm they took a don't-ask-don't-tell approach on the matter when shopping and trading Bess. The Dolphins did not offer information on Bess's apparent personal instability, according to multiple sources.

[Update: Another source confirms the Dolphins did not offer information but did tell the Browns to "do their homework."]

Now, an aqua-and-orange bleeding Dolphins fan might smile and consider this a coup. They might think the Dolphins pulled the wool over the Browns. Ha-ha, yeah too bad. Buyer beware.

That is not how most NFL teams conduct business.

Most would have simply cut Bess rather than run the risk of seemingly serving up a potential lemon without some sort of disclosure to another team. Why is this?

Well, because even though players come and players go, and front office people come and front office people go, teams remain. And personal reputations remain.

And having a reputation as a team or individual that cannot be a trusted trade partner is a bad thing. You can be certain the people who made the trade for Cleveland will never trust former Dolphins general manager Jeff Ireland again. You can also be certain the Browns will likely be distrustful of the Dolphins in the future unless fences are mended.

Credibility and respect are currency in the NFL and no one wants to be bankrupt. 

You have no idea how many NFL people I talk to tell me about the respect they have for one another despite the fact they want to bash each other's heads in on game day.

Once upon a time the New York Giants and Dallas Cowboys fought for NFC East dominance year in and out. And yet Tom Landry served up advice to young Bill Parcells. The Oakland Raiders roster was known an NFL rogue's gallery and yet Al Davis offered advice to practically any young coach or personnel man who called.

There was an honor code among these men and although the times have changed, much of that code remains. Not all of it, but much of it.

The Dolphins broke that code by not disclosing Bess's problems to the Browns. Indeed, if they'd decided they didn't want to break confidence with the Bess family because their son had been a valued member of the organization for four years, the right move would have been to simply cut Bess and walk away.

That message, I'm told has reached Dolphins ownership.

And that's one reason the word "integrity" was used in the statement Steve Ross released when he began searching for a new GM. 


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Why do I put effort in the Dolphins's front office from Ireland to Dawnhoejoe, to Mr Ross,,,Who cares? Im not among'em.

we've had crappy GMs for awhile…..we forget that we actually are allowed to have a good one……just hope Ross hires a good one (a crapshoot, I realize)

This is such a non-story. This was barely a trade. I think that the dolphins swapped their 6th round pick for Cleveland's 5th round pick. Again the Browns' probably thought that they raped the dolphins by getting one of the best third down receivers in the league for almost nothing. BTW Bess had a pretty good year for the Browns too.

And yes, I am sure that Ross knew about the incident with Bess prior to the trade. The fins did what any other team would have done. This would have been a HIPPA violation if revealed. So, Armando how much integrity would the dolphins have shown to Bess if they just revealed his medical problems to the rest of the league? Again the dolphins really got nothing in return for Bess and followed the rules by not disclosing his medical issues.

This happens often in FA too, teams sign head cases all the time. If the Dolphins had known that Marshall had a personality disorder and was a head case, they would have never given up 2 # 2 picks for him. If they had known the extent of Ricky's addiction to pot, they would have never given up a # 1 pick for him. The Browns themselves suckered Indi into taking Trent Richardson (who knows what problems that dude has?). That is why you have to ask yourself if he is so good, why are they not resigning him?

I know that there is nothing to write about right now Armando but this is a heck of a reach.

Ross is chief amongst all problems Dolphins. As long as he sits head of org, we'll continue to bash names, personnel, and any and all that he puts in place.

Ross is a walking disaster in the making, in all things Dolphins football.

At least those of us whom are of the "OLD GUARD" of Dolphin fanship, at least had opportunity to witness "righteousness" of Dolphins football when we were once in "good hands with allstate(Shula)".

Even though it did not bear fruitful in as many championships as we would have liked.

Sam, he's 73……aint gonna be no 10 years for ross

Posted by: benz | January 19, 2014 at 03:04 PM

I fear it would be just our present franchisenal luck, Ross lives to be at least 83 to 85.

Greatest fear of all, the older Ross becomes, the more none sensical his decision making progresses.

Great pass protection by Denver. I wish Tannehill had half that time.

They are not looking for a GM, benz, only for a talent evaluator, a Personnel man.

Sam I Am, franchisenal?? I love it, it makes total sense, hopefully Webster will pick it up and add it.

Don't be fooled by Belichick early on. The 2nd half belongs to him.


Lame story. We have bigger issues than Bess and his habits.

Maybe Failbin will learn what a screen pass is watching Payton. Then he can teach his flunkie OC

Wrong stupid, once again your logic fails.

My "diatribe" was an effective effort to render your argument invalid, which I did.

By your failed logic, any reply is an effort to defend lol.

My "diatribe" also put you in your place...as clueless.

I could care less about the Pittsburgh game.

I predicted The Dolphins would lose every week just to rile up the homers lol.

I obviously got to you.

When it comes to the things that really matter where The Dolphins have been concerned.

Ross, Dee, Ireland, Philbin, Tannehill, the offseason free agent binge that failed, and whether or not The Dolphins would be good.

I was right.

Once again I get to be smug.

Smugness is a sign of intelligence, and it is earned.

Once again you are wrong lmao.

Phins start a losing era on a level with The Raiders in the next few years.

The delusional homer crowd (you) will be longing for the days of Jeff Ireland and his mediocre 7-9 teams.

Enjoy 5-11, 3-13.

New logo, new era.

And yet another black eye on the Dolphins franchise. This team will never get out from all this garbage until Ross sells this team. He is clearly way in over his head and has made poor decision after poor decision in the people hes put in place to run his business

I can only hope that things go full circle and Miami once again becomes a respected franchise at some point

Armando is really pouring on the "Better then thou" game with this crappy piece...

If it were Miami who brought in a player who had issues that they had no clue about... He'd of been all over the Dolphins for not doing his homework...

Besides... Just because Bess was going through a rough situation and through personal issues, The Dolphins has no way of knowing he has already bought his tickets to the looney tune train.... It simply isn't Miami's responsibility to "Assume" a player is or is not ready to play based on one situation.

Players have rough deals all the time... They get their act together, get medicated, whatever... No one, including Davon Bess or Th Browns/Dolphins saw this coming.

I think it is a furtherance of Armando's new "Hate Blog".... I'm not certain which is worse.... This piece or the people who are taking it seriously....

What about when Jimmy Johnson in his self described great train robbery sent Hershel Walker for 6 players and five number one picks?

Where is your indignation salguero? your criticism?

You are nothing but a hypocrite and a fraud!

wow brady does a thill.

Lazor is a guy with some good credibility and good results with Foles last year. It's a little premature to start hating on the guy? NO?

Brady over threw Edleman deep...is he inaccurate? lol

I'd much rather be watching the dolphins in the championship game but they've only been past the 2nd round of the playoffs once in the last 40 years. that was Marino's 2nd year, 1984. Dolphins fans have every right to be p!ssed off.


Why not more of a mention when the Dolphins got fleeced in trading for B. Marshall. Denver got 2-seconds for the malcontent and nobody was coming to the aid of the Dolphins when Marshall's short comings came to the surface. Trades of this nature are made all the time. The Dolphins have been on their share of fleecings and realize its part of the business to do their homework.

The browns like any other team realize that doing homework is all apart of doing trades.

We are seeing the importance of a good OL in this game. Those that sat here last year saying that the OL did not matter that all you had to do was get fast WRs. Some were even saying take a 5th round pick and start him at RT. Well I hope that you learned your lesson. The fins need to spend money in FA on the OL and need to spend one or two early draft picks on the OL.

It's like I said, anyone who's played sports knows a great coach is a great motivator. It sounds (from Barry Jackson's blog) Philbin ain't that. Maybe he learns, maybe the talent hides the fact the coaching is horrible, or maybe we're mediocre again and the new GM does what should've happened this year and gets to hire his own HC. That's a win–win-win!

wow is Mike Sherman working for the pats and broncos now ?


Why dont you write about something relevant. How about the fact that Miami was last in an AFC title game in 1993.

Instead of putting emphasis on a trade involving a 5th round pick and swapping of other picks. Write about how pathetic its been that our fins havnt sniffed a possible superbowl berth in over 20 years.

This is the real crime.

Hate all you want on Philbin and Coyle. How Coyle escaped with his job this offseason I'll never know. But Lazor....can't you guys wait one game to start hating on the guy?

it's been exactly 30 years since Miami was in this game. And they won it. 30 f'ing years

Jackson is correct about Lazor though, disguises his schemes (something I've been asking for years). We might finally have an OC that understands how to help his players succeed. Now we need the OL coach to step up and not mess it all up.

On the Barry Jackson story about the players saying that the position coaches lacked experience and weren't coaching.

First off as I've said before I think the disconnect is Ross is trying to fix the "integrity" of the team and we as fans waiting for him to fix the ability of the team to play football.

Ross and the Dolphins need to understand that losing draws more attention to everything that is negative.

Perhaps Philbin should have been judged on wins and losses and not solely on how he carries himself.

On the other hand I'm not going to completely take the players word, they make a lot of money to not get totally whipped by the guy in front of them.

Ireland was never allowed to bring in his own HC. Parcells brought Sparano and then Ross overruled Ireland on his pick of McCoy for HC. Ireland was a victim of poor coaching his entire tenure here. He put a playoff team together this year and Philbin blew it by losing to two bad teams to end the year. If McCoy would have been the coach the dolfins would be in the playoffs this year. Ross has no one to blame but himself. You have to let the football experts do their job.

Philbin will be fired after this year for sure. I hope Ross learned his lesson and allows the pros to do their job.

I see how NE is using Collins (a Jordan Clone) and he lines up at ILB, DE and will even be sent out into the flat to cover a TE when he goes wide. Looks to be the best defensive player on the Pats at present. Wonder why this team never thought of using Jordan in this manner? Of course if gets only 9 plays from scrimmage I see why!

Bait ?

Lmao, you amuse me.

Of course I'm going to respond.

Humor is one of the reasons why I come here.

I am gaining something...actually many things (satisfaction among them, because I am often right).

You attempted an intellectual argument and promptly got b*tchslapped...and now you don't know how to save face.

So you're claiming to be a troll and nothing more.

Try again stupid.

You're also butthu*t because "your" Dolphins have become an embarrassing joke...and you're stung by the criticism.

I'll gain satisfaction when The Dolphins have a losing season next year.

2013 was immensely enjoyable.
Keller out for the year.
3-4 Thad Lewis
4-5 losing to the winless Bucs on MNF.
8-7 shut out, Thad Lewis again lol.
8-8 no playoffs, losing to The Jets in the finale.
2-4 in the division, third place.
Hartline career affecting injury.
Ireland fired.
Snubbed by GM candidates.
Bess wigging out, more bad press.

Next year 5-11, last place.

A Dolphins hater could not ask for much more.

Only 7-9 would have made 2013 better.

By rooting for The Dolphins you only gain frustration, disappointment etc...

A true leader of an owner would have given everyone their walking papers. Ross is a wishy washy bean counter. He cares about $, nothing else.

Benz...I hear you. I post often to the fact that we as fans don't know the inner workings of what is happening in Davie. All of us are in the, "I am only a fan, but I slept at a Holiday Inn last night" frame of mind. That said, if the articles posted in the last two days even come close to reality, and you look at the coaching staff, any fan can begin to infer that what the players are saying does hold some water. To his day, no reporter, national or local has pressed Philbin on the Zac Taylor hire to coach his QB. My spidy sense tells me that it was a Sherman hire. I am not a pro NFL coach by any stretch; however I would never hire a coach for the most important position who had never played that position or coached it at any level. That to me spells incomptence. Good players want to be coached. They want to play to the utmost of their abilities and execute a winning system. Yes there are exceptions with talent that are knuckleheads, but that is not the norm. We as fans can see the confusion on the Fins sideline. I watch the Broncos, Pats, Steelers, SF, etc and you can see the QB huddle up with the QB coach or OC if on the sideline. This year on the Fins sideline it looked like many of the players went to their assigned seats waiting to be called on. I can understand it know of most of the coaches dont know he NFL. Perhaps when speaking of disrespect it isnt adverserial, but more of, "what the hell is this guy talking about" from a players perspective that is.

Orlando, what's amazing if you think of it is how well the team did despite all these issues (one game from the Playoffs). It's a testament to the talent we had ( I don't buy Philbin's excuse that there wasn't enough talent on the team). Good coaching would have gotten us in the Playoffs. We need more talent to cancel the horrible coaches that remain on next year's team.

DC Dolphan...we are in agreement. I like your post. At 8-6 coaches have to coach up. Philben is not the man to do this and his hires are worse than he. Take into account the eggs laid after the bye week were it looked like the Fins were playing their first pre-season game and the lost leads at NE and here against Carolina and it became painfully obvious the coaching staff as assembled was not up to the task. Given this, I applaud the players for what appears to be a self coached season.

I think we agree JT……at this point, Ross just needs to find a way to fix all of it, and I understand why most are not optimistic about that--and oscar, "GM with limited control/talent evaluator"…..or "GM with full control"……either way, any HC knows he'c going to have to work hand in hand with that person……and that position will, by default/tenure, have a higher spot on the ladder-dont care what anybody says, for the most part, a GM/talent evaluator is senior to the HC (with a few exceptions)…..thats where the stability comes from, IMO

The coaches cant make chicken salad out of chicken shyt.

ie. if that "talent evaluator" impresses enough, he'll gain more power/respect……and become a GM with more/full control--actually, if he's really good, he'll demand it after a few years (optimistic, but we can hope)

Armando is trying to paint Ross as the victim in this article. Do you think Ireland or anyone else on the team could have hid this from him? If he wanted to show some integrity he should have ordered Ireland or Philbin to disclose this, after all he is the owner and the one that is going to have to deal with the image problem long term (GMs and coaches come and go).

I still think that this happens all over the league. Teams are always trying to gain an edge. I am sure that Bellichick did not say to the Vikings when they traded him, be careful guys, are you sure that you want to give up a high pick for him; he is a head case. Teams try to get the most they can out of a player in a trade and it is up to teams to do their due diligence. All arrests in the state of Florida are public record, so the Browns could have done their own background check.

Benz...we're aligned. Irrespective of talant evaluator or GM there will be a hierarchy. Ross just needs to decide on who to believe when Philben says the players are below par and the evaluator/GM says no, the coaching is below par. It will be interesting to see.


I agree! All they had to do was beat Geno Smith and the miserable Jets at home to make the playoffs. How is that Ireland's fault? They got blown out at home in a must win situation by a terrible team. Philbin and Sherman made no adjustments in that game, and the Jets ran all over Coyle's defense. The team was unprepared and unmotivated for that game and that is on the coaching staff. How Philbin has a job after that performance at the end of the year is amazing?

Orlando...spot on. Mando's post regarding Bess is a nothing burger. Just business as usual in the NFL. if you are going to trade or sign a player the team better do ots homework. These teams are billion dollar enterprises. No way they can't spend a few bucks on a background check. I say tough and good on Miami for at least getting something in return.


I agree with you. A coach needs to be a great motivator. But down here in Miami we like the E.Spoelstra way of coaching. Where the coach doesn't answer back to the players.

I feel that Philbin isn't the problem. Even with his communication to his players. They get the message. And they play for him. Soliai and Starks have to go. They are average players at best now.

The Dolphins Locker Room has Zero Integrity!! Spo gave the players to much power and the players thought they could get away with more under Philbin.

Should the Dolphins have fired Coyle? Hell yeah!!

Miami advised Cleveland to 'do their homework', that says that they did tell Cleveland there may be some issues. Now if Miami were ever able to trade Martin....

Sorry Dashi, I have to respectfully disagree. Philbin is part of the problem and the players did not get the meaasage, or coaching expected at the NFL level. Needing one with two to go and just not being competetive in either game goes to show the disconnect. Not all on Philbin, but he is the leader and it falls on his shoulders. Plain and simple.

It's the QB Stupid Eh?

Dashi....what did Sporano give the Fins players? It only goes to show that two bad coaches dont make for even a mediocre one

Exactly JT! The Browns have to do their due diligence. Also, you have to remember this behavior was tied to a mental issue that Bess was dealing with. It would be irresponsible for an employer to release private medical information on an employee which is what Armando is suggesting they should have done. HIPAA violations are a serious issue.

I am sure that Bess appreciated the way the dolphins handled the trade. If the dolphins would have released this information to the public, Bess would have been humiliated and his career probably would have been over. Bess is a nice player but he is not T.O or Brandon Marshall that can withstand that kind of scandal without major repercussions because they are top talents.

agree that coaching was not great this year, was an issue (or raised questions at least) many times…..no doubt…..BUT I also feel strongly that good players overcome…….good players make plays, at big times……that players need motivation, especially in an ultra emotional sport like football, but cant some/most of these players get motivated on their own?--this isnt high school or college……these are highly paid professionals…..yes, obviously coaching is a big factor, on several fronts……but they didnt miss tackles or drop balls, or throw picks, or block half-assed in those last 2 games…..the players did.

so maybe the only conclusion…..is we need better coaches and players….and GMs….and owner……oh boy

Posted by: Ape Tamer | January 19, 2014 at 04:41 PM

Here comes 2watt. I would love to know how many names this troll has. 2watt you have been exposed, go use one of your other aliases. Then again maybe you have been posting all day along.

Why don't you go play with your Legos and let the men talk about football. Better yet if you have reached puberty, go lose your virginity. Man you are sick!

5 more wins if we had Payton this year, he would of told Sherman and Failbin to go sit in a corner, shut up and watch.

The Dolphins fans are so delusional that you MORONS are right where Ross wants you Eh$?

shut up 2 watts/ Ape Tamer, you really are very sad dude

Wha wha wha give me my blankie you people are a bunch of babies and whiner

Oscar(Fraud) Patsies fans, enjoying the game?

What's Bradys long ball percentage today? How's that game specific Bella cheat game plan? The Patsies helped and covered for a known criminal and nut case. When finally caught as a murderer the Patsies were allowed to gain inside infoan cut the player and wipe their hands clean of any possible involvement. Miami trades a very likeable player popular player with the fans for a few spots up in the draft and they have integrity issues lol. The only joke in Miami is Armando Salguero, and of course all of the Amanda Babysitters Club patsies fans. They'd stop polishing Amandas pole only if they could shine up Bellacheats.

Bye bye Brady see ya next year

See ya later I'm gonna eat a potatoe

THill would of got sacked for 20 yards on that play

I'm not a Brady admirer, man, I'm a BB admirer.

Ooooo there scary those pats

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