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In shadow of Bess trade, Dolphins looking for integrity

When Dolphins owner Stephen Ross released a statement telling the world what kind of person he wants as the team's next general manager he included this sentence:  "This individual also must be a person with integrity who is open-minded and creative."

"Integrity" is a word that should not be ignored here. Ross, I'm told,  wanted that in there because right now the Dolphins don't have a very good reputation within the NFL personnel community for, among other things, the manner they traded Davone Bess.

Bess, as has been widely reported this week, is troubled. And as The Herald reported this week, he was troubled before the Dolphins traded him in April 2013 to the Cleveland Browns. Less than one month before shipping Bess out, the Dolphins learned Bess's family had him Marchman Acted so he could be evaluated and receive treatment for the emotional or psychological issues that seemed to be troubling him.

But while the Dolphins knew Bess was troubled, sources confirm they took a don't-ask-don't-tell approach on the matter when shopping and trading Bess. The Dolphins did not offer information on Bess's apparent personal instability, according to multiple sources.

[Update: Another source confirms the Dolphins did not offer information but did tell the Browns to "do their homework."]

Now, an aqua-and-orange bleeding Dolphins fan might smile and consider this a coup. They might think the Dolphins pulled the wool over the Browns. Ha-ha, yeah too bad. Buyer beware.

That is not how most NFL teams conduct business.

Most would have simply cut Bess rather than run the risk of seemingly serving up a potential lemon without some sort of disclosure to another team. Why is this?

Well, because even though players come and players go, and front office people come and front office people go, teams remain. And personal reputations remain.

And having a reputation as a team or individual that cannot be a trusted trade partner is a bad thing. You can be certain the people who made the trade for Cleveland will never trust former Dolphins general manager Jeff Ireland again. You can also be certain the Browns will likely be distrustful of the Dolphins in the future unless fences are mended.

Credibility and respect are currency in the NFL and no one wants to be bankrupt. 

You have no idea how many NFL people I talk to tell me about the respect they have for one another despite the fact they want to bash each other's heads in on game day.

Once upon a time the New York Giants and Dallas Cowboys fought for NFC East dominance year in and out. And yet Tom Landry served up advice to young Bill Parcells. The Oakland Raiders roster was known an NFL rogue's gallery and yet Al Davis offered advice to practically any young coach or personnel man who called.

There was an honor code among these men and although the times have changed, much of that code remains. Not all of it, but much of it.

The Dolphins broke that code by not disclosing Bess's problems to the Browns. Indeed, if they'd decided they didn't want to break confidence with the Bess family because their son had been a valued member of the organization for four years, the right move would have been to simply cut Bess and walk away.

That message, I'm told has reached Dolphins ownership.

And that's one reason the word "integrity" was used in the statement Steve Ross released when he began searching for a new GM. 


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Touch down damn

Now it's on Payton for the kill

Patsies fans....... SMH

Some of them think they are Doctors lol

As a Coach. BB doesn't seem to be the most pleasant fellow in the World.

Stop the Thill/Brady comparisons now, Brady has thrown a TD in the 4th folks, debate over, ha ha.

What about the 100 underclassmen. Coming out for the draft I love it

you just can't help yourself can you 2 watt/Ape Tamer/Diety. Your the biggest loser on here

Now does Manning do his usual playoff killing pick ?

Wow I loved Julius Thomas in the draft what a player

Patsies fans don't even know when to sit down and shut up lol


Punt or field goal hmmmm

I'm not any of those guys. I love the miami dolphins and hate bad hypocritical writers and patsies fans. I hate jests fans too but they are so dumb its funny.


There is plenty of Time yet.

I love the dolphins but I love football and I love to hate the pats,jets,bills,cow girls, and niners

YKW is to blame.


Howdy Oscar what's up man

Nice to see some of Xanders work on display. Come to Miami Mr Xander, we will make you most welcome. Well the fans and players will, not sure about DawnJoe though ?

If the Pats fail here, does that give Brady two more shots at the title or three ?

This is gonna be a huge draft for us

Time is up.

Tick tock tick tock

I hate this defense

lets face it……Denver fans are nervous

I'm a Dolphin's fan and hate all those teams too, but I'm a p!ssed off Phins fan

Prevent defence prevents you from winning

Now the Broncos would like Michael Thomas.

Manning is like a General…..in total command, awesome talent…..but Brady has ice in his veins…..dude is scary

Marc so am I but it will get better we went 8-8 it should have been 11-5 very poor coaching cost us and lack of a o line

A lesson for young Thill, he had those chances to score a few times this season.

Question of the Century...

Will ALoco ever come up with a new phrase?

To Suck or not to suck...

A douche yes douche he is...

That hurt still down by 10 , onside kick

Bro, they threw the Game away.

Belichick takes the ball out of Brady's hands on the biggest 2 point conversion of the year? Mike Sherman must be advising Belichick.

Polish your dagger Payton manning

Poor Tom Brady. Remember when Ryan Tannehill made Tom Brady curse and stomp off the podium? Classic.

This has to be killing bb

anybody else feel like Fox is just sort of hanging around?…….that Del Rio and Manning are really coaching the team?

Man they have a lot of weapons tamme now

Manning welcome to New Jersey in February. Good luck with that wind and cold

Brady. Nice to see him in a little pain for a change.


Tom hasn't had much luck in the playoffs lately what a shame

Have no doubt in my mind that Manning would have Miami in the exact same spot as the Broncos are today should Ross have successfully wooed him here after 2011.

Turn out the Lights, the Party is over...

I would love to know what it's like to lose the AFC championship game, it's been 30 years this year since the Phins have been in the AFC Championship game

Apaga y vamonos.

Sf vs sea the heavy fight is coming

he's been in a couple of others, and is a playoff/conference championship fixture, a certain first ballot HOFer…..could be in the conversation for greatest QB ever, or in the the top few at least……but Brady's last SB win was now…….10 years ago--TEN years ago…...

Jim Harbaugh, Drew Brees and Peyton Manning... Nah Im happy we have Ryan Tannehill, Joe Philbin and had Pat White.

Marino only made it once past the second round of the playoffs. and that was 1984 when he went to the superbowl and lost to the 49er's

Witnessed Miami lose two AFC Championship games. 1985 and 1992. Both were horrendous efforts.

That was as perfect a Game that Denver played as I have ever seen in a Championship Game.

It's fun to cheer against and watch the Patriots lose. Belichek that was a horrible decision to go for it on that 4th down. I love to watch sensitive Tom get to tears....

Um..... 1984 Super Bowl, 1985 AFC Championship Game, 1992 AFC Championship Game. Not sure what Marks Organs definition of "second round of the playoffs" is.

The Broncos and Manning really deserve to be in the Superbowl. I hope the Seahawks make it and revive their old AFC West rivalry. Remember the Boz and Elway sideline hit.

Bring back the Boz for the Superbowl to be the team mascot for the game.

I wonder if Marino is watching Elway thinking.... that could be me...... Ahhhh !!!

So The Broncos are set to make their seventh Super Bowl appearance.

The Dolphins have been stuck on five for an eternity.

The Broncos have made six Super Bowl appearances since the dysfunctional Dolphins last Super Bowl appearance.

The Patriots have made seven.

So many of you love Dan Marino ?

What the h*ll for ?

He was a cancer, ran JJ out of town.

Have faith Phins fans...

With Dawn Aponte at the helm, and an owner who doesn't spend up to the cap.

The Dolphins are in capable hands.

A future Dolphins dynasty is surely on the horizon.

New team, new logo.

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