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In shadow of Bess trade, Dolphins looking for integrity

When Dolphins owner Stephen Ross released a statement telling the world what kind of person he wants as the team's next general manager he included this sentence:  "This individual also must be a person with integrity who is open-minded and creative."

"Integrity" is a word that should not be ignored here. Ross, I'm told,  wanted that in there because right now the Dolphins don't have a very good reputation within the NFL personnel community for, among other things, the manner they traded Davone Bess.

Bess, as has been widely reported this week, is troubled. And as The Herald reported this week, he was troubled before the Dolphins traded him in April 2013 to the Cleveland Browns. Less than one month before shipping Bess out, the Dolphins learned Bess's family had him Marchman Acted so he could be evaluated and receive treatment for the emotional or psychological issues that seemed to be troubling him.

But while the Dolphins knew Bess was troubled, sources confirm they took a don't-ask-don't-tell approach on the matter when shopping and trading Bess. The Dolphins did not offer information on Bess's apparent personal instability, according to multiple sources.

[Update: Another source confirms the Dolphins did not offer information but did tell the Browns to "do their homework."]

Now, an aqua-and-orange bleeding Dolphins fan might smile and consider this a coup. They might think the Dolphins pulled the wool over the Browns. Ha-ha, yeah too bad. Buyer beware.

That is not how most NFL teams conduct business.

Most would have simply cut Bess rather than run the risk of seemingly serving up a potential lemon without some sort of disclosure to another team. Why is this?

Well, because even though players come and players go, and front office people come and front office people go, teams remain. And personal reputations remain.

And having a reputation as a team or individual that cannot be a trusted trade partner is a bad thing. You can be certain the people who made the trade for Cleveland will never trust former Dolphins general manager Jeff Ireland again. You can also be certain the Browns will likely be distrustful of the Dolphins in the future unless fences are mended.

Credibility and respect are currency in the NFL and no one wants to be bankrupt. 

You have no idea how many NFL people I talk to tell me about the respect they have for one another despite the fact they want to bash each other's heads in on game day.

Once upon a time the New York Giants and Dallas Cowboys fought for NFC East dominance year in and out. And yet Tom Landry served up advice to young Bill Parcells. The Oakland Raiders roster was known an NFL rogue's gallery and yet Al Davis offered advice to practically any young coach or personnel man who called.

There was an honor code among these men and although the times have changed, much of that code remains. Not all of it, but much of it.

The Dolphins broke that code by not disclosing Bess's problems to the Browns. Indeed, if they'd decided they didn't want to break confidence with the Bess family because their son had been a valued member of the organization for four years, the right move would have been to simply cut Bess and walk away.

That message, I'm told has reached Dolphins ownership.

And that's one reason the word "integrity" was used in the statement Steve Ross released when he began searching for a new GM. 


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folks here talk about THill, and Ginn, and Cam Cameron, etc…..but the Brees miss was the biggest blunder of all

Romo, Moon, Warner, UDFA.

The GM is a scam position. You pick and hope. 95% luck 5% art and science.

Posted by: Zilo | January 19, 2014 at 09:24 PM

And they have one SB between them, so your points is ..... ?

These officials are making lots of bad calls today, I doubt any of them will be officiating the Super Bowl.
Two items to add to the review list
Fumbles in the field of play.
Hit that look like personal fouls but aren't

It's not as if we got a lot back for him. He got a swap of picks what was essentially a trade up. not much for his production but now makes sense...

Big fumble

There is no rush to bring in the GM. Everyone the Dolphins looked at were at the college games scouting today anyway.

This is one of the most poorly officiated games in recent memory. Refs blatantly favoring Seattle.

just look at that list of QBs, and we could name more with time…..all/most teams passed on them, including the team that drafted them in many cases…..how else do you explain it?--luck has alot to do with it…….

Sloppy game for both teams

and how many many QBs were taken at #1, or taken very high at least, and were busts?--that teams thought were good?--we could name alot?……how to explain that?……inexact science, to say the least…..luck is a big factor

Dolphins are not that bad


The Brees miss was huge. Saban wanted him but GM Mueller followed the advice of renowned orthopedic surgeon Dr. James Andrews who said it was easier to rehab a knee (Culpepper) than a shoulder (Brees). Coincidently, here is a case where the GM had final say on personnel, and ignored the coach's opinion. This is why I have no problem with the GM and the HC being on the same page.

I didnt know that DR…..and I never said it was all luck…..but thanks for playing

I agree Frank, I dont have a big problem with the GM not having full control…..some checks and balances seem to be a good idea…..plus there are a number of GMs across the league that dont have full control, so its not that unusual

Yo benz dumbo.....if luck was involved the Dolphins wouldnt stink for this long.

Get….or Diga….or DR…..or whoever you are…..I have no idea what that means

and "dumbo"….oohhh, that stings…..so harsh

Called it. Manning in the Superbowl. But let's forget the obvious. Dashi is always wrong. (Yes, Dashi is always going to point out when he is right because you are always going to point out the 5 times that I was wrong!!)

Tannehill has the talent. And with the new OC by his side he will develop Lazor like accuracy next season. I expect him to make even better decisions with the football.

The Dolphins need a line period. Doesn't matter if you have Ricky back there and Csonka as his FB. With Zero line you won't get a yard in the NFL.

L.Miller is serviceable. Is only 22 yrs old. And would've had over 1200yds with a regular workload. Even with the worst O-line in Dolphins history blocking for him.

R.Bush is a gimmick and is the most overhyped RB in history. R.Bush is the P.Warwick of RBs. The man had 1 Average Season in 10 Years in the League. Yet, he is extraordinary. Ridiculous !!!!


R.BROWN!! Fits a bigger need! And he was a player drafted by the Dolphins. Same thing with J.Long!!

Yes!! Sometimes it is more expensive to keep them, but you don't have to create other holes. You could keep building. And you show your fan base that you are willing to keep your good players. Brown was a #2 Overall Pick!! J.Long was a #1 Overall Pick!! You try and keep guys like that for over 10 years!! It wasn't like they were Bust!! Having Long & Brown on the team would've definitely made this a playoff team. And they would've been looked upon as leaders.

If we kept R.Brown we wouldn't have to draft D.Thomas. if we kept Jake we wouldn't have to draft J.Martin.

Or we forgot? J.Martin was always drafted with the intention to replace J.Long. They could've drafted a OG to replace Incognito or Jerry. J.Allen G for KC was drafted 2 Spots after J.Martin.

Or Drafted A.Jeffrey who was drafted 3 picks after J.Martin when the Dolphins needed a WR to Replace B.Marshall!!

As long as we get a guy with SOME eye for talent who cares. How do we keep all 2013 draft picks yet their contribution for the season is next to nothing?

Seems the smarter more astute GM's have better "luck", yes? LOL

agree Julio…..and most/all of those '13 picks were pretty highly regarded, or at least drafted about where they were projected to go, in general…..ie. no reaches to speak of…..a number were good to very good college players, from major programs…..how could they contribute so little?--coaching is the only answer…..

when it comes to QBs, facts speak for themselves, LOL

Should have called a time out to gather themselves.
Philbin would have.

Its "luck" that Ireland couldnt draft a QB to save his life?

Sherman is real good but what an ahole

Maan, NFC Championship game was a Super Bowl in and of itself!

Richard Sherman is a punk. And he gets the last laugh.

Sherman's a punk, Seattle has zero chance against Peyton.

Luck is a rationalization for LOSERS.

How many Dolphins fans wish that The Dolphins could be Super Bowl losers ?

Dolphins fans would just take 9-7 now.

9-7 and no playoffs.

Seattle is going to The Super Bowl.

Phins have no GM, and no one wants the gig.

Wrong again. Darn!(could I be turning into a dashi?)

It was Luck that A.J. Duhe didn't drop Richard Todd's pass.

No, Oscar, no matter how bad things go for you they will never match Dashi's.

Agree Benz. Will Davis or Jamar Taylor should've played more than Nolan Carroll who's fast but lost. Jelani Jenkins should have NO trouble competing with Wheeler who was atrocious. Dion Jordan deserved more snaps.
Dallas Thomas couldn't crack this putrid OL. He was a mess in pre season.
Fact is, you gotta be able to coach these guys. Jordan I'm not giving up on. He has the physical attributes to be a player.
Gotta say that I'm not overly impressed by Coyle.

Posted by: Dashi | January 19, 2014 at 09:43 PM

Hmm.... see you finally agree with my posts letting R&R leave same offseason was beginning of our rb disaster. Instead of reposting the garbage we brought in Bush. Because still Bush was allowed to walk without bringing a vet rb in.

Dashi, please for godsakes, curb the Miller posts. What if, have no discernible basis in the real time world. Unless, of course we're arguing "fairy tales".

Great job by Seahawks. Great, emotional, smart coach, awesome young QB and intelligent GM and owner.

The fans in Seattle are the best in sports.

We are so far away from having any of this, especially the QB abd coach. With no GM we have no isea of our direction. as far as the owner and fans are concerned.... well bottom of the NFL is a fair assessment.

well 3 of the top picks came out of college injured, a 4th got injured during training camp. The team got more impact plays out of it's 7th round pick as it did it's first round pick.

Also, if the best pro-Miller argument is based on have a much greater oline, there are at least 32 "BACKUP" RB's we could add to the equation.

I'm so tired of seeing Miller look to run "HORIZONTAL" far before he thinks "VERTICAL". This flaw has ZERO to do with offensive line.


Far away is an understatement. We are light years away from where Seattle is as a franchise and talent on the field.

The only way Miami gets to a title game anytime soon is to buy a ticket

I divorced the sorry a s s Phins and married The Seahawks.

You losers can have the fat chick.

My favorite teams at one time, in order :

1) Dolphins

2) Oilers

3) Seahawks

Now The Seahawks are #1.

Ross' USFL Dolphins #32.

How many of you can objectively and realistically believe that The Dolphins are anywhere near making a Super Bowl.

The Dolphins are light years away.

Cheap owner who is a buffoon.

No GM.

Dawn Aponte

Regis Joe Philbin

Inaccurate Tannehill

Lamar Miller

Four new OL starters (takes years for even the right players to gel)

Not one quality LB, and you need at least two pro-bowl LB's to be a championship contender.

Hartline is The Dolphins best receiver.

Nolan Caroll is a starting CB.

It'll take five years for a new GM to infuse the team with new talent.

...and that's if the Dolphins actually hire the right guy, he makes the right moves, Philbin is the right coach, Ross starts spending up to the cap, and Aponte doesn't prove to be a cancer.

The Dolphins are the new Raiders.

Ross has no integrity. He tried to hire another coach before he got rid of the one he had. Who does that? It was under his ownership that the Martin/Incognito fiasco happened. Honestly, what top candidate would want to come here? That is why we will always be selecting either an unproven guy, or a washed up guy. Its just how it is. Thanks Mr. Ross.

It is a great day for football. America sees that when a game is called on level ground, the pats are punks.
The same goes for Harbitch and his Mickey Mouse QB.
When it gets down to the money; we had two consistently called games.
This is the way it should be. The Vegas money must have been pretty close.

Great job by Seahawks. Great, emotional, smart coach, awesome young QB and intelligent GM and owner.

Posted by: Marco | January 19, 2014 at 10:12 PM

My only positive for watching games such as these, is as not to soon forget, what a championship caliber organization and team looks like.

Not to congratulate or addah, boy them.

Still need a QB

L. Miller = Another Irescum bust

They say, "forget the past, it's no good for you."

I say never, as a dolfan, it's all I'll ever have to hold on to.

That n---a is ugly as hell. God-ammed!

Posted by: Royal Aqua | January 19, 2014 at 10:20 PM

Dashi still waits up for Santa each year. You're wasting your time.

That n---a is ugly as hell. God-ammed!

Posted by: oscar canosa | January 19, 2014 at 10:21 PM

Oscar, one supposedly as intelligent as you, knows good and well its nothing money can not cover.

Also, one supposedly as intelligent as you, would have far greater command of the English language, stooping not to use of derogatory words such as n---a.

Clean it up Oscar. Thx!

Miller can hit a home run at any point. The point being that he is clean thru the line .

Dashi sat at Santa's lap in a strip mall this year. No brainer, he asked for a Lamar Miller action figure doll.

fukky yuti, sammy

Sadly, even Dashi's Lamar Miller action figure doll, lost yards after contact in dashi's murky bathwater.

Yea Oscar, it's time to get over it man!

fukky yuti, sammy

Posted by: oscar canosa | January 19, 2014 at 10:30 PM

Should I dare say your command for the English language has taken a sure step back?

While sitting next to Marc Anthony during his embarrassing PR blunder, when he was parading around the country, touting Marc Anthony as part owner, Ross claimed he wouldn't change the logo quote, "Because there's tradition there."

Two years to three years later.

He changed the logo.

So much for tradition, clearly he thinks the fans have no memory function (sadly this is true of most fans).

Criticized Tony Sparano in the New York press, two years after Sparano was fired, classy move.

The guy has no credibility.

Ross is a p.o.s., a dirtbag.

People aren't even interested in interviewing for the GM position.

Speaks absolute volumes.

A person who isn't interested in the job would still have an interest in interviewing, for the experience, and to prepare for an opportunity later.

Pete Caroll met with Wayne Huizenga when he clearly wasn't leaving USC.

Ross is a guy people don't want to get near...

Btw, the Fisher criticism and his tirade over his stadium proposal not being heard by the house were also classy moves.

Don't tell me that n--a comes out at you at night you don't sh-t in your pants, man. Look what Richard did to that poor lady reporter and it was under the lights.

Tammy Brady seems totally inept of winning a SB since the great defenses in early in his career.

Integrity? LMAO!

I can go from the Highest Peaks to the lowest lows, sammy. I know both.

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