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The three structure possibilities for the Dolphins

When it comes to the Dolphins search to replace Jeff Ireland the "what" is initially more important than the "who."

I don't mean to diminish the identity of the person who will fill the job. The "who" is important. But what job is that person going to be doing? What role will that person have within the Dolphins football structure? Most importantly, what kind of power will that person have?

Once owner Stephen Ross, who plans to speak to the media at some point soon, makes clear what his vision for the job is, then we'll know who is best suited for the job.

Ross and the Dolphins have really only three choices for that open role because they have three directions they can go in establishing their club structure. Those are:

The strong general manager, the weak general manager and the talent evaluator. Allow me to show you what each role entails ...

The strong general manager: This person is hired with the autonomy (power) to make multiple key decisions. He can bring in his own personnel staff, including assistants and scouts. He does not answer to anyone else in the organization other than owner Stephen Ross. And he has the power to fire coach Joe Philbin -- if not immediately, then after one year of evaluation. 

I'm not a big fan of what Ross has done the last two change cycles he's put the Dolphins through. He fired Tony Sparano in 2011 but kept general manager Jeff Ireland. That forced him to miss out on proven coaches, including Jeff Fisher, because they wanted to bring their own GM they were comfortable working with them. This year, he fired Ireland but kept coach Joe Philbin. So, once again, it is possible Ross will miss out on the best or most proven strong GM candidates because they might like the option of hiring their own coach to work with.

Instead of sprinting into organizational changes the Dolphins have had to limp on one leg because Ross handicaps the process by limiting his field of interested candidates. Oh, the list of candidates may not seem limited initially, particularly in the GM search, because no one comes in with demands of full autonomy. But once the Dolphins show interest in a particular outstanding candidate, he might back out if he demands full autonomy and Ross isn't able to grant it.

The weak general manager: This person is titled as the GM but his power is limited. He may have final say over personnel in the draft and free agency but that is probably limited to him needing a consensus with his coaches, particularly Philbin. He has no authority over Philbin or executive vice president of football administration Dawn Aponte and therefore cannot keep or get rid of either one -- regardless of whether he'd like to do that upon his hiring or after one year. He probably wouldn't answer to either of them but instead answer directly to Ross just like they do.

Under this structure, Ross would have the weak GM running personnel and answering only to him. Philbin runs the coaching staff and answers only to him. And Aponte runs the remaining portion of football administration -- the player budgeting, contract negotiations, league matters, other legal matters like getting Richie Incognito off after he assaults a female golf course volunteer during a team event ... and the always important editing of the winning locker room video with the hopes of hiding the fact Philbin was reading from an index card.

(Not kidding).

I'd say the Dolphins had a weak general manager in Ireland. He didn't have the ability to hire or fire either Philbin or Aponte -- and that was proven when he unsuccessfully tried to have Aponte fired in 2012. But even Ireland had more power than probably an incoming weak GM would have in that he made the final call on not only the draft and free agency, but also the roster. I would not be suprised if Philbin gets final call on the roster going forward.

The talent evaluator: This person may or may not carry the title of general manager but it would be something of a misnomer. He'd be a glorified scout. He'd be only a talent evaluator and that's what I'm calling him going forward. He'd lead the setting up of the draft board. He'd make suggestions of which players to draft and which free agents to sign or discard. But he would have no final say on, well, anything. He wouldn't have the overriding final call on pulling the draft-day trigger. He wouldn't have the ability to hire or fire anyone, least of all DawnJoe. He'd have to get consensus to do practically everything outside of giving his opinion on talent.

In this scenario, the Dolphins might have Aponte as the GM with the ability to hire and fire this talent evaluator. Or they'd possibly have a football czar -- someone like Carl Peterson or Eric Mangini -- over the organization. Philbin, Aponte and the talent evaluator would be under the football czar who would be under Ross. Current assistant GM Brian Gaine has been mentioned as an internal candidate for the open position. He'd be a fit in this talent evaluator job.

By the way, if this is the one that is actually open, the Dolphins will have a difficult time attracting top-flight talent. The best and brightest simply want more power than this neutered version of a sort-of GM.

So which of these jobs is the one that should be open? I have an opinion. But as I've already thrown 935 words at you, I'll leave that for another post. 



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Who Apoint'ed Dawn to have a speaking part

This thing could be a real mess, even worse now

Home likes ur angle Mando,
Let's linch the bietch b4 it's too late

Ask Dawn if she ever saw Cam Wake naked ?

I have watched a lot of "end-of-game" locker room videos where Philbin addresses the team. I have yet to see where he reads a speech from index cards- let alone index cards prepared by Dawn Aponte.

Yes, he has index cards that he refers to during the talk. But I think these are the same index cards on which he makes notes during the game- which I have also seen. He makes notes during the game so that he brings them to the attention of the team at game's end. End of story.

I wrote a long post in the last blog but I'll be brief here. If Ross is going to essentially give Aponte the most control then he may as well name her to the GM position. First female GM in NFL history. He gets glowing praise by the mainstream media which would drown out the rightful criticisms of the sports media outlets. He becomes champion of every single women's and equal rights group in existence. He becomes a champion of the liberal-progressive, everyone is equal, politically correct above all else, movement. He probably even gets praise from on high by messiah Obama. All the piss poor decisions and bad press wiped out with a single hiring of a blisteringly unqualified GM in Dawn Aponte. The Dolphins remain, at best, a mediocre team and the poster child for mismanagement but Ross ends up anointed ... at least, temporarily.

It can happen, believe it.

Dawn is related or connected to Parcells in some sort of way. If you don't think that she knew Ireland was going try to eliminate her so he could cement his position even more you have to be kidding yourself.

Also, who here doesn't like getting their earlobes fondled and sucked on.

To me the most interesting person getting a G.M. interview none of you have even bothered to mention is Omar Khan the Director of Football Adm. for the Pitt. Steelers. In the FA ERA no team has been better at building from within than the Steelers! Khan has been a BIG part of their last 3 S.B. Appearances working as Art Rooney Jr.'s right hand man! You NEVER see the Steelers making splashy FA news after losing one of their prized FA's but instead pulling the next guy of their bench.

Outside of Baltimore (under Newsome) and G.B. (under both Wolf and Thompson) this is the best team at constantly building their franchise through the draft taking the time to develope their players in their system. When S.B. MVP Santonio Holmes wore out his welcome he was gettisoned and replaced with 3rd Rd pick Mike Wallace who wore his out replaced by 3rd Rd pick Antonio Brown, see a pattern here? Re: Jeff Ireland!! The same for every member of their revolving D going back to the 96 group Cowher took to the S.B. were players were lost and the next man up approach worked just fine as they were always relevant built from within!

You think back going forward and they are a staple for how it's done and Khan is a BIG part of their process! Mentored by the best at running things properly to come in and lay the ground work for setting the Dolphins straight! Sounds tailor made from were I'm sitting as to what we need. He's young at only 37 having been hired by Art Rooney Jr. from an interim Pos. in New Orleans back in 01 at a very young age.

The thing I like best about the Steelers as well is you never ever really read about their F.O. Personnel who just seem to go about doing their job making Mike Tomlin look good in machine like fashion. I know some of you want the splashy Pioli or even Gamble but I like this No-Non-sense character to come in here and whip this Org. into shape!

This team is a clown college from top to bottom. I can only hope our interest in Marc Ross is just the Rooney Rule; the best player the guy drafted is Hakeem Nicks. Ross is more out of touch than Wayne was, if that's even possible. I can only imagine the favors Aponte gave Ross on those private jet rides back to New York to secure her place in this organization. If the new GM doesn't have the authority to fire Aponte then this team will go nowhere.

Joe Philbin is a practice coach, just like in GB

He's in charge of getting after the players to clean up the locker room (great job there , huh), pick up trash around the field and gosh darn it make sure ur shoelaces are tied

Fact is Philbin is another one snowballing Mr. Ross cuz after almost a decade in GB, Philbin was still not allowed to call even one play as OC

That speaks volumes

If Philbin still wants a job, then he gets demoted back to his old job of Practice coach OC Joe and
his new boss is a real OC and QB coach - Shula

Shula !

(Home drops the mike)

First off I think all them should have been fired with all the bs going while fans have been waiting 2 decades for a decent team.

However it is what it is now and I think maybe all the speculation about a weak GM or strong GM is bs as well.
There are many ways to skin a cat. Lots of good teams have the normal blueprint (Baltimore, GB, San Fran etc)but I'd be willing to bet that Bilichick and Carroll are pretty much calling the shots for their good teams.
Who's to say a guy like Gamble or Highsmith wouldn't be more than willing to take this job. They've also already said several times Aponte is going to have nothing to do with the football side.

There are lots of coaches btw who wouldn't take a job unless they had total control.

The thing with Jeff Ireland is if you want to be the head sheriff in town (which he did), you have to be willing to take the blame when things blow up.

One guy says he didn't want to pay Jeff Fisher 10 million dollars. I don't think one cent was coming out of your wallet, buddy.

Another driveling retard says Philbin is better because his 15-17 record is better by one game. Are you aware the Rams play in the NFL's toughest division where a 10-6 team didn't make the playoffs? Are you aware The Rams lost their starting QB this year? Are you aware they have a better D than Miami already and they have 2 first round draft picks and 40 million dollars in cap room.

Fisher will still be the Rams coach after next season. Joe Philbin will be coaching OL back in Green Bay.

That's all very true frank. Lets hope we find the rt coach soon

You bloggers really don't understand that Armando has read the works of Machiavello, master of intrigues and negativism, and is applying it on all of us from his position in the media. Cubans used to read and quote Machiavello often. Armando is just applying the Machiavello doctrine to his job as a writer. Read the book, fellows. Quite interesting and entertaining. You will know Armando better.

Posted by: Asogue | January 09, 2014 at 08:46 AM


Salguero is a blogger with an agenda, that's it. One doesn't have to be studied and well read to figure it out.

If you've missed Philbin reading his victory speech off index cards it's because A. You weren't paying attention and should get your head out your butt B. When Mando started writing about it, they stopped the practice because they finally figured out how embarrassing it is and how terrible it makes Philbin look.

Reaching for a college WR posing as QB who cannot throw anywhere near accurate after 20 YDs @ #8
and not drafting the best linebacker in football for only 12.4 million over 4 yrs is going to set this franchise back 4-5 yrs

So far
Luke Kuechly picked @ #9 by Carolina
(after laughing their arse off at Ireland & Sherman)
2012 NFL Rookie MVP and now top candidate for
2013 NFL MVP - Defense
Kuechly sealed the win to get his team a week off and a home game in the Play Offs by setting an NFL record w
24 tackles & 1 INT against their mighty division rivals, New Orleans Saints

and Tannehill put up only 7 hapless points in two games against losers in our own division and had a QBR 0f 42

Not drafting Kuechly and instead drafting the worst QB in the NFL w the deep ball, set this franchise back 4-5 yrs

(Home drops the mike)

redskins just amde great hire getting gruden

Posted by: billcale | January 09, 2014 at 09:12 AM

They were just mentioning this on sports radio today. Go watch Jay Gruden speaking to his players, full of fire, energy, everyone's pumped up, it's a jolt! Then juxtapose that with Philbin, calm, yeah, voice raised somewhat, but no fire, no show of emotion or passion. I'd say different strokes for different folks, but I've seen the record last 2 years.

If you think that's not a problem bill, then I'd probably ask if you've ever played team sports before? Because I have, and the coaches I produced most for were all the fiery sort, that could give me a spark, that made me believe. I sit there and watch Philbin speak, and the only thing I believe, is I want to take a nap. And by the way, the media up here dog him anytime his name is brought up. Again, I wouldn't care if he was effective, but he's not. He's got 1 year to prove his way can work here, and if it doesn't, I'll be the first to blow bubbles when he's gone, winning matters above anything else.

Grier, seems to me the only one with an agenda here is you. You spout off like you know things. You don't know anything.

By the way, if you don't like the information on this blog written by Salguero, as you refer to him, why do you come here and read and comment on the material.

You're just a hypocrite know nothing.

Stabillity is necessary to build a strong winning team. I like the Idea of bringing in the best candidate for the job and giving them atleast three years to prove themself. However, there are always exceptions. When it is clear that someone is in over their head big decisions have to be made. This year I would have cleaned house Ireland, Aponte,Philbin, all gone! Philbin didn't do a good job in the locker room with bully gate or helping with personel decisions,Dansby,Bush, etc...His ego is too big. Why Dion Jordan the Dolphins third round pick never made it in the starting line up inspite of shining in spot duty. Aponte is a bean counter and possibly a great person to help with imagery. Jeff Ireland? well I've said enough about Ireland previously. clean house would have been perfectly fine and before all the good candidates are all gone.

I can't help but shake my head at this ongoing thorn in the side these reporters believe they have regarding Jeff Fisher not coming to Miami. These guy seem to wield that information like a year old who found hid daddy's shotgun.

Never mind his tenure with Tennessee ended in a audible "Splat!"... And why bother mentioning that even having what most consider a "franchise QB"... Fisher has back to back losing seasons. He has not ever reached the point where his team and the post season were used in the same sentence.
I really never considered Fisher as a as a true candidate to be a solid choice to coach here. Were his draft picks stellar? Did he win 10+ games in every season he has been in STL? Has he won a do vision title? How about just winning a playoff game or sweeping a division rival? I've heard just about enough garbage concerning Jim Harbaugh. Peyton Manning and Jeff Fisher.
Fisher ain't that great, Harbaugh never even oconsidered leaving the West Coast. In fact, his kids didn't even have to change schools. And Manning..? Hah!!, the only people who had the Dolphins attaining Manning were the guys who broke and spun that story as relentlessly as they did the BS HYPE JOB that was Richie Incognito and the pansy azzzed wuss nappy headed Jonathan Martin.
Manning didn't come to Miami because Miami was in the very early stages of an entire rebuilding act. Guys who have precious few years left don't typically join teams that need a few years to settle they're rosters. Manning went to the most stabile team.

So.... All that being said. (which I apologize for being a lot.... Spare us the
"They didn't come here because or drama" line. That's crap... And engine who was there to see it knows better.

Go with #1 - make the gm also your football czar. Why complicatie it with Philbin (who had to be forced to fire an incompetent employee and should've fired at least two others). This guy hasn't even showed he can put a coaching staff together let alone run an entire franchise.

Dawn? Again, a million people out there have her skill of understanding the CBA given enough time to study it.

I don't see a reason to need to hold onto her that tight either.

Get the best, the brightest, the hungriest. This is our first opportunity to do so at the GM level since Shula retired.

The stars are all aligned, don't blow it so we can hold onto Ordinary joe Philbin.


The problem is now is when RG3 will start learning a Pro Offense. Shanahan screwed up that first year adapting his system to the player. Instead of having RG3 learn from the pocket.

On GM, I'd go for the strong guy, the numero uno. I don't want the weak GM and the talent evaluator will probably be Gaine, and I can't trust the guy that's brought such little talent to Miami past 5 years.

Gamble is still my first choice. Come to find out he's only been with the Eagles for a year, but the last 8-9 years he's been in San Fran. So Kaepernick, Aldon Smith, all them safeties and corners and offensive linemen, yeah, that's him. Sounds good to me.

I also like the Ravens guy or the Steelers guy (Omar Khan). I think someone coming from a strong organization can bring that style here and maybe turn us into a well-oiled machine like those.

NH @ 8:41, from your mouth to God's ears. That seems to be the best course of action for the future of this franchise. Otherwise we are going to be breaking in some b level candidate on the whims of what has proven to be a B level coach.

Absolutely correct Mark. Why give a guy power who's on a 1-year leash? What if he fails...AGAIN! Then the guy you just gave power to is gone, and you have another power vacuum. Stupid. Philbin's on shaky ground, get someone in here who will be the rock to form the foundation for building something that will last. I thought Ross was a developer?


of the 3 structures you describe, it would be interesting to know which is employed by consistently competitive teams that have had their structures in place for awhile:


Do you know?


I don't believe getting a strong GM is the way to go. Instead of that happening, just start new. Get a Strong Head Coach that would get his own GM. A GM is a Glorified Scout.

Notice a Great Coach can pick a good GM to work under him, A Great GM can't get a good coach to work under him.

The way the Power structure should be according to Dashi

CEO of Football- Carl Peterson
Coach- Joe Philbin
GM- A.Highsmith
Cap and Contracts- Dawn

Thank goodness there is finally good news to read in Phin-land. So long to Ireland and don't let the door hit you on the way out!!! Now, looking forward I'd really love to see us actually do some good research work and look at 49ers, S-Hawks, Pats, Giants, Colts, Ravens, Steelers and Broncos for some up and coming personnel asst talent in those orgs and give them a shot since they actually know what good looks like. If they want to wipe coaches and start fresh so be it. We need someone who can actually draft talent and see to it that they make it to the field and provide positive results. I'm not big of a Philbin fan since I never really knew what he actually did in GB since HC called all the plays and they had Rogers so the only thing I can tell is his talent seems to just be how to steal a paycheck.

o watch the sttttuuuuuuupppppppid homers reel and squeal season after season

Posted by: 2 watt | January 09, 2014 at 08:40 AM

While you reel and squeal over them.

Posted by: twooo | January 09, 2014 at 08:45 AM

LOL, That was perfect. What a perfect example of what a complete moron this person is. Constantly in here, can't wait to read each post. Makes fun of people following their sports team while he follows anonymous bloggers on a fan site.

Fu$#ing priceless.

Bill Pollian GM to Marv Levy Hc

I know Dashi,
your probably the Crown Prince of uzbekistan


Ross has been said to be looking for someone to oversee everything. The GM or The Coach or Dawn shouldn't have the most power. I agree with that. Parcells had the right structure, he just had the wrong people. You need a President that oversees everything and has final say, The Coach and GM are equals. And you have someone that understands the cap better than everyone.

Now the only sacrifice you make is if you have a good coach you give him more power than the GM. But still less than the President.

DC @ 9:41, exactly man. if indeed it is true Philbin explained his lack of results by claiming lack of talent... then what better way is there to truly get Philbin to prove himself than getting the best GM available for one year. Surely if you have the ebst guy in the world available handling a draft and a free agency with $30M + available, and an improving Qb entering his 3rd season, and at least one more very capable WR and best red zone threat back from injury you should be able to get one, two more wins out of this team. If not, nice knowing you and you ran out of excuses too...

(Home drops the mike)

Follow Omar much? Drops the mic,,,lmao so stupid. Come up with your own sign off.

Posted by: Phins78 | January 09, 2014 at 09:53 AM

I think you just described yourself angry boy

Dashi, normally I have your back man, but what in the world gives you the confidence to hand the same corporate structure they have in New England and Seattle and St. Louis here? What Super Bowl did Philbin win or even participate in as a leader? What National Championship even in the NCAA did he win?

In my opinion, he's on a one year prove it or lose it deal. Cementing him here only means you are tying yourself to him for another three years or so. In no way do i want to tie myself to this man until 2016.

Also, you actually have to counter someones point with a debate ending point to be able to "drop the mic".

AND, unless you're from the 1920's microphone isn't abbreviated as "Mike". That is the shorter version of Michael.

In the new century and for a long time now the abbreviation is and has been "mic".

How many superbowls did Marv Levy Win?

Is Marv Levy a Top 5 Coach all time.

Clown, Again Great coaches make GMs not the other way around.


None of those guys listen to a GMs order, The GM worked under them, they worked for them.

And again repeating the same 5 comments about Dashi. Seriously 2014 learn some new insults.

You are here 24/7, so if this is your job then you need a life.

Yes, I'm constantly in here. The proof is in the fact that if you go back pages and pages you will barely see my name. You may not see 2watts name either but that's because it's not the only name he uses. But you know that.

You walk into a factory that makes widgets. You see the engineer, designing, writing specs, determining what he knows is best to make the best widgets. Then, you see the line personnel. They manufacture the widgets as the engineer designed it, to specs, with the materials the engineer knows are best. Finally, you see the guys and gals sitting in their offices, supposedly managing the entire organization. They are ADMINISTRATORS, many who have neither been engineers or production personnel.

So I ask you this. Who is/are in the best position to know and make the BEST widgets?

Your right Mark@9:59,

Phillis has let too many talented players leave on his account because He has no finesse or motivational skills. A skilled motivator knows that every player is different. Same tactics don't work on everybody


Not sure about Jay Gruden. I don't buy all this rah-rah shyte. The Bengals offence didn't look too fired up on Sunday against the Chargers. And don't forget that recentl the news came out that Gruden wanted Dalton over Kaepernick in the draft. So I say good for the 'skons but the jury is still out on Gruden, IMO.

Which brings us to Philbin. Again, I'd say the jury is out on this guy. Is he a good coach? I'd say after two years we still don't know. I'm OK with his style because Bellicheck is the same way and I'd regard him as a Hall of Famer. At this level if you need toget your players fired up there's something seriously wrong with the team.

LOL, That was perfect. What a perfect example of what a complete moron this person is. Constantly in here, can't wait to read each post. Makes fun of people following their sports team while he follows anonymous bloggers on a fan site.

Fu$#ing priceless.

Posted by: Phins78 | January 09, 2014 at 09:53 AM

How true,,, soooo true. That's why you dumb trolls are so funny. You just don't see it. You make fun of fans in here every day for following the Dolphins. You're following US. LMAO, how freakin pathetic is that you stupid twit? Now I shall ignore you again because I thought you were just ignorant before but new evidence has come to light.

You're not ignorant, you're just plain stupid. Hahaha

you need to chill why are you so angry. I don't get it


I'm not a fan of the "czar" route myself either. Too many cooks. And when the czar is the problem (like Parcells was)? Then what? Then you're stuck with a 2nd round pick (Pat White) that a few years later can't even get on an NFL practice squad.

Everyone should be accountable to the GM, that's why he's the GENERAL MANAGER. He gets a chance to fire the capologist, the scout, the HC, and if it's still in shambles, then the Owner can fire him (or her).


I'm not saying that we should have the same power structure as those teams with a strong proven Coach. Reason I want C.Peterson as Overlord.

What I am saying is when was the last time having a Good GM that has final say picked a good coach.

Either get the Dominant Coach. Or get a Person that Overlooks all 3.

For as much as people want to say that Great QBs win Superbowl, I tend to believe Great Coaches win Superbowls.

I'm not saying Philbin is a Great Coach. But I am Saying Great Coaches don't work under their GM.

Hire a GM with ultimate power. He answers only to Ross, coach and EVERYONE under him answers to the GM. A strong GM is what is needed imo and the only way to right the ship and make the franchise stable again.

And if you offer that type of job you will be able to land anyone you want. Ross has the money and isn't afraid to spend it to hire the best. So go out and get the best available, let him make the calls. Stop with the 3 headed approach because as we can all see it hasn't worked. Change it up. If Ross handcuffs his search by trying to sign a talent elevator or weak GM than he hasn't learned a thing.

Were going with the talent evaluator. Dawn will be our next GM.

...You must be strong in 3 areas to win in the NFL.

You must be strong at GM. You must be strong at HC, you must be strong at quarterback..We are none of the above.

Now before the "give Tannehill the right weapons, protection, the world" voices pipe in.. I'm all for giving Tannehill the chance to be the man here. So even if we are improved at quarterback. We are still missing 2 ingredients.

So say we get the right GM..He has to be a type A guy IMO. Say we give Tannehill the benefit of the doubt. We are still weak in one of the crucial areas you have to be to have a chance.

HC..I do not think it will matter who the GM is. We failed to cut the head off the snake.

Until we are solid at the top 3 spots in the organization...We are walking in sand. How do we rate today?

Craig, apples and oranges. The jury isn't "out" on Gruden as an OC (his team has gotten to the Playoffs 3 straight years, and I think won the division 2 of those). He gets his offense motoring (until they sputter in the Playoffs, which, yes, is a problem, but it's a good problem to have). As a HC, yes, 100%, jury's out because he's never done it (in the NFL).

On Philbin, kinda the same thing. As an OC, he was pretty good (even though he didn't call the plays). But the offense he coordinated were rolling (much of that due to an elite QB). But as a HC, jury's still out, but the window is closing fast. He's average (just like his personality).

I'm not saying you HAVE to be "rah-rah". I'm just saying when you're not, and you're average, then yeah, maybe that's something people will look at. Of course, if we have Aaron Rodgers, then I wouldn't care WHAT Philbin did, because we'd probably be playing right now.

I'm actually fine with Philbin as far as his style, as long as I see players respecting him and he's successful. I don't care about hype, unless you come out flat to start the game and 2nd half 16 weeks out of 16. Then I gotta question what's going on.

Hi Home.
Miss you!

I'm not here that often and when I am and see you post, I see nothing but angry mean spirited nastiness coming from you. So maybe you should examine that instead of being angry and miserable to everybody. That's all I'm saying

Posted by: DC Dolfan | January 09, 2014 at 09:31 AM

There was an interesting article the other day with a little about fiery coaches. Both Brian Hartline and Brent Grimes said they didn't need all the ranting and screaming to get up for a game. (I didn't either. Played multiple sports, 6 years of organized football.) But they understood that others might. A lot of players can do their job at a high level without all the hoopla. "Win one for the Gipper" never moved me at all.

I rather envision 2 leaders each for the Dolphin offense and defense that should do that: QB and O-lineman; LB and D-lineman. The team lacks those guys- the leaders, the individuals that win most of their battles every week- that teammates can get behind and rally with through the bad times.


Totally agree on Philbin. Whats he done to be cemented in this job? 15-17? That spells MEDIOCRE!

And if he's crying 'lack of talent', that screams to a bigger problem. What has he not been more involved in the personnel side of this team the last two years? He's been a coach in this league for years now and should know a lot about the players in this league. To me to be blaming Ireland (if that's what he's doing), is a complete cop-out. Hes been part of this for the last two years and if he hasn't then thats another reason why he should be gone. Again, first move made when he got here was to get rid of Marshall. Thats him. He benched Davis and was all in on seeing him go. He never came across as the biggest Bush fan,benching him more than once and not caring when he left.

It's very naive to think he hasn't been involved with personnel. The fact remains when a win was needed from one of those last two games the team came up short. Thats on him, the players and coaching staff. Never would have happened in New England.

Posted by: Phins78 | January 09, 2014 at 10:12 AM


I would be very happy with Pioli. He will be motivated to beat Belichick and he will know how the Patriots go about free agency and the draft. He will be able to throw wrenches in the works for them and he probably still has friends in the organization that he could eventually lure away for jobs with the Dolphins.

You give him ultimate power and say, sorry Joe, you haven't earned that privilege. Get the team to the playoffs and prove yourself. But if he doesn't make it known, the GM may fire him at any point he sees fit.

With that, if Philbin fails, Pioli has pull and respect in the league. Jon Gruden and Bill Cowher are rumored to have interest in coaching again next year. Go get Chucky.

I haven't said a whole lot about Aponte because I believe alot of it has been blown out proportion.

I do think its importmant though that she understands the limitations of her role.

Even though she's been given the task of keeping our cap straight someone on the football has to have final say on when or if a big spend is necessary, not her.

I assume Jeff Ireland has made that call that last few years. Who will make the call going forward. That's the question.


The GM you are describing are The GMs that are also President of football operations.

GM use to stand for, General Manager of Scouting and Personnel.

I know some people feel Dashi is to young to give people a history lesson. But here goes. I blame this whole dominant GM over Dominant Coach thing on the 90s. Specifically Jimmy Johnson. Jimmy was the first one that tried to make the GMs job obsolete by getting full control of the personnel dept. Then you had the Shanahans and Holmgrem who couldn't hack it forcing owners to give more power back to the GMs.

Me, I am in between. I don't want a dominant GM. And I prefer a Dominant coach. but I would prefer that whomever we hire listen to somebody with more power than them a President of Football Operations.

And when you think about it.The problem wasn't Parcels stayed to long. The Problem was we didn't hire someone right away to replace him. Who would've got rid of Ireland and Spo right away and bring in his own people.

If there is a way to F-something up, this organization will surely find a way. Are you kidding me!!!! What person with any sort of ability and proven track record would willingly step into this mess? They should have just cleaned house. No GM worth hiring would want to come here. THANKS GUYS!!! WAY TO GO!!!!

Daryll great post. That's why I'm all for the strong gm candidate. Let Philbin coach this year and do what the Jets did. That can help Ross feel like he's still being loyal to Joe whom he made promises too and ultimately likes.

You bring the GM in and say to Philbin he has no worries if his team trends up and makes the playoffs. If not the new GM can make the decision at the time. Rex was on the hot seat but rallied his team, do the same with Joe. If the team doesn't get behind him he is obviously not the right guy for the job.

Gotta have a buck stops here GM or the circus continues. Danger calls, gotta run.

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