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Sources: Farmer 'most impressive' GM interview so far

When the Dolphins finally finish their first round of interviews for their vacant general manager job -- and there are still multiple interviews to go -- the club expects to pare down to two finalists and meet with both again for another round of interviews.

Expect Cleveland Browns assistant general manager Ray Farmer to be one of those finalists, barring a major surprise.

It seems Farmer, who interviewed on Saturday, has so far been "the most impressive" of the interviews the team has conducted, according to sources familiar with the process.

The Dolphins have interviewed Famer, in-house candidate Brian Gaine, Arizona's Jason Licht, Pittsburgh's Omar Khan, and Tennessee's Lake Dawson on Sunday.

More interviews are expected in the coming days including Philadelphia vice president of player personnel Tom Gamble, Falcons director of player personnel Lionel Vital, New York Giants VP of player evaluation Marc Ross and possibly others.

Multiple NFL sources familiar with the Dolphins' thinking say the team has other candidates whose teams remained in the playoffs through the divisional round which ended Sunday.

It is believed Seattle senior personnel executive Scot McCloughan, formerly the general manager of the San Francisco 49ers, was on the Dolphins radar. One source said the Dolphins still would like to speak to him but his desire to take the interview is in question.

There could also be a mystery candidate, according to a source: San Francisco offensive senior consultant Eric Mangini. His name should not be eliminated, the source insisted, until one party or the other publicly says they're not interested.

Of the remaining candidates who have not been interviewed the two seen as a greatest threats to Farmer as the leading candidate are Ross and Gamble.

The interview process so far has been a success, according to various NFL sources.

Former Kansas City Chiefs president and GM Carl Peterson put together a credible list of candidates and has taken the lead in contacting those candidates. Executive vice president of football administration Dawn Aponte has been the team's liason with the league in requesting permission or putting in notification tickets for the candidates. And Ross has been present and engaged in every interview.

But there is one significant hole in the Dolphins interview team: Peterson has been out of the NFL since 2008 so the abundance of sources he once enjoyed around the league is much thinner now. Ross, who does not dedicate all his time to the running of his team, knows very few NFL people he can call to get outside information on candidates. And Aponte is a neophyte in the personnel part of the game and in judging personnel men.

So while the Dolphins can listen to what the candidates say about themselves, they don't have a wealth of "dirt," according to one NFL source, on each candidate that could balance out glowing resumes and references the candidates give them.

"Who was it that said, 'Success has many fathers and failure is an orphan?' " one NFL source asked rhetorically. "Well, they're getting told by some of these candidates stories about them standing on the table for particular guys and not wanting others. That happens all the time. The only way to corroborate those stories is to know other NFL people and be able to get an honest take on what those guys are claiming."

The interviews have so far taken place at the team's Davie, FL. practice facility but as practices for the East-West Shrine game are set to begin this week and personnel men attend those, the coming interviews may have to move to the Tampa-St. Petersburg area. 

The Marc Ross interview, however, may take place in New York -- perhaps as early as Monday.


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Please please get this right.......somethings gotta give in our favor sooner or later ........NO???

Please please get this right.......something has gotta give in our favor sooner or later ......NO??

Believe Farmer is the guy. Don't get down on this guy simply because he is coming from the Browns. Thats ridiculous. Read attached article by Cleveland sportswriter noting the Browns need to promote him to GM, not allow him to walk.


Now…we gotta somehow get Ross to somehow stay the f-ck AWAY from all football operations. Stay in real estate.

Still confused about what makes Farmer all that. Kind of hoping for Gamble at this point.

Great get the guy who whiffed on his first round QB.... Thats Brandon Wheedon for those who didnt get it.

I would say Gamble if we could get him

Hey ray gun… Farmer wasn't the GM in cleveland, he nor any of the candidates had full authority. The dolphins can't command a GM, they're dysfunctional, The best they can do is get a strong talent evaluator and hope he is their guy.

Farmer was not there for the Weeden pick.

The best dolphin moment in the past 15 years was when the Patriots lost the super bowl to go 18-1.

Posted by: 49ersFanInMiami | January 13, 2014 at 12:18 AM

How sad. I wake up daily with better moments than that.

Farmer just joined the Browns this season Weedon was drafted last year. Comical

Assuming they sign Farmer. You cannot have Farmer, Dawn, and Joe all reporting to Ross…a NY real estate investor making the final football decisions.
It is dysfunctional!!!!!
I would gladly have this trio with Mangini overseeing them and he reporting to Ross.

An open letter to Mr Ross:
You suck. You see , the thing is , we're kind of getting sick of watching a professional level team in the most popular sport , in the greatest country on earth being run into the ground by someone like yourself who clearly doesn't give a rats ass because you'll get yours win or lose via revenue sharing.

So do us a favor, just cut the charade and just go staff your team with a bunch of Walmart door greeter applicant rejects who are just as qualified as the people you continue to interview and staff your team with.

Congrats you have replaced Peter Angelo's, William Clay Ford, Al Davis and Dan Snyder, Jeffrey Loria among others , as the worst owner in sports,

That guy,

Does it really matter one way or the other? Matter to what, how and why?

I don't think it really matters much who takes this job. Unless they can kiss up to Ross better than PhilPonte, which is highly unlikely, this person will never have the freedom to be a true GM and rebuild this team properly. And that's a horrible shame.

I was a young lad living in South Miami in '65 when team was announced and Danny Thomas saved the day. I've lived in KC area for last 20 years and experienced Carl Peterson Era. Peterson covered for the Hunt family as they struggled with Lamar's illnesses and shifting wealth. KC and Miami suffer from same success and failure trends (70s greatness, 80s successes, 90s pain, drifting in 2000s). Young Hunt has made impact this year (KC way overachieved because of scheduling this year but will be good next year). So, one resource the dolphins should tap is Marino--as a consultant and a liason. Run the final candidates by him and let him talk amongst his contacts. I think this would add value to the search process (never mind I think he should be a candidate).

I'm more interested in whom Ross picks for OC. Except for O-linemen, I think we have the skill players needed to be better than we have been the last decade.
The Offense has been so vanilla during that period, and a top notch OC is way overdue.

Hoping the new GM has special insight on O-line personnel. He can solve that talent gap, and the OC can find a way to score points with Tanny and Miller, et al behind them.

raygun, Some of you really should get your facts straight, Farner wasn't there for Weedon, he's only been with Cleve for a year. Come on.

From what I read Gamble is the top choice. Mangini makes me nervous should he pop into the mix. As long as the brass are doing their homework and digging around to make sure whomever is the next GM, it's someone we know his strengths and weaknesses and that that profile fits what we need.

That guy, what are you talking about moron.

markb, it's not dysfunctional. That's the way most NFL structure their sr team.


Have been reading the blogs of the other teams local rags to get a sense of what their fans/reporters think. It is interesting to note as you say, that there is some concern to see Farmer go and the our friends in Pittsburg would be happy to see the Phins take Kahn, blaming him for being cap strap and no experience as talent evaluator. The sad part is that there is one or two top tier guys who don't want interview. Does not speak well of our owner at all.

Mangini is an interesting candidate.Mancini vs Famer.

The one person missing in those interviews is Philbin?

So the new GM will be his equal or will have a bigger role than Philbin.

It really won't matter who we get for GM. In three years time he'll be blamed for the failures of the franschise along with the coach and the QB and we'll be starting all over once again.

Yes, the Fins got rid of Ireland which I am disappointed about because he did a better job than the coaches. The team underachieved to 8-8, not overachieved. That falls on the coaches not the GM.

What I will say is this. Ireland was done in Miami. The Media and the public crucified Ireland 3 Straight Off seasons, Nobody can come back from that. Plus, he has had as many off the field incidents as R.Incognito the past couple seasons. I've even heard reports of the Fins covering an Incident at the local Supermart. It was just time. It wasn't cause he didn't do his job.

But I like the way the search is going.they are doing a good job.

Mangini will never get the job!!


Isnt it amazing, like you said "They want Ireland gone and they still beetch"

I am in the same boat as you Ireland didnt bother me as much as he did others. I do believe his fractured relationship with Dawn and Joe couldnt continue.

I think at the point my choice is Farmer. I for some reason like this guy. This is purely based on what I have read. Gamble for some reason doesnt get me that excited.

Dashi, who do you want for the OC. I think the lack of interviews kind of makes me think Philbin will go with Mcadoo. I dont think that gets me too excited, did you watch much GB this year, is their offense similar to what we ran this year? God I hope not.....

So now their saying Farmer had an inpressive interview after it's been reported that he was their top choice to start with.

It seems like a decision has already been made to me.

Hopefully they'll give Gamble, Ross, and the others a fair shake.

In Philbin's defense he does need someone who he can work with because I assume he's on a very short leash.

Maybe Farmer is the ticket. The new OC coupled with a rebuild of the offensive line is the tail that wags the dog.

Mando - how about an update on the OC position????

Call me! I wanted Hakeem Nicks, Wilson, and Kalpepper. I also wanted Earl Thomas when we had a major need at safety. I wanted Codelle Patterson this year.

None of us know a hill-o-beans about ANY of these candidates, and Ross' dysfunction in his ownership role (to date) does not inspire confidence. BUT...Roos & Philbin both 'deserve' a learning curve - our opinions should be based on how they react or correct their mistakes & whether they repeat them.
If Farmer is the leading candidate, so be it. If Gamble or Ross or Mangini come in and impress, great. It all amounts to our blind faith & hope that somehow the right combination is found. We older Dolfans are a bit of an 'entitled' lot - Shula always had competitive teams. We're in uncharted waters these past 15 years. At times I just give up and become a hater, but this is a form of entertainment I choose & I love the Dolphins. Just hope somehow, some way they get this latest round of changes right.


Waste of time. We all know Philbin will go with who he knows in Mcadoo. If we like it or not, I would prefer Shan-da-man or Kubiak. I just think the lack of interviews, shows Philbin's true intentions with hiring an OC

I have been saying this for a few days now- the dolphins are evaluating all young personnel people who are widely regarded around the league. The game "hasn't passed them by" asim afraid it might have for a guy like bill polian. You all wanted Ireland run out of town and now you criticize the dolphins for who they bring in? You criticize the dolphins for trying to keep continuity at HC?

And those of you who think there are top candidates turning down the chance to interview bc if Ross, think again! The guy for the ravens will eventually replace Ozzie newsome so he's content to stay. Other than that, the dolphins have interviewed every candidate they wanted to!

This is an incredibly desirable job. They don't have to answer to the coach on personnel decisions like in Tampa. The franchise QB is in place. The team is emerging as opposed to regressing.

Frank from PA. Always brings some articulate and well thought out posts. Unlike mine!! Keep up the good work

It falls on both the Coaches and on Ireland and if you follow the thread, up to Ross also. This was the most embarrassing Season for the Dolphins ever in everywhich way. I'm pretty sure that if Ross wants to keep his Franchise in Miami,all those Organizational failures won't be repeated.

On Ireland I admit I wasn't a fan on the whole. He was changing though and did show in some areas that he was learning from his past mistakes.

In fairness to him he never was allowed to choose his own coach although I don't know that any coach other than Parcells could have ran Parcells system the way it was intended to be ran.

Parcells had a way of a motivating a guy while he was constantly chewing his tail. Without that pedigree others just come off looking like a jerk.

What people fail notice is imo Philbin and Ireland were on the same page the first season perhaps to their detriment. The focus should have been on adding talent instead of worrying about changing the "culture".

Then of course when the wheels came off it was he said she said.

Mando, one guy came out with a better name than dawnjoe, philponte...i like that one better.

i just say one ting, if the new OC changes our Go, GOGO plays i am done with the dolphins

Funny thing all these people losing their job and the guy that really screwed this up is walking free: Tanne.

I am willing to give tanne one more shot, but the last 2 games were really on him, take a look at his numbers, just horrible.

I did not like Ireland (way to many mistakes) but he built a playoff team (granted it was the last seed with a non deserving playoff record)but we all know we should have made it. We did not because tanne laid 2 royal eggs

Ross should not be compared to loria, ross tries really hard to make our dophins better, loria is a thief.

Go, GOGO Dolphins

CBS SPORTS had a good laugh yesterday on the Dolphins GM search. The question was,who will take the job in Mami and have no say-so in regards to Aponte or Philbin? Good question.

Harley, it was expressly said by Ross that he doesn't want a GM per se, he wants a talent evaluator.

This Super Bowl will settle the RGIII-Luck debate. Guaranteed to be a slow white pocket passer vs one of the new brown speedsters. Fascinating.

There is a QB in the E-W Shrine Game I'm interested to see play on a higher level. Jeff Mathews from Cornell could be a very good prospect for development. Smart kid with size and a good arm, but people don't know if the talent level was holding him back or if he is a screw up.
I suppose it is more pertinent to get a coach that can develop a QB first. Maybe we will get Lazor.

No chance Ross is going to fall into the Organizational trap he fell in last Season mainly because of his own neglect of the Team. HC, GM, cap person report directly to him, and Peterson, of course. We'll see how that works out.

Rdubs- lol. Thanks for the compliment.

Dolphin Rick- good point in your last post about changing culture rather than paying closer attention to who can make plays.

I just get the feeling that joe philbin wants to keep his job (that's why he didnt quit like munchak did in tenn when they wanted to get rid of his assistants) and realizes the boss is p*ssed about the way the season ended. I think he's more interested in adding talent as the culture has already changed.

By the way- I still don't think Ireland made mistakes in dumping Long, Bush, or dansby. Dansby did in one year in Phoenix what he isn't come close to doing in 3 years in miami and was scheduled to make 8.5 mill. Long got hurt (again) and bush got more fumbilitis and got touches taken away from him in det- not to mention his age. I think the new GM toughest decision is whether to pay 31 year old Brent grimes the money as well as whether to resign soliai or Starks or both. I actually think Dustin Keller should be resigned go the same money but with injury clauses built in bc as much as I like Charles clay, Dustin Keller would be a better receiving weapon for Tannehill just based on Kellers career production. He was Sanchez go to guy when the jets made those afc championships. And as far as the OL goes, I think the new GM must find two starters out of free agency minimum.

Assuming they sign Farmer. You cannot have Farmer, Dawn, and Joe all reporting to Ross…a NY real estate investor making the final football decisions.
It is dysfunctional!!!!!
I would gladly have this trio with Mangini overseeing them and he reporting to Ross.

Posted by: markb | January 13, 2014 at 06:45 AM

Mark... My reply is not to you personally, but to the content of your post and to those who share the sentiment that you cannot have 3 people reporting to Ross...

I completely disagree. Having a "Dictator" (for lack of a better word)unless you are hiring a person who has an impeccable track record and has PROVEN himself over the years to be trusted to be "The Man"... then doing so is dangerous if not foolhardy.

In Miami's current structure, the 3 primary positions are addressed. People staying "In their lanes" is the key to such a structure. Of the 3 people under Steven Ross in 2013, only 1 (One) did what should be considered a fantastic job. That person was Dawn Aponte. Even while acquiring several high priced Free Agents, Mrs. Aponte still kept Miami well beneath the teams salary cap.
For YEARS Miami bashed up against the cap. Steven Ross has handed over the teams purse strings to one of the best Cap people in the business. She has made a small amount of errors, WE ALL DO... But her ability to get people under contract, build in saftey and escape clauses. Project well into the future and keep the wheels spinning is Aponte's job. Ross trusts her.
In the organization Miami has a Cap person who is good with what she gets. Take a look at the Jets, Buffalo, The Giants, Pittsburgh, Dallas... They're caps are a train wreck.

Aponte pay's the players and makes certain Miami can afford to buy what they need...

Joe Philbins job is just as simple... Coach the team, Take care of the coaches position and make certain the right coordinators are puttin g the right plays on the field. Philbin doesn't worry about caps.. Hisd job is all the coaches, and coaching a franchise with players that have a great foundation... but need coached into success... The assistants and positional coaches are Philbins job... Not the money... Noty getting good players.

The new GM does that... His job is all about the roster. His job is having talent scouts all over the Nation, in every school at every game... He doesn't worry about money or teaching a guy how to play in a system..

It is VERY SIMPLE... People stay in their lanes and the jobs get done... This is a stable, organized and forward thinking Model... No room for ego's... No room for stepping on toes... No room for backstabbing...

There may be a time where one of these people or someone else takes over the entire show. That cannot and should not happen now. When Ross told the media he needs people willing to collaborate with others, work through issues with other...

With each person doing THEY'RE JOB... No one gets overwhelmed... NO ONE stalls out. Ross can easily find where there is a deficiency. When Jobs are clearly defined, it is easy to see who is doing well at them and who is sucking... Put One "Big Kahuna" over everyone and he'll write it up as he see's fit and how it looks best for him...

NO DICTATORS in Miami.... Not until the likes of Shula, Walsh or Belechick have worked up Miami's line of execs and EARNED that role....

If I was Steven Ross.... There are 2 people I would trust right now... One is Dawn Aponte... The only one who has CLEARLY, WITHOUT QUESTION done a fine job for Miami... and the other is Ross himself..

Philbin is on a one year "prove it" tour. He's hot a lame duck or a "Hot Seat Moron"... He's a coach who needs to prove that he's the guy who is really worthy of the trust Ross has shown him... HE MUST KNOW... that the easy move would have been to flush it all... That works wonders on some people... with Philbin we'll see...

Gaines, Licht, Kahn and Dawson are no longer candidates. Those were warm up individual so Dawn can write the questions that Ross and Peterson are going to ask.

We don't want another Ireland Incident.

We know what happens when you go off the script. Ireland just worded the question wrong. Ireland should've just asked Dez for his Moms Employment History. Tell Dez he left it out of the form. Along with his Fathers Information. Ireland could've went about other ways of getting the info. Everyone else did. It was just a bunch of little incidents. Ross needed to clean up the image of the team. Ireland stuck out like a Red Headed Step child. Sherman was another one that had to go because of his Old School Mentality. I'm still wondering why J.Turner still has a job? I guess they are waiting to hire a GM and OC.

They are going to pick 1 out of 2 candidates. Farmer and someone else. Either Gamble, Mangini, or Ross.

I would like to hire Mangini as DC/ Assistant Head Coach. I feel the other guys are more qualified in the personnel Department.If the fins feel that all of them are equal I have a feeling they would pick Ross. Just a nepotistic hunch.

We need to trade up for Johnny Manziel. Most scouts have him rated higher than Russel Wilson and Andrew Luck. He also doesnt need a great OL like some other QB's do.

From what we know about Ross, coach Philbin could go 7-9 next year and maintain his job.

I feel the other guys are more qualified in the personnel Department.

Posted by: Dashi | January 13, 2014 at 08:28 AM

Based on what? Have you interviewed any of these people? Do you know anything more than a few blog snippets about them? Had you heard of any of these people a week ago?

It's in the Breese-

Absolutely love the comments! Clearly define the roles and it will be easy to tell who is doing their job and who isn't. So many morons on these blogs when it comes to dawn aponte. You are absolutely correct about her- she did her job very very well and is not the problem! The new GM will be given the chance to form a team. It's philbins job to coach it. Philbin is definitely on the hot seat and he knows this. Next season will tell if he is the weak link or not bc no way Ross hires a GM who will only be around for 1 year if philbin does fail. If anything, the new Gm will probably be in on interviews with any new HC candidate even if he can't officially hire them.

If there is one characteristic that the new GM can evaluate in players, I hope it is a passion to play the game.
Does anybody see that in Manziel?

Ross being engaged with potential GMs somehow doesn't bode well for the Dolphins. Ross has no experience in hiring any form of NFL personal. So why is he conducting the GM interviews? Maybe a heads up to Dawnhoe? Mando you just can't write the Dolphin anti-manifesto and walk away without a follow up!! I guess Im reality surprised that Dawnhoe isn't conducting the interviews herself, and maybe she is,,who's to say?

Posted by: Hardin Drye | January 13, 2014 at 08:38 AM

Manziel has the firey passion we rarely see from a QB.

I think Ross, besides having Peterson, has formed some kind of Committe that includes Shula, Dungy and other notable Football minds to advise him on Football matters.

It's in the Breese... Troop..!!!....

Regarding your thoughts.....the problem I have is its not as simple as you say..."they all gotta do their jobs". Wrong!!
At times the three (dawn, joe, and presumably farmer), will conflict with each other with their thoughts and ideas of running a team...that is where the team remains dysfunctional because Ross cannot help any.
They need a football man to run the organization to help with leadership, decisions, management, foresight......nothing that Ross can do as he has no football knowledge. It is his right to sit in the draft room as he likes to......but he would only hinder the process rather than help it.
He needs to be the owner.. he cannot be the football decision maker.

Posted by: Frank from PA | January 13, 2014 at 08:25 AM


It sounds like you, I, and breeze are the same page. Lets hope the Fins are!

Posted by: It's in the Breese... Troop..!!! | January 13, 2014 at 08:28 AM


Great post as usual!

Lets just hope the new GM is better at picking QB's than Ireland was!! LOL

Ross might be anything you like but he's not dumb with 4+ Billions in his Bank.

Tim Tebow are you saying that having a Brown QB is better than having a White QB or a Black QB.

I'm not saying that is Racist. But that is Racist.

Luck and Tannehill are pretty Fast, Tannehill ran a 4.59 on a Broken foot. Broles and Manziel are better Athletes than Bridgewater. The QB job is still won in the pocket though. And coaches have realized running QBs are OK if they are Built like Luck, T-Hill, K'nick, and C.Newton. it isn't OK having a running QB if he is built like RG3, P.White, J.Manziel, and R.Wilson. Wilson is lucky P.Carroll keeps him in the pocket and has a Running Game and an O-line to protect him.

Seattle spent more(Money & Picks) to get P.Harvin than the Fins spent for Wallace. Seattle could've had Wallace, and C.Patterson with that run game to do damage on teams.

P.Manning or T.Brady are winning the next Superbowl.

You don't give those guys two weeks to study you at the end of their career. Plus, the Superbowl isn't in Seattle. It is on the East Coast. Were Seattle has always struggled.

I'm not sure what makes Farmer the leading candidate, it seems Gamble has a stronger resume. seatle's VP should definitely get a look and Licht has my interest.

Its easy to see, huh. Guys like that are not in football just for the money, and that desire will bleed off to other players.
Look at the difference in the Ravens without Ray Lewis, and not just on defense. I know they other players, but the fire from the Lewis ere just wasn't there.

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