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Administrative move: Incognito suspension lifted

The Dolphins today lifted their suspension of Richie Incognito but before the out-of-control and breathless media (including me, sometimes) get too crazy, let me give you some facts:

This lifting of the suspension, which is being reported on the NFL daily wire, is an administrative move agreed upon by all the parties as a necessary step for having Incognito go foward with the rest of his career.

It does not mean Incognito is on his way back to the Dolphins.

Indeed, Incognito will be an unrestricted free agent in March and will be able to play for whatever team signs him. But that team will not be the Miami Dolphins.

[Update: Incognito is obviously very happy. He's been tweeting with the hashtag #FreeIncognito for days. And he is indeed free.]



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We might have the worst fans in the league.

Posted by: Bad Phans | February 04, 2014 at 06:27 PM

Do the Dullfins really have any fans left?

I wanted to see Carlos Hyde in the SuBo but I guess he didn't participate. I have no idea why he is ranked #47 this year among Players in the draft. He hits the hole very quickly and effectively, only a one cut runner, but he can break x tackles, very powerful. Of course, I saw him only vs Northwestern and he was getting huge holes to run thru then. Great receiver also. imo, maybe this years Eddy Lacy.

Nope it's the same slimy trolls talking the same garbage everyday. They come every day with the same tripe and bore the heck out of us fans. Borrring. I'll be back in a few days and the crap will be posted daily. Same old sheet here everyday. What boring lives they must lead.

garbage team = PO'd fans.
Why do we have to be content, and patient with the constant garbage level Pro teams they serve us every year dating back to...... seems like forever. Every year we start out with hope witch turns to desperation, then to hate then to total rage. Every single year dating back to the last 10 years of Marino's career

Black victims Eh?,When was the last time the Dolphins DOMINATED The NFL Eh?,Back then they had 3 a days in TC Eh?.They had 6 Preseason game Eh?,The BLACK lil Players cried boo hoo that Slave MASTER Don Shula was working them to hard Eh?,The WHITE Players knew what it took to be the BEST and didn't cry like the little black boys of the NFL Now Eh?,Where is Trace Armstrong when the whole league needs him Eh?


Trace Armstrong, awesome talent, that's back when Jason Taylor was just starting. yeah, I miss that one

Posted by: Troll Rod E. | February 04, 2014 at 06:28 PM

Will I get called for bullying if I nick name you Blog Weirdo in honor of J Martin's Big Weirdo moniker?

Tell me about your good silverware and onion rings.

oscar canosa,
My friend didn't you spend all of last Spring and Summer telling us what a great back Lamar Miller would be?
And now you want us to fall for that again with Carlos Hyde?
No thank you.

No. This is probably what JMartin should have said to Incognito(and what I'm saying now to you). Leave me alone, not because I'm better or worse than you are but because we are so completely different that we will never understand each other. So, you go your own way, I will go mine. You play your Game, I will play mine. As simple as that. We'll keep writing here, but for most, Juntos pero no revueltos, Together but not mixed at all.

Oscar Canosa is my special friend. He is very dear to me.

ETF I think Miller will be a great back but he needs an Oline that can open a hole for him and more plays that play to his strengths like running outside the tackles.


And more fun to have around also

Texans ARE going to pick 1 of the 2 in Bortles or Manziel Eh?,with that Defence the Texans will be holding the Lombardi in 2 seasons and maybe even 1 season Eh?,Just like Wilson did in 2 and Ben Rapista did in 1 season with a DEFENCE DEFENCE and a RB Eh?
DEFENCE DEFENCE Eh? Oh and Andre Johnson Eh? Oscar,BET HOUSTON in 2014 Eh?


Way to go brother for keeping a positive attitude through all of this. You are a true professional something that Philbin, Ross and pillow soft Martin cannot say. Wishing you a great season next year. Now file another grievance for the rest of your money and sue Martin's butt.

Ryan Tannehill = Another Irescum bust


And more fun to have around also

Posted by: ExposingTheFraud | February 04, 2014 at 07:19 PM


Miami isn't going to take Incognitto OR Martin back & I'm glad. Although Ritchie Incognitto unintentionally got screwed by a naive & mentally soft Jonathan Martin, Ritchie wouldn't have put himself in this position had he not continually kept pushing Martin to keep partying with him. Both of these players were completely selfish for their partying, while allowing their level of play on the field to deteriorate. So between the terrible irresponsible lackluster play on the field & the negative criticism they brought to the team, neither of them deserve a chance to come back. Personally I'm hoping Miami brings back Bryant McKinney for the LT position if they get him back at a reasonable price & if Miami can't resign him at their price MAKE DAMN SURE they don't pass on Branden Albert this time. The 2 key things Miami MUST DO are sign McKinney or Albert to set the LT position before the draft even comes around. The position is entirely too important to go with inexperience there.

This years playoffs showed you cant win without a franchise QB. All semifinal teams HAD FRANCHISE QB'S. Get the message yet?

Good Luck Richie.


These dolphins are better then y'all think this team could have gone 12-4 very easily that's really pretty nuts to think about we just have to learn to close games


Watch out next year nfl miami is back

We shall overcome

It's our time I just know it


Mount McKinney wants in !

It will take about 4 years to clean up Irelands mess and acquire the talent to compete in postseason....and thats if we draft MUCH better.

Have you ever seen a mans balls up close dude. Would you like too

Our mess is not that bad we will win the east next year


Suck balls fraud

In terms of the Martin/Incognito deal, always had a feeling this was locker room behavior.
The golf club incident with the woman was reprehensible and inexcusable.
Was taking Incognito's side until that incident which cannot be condoned.
Neither of them can return to the team.
We need to wipe the slate clean and retool the OL period with only Pouncey standing pat.

We shall overcome

Posted by: Marc from nj | February 04, 2014 at 08:46 PM

We need to overcome this cheapskate owner.


Posted by: Marc from nj | February 04, 2014 at 08:52 PM

Suck balls fraud

Posted by: Marc from nj | February 04, 2014 at 08:52 PM

do you give hummers too?


Who's the idiot that called RO$$ cheap after he paid all that money to Ellerbee and Wheeler?

Mando owes you a huge apology. Roger goodell owes you about 10 million. Martin needs to shine your shoes, because that's all he is worth.

Don't forget to bring the KY and bath salts ETF.


Posted by: ExposingTheFraud | February 04, 2014 at 10:21 PM

Only a loser that's always here would post this!!!
It's OK honey, there's help these days for people like you.

Darkoak chatting with ETF. LOL


Incognito was clearly being thrown under the bus by Pouncy, but that doesn't mean he's "innocent." He's clearly a degenerate stripper-loving, drug-using scumbag (as was Pouncy). Check out some of the dates of their discussions of getting wasted and picking up women: DURING THE SEASON.

Small wonder both under-performed and our line was a mess. They were BOTH more worried about hanging out at "T's" then the upcoming game.

Good riddance to BOTH OF THEM.

Why didn't the league review the Text Messages before letting them come out for all to see?

Pouncey's privacy was violated. Now the Media is going to want the league to punish him. All because a Mentally Unstable person sent a text message to his best friend.

Another question that Dashi ponders, How is this allowed to come out before the results of the Independent Investigation? (Is the NFL letting info leak to gauge public opinion to help them come to a decision? Leaguewide Code of Conduct?)

Let us resolve to be tender to each other here tonight.

these scumbag players are throwing the fans under the bus constantly. The money these lowlifes make is bank robbery. 80% of the scumbags in the NFL don't deserve 100,000 a year. When has a dolphin deserved a pay check in the last 10 years. There's a few exceptions. they are making fools of the fans. They won't EVER get another penny from me. They are mostly all lowlife thugs and thief's. I'm getting so I could care less if I watch one of their games or not

that's a wonderful Idea. Your a very nice man. Do you like the ballet? It's fantastic this time of year

And these brilliant People were trading tweets about drug use and partying during the Season? Amazing. Didn't they know that any piece of writing in these Social Media on Internet is open or can be opened for anybody in the World to see? Brilliant, just brilliant.

football players are amongst the dumbest people in the world. Being athletic does not equal even average intelligence. These scumbags don't deserve one dollar, they are nothing but thug, thieves and drug addicts. That goes for 80% of the NFL players

Stephen Ross has announced that Richie Incognito will be the new team chaplain.

Hawks owned the Donkeys. It's not the QB, eh?

Oscar please stop with the Carlos Hyde silliness, you probably thought Lamar Miller would be the offensive savior too.

Dolphin #1 picks from Ohio State
1. Eric Kumerow (1988)
2. Tedd Ginn (2007)
Enough is enough.

I may have to face Seattle AGAIN on the road in the 2014 opener?
Maybe i can call in sick that day?
Why does Eli have more rings than me?
Doe dad like him better?

The Fins should take Incognito back. IIIIIIIIIIIIIII would have him on my team. Martin is an opportunist. His lawyer mommy saw a chance to sue a very storied franchise. Ross, Johnson, Wanny and others since Shula and Marino have buried this great franchise. Ross cannot see the forest for his hairy a&&. Ross is so pompous that he actually thinks he can run a franchise. News Flash IDIOT, this is not Flip this House. Philbin is weak and he should resign and he knows it!!!!This new idiot from Tampa will screw up the works--wait and see!!!!! And the rest of the poor fans on this blog--- give up with your suggestions, Ross could care less. Do not buy tickets and pay this idiots salary!!!! FFFFFFF-them all.

aww man, what the he!! is this? dang man, that's a 3rd nipple. Chit guys I just found a 3rd nipple. I won't be able to exercise and work that off. ahhh, sigh.....

Incognito is a below average player who cannot run block and struggles to pass block, you want him on your team? Why? Because his tats make him look like a bad boy?
Can't you see that he sucks?

I've never been much for FAs, usually you get older, damaged Players, although Grimes was a great pick up by Ireland last Season. Head and shoulders above all other FAs this Season is Jimmy Graham but he'll probably be franchised. I'll never know how Joe Thomas managed to snatch away Warfield and Buonicanti from their Teams. I guess in FAgency and trades you best deal with bottom feeders.

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