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Administrative move: Incognito suspension lifted

The Dolphins today lifted their suspension of Richie Incognito but before the out-of-control and breathless media (including me, sometimes) get too crazy, let me give you some facts:

This lifting of the suspension, which is being reported on the NFL daily wire, is an administrative move agreed upon by all the parties as a necessary step for having Incognito go foward with the rest of his career.

It does not mean Incognito is on his way back to the Dolphins.

Indeed, Incognito will be an unrestricted free agent in March and will be able to play for whatever team signs him. But that team will not be the Miami Dolphins.

[Update: Incognito is obviously very happy. He's been tweeting with the hashtag #FreeIncognito for days. And he is indeed free.]



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Isn't it a slight bit funny that the name of the first openly gay player is the same as the first openly gay blogger, Sam.

I don't see him being drafted in the first 3 rounds with what he said. Some team might take him in the 5th. The League is saying all the right things, but we know most teams won't accept that kind of behavior.

Also, J.Martin never tweets anything important. Yet, he tweets his support for one of his own.



1- Homesick
2- Lost starting Job
3- He is a Twink like Sam

Sherman and J.Turner picking on(bullying) him over these 3 things made him snap.

I don't think so Mark. If this guy can play it will be forgotten about real quick. I go to the gym after work, and sometimes shower there (though due to my schedule generally go home to shower) and have showered (in the sense there are 4-5 showers there so sometimes you're in with more than 1 person) with guys I "thought" might be gay, and really, I was too tired to care if they were checking me out or not. And seriously, if a gay guy "checks you out" in the shower is that the end of the world? He sees your schlong, so what? Does that make you gay? How does that even affect you (unless you're so unsure of your sexuality that you think he might turn you gay)?

I think it's a non-story. First one, fine, record it in the history books, but this really isn't like the first black anything. The stigma just isn't that intense as it was for those guys. Plus he's a DE/LB. Hit a guy hard in the mouth and they'll forget he's gay and just play football. I hope he gets drafted and plays well and then they can stop making a big deal about it, I'm sick of all this "gay" talk in sports. I just want to see people who can PLAY!

Sam I Am likes Green eggs and Ham.

rdubs, one step further, you think it's some kind of backroom deal that the Dolphins will have to pick Sam to smooth over the locker room image problem they now have?

DC, I have no doubt if the guy can play it doens't matter. But the fact is, he's a fifth rund pick. There isn't much that seperates him from hundreds of other prospective draft picks but he comes with a media circus. I mean, let's face it 99% of people under 40 don't care if someone is gay or not. But the guys making the decisions are the same ones that made Warren Moon go playin Canada for five years just ebcause he was black and wanted to play QB - and that wasn't that long ago.

If you think it's a non-story, you are over-rating the lack of sophistication of these atmospheres and the idiots at ESPn and NFL netwrok as well. They will make this a huge story. In teh end the same reason Tim Tebow won't play in the NFL again (media circus) is the same reason it's going to be unbelievably hard for this kid. The first guy ot come out should've been a Bortles or Clowney type - players teams would be forced to make a centrepiece - not a 5th round also ran.

Just an observation. Don't kill the messenger.

Why are most athletes coming out the closet, black?

I know it could be because most athletes in a "Major Sport" are of color. Law of Averages, It was bound to happen.

I want you soccer fans to notice. When they mention a Major Sport in this country, Soccer isn't one of them.

Cause we all know Soccer has more Gays than Women Softball. It wouldn't be a big surprise if they tell us over half of the MLS wear shin guards for protection from rug burns.

Also, DC, while in school I worked as a waiter to help pay the bills. Before then didn't ahve a lot of experience being around gay people but working in that industry, you get acclimated real quick. Used the same change room, et, etc. Like you siad, who cares?? It should eb anon story and I think it would be amongst the players - espcially like you said, the first time Sam makes a big hit - but among the decision makers - completely diferent story.


Great post. I agree with everything you said. It isn't the public he should be worried about. It is the owners who don't like the extra attention. And are traditionalist.

I don't see the Fins picking him because he plays a position of strength on our team.

Sam is an OLB in a 3-4. He wouldn't even make our Practice Squad if we switch to a 3-4.

I don't know if the world is ready for a Gay QB. There is a certain exchange that goes on that I don't care how progressive you are it would still be real uncomfortable.

Come on Dashi, really....

There's been gays in soccer forever.

And if you don't think there's been many gays in the NFL and NBA, you haven't been watching.

There's youtube videos of Chris Bosh at male strip clubs.

Or you obviously weren't watching Jeff Garcia ... if it walks like a duck...

Think MLB will be the hardest sport ot integrate (not trying to be racist here) but the latinos on average tend to be the most rigid - which is odd because it's not like latinos are adverse to having their fair share of gays either.

Sam: I Am Gay

Dashi - it may be a backroom handshake deal as part of the whole Wells report drama. Not saying it will happen, but don't be surprised.

IN other words, there's gays everywhere ... who cares?

Still this young kid may have killed his career - I hope not but I wouldn't be surprised..

There will not be many players giving a flying crap about an openly gay teammate and those that do will look like drooling Neanderthals from another time.

Guys, it's 2014. For people under the age of 30 (and many over) this is no longer something viewed with hostility or as weird---not any different from how women voting or African Americans not having to use separate facilities are accepted as a normal part of American society despite once being judged just as harshly.

Times change, and those who are younger have consistently shown in poll results that they really could care less about sexual preference.

You may think there's a separate "culture" in sports but it cannot exist in a bubble apart from the larger culture nor did these players grow up in a society where hostility to gays would be considered acceptable behavior by anyone intelligent.

Sam is simply the first of many active players who will eventually come out, and nothing about any of it will seem remarkable in the years to come.

The few players and fans who make a huge deal about it will be the real freaks. And will be viewed as such by the younger generation---rightfully so.


I know home-o's have been in sport for years. Really since the 90's.

Even in baseball. Look at those that like to have their eyebrows done. C.Beltran

Me personally, I could care less.

I agree with you, this is more a generation thing than a cultural thing.

Even in Spanish culture it is starting to be acceptable to be gay. I believe only DR and Haiti find it still to be a taboo in the Carribean.

I know the most advanced, smartest, and toughest country in the carribean has a lot of home-o's even though they sent a bunch of them peter pan fairies over here. I watched a documentary not to long saying that gay prostitution is big business there. That Europeans go over there to vacation because the little boys are so cheap.

Why don't you go up to Sam and call him a 'Peter Pan Fairy,' Dashi?

What's the matter? Don't want to wake up in the hospital?

I just read the Sunday Sports Buzz column. The Dolphins currently think that Jordon does not project as a 2014 starter. Taylor may have a chance. They like Simms although I believe he is not a good choice for a number two TE. It's best to have two number one TEs.

I expected a LOT more out of a draft in which the Dolphins had five premium picks.

Reading of Ross's extreme loyalty to Philbin, even when Caserio did such an excellent interview, gives me the feeling that Ross will give DawnJoeHickey two seasons to get to 9-7. Unless 2014 is 4-12 or worse, the circus will continue.

Justin Beiber = Straight

Michael Sam = Gay

Hmm. I think I'll take Sam as a role model.

From a strictly PR standpoint, it would have probably been better for him to come out during the combine. At least there's other football news at that time. Now, it's the only football news for the next month, and so the story will be dragged out (like Mark said) every day, all day. It's all about gays in the Olympics and now this guy. Since when are sports all about gays?

Not saying DR doesn't have Home-o's. Just that the culture still isn't widely accepted.

What is it that the clown always says about DR? The Women are whores.

If they are that easy then why would you want to be gay.

I know, I know, You are born gay.

Personally I could care less about your sexual preferences as long as you do your job.

I've had Home-o's and Lesbians work under me. As long as they do their job, and do it efficiently. I could care less what you do in your private time.

This whole Michael Sam brings up an interesting question. Are those "Brazillian" videos on Lobstertube intended for straight or gay men? Hmmm...makes ya think, huh? LMAO

Here are some of the perks that are being offered:

- Discounts at restaurants and local businesses

- Free on-field movie night

- Food truck and photo booth party at Sun Life Stadium

- Kickoff yacht party

- Dolphins Day at Sea World in Orlando for suite/club level package buyers (the amusement park is about four hours away from Miami).

- The opportunity to stage a fantasy football draft in a stadium suite with food and beer provided, plus Dolphins alumni available to give advice on your draft picks.

Hey, it is hard to blame Miami’s sales department.
hey ross u fkn clown
how 'bout a competitive
fkn football team
on the dang field
on game days 4 1nce
u bozo

You think Sam scares Dashi.

Child Please!!

Sam is only 1 inch taller and 20lbs heavier than Dashi. Not that big of a difference little man.

And there is a difference between fighting and playing football.

I'll take my chances fighting anybody my size, except Tyson.

Fighting is all about two things. How Hard you can hit and how good you can take a punch. And I do both pretty well.

Dashi breaks bricks with his hands. You might not believe it, I don't care, just telling you the truth.

So your boy Sam better have a steel jaw.

I'm not saying Home-o's don't know how to fight because I've seen them throw down. Just saying that I know how to fight and I love it.

To me knocking somebody out feels just like hitting a homerun. It is just something about hitting something on the sweet spot that just feels nice.

armandos up homerz


Depends what angle you like to view the most. Maybe they're made for Both.

The Brazilian videos Dashi likes to watch are the "Bunda" ones.

With that said I don't condone fighting. Well, I condone it. I just know that you should never start a fight. And even if you are the one that ends it. Make sure you don't beat them into a pulp where it looks like it was only one sided. AND MAKE SURE YOU HAVE WITNESSES. That is the most important part.

Again, I acknowledge that to the players,m it desn't matter but when you are dealing with teh decrepid jerry Jones and Ralph Wilsons of the world, different story...

I don't know if the world is ready for a Gay QB. There is a certain exchange that goes on that I don't care how progressive you are it would still be real uncomfortable.

Posted by: Dashi | February 10, 2014 at 10:04 AM

Ken Stabler is gay, he played QB in the 70's-80's it was hush hush, now they want to continually throw it in your face. No body really cares until the media keeps shoving it down our throats, NO BODY CARES, stop shoving it down our throats, that's all, it's that simple

Which one of my sons?

The buff one with the big package poppa

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