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Administrative move: Incognito suspension lifted

The Dolphins today lifted their suspension of Richie Incognito but before the out-of-control and breathless media (including me, sometimes) get too crazy, let me give you some facts:

This lifting of the suspension, which is being reported on the NFL daily wire, is an administrative move agreed upon by all the parties as a necessary step for having Incognito go foward with the rest of his career.

It does not mean Incognito is on his way back to the Dolphins.

Indeed, Incognito will be an unrestricted free agent in March and will be able to play for whatever team signs him. But that team will not be the Miami Dolphins.

[Update: Incognito is obviously very happy. He's been tweeting with the hashtag #FreeIncognito for days. And he is indeed free.]



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Last Season, I found out that Lamar Miller is good a scat back going for that corner as CJ or Reggie are, but he's much bigger. Also, you give a lane to Lamar up the middle and it could be goodbye. I'd like to see him play with a decent OLine as ours was bottom feeder stuff last Season.

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Those antique balls never made it to the museum.
2 watt and juanita hijacked the nuts.
Then FIRE ROSS brought the scrotum and....


FIRE ROSS actually sewed the nuts next to his nuts.
He said his momma told him 4 balls all better than 2.

Richie Incognito , Jonathan Martin and prostitutes.
They should have called my daddy.

Check out some of the dates of their discussions of getting wasted and picking up women: DURING THE SEASON.

Posted by: Matthew | February 04, 2014 at 11:06 PM

How naive is this fellow. This describes 99% of all professional athletes. Such stupid posters here.

Philbin PO'd at Dungy because he thinks he is being
blamed for Cogs and the big pussy fiasco. Guess what? He is at fault.If he had the stones(and smarts) he would have gotten rid of Ritchie after the golf club incident.If he had done that Martin then could have used the water boy as his excuse to bail out.There is no
"committee" that will ever change any locker room's diverse behavior.

this falls on philbin because he got rid of our leaders in the locker room for non football reasons; jake long, karlos dansby, brandon marshall, sean smith, kevin burnett, y.bell, reggie bush etc. he didnt want strong leaders that might question his authority at some point.


Getting this out of the way quickly, you're a meathead, and going forward, please keep the golf club separate from the ladies...


You got a seriously raw deal in this bully JUNK. Hate to see you go, you take with you a tougness and nastiness that this ENTIRE franchise lacks.

Be Well.

Incognito is a below average player, good riddance!

I can't believe this blog turned into a Jeff Ireland rant by some of you. Excuses, excuses, excuses. Do you realize Hickey didn't warrant a GM interview in Tampa? Maybe that's Ireland's fault too. Come to think of it my dog hasn't been feeling well lately...damn you Ireland!

You can't blame Richie for the Golf incident, He was just trying to put a hole in one.

Quite a nice vacation you guys at the Herald took in New York on account of the Super Bowl. You guys really work hard, you know.

We saw at the SB how trained was the Seattle defense in creating turnovers. They were relentless in going for the strip of the ball of the Broncos' carriers. Very well trained. I wonder if our DC Coyle noticed what we all saw. My question to Coyle is: is it very difficult to schedule regular drills on stripping the ball out of carriers? Because I never saw our guys going for the strip during our games like I saw it from the Hawks in the SB. But maybe Coyle will argue that he runs those drills but does not have the talent to do it.

"He’s got to get to the right environment, not a place like the Miami locker room."
---Tony Dungy's response in the Carson Daly interview to the question of whether Martin will play in the NFL again.

Joe Philbin's absolutely right to take exception to this.

Being an old Steelers and Tampa fan, I have followed and have had the utmost regard for Tony Dungy. But his comments on the Martin-Incognito affair have replaced my positive feelings with irritation and disgust. Dungy's bias is blatant, typically anti-Miami and definitely aimed at portraying himself as the social and moral referee of the NFL.

Steve Ross should immediately remove Dungy from his place on the Dolphins committee. As Dungy has apparently ignored the principle of fair play in presenting and defending only Martin's side of the scandal, it is evident that no good can come from further interactions with Dungy at this point.

Dungy is impugning the character and integrity of a fellow coach, the Dolphins players, as well as the entire Dolphins organization with his statements. Neither Ross nor Philbin should take this laying down.


Couldnt agree more myself. You sir deserve a round of applause!

Dungy should just STFU. He should be happy the American public loves sympathetic figures. Because as a Coach Tony sucks the big one!! He had one of the greatest defense of all time and one of the greatest QB of All time and he only managed to win 1 title in 20+ Years Coaching. Both those teams grossly underachieved during Dungy.

And Dungy had Warren Sapp as a Player. One of the Biggest Bullies the NFL has ever had.

Since Dungy was so in tune with his Locker room he knew Sapp was bullying other players.

A bit of a Hypocrite? No?

As usual these religious heretics swear they are holier than though. Yet, they forget the plank of wood in their eye.

Martin the medal midget, can we move on. Good luck Richie....

Irescum should've been fired for bringing Incognito on the Dolphins. Philbin even wanted him off the team.

Dansby, B.Marshall, and S.Smith are the last players you want mentoring younger players. They need strong leaders on the team to make them function at a normal level.


Including, R.Bush.

Yet, They were invaluable leaders.

And J.Martin quitting had nothing to do with Lack of Leadership. J.Martin was Homesick and missed his Mommie. That or he is gay and got tired of the constant harassment.

My guess is a combination of both. J.Martin is a Big Gay Honey Bear that missed his Mommy.

J.Martin wears Yoga Pants with the letters BGHB stamped on the back.

Free agent to be: Toby Gerhart

Position: Running back

Age: 26

Years in the league: 4

What he made last season: $1,013,500 (cap number); $642,500 (cash value)

What he did last season: Gerhart continued to prove himself a reliable backup for Adrian Peterson, carrying eight times for 91 yards in a Nov. 24 tie with Green Bay and capping a 15-carry, 89-yard afternoon with a 41-yard touchdown run against Baltimore on Dec. 8. Gerhart strained his right hamstring on the touchdown, and didn't carry again for the rest of the season, but still managed 283 yards on a career-low 36 carries, which works out to an impressive average of 7.9 yards per carry.

His potential market value: Gerhart turns 27 this spring, but has carried just 276 times in his NFL career. That's one light season for Peterson, and in those 276 carries, Gerhart has gained 1,305 yards. He was a Heisman finalist in college, and there might be a team that takes a look at Gerhart and determines he can have a bigger role in an offense than he's had with the Vikings.

Will he still fit the Vikings? Yes. But the question is, will the Vikings fit him? They could likely offer him a few more carries as Peterson gets older, but they probably won't be as focused on the run as they'd been with Bill Musgrave running the offense. And if you're Gerhart, looking at a contract that could carry you through the rest of your prime as a running back, would you want to come back for another tour as Peterson's understudy? The Vikings' problem might be that they can't dissuade Gerhart from wanting to ply his trade somewhere else.

What happens: The guess here is Gerhart leaves, even though the Vikings would like to keep him. In the end, they might only serve to boost his market value for another team. San Francisco 49ers coach Jim Harbaugh coached Gerhart at Stanford. With Frank Gore turning 31 in May, might Harbaugh angle for a reunion in San Francisco? It's a possibility.

J.Martin does girl push ups.

J.Martin has a Tramp Stamp of the Stanford Motto "Die Luft der Freiheit whet". (The wind of freedom blows)

I'd welcome Martin back on the team if the locker room is now cleaned up. He'll be a solid starter at RT for many many years to come.

Martin cannot come back to the Dolphins. He's best suited as a correctional officer at the nearest prison

I just read this on Profootball talk. Let me just say this. F you Farmer you ungrateful piece of dookie. You assume you would have gotten the job? You still want to be a GM and didnt even have the intestinal fortitude to take a 2nd interview? You have a loser mentality, not a quality GM mentality!

When viewed through the prism of the Browns or the Dolphins, the impression of stability is often as important as the stability itself.

So perhaps it says something about the directions of the franchises when Cleveland’s assistant general manager turned down a chance to the the G.M. in Miami.

“I think Cleveland is primed and I think we’re in a position to redefine the history books,” Farmer told Mary Kay Cabot of the Cleveland Plain Dealer. “I think change is on the horizon and I didn’t want to miss what’s going to happen in Cleveland.”

The 39-year-old Farmer was offered a second interview, but passed on the chance.

“I didn’t finish the process,” said Farmer. “I assume they would’ve given me the job. That’s the way it was articulated to me. If I took the job, I would’ve reported directly to [Dolphins owner] Stephen Ross and it was a tremendous opportunity. It still is a dream of mine to become a general manager and run my own program and put together my own team, but it wasn’t the right time for me.

“I knew what I had here. I know what I think is going to happen here, and I know what we have in place. So to that degree, the known is better than the unknown.”

That kind of optimism might be a chance for the Browns to overcome their Brownishness, but it speaks more clearly to how dysfunctional things are perceived in Miami right now.

This years playoffs showed you cant win without a franchise QB. All semifinal teams HAD FRANCHISE QB'S. Get the message yet?

Posted by: JJ | February 04, 2014 at 08:44 PM
the homerz r really
really dense so no
they have not got that

Read more here: http://miamiherald.typepad.com/dolphins_in_depth/2014/02/administrative-move-incognito-suspension-lifted-/comments/page/2/#comments#storylink=cpy


San Fran has a Future RB. M.Lattimore. He should be fully healed by training camp. Lattimore was the best RB in College for the last 3 years. Better than Lacy. He just had that horrific knee injury.

I would sign Gerhardt for a decent price or a 1 year deal if you can.

I believe we can make due with the RBs we have. At least for 1 more season. We need to fix the line.

L.Miller is still only 22 years old!! That means he is still YOUNGER THAN MOST DRAFT ELIGIBLE RBs!

My faith in L.Miller and his ability hasn't changed. I saw enough flashes to know that if given the chance he will be a dynamic player in the NFL.

2 Things Need To Change though. L.Miller needs more touches, specially if he is running hot that day. And Get Better Blocking Up Front!!

At least 6 games this past year that L.Miller would've gained over 100yds if we would've got over 20 carries a game.

he only Bully I see in this whole thing is J.Martin's Momma!! She has bullied her own son so much he is scared to tell her the Truth. And she has traumatized him so much that he can't live without her.

J.Martin grew up a Spoiled Rich Momma's Boy!!

Posted by: Dashi | February 04, 2014 at 05:40 PM



I like Toby as that big back, who has very little tread on the tires and when called on was very good. I am not sure of his blocking prowess, but perhaps he could line up at FB too. I think he could be a steal. I think a team is gonna over pay for Blount and regret it

My guess is a combination of both. J.Martin is a Big Gay Honey Bear that missed his Mommy.

Posted by: Dashi | February 05, 2014 at 08:32 AM

We all see you understand gay terminology really well. Care to come out Princess Dashitt !!!

Miami isn't going to take Incognitto OR Martin back & I'm glad. Although Ritchie Incognitto unintentionally got screwed by a naive & mentally soft Jonathan Martin, Ritchie wouldn't have put himself in this position had he not continually kept pushing Martin to keep partying with him.

Posted by: hollywood-Rick | February 04, 2014 at 08:42 PM

read all the texts. Just as often, it's JM who's initiating communication and asking RI what he's doing, where he's going that night, whether there's b--tches around. A couple times he to go to the strip joint again.

In fact, just a few weeks before the meltdown in late sept. JM begs RI to go our partying to 'celebrate the 3-0' start but Coggs says he's too tired. JM pushes until RI agrees to go out.

Please... this wasn't a guy who was intimidated to go along with the crowd. He enjoyed partying and creeping on chicks as much as any of them. Fraud


I like Gerhardt better than Blount also. I believe Blount needs the proper locker room to be successful. And the right offense.

Gerhardt can catch and pass block 2 things Blount can't do.

I would like to line him up at FB. Or in the I-formation with Clay at FB.

The 2 FA RBs I would love the Dolphins to talk to are B.Tate and T.Gerhardt.

But I prefer we spend that money($4-5Mil a Year) on a O-linemen.

If it is between RB and Starter on the line, I would prefer another starter.


I wouldnt pay Gerhardt more than 2.5, if that. But could be good role player. I have no idea what he would sign for, not a clue

If any of the loclas watched the panthers bicchslap the Maple Leafs around yesterday, you heard what sounded like a road game for the Panthers. Fans of a team travelling thousands of miles to watch them play - fans of a team following a team that hasn't wona championship since 1967 yet the fandom is as strong as ever or stronger. The team may suck but that is what a real fan base is all about...

I make 1 gay comment and the Superstar Marco gets all offended. I wonder why?

Marco, you already get reamed here daily for the nonsense you spew.

The last thing you need is for everyone to realize that you are the gay troll. You know the Home-O that constantly spends the night here talking Dick with YG and Oscar.


Ya, I hear ya. But I can't stomach most Leafs fans. Not that I'm a fan of any other team. I just hate the hockey obsession in this city. It's totally biased on my part, since I only watch NFL, college fball, euro soccer and F1, but when you want a taste of NFL in sept. from the media and they spend 75% of the time talking about some dude's new skates, I go mental

rdubs, Farmer is dreaming if he thinks he's going to get a Matt DeCosta/Tom Gamble type opporutnity to run the show. Maybe in Cleveland whn they fire the head guy but that's it. He's ever done a bloody thing - unproven - no team he's ever been a part of has ever won - he's no more a commodity than Hickey.

TO, yeah, the hockey coverage does go overboard but wouldn't it be nice for the Dolphins to even have a smidge of that type of loyal fandom in THEIR OWN CITY?

Dashi, the Dolphins need more beef in the backfield. Thomas tries hard he gets injured every time he makes a big run.

Miller just doesn't run hard enough to be a feature back no matter if he's 22 or 29. He's still and NLF back but the kind you bring in when you've softened up a defense. And he still can't blcok worth a dam.

Dashi, isn't this Marco guy very familiar in the way he just posts not to discuss but to instigate? he spends hours here trying to pull me into the same old debate over and over and over...

Dashi, isn't this Marco guy very familiar in the way he just posts not to discuss but to instigate? he spends hours here trying to pull me into the same old debate over and over and over...

Posted by: Mark in Toronto | February 05, 2014 at 09:40 AM

I have debated with you for hours and hours my friend. Don't deny me the odd mindless attack on Dashi. In the past you have attacked many others yes ?

Now we agree in Miller not being capable as a featured back. We also agree that Tate is the best power RB out there, if the money is right. Iam in favour of bringing in Hyde as well as Tate. We have to find an identity. We need to ask Thill to pass for 25 attempts per game and work from there, as I accept he needs another year, but not without serious competition.

I look forward to debating resonably with you for a change.

It's time to move on. The offensive line last year was pretty bad. Dolphins need to get younger and better. Hopefully this new GM does a better job of drafting players than his predecessors have the last 10 years. Compare the Dolphins with the Seahawks and we are miles away. Lot of work to be done.


Agreed, L.Miller isn't going to be running people over. That is not his style. But the isn't scared to get hit either.If you only need a yard, I prefer Miller over Thomas.

Most of L.Millers big runs are up the middle.

In the NFL you need at least 2 good RBs, preferably 3.

I prefer the fins draft a rb 4th rd or later. Instead of spending money on Free Agency or using a High pick on one. We have bigger needs.

Hickey has been able to assist in the drafting of some quality running backs. If he can find a power runner to compliment Tate then go for it. I know the LT is a huge concern, but with Albert in the fold and even a health McKinnie is means we can go best o lineman in the second round and grab Hyde.

Im high on Hyde as he really is a solid blocker, receiver and runner. I have him as the best power runner available. If we don't get Tate then we need Hyde as the other FA runners are not worth the money or are questionable as down after down backs.

Posted by: Mark in Toronto | February 05, 2014 at 09:23 AM


When is the last time you went to a fins game? being such a great fan and all and don't lie

Reasonable exchange is all I ever want here.

I do like Ben Tate too or Gerhart. There are options out there so I don't think any of these guys will get big money.

I think Tate and Gerhart will be looking to be option A more than looking for money ...

We shall see what happens very soon.

I won't have much faith in a 4th rd RB to contribute much. Not with these coaches. Last year all the ebst backs went in round 2. once bernanrd was picked, they all fell off the board pretty quick - even Micahel who is a talented dude but didn't run much at A&M.

Second last game of the year - this year. is that recent enough?

I prefer the fins draft a rb 4th rd or later. Instead of spending money on Free Agency or using a High pick on one. We have bigger needs.

Posted by: Dashi | February 05, 2014 at 09:50 AM

We have tried that and its been a failure. Look at the last 4 backs we have taken in the draft. The only good RB we have drafted in the past 10 years has been Ronnie Brown. We need to invest in a gamebreaker and down after down back. All these supoorting cast backs are not good enough to establish an identity. Gillislee is unknown, but he didn't look too great in pre-season, who knows ? Miller is too small and has poor vision, but at least can support a bigger back. Daniel Thomas, well he is weak for his size, has terrible vision and is a pathetic pass blocker who rarely runs with the authority is size commands.

I was also a season ticket holder in Miami during a four win season while I lived up here in Toronto and only dram of being able to go to all 16 games one year soon. The only reason I'm not still a season ticket holder is because I was working a four day schedule those days - not now. Should hit semi retirement in three years - then we will open the season ticket discusssion again.

hell, I've probably been to Miami last year to see more games than more than a few so called fans -- and I'm from Canada

Carlos Hyde is an Eddie Lacy clone. But he will probably go high in the 2nd Rd and we will have to trade up to get him.

I had the perfect compliment for L.Miller. E.Lacy. And Lacy needs a Speed back to compliment his ability.

This years E.Lacy?

A.Williams RB- BC- 6'0" 230lbs. Leading Rusher in the country. Best RB in the Country(Doak Winner). 5th Best Single Season in FBS history(2,177yds). He was the Whole Offense. No QB, No O-line, No WRs. He gained yards the hard way.

Built in the E.Lacy Mold, Actually less fat. But Built like a House with the feet of a ballerina. They aren't fast, they're quick. Ricky is the prototype of this kind of back.

Reason A.Williams will be drafted in the 3rd or 4th. He only has 1 year of production. Will be recovering from injury through the process. And runs a 4.6-40.

The 2 guys that WF mock has for us at #s 1 and 2, Zach Martin and Bishop Staley are good Players but I see no potential greatness in them.

Bishop Sankey.

Anybody know anything about Jeremey Hill of LSU - he's as big as Hyde and 2 spots below him on the CBS RB rankings for this draft...

He's an underclassman and faster apparently - whereas Hyde is a SR

Oscar, another reason I want the o line to be taken care of in free agency and round 2 of the draft. I want our first pick to have the chance to be special. Eric Ebron, Travis Benjamin, Evans of A&M - these types have the chance to be special.


I wanted to talk to you about that.

Hyde isn't that good.

And definitely he is no E.Lacy.

Hyde plays for U.Meyer. If one coach other than C.Kelly is an Offensive Mastermind in College Football it is Urban Meyer.

He made Tebow into the Best College Player Ever.

He Made Alex Smith a #1 Overall Pick.

He Created this whole Spread-Option or "read-option" that people are falling in love with.

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