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Administrative move: Incognito suspension lifted

The Dolphins today lifted their suspension of Richie Incognito but before the out-of-control and breathless media (including me, sometimes) get too crazy, let me give you some facts:

This lifting of the suspension, which is being reported on the NFL daily wire, is an administrative move agreed upon by all the parties as a necessary step for having Incognito go foward with the rest of his career.

It does not mean Incognito is on his way back to the Dolphins.

Indeed, Incognito will be an unrestricted free agent in March and will be able to play for whatever team signs him. But that team will not be the Miami Dolphins.

[Update: Incognito is obviously very happy. He's been tweeting with the hashtag #FreeIncognito for days. And he is indeed free.]



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My son partied with Cogs and it did not work out.

oh yeah, Toronto is the NBA city with the closest proximity to Cleveland...

oh yeah, Toronto is the NBA city with the closest proximity to Cleveland...

Posted by: Mark in Toronto | February 05, 2014 at 01:25 PM


I agree with picking up O-line needs in FA. We can't replace 4 linemen in one draft. Pay whatever it costs to get Monroe or Albert and get a solid starter at guard.

I'm not sure why we are talking WR in the draft, especially Benjamin. He isn't instinctive enough IMO to be a 1st rd pick. He is way behind Watkins and Evans!

I like Dashi's pick in Andre Williams. He looks legit but I doubt he makes it out of rd3.

LeBron owns both a huge home in Akron AND an estate in Coral Gables (Miami).

He is overwhelmingly likely to remain with the Heat, which is one of the best-run organizations in professional sports and a desirable landing place for free agents.

They will continue to win--and win big. They are now a marquee franchise in the NBA.

The Toronto Raptors are none of those things. LeBron will not be playing there.

Proximity to Cleveland? You must be joking. Do you think he needs to be a quick drive from "home" so his Ford Fairlane doesn't use too much gas.

I think he probably has a private jet for those concerns.

I have read the drug and sex filled sophmoric text between Cogs and Jmart. All I can say is it was like reading text between teenagers. They are an embarrassment to their respective families. There comes a time when a man has to become a man and grow up. Maybe if they spent more time in the gym or practice instead of a dumb strip club we may have had a chance to actually make the playoffs. Funny you don't hear of this behavior on the great teams....hmmm Patriots, Seahawks, 49ers just to name a few.
Cogs has been thrown off EVERY single team he has played for so should we be surprised that our team had cancer when we brought the cancer in?????

The above being said I think now that the Cancer is CURED maybe we can actually get some winners on this team and become a that is relevant.

Why would LeBron choose to play in Toronto because of it's proximity to Cleveland when he could just, ya know, play in Cleveland?

OK ok get real, don't get bent all out of shape. The Toronto Raptors have one of the biggest and most ambitious ownerships in all of pro sports (parent company has a market cap of $51B). An aggressive and well respected Chief in Tim Lieweke - yes the LA Lakers Tim Lieweke (who was not brought to Toronto to attract hockey players). They have one of the most astute young GMs in the game, and a dynamic young roster.

Now, if you want to get mad at me for bringing this up, go ahead. But it's not going to change that Toronto will stick their head in the chase for Lebron if they have any measure of post season success this year. That will not change.

You think if the Heat can't win it all again this year - he will stick it out with an aging D Wade - and a crippled Chris Bosh? Maybe, but don't be surprised if it all ends this year.

Bill are you serious?? You come off as an old geezer! These two were buddies having text convos that any single males with million of dollars in their 20s will have!

Not an embarassment to their family theyre text messages meant between both of them. Le me guess you prefer on their off day to go lift weights and study film?? Lmao GTFOH!

You really think he would go play for the Cavs again? I don't think that's likely. Possible, but he pretty much crapped on that franchise.

Mark the Raptors will NEVER be a marquee destiination for NBA players. Lebron doesnt want to play with unproven players he wants to play with vets who know what it takes to be a champion. Riley has proven to reload with players so youll leave him for aome young guy who may or may not be good?

I don't think he's going to leave Miami, but if his only desire was to play for another NBA team NOT the Cavs but is close to Akron he could play for, I dunno, Detroit? Indiana? Chicago?

Ronald McDonald why can't I have an opinion that differs from your without your condescension and nastiness? Are you 12 years old??? You are certainly acting like you are. This would explain why you think that the Neanderthal like text between these 2 imbeciles is ok or normal.
I have daughters and a wife. I respect women. Hence my PERSONAL dislike of the culture we have today that strip clubs, hookers and whoring is ok.
Lets just agree to disagree and move on...are we ok??

I'm not bent out of shape in the least, I'm simply stating reality.

Could the current Heat title run end this year? Of course it could. WILL it end eventually? No question.

But here's where you may be missing the point. The Heat is now a DESTINATION franchise for marquee free agents. They are on the highest tier as a premier franchise...not just in the NBA but in all sports.

Their ownership is one of the wealthiest. Their management (Pat Riley and Co.) is one of the most experienced and decorated.

Even WITHOUT Wade and Bosh around, a Heat team with LeBron is going to be hugely attractive to free agents who would kill for the opportunity to play with him...and a Heat team free of those contracts can (and will) sign them.

Nothing against the Raptors at all. They have a nice young team and I wish them well. But they are simply not a franchise on the same level as Miami. Not over the long haul.

James will not be working in Toronto. Period.

I'm an old geezer and party at Tootsies all the time.
They don't card me...hehehe

Le me guess you prefer on their off day to go lift weights and study film??

BTW Ronald McDonald the above stmt says it all. YES I do expect them to go lift and study film on days off during the season. That's what CHAMPIONSHIP and HOF type players do. That is what separates them from the ordinary teams and players. Go it yet?????

Bill you old fart! Did you have friends before you threw away your life to get married?? Didnt you have inappropritae convos with them at tiimes?? Its normal there was nothing said that offended me and if it did to you i feel sorry for you. P.S ask your wife for your balls back.

THED, Toronto is better than Chicago or Detroit right now. Indiana .. OK fine.

It's way to early to specualte on anything with certainty - and I'm not making any predictions. Just telling you guys down there what is brewing up here as it pertains to the local basketball team and your local hero would be the #1 target.

And there is a lot working in the local team's current favour. There are two young all star caliber starters, a young franchise centre, and a city that is the 5th largest metropolis in North America... and a city NBA players do love. Dam, they're here all the time in the summer...

I've had 14 innapropriate conversations today....


Stephen A defending Cogs and ripping Martin, and Skip Bayless actually apologizing to Richie.

Whats wrong Billy??? A little bad words here and there, or strippers offend you old man. Just from reading this blog seems like your wife wears the pants! Are you sure your allowed to post?? Did you get it approve by wifey?? Old fart!

By the way, if you think I'm slamming Toronto as a CITY in the least you would be woefully wrong.

I've been there numerous times and much prefer it over most American cities. Cosmopolitan, exciting city with clean subways, nice people, and great restaurants.

I am strictly talking about the respective NBA teams here. Nothing more.

So now Incognito and Martin were potential HOfers. Haaaaaha. Funninest stuff ive ever seen


Not sure why my last post didn't show up but I just wanted to make clear I'm not slamming Toronto as a CITY at all.

Been there numerous times and I actually prefer it to most major American cities. Great diversity, clean subways, nice people, terrific nightlife, and an amazing dining scene. Not much not to like.

I am simply talking about the respective NBA franchises.

NOW it shows up! :)

Ritchie Incognito was not worth the headache. He is a mediocre players with over agressive tendancyies. The kind of agressiveness that losses ball games( dirty player,late hits etc..)Thats why he was snubbed by other teams before he became a Dolphin. His personallity in the locker room may have made him popular with his team mates but it didn't make the team better. As evidence would show that the offensive line was one of the worst units on the team during his tenure and got better imediately when he was gone. Martin did a poor job of handling his situation because he did use Ritchie as a scapegoat when in reality he couldn't handle loosing out on the LT position. The Dolphins are better off moving on without these two clowns.


Let me know when Tom Jackson apologizes to Incognito. NOBODY made more ridiculous accusations than him. Has he even uttered one word of contrition?

That said, I think both Cogs AND Martin are immature nitwits and good riddance to both. They sound like the kind of frat boy "bros" that hang out in the kind of bars only a 20-something misogynistic moron goes to.

Whats wrong Billy??? A little bad words here and there, or strippers offend you old man. Just from reading this blog seems like your wife wears the pants! Are you sure your allowed to post?? Did you get it approve by wifey?? Old fart!

Posted by: Ray McDonald | February 05, 2014 at 02:10 PM

Wow lil boy did I touch a nerve or something?? I guess if your momma is a stripper it has affected your life. I am sorry maybe you should get therapy.
As for me and my life you should hope to have had as good a life as I have had and Im only 54.
I am RETIRED with a high six figure pension.
I drive a 2014 Porsche 911 Carrera that my wife surprised me with for my 54 bday 3 weeks ago.
I have a great wife. We are partners and friends.
I have 2 fantastic, smart and successful daughters. A Marine Biologist and the other an Attorney.
My son is attending Columbia Univ on full scholarship.
And I am a 2 time cancer survivor from my time at WTC on 9-11.

Now lets compare your sad sorry existence Ronald?? Shall we?????

That said, I think both Cogs AND Martin are immature nitwits and good riddance to both. They sound like the kind of frat boy "bros" that hang out in the kind of bars only a 20-something misogynistic moron goes to.

Posted by: get real | February 05, 2014 at 02:19 PM

Wow there is some intelligence on this blog!! Good post that's all I was saying. Men in their positions in life shoudnt be acting like high school or college freshman.

New blog up.

Wow Billy your life is sooooo perfect! Im sooooo impressed! NOT! Quit posting BS on a Dolphins Blog! You gotta be kiddin me!

still need a qb

Mark...I understand your point, but there are a couple big things working against that possibility: 1). LeBron loves associating himself with the high profile rap world, and countless popular rappers like to record their albums in Miami. Hell, Drake (LeBron's bro) is from Canada and he even prefers to record his albums in Miami. 2). Pat Riley will not allow LeBron to waste away on a roster with no one around him. He's managed to bring great players to this team going back to his first day on the job when he traded for Zo. I don't have anything against Toronto but if LeBron doesn't play for Cleveland I just don't see him playing anywhere else besides Miami.

Interesting to see everything that is coming to light with the Cogs/Martin story. Its one many of us suspected all along. No one is going to apologize though its just business as usual for ESPN.

Although Mando didn't apologize he did rip into Martin pretty good, so I am happy with that.


get real, didn't take offense, and I don't know what will happen but given this franchise's ambitions and it's leadership, they will make a run at Lebron if he hits the market and they have reasonable success this year. And if they fail there, they will target kevin Durant the following year.

qb a need still

2 watt if Murray there in the 3rd round ill take a flyer in him. Cut Moore already

I stayed at a Holiday Inn Express last night..

Wow Billy your life is sooooo perfect! Im sooooo impressed! NOT! Quit posting BS on a Dolphins Blog! You gotta be kiddin me!

Posted by: Ray McDonald | February 05, 2014 at 02:23 PM

No Ronald McDonald my life is not perfect, but it has been good. Nobody has a perfect life. I wouldn't change anything about my life. I am content. Surviving cancer can do that to you. You obviously have no life experience hence your malcontent for people older than you. My Dad told me many years ago that with age came wisdom...I didn't understand that when I was young. Why would you??

y not use wake and move up
2 get 1 of the big 3?

THED, glad you brought up teh Drake angle - did you know that he is officially employed by the Toronto Raptors? He is an ambassador (i.e. recruiter) for the team.

c'mon hix!
do sometin

William A, at 54 years old Id think you would address me as Ray and quit ridiculing my name calling me Ronald. How mature is that for an old
man such as yourself??

No football being discussed here today. I have spent my obligatory 2 hrs here today. I have a life. Im out to frolic in the foot of snow on the ground.....ahhhhh NYC and snow....just perfect together!! Have a great day all!

2 watt no team wants Wake at his advanced age..

What? Toronto still has a basketball team? See, that's why I love this blog, learn something EVERY day!

John Wall/Bradley Beal...WASHINGTON WIZARDS!

But I digress.

Im sorry Ray it was a slip up on my part. Probably my poor old eyes playing tricks on me. Im out folks bye.

Jessica Beal? We are not talking WNBA here, DC...

i blog on 5 sites, it always amazes me how most retired from age 35 to 50 are filthy rich and date super models..
who are these losers who spend all day on a PC kidding????
They're unemployed living off mommy and sleep in a spare room.

Elmer Fudd made appearances in several television specials in the 1970s and 1980s, and some cameo roles in two of the Looney Tunes feature-film compilations.

Fudd was interrogated for about thirty minutes in the early morning of August 11, 1977. He quickly confessed to the shootings and expressed an interest in pleading guilty.

During questioning, Fudd claimed that his neighbor's dog was one of the reasons that he killed.

On Cogs:

I believe in 2nd, 3rd, and 4th chances too if necessary. I believe giving anyone as many chances as necessary until they prove utterly incorrigible to the umpteenth degree.

Yes, some sort of penal system is necessary. Without it society would delve into utter chaos. But, at the same time, we always remember it is to be "Human First". We all owe ourselves to be "Humane".

Because without this, we are all a society of savagery and cruelty. From this, in the end, even we can not stand.

Good luck Mr. Cogs, in your ever enduring quest in life to improve upon yourself.

Incognito definetly got screwed, but let's be honest. He worked hard, but was also the most flagged lineman on our team every year he was here. He wasn't a probowler, he was average with a huge motor and motivator.

Reality is what goes around comes around. He's done a lot of crap since he entered the league that finally came back around to him. The sexual assault alone would land any everyday man in jail no matter what the payoff was. He's very lucky! Only money and bribaries get that kind of love.

Good luck whereever he ends up, but he needs to clean up his shit or crap like that may involve jail time with men just as large and crazier than him.

TV's Amazing History guy is quite educational, keep up the good work pal!

PS you don't EVER hear of this stuff even though it goes on EVERYWHERE, because your real homeboy doesn't put your business on blast to make you do it to defend yourself!

Sheesh, we pay and arm and leg for car insurance here but thankfully no need to worry about medical coverage.... those costs are steep.

Posted by: Mark in Toronto | February 05, 2014 at 11:48 AM

Ya, but not as steep as our confiscatory taxes needed to sustain a broken system based on rationing. Our system is one of the worst in the 1st world if your old. Have a herniated disc or need hip replacement surgery? See you in 8 to 12 months. Try not to mind the bed ridden agonizing pain you're in. Suspect you have cancer. Not to worry, we'll confirm in 4-6 months when its your turn for an MRI. I'm not saying US system is the answer, I just know where they are headed is certainly not the answer. Gov't health care for a top heavy aging population, high illegal immigration and declining birth rates can't work. There's no math in the world that can make it work.

And while there's a lot to despise about semi democratic socialist euro states, some of them have health care as good as it gets - two tiered. The fact Canada and the UK are virtually the only two nations on earth where it is ILLEGAL to provide for your own on health, effectively to take care of yourself, is absurd and against the most basic of human rights - the right to heal thyself.

OK, that's it for politics. Just my two cents who has watched to many older family members die or live in pain for years on a waiting list

Hopefully 3rd times a charm Bill A. I'm rooting for the cancer next time.

If Toronto can win in the first round this year and put up a good fight in the 2nd, they will be a player.

I know there's always NY and LA but Toronto will make some noise in that scenario, especially with Tim Lieweke in the fold.

The Raptors have every element of what you need in a winning basketball team, just not enough experience yet...

Posted by: Mark in Toronto | February 05, 2014 at 01:23 PM

- agreed. My prediction is they will win teh first round and give the next team absolute hell in 7 games. They have shown they can play with anyone.

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