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Dan Marino out at CBS, Dolphins a possibility?

Remember those rumors and even fan hopes that Dan Marino would somehow swoop in from television land and deliver to the Dolphins organization some leadership and a name that would bring respect again?

Well, you're about to hear more of that now that Marino is out of work. CBS today released a statement saying Marino and Shannon Sharpe are out from their nationally televised NFL Today pregame show while former Chiefs and Falcons tight end Tony Gonzalez is in.

So Marino needs a job.

So here come the rumors about the Dolphins.

You'll recall Marino left television briefly in 2004 to join the Dolphins organization. He served as some sort of VP for a few weeks before deciding he wanted to go back to TV.

Well, the Broncos did that idea one better when they hired their former quarterback legend John Elway to be the head of their football operations. Elway learned under then general manager Brian Xanders for a year and then took over full control.

The Broncos were in the Super Bowl a month ago.

That has led Dolphins fans to exclaim, "Why not us?"

Well, aside from the fact Marino has no training in personnel or running a club, until today he had a job that he liked, paid well and required not a ton of effort. That obstacle is now gone.

So will the Dolphins chase Marino? As has been reported here, the club had informal conversations with Marino early in 2013 about joining the team in some capacity. Nothing was consummated because the Marino camp stopped returning the Dolphins phone calls after they were confident the former QB would stay with CBS even after his affair with an intern became public.

But Marino never closed that door permanently. And neither did the Dolphins.

But neither did either party pursue the matter futher.

With the Dolphins under the stink of the NFL harassment scandal, coming off an untidy general manager search, news of dysfunction within the football side of the organization and, oh yeah, that late season collapse that turned an almost certain playoff berth into a major disappointment, perhaps chasing Marino is the thing owner Stephen Ross decides he'd like to do.

One word of caution: Ross has gained a reputation for chasing a lot of folks -- Jim Harbaugh, Jeff Fisher, Peyton Manning, Nick Caserio -- but has landed none of them.


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Joe "I know nuthin" Philbin fired? LOL


I just heard that Philbin will be fired by the end of the week.

Posted by: NFL Insider | February 18, 2014 at 04:23 PM

If only ....... Ahhhh !!!

Marino is/was a great player. Let's leave him at that.

Before I bring Marino in to the Front Office, I would give Bob Griese a shot.

It would have to be Bob Griese and Nat Moore, they come as a package.

But both would do a better job as Mr.Dolphin, over Dan Marino.

MIT - I would agree...I much prefer taking best player available vs. need. But I just don't see Hickey doing that this year. The team invested a ton in Wallace. They need to make THILL a success. They need this offense to GO and the biggest hinderance is OLINE. I just see them going heavy with OLINE and hopefully a bruising RB to help pass block and pick up short yardage.

This is what is on ESPN today:

Miami will have a long look at guards and tackles in the draft. The Dolphins are fortunate that this is an area of great depth this year. Some offensive tackles to keep an eye on are Notre Dame’s Zack Martin, Alabama’s Cyrus Kouandjio and Virginia's Morgan Moses. All three should be in range for Miami at No. 19. Potential second-round selections could come at running back, where players like Carlos Hyde from Ohio State or Wisconsin’s James White could be available.

Dashi, I would be interested in being Carroll and Clemons back but at closer to the 3 million a year you mentioned. With the second tier guys its very important to get the right price imo.

Dooshy, tell us again how Lamar Miller is Barry Sanders

Dashi, Caroll can have a one year vet minimum deal if he wants it. Anymore and we can find better in free agency. I really don;t like the player but I understand wanting to keep him to a certain extent. i ust wouldn't try hard.

Dooshy, tell us again how D Thomas is Emmitt Smith

I thought Carroll was better this year Mark. I understand you wanting an upgrade over him though.

He's still only 27 and could improve with another year under Coyle. Defensive backs is the only position I trust Coyle with.

Will Hickey keep Patterson, Carroll, or bring in a new guy. Its a tough question especially with Taylor and Davis being question marks at this point.

JPAO, I don't care what ESPN says.

If Miami relies on the draft to fix the o line and running game, then we're fooked.

O line is our biggest need but the draft is for special players. if a special lineman is there at 19, then fine make him the pick like Pouncey and Long were. if we are picking the next Vernon Carey (solid player but not special) then we just blew another draft.

I'd rather keep patterson at a little more than Carroll. Guy is just hot garbage when it matters.

Guy is just hot garbage when it matters.

Posted by: Mark in Toronto | February 18, 2014 at 04:45 PM


My junk is hot, too.

marinos the man, bring the legend on board

patterson is simply made of glass, no thanks

Where's Dashiki today? Hanging out with his Dominican buddies destroying artwork?

Mark sort of like Tannehill huh??

Marino to the Fins lets hope not! Guy sucked when it mattered the most

What on Earth would lead anyone to think Dan Marino would want to stand around broiling in the July and August heat trying to show some scrub training-camp fodder how to survive the first round of cuts?

Please. You may as well have Dan joining the Chinese space program or running for the U.S. Senate.

I invite some of you to join the real world.

dusty you can't be serious. marino is a buffoon. no way is he going to work that many hours anyway.

Marino fired

The only thing more pathetic than the Dolphins' organization right now are its fans as demonstrated by the juvenile, moronic comments I just read on this board.

Who had the best comment today, the winner is Elliott. Bill

Unless Dan can help them win some games, it's a moot point. Win some damn games already!

"FIRE ROSS" is a coward.....time to get out of momas basement and crunching selective stats.

Me eat meat from bowl now.

I much prefer taking best player available vs. need. But I just don't see Hickey doing that this year.
Posted by: JPAO | February 18, 2014 at 04:31 PM

I guess you don't pay attention much. GM's across the board take need first except for the rare exceptions when they have a team stacked with talent already. Teams missing an entire oline RB's and LB's don't take BPA unless it's a position of need.

If BPA is a DE or Center, no way we take them.

And for all you idiots who still don't get it, Pouncey is a center, a top center. Only a fool would move him to guard.

Where is Leaf now ? Last I heard he was incarcerated at Crossroads Correctional Center in Shelby, Montana. Poor guy, not only is he in jail, but in Montana.

At least he is close the the Martin guitar factory and could get his hands on a nice acoustic D28..... Hmmmmm Nice, nice !

Posted by: Marco | February 18, 2014 at 04:13 PM

Bozeman Montana is the Gibson gitar factory, Martin factory is in Nazareth Pennsylvania.

Posted by: JPAO | February 18, 2014 at 04:18 PM

I could be there in 30 minutes chief. My instincts are usually pretty good. Did I at least get the wife right?

What on Earth could Dan Marino do down here with a Wonderlic of 12 and not able to throw a Football anymore? Puhleeesse

bring it JPAO, call me names kid. Get it all out. I also do counseling on the side.

He was not that diligent at his work either. Forget it.

Like other posters said, Marino was horrible at CBS. Worse yet, when the Dolphins were attacked by the other hosts he did ZERO to defend us.

Posted by: SAM I AM |

How can you fault him for not defending the Dolphins? First, he's not there to be a homer. Second, these comments have been trashing the team worse than any sports pundit ever has. The Dolphins have been indefensible for years now.

That Marino can be a QB Coach? Permit me to laugh, these ultra-gifted Athletes, most don't know why they were so very good. So, what's left for Dan? Weston.

Oscar, Marino left Weston years ago when all those Venezuelans and other undesirables began moving in and making the entire city smell like Mistolin lavender floor cleaner.

He lives in Martin County now.

Where is Martin County?


Where is Martin County?

Posted by: oscar canosa | February 18, 2014 at 06:20 PM


Just across the border in the United States. If your passport is current you can drive up.

He is the greatest Dolphin ever. He should be a spokesman or face of the team somehow....

Miami Dolphin Richie Incognito apologizes on Twitter

Read more here: http://www.miamiherald.com/sports/football/#storylink=cpy


Marino refused to help bring Peyton Manning to the Dolphins. He is useless.

Only place we recognize North of here as better than Us is NYC.

Marino = choker, cheater, quitter, loser

Posted by: AtlFin | February 18, 2014 at 06:32 PM

wrong it was because of Marino that Manning even met with us...

Only place we recognize North of here as better than Us is NYC.

Posted by: oscar canosa | February 18, 2014 at 06:32 PM

Only place you recognize North of here as better than Us is NYC.

Posted by: AtlFin | February 18, 2014 at 06:32 PM

wrong it was because of Marino that Manning even met with us...

Posted by: wallyfin | February 18, 2014 at 06:35 PM

Total hogwash. And you cant provide any link because thats a lie.

Marino "greatest Dolphin ever?"

Highly debatable! Marino had "ONLY 2" great seasons in his 17YR career. 44 and 48 td seasons. Then, ONLY 2, 30 td seasons.

Meaning, 13 of 17 SEASONS he threw less than 30 TDS. He was only a "SUPER QB" for 2 seasons of his 17yrs career. What's so overwhelmingly great about that?

Especially considering ALL of his most meaningful records have been absolutely SMASHED!

Bob Griese was the "Greatest Dolphin Ever"

Marino was "The Biggest Sports Choker Ever"

Count me in as a resounding "NO" regarding Marino doing much with the Fins front office. Dan was a great QB stuck on a team with no run game and an up and down DEF. It was awesome to watch him gut defenses for so many good years.

Alas, he flamed out with J.J. when the Jaguars smashed the Fins in one of, if not the worst, Fins performance ever.

Imho I could not stand him as an announcer. His communication skills are meh. He often butchered words/names and for playing all those years brought little extra to the table. Again, died in the wool Fins fan but I refuse to don Aqua colored glasses to view Dan's accomplishments post football.

Add his own baby momma scandal that seemed to die unusually quickly and he is a JAG (Just Another Guy). Me personally, I would stay faaaaar away from the ex-Miami football players turned front office types. Some ex-jocks like Ozzie and now Elway have been able to latch on and make noise but I believe Marino would be closer to a Matt Millen type.

At this point in Marino's life I seriously doubt he is ready for daunting hours and scads of travel. He is not having all the crazy homework that is is a must to root out talented college players and FA's.

This team of PhilHickDawn or HickPhilDawn needs to claw out some gems by themselves...period. If they can identify 1-3 influencial draft picks/free agents and a handful of groomable talents that all fit under the cap then the Fins can continue to strive for the playoffs.

Marino will find his way in the world just fine with the money he has already created. He will land on his feet without Ross throwing $$$ at him too.


I mean We, the highly Educated and very rich People here in Miami.

As a guy who has played 10 or so years playing football from Pee Wees all the way to my junior year in college I would take Sam as a teammate over Martin any day of the week

Kris, except for some YG-like errors you also are doing well without the spell checker.

Not sure if Marino could be helpful or not. It seems like he would be better in a coaching capacity than in the FO.

I always liked his sense of urgency on the field. He never gave up and was clearly the leader in the huddle.

Marino "greatest Dolphin ever?"

Highly debatable! Marino had "ONLY 2" great seasons in his 17YR career. 44 and 48 td seasons. Then, ONLY 2, 30 td seasons.

Meaning, 13 of 17 SEASONS he threw less than 30 TDS. He was only a "SUPER QB" for 2 seasons of his 17yrs career. What's so overwhelmingly great about that?

Especially considering ALL of his most meaningful records have been absolutely SMASHED!


Get out of here stoner!!!!

I would give anything to go back in time and watch this guy throw.....

Sam how old are you? did you ever see him play live!

how dare u rip marino

If Philbin has a job, Dan Marino should have a job!!

Here you go ATL FIN:


atl fin:

Dolphins management, it turns out, had to enlist the help of Dan Marino just to secure a meeting with Manning, a source with direct knowledge of the situation told the Post. The Dolphins’ brass did not deal with Manning directly and was frustrated last week when it could not pin down a meeting with him through his agents at Creative Artists Agency (CAA). With the clock ticking, the Dolphins asked Marino – their legendary former quarterback and a golfing partner of Manning’s – to call him personally over the weekend to persuade him to meet with the team. Marino did, and was able to secure a five-hour meeting between Manning and the Dolphins on Monday.

no, not debatable.

Year Team G Att Comp Pct Att/G Yds Avg Yds/G TD TD% Int Int% Lng 20+ 40+ Sck SckY Rate

1999 Miami Dolphins 11 369 204 55.3 33.5 2,448 6.6 222.5 12 3.3 17 4.6 62 37 5 9 66 67.4

1998 Miami Dolphins 16 537 310 57.7 33.6 3,497 6.5 218.6 23 4.3 15 2.8 61T 45 6 23 178 80.0

1997 Miami Dolphins 16 548 319 58.2 34.2 3,780 6.9 236.2 16 2.9 11 2.0 55 49 4 20 132 80.7

1996 Miami Dolphins 13 373 221 59.2 28.7 2,795 7.5 215.0 17 4.6 9 2.4 74T 39 10 18 131 87.8

1995 Miami Dolphins 14 482 309 64.1 34.4 3,668 7.6 262.0 24 5.0 15 3.1 67T 40 7 22 153 90.8

1994 Miami Dolphins 16 615 385 62.6 38.4 4,453 7.2 278.3 30 4.9 17 2.8 64T 55 7 18 113 89.2

1993 Miami Dolphins 5 150 91 60.7 30.0 1,218 8.1 243.6 8 5.3 3 2.0 80T 18 4 7 42 95.9

1992 Miami Dolphins 16 554 330 59.6 34.6 4,116 7.4 257.2 24 4.3 16 2.9 62T 45 12 28 173 85.1

1991 Miami Dolphins 16 549 318 57.9 34.3 3,970 7.2 248.1 25 4.6 13 2.4 54 44 6 27 182 85.8

1990 Miami Dolphins 16 531 306 57.6 33.2 3,563 6.7 222.7 21 4.0 11 2.1 69T 0 0 15 90 82.6

1989 Miami Dolphins 16 550 308 56.0 34.4 3,997 7.3 249.8 24 4.4 22 4.0 78T 0 0 10 86 76.9

1988 Miami Dolphins 16 606 354 58.4 37.9 4,434 7.3 277.1 28 4.6 23 3.8 80T 0 0 6 31 80.8

1987 Miami Dolphins 12 444 263 59.2 37.0 3,245 7.3 270.4 26 5.9 13 2.9 59T 0 0 9 77 89.2

1986 Miami Dolphins 16 623 378 60.7 38.9 4,746 7.6 296.6 44 7.1 23 3.7 85T 0 0 17 119 92.5

1985 Miami Dolphins 16 567 336 59.3 35.4 4,137 7.3 258.6 30 5.3 21 3.7 73 0 0 18 157 84.1

1984 Miami Dolphins 16 564 362 64.2 35.2 5,084 9.0 317.8 48 8.5 17 3.0 80T 0 0 13 120 108.9

1983 Miami Dolphins 11 296 173 58.4 26.9 2,210 7.5 200.9 20 6.8 6 2.0 85T 0 0 10 80 96.0

TOTAL 242 8,358 4,967 59.4 34.5 61,361 7.3 253.6 420 5.0 252 3.0 85 372 61 270 1,930 86.4

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