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Dan Marino out at CBS, Dolphins a possibility?

Remember those rumors and even fan hopes that Dan Marino would somehow swoop in from television land and deliver to the Dolphins organization some leadership and a name that would bring respect again?

Well, you're about to hear more of that now that Marino is out of work. CBS today released a statement saying Marino and Shannon Sharpe are out from their nationally televised NFL Today pregame show while former Chiefs and Falcons tight end Tony Gonzalez is in.

So Marino needs a job.

So here come the rumors about the Dolphins.

You'll recall Marino left television briefly in 2004 to join the Dolphins organization. He served as some sort of VP for a few weeks before deciding he wanted to go back to TV.

Well, the Broncos did that idea one better when they hired their former quarterback legend John Elway to be the head of their football operations. Elway learned under then general manager Brian Xanders for a year and then took over full control.

The Broncos were in the Super Bowl a month ago.

That has led Dolphins fans to exclaim, "Why not us?"

Well, aside from the fact Marino has no training in personnel or running a club, until today he had a job that he liked, paid well and required not a ton of effort. That obstacle is now gone.

So will the Dolphins chase Marino? As has been reported here, the club had informal conversations with Marino early in 2013 about joining the team in some capacity. Nothing was consummated because the Marino camp stopped returning the Dolphins phone calls after they were confident the former QB would stay with CBS even after his affair with an intern became public.

But Marino never closed that door permanently. And neither did the Dolphins.

But neither did either party pursue the matter futher.

With the Dolphins under the stink of the NFL harassment scandal, coming off an untidy general manager search, news of dysfunction within the football side of the organization and, oh yeah, that late season collapse that turned an almost certain playoff berth into a major disappointment, perhaps chasing Marino is the thing owner Stephen Ross decides he'd like to do.

One word of caution: Ross has gained a reputation for chasing a lot of folks -- Jim Harbaugh, Jeff Fisher, Peyton Manning, Nick Caserio -- but has landed none of them.


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Well, it does coincide with our GM getting canned. So, now Dan can be a figurehead who just shows up at work once in a while & puts his feet up on the desk.

Fire Ross:

Are you saying Italians are dumb?

You can knock DM all you want, but the Fins were relevant and contenders every year, something they haven't been in along time!

Come on guys, only TWO Meaningful season in Marino's entire career placed him in the hof. The 44 td and 48 td seasons.

You can not even place him in greatest qb of all time conversation anymore. If ranked right now today, he would have to be ranked right along side of Dan Fouts. Both put up huge numbers without a SB ring to show for it.

Fouts was a better tv commentator too.

yes djanthony, that's what he's saying, I agree

Though Griese had far less numbers, I would choose Griese over Marino in a heartbeat.

Griese did have much greater numbers over Marino where it counted most. 3 Straight SB appearances and 2 straight SB wins.

sam wake up. marino was amazing. won almost 150 games with never much talent around him. his season coming back from acl was grrrrrreat

Without the 44 td and 48 td seasons, Marino doesn't sniff hall of fame. :)

I'm sniffing idea's for a mystery detective novel. Of course we all know how it ends don't we?

sam put marino on grieses teams and see what happens

I really don't think Marino will become a position coach, for some reasons, many of these have already been put into this blog:
1.- He was in other business from many years ago.
2.- It is a high time consuming job. He isn't use to this, at least in the recent past.
3.- May be he is not good as coach as he was as QB.
4.- He fits better on a executive position.
5.- If the passing attack fails for some other reason, he will be blame also.
6.- Etc.
And I agree with all the above.


1.- He was one of the best (if not THE BEST) reading the blitz, there I can remember (from the 70's)
2.- He was one of the best sensing the pressure. (I like more Fran Tarkenton and Roethlisberger)
3.- He learned from Shula.
4.- He was poised. I don't know if some one of you remember the TD pass to Terry Kirby thrown with his left hand, while he was looking to the right, or the spike fake, or his poket precence, or the many TD pass after he changes the play on the line or.... or.... or.... etc.

I feel that some knowledge above can be taught to someone else.

I do prefer Chad Pennington as QB coach, not the Sherman's son in law, and Dan Marino in some sort of coaching.

dusty wake up. Not much talent? the 2 seasons(48 tds, 44 tds) that put him in the hof, he had Duper and Clayton.

That's 2 of the "TOP 5" NFL wr's 1984 and 1986. Youre nuts if you think Marino's a hof without those two seasons.

Posted by: SAM I AM | February 18, 2014 at 07:45 PM

If Marino played today he would have 100 touchdown and 7500 yards a year fool.....

sam marinos a hof cause he was the best "passer" of all time. no lead was safe vs him.

I mean We, the highly Educated and very rich People here in Miami.

Posted by: oscar canosa | February 18, 2014 at 06:44 PM

Actually, Miami remains one of the five poorest cities in the U.S.

Your "Cuban Miracle" is a sham. Only a couple of cities like Detroit and Memphis have a higher percentage of people living in poverty than the 'Magic City'

Sorry to burst the illusion, doctor.

dusty = stupid homer
Marino is an FKING CHOKER eH?
What part of that are you worshiping Oscar. I mean dumb homer dusty eH?,and that he is one dumb bone headed jagoff OUTSIDE OF HIS PISS POOR PLAYOFF PERFORMANCES, TOO MANY TO COUNT, Eh?,JAJAJAJA, Marino SUCKS Eh?,HE CAN TEACH Tchoke HOW TO BE THE king of the BARBIES loser qb'S eH?.marino come on board and sink the PATHETIC phins to a new gargantuan LOW!eH?

Can you ladies share some beauty tips here tonight?

Marino, "best passer all time"? Give me a fkng break! Post Duper/Clayton he was slightly better than average at best. Look up his numbers post Duper/Clayton.

With Duper/Clayton in their prime, Marino had the 44 td and 48 tds seasons. After that Marino would NEVER throw for more than 30 tds in a season.



Classic pearls or something more daring for a cocktail party?

I am out, now we are knocking Dan Marino?

This blog has the worst characters on it.

definitely not enough Dolphin fans on here.

Dan as QB coach would be a great thing I think, a real upgrade.

As if Marino really wants to broil out at training camp in July and August tutoring scrub free agent fodder.

Gimme a freaking break.

Besides, how many times does it need to be proven that great players almost NEVER make great coaches. Dwight Stephenson tried it and failed miserably. You can't MAKE someone more talented just because YOU were.

Stupid idea and one that will assuredly not be happening. I'm sure Marino will have much better things to do than that.


Posted by: SAM I AM | February 18, 2014 at 08:00 PM

You can use the statistics in the wrong way, to prove how bad things are not true.

You can say either you're a fan of the dolphin who simply hates Dan Marino, or you're a fan of another team, and is good. And yes the numbers NEVER lie, but the conclusions from this numbers could.

Odins brown eye Cuban Marica,TRY rubbing all of that laced EBOLA stool from the deep sub Sahara all over yourself and tell us how you feel Afterwards Eh?
try that beauty secret eH? Then call Oprah about your discovery eH? MAKE SURE SHE IS NEXT eH?

Solarza go f u s Eh?hE sucks You SUCK Eh? nO DIFFERENCE = 2 losers Eh?

wally fin/dusty bottom

Dan Marino was only the "greatest fan dickteaser" of all time. I would say the same whether he's a Miami Dolphin or any other fan-based NFL franchise.

Just because he so happened to be a Dolphin means I have to be in "great denial" of this.

Jim Harbaugh, Tony Dungy, even Vince Lombardi played lol. And that's head coaches not the many players that have become successful position coaches., be real indeed.

Big difference between Miami and We in Miami.

GO SUCK Marinos BUST in the hof you fKn LoSerS eH?
LiKE HE FKN GIVES A WET HOT steaming pile of STOOL about you MORONIC Homers eH? jajajajaajjajajajaajajj.
Get him AS far away from the FRANCHISE as posible and the the Phins maybe will begin to be a team worth a poop eH?

Too all the Dan Marino Haters......name the HOF players he played with for more than 3 yrs of his career??
I can help you 1...Dwight Stephenson
Name the HOF WR, TE or Defensive player Marino played with?
I can help you ZERO.
Marino carried the Miami Dolphins on his shoulders for 17yrs. ALONE. He made Clayton and Duper that's why after they left Miami they were never heard of again.
They also do not put a QB in the HOF based on 2 seasons. FIRST BALLOT, HIGHEST % of vote no less!
Get real you ignorant fools!

poop eH?
Posted by: Ape Tamer | February 18, 2014 at 08:19 PM

Sums up your opinion on most things.

Seems so many in the Dolphins fanbase are so starve for anything, I mean anything to hold onto. They still want to worship the greatest fanbase dickteaser of all time as "Food of the Gods".

Hell, with David Woodley we were closer to winning a SB. Woodley only lost 27-17 and got revenge against the Pats for the "Snow Plow" game.

Marino lost 38-16, in a game that wasn't as close as the score indicated.

There are "ALL KINDS" of tarnishes on Marino's so-called luster.

Sniff a rotten snatch you hater trolls marino is tops

Danny never had a defense or running game

You are pitifull fans just pitifull

Oscar oh Oscar where art thou

Dueche bags

Duh DANNY NEVER had an OFFENCE Neither LMAO.jajajajajajajaja eH?

NO RING NEVER SO f u jajajajajajaj eH?

Troll troll troll troll troll weenie weenie weenie

Football is a team game a single man can't win by himself

Bill Arnsparger say in 17 SEASONS Marino never had any help. LMAO!

Marino played with 7 PLAYERS on the Dolphins Honor Roll today. That's not including pro bowlers Marino played with that are not on the Honor Roll. LMAO!

You are wrong monkey boy Danny boy does have a ring......a ring that only 31 other QB's have. Seems more elusive than a Super Bowl Ring.....jerk ofs?


Sam you have always been a J.O. on this blog and always will be. Please do not talk to me your a lonely fecking loser with no life so you come here say stupid stuff and try to get a rise outta people.
I said Marino NEVER had ANY HOF WR, TE or RB play with him for more than 2=3 yrs much less any HOF defenders. QB don't stand on the field alone dope. Its a team sport!!

They also do not put a QB in the HOF based on 2 seasons. FIRST BALLOT, HIGHEST % of vote no less!
Get real you ignorant fools!

Joy good bill tell him

MIT @ 12:41 PM:

Got to call you out on this one. Just what do you base your "Marino is not smart enough" comment on? I am curious about this. Have you ever spoke w/Marino, or are you a friend of a friend of Marino's? This statement would be EXACTLY like me saying " MIT couldn't handle that job, he's not smart enough." I read some of your posts and most are well-thought and and logical, but this one was a big miss because it is not based on any facts as you know them, only your personal opinion.

Marc pretty soon sams partner in idiocy, marco, will be here defending him....under 25 names no less. I, in Italy and had to log on to see what these fools were saying about Danny and Wells report.

Good night all. Early day tomorrow in Santa Severra. Outside of Rome on the coast!

Ciao Bill!

Sam I Am:

Dude, at least admit, for whatever reason, you can't stand Marino, but please, don't insult me and other LONG-TIME Dolphins' fans by insinuating Marino wasn't an excellent QB. Hey, I have been a fan since 1970 going to the OB with my Dad and I rooted for Griese many times while attending games. Griese had one big advantage for almost every year he played for Miami: He had an excellent defense and an excellent running game. He NEVER had to carry the team on his shoulders most Sundays like Marino did. The Dolphins' best season ever, 1972 whenwe went 17 - 0, tell me what Griese's stats were that year? After you have looked them up, tell me why they were so low?

C'mon Sam I Am! Let's talk Dolphins football! I have been a fan forever! You going to diss' our franchise QB!? Let's discuss, I'm ready to break you!

OK, glad to see Sharpe is off TV, couldn't understand a word he said with his giant lips flapping like mush mouth from Fat Albert! And Dan Marino sucked almost as bad, monotone, no change in voice inflection, stuttered etc. And Dan Marino would likely be no better at running a franchise. Elway went to Stanford = smart school, Marino went to Pitt = Basket weaving 101! Maybe Marino can come in and teach Tannehill some pocket presence, how to avoid the rush and how to throw the ball away to avoid a sack!!

(this autistic fukkk here probably has connections to TMH)

You guys have no concept of what you think you are saying. Marino a position coach? That would be like the ex Principal coming back to be school janitor. Marino is extremely well off financially. He is not going to take 60 hour a week coaching job or management job. Maybe a part time czar to over see operations maybe...but I don't see that he has the talent or drive to be anything more than a convenient part time consultant.

Marino's stint as an analyst shows you how empty and uninteresting he is. It seems like every time he spoke someone would cut him off. He had the fewest words of anyone on the show and never said anything other than the obvious. Boring. Glad him and Shanblabber are off the show.

I only want Marino to Join the fins if it means he will be the starting QB. Hes not a personnel guy

Why is it that with every homer fan here, when you have an "OBJECTIVE" outlook on any player or the team, "INSTANTLY" you can not be a fan. Or, "HATE" the team or that player.

Can you homers just agree, not to agree, without the "CHILDISH" name calling? I've seen 2 yr olds with much better behavior. No lie.

Can you homers just agree, not to agree, without the "CHILDISH" name calling? I've seen 2 yr olds with much better behavior. No lie.

Posted by: SAM I AM | February 18, 2014 at 09:37 PM

Nope. This blog is childs play for the terminally bored. It's alarming to see how many grown adults still act like they are 14 year old misfits. Bunch of babies and whiners and idiots that think they are smart.

You guys just gotta accept, not every "DOLFAN" hold your same exact view of team and player. It does not make you nor we non fan because of this.

Do you have siblings? Just because you have the same parents doesn't mean you and your sibling see things exactly alike, right? So, does that make your sibling less your brother or sister?

Geesh, do you guys have to be re-educated like babes?

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