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Dan Marino out at CBS, Dolphins a possibility?

Remember those rumors and even fan hopes that Dan Marino would somehow swoop in from television land and deliver to the Dolphins organization some leadership and a name that would bring respect again?

Well, you're about to hear more of that now that Marino is out of work. CBS today released a statement saying Marino and Shannon Sharpe are out from their nationally televised NFL Today pregame show while former Chiefs and Falcons tight end Tony Gonzalez is in.

So Marino needs a job.

So here come the rumors about the Dolphins.

You'll recall Marino left television briefly in 2004 to join the Dolphins organization. He served as some sort of VP for a few weeks before deciding he wanted to go back to TV.

Well, the Broncos did that idea one better when they hired their former quarterback legend John Elway to be the head of their football operations. Elway learned under then general manager Brian Xanders for a year and then took over full control.

The Broncos were in the Super Bowl a month ago.

That has led Dolphins fans to exclaim, "Why not us?"

Well, aside from the fact Marino has no training in personnel or running a club, until today he had a job that he liked, paid well and required not a ton of effort. That obstacle is now gone.

So will the Dolphins chase Marino? As has been reported here, the club had informal conversations with Marino early in 2013 about joining the team in some capacity. Nothing was consummated because the Marino camp stopped returning the Dolphins phone calls after they were confident the former QB would stay with CBS even after his affair with an intern became public.

But Marino never closed that door permanently. And neither did the Dolphins.

But neither did either party pursue the matter futher.

With the Dolphins under the stink of the NFL harassment scandal, coming off an untidy general manager search, news of dysfunction within the football side of the organization and, oh yeah, that late season collapse that turned an almost certain playoff berth into a major disappointment, perhaps chasing Marino is the thing owner Stephen Ross decides he'd like to do.

One word of caution: Ross has gained a reputation for chasing a lot of folks -- Jim Harbaugh, Jeff Fisher, Peyton Manning, Nick Caserio -- but has landed none of them.


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It's alarming to see how many grown adults still act like they are 14 year old misfits. Bunch of babies and whiners and idiots that think they are smart.

Posted by: Tazman | February 18, 2014 at 09:39 PM

Sounds like you're describing Incognito

Marino, the biggest choke artist ever to play pro sports.

Sam look at the most frequent bloggers here. They are like pre-puberty adolescents fighting over who has more pubes. Maybe 2% of the posters here state any kind of objective opinion without attaching their childish ego and holiness to it. They are nothing but popsicle suckers stroking themselves for attention.

You just can't expect much. They even continue to engage the most foul and ridiculous bloggers perpetuating the mess into a bigger mess.

I grew up in a house of 5 brothers and sisters. Right now today, we all have slight to moderate differentiating veiws of our parents growing up.

It doesn't mean that any of us are wrong, we just sw things differently according to our own personal experiences. Doesn't mean any of us hate our parents or each other because "we see things differently".

Everyone is a critic...seems like the slimy trolls are very jealous of Marino. Love to see what you have done in comparison to the guy. Makes me laugh at you.

Marino did provide some excitement, especially compared to lately but he just wasnt a big game "money" QB.

Cognito took the brunt, but it's coming out now this behavior started long before he got to the team. He just jumped in and kept it going.

The people at the top are responsible for neglecting their responsibilities. Philbin has lost my respect saying he had no idea. That is just not plausible.

Tazman, Exactly!

Marino isnt the sharpest tool in the shed, either.

Ireland signing Incognito was just another example of his poor judgement. Incognito was kicked off evry team he's been a part of. constantly fighting with teammates every time.

Wow, such vitriol for Marino. It's surprising. Quite a few on their high horse. I'm not going to defend cheating on one's wife, but I will say it doesnt make him much different than most wealthy/famous/powerful/charismatic men. Athletes, politicians, celebrities, etc. He's a part of a long list. As Chris Rock once said, most men are only as faithful as their options. It's easy for some of you with no options to cast stones.

The other surprising trend of note is the Italian angle. As a person of Italian descent, it's slightly offensive. More surprising than anything else. My reaction wasnt anger, more just sort of, "Really?" Then I remembered my Italian grandfather who once told me, "Never underestimate ignorance."

Some of you should use that Google bar and learn how much of the science, food, architecture, and art you take for granted today came from the minds of Italian men and women. Thanks for the reminder on how lucky I was as a kid to be moved from Florida and receive an education in the northeast.

Oh yes, we take the words by someone that calls himself Garbage very seriously.

Bad Phans

Why would anyone be jealous of Marino? Truth be told, the jokes are on fans of sports everywhere. Hero worshipping teams and players who wouldn't throw you a plug nickel if they passed you homeless and starving in the streets.

Yeah, they do charity, but only on the advice of their financial consultants and CPA's to AVOID HIGHER TAX BRACKETS. Or to simply draw even more attention to themselves.

Yes, I one of these idiot fan to, of grown men worshipping other grown men. Who personally couldn't give a flying fk about any of us. Yet we exult to childish name calling and disrespecting of each other on "stupid blogs" in their honor.

Yeah right, I'm really jealous of Marino or any other sports figure star. Jealousy isn't the appropriate word, "shame of self" for worshipping other grown men simply because they excell at a "CHILDISH GAME". IN THIS I AM GUILTY!

Why is it people are so nationalist this day and age? You talk to an Italian and they tell you the Italians were among the best at everything. You talk to a chinese man and he will tell you the chinese invented everything. You talk to a kid from the Dominican Republic and he will tell you DR is at the forefront of modern society.

Nationality has nothing to do with anything.

Nationalism is a form of ignorance, escapism, and denial.

Im jealous of BIll Gates, not Dan Marino. Im Jealous of Warren Buffett. Men who have contributed far more to the BETERMENT OF MANKIND than sports records or championships.

Im jealous of the guy That saved MILLIONS OF HUMAN LIVES with the small pox vaccine. Those are the people truly worth being jealous of.

Jealousy may not be the correct word. I'd say it's envy, which is fine.

Has Philbin been fired yet?

I deeply apologize for opening some of the very small minds here and pouring REAL KNOWLEDGE into your pee-holes.

Please forgive me.

That was sort of my point, Reese. It seemed silly that one of the anti-Marino arguments brought up by more than one person was nationality. It's 2014, who cares?

Tazman, again, absolutely correct! ENVY!

I envy that pilot that landed a jet safely in the Hudson River. Not only because he did it, but because it came out that he never stopped studying and preparing himself for whatever situation he might have to face. It was not luck, it was someone dedicated to preparation.


I'm only jealous of certain gorgeous ladies boyfriends cause they're sleeping with them and I'm not.

What's wrong with u people? Marino is the greatest qb to ever play the game. I've got news for u guys. If it weren't for Marino the dolphins would have been a losing team along time ago. To win in the playoffs and in the Super Bowl u have to have a solid team. Marino never had a good running back or a good defense. It tasked a complete team to make it to yhe Super Bowl. How many times did Marino lead us to the playoffs?? How many times have we made the playoffs since he retired?? You people are a solute idiots if u are sitting there bashing the greatest dolphin to ever play the game. You need to shut up and respect the man who single handedly kept us a contender when we should have sucked. I'm ashamed of everyone who's running their mouth not knowing what their talking about


One could make an argument that Marino stifled the teams growth. They kept expecting him to do it on his own with just another piece or two around him.

Had we not had Marino, we might have actually built a team. What we had was a decade with no defense or RB followed by a decade of no offense.

Oscar has been jealous of me for quite some time. Ever since he saw me in the shower and gave me my nickname. His jealousy quickly turned to resentment, right after I showed his ex-wife why everyone called me "The HOSE."

If I'm picking a QB to start a SB Marino wouldnt be in my top 20. Always dissapeared when his team needed him the most.

What's wrong with u people? Marino is the greatest qb to ever play the game.

Posted by: Scott | February 18, 2014 at 10:13 PM

Says who, YOU? I challenge you to PRODUCE INDISPUTABLE FACTS to back up your FALSE CLAIM.

False claim is all that it is until you present INDISPUTABLE EVIDENCE.

Signs point to Jim Turner joining Dolphins at Scouting Combine

Posted by Mike Florio on February 18, 2014, 9:38 PM EST

Ross's lack of leadership is officially in the twilight zone. The man is paralyzed against taking action in the face of a national scandal. There is sufficient evidence against Turner that would have gotten him fired on the spot in any other organization in this country.

Speculation he is waiting on Goodell? Screw that. Show some backbone and fire the guy.

This organization excels at one thing, embarrassing itself.

Respectfully disagree, Tazman. Marino wasnt responsible for drafting Eric Kumerow or John Bosa, or Sammie Smith. Or any of the other swings and misses by the front office at that time. All those wasted high draft picks add up.

Marino took awful teams and made them mediocre. And took mediocre teams and made them playoff teams. Teams that had no business being in the playoffs, let alone winning a few playoff games.

If I'm picking a QB to start a SB Marino wouldnt be in my top 20. Always dissapeared when his team needed him the most.

Posted by: AtlFin | February 18, 2014 at 10:18 PM


If I'm picking an ALL TIME QB to start for the Dolphins PERIOD!!!!!!

Its not Marino, its Bob Griese until Griese proves I need to bench him. Marino would be my "BACKUP TO GRIESE". This is based solely upon what both have accomplished as starting Miami Dolphin qb's.

There is a new book on Ebay "1001 Excuses for Dan Marino"

Garbage what you say is true, but what I say is the approach and philosophy of building the team would have been far different without a QB that they always thought could do it all on his own.

They never did build a team, just ushered in one or two players at a time thinking they were the final pieces. Where did it get us? A perennial embarrassing defense. No running game. One losing SB appearance.

That sums up the Marino years.

Agree that Griese was better than Marino.

AtlFin would agree that Tebow is better than Marino and that all high school teams are better than the fins, LOL.


That must have been before I showed Oscar's Ex my hose. I was the first to extinguish her flame. She keeps my number on speed dial, 9-1-1. For in case of emergency.

Don Shula was the fastest to 100 victories with Bob Griese as qb.

Shula only won less than 10 games once in Griese's career. He won less than 10 games 7 times in Marino's career.

Heck, Brady won one SB with no WR's and another with no RB's. P Manning won a SB with no D. But keep making excuses for Marino....

So Sam's parents weren't happy with one retard, they decided to have four more. Just great, a basketball team full of monkeys.

Any coach will tell you that the greatest players play their greatest on the biggest stage. Thats the opposite of Dan Marino.

C'mon guys. Do you seriously think Griese was better or are you just being contrarian? The '72 team won most of those games with Earl Morrall at QB.

Griese was a great QB in his day and perfect for those Dolphin teams, but some of those games he didnt even have to throw 10 passes. Bob Griese would be the first to tell you he wasnt in Marino's class.

Marino threw for 44 tds and 48 tds. His high td total other than this was throwing for 30 tds TWICE. That's it.

Yet a poster here tells me, take away the 48 td and the 44 td seasons and Marino is still in the hof. With no SB rings, no qb throwing for 30 tds only twice in his career makes hof. LMAO!

Don Shula coached Johnny Unitas before he coached the Dolphins you idiot!!!!

Bob Griese would be the first to tell you he wasnt in Marino's class.

Posted by: Garbage Plate | February 18, 2014 at 10:37 PM

And Marino will be the first to tell you he didnt reach Griese's class and accomplishments. Some forget that the object of the game is to win the SB, not to pile up meaningless stats.

If you want to nutshell Marino's career, theres one game that comes to mind: Early 90's playoff game in Buffalo. On the road, snow coming down vs. the best team in the AFC. Marino has a great game. 300 yards, 3 TD's, moved the team up and down the field. Puts up 34 points. And they lose by 10.

That's his fault how? Something close to that scenario happened time and time again. Marino played great in many important games and lost.


Griese became one of the greatest passers in the game "AFTER" those championship teams and players faded away.

Don't know how old you are, but Howard Cossell "ROUTINELY" referred to Bob Griese as:


This was long after the Dolphins were no longer winning SB rings.

You don't get referred to as "THE SURGEON" throwing 10-15 passes a game. Once Csonk, Kick, Warfield were gone. Coach Shula beguin allowing Griese to "AIR IT OUT"!

Bob Griese would be the first to tell you he wasnt in Marino's class.

Posted by: Garbage Plate | February 18, 2014 at 10:37 PM


Griese would say: "SHOW ME THE RINGS"! :)

Marino played great in many important games and lost.

Posted by: Garbage Plate | February 18, 2014 at 10:45 PM

Nah, he was terrible. 1-10 in road playoff games.

The only one that knows exactly why Marino left CBS is..... well Marino himself. Speculate all you want. Could've been he wanted more money and didn't get it? Could've been he already has so much money he decided not to work again? Who knows?
One thing is for certain, Marino will not come and work for this pathetic organization, specially now a days with all this mess involved. Why would Marino want to jeopardize tarnishing his legacy joining this mess now?
Armando, stop trying to get our hopes up. Not needed. This team ensures that we the fans ALWAYS get our piece of disappointment year in year out.

Marino was fired.

Griese played the game the way it had to be played in his day. That is all any player can do. Comparing stats from one generation to the next makes no sense. There is only the moment you are playing in. And if Griese didn't throw so many passes, it was the threat that he could do it so well that kept the running game going.

Rules change, times change, but one thing will never change, and that is that there will always be one and only one single stat that ever matters - The W/L column.

That's his fault how? Something close to that scenario happened time and time again. Marino played great in many important games and lost.

Posted by: Garbage Plate | February 18, 2014 at 10:45 PM

If he couldn't eat Buffalo, he definitely wasn't going to win a SB ring. Remember the 1992 AFC championship?

Buffalo 29 Dolphins 10?


The ultra troubling thing about Marino's career, for nearly every great thing, he has just as many if not more not so great things.

This is why its a very troubling argument to indisputably call him greatest anything. You can call him greatest choker and greatest thrower all in the same argument.

At least Peyton Manning has been in 3 SB's and has won at least one ring.


Both sides of the Marino argument is the losing side. He hasn't been bad enough or good enough on either side.


Winning is everything and the only thing. Great game stats never compensate for a loss, yet a win always compensates for awful game stats.

SAM, you're preaching to the choir in regards to Griese. The guy was great, but in my opinion, not on Marino's level.

As far as the TD's: two 40+ years, two 30+, (would have had one more if not for the strike in 87). That was a lot for back then. Especially when compared to his peers.
This is before the NFL changed the rules.

If you look at the gap between Marino and most of his peers, its staggering. What he was doing in the 80's was similar to what Wilt Chamberlin did. He threw for 5,000 yards in an era when 4,000 was amazing. Other than Dan Fouts, no one was putting up 4K. Even Warren Moon in the Run n Shoot couldnt get to 5K

GP, the object of the game is winning, not piling up impressive stats.

SAM, that wasnt me who called him the undisputed greatest. You could argue that all day. I would argue that if you're having a discussion about who is the greatest, he is in the argument.

I think the most underrated coach of the modern era was Coryell. You never saw teams throwing on all three downs before him. Fouts was awesome and with phenomenal receivers in Joiner, Jefferson, Winslow and the all purpose back Muncie. The reason they are overlooked is because they fell short on the primary object of the game, winning.

There is only winning. Passing yards, running yards, YAC, PPG...its all poppycock. You win or you don't, pretty or ugly never matters.

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