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Dan Marino out at CBS, Dolphins a possibility?

Remember those rumors and even fan hopes that Dan Marino would somehow swoop in from television land and deliver to the Dolphins organization some leadership and a name that would bring respect again?

Well, you're about to hear more of that now that Marino is out of work. CBS today released a statement saying Marino and Shannon Sharpe are out from their nationally televised NFL Today pregame show while former Chiefs and Falcons tight end Tony Gonzalez is in.

So Marino needs a job.

So here come the rumors about the Dolphins.

You'll recall Marino left television briefly in 2004 to join the Dolphins organization. He served as some sort of VP for a few weeks before deciding he wanted to go back to TV.

Well, the Broncos did that idea one better when they hired their former quarterback legend John Elway to be the head of their football operations. Elway learned under then general manager Brian Xanders for a year and then took over full control.

The Broncos were in the Super Bowl a month ago.

That has led Dolphins fans to exclaim, "Why not us?"

Well, aside from the fact Marino has no training in personnel or running a club, until today he had a job that he liked, paid well and required not a ton of effort. That obstacle is now gone.

So will the Dolphins chase Marino? As has been reported here, the club had informal conversations with Marino early in 2013 about joining the team in some capacity. Nothing was consummated because the Marino camp stopped returning the Dolphins phone calls after they were confident the former QB would stay with CBS even after his affair with an intern became public.

But Marino never closed that door permanently. And neither did the Dolphins.

But neither did either party pursue the matter futher.

With the Dolphins under the stink of the NFL harassment scandal, coming off an untidy general manager search, news of dysfunction within the football side of the organization and, oh yeah, that late season collapse that turned an almost certain playoff berth into a major disappointment, perhaps chasing Marino is the thing owner Stephen Ross decides he'd like to do.

One word of caution: Ross has gained a reputation for chasing a lot of folks -- Jim Harbaugh, Jeff Fisher, Peyton Manning, Nick Caserio -- but has landed none of them.


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Marino was one of the most entertaining QB's ever. So many great throws, elusive in the pocket, so many 4th quarter comebacks. But greatness in the end has to be reserved for winners. Great losers is an oxymoron.

Taz, football is the ultimate team game. No matter how great a player is, he's still only on the field half the time. Less than half if you count special teams.

Judging an individual with wins and losses is unfair. You judge teams on wins and losses. Win-loss records for QB's are just as silly as win-loss records for pitchers in baseball. One man can only control so much in team sports.

Marino's job was to move the team and score points. He did that as well as anyone who's ever played the position.

How many great teams did Gale Sayers or Dick Butkus play on?

None. Zero. Zilch.

Does that really take anything away from their individual brilliance?

If you never in 18 years accomplish the goal of the game then you cant even call him great.

The QB is the most important position by far.

And before anyone uses the "they weren't quarterbacks" argument well then how about Archie Manning?

NOBODY from that era wouldn't have told you that Manning wasn't one of the most gifted players in the game. Just superb ability.

Yet, not only did he never even get to the playoffs he never even had so much as a winning season.

You put that on him or maybe--just maybe--the fact that the Saints of that era were the most dysfunctional mess in football?



Archie Manning was nothing. Very average QB overhyped because he could run.

Just Saying: By that logic, Willie Parker, James Starks, Timmie Smith and many others were better than Barry Sanders or Gale Sayers. They were all feature backs on SB winning teams.

Also, Walter Payton was not great until January 1986. When that awesome Bears TEAM won the SB. Then, Presto! He was great.

John Elway: not great until 97. What a coincidence he became great when Terrell Davis got there. And a pretty solid D


Did you grow up watching football on a funhouse mirror?

Archie Manning was a pure pocket passer who wasn't known as a runner AT ALL.

I think maybe you need to stick to the kiddie discussion off to the side.

John Elway: not great until 97. What a coincidence he became great when Terrell Davis got there. And a pretty solid D

Posted by: Garbage Plate | February 18, 2014 at 11:22 PM


For that matter, when did Bill Belichick become a "genius" instead of the 5-11 guy fired in Cleveland?

Oh, yeah. When some guy named Brady fell into his lap in the 6th round.

AtlFan--are you off your rocker?

You either never saw Archie Manning play or are completely clueless.

He was NOT known as a runner and as Dave said he was a terrific quarterback.

GP, none of these guys are going hof either. Willie Parker, James Starks, Timmie Smith and many others.

Sayers did what he did in such a short vacuum of time. His career was cut ever so short.

I wouldn't dare to compare the teams Barry Sanders played on compared to Marino's. IMO, because of talent level he played with, Marino could not hold Barry Sanders jock strap.

Hell, if Sanders played behind Marino's oline, he would be the NFL's all time leading rusher. As bad as those run blocking olines were, they were not as bad as what Sanders ran behind in Detroit. :)

In Detroit, Barry Sanders had to first lose 50yds to rush for 100yds.

So, when Barry rushed for 100yds, he actually ran 150yds. :)

101 Marino excuses out in full force right now! :)

If you think about, whats the difference between Peyton Manning and Marino? Manning's Colts won a SB. Marino got to his SB and ran into one of the great teams of all time. With a defense that was ill-prepared for Walsh's west coast offense. Especially Roger Craig.

Manning won is SB against a team with Rex Grossman at QB. A team who's best player (other than Urlacher) was their kick returner.

Point is, sometimes circumstances can conspire to hinder a great player from winning.

If you wanted to, anyone could find 101 excuses why it was ok for Hitler to murder 6 million Jews.

One of the biggest is the "Holocaust Was A Lie".

Shoulda' coulda' woulda'. Those are the 3 aisles after the aisle called:


My ultimate point is, if there is a discussion about who is the greatest QB ever, you can probably make a legit argument for 7-9 guys. Marino is in that argument. And individual greatness is a stand alone argument vs. team accomplishments


Did you grow up watching football on a funhouse mirror?

Archie Manning was a pure pocket passer who wasn't known as a runner AT ALL.

I think maybe you need to stick to the kiddie discussion off to the side.

Posted by: dave | February 18, 2014 at 11:23 PM

BPOTD!! Hilarious!

AtlFan--are you off your rocker?

You either never saw Archie Manning play or are completely clueless.


Most likely both. AtlFin is simply a lonely troll that just likes to get a rise out of real Phins fans.

I shave poodles and take bubble baths with them.

Archie was a scrambler before it was popular. Yes, I saw him play many times. He was never average.

There's only 2 in the argument for the greatest QB ever. Brady and Montana.

No, Tarkenton was a scrambler before it was popular.

Manning ended his 13-year career having completed 2,011 of 3,642 passes for 23,911 yards and 125 touchdowns, with 173 interceptions. He also rushed for 2,197 yards and 18 touchdowns. His record as a starter was 35–101–3 (26.3%), the worst in NFL history among QBs with at least 100 starts.[12] He retired having never played on a team that notched a winning record or made the playoffs, and is one of the few players to have played in the NFL for 10 years without having taken part in a playoff game.

Here are the most clueless morons to post tonight:

Shula 73
Grim Reaper with Fins

What they all have in common is that they don't understand the game of football. According to these lost souls, a QB is judged mostly by his SB wins.

By that standard these are the greatest QBs of the last 47 years:
Montana (4)
Bradshaw (4)
Aikman (3)
Brady (3)

Somehow, these mentally challenged posters are unable to see that football is a team game and they neglect to understand that every one of these "best QBs ever" played on a team dynasty. Pitt in the 70s, 49ers in the 80s, Cowboys in the 90s, NE in the 2000s.

Teams don't get to be dynasties because of their QB, although he needs to be above average. They get there because of superior FO and coaching and a LOT of talent amont the players. Is that too difficult for your little minds to comprehend?

Now using this same childish metric, let's list some of the QBs that are "superior" to Marino, shall we?

Eli Manning (2)
Jim Plunkett (2)
Mark Rypien (2)
Phil Simms (2)
Roger Staubach (2)
Jim McMahon (2)
Roethlisberger (2)
Bart Starr (2) -- also played for a dynasty
Flacco (1)
Ken Stabler (1)
Brad Johnson (1)
Jeff Hostetler (1)
Kurt Warner (1)
Len Dawson (1)
Doug Williams (1)
Trent Dilfer (1)

Really, girls?

So, I dont really care how bad a team he has.... a QB that throws for 125 touchdowns with 173 interceptions for his career you cant call good. And he had almost 2200 yds rushing 1n 13 seasons. Marino had 87 yds rushing in 18 seasons by comparison so he did run albeit sometimes for his life. He had no pocket to be a pocket passer getting sacked 340 times.

Montana (4)
Bradshaw (4)
Aikman (3)
Brady (3)
Phil Simms (2)
Roger Staubach (2)
Jim McMahon (2)
Roethlisberger (2)
Bart Starr (2)
Flacco (1)
Ken Stabler (1)
Kurt Warner (1)
Len Dawson (1)
Steve Young

All better than Marino

Farve too

Pro bowls and league MVPs is more indicative of individual talent than team wins.

Pro Bowls:
Bradshaw 3
Montana 8
Aikman 6
Brady 9

Marino 9
Griese 8
Favre 11
Manning 13

League MVP
Bradshaw 0
Montana 2
Aikman 0
Brady 2

Marino 1
Griese 2
Favre 3
Manning 5

Using this somewhat more sophisticated criteria, both Marino and Griese are better than two of the "best ever" and neck-and-neck with the other two. Favre and Manning are better than all four of them. But then, I don't expect any of the Nitwit Nancys to get this.

Danny boy would bring something to fins they havent had in a longtime...fiery personality. Everytime miami starts looking flat bham! Marino is up in someone's face while philbin sticks to the sideline . Dan could also teach tanny how to move and set his feet in the pocket while also helping him with his deep ball accuracy.If the haters could run the ball like they run their mouth,maybe you should have tried out for miami and gave marino a hand.

All better than Marino
Posted by: Vazman | February 19, 2014 at 12:35 AM

Let's add Vazman to the clueless list.

Too lazy or too stupid to do a Google search? Elway (2), Young (1), Unitas (1).

And it's Favre, not Farve.

It's not a reach to speculate that the so-called Dolphins fans who dis on Marino are little boys who cannot forgive him for never bringing them the Lombardi Trophy.

Sob, sob, I hate you you loser choker!!! Boo hoo hoo!

Fire Ross, are you saying Italians are dumb ?

What's a matta you ?

Do I needs to tell yous tree times ?

Tony Sparano was da best coach da Phins ever had.

...and Danny Boy was smart.

Jus like Freedo.


Italians are the a s s end of Europe.

The Germans, French and The Brits wipe the floor with g o o m b a culture.

Why do you think there are so many Italians in America anyway ?

Dan Marino failed in part because he's Italian.

Ya follow ?

Bada bing.

"I always come with you, Oscar", my ex-wife.

Do you leave together too?


All you idiots bashing Dan are the same one that were cheering him while he was winning games and setting passing records. It's not his fault during his prime he had no great Defense, or a running game at all. If it were not for Dan, Duper, & Clayton the 85 Bears would have been the second undefeated team in NFL History! Don't fr get he made the Super Bowl in his rookie year, but was beat by a much supeiror 49's team, that's his fault too? Give me a break you hypocritical bastards! By the way the looser that said he would be driving a truck if he could not throw a football, he was also drafted high as a MLB Pitcher for the Royals! For the Holy'er than now people regarding his personnel life, No you have never made a mistake right? Piss Off all of you Douche Bags!

To add to my earlier comment you hypocritical bastards that are bashing Dan for his mistake regarding his family and cheating are probably the same Liberals that will be casting a vote for that Douche Bag Liberal Hillery in 2016, yea like her cheating husband Bill won't be running the show, RIGHT!

It is surprising that he is gone but I am not sure he would want to join the Dolphins though, I would like him to, but not sure he would want that, he probably wants another cushy TV job.

@ We're Close "somewhat more sophisticated criteria" Stop using such perplexing(hard)words some of the readers here will have trouble understanding them. Ohhh and stop using logic as well, your efforts are being wasted.

Love him or hate him Dan Marino would be great PR for the Dolphin organization which they DESPERATELY need right now (regardless of all the comments on here about him cheating on his wife). Good lord that has been going on since the beginning of the NFL (I personally witnessed it in 1972 on the Dolphin team and everyone STILL thinks those guys are heroes).

I actually have always believed he'd be great as a mentor for quarterbacks. Like an assistant to the QB Coach.

And you cite stats where he "choked" in those AFC Playoff games???? Well, the last time I checked he was only one member on the teams that lost those games. In games like those there is usually LOTS of blame to go around.

I loved Marino as a player, but he won't have the time for a full time management job. Too many illegitimate Marino tots to chase after.

Whatever the league and Dolphins decide, they should do it fast. Time is flying by and the Fins need to know whose calling the shots and who to try and sign and drag. If the league drags its feet, it'll cause the Fins a lot of problems. All garbage aside, I just want them to win. Miami isn't the worst team with internal junk, just the first to have it exposed. And did you really think the NFL WOULDN'T find major problems? Everyone stood up for Richie. So now we gotta burn down the house. There, problem fixed. And poor Mr. Martin. He comes out like a new born baby. Innocent and guiltless. Right!

Reading Salguero is like listening to nails on a chalkboard...any mention of Salguero in the Wells report? Here's to hoping he gets fired too.

Hey "Fire Ross" I'm Italian too. If I could find your ignorant a-- ...I'd kick it hard...show you how a dumb truck driver rolls.
Tom M. Pittsburgh Pa.

A real tough guy attacking people and their families ANONYMOUSLY on line arent ya "Fire Ross" ? Stop in Pittsburgh sometime and look me up. Im not hard to find.
Tom M.

Here is a better idea Dan should be a Quarterback Coach for the Dolphins.

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