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Dennis Hickey talks at Indy Combine

Dennis Hickey is at his 19th NFL Indianapolis Combine but obviously attending as a general manager for the first time.

"It's an exciting time," he said today. "You get 350 of the best prospects in the same setting. It lets you evaluate them from an athletic standpoint. You get verified measurables on them. You get to know the player themselves and get medical information.

"It's an exciting time for the Miami Dolphins."

So the second question was asked was about the status of Mike Pouncey and the rest of a very uncertain offensive line.

"Every day that I wake up, I think about how can I get the Miami Dolphins to the best 53-man roster," Hickey said. "Obviously, that encompasses all positions. I believe that it all starts up front on both sides of the ball ... What's the best plan? We're putting together the best strategic plan and we're going forward with that."

Hickey declined to answer a question about a possible suspension for Pouncey or John Jerry, both mentioned prominently in the Wells report.

"We're working in concert with the commissioner's office and so that's where that stands," Hickey said.

Here's something that suggests: The Dolphins will wait on NFL sanctions for the players before taking any action of their own.

Hickey made the point he is not going to discuss "current plans, future plans" about players. He repeated that point about four times. That's understandable and typical of NFL teams. It doesn't need constant repeating, however.

Hickey would not be specific about the offense the Dolphins will run.

"We're going to do a lot of different things under (new OC) Bill Lazor," he said. "We're excited to have him on board. They're still working through all that and we'll go from there."

The subject of starting quarterback Ryan Tannehill has been prominent this offseason since CBSSports.com reported Joe Philbin might at some point bench the QB in favor of backup Matt Moore.

Hickey said he's watched Tannehill since college and has seen improvement since that time.

"We expect that to continue that development into his third year," Hickey said.

As for the report?

"I can't respond to speculation," Hickey said, "but I believe in Ryan Tannehill."

The Dolphins have a lot of needs. The offensive line side to side. Defensive tackle. Safety. Cornerback. And running back.

But Hickey said, "We like the running backs on our team."

He added, however, that he wants to find the best 53 playes and wants to push competition, including at running back.

Hickey said he wants Dion Jordan to "continue to progress." He declined to be more specific (one of his four times).

Free agency will start in March. Hickey thinks the Dolphins are a great destination for those players.

"I think free agents will be attracted to who we are," he said. "We have an excellent coaching staff. We live in Miami, that's pretty strong. We have a great owner who will allocate the resources necessary. And we have an environment, a collective strong environment. In my three weeks, it's been nothing but positive with all the people. As you get in the building and get to know the people, you get a sense of what the organization is about. I felt strongly about that and at every step that has been confirmed to us."


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High fiving a Dolphin playoff elimination is no big surprise to me. At least Jason Cole admitted he wasn't a Phin fan. When he was critical he did it professionally...... Not like Mando with his childish personal snide comments and digs he directs at Aponte, Philbin and Ross.

Who cares if he was talking loud into the microphone.......... REALLY Mando ??????

You say you don't care if they like you as long as they resect you. DO YOU REALLT BELEIVE THEY HAVE AN OUNCE OF RESECT FOR YOU ? After the witch hunt you have been leading for months ? You have done more to stoke the flames or should I say inject jet feul to the fire.

Here is another example of a lie you told...I heard you on NFL radio crucify this team. Then you said that no matter who they hire as GM... if Philbin is there it will be a disaster because of the structure. The GM must have full power. Then you post a blog about how the structure will work. Then on this blog when I asked you about it..... you said I don't believe I said that.

You want this team to fail period! slice it portray it any way you want. I have never seen a reporter with such distain for the team he covers..

Don't pay mind to SAM Darkoak he is having a YG moment. A YG can cover his true self for a bit but it always rears its "ugly head" at some point.
Simmer down YG SAM.

Glad yall are seeing the high-five story. I posted it a while back but it was middle of the night so most missed it. The guy is completely untrustworthy and clearly has his own agenda.


Agreed. Journalist don't do anything and get paid to write what someone else tells them.

Journalist don't get paid as well. Only the Top 1% of Journalist actually make over $100k a year.

I use to live 2 houses down from Jim Defede growing up. The guy could barely afford his house. And drove a broken down little red honda civic. After what happened with A.Teele, Defede didn't want to step out of his house for months. He just got fatter and fatter.

Well, "KIDDIE HOUR" has come, have great day everyone.

I do not want to be "the reason" "some here" sends their "sandboxes" into upheaval!

Good Greif, Linuses!(Charlie Brown 101) :)

Anyone have link to these bears unis. been trying to search and i can't find them.

Just watched the entire Philbin presser and not once did he come across as "shouting" as Salguero described it.

I'm sorry, Armando, but your credibility and objectivity are in serious question right now after some of what has been revealed here today about you---as well as your obviously biased commentary that has no basis in reality.

I've never thought you were a particularly compelling writer--just very average, truth be told--but I at least had faith in your objectivity and truthfulness.

That is no longer the case. You are now under the spotlight and the results so far are not good.

They don't exist MIT cuz I've been doing the same dumb chit for a fkkin hour.

I have to admit along with the others it does get old with Armando pushing his own personnel agenda.

When he wrote "Hickey said he wants Dion Jordan to "continue to progress." He declined to be more specific (one of his four times)."

It really makes you wonder if he's playing with a full deck. Most of us who have been around a little while realize there is limit on how candid these guys are gonna be at a presser. Especially one with a national audience.

I learned at a young age, journalist only care about themselves and what they write gets publicity.

Defede never showed remorse for being partially responsible for A.Teele suicide.

I remember it vividly. Defede had the biggest smile the day it happened. Fat F'ck was boasting about it.

But after about a month, that he got fired and started receiving death threats, you can tell that he knew what he did was wrong.

Most Journalist have zero ethics.

Interesting Article


Dashi, like i said earlier, why was Dave Wannstedt mando's favourite coach? Cause he couldn't keep his mouth shut when talking to the media - made verything transparent. Mando was living the dream.

Well, now i may also suspect it was because his drafting and roster management were so crap that he sent the Dolphins into this spiral we are still trying to get out of.

Anyway, Philbin doesn't make any days easy for mando - that's why he doesn't like him and will roast him at every turn.

has nothing to do with credibility around the league or his coaching ability. I called this out last summer and got slammed by several poseters here and mando himself came out and defended himself.

Anyway, looks more everyday like I knew what I was talking about.

Iowa, I hear you ..... It's time to call a spade a spade. I wish I could get my hands on the transcript from his radio interview with Ross Tucker on NFL radio. He destroys them on national radio. He claims in his defense on here that everyone around the NFL knew all the dirt he was spewing on his blogs. But the funny thing was Ross Tucker who covers the league said to Mando. Really I never heard any of this before Mando that's news to me. I was driving down the highway and I couldn't believe how this guy was ripping them apart.

Ray Farmer can sukk a dikk

Mando why are you tweeting about how the NFL Live 3 stooges are ripping Philbin. Give us some players or positions to look at for the combine and how it relates to the Dolphins.

Something, anything but the Phlbin discussion/bashing.

Well, Philbin was just "COMPLETELY RIPPIED" alive on ESPN NFL Live by the "BRUSCHI CREW".

I take it as a "very small sampling" of how the rest of the national media is viewing Philbin's presser. To a man, each host on ESPN NFL LIVE ripped Philbin.

If you're thinking "this is not" the mindset of "most, if not all" of the national media, then you seriously "kid yourselves".

I saw the Bears new unis on a Chicago blog. THEY ARE HORRIBLE!!!

They put the skyline on the helmets and changed their orange to a NEON shade!!

And on the front of the helmets they put "CHI" in big block letters. SO fu**ing UGLY!!


These guys are cowards. They are not going to say anything that isn't "politically correct" to say at the time. If they are ripping Philbin, it's because tey feel they have "GREENLIGHT" to do so.

Meaning, they know for "FACT" that's how the rest of their "MEDIA BRETHERAN" also "view it". Bank on it brother!



How many people here do you think have ANY idea who Jim DeFede or Arthur Teele are?

I might be the only one.

His blogs over the last year have become increasingly very personal. I have raised the question before. Is it in his best interest for Mando to get all the major players in the front office fired if they have blackballed him ?

I think he thought he had enough clout to get it done. Ireland is gone but Philbin and Aponte stand. If he could have got them fired too he could get back in good graces with a new front office. It didn't work out. Then he went after Ross ridiculing him at his every non fire move. .....So now the personal attacks against Philbin and Aponte will continue.

If Bears made major change to uniforms it would be on Espn or NFL.com by now.

You guys "HIGHLY MISINTEPRETED" what you may have saw on a meaningless blog.


Salguero and a few here live in a bubble and think that what they say is objective.

I said it a couple weeks back. I would even be OK with an 8 to 2 ratio. At least try and show both sides of the argument. Not just the one ignorant side.

That is what most of us ask for, SOME real objectivity.

Why would the Bears do that?!? That sounds awful! I always thought they had one of the most classic uniforms. Who's next, Green Bay?


The more Armando hears his name mentioned on ESPN and other media outlets. The "WORSE" he gets. That's a fact, Jack!.

Sam, I'm not even the biggest Philbin fan on here. I personally think if they don't make the playoffs its time for him to go.

However, its really getting out of hand. Hernandez murdered someone, Ray Rice hit his wife. I guess Belicheat and Harbaugh don't have control of their players or locker rooms either.

I mean Mando bashes Philbin for not having a press conference, then he talks and he gets bashed anyway.

Honeslty the combine is 2 days away and free agency is less than 3 weeks away. The team has a bunch of cap room and draft picks.

We get that people don't like him, but hes the coach in 2014 like it or not.

Who are you talking to,

I was actually waiting for the same person that usually says the same thing. Dashi doesn't know who Defede is. Dashi is lying about his personal life, yada, yada.

How convenient. Many post on BEARS NEW UNIFORM.




How could I misinterpret what I saw WITH MY OWN EYES??

It was on a CHICAGO BEARS BLOG and the other guy here earlier saw it too!

Maybe it just leaked out there first and they didn't unveil it yet but it is a HORRIBLE change! go see it yourself!

The helmet is totally different now. Instead of the "c" on there it is now a gray helmet with the Chicago skyline in blue and neon orange, and in the front part of the helmet they have "CHI" in huge white letters.

And the pants now have a big NEON ORANGE stripe on them and the shirtsleeves, too. And they put the same stupid "CHI" by the collar on the back of the shirts.



Its "HOT TOPIC" simply because the media waited "89 DAYS" for this report to come out.

The Hernandez trial hasn't officially began. So, after 89 days waiting, you think Ray Rice "knocking his btch out trumps this? I don't think the media sees it this way.

Rice will be "media roasted" when the league deals out its punishment. Believe me, the media will not forget. :)

Like I gain anything talking about my personal life on this blog. You say anything about your life here and it gets repeated ad nauseum. Then they claim you are lying about your own life.


New Uniforms, not even reported on chicagobears.com website. When our logo change occurred you could definitely find it on miamidolphins.com.

How does Philbin still have a job???????


All other football news is non important. You must forget we are the most despised team in the NFL. They are going to talk about the fins til their face turns blue.

And Bruschi is a joke. He basically should go on NFL live wearing a PATS jersey.

The new: "RIP ARMANDO" blog is up

Sam I am, He belongs on ESPN. The network that made a spectacle out of Tim Tebo .... a practice squad QB at best .... for three years because he is deeply religious.

Mando would fit right in.

Well, I DIDN'T SEE IT THERE! I saw it on a Bears blog that I go to sometimes because I am from there originally and like the BEARS even though Miami is my first team!

They got it from someone who redesigned the uniforms and it leaked out even though they have not revealed it yet!!

Don't you remember when the Dolphins had their designs leaked out before it was made official?? THIS IS NO DIFFERENT!! GO SEE YOURSELF!!


Pouncey will be fine. Just surround him with some natural leaders and he will follow. Put a bunch of meatheads around him he will be a meathead.


Problem is you guys keep saying "go see it" and are not providing a link?

Link please?

Mando deserves it !!!!!

Maybe he will know what it is like to have your personal character attacked relentlessly.

I think people are just sic and tired of hearing the same useless crap regurgitated over and over.

Go on the sun sentinel and they have article's breaking down the FAs on the team position by position breakdown of the roster and other football related articles. This has become Mandos tabloid scandal sheet

Umm... Philbin is starting to show emotion. Maybe Dawn Aponte gave him a
nano bot injection.
Now you have Philbin hanging with J Mart and Cogs at Tootsie's. Making it rain with

I guarantee can't bear it dude was voted worst dressed. Old uni's are butt ugly.
The current colors are the Super Bowl colors dunce.

Dashi, how many new names have you used today? ( I know you don't consider your new names as new names, but everybody else does)

bring in mike vick with the talent we have it would work MIKE VICK TO MIAMI 2014

There seems to be a virus going around this blog, seems like a lot of bloggers have the virus, it must be contagious, what is it you say, its the bitching virus, its what looser get when they have no life. And the beat goes on. Bill

I've been with this team since day one. All these decades later, I'm still a fan...on the brink. The endless array of blunders year after year is numbing, baffling, and incomprehensible.

Over the past year, there hasn't been a single article written by Mando that wasn't worthy. Not one. I can just imagine what the posts would read if there was simply some shill at the Herald spouting the team line in every article. Thankfully, we got a guy with some guts who puts his name, face, and sack on the line, every time. Unlike all of us anons. We can post whatever we want, and hide. Right Dashi? Right Brickhouse? Right Mark In Toronto? Mando has to own it, and he does. Which is more than I can say for any of you. He may not be 100% accurate all the time, but he's got guts.

I (for one), tip my hat to him and owe a debt of gratitude.

I don't want pansies on the O-Line, on the sidelines, and I certainly don't want a sugar coated reporter regurgitating press releases from the head office. Mando is about as close to a gumshoe sports reporter as you'll find anywhere. Is what I want strictly facts? I want his insight, sources information, and mostly his opinion because I respect it and over the years he's earned it, with me. A fan. Since day one.

Anyone suggesting Mando is working against this team, isn't a fan himself, doesn't care about the success of the team, etc., is a fool. The dude has more passion for this team than the lot-of-you, combined.

Sign Mike Vick asap guarantee he can hit the deep ball i know everyone says we have the franchise qb but whats wrong with competion? Seattle had Matt Flynn and let him compete and the rest is superbowl history. As of today vicks the better qb we ASSUME t-hill will earn his 100 mill contract but what if he doesnt? sign him for 2 years to push him with the line playing the way it does you know how many broken play opportunities that is and Matt Moore can go packing.Mike has become more humble and held that lockeroom together after the riley cooper incident. vick is cheap and the afc is weaker the dolphins are only 3 impact players away from at least afc title game add in kris Johnson with mike wallace that would be deadly.. Bill lazor has seen him in person i hope he tells hickey what i already know

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