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Dolphins apparently eyeing Albert over Monroe in UFA

Here we go again.

The Branden Albert to Miami rumors have begun anew and, no, they are not a suprise but boy are they interesting. NFL Media insider Ian Rapoport reported Monday evening the Dolphins are expected to make a strong run at landing Albert if he hits the unrestricted free agency market.

Even then, the Dolphins may have competition, according to RapSheet, who also reports the Cardinals will be involved in the bidding for the 29-year-old left tackle.

And why is this interesting to me?

Two reasons:

1. Brandon Albert is not the best left tackle who might get to free agency. Eugene Monroe, 26, is better and younger. More expensive? Yes. But did I mention better and younger?

This means the Dolphins might be paying a mint for a player who is not the elite or top of his class at his position. Whatever Monroe gets, the Dolphins had better pay less for Albert if that's the direction they're going to go.

Of course, the Albert camp wants to make him the highest paid left tackle in football. So does every free agent come to the Dolphins wanting to be the highest paid at his position?

2. I'd say 80 percent of the reports coming from the national media now are agent fed and inspired. They might hold water. But some really do not. All are agenda driven. What's the agenda here? Create a sense of competition for a player. Create buzz for a player. What better way to do that than offer up two tackle-needy teams that might want to bid on a player? And, oh by the way, what better way to get lukewarm Kansas City to move a bit toward re-signing its own player?

It's agent 101.

It's obvious the Dolphins are ready to avoid the mistake of 2013 by not overlooking Ryan Tannehill's blind side. They are obviously prepared to make a significant investment in the left tackle position.

The question is, why Albert and not Monroe?

Why the older inferior player ahead of the younger superior player?

The Dolphins flirted with Branden Albert last year. They talked to the Chiefs at length about such a trade. They also discussed contract parameters at length with Albert's agents.

In the end, however, the Chiefs would not allow the Dolphins to give Albert a medical exam. The Dolphins, unwilling to negotiated a trade and a contract without certainty about Albert's back, backed away from the talks around draft time.

The Dolphins decided to go with Jonathan Martin as their left tackle. 


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How can anyone take these clowns serious anymore

Miami always overpays for average garbage, it makes sense they would go after Albert instead of Monroe

I thought the Dolphins will fix the line in the draft.

can Albert ride a horse in a$sless chaps?

"In the end, however, the Chiefs would not allow the Dolphins to give Albert a medical exam. The Dolphins, unwilling to negotiated a trade and a contract without certainty about Albert's back, backed away from the talks around draft time."

So you see all of you stupid fools were wrong. Ireland didn't blow the Albert deal. KC wouldn't allow a medical exam? How can you move forward on a guy with a questionable back without an exam? It was a ploy by KC to keep him there, but it would have been irresponsible for any GM to take Albert without an exam first.

Moral of the story?


Monroe won't reach the open market. That's why the fins prefer Albert

Could have avoided the whole Cogs/JM mess w/that move.

Stupid is as stupid does.
They'll either overpay for the lesser talent or balk & wind up with some incompetent acorn.

The Dolphins are fixing the line in the draft. Why would they spend some of their cap money on fixing the line with good young veterans. That doesn't make any sense.

Can someone plug my hole. I'm talking Chit again.

It is very easy for me to see at this moment the first four will go, Manziel, Matthews, Clowney, Watkins.

Albert is older but he is better than Monroe. Plus Monroe will probably be tagged. The fins have no choice but to go after the best LT that hits the market. If that person is Albert, so be it.

I Am going to feel that in the morning.

Anything is an upgrade to our line at this point.

What is Big and Round and Purple All around?

Me, of course, after a Hard Day of work.

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Can't wait to go Balls' watching with an expert such as yourself. I heard you were the Best Balls Watcher in Cuba. Fidel had you as his personal Balls watcher. He said nobody watched his balls with as much vigor as you did. He said he misses your intensity. Whatever that means.

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The question is, why Albert and not Monroe?

Cause Ross is a cheapskate. He wont pay for top players. Thats just part of the reason they stink every year.

Ya could put Superman at LT and it wouldnt help TannePuke. When you cant hit the broadside of a barn more than 12 yds away... a LT wont help.

The reason that the National Media is touting Albert, not Monroe is simple. They understand that the Ravens are going to either sign or franchise Eugene.
The Raven that I would like Armando's or the blogs thoughts on is Arthur Jones. Yes I know he's Jon (UFC) and Chandlers ( F'n Patriots) brother. Can he play Defensive Tackle. Harbaugh has all but admitted he's not being resigned by Baltimore. Will or could he be a better fit than either Starks or Soliai. He's 6'3" and 315 . Sounds good and he's 2 1/2 years younger than Soliai.

Darkoak, you're wasting your time here tonight. The've let the inmates out.


So what? Im sure anyone would take Joe Thomas over Eugene Monroe. Obviously, as a Pro Bowler, Albert was one of the TOP 5 LT's in the NFL, 2013.

As long as a team can have one of the TOP 5 LT's in the league, they'll do just fine.

The question is, why Albert and not Monroe?

Cause Ross is a cheapskate. He wont pay for top players. Thats just part of the reason they stink every year.

Posted by: CHEAP FISH
Monumentally ignorant post. Neither accurate or a decent disguise at drawing out those wishing to argue the matter... Let just say your effort has been exposed for what it is.....

As soon as Albert signs his big deal he will turn into the Stay Puft Marshmallow Man.

Are there 31 teams clamoring for the services of Jeff Ireland? haha

Armando pointed out very accurately that during this time of year stories and "player of interest" talk are maximized by agents driving the market for their players before them.

It bears debate what the Dolphins now consider "THEIR prototypical O-line player." Is he the same type of players as a year ago? Is Miami going to stick with a "Zone Blocking" line? Or does Turner's absence and a new O-co and O-line staff desire a power blocking team?

There is more than one team in these "Rumors" concerning Albert.Tampa Bay, and Arizona has expressed interest (so say's the agent) in Albert. So it's "Hop on the band wagon" or "Kick it to the curb."

Ross will allow Aponte and Hickey to spend whatever they need to, but throwing over 1/2 of the teams cap space into a LT makes no sense to me at all. The only way you could convince me of doing that is with an ELITE left tackle. One with 8 or 9 years left in his body. With Albert we are far short of that. It would be paying a player his last big payday.

I don't think Miami does it. Perhaps Monroe, perhaps another player. They may even do a "One Year" remedy at Left Tackle, get the two guard positions and right Tackle spot nailed down... and look to draft a 3rd or 4th round serious prospect to learn and be developed for the position. This draft offers suck players at the Offensive Tackle spot. They may not be year one starters... But sit them behind a McKinney or another short term answer while you coach them up and slowly add them to the line in the latter part of the season.

Jeff Ireland cant get an interview for waterboy after his incompetent drafting and his backstabbibg both coaches and players.

Ireland may well have been part of the racism on the team. Remember the Dez Bryant interview?

I hate Ireland as much as anyone, but I don't think he's a racist. He's just incompetent.

I gotta think with whatever pull the ol' boy's still got left around the league, Bill Parcells is burying Ireland as best he can as a turncoat traitor who can't be trusted.

I hate Ireland as much as anyone, but I don't think he's a racist. He's just incompetent.

I gotta think with whatever pull the ol' boy's still got left around the league, Bill Parcells is burying Ireland as best he can as a turncoat traitor who can't be trusted.

Posted by: XpensiveWino | February 25, 2014 at 01:16 AM

Sparano and Dawn Aponte are burying him too.

So because Mando says Monroe is better than Albert it is so? GTFO, I watched both play for UVA in college.When Albert is healthy he is better than Monroe. Ferguson (LT for Jets) is better than both.

Albert would be a good 2-3 year guy for us to take if he is healthy.

Salguero needs to get a grip ! First off Eugene Monroe IS marginally better (but not MUCH better), but Branden Albert fits a west coast offense better. Furthermore it will be VERY unlikely that Baltimore will let Monroe hit the open market & Brandon Albert is all but guaranteed to hit the market. So Armando Salguero needs to settle down & learn something about football before running off at the mouth.

Monroe will be the next LT of the Fins!


Cuenta le a todos de mis huevos peludos!

Cuenta le......


'The Dolphins decided to go with Jonathon Martin as their left tackle'.... Another Ireland evaluation error. Why not wait until next season to get an elite left tackle. McKinney wants to come back to the Dolphins. His play was good enough that if he is in shape he could provide a plug in at the position so the Dolphins can in FA and the draft fill the other 3 OL needs. Mckinney, Pouncey and the 3 others would come from FA and the draft.

poor Amanda. maybe your "source" is playing agent 101 on you. don't be so quick to rip everything phins.

what a drama queen.

Monroe might not end up on the market if the Ravens re-sign Pitta and tag Monroe.

hey Beasley…..the rest of the world doesnt care that much about syracuse basketball

Let me give all the Armando Lemmings a clue here. The second Mando deviates from reporting the facts and inputs his opinion here, this blog becomes just that; HIS OPINION. He is not a scout, couch or talent evaluator. Most importantly, no one at Dolphins camp talks to him or gives him inside info anymore.... "so there's that".

Dang, Freudian slip..... Meant coach, not couch.

I want the idiot from yesterday to show up!!

Who is the idiot now, you clown.


That way they can draft BPA, and not have to draft for a need early.

Common Sense.

That is what any reasonable person whose job is on the line will do. Fix the line with veterans, not rookies. Specially when you have over $40M in cap space, and you don't have a Top 10 pick.

But sure ignoramus. Keep running your mouth.

You are the one who swears he is never wrong. When you are wrong you just switch your name. Reason you switch your name about 2-3 times a day.

Yes, Dashi is wrong from time to time. But I have the integrity to admit when Dashi is wrong, and I don't make outlandish statements like you do. Reason Dashi doesn't have to hide under a different name every 5 minutes. Dashi speaks the truth truth. He has isn't some fraudulent character that makes ludicrous statements just to get a response.

Free Agency = Overpaying + Risk the Player Won't Be "As Good"

That's reality - get over it. Either Albert or Monroe would be clear upgrades from the currect OT options on the squad. Both present risk. Both will be pursued but the team has to weigh many factors when making the final decision as to which to land. I'm fine with either option.

McKinniie was NOT 'good enough.' He was part of the OLINE that gave up more sacks than any other OLINE in the NFL. He is fat, out of shape and provides little leadership. This guy has always a box of donuts away from 400 lbs and you never know what his shape and motivation will be at the beginning of the season. I'd take a rookie in Rnd 1 or 2 over him.

Good acorn dropped by Barry Jackson, On Tannehill and the Offense.

We will be running a different Offense. Or better said, the terminology will be different. It would be a numbers based offense. Easier to remember, and plays are called faster.

Hopefully some of the passing concepts are different. I know in the Chip Kelly Offense the QB only has to make a max of 3 reads on any play, Not 4 or 5 like the WCO.

The 3 reads you make in the Chip Kelly system.

First Read- The handoff with the RB. To keep or not to keep.

Second Read- The player running the Screen on the back end of the play side

Third Read- The guy going deep. If the handoff is covered, and the screen is covered. That usually means the guy going deep is usually being covered 1 on 1. Doesn't matter if it is D.Jackson or R.Cooper. The scheme of the play allows you to, whomever gets covered 1 on 1, Go Deep.

I like the WCO, but I am OK with the C.Kelly 3-read system. The QB has less chances to mess up.

Draft= Player won't be that good. You have at best a 50/50 chance. And that is on Round 1. It goes down from there.

Does Ms.Aponte Overspend?

Free Agency only sucks if the GM doesn't know what he is doing. You are picking out of guys who already have had success in the NFL.Not guys you project to have success in the NFL.

Free Agents are a proven commodity.

And with the way teams have colluded the last couple of seasons. Nobody is overspending on Free Agents.

Ask yourself 1 question. And answer it honestly.

IF YOU HAVE OVER $40M IN CAP AND YOUR JOB IS ON THE LINE, How would you fix the O-line?

And you don't have a Top 10 pick. So if you want to trade up you would have to use another pick to trade up. Meaning you only have a shot at 1 good linemen in the Draft, When you have at least 3 positions to fill.

And you better move up in the Top 10 if you want a decent LT in this draft. Cause only the Top 3 LTs are day 1 Starters. The rest need at least 1 year to polish. BIG GAP IN TALENT FROM THE 3RD BEST LT TO THE 4TH.


Buying very little of what's being said this time of year. Albert, Monroe, Collins? We got room for any of them. Nothing but smokescreens from now until after the draft.


I found this interesting. I was watching NFL insiders and Scheffter said Miami was trying to move up in the draft. I dont know if this will happen, but if one of the top 3 LT's falls past 10, I could see this happening, but who knows

Can we sign both Albert and Monroe since the media is likely to invent a "scandal" and run one of them off the team?

My problem with this blog posting is that I believe the Dolphins dont think Monroe will ever hit the open market. I have read multiple clips and websites who say Monroe is a priority. The Dolphins are going after Albert, because he will be available


They better move up to the Top 10 if they want a decent LT.

The beautiful thing is Free Agency is only a couple weeks away. We will get our answers pretty soon.

I don't like making a real Mock draft until after free agency. I rank players I like in my mock. You have to wait and see what holes the team will fill in free agency before you make a decent mock.

jpao,good points on McKinney,but I did read recently that he would like to re-sign with the Fins and is working hard to get in shape. A one year stop-gap while mentoring a rookie??

Problem, theres no LT in the draft thats better then Albert, with in reach of the Dolphins draft board. Albert had a pretty good yr despite his back and he could play until the age of 33-34 or so. We don't want 5 rookie OL-men starting the season.

Mando or anyone who knows, Did Mr Wells interview any of the Dolphin players other then those envolved?

I think Monroe will resign with the Ravens and that be why Albert is targeted.

...Dashi. I'm not sure the number revelation is any big news. The WCO is already a number based offense. I'm not sure what you are trying to say? Are they changing the numbers from what is a run, and a pass?

Usually the WCO the numbers in the 20's and 50's are passes. Teens, 30's 40's runs. The numbers in the passes are the protections. Usually 3 different protections for the number values in the 20's. Say 20-23 a slide protection, 24-27 an in and out protection for the back ETC...This verbage is the same for every WCO team on the planet.

So How is this going to be different?

You know what I want to see.. Less spread, more cowbell.

Craig, it's all gamesmanship right now. Nothing that's said by anyone can be taken at face value. The good news is nothing right now matters, because DC is on vaca in the Caribbean. Surfs up beyatches. Only thing I'm bullying right now is a beach chair and daiquiri.

My guess is Collins will be the target if he becomes available. I believe all this to be idle talk for what they really want to do.

Of course its just a guess.

Monroe might not end up on the market if the Ravens re-sign Pitta and tag Monroe.

Posted by: Hayden Fox | February 25, 2014 at 06:33 AM
I don't think they have the money to franchise Monroe, they will have to work a deal. they might franchise Pitta who would be about 5 mil less to franchise.

And for those who dont like the idea of trading draft picks to move up. Look at it like this. Say for example we trade our 19th pick and a second Rd pick to move up to 10 to draft Robinson(Mathews,Lewan or whoever) from Auburn. Yes we have 1 less draft pick, but that move would probably save us 20 million, a stud LT will get more than 20 mill guaranteed, but I was trying to factor in the rookies salary in that guaranteed money theory. 20 million could be used to bring in a HIGH END player or help resign some of our own guys, like Clay,Odrick,Pouncey, etc

...1 more thing.. I don't know if we are going to run a version of the "Oregon" offense. It isn't easy. But don't be fooled. It isn't a passing offense. Or it isn't a pass first offense. It is totally dependent on the run. 2 plays inside zone read, outside zone read.

Why these 2 plays...Well the inside zone run the bread and butter of this offense. This is meant to hopefully tighten the spacing of the defensive line. The outside zone read..This is done in counter to teams twisting and stunting. It also allows the offense to play fast.

People complained because they thought that we would see an offense that ran a lot of plays. Philbins offense would be fast paced, up tempo. Well it was impossible the way we played last year. Too many passes. Too many incomplete passes. It's hard to play fast when the ball is on the ground, and the play stops.

....Rdubs. I think trading up for any of the lineman not named Robinson would be a mistake. Say Lewan. The guys is athletic no doubt. But he is 305 Lb's...There is tremendous depth in this class of lineman, the whole draft is deep. No need to reach for a guy.


The WCO uses names for formations and groupings. A play sounds like a sentence, Y' Shift To Red Right, 24 Double Square Out, On One Go.

A number system which is what most are use to gives numbers to routes. You just have to remember what the numbers stand for. 525 F Post Swing.

Remember C.Johnson had a problem with the Word system, but he could remember the number system.

I also believe that Lazor will be implementing some of that quick read offense that Chip Kelly runs. Speeding Tannehills clock in the pocket.

C.Kelly has a 2.5 second rule. His QB can't hold the ball longer than 2.5 Seconds. Hopefully Lazor implements that in Miami. That would also mean Tannehill won't be going thru so many progressions post snap. 3 reads tops. Sacks would automatically be down.

Dolphins moving up in the draft - hmm. I think I may have mentioned it. When I did mention it, it was dealing Pouncey to the Browns after they lose Mack to us in FA. Almost like a 1 to 1 trade. I would like to keep Pouncey but I have a feeling the Fin's owner may not.

The other team that might be a good trade partner is the Vikings. They may be someone looking to trade back.

Any ides on what other team might be looking to trade back. It sounds as if the Fins are looking to move far enough up for 1 of the elite LTs or Watkins and possibly Mack.

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