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Dolphins apparently eyeing Albert over Monroe in UFA

Here we go again.

The Branden Albert to Miami rumors have begun anew and, no, they are not a suprise but boy are they interesting. NFL Media insider Ian Rapoport reported Monday evening the Dolphins are expected to make a strong run at landing Albert if he hits the unrestricted free agency market.

Even then, the Dolphins may have competition, according to RapSheet, who also reports the Cardinals will be involved in the bidding for the 29-year-old left tackle.

And why is this interesting to me?

Two reasons:

1. Brandon Albert is not the best left tackle who might get to free agency. Eugene Monroe, 26, is better and younger. More expensive? Yes. But did I mention better and younger?

This means the Dolphins might be paying a mint for a player who is not the elite or top of his class at his position. Whatever Monroe gets, the Dolphins had better pay less for Albert if that's the direction they're going to go.

Of course, the Albert camp wants to make him the highest paid left tackle in football. So does every free agent come to the Dolphins wanting to be the highest paid at his position?

2. I'd say 80 percent of the reports coming from the national media now are agent fed and inspired. They might hold water. But some really do not. All are agenda driven. What's the agenda here? Create a sense of competition for a player. Create buzz for a player. What better way to do that than offer up two tackle-needy teams that might want to bid on a player? And, oh by the way, what better way to get lukewarm Kansas City to move a bit toward re-signing its own player?

It's agent 101.

It's obvious the Dolphins are ready to avoid the mistake of 2013 by not overlooking Ryan Tannehill's blind side. They are obviously prepared to make a significant investment in the left tackle position.

The question is, why Albert and not Monroe?

Why the older inferior player ahead of the younger superior player?

The Dolphins flirted with Branden Albert last year. They talked to the Chiefs at length about such a trade. They also discussed contract parameters at length with Albert's agents.

In the end, however, the Chiefs would not allow the Dolphins to give Albert a medical exam. The Dolphins, unwilling to negotiated a trade and a contract without certainty about Albert's back, backed away from the talks around draft time.

The Dolphins decided to go with Jonathan Martin as their left tackle. 


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When I heard Scheffter talking about Miami trading up, that was basically all he said. Probably jut running his mouth again. It was basically 1 sentence, but of course I hear Dolphins and it sets off my radar. Dolphins talk is like a dog whistle for me, considering I am a horrible listener and dont really care about much else LOL

..Dashi.. I understand that the WCO is a lot of verbage. Like you said a sentence for a play. I do not know how what the Oregon offense sounds like(What the verbage is) I am though very familiar with how the offense works. Montana ran it for a bit, had some success.

Again..It is totally dependent on the run. Teams that can shut down the run, usually shut down ths offense.

1 last thing..I don't want to get into a pissing match about who knows what as far as WCO offense language. I think we are on the same page..But you should read Bill Walsh' book about the concepts(maybe you have) He says that the numbers in the pas plays are the protections not the routes.

..Dashi here is part of what I was talking about.

20s- All passes
Split flow protection.
20-21, 320-321, 22-23 and 322-323 are all Six Man Protections. 24-25, 24 Bingo-25 Bingo, 324-
325 are all Seven Man Protections. 28-29 is maximum Eight Man Protections with the TE
Example: Red Right 24 Double Square Out, Red Right 324 Omaha
NOTE: Scat tag (to be discussed more in the Protection section of this book) after 20-21, 22-23
or 322-323 gives the blocking back a free release and a true Five Man Protection.
Example: 322 Scat 'Y' Stick, 23 Scat Texas

It is a great read if you are a football geek.


Those days of lining up in the I-formation and just running the ball for 6:00 Minutes a Quarter are gone. Football is a passing game now, and you need to run out of passing formations.

You can run out of the Spread. C.Kelly ran out of the spread last year. Auburn runs out of the spread. The Patriots run out of the spread. The Packers can run out of the Spread now.

You just have to know how to run out of the Spread. And have a decent O-line that can block 1 on 1.

I actually find it easier to run out of the Spread than a Power Formation.

In the Spread you force the Defense to Play Dime or Dollar. 5 in the Box. You also force the other team to bring out its 3rd and 4th CB on the field. And those guys don't tackle like Starting LBs. Plus, they are usually not that good. The Offense has the advantage in the run game when they run spread. Even more than to pass.

If you run a Power Formation. Anything with a FB and a TE in it. I can run my Base Defense. Starting Front 7. Plus, I can drop a Safety in the Box. Bringing my Total to 8 Players closer than 10 yds from the Line. Plus I can press my CBs and Bring my Deep Safety Down a little. While still having my Safeties play pass instead of run after the snap. Dropping into position.


Hickey is not going out like that.


I am pretty much the same when it comes to listening skills. I blame it on having 2 daughters.

Yeah, I realize it is that time of year again where everything is or could be a smokescreen.

With that said though there are 2 LT's that are elite in this draft. So if they can get Mack and Albert in FA then that makes Pouncey expendable. In my book I would still try to keep him but if the owner says he must go then use him in that trade up.

What is hard to imagine is a trade up above the 10 spot. When I think about that I feel like it is not worth getting rid of picks or players to move up above the 10 spot. So unless someone slips then I would think a move up would be below the 10 spot. Below the 10 spot is 1 to 10. I doubt the move to one happens.

I also think Miami will gauge each team for a trade up to see what it may cost so that might be what Schefter heard.

I like the dynamics at play here with Philbin in the drivers seat dictating to the new GM what his needs are.

...before it was Ireland driving and Sherman (not Philbin) riding shotgun.

Philbin is now top dog and out from under the sway of his former coach/mentor - Sherman (whom I call Dick Cheney) and Jeff Ireland (who I call Donald Rumsfeld).

Philbin was nothing but a neutered mutt with zero power under that structure.

He now has total control and given the reins from the owner to implement his vision.

It's sink or swim time for Philbin and hope he has the goods.

...Dashi. I agree with you @ 8:56. You are right. But the offenses you commented on have great quarterbacks. We do not, no yet.

The only reason I would like to see a simplified offense is that I do not think that RT is capapble of making the reads then making accurate throws past the 2nd option. He is just not at that level yet. These spread quarterbacks have to make quick choices, read the field. And understand what they are seeing.

Tannehill isn't there yet. I think a power style offense would help Tannehill develop more then this spread stuff. Take some of the pressure off him.

I could be wrong. Tannehill could be the perfect guy for this, he may take some steps to show that this is a good offense for him. I don't buy it. But what I want , and what is happening are 2 different things. If this is going to be an Oregon type of offense. By design you have to run it. A must. So perhaps this is what the doctor ordered. I am eager to see. I do know that what we ran last year. It is too much for any young guy. Especially how we ran it.

I think the guy to go after if the Raiders do not tag him is Jared Veldheer. He is only 26 and is a solid left tackle.

Rumor has it the Cardinals are also interested in Albert. So the team would probably end up over paying for him due to competition. Monroe is the better choice. The OL has way too many holes not to fill at least 1 or 2 via FA. Team also needs to sign Grimes or franchise him.



I was just explaining my side and you were explaining your side. What you are saying is true. The WCO also uses Numbers. I believe the WCO isn't the same that it was 15-20 years ago. All the systems keep evolving.

Now, on the number system that I heard C.Kelly runs is Super Simple. He gives a number to the formation. 1-50 let's say. And you just have to remember where to line up. The plays are probably numbered by formations, 1-10 I-formation 11-20 Pro Set 20-30 Singleback 30-40 Shotgun 40-50 Etc. And then most adjustments come at the line. Reason the Whole team looks to the sideline presnap. That is when they get the rest of the play.

For Example. The Coach calls 22, the players know that means Singleback pass. They line up at the line and everyone looks to the sideline to see what formations they are going to run. Everyone gets their assignment and run the play.

Odd is run, Even is Pass. The only thing Linemen really need to know.

But like you said DD, I can't wait to see what Concepts Lazor wants to run.

Isn't it more than a bit subjective to say Monroe is clearly better than Albert. Is this based of PFF metrics or something? I like Monroe and all but I don't know if he's clearly better.

Anyway, this debate will all be for naught as Baltimore will re-sign Monroe, no doubt. He's good player and they have cap space. KC would re-sign Albert if they could too but no space.


Dont you wonder why Jax traded Monroe for a packet of kool aid and drafted a LT at number 2? It doesnt make sense, you have a high end LT and trade him for nothing and draft an LT. This makes no sense to me and makes me wonder what Jax was thinking or Monroe overrated?

All this talk about LT...what about RT?
It's now common knowledge the RT is just as important as LT with today's edge rushers.

We need studs on both tackle positions and should not overlook talented RT's available in both FA & draft.

DC,, where you at? I will be in Nassau on Thursday.

rdubs, good point on Jax trading this guy away. There is only one answer. They didn;t think he was a 7-8M a year OT. Not like they have a long list of superstars they need to pay or something.

Anyway, we don't mind paying a 7-8M a year OT $10M a year ... beggars can't be choosers. That's free agency...


I agree with you on the Monroe versus Albert discussion. I think its debatable that he's better. Its certainly not clearcut thats he's better, as Armando tries to make out. 'Younger and healthier'? Yeah OK. So is Jonathan Martin....and no way is he better.

DC, enjoy your time away. I'm in Florida starting next Tuesday. Be warned now you locals.....

Albert or Monroe. As long as thill and the run game have a stable line then i don't care which one it will be.

On a side note Clemons does not seem like a priority so i can see us grabbing a S in the draft. Maybe 4th round?

Anyone else hear that Carlos Hyde declared himself the best RB in the entire draft. Now that's character. My second round pick will be for Hyde. Him and miller could be a nice one two punch. Of course we will need the line to give them space.

If Balt wants to resign Monroe then he must be pretty good. I'd trust their judgement on him over Jax's anytime. If Monroe is not available, or too costly, singing Abert is a good move too. I just hope the Phins don't get involved in a bidding war with other teams. I also think someone on this blog mentioned the tackle from Cincy who is also an option. Regardless, the LT postion needs to be manned by a very good player with a long term contract.

This upcoming season i expect further improvement from Clay,vernon,miller,sturgis,and the rest of our young guys.

To be honest I'd rather have Monroe. Yep, younger and healthier.not sure its wise to be investing that kind of money into Albert. I think this will come back to bite us.

Again,I'd rather have Anthony Collins....maybe not as good but cheaper, younger and healthier. I don't need. An All Pro at LT, just someone better than the marshmallow that played there last season.

And for the record, I'll argue the LT is more important than the RT, for the simple reason that most of the time he protects the QBs back, or his blindside.most of the better tackles play LT not RT. Common knowledge. You can get away with a weaker RT but not a weaker LT.

I don't care who the guy is we sign - I just want a guy who can play a pretty high level of left tackle for the next couple of years.

I like Monroe, I like Albert, I like Collins, I like Veldheer, I like Saffold.

heck, I'd love it if they can sign Saffold to be their Rt and sign one of the other guys too. I'm sicking of talking offensive tackles already...

This is what PFF has to say about Monroe. If Phins did sign him, I think it would be a good move. If not, Albert or Collins are fine too. Just gotta have someone who is actually a good player there.

Stud: They found exactly what they were looking for with the in season trade for Eugene Monroe (+24.0). A genuinely top-tier tackle, he came in and protected the blindside of Joe Flacco and added some push to the run game. Tying him down must be the team’s No. 1 offseason priority.

Agreed, Mark. Ireland got it all screwed up and for that alone he deserved to be fired.

Now this is a surprise to me. PFF has the Miami Oline as the 14th best pass blocking line in the league.

19. Miami Dolphins (23rd)
PB: 14th, RB: 27th, PEN: 11th

Stud: He wasn’t as good as last year but Mike Pouncey (+7.1) has established himself as the kind of center this team will be able to count on for the long term.

Dud: Despite only playing 292 snaps, Sam Brenner (-9.5) looked overmatched wherever the team lined him up.

Analysis: A turbulent year as Jonathan Martin and Richie Incognito and their off-the-field issues caused the kind of spotlight to fall on the team that nobody wanted to see. Much was made of the sacks taken by Ryan Tannehill; they were somewhat simplistically used as a means to lament the play of the line in pass protection, but it wasn’t anywhere near as bad with the line producing a Pass Blocking Efficiency ranking right around the middle of the pack. A lot of questions to answer and while it seems a little patchwork at the moment, they’ll be striving for a settled lineup next year.

PFF also has Seattle's and Indy's Olines ranked worse overall and also in pass protection than Miami's. I guess Wilson and Luck are better than some people think.

PFF also has Seattle's and Indy's Olines ranked worse overall and also in pass protection than Miami's. I guess Wilson and Luck are better than some people think.

Posted by: MassDolphan | February 25, 2014 at 10:15 AM
phins need a qb still

The bad blocking on running plays lead to a one dimensional offense.

Does PFF have a stat for Tannehill running for his life and extending plays?

5 most important positions:


Fins have question marks at each position.

I am confident in THILL's ability to make progress but that has a lot to do with the Oline.

OT need two of them and I think they can realistically handle both between FA and Draft.

CB - We have one real player in Grimes. We have prospects on the team but nothing gauranteed. Carroll is not a #1 or #2 CB. I'd feel much more confident if we land Grimes or another proven Vet in FA.

DT - Odrick is a good option for a 4-3 system. But we really need to fill that other spot. I'd feel much better with either Starks or Solai aboard.

DE - Wake has probably 2-3 productive years ahead. I'm still not sure about Vernon or Jordan being true 4-3 DE's. I see them much more as 3-4 OLB's. This has me unsettled and I hope Hickey, Philbin, and Coyle get on the same page.

I know several fans here this is all BS but I really think the 3/4 scheme is better suited for the current talent on this team. The 4-3 scheme spreads the team too thin.

Solai - Ideal as at 3/4 NT
Odrick - Ideal as a 3/4 DE
Starks and Shelby - Ideal as 3/4 DE's setting the edge and pass rushing
Wake - Talented enough to be a 3/4 DE or OLB
Jordan - Ideal as 3//4 OLB - Think Jason Taylor in his later years
Ellerbe - came from Baltimore 3/4 ILB and thrived there
Wheeler - better as a 3/4 OLB
Misi - can serve as a 3/4 ILB with Ellerbe

Not sure why we are forcing these linebackers into a 4/3 scheme when they are not as talented as the DLINE squad. I'd rather push the DLINE to get it done with 3 vs. 4 than have the LB's do it.

MassD, interesting grades but we often saw Miami's line be compltely overmatched. Now I didn't watch Indy and Seattle play 17times but I saw them a fair bit and I never got that sense.

I mean any line that has a Qb throw for the tenth most yards in the league but you end up 20th in net yardage can't be middle of the pack. It just can't....

all signs point to an "ideal draft" is trading DOWN to take advantage of this "RICH DRAFT". not sure its in the cards for the Fins...maybe it is with the cap space, and the ability to start shoring up the OL in FA.

it might (would) be a shame to go the other direction this year, and miss out on some real quality players trying to move up.


The problem with the Defense falls on 1 Person.


He is a great DB coach. But he needs a lot of growing to do as a DC.

He said this team will run a Multidimensional Defense and will play to its strength.

Well, the Strength of this team would've been a Hybrid 3-4. Emphasizing the 3-4.

P.Wheeler and D.Ellerbe are both ILB/MLB.

Wheeler is out of position in a 4-3 playing OLB. He is a little small for an NFL OLB.

The team drafted the Best Defensive Prospect in the 2013 Draft #3 Overall, and didn't play him at all during the season. Might have as well drafted D.Jordan and put him on IR for a year. Along with J.Taylor and W.Davis. They could've kept them on the team and had someone else take their roster spot.

Man i read these blogs all the time, dashi,oscar,and the rest crack me up. But neway about the dolphins. I think they should get Mack from cleveland move Pouncy to guard. Sign Albert but only if reasonable contract do not overpay. If you cant get albert then go after another stud guard FA that would give us pouncey, mack, FA guard, Mckinney And Clabo. Draft BPA with 19th then draft a couple tackles with 2nd and 3rd to compete with mckinney and clabo i think if we did this are line would be Fine next year, not great. But then serviceable then get stud LT next year FA or draft.

im all about Pouncey to guard...that's his "punishment"...center is easier spot to fill. Garner can play C.

what about Thomas. give him a chance, maybe just needs to bulk up. hopefully hes hitting the weights this offseason.

who knows what kind of OL lazor wants...its not even close that he is "stealing" Kelly's system, and bringing it here.

i'd love to drop back and get a RT or RG later on, hopefully picking up another pick. or go w/ Zack Martin @ RT, w/ FA @ LT.

Has Philbin been fired yet?

I completely agree that Coyle has a lot of growing up to do as DC and thought he could have easily been removed from his DC duties. I wont say should be fired because I am in no position to say if the man should be fired. but I have been unimpressed to say the least. Still though, the Miami Dolphins defense has the same problem I have been watching for years now. And it is the biggest problem IMO. And that is they give up drives and scores at the worst times. The offense scores to go ahead or pull even and the defense gives it right back. Offense falters, defense holds. Offense produces, defense gives up points. Over and over, year after year. Actually this year was one of the few where I saw the defense, no matter how ugly it may have looked at times. At least hold after a score on occasions.

If they trade up it better be for Manziel.

I thought Coyle did a good job despite limited talent and little ball possesion help from the offense. When Philbin gets fired Coyle will be given serious consideration for HC. We would've been 3-13 or 4-12 without our D keeping us in the games.

PLEASE, any lineman that becomes available will be linked to the Dolphins. Lazy writing

Agents manipulate people like Mando. Mando is already telling everyone Miami is interested in Albert, thus making Albert more valuable. The noise has begun.

I'd take a flier on anthony collins started 8 games last year zero sacks 12 pancakes all in all in four years 14 starts at both tack spots (10 @ LT) only turned 26 in december and has alot less wear and tear i'd take a shot on oher (incentive base) 3 year contact wharton and or wade smith . resign grimes and solai bring back mcdaniels. then sign toby geighert hes bing and powerful but also is in the sub 4.5 so good speed perfect upgrade over thomas ... also sign john beason playmaking big MLB with athletism..... also pick up riley cooper we got alot of fast WR but hes got solid speed but hes 6'3 235 come in handy in red zone

i would to see us also keep grimes go after byrd ..... that way we can go BPA with our 1st then add young deph to both lines and maybe another CB too or sam shields ....... theres def enough cap to do it

Dolphins can fix alot of there holes in FA and be able to maybe move up in the draft if they do. I still think Pouncey to Guard. Bring Mack in for center. If we land albert theres 3/4 of our line there. Just need a quality RT maybe McKinney would make a good RT. and just find one more guard in the draft or let Brennan, Garner, or clabo try it out. And for all the people on here that just bash the dolphins and say how they are doomed next year. Go cheer for another team im so sick of hearing it. Yea, trust me im not thrilled with the way the team has been going lately. But they are still my team no matter what and unlike alot of fans ill stay positive.

I like the Veldheer/Saffold combo Mark in Toronto mentioned at 10:00am.
They are both young and talented. Albert is good but going on 30. Can't afford to overpay for someone who'll be around productively for only a couple of years.
Tannehill has to get better with the long ball. A decent OL will afford him that.
I think he will.

Dang, not that Mando spilled the beans, the Jets or Pats wont trade for Martin.

Thanks for sharing.

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