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Dolphins committees poorly planned, poorly executed

At the height of the Dolphins scandal involving Jonathan Martin and Richie Incognito, owner Stephen Ross announced the formation of two committees to address some of the problem he perceived to exist within his team.

One of those was to meet to set lockerroom standards for Dolphins players. It was supposed to include former Dolphins quarterback Dan Marino, former NFL Defensive Player of the Year Jason Taylor and former NFL coach Tony Dungy.

Well, that committee has no agenda. It has never met. There is no schedule to meet. And sources say it's possible that committee may or may not ever meet.

Members of the committee have not gotten even one phone call relative to information on the committee. They obviously have not been given dates for a first meeting or marching orders on the committee's workload.

In that regard, the follow-up to the committee's work has so far been similar to how it hurriedly came together.

Ross called members to ask (tell them) he wanted them on the committee one day before the committee was announced. Ross personally called at least two members and didn't even talk to them at first, but merely left voicemail messages saying what he planned.

The next evening on Nov. 11, Ross announced the committees and also announced he would meet with Martin. Ross also had not cleared with the NFL he planned such a meeting and upon hearing of the owner's plans, the league promptly steered him away from the meeting with Martin for fear it would interfere with the ongoing investigation.

Ross's meeting with Martin may also never happen. 


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Another well executed leadership function by Ross. Not surprised. More. More sad news on about Phins on SB coverage already! Philbin calling dingy upset??

How did this guy become a billionaire?

Ross - please sell our beloved team. You have been a terible owner. Period.

Happy Super Bowl Day Mando. Bummer our team is missing the event as usual.

As far as a committee, no on can make these guys Marino, Taylor, Dungy sit on a committee. I'm sure they have a pretty busy schedule.

It was a kneejerk PR stunt by Ross anyway. It seems like everything thing he does is a big kneejerk attempt at a bold move.

You would think someone of his stature would know that slowly and surely doing things the right way is the key.


The barbies still need a QB,Hickey,give up the 19th slot to Denver for Osweiler Eh?

As if we did not already know that the pathetic dysfunction starts at the top. Ross makes Huizinga look like Bob Kraft. Not to mention that Ross even failed the Dan Snyder school for NFL owners. Just sayin I have to agree with Seth,how did he get so rich? hmmm

Probably because they determined that all that happened was a player flaking on his team and that the Dolphin locker room is no different than any other teams locker room.

If this committee is going to help this team win some damn games then I'm all for it. If not, who cares?

Caliendo's "mock"umentary of Richard Sherman is hilarious.

No tickets
No merch (that logo is not allowed in my home)

He wil sell in two years if the stadium is empty.

This is like a bad Monty Python movie "This calls for immediate discussion...new motion that there be immediate action...in light of fresh information presented...to agree to a future meeting to occur, once a committee is selected, to vote on a resolution......."

THis shouldnt cause surprise among you bloggers.Salguero is at the Superbowl and needed this short quickie so that you lifers can argue about it.
Huizinga and Ross owned this team as billionaires with many outside interests(businesses)
Joe Robbie built this franchise from the ground up THIS WAS HIS BUSINESS.

Steve Ross is a billionaire, which is the greatest evidence that not all billionaires are intelligent.


I predict that owner Stephen Ross will put Dawn Aponte in charge of making sure all committee members want to be part of the group, know when the 1st meeting is and any administration of the committee will be undertaken by her.

never a dull day, worst franchise in pro sports. hope one day it turns around

What a boring and inconsequential blog entry.

With everyone else gone now we finally know Ross is the biggest buffoon of all. He makes even the Bidwell's & the Brown's look like geniuses. Tell me, how did he gain his wealth again? It must be inherited because he's too f*c@kin stupid & ignorant to get it on his own...

Just do the fans a favor & sell the team!

Too bad all you "armchair-owners and GM's" will never
have an opportunity to be judged by your very public actions. Let up already ! Geez ! Find a team that you can get behind or GTFO. Go Dolphins !!

dang mando. back to your tabloid ways. i loved your last couple of pieces. who cares about the committees? what would YOU have done amongst the mass media tornado that defended upon him? who cares if it was a "pr" move? everything is a "pr" move. thats what business is. knee jerk?? heck yes it was and so what? so he formed some committees and they never came to fruition. sounds like it was for the better and the committees aren't needed. i think you are lucky to have even minimal access to this organization. you dig deep and push buttons and twist the knife of the most sensitive nature constantly. your attacks and degradation is protected by "journalism". I'm surprised you haven't been banned. if it wasn't for "pr" then you would've probably been assaulted.

Useless article trying to create controversy out of nothing.

Dolphins committees poorly planned, poorly executed??

Isnt that true of EVERYTHING the Fins do? The Ross ownership rates an F in execution.

From Barry Jackson's column (the one with far more Dolphins info than this one):

“Tannehill has shown me he can be an outstanding quarterback in this league,” Jimmy Johnson said.

Said Terry Bradshaw: “I am pretty impressed with what’s he’s done the first two years. Put some more players around him, and you’ve got yourself a pretty good quarterback.”

Of course, you guys who will never, ever be closer to pro football than planting your fat butts on a couch in front of a TV know MUCH better than them as evidenced by your mature and clever use of terms such as "Tannebust."

I love it when you are exposed as the clueless nitwits you genuinely are.

Wow there are a lot of Debbie Downers on here. See a therapist, this constant negativity is not good.

And how exactly is this important?

Ross was reacting in emergency mode, the media fawning and making wild assumptions (such as yourself Armando) during that time, he was doing damage control until he could get his hands around the problem.

At the end of the day it was a ploy that didn't need executed so it's been forgotten, except for Armando who try's to make news out of nothing.

Pray for new ownership.

gonna be awhile shula, after ross takes team to london it will take nfl 3-5 years to bring new franchise back to miami

lol Scott. Settle down, I don't think Armando ever mentioned PR in his post. I did and I really didn't too much mean it in a negative way.

Just meant that Ross was responding to the hell storm that you mentioned.

Your right though. Armando does kind of ride the fence on his post at times. Maybe he's just calling it the way he sees it.

Every year Ross seems shocked that his team doesnt perform. He has no clue that the team stinks.

gonna be awhile shula, after ross takes team to london it will take nfl 3-5 years to bring new franchise back to miami
Posted by: dusty bottoms | February 02, 2014 at 12:15 PM


To Mr. Ross: Are the Dolphins just a "hobby" to you? Are they just one of your "toys" that you and your fellow billionaires can "play with" and compare notes with on your free time? ("Hey Billy, look what I got, an NFL team! What you got?") If the Dolphins are not your #1 priority, and I highly doubt that they are, then be a kind gentleman and sell our beloved team to another one of your fellow billionaires who would love to get into the club of NFL owners and would make the Dolphins his #1 priority. Then you can quietly go back to what is obviously your #1 priority in life, the great and powerful $$$. 29th straight year of no Dolphins playing in today's game. Pitiful, shameful, and disgusting. Sad but true.

wow NFL countdown just showed a clip turn it on.

Aponte, Philbin Ireland type of story


You talking about the movie preview?

saw it wally, ur right. looks just like the miami situation, except the gm and chick cap girl are together against coach

Basically Costner plays the Browns GM, Leary plays the head coach and Garner plays female capologist. They showed a clip where Leary(Philbin) is burning the list of scouted draft prospects and throws it on Costners desk(Ireland) and Garner coms n with a fire extingisure (Aponte). Costner said do your job, I pick the player you coach them. isn't that how tey did it where you came from Leary say's no we win there and show him his Superbowl ring. eerily similar to Philbin Ireland conflict.

funny though

Jennifer Garner slightly better looking as well.

yes wally and jennifer garner even brought up aponte

Ross is too impulsive/emotional/reactionary/kneejerk to be a good owner……not sure what other conclusion to come to except that he's weak willed, eager to please others without thinking through the consequences……seems much more interested in his persona, how he's perceived, as opposed to substance……I've mostly preached patience with him here, confident that he's not a dumb guy (which I still believe)--but he does not demonstrate many of the traits of an extremely successful person/businessperson--cant imagine him "swimming with the sharks", which he apparently has in the past (hard to amass an over billion dollar net worth otherwise)--but many of his actions as Dolphins owner are truly head scratching….

The movie obviously has the NFL's stamp of approval since it uses actual team names, logos, etc. They are quick and relentless about suing ANYBODY who uses them without permission.

As such, this is guaranteed to be a colossal dud of a movie.

and the fact that he does some of these things without then realizing that he must follow through, or look like a fool or phony at the very least, is also a little shocking--even if he doesnt realize this (hard to believe) who are his advisors? (in business, not regarding the Dolphins)?--doesnt he have some sharp attorneys, media/PR folks to give him some guidance on stuff like this?….."hey Mr Ross, you put that committee together some time ago, so can I contact its members and schedule a meeting for you"?--what billionaire, running a successful company, doesnt have that support system?

Couldn't Armando have found anything more interesting to write about today? I mean, I think there's a game later...not sure.

Maybe he's just steamed like many South Floridians that the "Arctic Super Bowl" they so hoped for to "teach the NFL a lesson" didn't materialize.

It's 50 in New York today and this will not even be the coldest outdoor Super Bowl.

So much for the weather being a big deal.

ragging on ross because he was trying to be proactive before the report came out.

How is that bad again?

If he did nothing you would rail him for sitting on his hands.Ask armando, has this team done anything right? Because i dont get that feeling from reading any of his "work"

Who give a shite about this story? honestly. At least Mando posted a blog topic but it is fairly useless. The report hasnt been announced yet. Once it does, then maybe the committee will meet. Why would you meet before knowing what all the problems are first?

This is a fluff story. Bring on the combine and free agency so we can start discussing who GM Hickey should go after...

WTF, this is only a "story" for the headless chickens here that react to ANYTHING written as if it's Armageddon.

For anyone even remotely rational and intelligent it's a total snoozer.


"Peanut Gallery"

See: Google

all you fools will get what you want someday. We will get a new owner, but he will be as pis poors the marlins owners have been and you will get what you deserve.

Bet when you wanted ireland fired anyone from the bucs was the last person in mind to replace him.

WTF, Ross is hands down worst Miami sports team owner. Compared to Ross, Jeffrey Loria(Marlins owner) is a savior.

This blog is poorly written, yet people are dumb enough to get upset over it. There are no quotes from the people directly involved, it does not even say if the info came from a source. Maybe after facts came out it was felt there was no need for such committee, maybe the people involved decided they did not want the added responsibility. Just too mush information missing on this one for me to fairly say Ross screwed up
They're Right. You're Wrong. Period., I agree with you on Tannehill. Will he ever be elite? No one knows that yet. But I will ask everyone this question……How did Miami get its 8 wins?

Just remember, the camel was the result of a committee that was supposed to design a horse. Enough said.

I'm a widdle too too twain! Toot! Toot!

if the dolphins do go to london they what would they be called ?

im thinking the london royals. ross could sit next to the queen elizabeth on game day. thinking we could have jason statham as qb and prince william at running back.

What makes you jesters think London wants this rubbish?
We have Manchester United and need nothing else!

Philbin made Dungy his Biatch.

Lotta other stuff that needs fixing on this team before the QB.
Tannehill's play would've been better had he been afforded the "luxury" the other 31 QBs in the league have, a starting quality LT. His bad pass protection cost them dearly, particularly on the deep routes to Wallace.
EVERYONE knew that after Long bolted to STL they'd have to address this need yet they
did nothing about it and plugged in Mr. Bullygate as if this was even a temporary solution. In the middle of the season, Eugene Monroe became available and again, they did nothing. Only after Baltimore traded for Monroe, they picked up an over the hill and notoriously out of shape Bryant McKinnie.
Great moves, and now this embarrassing hunt for a lame duck GM.
Congratulations to the whole organization, beginning with Ross, in making new moves that are more embarrassing than the last.




For anyone even remotely rational and intelligent it's a total snoozer.
Posted by: reality | February 02, 2014 at 01:25 PM

For anyone even remotely rational and intelligent this team is a total snoozer.

Posted by: ExposingTheFraud | February 02, 2014 at 02:31 PM


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