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Dolphins committees poorly planned, poorly executed

At the height of the Dolphins scandal involving Jonathan Martin and Richie Incognito, owner Stephen Ross announced the formation of two committees to address some of the problem he perceived to exist within his team.

One of those was to meet to set lockerroom standards for Dolphins players. It was supposed to include former Dolphins quarterback Dan Marino, former NFL Defensive Player of the Year Jason Taylor and former NFL coach Tony Dungy.

Well, that committee has no agenda. It has never met. There is no schedule to meet. And sources say it's possible that committee may or may not ever meet.

Members of the committee have not gotten even one phone call relative to information on the committee. They obviously have not been given dates for a first meeting or marching orders on the committee's workload.

In that regard, the follow-up to the committee's work has so far been similar to how it hurriedly came together.

Ross called members to ask (tell them) he wanted them on the committee one day before the committee was announced. Ross personally called at least two members and didn't even talk to them at first, but merely left voicemail messages saying what he planned.

The next evening on Nov. 11, Ross announced the committees and also announced he would meet with Martin. Ross also had not cleared with the NFL he planned such a meeting and upon hearing of the owner's plans, the league promptly steered him away from the meeting with Martin for fear it would interfere with the ongoing investigation.

Ross's meeting with Martin may also never happen. 


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I don't know Mark if the passing yard stats show a lack of a great passing game. Most of their drives were short field because of getting the ball on turnovers.

seattle against the mannings
this season
w/ 7 - ints

get off of a m
and blog someti'n

Ray, I did qualify in the least playing in a 4-3 defense, SF plays in a 3-4. Think Wagner is at elast as good as those guys. And Bowman is now better than Willis.

Darkoak, measured another way, Seattle leads the league in run to pass play ratio in the NFL - i.e. they pass the least in the NFL percentage wise. So considering they ranked 26th in the NFL in yardage they certainly do make the most of their opportunities. Like I said - not volumnous production wise but certainly efficient.

By the way, if oyu bought AAPL when I told you to on Jan 31, you would be up 2.37% like I am in a very soft market.

I'm too good...

seattle knew pop gun arm manning
can't throw deep "like tpuke" ,so they gave him
everything under neath
and pummeled the wr's,
just like tchoke did with
and Gibson
c mark, t puke could be the leagues best defender
in taking out playa's

Like Tom Brady did to his only receiver in Gronkoswki too, right clumpus?

Posted by: Mark in Toronto | February 04, 2014 at 12:01 PM

Exactly why the Russell "game manager" accusations are dumbfounding and total garbage. If SB48 did not show the doubters Russell's great "accuracy and efficiency". Just as a man with his plucked out, they are blind for life.

"Beast mode" rushed for less than 40yds. Yet, Seattle" offense efficiently scored 27pts. As an entire offense, they rushed for well under 100yds.

Ricky Williams could come out of retirement, skip training camp, and get stepped on and break his sternum on the first play from scrimmage, and still be our best RB by a factor of 17.


The NFL has never seen RB's as bad as ours...

He passed for 200 yards, 600 yards of total offense in three playoff games - two of which were at home. You don't win those games without a Herculean defense. That is the elite crew on that team.

He is exactly that - a game manager. When your offense is 26th in the NFL in passing yardage - you are not elite - you are not even top ten in terms of production. Not to say he won't be elite in the future - he isn't that now. The pass offense of the Seahawks was the only unit in the league to rank in the bottom part of the league in rankings.

Russel Wilson and the passing offense took a back seat on this ride.

Read that, understand that.

sorry, only unit on that team to rank in the bottom part of the league...

Posted by: Mark in Toronto | February 04, 2014 at 12:05 PM

See people, Mark is a true professional. World markets are collapsing and he's screaming, "BUY, BUY, BUY!!!"

But he's right you buy when the markets tank, sell when they're high. Investing 101. Gotta take the bull by the horns!

Ok Mr Know It All, never said he was "elite". Especially not in the accepted definition of the word. However, unmistakenly he does have "elite qb qualities" separating him from all the other qb's in his class. But I'm sure you will confuse that with me saying calling Wilson elite.

Plus, when you have an "elite running game", naturally you do not have to "air the ball out" nearly as much as teams that do not have an as dominant run game. 26th passing, duh?

Russel Wilson > Andrew Luck

The NFL has never seen RB's as bad as ours...

Posted by: Steve69 | February 04, 2014 at 12:19 PM

Do you mean this year, or the year we played the dynamic duo of Patrick Cobbs and Jesse Chatman?

Sam, never said Wilson didn't have the qualities that will make him elite one day. I also think Tannehill has that opportunity - as does RG3.

I contend the one guy who is the closest though - is Luck. because of all the young qbs, he is the only one who has shown that he can bear the brunt of the offense, be among the league leaders, and still minimize the mistakes. That is what the definition of elite is. he didn't do that in the playoffs though and that may be concerning to Colts fans - but in the regular season, he finished 12th and 15th in tersm of yards and Tds per game, yet managed to be 5th best in fewestturnovers per attempt. That is crazy impressive for a 2nd year guy.

Tannehill showed he could be comparable in spurts but was unable to do it over the entire year.

Jimmy Cefalo said we need 2 new RB's. He said none of our RB's can block, run, or catch lol

DC, that's how you do it, buy when it's selling and sell when they're buying. I was completely out of the market when it was at it's peak. Was frustrating but it was the right thing to do because the volumes were so weak...

That's why you fly around in a Gulfstream V Mark.

Oh yeah, not really DC. I was on the subway and had to avoid all the little asian people with no sense of personal space or manners in general in a public space this morning.

By the way, people, if you're going to take public transit inot the middle of a metropolis of about 4m people, try not to smell like azzzzz.

By the way, Dolphins were the topic of discussion for over an hour on sports radio up here. Of course the Martin/Cogs scandal. Though many still haven't learned the true facts (vs. the falsehoods), I have to say a majority of callers are siding with Cogs and saying Martin is soft.

Not sure what the NFL is waiting for. Let's get this out and over with once and for all.

in spurts but was unable to do it over the entire year.
mark, that's wet farts in his drawers
on game day spurts = henne
tchoke = henne
he's gonna spurt u
right out of
the post season mark

That's why I drive. Can't stand smelly people. When a middle-easterner gets on the treadmill next to me at the gym, I just close it down and go lift.

dc, it's
something bout' a doz, texts
2 phinz players going to smoke ganja
and they r waiting to put a nail is ross'
penis 4 the 2014 season.
the nfl is setting up a drug lab
at camp davie
just 4 the phins
lol but mostly fax.
how many playas.?
j mart just f'd it up 4 all of the
nfl, he'd better leave the country
no bull

Joe Philbin objects to Tony Dungy’s characterization of Miami Dolphins’ locker room

By Andrew Abramson

Palm Beach Post Staff Writer

Dolphins coach Joe Philbin objects to his locker room being portrayed as a sports version of “Animal House.”

Former Indianapolis Colts coach Tony Dungy raised the issue in a TV interview last week on NBC with Dolphins offensive tackle Jonathan Martin.

Dungy said he believed that Martin — who left the team Oct. 28 and accused teammate Richie Incognito and others of harassing him — could play again “in the right environment and not a place like the Miami locker room.”

Dungy said today on ESPN’s “Mike and Mike” that Philbin called him after the interview aired.

“I said I think Jonathan Martin can play but he’s going to need the right type of locker room,” Dungy said. “I did not think the Miami locker room was a good situation for him. Coach Philbin took issue with that and wanted to know what I meant by that. We had a discussion and talked about it.”

Last week Dungy said he listened to voice mails and saw text messages to Martin and said they were “racial, personal, attacking his family. It was a tough, tough situation. I couldn’t picture anything like this going on in a locker room I was involved with.”

But USA Today later obtained a transcript of about 1,000 text messages between Martin and Incognito. The messages, which USA Today posted Monday night, show that both players used offensive and derogatory language with each other.

Now, Dungy seems a little less certain about what happened to Martin.

“To be honest, I don’t know everything,” Dungy said this morning. “I know what Jonathan told me in the interview and what he told me when I was talking to him. There’s a report coming out probably in the next week and we’ll find out a lot of things that went on with both sides.”

NFL Media, citing sources, said the NFL’s independent investigation into the locker room scandal is expected to be released Thursday.

Dungy, might wanna check your facts before you make assumptions ding dong

Tannehill is on the same career path as Chad Henne. He's just as worthless after 2 dissapointing seasons.

Prepare for even more DOOM, dolphins nation!

No doubt the Dolphins locker room was out of control. J Martin is a hero for getting all locker rooms cleaned up throughout the league. Incognito belongs caged in a zoo.

Posted by: Rdubs | February 04, 2014 at 12:45 PM

I agree Dungy should've waited, but this is why we need this report out immediately. Stops people from making assumptions. Take the air out of that balloon by putting it all out for people to discuss for a few days, then it's over.

Do you guys think we get Hulk Philbin this year or Bruce Banner Philbin this year?

2 watt, nobody will want to play next to martin ever again... richie is going down that same path by releasing all the drug texts too...

I tell you who this exonerates....Ricky Williams! EVEN Jonathan Martin, a classics major at Stanford University smoked the wacky tobacky while with the Dolphins. So don't be dissing Run. Ricky. Run with the stigma of a pothead. It was the "culture" in Davie.

Team should change it's colors to red, gold and green. JAH RASTAFARI!

they both suxx

Lets pass around the chalice as we sing Jah's praise

Ireland was a jackass for bringing Incognito to the Dolphins and then for keeping him when coach Philbin wanted him gone.

ja mon!

I couldn’t picture anything like this going on in a locker room I was involved with

rdubs, whenever I see a quote like this, I want to punch my monitor. I was listening to a Jose Cruz Jr interview on the weekend. He said, by definition, you have to have a screw loose to play in the NFL. And with my experiences with NFL players I would have to agree. Hockey players, baseball players that I have come across are the most cordial and polite people I've met. Same goes with basketball players - but football players act like you are about to roll them for their Jordans when you come within 20 feet of them. I would think there is nothing unusual about the Miami Dolphins lockerroom. I mean the infamous Dallas Cowboys house that hosts drug and hooker parties (anybody have that address) has existed for HOW LONG now??

Incognito should be HC of this dolphin circus, he is a good man.

Posted by: Jay | February 04, 2014 at 12:57 PM

I would like to hear Parcells' take on that. It may just be that there were stronger leaders on the team during the Trifecta years (Long, Smiley, Pennington, etc.) and Incognito was not able to run wild. But under Philbin he's made a team leader. And there's no one on offense that can keep him in check.

The whole team was assembled wrong last couple of years, I blame the HC as much as the GM.


I read every text and dont think its a big deal. How are these horrible people? They like partying and women and dont mind paying for it? Mark, you think Richie had him a little brazillian she-dong while he was there?

This is obviously a friendship and Martin absolutely used it against Richie. You dont have to like Richie but he got stabbed in the back and you know this hurt his heart.

Jmart is a cold calculating puzzy...

Hickey signs for 2 years and Philbin has 2 years left on his contract.

Funny how no one was complaining about the run game when you were begging
Sherman to run the ball.
All we need is a big back to go with Miller.

Jonathan Martin is a back up. He can't bench which is why he can't push.

red, gold, and green colours... Lion as the logo .. certainly not a downgrade.

parcells, you mean teh same guy who enabled Lawrence Taylor to snort so much coke in season that he cracked Joe Theisman's leg like a chicken bone??

Or used to send hookers to the other team's hotel room on the evening before the game (ok, this one isn't so bad) - yes this is the guy we want to ask.

The whole team was assembled wrong last couple of years, I blame the HC as much as the GM.

Posted by: DC Dolfan | February 04, 2014 at 01:02 PM

Yeah, they all share blame. There was no control or supervision.

What the hell is the NFL going to mandate? That you can't talk and text raunchy shat to each other? That everyone must love one another and sing kumbayah on the hour?

After all those texts came out, from both sides, it's pretty clear that there is nothing to see here. You have a soft player in Martin with a very effective lawyer mother. He found a way out of the NFL without losing all the money, potentially. His plan has gone south but he will still probably sue and Ross may or may not settle. He wasn't tough enough for the NFL and he wasn't man enough to just go away without taking Incognito with him and dragging the Dolphins and possibly the NFL through his diaper drippings.

In Incognito, you have a boisterous, obnoxious, 300 pound man with the maturity of a 12 year old. He's rude and crude but he and Martin were buds. He was used. His only reported crime in this whole BS saga was a sexual harassment and assault on the woman at the golf course which he got away with, for whatever reason ... IF those reports are true.

There really isn't anything for the NFL to do here but since the media made this everything it wasn't, and we are living in these politically correct, fundamentally changed times, they are compelled to do something. So, here comes a scathing report from Wells and the new NFL rules and regulations for conduct and reporting that will follow. And they will surely be idiotic. They will also create a big opening to make it easier for the next Martin to pick up a large NFL paycheck without having to be the kind of tough that it takes to play in the league.

rdubs, I'm with you - the martin betrayal is the worst part of thsi whole equation. I know guys like Richie, heck i have a little Richie in me (not literally like the Brazilian she dong style - but symbolically) and if one fo my boys did this to me, it would rip my heart out. I feel for the big guy in that respect. You know Richie can be a jerk but he'd run through a wall for any of his boys.

Mark, DC & Sam,

Before the SB was played I told you all I felt the NFC Title game was in fact the SB. The 3 best teams in Football this Yr. were all in the NFC and you knew going into the Big-Dance that Peyton and his Twin Tower WR's along with T.E. J.Thomas would have to come up big! I felt Welker would then get singled underneath and this would be the one chance Denver had to open this one up some because while the starters of the L.O.B. were SOLID they were coming in without Browner a man short and Manning could exploit the #'s game spreading the field going into 5 wide formations with A.Caldwell also getting on the field forcing S.S. Chancellor to play closer to the line leaving Thomas alone on the back-end.

All for not because the 1st and most important aspect didn't happen which was Peyton playing a good game. I'm tired of the talk about how incredible the Seahawks played on D because it was the DUCKS Peyton was floating into the middle of the field that eliminating any chance Denver might have had in this one! The pick to Chancellor was a ball that floated into the middle of the field that D.Thomas layed off of knowing Chancellor was there, the pick that has annointed the inonymous SB MVP was another poor decision! These plays (and the 1st gift Safety) put this game out of any semblance of rhythm.

This game outside of the Denver O was a match-up NIGHTMARE for the Over-Matched Broncos and Manning layed the BIGGEST EGG of his career, BARR NONE! I saw him in a few games this Yr. (we all did) were he was under durress but got himself in his rhythm while throwing crispier passes! I won't say the weather because it was colder in the AFC Title game or maybe like Favre before him he simply can't survive the Yr. without his pre-existing conditions flaring up or simply a case of actual choking in the Biggest stage but because when looking over his career he does seem to save his very Un-Peyton like worst for these moments!

Grier, Richie didn't get away with anything. he paid damages. $200K for rubbing a woman's hoo-ha with a golf club - wow that's STIFF! (tee hee)

What the hell is the NFL going to mandate? That you can't talk and text raunchy shat to each other? That everyone must love one another and sing kumbayah on the hour?

Posted by: Grier | February 04, 2014 at 01:06 PM

Of couse not. What they will mandate is that racism, extortion, bullying, and discrimination against blacks, gays, or anyone else will not be tolerated.

Mark, but by all accounts, Taylor was a great teammate. He was dependable, made every else look good.

This is a different issue. Enabling drug use or looking past the oldest profession is one thing. Personally, I wouldn't care about that stuff as a HC.

What I WOULD care about is the disunion of my team (even if it's one player). Dissension.

Look, I'm like you, after hearing everything, the most blame for this entire situation has to be on Jonathan Martin. He's not cut out for the NFL, that much is clear. I doubt he makes it anywhere else in this league.

But this needs to open Philbin's eyes to how to best build a team. There needs to be camaraderie with players. ESPECIALLY within position groups. Just like the GM and HC need to be tied at the hip. These guys need to all LIKE each other. Philbin needs to WANT guys to come into his office and shoot the sh*t. He needs to bond with the players and ensure they are bonding with each other. That will create an atmosphere where it's possible to build a winning team.

I could care less about JMart. I do care that Miami creates the culture of winning Philbin keeps yapping about.

Peyton is 11-12 in the playoffs. Some people want to call him the best QB ever. ... I guess that wuld make marino #2...

Grier, Richie didn't get away with anything. he paid damages. $200K for rubbing a woman's hoo-ha with a golf club - wow that's STIFF! (tee hee)

Posted by: Mark in Toronto | February 04, 2014 at 01:11 PM


Again, IF what was reported was true, it was a criminal offense. So the woman took the money and didn't pursue criminal charges. He got away with one ... IF the story was as reported. That wasn't the point of the post anyway.

That's the thing DC, if a guy can perform you look past the drug use and the speeding and the drinking and the woman beating. i mean, it's not just LT here, the list of guys like that is long.

Miguel Cabrera
Brandon marshall got a teammate killed with his temper problems.

It comes down to one thing - if you can play - the victories are so scarce and valuable that you can get away with almost anything.

When you're just a guy - you are made an example of.

Once the locker room is cleaned up I'd take Jonathan Martin back at RT. He will be a long time starter IMO. His college coach Harbaugh says he'd like to have him.

Of couse not. What they will mandate is that racism, extortion, bullying, and discrimination against blacks, gays, or anyone else will not be tolerated.

Posted by: Jay | February 04, 2014 at 01:13 PM


Haven't been keep up? Or, just looking for an argument cause it's fun?

Or, maybe you are just the type that blames the tree when you run into it ...

DC, also I think there was comraderie. Richie was banging bicches and getting fooked with his boys - how do you bond more than that?

This is within Martin - there is no problem within the room that anyone has seen. just because martin says there is - that has to be the truth since he's the "victim"? I don't buy it. The team didn't do what we hoped they would do last year but they had great moments as well as bad. It was a wildly inconsistent team. All in all, i don't think i ever yelled as much in one season - good or bad - it seems this tema would make my psychotic every week.

Evidently Pouncey and Incognito were doing ecstasy at the strip clubs.

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