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Dolphins committees poorly planned, poorly executed

At the height of the Dolphins scandal involving Jonathan Martin and Richie Incognito, owner Stephen Ross announced the formation of two committees to address some of the problem he perceived to exist within his team.

One of those was to meet to set lockerroom standards for Dolphins players. It was supposed to include former Dolphins quarterback Dan Marino, former NFL Defensive Player of the Year Jason Taylor and former NFL coach Tony Dungy.

Well, that committee has no agenda. It has never met. There is no schedule to meet. And sources say it's possible that committee may or may not ever meet.

Members of the committee have not gotten even one phone call relative to information on the committee. They obviously have not been given dates for a first meeting or marching orders on the committee's workload.

In that regard, the follow-up to the committee's work has so far been similar to how it hurriedly came together.

Ross called members to ask (tell them) he wanted them on the committee one day before the committee was announced. Ross personally called at least two members and didn't even talk to them at first, but merely left voicemail messages saying what he planned.

The next evening on Nov. 11, Ross announced the committees and also announced he would meet with Martin. Ross also had not cleared with the NFL he planned such a meeting and upon hearing of the owner's plans, the league promptly steered him away from the meeting with Martin for fear it would interfere with the ongoing investigation.

Ross's meeting with Martin may also never happen. 


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This dolphins daily debacle is like watching my dream come true. Keep up the bad work guys!

Biggest day on the football calendar and Armando picks it to post very possibly his lamest and most non newsworthy blog entry ever.

Great job!!

Posted by: Julio | February 02, 2014 at 02:26 PM

Lots of excuses for Tannehill....hilarious.

What beautiful gowns will everyone be wearing to their Super Bowl parties??

Whatever you choose, even if it's just a simple (yet classic) black cocktail dress, I know that each and every one of you will look elegant, daring, and sexy.

TannePuke had the advantage over all the other rookies of knowing the playbook before he even got to Miami. And he still stunk. No accuracy, slow delivery.....

Certainly Mike Wallace would prefer Matt Flynn or Matt Moore as his QB.

You hit the nail on the head Dolfan Rick.

People who use terms like "TannePuke" or "Dumbocrat" or "Republicrap" all have one thing in common: They are morons incapable of expressing themselves like thinking adults.

Seriously, you all sound like eight-year-olds when you do that. Do you actually talk to other adults like that? I wouldn't know since I tend to hang out with people whose I.Q. is above "chair" and actually communicate as adults.

Non-story. Good job. Doosh.

What makes you jesters think London wants this rubbish?
We have Manchester United and need nothing else!

Posted by: Princess Harry | February 02, 2014 at 02:17 PM
For whatever reason, the Dolphins are one of the most popular franchises in England.
The "London Shulas." Has a nice ring to it.

Especially Matt Flynn CadillacDeVille.

Not excuses, facts, "fact"

When can i play wide receiver?
This NFL QB thing is not really for me.

I wish Ross would take his incompetent circus to London and stop embarrassing S Fla and ripping off the fans.

Why does all this stupid stuff happen? It's because Ross is a JOKE!! A TOTAL FARCE OF AN OWNER!!

Knowing a team in the AFC has to face opponents with Geno Smith and/or Mark Sanchez nearly makes my dreams come true !

Why does all this stupid stuff happen? It's because Ross is a JOKE!! A TOTAL FARCE OF AN OWNER!!
Posted by: Kevin | February 02, 2014 at 02:55 PM

Worst owner ever? Yes

I'm just glad the Dolphins didn't hire that knuckle-dragging Italian gorilla from the Pats.

Haven't we seen enough from those Guidos after Sparano, Olivadotti, and now Aponte?

Those mouth breathing greaseballs are only good for making ziti or manual labor that doesn't require any brain wattage. You hire them to cut tomatoes or polish your car, not run a damn NFL franchise!

Stupid salami smelling clowns.

I just took a Super BOWEL!

I have tremendous respect for what Ross has done in RE but he's a bumbling idiot as a team owner.

Posted by: CadillacDeVille | February 02, 2014 at 02:40 PM


There is a new OC and Lazor can help T-hill with his accuracy. However if that does not work perhaps Moore or another veteran picked up during FA will step in....Philbin knows his job is on the line.....somethings got to give. Wallace is worth a lot more to the Dolphins when a QB can get him the ball streaking down the sidelines.

Idiots. Armando just wrote a long rant about how much of a POS the Big Weirdo is. More than likely this committee is not needed. And even if it is, today is Super Bowl Sunday. The idiot that wrote this article should know that. He should also know that the report comes out next week and the Dolphins have at least 4 months to get the committee together and start taking action. His previous pat me on the back article was no longer producing so in typical Jack-A Salguero style he puts up a turd that will generate BHTs.


I just took a Super BOWEL!

Posted by: Will Post Pics on Facebook | February 02, 2014 at 03:02 PM

Let me guess, has a likeness to Rex Ryan and is the same color of Jets' home jerseys?

@ deity

.Armando is the best. Thats why he has the best Dolphin blog and was given the HOF vote. If you're obseesed with him maybe anger management classes would help.

Never really thought these window dressing committees would do any good and it turned out not to be about bullying in any case. Jmartin is working on an angle to get his pay off because he is a chicken bleep and can't play. The only bigger joke is Goodell's code of conduct. Like they don't already have clauses in their contracts regarding behavior.

Lots of Idiot posting going on today, Odin-Douche must be posting under different names.....
Wait, Strike that, it's only 3 pm, Odin wont be awake for another 2 hours...
Must be DB/DB4L/LOL/YG/YG4l or any other of a million alias he uses...


Did you get your nails done at the salon yesterday? I heard you were going with 'electric tangerine' this time, you little vixen!

Hey you guys. You wanna do something for me for free? Like sit on my committee to find out what a bunch of tools I have on my oline? I left you a voice mail 3 months ago about it.

Is Harbaugh available yet?


Posted by: LOL | February 02, 2014 at 02:34 PM

For a person with a screen name LOL, you're attempt at being funny, was an utter fail.

I'll be watching the Super Bowl tonight and thinking how well put together these two superb teams are. Then thinking how disorganized and dysfunctional my Dolphins are. And the fact that I'll never watch them play this big game in my lifetime! The problems obviously start with Ross. He needs to sell!

Not sure if it's been mentioned but maybe Ross is waiting until the full report comes out. Not trying to defend Ross because he really is one of the worst owners in sports, but I'm willing to give him the benefit of the doubt on this one until proven otherwise.

On an unrelated side note, and I've mentioned this before, but Miami needs to draft Eric Ebron...run a double TE set with him and Clay. Miami's offense would improve 30%.


Im getting stretched out, all loose and limber for the big game! Wish me luck. Say hi to your wife for me!


Mr Ross please contact the Chicago Blackhawks Hawks maybe they can help you learn how to run a professional team your actions show you have no clue.

So-- Rossie either bought a winning Powerball ticket or inherited the family fortune. No way he is saavy enough to make his personal fortune!

I hope the halftime show will feature owls being beheaded and urinating Norwegians.

The Blackhawks were a joke recently until the owner died and his son took over.

Doesn't matter anymore (committees meeting), the situation was solved when Ross replaced the genius GM who thought he knew better than the word on the street that Martin was soft. Same GM that thought he saw something in Clyde Gates, and Patrick Turner, and moved up to draft Daniel Thomas.

We now have a new guy, let's see if he's better than the last a-hole. And if he can get along with the HC who thinks he has the resume to go against the grain. Problem with that is if he fails, he goes back to being an OL coach.

DC I hope for the best but the half measures taken by Ross with the management and coaching on this team doesn't give me a lot of faith.

Him being less involved sounds like a better option right now.

There is nothing wrong with the Dolphins that a franchise QB wouldnt fix.

Everything about this team is pathetic.

As a fan since the Danny Thomas days, I can't help but look at the mind numbing scenarios that have unfolded over the course of the past few years. At one time, I respected Mr. Ross. Now, I sincerely wonder if Mr. Ross has ulterior motives.

Win, lose or draw, Mr. Ross makes money on the team. His success in other financial ventures may very well be par the course for the utter failure of this franchise as a necessity, in creative accounting terms. While not a loss by any means, it comes down to the paper pushers in New York.

Judging by actions, I believe Mr. Ross to be nothing more than a New York elitist dabbling in yet another financial venture to level out his holdings, with no regard to the tried and true processes to build a successful NFL franchise.

Actions always speak loader than words. His actions are contemptible, and should spark questions and doubt of his sincerity by the fans.

They were saying on the radio that Incognito's text messages could open up a new drug investigation on the Dolphin players. Ecstasy is evidently rampant at those strip clubs.

Anybody with a brain knew that these (committees) were a PR move. Just like suspending Incog without any investigation. It was all a public image thing which Ross thought he could distance himself & team from. Wrong again Ross.

Ross continually amazes me with his foolish mistakes. Why didn't Ross do the honorable thing by suspending BOTH players until the investigation was complete? Why was Incog suspended PERMANENTLY long before (we're still waiting) the report?

Why didn't he set up a panel to find answers for the failure of the team as a whole? Not just the so called scandal but the failure to have winning seasons and playoff runs. Why does he side with a inept HC? Why, why, why?

Why does he side with a inept HC? Why, why, why?
Posted by: cocoajoe | February 02, 2014 at 04:48 PM

Same reason he sided with an inept GM for 7 years. He doesnt know any better. And there'sv no burning desire to win inside Ross. Just a burning desire to pocket the money. Winning is not the priority.

Ross makes more money if the team wins.

When Ross only spends 70% of the cap he isnt even trying....

Ross please sell this team to somebody from South Florida!! Someone like you should be owning the Jets and screwing up that franchise! This team is in a tailspin and it's hard to keep my kids being Fins fans. Hank Goldberg was right was right when the Fins fans drove Shula into retirement. "You are going to live to regret it!"

Did we really leave 30% of the cap on the table this year? Do you have a link for that? I remember this summer us only having maybe 7 million left for in season free agent pick ups.


We were 29 million UNDER the cap this season. Only one team had a lower payroll than us in the entire NFL. Ask Armando, he has verified it. Or google it you'll see. And everyone wonders why we have no talent.

Great Miramar Dave the lawn man respects Steven Ross for his real estate ventures, i bet Mr. Ross will be elated to hear this terrific news!

We had enough cap room to pay Jake Long, Reggie Bush, Anthony Fasano, and Karlos Dansby!

And Dan Carpenter!

If you clowns behave, i will take out the orange carpet again for the 2014 season.

What are you people talking about? Garner is not basing her character on aponte. She spent time with the Cleveland browns capologist who is a woman named Megan Rogers.


Here Ross Blows this might help

What's this about Philbin being "confrontational" to Tony Dungy? Details anybody?

Posted by: offended? i don't care | February 02, 2014 at 02:46 PM
F ! U ! Eh?

Philbin is a really tough guy and feared by most.

There is nothing wrong with the Dolphins that a franchise QB wouldnt fix.

Posted by: Tony Nathan | February 02, 2014 at 04:19 PM
Fact ! Eh?

Seattles offensive salary is 69.6 mill and Denvers is 66.8 mill. Miami's offensive payroll was just 37 mill. You get what you (dont) pay for.

If their pissed now, wait till i enshrine Jeff Ireland into the ring of honor at the 2014 Monday night Vikings game.

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