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Dolphins committees poorly planned, poorly executed

At the height of the Dolphins scandal involving Jonathan Martin and Richie Incognito, owner Stephen Ross announced the formation of two committees to address some of the problem he perceived to exist within his team.

One of those was to meet to set lockerroom standards for Dolphins players. It was supposed to include former Dolphins quarterback Dan Marino, former NFL Defensive Player of the Year Jason Taylor and former NFL coach Tony Dungy.

Well, that committee has no agenda. It has never met. There is no schedule to meet. And sources say it's possible that committee may or may not ever meet.

Members of the committee have not gotten even one phone call relative to information on the committee. They obviously have not been given dates for a first meeting or marching orders on the committee's workload.

In that regard, the follow-up to the committee's work has so far been similar to how it hurriedly came together.

Ross called members to ask (tell them) he wanted them on the committee one day before the committee was announced. Ross personally called at least two members and didn't even talk to them at first, but merely left voicemail messages saying what he planned.

The next evening on Nov. 11, Ross announced the committees and also announced he would meet with Martin. Ross also had not cleared with the NFL he planned such a meeting and upon hearing of the owner's plans, the league promptly steered him away from the meeting with Martin for fear it would interfere with the ongoing investigation.

Ross's meeting with Martin may also never happen. 


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Marco I think you may be jumping the gun on Tannehill. Let's see what some competition and a new OC and QB coach do for him before writing a second year starter off.

Posted by: Darkoak | February 02, 2014 at 10:53 PM

Sure, you may be right. Maybe we should have given Beck more time ? Maybe we should have given Henne more time ? Thill gets this year and then thats his pass over and done with.

We have to use him, no-one who trade anything for him so he has to stay. From what I have seen, he isn't the guy for this team to win championships with. Unless you want to play for the big prize, then don't play atall. In my opinion he is a back-up QB. I said the same about Back, Henner and the same people got angry with me.

Posted by: Phyllo | February 02, 2014 at 10:56 PM


5th time that the top rated D faced the top rated O in the SB……top rated D has won 4 of those--any questions?

I'm not angry about people not liking Tannehill, he's played poorly often. I don't think Sherman did him any favours either development wise.

I like any competition at QB, but if any of you think Hyde has a chance at being an NFL RB you are sick. He is a walrus.

Posted by: stillhardcoredolphinsfan | February 02, 2014 at 10:56 PM

The LB's worry me too, as do the awful safties, however QB is the momst important position on the team. If we can agree on that its a start.

Even you as a Thill fan will have a cut off point on a player or coach. Im sure you may have wanted Cam to stay, or even given Beck another couple of years my friend ? I reach my point quicker than some, but then we are all different. We have waited 42 years since our last championship, why keep the wait going.

Philbin is my biggest problem with the team before Thill. Thill is the player Im most concerned about. The Wheeler and Ellerbe signings were terrible though and the coaches couldn't get the best out of them.

They're wasting their time with Tannehill. Thats evident to me but it seems like he may get another year of starting.

marco is not qualified to be a back up of a back up evaluator.

Marko. Back again.

My sources in the Dolphins organisation (?) just called and said that the Caserio dead is done. He has accepted the position and they are working out the details of the contract. News conference to be held Monday. Tuesday at latest.
Posted by: Marco January 25, 2014 at 10:09PM

Carserio (?) will report directly to Ross. Caserio and Philbin will make personel moves and Aponte will manage the cap and help to work contracts.
Posted by: Marco January 25, 2014 at 10:19PM

My sources are never wrong. They are within the Dolphins organization. The deal is done. Caserio is spending the evening in Miami to work out details of the contract. I am told Shula was contacted as a John Carroll alum.
Posted by: Marco | January 25, 2014 at 10:23 PM

Do not make me embarrass you with FACTS.....
Posted by: Marco January 25, 2014 at 10:35PM

My sources are never wrong. I stand by my statement. Caserio accepted the position and is awaiting contract details.
Posted by: Marco | January 25, 2014 at 10:28 PM

I am not a child. I am a grown European educated successful entrepreneur that has direct contacts in the Dolphins organization. Why do you think the Dolphins are playing in London next season?
Posted by: Marco | January 25, 2014 at 10:34 PM

Mr Caserio is still in Miami to work out contract details. Call the Hilton and ask for Mr Caserio.
Posted by: Marco | January 25, 2014 at 10:30 PM

Ok, ok I just called my people and they assured me that Caserio is in fact not the next GM. The job will ultimately be offered to Mr. Gaine. It satisfies the Rooney rule and keeps the team mgmt. status quo as Aponte and Philbin will share in the power. Seems like candidates do not like the power structure at present.
Posted by: Marco | January 25, 2014 at 10:37 PM

Posted by: Darkoak | February 02, 2014 at 11:09 PM

Sherman gave him his big break. He would have still been a WR and not eeven been in the NFL is it wasn't for Sherman. Thill had been in the system for 4 years and still couldn't use that to help him in the NFL.

Everything has been layed out for Thill to be a success and he hasn't made the most of it. When the protection breaks down a QB has to improvise. Thill goes fetal, they the football idiots blame the line for all of the sacks. The line takes the blame for some of them and the RB's too, but Thill has very little ability to keep the drive alive or aviod the rush on a CONSISTENT BASIS. Sure he has the odd play where he gets away from a tackle, but he rarely does this.

Hawks own the Broncos tonight. It's not the QB, eh?

ha ha ha ha ha ha lol ha ha ha ha MARCO

Posted by: NJPHIN | February 02, 2014 at 11:14 PM

At last someone with a brain. Its amazing how many smaller boys are on here waving the victory flag on the 24th rated QB in the NFL last year. Standards and IQ's on this blog have seriously fallen.

Posted by: Marco | February 02, 2014 at 11:16 PM

Excellent post!

Marco part of the problem is the system.

and part of the problem of the system is marco

Initially I defended Philbin but gotta say, we could've saved face and just gotten rid of everyone so as to attract a real GM with a blank canvas instead of what we have now. If we go 8-8 or 7-9 again, then what?
Not too keen on Coyle either.

This just in. Marco is a cackknocker ! Any doubts?


Freeman > Tannehill

Thats all from me douchbags, AKA Thill fans !!!

Oh aye, I would have responed to the quotes regarding the GM hire, but someone has gone to posting in my name again. Im flattered as always that you want to be me, I don't blame you. Go on and use my name now small boys. Never forget that Thill is awful as is Mr Philbin and that I will never relent in giving an honest opinion. Also never forget boys that you can't stop me !!!

With that I bid ye all, friend and foe, a fond farewell !!!

ETF is andy dick, ladies and gentlemen


Many of us saw your posts in real time. And there were more of them than just the ones posted above.

Come here, state your opinion, etc. Lying is another story.

I remember watching this clip from ESPN about the new approach Pete Carroll was implementing in Seattle. I thought back then Seattle was going to win it all.

Meanwhile in Miami we had a closeted despot who seemed to enjoy embarrassing players (like he did with 85 even though the player was at fault). We had a man in charge who preferred not to be the bigger person and let his personal rift with Ireland affect the team by more than likely ordered a code red. Please note I do not support Martin, but there is a more grown up way to handle the situation.

Our players here look nothing but inspired, always looking down when interviewed. Look at those Seattle players!!! And Philbin has the nerve to say "we are close"?

Ross is still at the root of the problem here by stubbornly standing by this crap of a coach we have. Look at the NFC West. Not too long ago they were the worst division in football, so what did they do? They all cleaned house. Ross is afraid of starting over, perhaps the truth is more like he WILL NOT LIKE to go over the whole process, it is tedious, who has time for that, etc. That is why there is no clean house here. He pretends to care, this post by Mando only confirms that. And he thinks by blindly throwing money he can fix everything.

Indeed we may have the worst owner in football, one that says all the right things (like after Bullygate) but then appoints a worthless committee. He is part Snyder, part Jerry, and worst of all and absent owner. Hate to be pessimist but I do not see Philbin leading this team to victory, this will be a waste of a season -again- and nothing will change until a)Ross decides to be involved for real, or b)He hires a czar figure.

We are f'd.

The media love affair with Peyton Manning is comical, look look he has the Super Bowl record for most completions!!...yes but he's down by 35 points in the 4th quarter....ROFLMAO
At least fox credited the dolphins with being 1971 Super Bowl Champions, i knew they 3peated in the the early 70's!

Yawn. No story here.

Oscar, did you see that superbowl, mi amigo? Que class juego! I bet Raul $1,000,000 chavitos that Seattle would win. Got him again! Respond when you have time, I sure do miss our conversations.

Saludos mi hermanito Oscy!

Wow Pete Carroll is 10 years younger than Philbin. Seems the other way around.

I meant 10 years OLDER.

Very true Ectoplasm, Joe Philbin is aging most dolphins rapidly as well!

dolphins fans.........

Hawks owned the Broncos tonight. Not the QB, eh?

we already know ross is a joke of an owner.....it almost feels like he is sabotaging this team for some reason.....(move?)

this team will be relevant when he sells....

1st things 1st.....SEASON TICKET HOLDERS....STOP BUYING/RENEWING/GOING to the games.

Let's all tinkle together today!

Forget any committe talk. Utter waste of time. This is about leadership or lack there of. Ross you own the team, you write the checks. You could scribble out a locker room code you expect or want and hand it over to Philbin, and the team captains. Let them know they are responsible for ensuring it is carried out. You want a profressional atmosphere where winning is the primary and only objective, meet with your players and coaches. Tell them ehat you expect and how you see it unfolding and what will not be tolerated. Quit having others do what you as the boss should do. You are a wealthy businessman. Issues of poor conduct have come up in the past. Look to your own experience, take a leadership class if you have to. End this maddness. Set the standard. Let your team and the NFL know where you stand. Let them know that your team will be the standard and not the butt of jokes. You may not want to stand tall, but you do have to take a stand.

the team we all loved is gone. it has been taken over,hijacked by a group of idiots led by a clueless owner. it really doesnt matter who we draft etc. ross needs to either sell the team or bring in a respected front office run by an honorable leader.


Kris (in Germany)

Posted by: ExposingTheFraud | February 02, 2014 at 08:11 PM

He is checking his latest height and weight measurements to report to the blog. You know he has never been bullied? Makes you wonder why he is a poozy, no?

Posted by: Si (en Toledo) | February 02, 2014 at 08:16 PM



Mark in Toronto, I hope you followed my advice and didn't bet on the Broncos...LOL!!

Pete Carroll was throwing the ball around with the team during warm ups.
Philbin is too much of a nerd for that.


60 minutes of @ss pounding for Manning and his Pony's....

Still want to turn your nose up @ the FINS Mr. Manning....

Peyton Manning....this era's Dan Marino...

The broncos took the embarrassment spotlight off the dolphins until the ted wells report is out on Thursday.

The players respect Philbin as much as they respect my battered bung(sphincter)

Denver's defense was atrocious during the regular season and just as bad last night.

HEY ARMANDO, please ask if we are stilk using Texas A&M's play book with the new

Congrats to the Seahawks for a complete domination of the Broncos and Peyton Manning. They beat them all across the field all night long. The 2nd year QB only had 205 yards in this dominant win. He played well, not trying to say that. But the fact is teams don't need to have a "Franchise QB" to win Superbowls.

I like Wilson but the fact is he struggled toward the end of the season and his playoff run was just OK. The reality is this Defense, the Running Game and a controlled passing game lead them to a Superbowl victory.

That should give hope to Fin's fans who, regardless of their feelings of THILL, are all well overdue for a Superbowl experience of their own.

Just Peyton being Peyton when the bright lights are on, same ole, same ole.
Brady still superior to Manning, proven over and over.

turn over differential reins supreme boys and Thill/Manning are the Choke Kings

Which record would P. Manning keep choose to keep over a 2nd SB victory....

Which one of Marino's BROKEN records....would he choose to keep for even one SB victory....

the bottom line....


Last night but a HIGE exclamation point on that!!!!!!

Would Belicheat and Brady rather have gone 9-7 and won the SB....rather than go 18-1....LOL....

Nod your head up and down....

records are meaningless.....

In what decade do we get a franchise QB?

records are meaningless and only important to those who do not win championships, right mr marino?

Marino's worthless records are all now broken and he still doesn't have a ring, He is the ultimate example of what a good QB with terrible defense it worth. NOTHING

is* worth

HOW LONG have I been telling this blog that it's ALL ABOUT THE DEFENSE? People need to listen! Defense wins championships. Who cares about your offensive output, your QB, your WRs. It's about dominating defense, that's the new NFL.

OK, for those that know me that was supposed to be sarcasm. I'm the "offense is all that matters" guy. And generally that holds true...unless you have one of the best defenses of all time (maybe THE best). But assembling that type of defense isn't easy. It takes a GREAT GM, working hand-in-hand with a GREAT HC, who has a GREAT DC to implement the system.

Simply put, don't look to Miami to duplicate that defense any time soon (for those that say that's a blueprint how we can win). We don't have any of those pieces (other than some of the personnel).

I thought
tchoke played 4
the phinz
not broncos?

@DC Dolfan, How come Marino doesn't have a ring??

wow. most comp.
by a qb of any sb
hey mark. lets throw a parade 4
yiiiiippppeeee ccccayyyyyyyeye mo fo
most comp's.
woooooo hoooooo.
statz yo axx

@ DC Dolphin, how come Jim Kelly and Andre Reed don't have a ring??, and Trent Dilfer does??

@DC Dolphin, how come the Pats went 17-0 and then lost the Superbowl to the Giants(Defense)

@DC Dolphin, you are a clueless moron

Marino's worthless records are all now broken and he still doesn't have a ring, He is the ultimate example of what a good reg sesaon QB thats a huge choke artist gets... NOTHING

2 Watts is on a roll, lol

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