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Dolphins committees poorly planned, poorly executed

At the height of the Dolphins scandal involving Jonathan Martin and Richie Incognito, owner Stephen Ross announced the formation of two committees to address some of the problem he perceived to exist within his team.

One of those was to meet to set lockerroom standards for Dolphins players. It was supposed to include former Dolphins quarterback Dan Marino, former NFL Defensive Player of the Year Jason Taylor and former NFL coach Tony Dungy.

Well, that committee has no agenda. It has never met. There is no schedule to meet. And sources say it's possible that committee may or may not ever meet.

Members of the committee have not gotten even one phone call relative to information on the committee. They obviously have not been given dates for a first meeting or marching orders on the committee's workload.

In that regard, the follow-up to the committee's work has so far been similar to how it hurriedly came together.

Ross called members to ask (tell them) he wanted them on the committee one day before the committee was announced. Ross personally called at least two members and didn't even talk to them at first, but merely left voicemail messages saying what he planned.

The next evening on Nov. 11, Ross announced the committees and also announced he would meet with Martin. Ross also had not cleared with the NFL he planned such a meeting and upon hearing of the owner's plans, the league promptly steered him away from the meeting with Martin for fear it would interfere with the ongoing investigation.

Ross's meeting with Martin may also never happen. 


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Thank goodness Marino got married in 1985, if not then no rings whatsoever!
Of course after recent developments the past couple of years that ring may be in jeopardy!

Mando, and you think we are surprised at these developments? Ross=putz.

Manning looked like Marino did at playoff time.

Posted by: Odin's Battered Sphincter | February 03, 2014 at 08:36 AM

How come Aaron Rodgers has a ring? How come Drew Brees has a ring? If you understood my post, you would have understood why Dilfer has a ring (because he played on a team with one of the best defenses ever).

But in RECENT history, teams have used offense to win championships (like the ones I mentioned). That's not a 100% guarantee, there's always exceptions. It's called a trend.

My overall point is if you expect Joe Philbin to understand what is needed to create one of those dominating defenses, then you probably don't know Joe Philbin.

Manning looked like Marino did at playoff time.

Posted by: CHOKE CHOKE | February 03, 2014 at 08:42 AM

At least Manning has a ring!!

2 exceptions does not make a rule Mr. DC Dolphin. And I don't think anyone has any misconceptions about Failbin, he's a complete loser until he proves otherwise.

Manning just showed us that Tom Brady is the best QB ever.

Posted by: Odin's Battered Sphincter | February 03, 2014 at 08:49 AM

Obviously you're just an ignorant troll who has reading comprehension problems. You're one of the overnighters who lives in your mommy's basement and wear a tinfoil hat, so I'll leave you to your own fantasies and I'll continue my conversations with the adults on the site. Goodbye little boy.

@DC Dolphin, The Broncos had the BEST OFFENSE in history this year. They DIDN'T win the Superbowl

Your philosophy is extremely flawed my son. That means I own you when I call you MY SON

I have a battered sphincter and I still make more sense that DC(Dip Chit) Dolphin


Philbin will never be Pete Carroll. Thill will never be Rusell Wilson and Hickey will never be John Schneider. Ross has assembled a truly weak bunch that hasn't got the energy. skill or fight in them it requires to be a winner.

We have Charles Clay and Grimes who are the kind of guys that you can build with. Dan Campbell is our best coach and after that its not too encouraging. Our roster isn't too bad but at the key positions, GM, HC and QB we really look pathetic.

DC Dolphin, 2 exceptions does not make a rule. You have no basis or facts to back up your ignorant and extremely flawed philosophy

@DC Dolphin,
you can always tell when a liberal is losing an argument because they resort to name calling and unqualified enuendo's

Our roster isn't too bad but at the key positions, GM, HC and QB we really look pathetic.

Posted by: Marco | February 03, 2014 at 09:01 AM

Not to mention a cheapskate clueless owner.

@DC Dolphin,
You never made a case to back up your weak and unreliable argument. You have no basis or substantiating facts to back up your flawed stance, instead you call me names and make up lies

DC Dolphin = your typical intellectual sports enthusiast

@DC Dolphin,
Sparring with you is like sparring with a pair of empty pajamas, lol

Careful guys, we wanted Ireland out and look what we got.....we let go someone who had us at .500 for someone who was 28-52 the last 5 years...we seriously downgraded ( I never thought that would be possible since we had Ireland)

Losing on caserio because this clown wanted to keep the dawn joe was one of the worst move this franchise has ever done. Caserio was the answer, a powerful GM that could right this ship, instead the clown preferred to keep a capologist witch and a very average at best coach

The fact that caserio wanted to get rid of the coach should tell you something right there...I mean the guy lost twice to a third string qb, a winless team and then just watched how we lost the last two game withouth any adjustment of any kind

Same as Sparano and Ireland, Ross just take way to long to realize that the guys he thinks they are good are really not

And now we don't even have the go gogo to laugh about

Marco, that's my point. It would be nice to believe Miami will get better, but on either side of the ball have you ever seen a Dolphins team that looked like they "got it." Seattle's defense gets "it." They know where they need to be, know their role and how they fit into the whole, they all seem to have football savvy. Last time I saw that on a Dolphins team was the offense in '08 (and not to the extent of Seattle). But they knew how to play within themselves, knew their limitations, knew what they had to do to win. Some of the Zach Thomas/JT defenses were pretty good at football savvy, but that's probably the closest we've come since Marino.

But it isn't all on the players, it starts with the FO, and unfortunately this team has been let down by the FO, who is more interested in office politics and power grabs than they are the product on the field.

OK, maybe I'm missing the boat,(wouldn't be the first time) but why does the ineffecitveness of these committees matter? Obviously bullgate was a non story which is why this committee has seemed to dissolve itself.

If this isn't the point, someone please enlighten me.

I'm much more concerned with the footing the Dolphins will have in the free agent market - hoping it's as strong as last year.


So what do you think of this crazy thought. I figure all we can do is speculate for 6 months. So here I go. I dont know about you guys, but dont you think Seattle wont be able to pay all these players on their defense. So I say we trade a 2nd or 3rd pick for Chancellor and sign him to a nice fat contract. I think he and Reshad could be a great duo!

Why can't people just except what I say as gospel, why must my ignorance be questioned, don't they know who I am??

DC, exactly, this Seattle defense was on par with TB, Baltimore, and teh 85 Bears. We only see this type of defense once every ten years or so - sometimes even less. It is truly an awesome thing to see.

It's not often you have a Qb that is a total passenger - only ammasses approx 200 yards of offense per playoff game and you coast right through.


I'm like you - I think the good to great offense led by a qb is your best bet for sustained success.

Even this defense by history will probably prove never to eb this good again.

hey 2 watt, in my defense, I'm also the same guy that says turnovers are the only stat that really matters... that was proved right yesterday.

Mark, Mando is trying to portray how everything Miami does is half-*ss. I'd agree that this no longer matters, but then don't rush out and form a committee if you haven't even gotten out all the information to what said committee is supposed to do. It's just another sign of the owner stepping over his own feet. Once can be forgiven. Twice could be a bad start. But more than that becomes eyebrow-raising. ESPECIALLY if you're not counterbalancing it with what you do on the field.

If we made the Playoffs, non-story. It's still a non-story somewhat, other than giving more fuel to the "perception" of a bumbling owner and dysfunctional team. Won't go away until we win something.

Mark, mando is just trying to paint the picture of the continued dysnfunctionalness of the Dolphins, great winning orgainzations do not have the issue our fromt office has

rdubs, Seattle already signed him to that fat contract. he's going nowhere.

One player on Seattle that may be pried away though is right tackle Breno Giacomini.

Seattle's roster is really funny. They have two great first round picks in Thomas and Okung and the rest weere seemingly found in the nether regions of the draft. My brother in law seahaws fan's biggest compaint is that the Seahawks stink at picking in the first round - his complaint - not mine.

When you pick apart that roster - we haven't seen a streak of hitting all of the draft like that in a long, long time.

Posted by: Rdubs | February 03, 2014 at 09:28 AM

Anyone tell Philbin that if you can get a player ready by year 2 to make an impact, you're basically getting talent for free (since rookie contracts are not huge)? Sorta why rookies should be playing? They have the most bang for the buck.

But I guess some people like their old ways of doing things.

Guess the old sayin holdes true.

Defense wins championships!!

Man Chancellor was all over the field. Thomas making plays everywhere. Manning didnt even try Sherman by far the best DBs ive seen all season!

Get rud of Clemmons he makes no plays at all and had bricks for hands. We need new LBs and S? Im iffy on Jones he really regressed last season

Ray, DC, it just seems like kicking sand on a guy that's already down.

I still think that Harvin contract kills this Seattle team..Mcdaniel is gonna get paid,Michael bennett is gonna get paid, Richard Sherman is gonna get paid. Seattle should be interesting over the next couple years. They will need to draft well, cuz they cant keep all these guys. This was Denver's chance this year. I dont see Decker or Moreno coming back.

ross may finally "wake up" when the stadium is empty on game day.

Mark, I cant disagree with you there but we all know Mando likes to tell it how it is. Hes not bias towards the Dolphins.

DC, Philbin is a stubborn man, the rookies should of played a lot more snaps. So i guess next season will really be there rookie season. Look at Egnew this will be his 3rd year an he hasnt done anythin besides getting blown up as a FB. Smh


Wilson is nobody's passenger....he brings LEADERSHIP and PLAY-MAKING ability to go with an accurate arm, and athletic feet....

the SB CHAMPION QB is LIGHT YEARS ahead of the guy you uou wasn as the FINS QB....

Sorry for so many CAPS....but c'mon...."passenger"....

he has only "ridden" himself and his teamates to the MOST WINS by a QB in two years time....

Good reporting.

You could sum up all of the information re this season, team and how it is managed just by saying they lack leadership.

Sad. I see no reason for optimism with this team until the owner sells or dies.

Wilson is an elite QB! Hes far superior than Tannehill in every aspect that makes a QB great. Its not even close. Does Wilson have the better team by far! But hes also the wayyy better QB

So what does everybody think of Philbin calling Dungy and getting pissy with him? I for one like how Philbin called him and told him he didnt appreciate his remarks. I really hope we get angry Philbin this year and it leads to an angry Dolphins team. Will it happen, probably not, but this is the time to hope for grander things. When September rolls around, my team will be there to let me down LOL


What Wilson does well is limit turnovers. If Tannehill just did that, he'd really help himself. But we all know this.

Kris, you can write all you want but it's not going to change my mind. He was a passenger. I mean the team scores 43 points, is he even in discussion for the MVP yesterday which they almost always give to the Qb by default it seems.

Chris Clemons
Kam Chancellor
Bobby Wagner
whatever his name was that won the mvp
percy harvin

All in the running for MVp before Wilson.

Am i the only one who noticed when the game was close in the first q, it was Wilson's offense that was one for three in the red zone. Guy was the modern day Trent Dilfer in these playoffs. he may one day develop into one of the greats but he is as far as our QB is right now from being so.

It was his leadership that produced a safety and two turnovers in the first quarter? come on man...

All his production came when his team was already up by 26 points in the 2nd half.

It's not just me that was saying so, Boomer Esiason on the radio commentary did comment on how in that spell in the 2nd half was the first time all playoffs we saw Wilson operate like an excellent qb - and he also did throw in that it must be a lot easier when your team is up by 26.

Now people will get mad, kick and scream, and call me names, but it won't change my opinion one bit.

this year, 2013, Payton Manning and the Bronco's had the greatest Offense in the history of the NFL. The Greatest Offense ever lost to a great defense.


9 interceptions isnt bad, but Russell had 10 fumbles, so he does kind of turn the ball over alot

DC, what the Seahawks do well is limit Wilson's attempts. he's actually quite bad in fumbling and throwing interceptions. he had a fumble or turnover to apss attempt ratio of 4.7% this year (23rd in teh NFL). League average is about 4.1%. he only attempts 25 pass attempts per game (37th in the NFL) - right about where he was yesterday. This isn't new with him, it's been their blueprint all year.

I think Philbin always worries about the wrong thing. When he should have worried about his team 1st year, he was worried about trash on the field and Vontae needing to use the bathroom. When he should've worried about leadership, he was worried about not being second-guessed by Dansby, Long, Bush. When he should've worried about getting to the Playoffs, he was in a power war with Ireland. Now he's worried about what Dungy is saying instead of worrying about his OL, his QB, his defense, his relationship with the GM, the offensive philosophy and how to keep his job past this year.

Philbin doesn't have the time to worry about any of that. And I thought he doesn't pay attention to the media (he said he never watched Hard Knocks)? Win something, then you'll have defenders of your "reputation" and you won't have to defend yourself.

So I hate the fact he got pissy with a future HOF HC. Trust and believe, Philbin's done NOTHING as of yet to show he might one day be held in such high regard as Tony Dungy.

rdubs, haven't heard of this Philbin eruption, please enlighten.

Why is everyone talking down to DC Dolphin like he's an Idiot?


I thought Wilson should have been in the running for MVP....but you are right....the commentators never really mentioned him...

Wilson hit his recievers instride on deep passes...and even made vetran throws...like the 1st TD pass he threw....a novice might think that was a bad pass...but a slightly more trained eye can see he was throwing the ball as soon as the defender turned his back....most likely like he has practiced a 1,000 times...that was a pre-snap read....maybe even a personnel read....bottom line....he knew he had that play....

I'm not here to down Tanne (today)....

I just don't get how you can try and find a way to down Wilson....especially on today....

Barry Jackson ‏@flasportsbuzz 23h

So Dungy asks Martin why he didn't tell Philbin about bullying;Philbin then makes somewhat confrontational call to Dungy,per C. Mortensen.

Dungy never blamed Philbin for the episode, so there's no reason for Philbin to be bent out of shape enough to confront Dungy.

Philbin, as Mort reports, believes Dungy was blaming him. A)Dungy never said anything like that.B) If he did blame him, that's Dungy's right

Agree with those saying Philbin has every right to call Dungy.Just not sure why he was worked up about it to call,when Dungy didn't rip him.

Kris, I love Wilson's mobility. It's so helpful when guys aren't getting open or he's getting pressure. That mobility balances any fumbles he may have. I'm impressed with the kid. Though I agree he looks a lot better when he has that defense and doesn't have to do much. Doubt he could be on a team like Miami and put the team on his shoulders and get better results than Tannehill.

why a commity to determine Martin is not a good player and a baby who could not take the fact that he failed at playing football at the NFL level!!!!!

this blog is a commity(comedy). I have fun here


i think Wilson does a lot of things well. and you don't win like 28 of your first 35 or so games by accident or luck...or riding a long....

Don't forget...he hung 50 on MULTIPLE occassions last year.....so he is highly capable big performances....and high scoring...

Yes...he took a slight step back this year....but I (and i'm sure others) thought he might...his hight is a factor....and teams with a year worthof tape will try and play him different....and they did....

I will still take 200 yards and a SB win any day over...4,000 and 8-8...

Gibson, Wallace, Hartline = real wide receivers

Denver WR's = frauds

Seattle's secondary = Giants

Philbin cue cards and horrible in game adjustments = hot seat

Who said there's no talent in this years draft when the Super Bowl champs have 21

Kris, I'm not going to say Wilson is awful or will never be elite. I am only commenting on him today and his role in the Seattle offense today - this year.

He was the epitome of the game manager - but so were Brady and Rothliesberger their first years in the league. Flacco and Matt Ryan too actually. Nothing to say he can't develop. Actually it's quite shrewd to handle a young Qb this way because they just don;t ahve the maturity to handle a full NFL offense at this stage in their careers. But one thing in Wilson's favour is that he is extremely productive for a game manager. But as yet - he is not shouldering that team - that is the only thing I'm concluding on today. I take issue with those saying Wilson is among the best qbs in the game because he doiesn't have to take on the same volume as so many others around the league. You can't be the best qb if you don't do the most.. my opinion.

Our coach has different ideas on how to handle our young qb - it may or may not pay off down the road - only time will tell.

I will still take 200 yards and a SB win any day over...4,000 and 8-8...
- Kris

Everybody would but you can't crown the qb for the accomplishments of the run game or defense - both of which were unwordly.

It's like Miami having the best run defense and crediting Nolan Carroll.

I have a couple of questions and it's off topic, but so what. When a sphincter is the subject of a post/posts in every single blog entry, nothing is really off topic here.

Was that the Dolphins in Bronco orange last night?

I don't know if the Dolphins would have been throttled and worse than Denver was. Does anyone think it would have been something like 77-3 had Miami played Seattle last night? ... or does 43-8 seem about right?


Just ask the following non-elite super bowl winning QB's:

Jim McMahon
Mark Rypien
Jeff Hostateler
Doug Williams
Brad Johnson
Trent Dilfer
Russell Wilson

Grier, I thought Jim Kelly and the Buffalo Bills hi-jacked those Denver unis yesterday to take one last shot at glory...


Since QBR measures the QB play in the 'clutch' there is no clutch unless the game is close.

Accordingly the teams with the best defenses have the teams with the highest QBR simply because every opportunity is 'clutch' when the game is close.

ETF, you shoudl mention that the mcMahon bears, Brad Johnson Bucs, Jeff hostetler Giants, and Trent Dilfer Ravens, and Russell Wilson Seahawks were each the QB of the team that had unwordly defenses.

With our DC, we will never have the chance even though we have most of the pieces.

We better find a way to get Tannehill at least close to top ten and find a run game if we hope to have a chance in the next few years...


If your QB throws the go ahead TD in the 4th and then the defense holds then the QB is 'elite'.

If your QB throws the go ahead TD in the 4th and then the defense gives it back then the QB is a bum.

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