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Dolphins respond to Jordan, Wake, Wallace trade rumor

Let's clear things up:

The Dolphins have begun shopping defensive end Dion Jordan to gauge his trade value, CBSSports.com reported today.

That's false, a Dolphins source just told me.

The Dolphins are open to trading receiver Mike Wallace and are gauging interest in him around the league, CBSSports.com reported today.

That's false, the same Dolphins source just told me.

The Dolphins are open to trading Cameron Wake, CBSSports.com reported today.

That's false, the same Dolphins source just told me.

So what we have here is an issue of credibility and integrity. Do you believe CBSSports.com? Or do you believe the Miami Dolphins?

I know my source.

I'm going with the Dolphins.

As to news that is actually true, the Dolphins hosted free agent safety Louis Delmas on Friday. Delmas, who attended high school in Miami, is available because he was cut by the Detroit Lions on Feb. 13.

He is a smart player. He is a two-time Pro Bowl alternate. He has battled injury issues.

The Dolphins are looking at cheap safety help because Chris Clemons is an unrestricted free agent and will test the market.


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Who is the silliest troll:

1. Nat Moore
2. Zonk
3. Monte
4. They are all the same dude with dirty underwear.

I liked Ireland as a fair to good talent evaluator but I really didn't know he was that toxic until last year when I began to suspect his rift with Philbin. From then on, only more evidence mounts daily that he was very toxic to the Team's atmosphere. Ross was right in letting him go.

I've never seen a worse talent evaluator than Ireland. A blind monkey throwing darts at a dartboard would've done far better.


The problem with the team is leadership from the top down.

Ross was unable to outright fire Ireland even though any other owner would have. He offered him a lesser role. Philbin did not want to fire his buddy Sherman, even though he deserved it.

This team needs new leadership from top down. These sissy boys are going nowhere.

Ross' way to get rid of Ireland doesn't matter, Tazman. The fact is that Ireland is not here anymore. Tell me, do you think Ross was right in getting rid of Ireland?

Hey Fang, you must be one of those people who believe everything the media tells you. You need to educate yourself about the NFL and how it works. There is more than enough evidence out there suggesting that the NFL controls the outcome of games. I know what I'm watching every week is not a game, sometimes its in our favor, most of the time it is not. Do you know why the 49ers became good 3 years ago? Two words. Luxury boxes. I was just trying to prove a point about the fan bases. fan bases do not have a direct correlation to money. Also, do you know that the 32 NFL teams are all parts of one whole? Like McDonalds, all of their restaurants work to contribute money to the company, the NFL. The NFL is set up the same way. The NFL wants you to think that there are 32 separately owned teams competing against each other for profit. Not the case. Also, legally the NFL is considered "entertainment". because it is considered "entertainment" , they are allowed, BY LAW, to determine the outcomes of games as they like. If they were legally considered a "sport", they would not be able to do this. Its all about making money. personally i would like to watch some different teams competing for a championship each year, instead of watching the same money making teams duke it out every year. the NFL has become boring. How many times can you watch the same 6 teams play each other in the playoffs? i know there is turnover in the 4-6 seeds every year, they want you to think there is parody, but there isn't. the same teams are allows at the top. the pats put the worst team on the field for them in years, and they still went 12-4. what a joke. oh yeah, almost forgot, Robert Kraft and Roger Goodell are best friends.

And Tazman never answered...

Ross is another owner like Huizinga was that had other outside business interests that he focused on.Dont you remember that Wayne said the same thing to the media the part about hiring good people and letting them do their work.How did that work out.
This franchise has been in disarray long before dumbo ears arrived.The team had better results back then because they had players named Marino Duper and Clayton.
But Wayne H wasnt free spending enough to surround a hall of fame qb with other players to get the ring.
Ross has a worse situation now and if he dosent do anything to allviate it this team will flounder for years.

Tazman, Tazman?....


Ross should have flat out fired him back when he fired Sparano, and then again after the last game of the season. He didn't, he was too weak. Instead of firing him like a man in charge, he offered a toxic employee a lesser role, which would have only made him more toxic.

Do you get my point finally?


yes tazman just like he should of flat out fired philbin when he fired ireland. another wasted season coming up

Greg, I don't see how the 9'rs getting luxury boxes make the other teams play worse. Nobody believes the media less than me so please don't go that route on me.

Son, you are doing a disservice to Armando. Those are too long a posts that take up space and that most here would'tt read. Use synthesis.


1 + 1 = ?

That too dusty. Ross procrastinates and worries about appearances. It always seems to backfire on him.


luxury boxes are expensive. if the team isn't good, the luxury boxes aren't filled. the NFL wants those luxury boxes filled. so, they make the 9ers a winning team. luxury boxes don't make other teams bad, it makes the NFL benefiting from the 49ers being good. get it. the is an article out there called " the NFL is fixed for profit" google it. it was written by a 10 year vegas handicapper. good stuff. that will explain it all.

greg at least support your comments without referring me elsewhere. How does the NFL make a team better? Do they control the draft? The free agents? Old fashioned game fixing?

greg you must realize, if you are referring to any article anywhere, that too is media. The media is a game of tricks played on all sides. The side you like is not likely to be any more real than the side you don't like

There is a disorder of thought form in Psychiatry called circumstantiality, where the patient talks and talks for a long time to get to the point, if ever they do. Those who possess that are fukkked as nobody will pay then the attention they need, except me.

I get it tazman. games are easily controlled through holding and pass interference. i mean, don't you watch games a lot of the time and say " what the hell is going on"?

do you ever feel like the announcers are rooting against the dolphins? its because they are. jim nantzs' checks are signed by robert kraft. robert kraft is Head of Programming at CBS.

Do you believe announcers have a bearing on the outcome of games?

Tazman, you want to win both sides of the argument. You say Ross was right in getting rid of Ireland but he should have done it sooner and not in the way he did it. But the fact remains that Ireland, the toxic element is gone as he should be. It is obvious that you do not like Ross either. Who do you like in the Dolphins Organization?

Hope these rumors are not true. It would be stupid to trade ANY of the above and would tick off a lot of other fans. Not to mention how the players must feel. I have little to no faith in the way the Phins are being run right now.

oscar, like or not like has nothing to do with anything. Results count. Yes Ireland is gone. Ross would have earned an ounce of my respect if he just flat out fired him with no discussion, as was warranted.

I'm not impressed remotely with the dolphins FO, I believe the team will go nowhere as long as Ross is in charge.

You did not answer me, Tazman, you are going around in circles on me now. Again, Do you like anybody in the Dolphins organization?

There must be somebody competent in the Dolphins FO, I mean?

Are you angry at the Dolphins, Tazman?

Hope these rumors are not true. It would be stupid to trade ANY of the above and would tick off a lot of other fans.
Posted by: Bad Phans | February 28, 2014 at 08:58 PM

There arent a lot of fans left.

I stopped reading CBS Sports reports nearly 2 years ago. A better name for that media organization would be "CBS Rumors Gone Wild".... Miami just signed Wake to an extension. They like and need him. Wallace, because of his contract, is pretty much a non-trade-player. Besides, Miami needs to keep his speed on offense. With only one year we still know nothing about how Tannehill and Wallace will develop. It generally takes at least until the second season for guys to jell. And Jordan..? What? Are you crazy..? Jordan represents what happens when an aging Wake is gone. Vernon, Jordan and Shelby are the future at DE in Miami... It is one of the few positions aside from wide out we are pretty much set at.

Oscar..I believe Dawn Aponte is a strong competent woman. I like her. Not sure I am impressed with anyone else. Certainly not Ross or Philbin. Hickey..too soon to say.


It's even worse if the trade story is untrue.


What a bunch of idiots.

That's not what I asked you in my last question, Tazman. Are you angry at the Miami Dolphins Franchise?

Did you see the photo of Hickey posing with the whole front office? It looks like Dawn has boob pressed against his arm.

By my count: the score is now about 5-0 , Greg and "The ''Nos" over Taz :-)

Oscar do you drink a lot?

Also, do you realize I am not here to prove anything to you? You are a bit dense. You keep bringing up the angry issue, not me, therefore the anger is within you.

Surely any psychoanalyst would see this.

How could anyone be a fan of this team?

The fact is, they should be shopping all the above. Because by the time it will take for Ross to understand Philbin is/was a mistake well, you get the idea. Right? Right?

HoHo! 6-0. GN.

By the way , guys , I moved to Chicago from Pompano Beach in the late 80's and have thus been forced to watch Bears games for the past quarter century . . . you want to talk about rigged ? Almost every time the Bears are in a tight game that goes down to the wire in their home stadium , a critical penalty will be called against the opposing team (usually on defense) in the final minutes , to help the Bears win an extra game or two every year.


The Dolphins look incompetent again.

i agree that Jordan will be a good player. But where does he play. Do you sit Wake? Do you sit Vernon? They love Misi where he is. It made no sense to spend picks to move up and take a player that has no place to play as a starter. Even Coyle is still saying they dont know how they will fit him in the defense. That is crazy for the number 3 pick in the draft.

Maybe it does make sense to move him and get a first round pick and move up and get one of the top tackles in the draft like they should have done last year. In fact the top three tackles in this years draft are supposed to be rated a lot higher than last years top three.
I know we wont get the third pick in the first round back. We didn't get back what we gave up for Brandon Marshall either but thats jeff Ierland for you.It's the price you pay to Correct the past mistakes and get a Much needed tackle and trade the guy who has no where to play.............

Or trade Wake and hope Jordon is as good as he is billed. It would be pathedic if the third pick of the draft takes three years to become a starter after what we gave up to move to the third pick and the money he makes.

Surely any psychoanalyst would see this.

Posted by: Tazman | February 28, 2014 at 09:28 PM

oscar's been celebate for 47 years he cant see chit


Making such a powerful statement in support of homosexuality would represent very well on the city of Houston.

Oscar runs when challenged. The weak are weak.


Kristina and Darkoak are not here right now. Come back later.

Good job, Salguero.

You didn't have to defend the Dolphins.


I get it. LaConforta has been spewing ignorant rumors. And if you can check his suspect integrity. Go for it!!

I understand Hickey is new and all that stuff. But it makes ZERO LOGICAL SENSE to trade D.Jordan or M.Wallace.

I understand trying to trade Wake. He has value. And the cap hit isn't huge.

LaConforta is just like the 2 trolls here. They will say anything for a couple hits.

And what is the obsession with other bloggers. Specifically Dashi. I read this post by Salguero and the 2nd or 3rd comment is what would dashi say.

O-line thats it. I don't care what we do in the draft or for FA's. Just get O-linemen. Ross wanted the big splash last year. Going up to get Jordon. Getting Wallace. Swapping out the LB core. Big headline getters.

Anybody with a brain knows you cant operate an offense without a decent O-Line. You do that and then get the play makers. You invest your future in a young Qb and you almost get him killed. I want a boring O-Line offseason. It is as simple as this.... good O-line playoffs. Bad O-Line goodbye to the season before it even starts.

dashi worships dashi.

I agree with you , Brick , but the best player available in the first round may yet turn out to be a CB or DT . . . I say we should grab a starting OT and OG in free agency , them perhaps go defense in the first round , then more OL in rounds two and three. We gave up 1998 rushing yards on defense last season , for an average of about 125 yards per game , while only rushing for 90 yards per game ourselves. For all the negative press the team received for taking Dion Jordan last year , it's worth noting that none of the three highly touted OT's (two of which we couldn't get anyway) set the world on fire last year.

Little by little, it is coming out that Ireland was the toxic influence in the Miami Dolphins Team for the past few years. Many here should be proud of yourselves as you did not like Ireland from his beginning and the Dez Bryant incident.

Posted by: oscar canosa | February 28, 2014 at 07:21 PM

oscar, you are a moron if you didnt know that.

Posted by: Just Sayin' | February 28, 2014 at 07:24 PM

Dashi didnt know that. He is a moron.

As for the constant criticism about our QB. I think we need to see T-Hill operate one year behind a decent line before anyone can truly know if he is the future or we need to move on.

Top QB's dont need a great OL.


I would love to talk circumstantiality with you as well as other philosophical topics such as curing world hunger, the difference in ideologies of a communist government when compared to a democratic one, or your ex-wife's snatch!


If I am a GM, anybody is up for trade, even my girl Dawn. But,it is at my price. You don't give away a high commodity.

Craniator, I agree on the D-Line. It All starts up front on both sides of the ball. Look at Belicheat it killed everybody up here in New England when he would use his top picks every year to take offensive and defensive linemen almost every year in the top rounds.

It was not exciting but it got very good results for them.

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