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Dolphins respond to Jordan, Wake, Wallace trade rumor

Let's clear things up:

The Dolphins have begun shopping defensive end Dion Jordan to gauge his trade value, CBSSports.com reported today.

That's false, a Dolphins source just told me.

The Dolphins are open to trading receiver Mike Wallace and are gauging interest in him around the league, CBSSports.com reported today.

That's false, the same Dolphins source just told me.

The Dolphins are open to trading Cameron Wake, CBSSports.com reported today.

That's false, the same Dolphins source just told me.

So what we have here is an issue of credibility and integrity. Do you believe CBSSports.com? Or do you believe the Miami Dolphins?

I know my source.

I'm going with the Dolphins.

As to news that is actually true, the Dolphins hosted free agent safety Louis Delmas on Friday. Delmas, who attended high school in Miami, is available because he was cut by the Detroit Lions on Feb. 13.

He is a smart player. He is a two-time Pro Bowl alternate. He has battled injury issues.

The Dolphins are looking at cheap safety help because Chris Clemons is an unrestricted free agent and will test the market.


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Andrew Abramson ‏@AbramsonPBP 1m

I can also report Dolphins are close to a deal with Brent Grimes.

Mando says, we are close as well. Great news to start the week.

Trading Cameron Wake would NOT .... be a bad idea. Wake is up there in age trading him, in a deep draft, for a younger stud, doesn't sound like a bad idea, at all !

Andrew Abramson ‏@AbramsonPBP 27s

It's official. Grimes has re-signed.


That the only one capable of filling his shoes was a guy that WAS NOT even a finalist for the job and why should he be: QB situation exploded, HC situation exploded, got swindled by Revis/Jets for a pick AND $16mil/year.

So far this offseason Hickey is 1 - 0. Can the winning streak continue?

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Can we say "Conspiracy theory" we all know who owns CBSsports.com the same team that's trying to divide ownership and coaches from the players down in miami

Boy after reading a lot of articles I realize aot of reporters talk to hear their head rattle! Article after article is nothing but smears and jeers! This team was 1 win away from the playoffs,why would they start over? Here are a few of my observations. By the way Im just a lifelong Fins fan and I sell bread and cake for a living. Tannehill has improved,Miller would be a 1000 yd rusher for the Pats,the admin whether it be Philbin Aponte or Ireland has done a great job with picks and cap space while increasing talent! Dont forget this team went through hard times at receiver losing Binns and Keller in the preseason then Gibson later in the year.Wallace will be great when he and Tanny get it together. Philbin has pretty much changed the defense from a 3-4 to a 4-3 the offense from power run to a passing attack. Remember Tannehill and Philbin have only had 2 years together! On defense I think Jordan was still recovering from that shoulder injury regardless if Miami traded up or not that doesnt make that surgery heal any faster. If Jordan develops like Vernon we will be fine! I think the defense wore out as the season went on and teams exposed Miamis lack of run game at the end of the season! They did manage to pull out wins over Pittsburgh New England before the flop. Yes the end was very disappointing but I would like to think Philbin will build on last year.You almost have to admit looking around the league as dysfunctional as this team seems still is in better shape than half the franchises out there! Feel free to correct me blast me or what ever in the mean time Go Joe! FINS UP!

So what happens if all those things come true?

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