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ESPN NFL Live analysts roast Joe Philbin

So what is the national reaction from the Joe Philbin press conference?

Adam Beasley of The Herald is at the Indianapolis Combine and he tells me that national media were underwhelmed by Philbin but not overtly critical.

Well, ESPN's analysts on NFL Live were quite critical.

Former Super Bowl winners Mark Schlereth, Tedy Bruschi and Damien Woody just roasted the Dolphins coach on national cable television. It was, shall we say, four minutes of turning Philbin over an open fire.

Among other things, Schlereth said Philbin is, "incompetent."

Bruschi referred to "the amazing lack of awareness," with Philbin and the organization.

Bruschi also pointed at that Philbin failed as "rookie head coach. I think the job was too big for him at first. And now he has to refix some of the mess he created."

Woody said players on the leadershp council should be appointed by the head coach. Philbin had the leadership council appointed by a vote of the players.

(Salguero interjects here: I believe Philbin meant well to let the players vote on members of the leadership council. But as Nick Saban would do, the coach has ultimate veto power. Always.)

Here is the audio (click to listen):

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You are beginning to "love" this far too much. I almost said, "Don't Quit Your Day Job". :)


Philbin is the worst thing to ever happen to the Dolphins franchise.


Well, I DIDN'T SEE IT THERE ON THE BEARS WEBSITE! I saw it on a Bears blog that I go to sometimes because I am from there originally and like the BEARS even though Miami is my first team!

They got it from someone who redesigned the uniforms and it leaked out even though they have not revealed it yet!!

Don't you remember when the Dolphins had their designs leaked out before it was made official?? THIS IS NO DIFFERENT!! GO SEE YOURSELF!!


4 TMZ post about Philbin. 1 post about some football.

When I say stop repeating the same thing over and over because it gets annoying. I hope now you get my point. I don't mean it to insult other posters.

How can you honestly defend this nonsense!!



Problem is you guys keep saying "go see it" and are not providing a link?

Link please?

Big news here, two former pats ripping on the Dolphins.

And woody, you big dummy, do you know what the intent of the leadership council is? It is to act as a bridge to air players' concerns and feelings to the head coach.


Wouldn't having the coach pick the players be kind of self defeating????

Man, the standards of aceptance at Boston College where woody the idiot went must be really slow.

OK, this is making me beyond rage right now, I'm out.. simply ridiculous. If you are going to critique then have your criticisms make sense.

Woody, you wear Soviet Union briefs???

How interesting (and convenient) for Armando not to mention Bill Polian being very complimentary towards Philbin not FIVE MINUTES earlier on ESPN. Was impressed with his press conference and how he is handling this going forward.

Oh, that's right. Mentioning that would mess with the narrative and the agenda.

Right, Armando?

Hey man, after that high-five story your credibility here is at an all time low.

It's ESPN folks. I don't think Philpin has done a good job through all this but of course a HC with such little experience running a team will singled out by ex-players now turned experts on all matters football. What would we expect ex-players preach player accountability? That wod. E Turing their heads away from the player frat house mentality.

MIT, Philbin is not a good head coach. Now that Sherman is gone it's even more apparent.


I will put the link to the HORRIBLE NEW BEARS UNIFORMS but don't know how to do this?? But if you tell me I will try!!


Bruschi and D.Woody are both former Pats. M.Schlereth looks like a follower.

No logical person would take their opinion serious.

There is a reason Salguero wasn't sent to the combine. The Herald knows he is losing it.

We are watching a journalist having a mental breakdown in real time.

I saw the Bears new uniforms on a blog, too, but it was just a general NFL blog not from Chicago.

He's right, they are atrocious. You have to see it to believe it.

Former Super Bowl winners Mark Schlereth, Tedy Bruschi and Damien Woody

Who cares if they won a super bowl. Does that make them more knowledgeable? Bruschi is a loser even if he won a super bowl.
I still believe philbo is in over his head but don't need these clowns to tell me that.

Ross is the worst thing to ever happen to the Dolphins.


I will put the link to the HORRIBLE NEW BEARS UNIFORMS but don't know how to do this?? But if you tell me I will try!!


Posted by: CAN'T "BEAR" IT! | February 20, 2014 at 04:48 PM

Go to the website, click on the website address window(it turns blue), then left click and select copy.

Come back to this blog, click in the comments box. Then left click, and select paste.

Let's see, 3 self-righteous and previously known anti-Dolphin analysts or Bill Polian? I'll go Polian. Every time.

Who gives a ratsazz what these mediocre players and terrible analysts have to say. Joe Philbin has more integrity in his little finger than the whole lot of these clowns.Go Dolphins!

I just read the weirdest story but apparently it's true. Bill Cowher's grandmother was apparently part Chinese and when Mao was starting his revolution she returned to China and joined the Red Guard as an advisor to him! It says that even after she returned to the United States she remained devoted to Mao and the Chinese Communist Party until her death and is even memorialized with a plaque in Beijing!

Man, the stuff you learn sometimes, lol.

I can't believe "Mando" still has a job. His agenda is quite obvious. He's a Dolphin hater and an incompetant reporter. He really should have a job that requires him to say, " welcome to Walmart."

Why don't you post what Bill Polian said Mando? I know you idolize these ESPN clowns but fair is fair.


Didn't the Bears and the entire NFL just get new uniforms last year?

There only one thing less important to me than the soap opera starring Incognito and Martin (co-starring Pouncey and Jerry)--and that's what Schlereth, Bruschi and Woody have to say about it. Hey, Armando, maybe you can find out what Moe, Larry, and Curley think of Philbin. Their opinions would be just as relevant.

Hey!! Someone posted my name here how can they do that??

SAM I AM I will do what you said!

ESPN? Lol. Who watches ESPN and takes it serious? Its the Fox News of the reporting world. Good for some entertainment, nothing more. The only thing ESPN I have anything to do with is Radio. Weekdays from 10 - 4. The Herd and SVP and Rusillo.

WHO cares what Mark Schlereth thinks with the fake ass story told about when he was in grade school. He was scare to stand in front of the class to read Dr.Seuss nd the teacher call him stupid he feel crash thought he fail his parents,no Mark yoU fail to tell your parents WHO Love yoU nd always there to help with anything like yoU said early in story now who is #incompetent

The Bears info floating around here is pure fabrication by bored teenage posters, nothing more. Although I do not like the Bears at all the NFL community would fall out if they changed that iconic classic look. Retards with a keyboard folks.

Philbin should be fired.. How can people above and under you get fired and u don't ? Claiming he didn't know anything BS..

Hey!! Someone posted my name here how can they do that??

Posted by: CAN'T "BEAR" IT!


I can't imagine!

Are any of these guys on the Dolphins......NO. Are any of them former Dolphins......NO. So then why do we care? They just want to go on national TV and talk about how politically correct they are. Who cares?

Fatty Parcells, why didn't Mando report Ditka telling ex TE Cam Cleeland to punch someone out after he told Ditka he was forced to go went a gauntlet and was beaten to the point where he almost lost an eye with socks full of coins ?

They did the same thing with bounty gate......the only difference was that the Saints fans stood up for their team

The whole League got new uniforms last year.

That those 3 teams had the most drastic change is true.

My question was more rhetorical than anything else.

Really Bruschi, seems to me there is a certain TE in NE that had no clue what kind of person he was....in fact didn't he get a hefty raise before the roof caved in. You would think Mr. Belichick or Mr. Kraft would have had a "pulse" on how out of control he was. If you read the Rolling Stone article it is apparent he had been out of control for sometime. You mean no one in that locker room could help or intervene...where is the leadership???


I will do what SAM I AM has said and show you also! And ANOTHER ONE HERE also said they saw the same new HORRIBLE UNIFORM AND HELMET!!

Shut up YG

You are so "obvious".

Sounds like ESPN is making similar comments about Philbin like many of you here a few days ago. Myself included. So why's everyone upset?

Turmoil ensues

The whole League got new uniforms last year.

That those 3 teams had the most drastic change is true.

My question was more rhetorical than anything else.

Posted by: Dashi | February 20, 2014 at 05:08 PM


Well, when they said "new" it really just pertained to a new fabric mix being used in the jerseys and pants---not a redesign of the logos, colors or striping, etc.

The only three teams to actually do any of that were the Dolphins, Jags, and Vikings.

Clearly Philbin is incompetent. How does he still have a job?

I could smell your fingernails all day long. They are heavenly.

Dashi thinks Philbin is the worst HC in the NFL.

The thing is who cares what they say. Mando is milking out the last of this story while he still can. He is in his last seconds of his fifteen minutes of fame. Its over Mando .... time to move on.

Just read through your last few posts and you will find you have not only alienated and lost creditability with the Dolphin front office but also with your blog readers. Good job. Hope it was worth it. Hope the scandal rag ESPN hires you

Mando has been trying to get hired by ESPN for the last 12 years. That's why he is always kissing up to these guys. Mando - enough is enough. Philbin spoke just as you requested now please move on already and go back to jock sniffing.

Wow, Salguero's reputation has really taken a beating today.

Probably not how he envisioned this playing out!

The experts have Philbin pegged correctly as a loser. He is just clueless.

Armando i believe if Joe's last name was Rivera you would have nothing but positives and come to his defense when needed, i see you for who you are. Joe is the best thing that happened to this team. He is the all American not americana guy who speaks English not some low brow hack verson like spanglish which isn't even a word. When our team not yours improves year by year and you have to write positives about him, i will then know you ate all of that spanish crap crow burrito.

We're all tired of his narrative. A couple of guys acted like fools in a locker room and its the biggest story since Kennedy was shot. I mean, think about it. A couple of meatheads acted immaturely and its the end of the world?

Joe Philbin is a straight shooter.

Armando deserves a lot of credit for his objective reporting and telling it like it is. Thanks for your great work!

So all of you who are bashing Philbin........what was he supposed to say? You tell me.....or us. You're up there in front of the cameras now go.................

Armando deserves a lot of credit for his objective reporting and telling it like it is. Thanks for your great work!

Posted by: Monte | February 20, 2014 at 05:28 PM


Thanks for the laugh!

Please refer to the "high five" post from the last blog entry and then get back to us.

Armando is a fraud.

All the Saints coaches who got caught in bountygate said the same thing Philbin said........nothing. Why say anything when guys like Mando or those morons at ESPN get to sit back and rip anything you say. Philbin could of said anything today and he still would getting bashed.......so why bother

I love all of the brave souls in here who rip Philbin, but have ZERO coaching experience, never mind football experience. "Oh Philbin is this and Philbin is that" and you're opinion is based on what? Oh wait, it's based on what Mando writes.......nothing

I love it Silverback. Philbin came up the hard way. Look at his resume. If they can get any sort of OL together - he'll be fine. Philbins the man.

All of this being said, there are some intelligent people on this board with some credible ideas and opinions, but man.........some of you hate just to hate. Now please don't give me the, "We've been frustrated for so long" speech. I married into a family of 50 die hard Saints fans who have been through hell with their team over the years and when bounty gate broke, they defended their team...........here some of you turn and run and hide behind Mando

I heard the national enquirer is interested in hiring Armando. They think his talents as a tabloid reporter have been missed by the Herald. " why he is used as a sports reporter is beyond us. Clearly he is a natural at tabloid sensationalism" Reports are the are trying to hammer out a deal with him. Reports are that Armando is still holding out for an ESPN gig before committing . Stay tuned.

Silverback ask yourself if Philbin's actions and success as our head coach warrants any of the abuse he gets. And I don't mean the trolls (the idiot who said Philbin should kill himself like his son, I hope that guy rots in hell) I mean guys like me that used to support Philbin.

The last straw for me was the cue cards.

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