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ESPN NFL Live analysts roast Joe Philbin

So what is the national reaction from the Joe Philbin press conference?

Adam Beasley of The Herald is at the Indianapolis Combine and he tells me that national media were underwhelmed by Philbin but not overtly critical.

Well, ESPN's analysts on NFL Live were quite critical.

Former Super Bowl winners Mark Schlereth, Tedy Bruschi and Damien Woody just roasted the Dolphins coach on national cable television. It was, shall we say, four minutes of turning Philbin over an open fire.

Among other things, Schlereth said Philbin is, "incompetent."

Bruschi referred to "the amazing lack of awareness," with Philbin and the organization.

Bruschi also pointed at that Philbin failed as "rookie head coach. I think the job was too big for him at first. And now he has to refix some of the mess he created."

Woody said players on the leadershp council should be appointed by the head coach. Philbin had the leadership council appointed by a vote of the players.

(Salguero interjects here: I believe Philbin meant well to let the players vote on members of the leadership council. But as Nick Saban would do, the coach has ultimate veto power. Always.)

Here is the audio (click to listen):

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Zach Martin at #19 is very far removed from BPA at that spot.

who do you like?

What happened with Jason Taylor and ESPN?

He is never on anymore.

I don't know we have to count that at least 3 or 4 QBs and 2 or 3 LTs will be drafted top 15. From there on, our pick.

What happened with Jason Taylor and ESPN?

He is never on anymore.

Guess they found out he was a Dolphin....






Same guys...praised him during the season for how he held the team together...DGAF what they say...has no value...just like this blog 75% of the time.

Shugs. you've had better names in the past. Getting rusty?

Rank Player Pos. Pos. Rank School Class Ht. Wt. Proj.

1 *Jadeveon Clowney DE 1 South Carolina Jr 6-5 274 1
2 Jake Matthews OT 1 Texas A&M Sr 6-5 305 1
3 *Teddy Bridgewater QB 1 Louisville Jr 6-2 205 1
4 *Greg Robinson OT 2 Auburn rSo 6-5 320 1
5 *Blake Bortles QB 2 UCF rJr 6-3 230 1
6 *Sammy Watkins WR 1 Clemson Jr 6-1 205 1
7 *Johnny Manziel QB 3 Texas A&M rSo 6-0 210 1
8 Khalil Mack OLB 1 Buffalo rSr 6-3 248 1
9 Taylor Lewan OT 3 Michigan rSr 6-7 315 1
10 Anthony Barr OLB 2 UCLA Sr 6-4 248 1
11 Darqueze Dennard CB 1 Michigan State Sr 5-11 197 1
12 Zack Martin OT 4 Notre Dame rSr 6-4 305 1
13 *Mike Evans WR 2 Texas A&M rSo 6-5 225 1
14 *Eric Ebron TE 1 North Carolina Jr 6-4 245 1
15 *Marqise Lee WR 3 Southern California Jr 6-0 195 1
16 C.J. Mosley ILB 1 Alabama Sr 6-2 232 1
17 *Kony Ealy DE 2 Missouri rJr 6-5 275 1
18 *Louis NixInjured DT 1 Notre Dame rJr 6-2 345 1
19 *Hasean Clinton-Dix FS 1 Alabama Jr 6-1 208 1

Zack Martin ranked number 12 overall....


so you think rankings mean anything?

rankings are nothing but media fodder for idiots like you to keep hitting the sites.

Trade Pouncey (a proven player)to whomever in the top ten draft picks needs a top o-line man in exchange for their first and a third or fourth round pick.

Purge the current o-line.

Use their first pick for Jake Matthews or some other top lineman or the BPA.

hhmmm….and I'm supposed to give a crap what Schlereth and Bruschi say why?--who anointed them the final word, the experts? they're entitled to their opinion, and I'm entitled to ignore it…..talking head dopes, grabbing the spotlight…..just gotta keep piling on, huh Armando?

I support Philbin.

benz = Dashi

and Mando, why do you feel the need to be the lackey, the bucket boy, for guys on NFL Live?--isnt it kinda strange, for you to be reporting what THEY are reporting/discussing on their show?--we can all watch their show if we want, and hear what they have to say (key phrase…."if we want")--but if not, geez, its always good to know we'll get that coverage from you--like, dont you have your own column and gig to worry about?--no need to update us on theirs…..be professional, please.

If we can get a 3rd for Pouncey take it. He's a problem we dont want right now. Draft 3 OL and a RB.

Schlereth = Broncos Fax machine
Bruschi = Hernandez

Didn't both their teams have "VETERAN head coaches?

Woody = Overeater's anonymous suicide watch

If we can get a bacon bologna sandwich for Shula73 take it!

obviously = clueless…..obviously

I believe the Rams have given up on Bradford and will use their second pick for a new QB.

One of the two teams in need of an o-lineman might be willing to trade for Pouncey plus a lower round pick.

If we can get a 3rd for Pouncey take it. He's a problem we dont want right now. Draft 3 OL and a RB.

Posted by: Shula 73 | February 20, 2014 at 09:11 PM

Get rid of all Irelands draftees. I cant think of one of them thats really worth keeping.

Cahrles Barkley says, "Only God's an expert, Ernie".

Dashi never posts under another name, accept for when he does!

they'd get more than a 3rd for Pouncey, Shula…..but why panic and trade Pouncey?-he's young, good and cheap…..he's a thug, like half the league, but he'll get past this.

I would trip over my dick and fall on my face. But, then Armando would be jealous.

pouncey is on drugs

It never ceases to amaze me how clueless these bloggers are. They respond to such obvious troll bait as though they were serious posts. It's like they can't see the sun rising.

benz, is it really that difficult to see?

Storm Johnson. UCF RB, 6'0" 215lbs. If you have seen B.Broyles play, you have seen S.Johnson play. He carried the team.

You know you are going to be a RB with a name like that.



213 Att
1139 Yds
5.3 Avg
14 TDs


29 Rec
3 TDs

Left UM because of lack of playing time. Lost job to Lamar Miller. And knew Duke Johnson was already coming to Miami. So he would have got zero carries this past season at UM. Went up to UCF and carried that team to a Bowl Game. And made Brent Broyle a First Rounder!!

Storm Johnson is a pretty good RB. He is built like Adrian Peterson.

Not saying that he can run like AP(4.3). Just that he is built like him.

Reggie Bush with like 10 extra lbs on him so he can run over people.

I won't be surprised if S.Johnson runs a low 4.4-40.


S.Johnson is L.Miller with 10 extra lbs on him. Storm Johnson doesn't dance.

yes, its really difficult to see Frange….but thanks for clearing it up, visionary

Dooshy, tell us again how Jeff Ireland is a great GM

I'd like to see if Hickey brings in Freeman who was doing fairly well with the Bucs until Schiano showed up.

Hickey knows Freeman better than anyone. He's still young and could be the one to "push" Tannehill (which Philbin said he wanted to do).

His short stay with the Vikings and 2013 should be thrown out.

I'd bring in Freeman, for reasonable money…..definitely--talented, too young to give up on…..low risk

Any word on Hickey hiring Dominik, his former boss?

A Blake Bottles Highlight is a handoff to S.Johnson.

dashi I was thinking. Alan Greenspan, former Chief of the Federal Reserve for decades, said after he retired that in retrospect he was right only 30% of the time. I'm wondering, have you ever thought of parlaying your 95% right record into the world of politics or financial policy?


I read earlier that Martavis Bryant might run high 4.2 or low 4.3.he's going to blow some minds being 6'5".

Dashi do you like to play rag doll?

There isnt a GM in the league that would consider signing Incognito after his harrassment and twitter remarks.

Blount, former Buc, could be FA. He could be the RB for short yardage. He did great in the playoffs except for the AFC championship game.

As a Buc he bulldozed many defenders. Hickey knows him. We'll see what he does.

Also heard a report that JMartin is going to have lots of interest from Thor teams. I hope for at least a forth round pick.

*other teams

Who cares about the garbage Dolphins?

I didn't get to see all the experts on ESPN rip J. Philbin, what did they bhave to say about R. Rice? I guess knocking out the woman you love is ok?

Texas…..will be interesting to see if teams (ie. GMs/coaches) have interest in Martin…..but if they do, will their locker rooms have interest?--dont forget that he mostly stunk here for 2 years


Who the hell isn't on drugs? Even as mild as Bayers children aspirin. Everyone's looking for anything that at least makes them feel good.

Not many in this blog could stand a drug test. Let's meet and fire up a blount baby!

the NBA is awful, so bad…..unwatchable…..a few good teams, and the rest suck and/or are not interesting at all

I didn't get to see all the experts on ESPN rip J. Philbin, what did they bhave to say about R. Rice? I guess knocking out the woman you love is ok?

Posted by: RUKIDDINGME13 | February 20, 2014 at 09:37 PM

Depends on whether before or after sex. Young kids today are into "choking out" their mate during sex.

Go figure.

Time to fire this spineless failure. When will this team get quality employees?

Benz, before I heard that report from NFL network I was thinking 7th rounder but rapport said there would lots of interest. All we need is a coach and gm to be interested. I would take what I can get for him.


The NBA isn't so awful if being one of those receiving a 6-7 figure paycheck. With that amount, you too can make it rain at the strip club. Bet that wouldn't be boring, eh?

yeah, you know RU, those Ravens should be held in such high esteem in general….with all the high character guys they have, or have had…..Lewis, Suggs, Williams, McClain….now Rice-real bunch of high character gems…..but sure, Schlereth rips Philbin--makes sense


Exactly why from the get go Ive been saying ^TH rounder in the least for J-Mart. A team would pay that not to miss out waiting in line "on waivers".

The guy's still proven "NFL starter quality".

Schlereth is a ESPN puppet. I never heard any the same comments for Peyton in bounty gate.

Media has hinted Marting to SF because of the Harbaugh connection. Dead wrong. SF does not need a new LT nor RT. Luck and Indy are my best guess.

Luck spent much of last season "running for his life" too. His "pass protection" was also pretty awful.

Texas, it's Payton, not Peyton. How freaking clueless are you? Instead of writing, swallow more dashi.


Philbin has "built no street cred" in NFL circles. Guys like this will always be "fair game" to annihilate.

What do u guys think of the Hickey press release. I get the feeling he may try and resign both Soliai and Starks.

Joe Philbin wins couple Super Bowls, Bruschi/Schlereth/Woody will be lapping at his jock.

NFl "street cred" is priceless. Ask Bill Bellichik.


Look at our roster you idiot. But I will tell you why Ireland is a good GM.

Parcels hired Soprano.

Ireland hired Philbin.

Ireland was also said to have wanted Rex Ryan over Spo. But Parcels wanted a coach he can control. Instead of a coach that can coach.

Who Drafted the 2 Best QBs this roster has had since Marino? Even Henne on those teams with Ricky and the Defense(JT, Zach, Madison&Surtain, 2 DTs, Marion), we would've won 1 Superbowl.

Ireland has acquired the most 1000yd WRs the Dolphins have ever had under any administration. Picture how many WRs, Ireland would've found Marino.

Was able to transition from having 1 Pass Rusher on the Roster, that was retiring. To having 3 Real good ones. Picture what Ireland could've done for JT in his prime. Finding guys to help him rush the passer. Allowing less Double Teams.

You can hate Ireland all you want. Because that is your job as #1 Hater. But I can appreciate that Ireland is the Best GM we have had in the last 20 Years.

Hickey has 1 year to make this roster Playoff Caliber. That is the expectation. Si ó No? Who is responsible for that? Philbin? Ross? Or Ireland?

Philbin only has 1 year cause of Ireland, Si ó No?

Hickey has picks. He has Cap. And already the most important position on the team is filled. He doesn't even need to find Tannehill weapons to throw to.


He doesn't even have to rebuild the whole Defense. Just resign key players. And have Coyle do a better job Coaching and Calling Plays. Even with P.Wheeler starting this defense should be a Top 10 Defense.

Playoffs or everyone is getting Fired!! This season.

Why is that?

Because Ireland did a good job.

Admit it.

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