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ESPN NFL Live analysts roast Joe Philbin

So what is the national reaction from the Joe Philbin press conference?

Adam Beasley of The Herald is at the Indianapolis Combine and he tells me that national media were underwhelmed by Philbin but not overtly critical.

Well, ESPN's analysts on NFL Live were quite critical.

Former Super Bowl winners Mark Schlereth, Tedy Bruschi and Damien Woody just roasted the Dolphins coach on national cable television. It was, shall we say, four minutes of turning Philbin over an open fire.

Among other things, Schlereth said Philbin is, "incompetent."

Bruschi referred to "the amazing lack of awareness," with Philbin and the organization.

Bruschi also pointed at that Philbin failed as "rookie head coach. I think the job was too big for him at first. And now he has to refix some of the mess he created."

Woody said players on the leadershp council should be appointed by the head coach. Philbin had the leadership council appointed by a vote of the players.

(Salguero interjects here: I believe Philbin meant well to let the players vote on members of the leadership council. But as Nick Saban would do, the coach has ultimate veto power. Always.)

Here is the audio (click to listen):

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These analysts are only speaking the truth. no story here. Its not like we havnt all said before or sat around wondering if Philbin has a clue. Dolphin fans know better than anyone he doesnt

Bruschi should shut his face ; he put up Bellicheck as a coach who has the pulse of the locker room in check, he knows what's going on with his players and always makes the apropriete decisions all rite.Um,his tight end was out murdering people while Belicheck was giving him a raise. Just stop it Bellicheck is a cheatasaurus Bruschi, and if a bully can get away with it in high school with teachers and principles in there face then a player in a locker room can get away with it in the N.F.L..

Isn't the whole medias reaction to this whole mess an exact example of "bullying of the Dolphins". The dolphin organization are perceived to be at a weak point in their evolution and so they are being harassed and "bullied" by the media( kicking them while they are down )in a very similar manner to the OL supposedly bullied Martin. Very little difference if you look at this from outside. Schlereth, Woody and Brusci should be suspended for their continuous badgering of the team when they cant handle it.

If you don't think so why hasn't the hiring of Greg Williams by STL been even a topic of discussion, and people have mentioned the R Rice incident but he is the third Raven in the last 5 years to have serious domestic issues. Those guys don't have the gumption to take on those teams. They go after the perceived weakest. WHO IS BULLING WHO

Philbin is the worst thing to ever happen to the Dolphins franchise.

Posted by: Seth | February 20, 2014 at 04:39 P

Seth.... I think your wrong here... ROSS is the worst thing to ever happen to the Dolphins franchise. Its been a Joke ever since he took over... & its still going down hill. But Philbin isn't much Better... If your the Coach... How Could NOT Know what was going on in the building...... You know why he didn't know??/ Cuz he's CLUELESS just like our owner....


This is Following up on the New Bear Uni's.... The Tampa Bay Bucs just revealed there New helmet design... The Buccaneer Flag is Bigger & the Face mask is Chrome, instead of Black.. Looks kinda sharp... IMO. didn't see the rest of the Uni.. i think there doing the rest in a week or too.... & Yes the just did the Uni's for all the teams a season ago or so......

I think if Miami have a new uniform next year then it should still be white...but with a streak of yellow down the back to show everyone the club has no guts.

Bruschi Shut Up! Enough already, why were you not calling for Belichick's head when he got caught with his hand in the Cookie Jar with the whole SpyGate Fiasco. Give me a break, maybe Philbin should have been fired but your the Pot calling the kettle black.
Your just like the rest of the New England Fans you won't say the truth when it comes to your buddy Bill! Your another hypocritical bastard!

Everyone wants to rip everything Philbin has done as wrong. I worked as manager in a union shop...the employees elected their steward to represent them to air their needs and grievances. If they felt they weren't being represented they voted someone else in there. I also kept an open line for people to talk with me so I always had a grip on what was going on within the troops. If there was a problem I would call in the Steward and open up the dialog about problems.

The same should apply here....let them elect their leaders but hold THEM accountable. He has done some things well and others he needs to improve on.

Who cares what these jackasses think! One was a Pat the other a Jet so screw them both! We all make mistakes, no ones perfect. I hope Philbin and Hickey get this thing going and I am rooting for them both to do it. Philbin is a sharp guy and he will learn from these mistakes. We have a very young team and what the locker room lacks is veteran leadership. Everyone can say good riddance Jake Long last season but he was sorely missed from a leadership standpoint. I hope Hickey recognizes this and finds someone to fill this void. After listening to Hickey speak yesterday, I really like his bedside manner with the media. Ireland was a turd and just couldn't communicate with anyone. Hickey seems calm, cool, well thought out and can handle the spotlight. At least that's my first impression.

I'm just home from back surgery, so Ive gotta catch up. The Head coach of every team in the NFL, college, high school, pop warner is responsibly for everything on his football team,,,everything. The head coach knows his players down to size jock they where. He knows their families, the dogs name, etc, etc. Now, to state that Philbin is not the scape goat in this incident is correct, he is the only goat. "I know nothing" sounds like Sgt Schultz on Hogans Heros an 70s TV comedy. Philbin should of know, Philbin should have know, but according to him,"I knew nothing". Ill bet the mortgage that Philbin knew something. The only thing we Dolfans can expect from now on is more .500 or less Dolphin football teams, because we have a HC who knows nothing.

I just wanted to pipe in here and say that I am tired of Armando's self serving articles. Thank you.

News Guys are hinge heads they were talking about Philbin maybe being coach of the year when the Dolphins were 8-6 and looked like they were headed to the playoffs. None of this really matters for the dolphins going forward.I think Philbin gets one more year to right the ship, but I ain't holding my breath on that one.

I think they could be right Philbin certainly did look incompetent at times last year and nobody believes he didn't know, what he should have said was he he did not believe it was as serious as it was or something like that, guys bust each other chops in the locker room all the time , no one can really be expected to know what is going on in someone Else's head.

Did Bill Belichick know he had a murderer on his team? probably not, but Philbin ducked away and instead and fired trainer, like the trainer is supposed to be a physiologist or something.

I would love to see the Dolphins turn it around next year and make the playoffs but I have doubts about Philbin being the man for the Job. Philbin called Sherman an outstanding coach and didn't want to fire him even though he basically ran the same 6 plays or so all year and I did not even mention the snap count issues.

I like Tannehill though and maybe we can get creative on offense now that Sherman is gone with the New OC Lazor.

F this story already. I'm sure the locker rooms these guys were in was full of choir boys. I'm so sick of all these former players standing on a pulpit holier than thou roasting the Fins. With all the arrest, drugs, wife beating, extra marital affairs league wide they want to pile on like Miami is the only place with questionable characters. F the PC police. F these x players who are terrible broadcasters. Get some good players to win guys and make these idiots STFU. They piled on when the story broke, but then the team started winning and they had to acknowledge that. Now they are piling on again

2 ex Pats ripping the Fins! Wow whats new? If Philbin is held accountable for a little so called bullying why isnt Belicheck held responsible for Hernandez? I mean the DA seems to be building quite a case vs the man and from the way it looks Aaron has been a bad boy for a number of years! FINS UP

This is Philbins last chance to have the input on the make up of this team and coach it. Ireland real screwed this team up. Philbin wanted a OT and he got a DE/LB. After this draft and Free agency if we here a resounding finally we got it right than everything will be great. If we get another what the F is going on in Miami it will be time to just BOYCOTT the Phins.
The biggest issue I have is that because a big cry baby Martin could not take some ribbing and is still getting away with being a BIG CRYBABY. Wa Wa he is making fun of me, wa wa I have to move from RT over LT. Wa wa mommy save me, i do not like here anymore Wa wa. I am making millions of dollars getting stoned using women WA WA.
Remember one thing if that idiot Ireland drafted a LT, signed one or traded for one like we should have since we needed one we would have not been in this situation at all.
My 15 year old son is much more man than Jonathan Martin.
The reason we sucked the past years is right at the feet of Jeff Ireland. Thank God he is gone.

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