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Five teams show interest in Paul Soliai

No, the Dolphins have not yet made a contract offer to retain pending free agent defensive tackle Paul Soliai, as The Herald first reported this morning. Neither have any other teams, according to league sources.

But here's the deal:

Five teams have shown interest in Soliai in recent days. And at least two of those teams are quite serious about adding Soliai once free agency begins March 11, according to a source with knowledge of the situation. Those teams made their interest known during the Indianapolis Combine.

(Peanut gallery: But Mando, that's tampering.)

Oh, gallery how naive you are. While it is technically tampering, it would never be investigated because every team is spending time at the Combine talking to agents and asking those agents about their clients' mindset and general parameters to gauge the cost of signing those clients. And everyone is doing that.

And Soliai, a run-stuffing defensive tackle who has played both in the 3-4 and 4-3, is drawing as much interest as anyone.

The Dolphins, meanwhile, are taking a lukewarm approach to retaining Soliai -- and, frankly, many of their pending free agents. The Dolphins do not appear moved by the idea of their free agents hitting the market.

That includes Soliai, Randy Starks, Brent Grimes, Nolan Carroll, John Jerry and others. Indeed, some of those players will almost definitely not be returning to the Dolphins.

Although no contracts can be negotiated now, teams will be able to begin talking to free agents before free agency begins. The negotiation window opens March 8. Although no contract can be signed before March 11, several players will have deals in place before then because of the open negotiation window.


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If we can get those we can win 8 or 9 games but most likely we win 5

We have 40 million to spend dudes

Martin really screwed us up

Hopefully philbin gets fired after losing the first 12 games and we can get harbaugh

RB Sankey 3rd/4th round

Yes. We want a special LT, an immediate starter, an impact Player at that position.

We coulda been somebody, we coulda had Kuechly, we coulda been contenders.

Martin really screwed us up

Posted by: Mr nj | February 24, 2014 at 09:01 PM

Silly me, I thought it was Parcells/Ireland running the front office the last 6yrs.

Really, Pablo.


You want an imediate starter. And you want Z.Martin. I could name 3 guys that will be drafted in the 2nd that will be better than Z.Martin at the Pro Level.

By March 11, The O-line better be answered. LT, RT, and OG.

The Draft better be Best Player Available. And he better be superior to any first round pick Ireland has made in the last 6 years. And if he is an Offensive Linemen, he better be superior to Jake Long and Mike Pouncey. You know since Hickey is better than Ireland. And Ireland Sucks.

This is the Best WR draft in 20 years. And probably ever. Cause this draft has Sammy Watkins. One of the Best Offensive Prospects Ever, Headlining the Class. And as many as 8 WRs can go in the First Round.

At #19.

The Dolphins better pick out of 3 players if they have a chance. M.Bryant, M.Evans, and K.Benjamin, in that order.

Cause Tannehill needs someone to throw the ball to that can out jump CBs in the RedZone.

Picture how much Deadlier M.Wallace will be as the #2 WR, instead of the #1.


Else Fire Hickey!!

Harbaugh already said he is coming in 2015.

Having R.Tannehill as a QB can entice some good coaches.

Heard some interesting things from Tannehill about the new offense.

Hmmm...superior LT to Jake Long coming out of College?

Not only is Sammy Watkins there, they have the best QB coming out of College in the last 15-20 yrs, Johnny Manziel. I did not say it, Nick Saban did.

May we please have the names of those 3 Players that can be drafted in the 2nd Rd that will be better than Zach Martin?

Chris Borland just mentioned Zack Thomas as one of the players he idolized and plays like.

2ND round Fins grab him up....


The kid is a beast. He was worthy of wearing #77 right after Jake at Michigan.

He is from Michigan.

S.Ross has built half the Michigan Campus.

You know how I feel, that the real nail in Ireland's Coffin was not resigning J.Long.

Some would say, that the reason J.Long was drafted over someone else was because Ross wanted the Michigan Guy as the Face of his Franchise.

If the Fins trade up n the Top 10. T.Lewan is the guy.

stay at 19 take Martin....

JuJu, Mike Evans at #19? You must have a thought disorder.

Ross must be a clever draft evaluator then as Jake Long was a very complete LT coming out of College, 35 reps, 4.7, you know.


Silly me, Wayne Huizenga was owner when Jake Long was drafted.

Seems that 98% right sht isn't working very well for someone today.

Is this dashi kid serious or just playing? He is a good parrot of the pundits, but the pundits get paid only to entertain, not to be right.

3 guys that will be better Pros than Zach Martin.

Higher Ceiling

S.Henderson RT UM 6'7" 335lbs
J.Mewhort RT OSU 6'6" 310lbs
A.Richardson LT Tenn 6'6" 330lbs

Consideration, not my top 3, but guys that are as good as J.Martin, I mean Z.Martin

J.Bitonio RT/OG Nevada 6'4" 305lbs
J.James RT Tenn 6'6" 311lbs
J.Hurst LT UNC 6'6" 300lbs
C.Kouandijo LT Alabama 6'7" 320lbs

Is this dashi kid serious or just playing?

Posted by: Benjamin | February 24, 2014 at 09:40 PM

He's not playing. Something's really wrong.

Long time bloggers already know.

Me, I wouldn't want Harbaugh. He danced with Texas last year and danced with Cleveland this year. Of course he lied about it, just as he lied about pursuing Peyton. I mean, how obvious was that?

Harbaugh is far more about Harbuagh then the team, and he will jump at any chance to boost his ego.

Stay away.

Parcels got us a division title and grey hat

Parcels left because of ross

One of the great misnomers in the media, is the term pundits. Pundits in finance, pundits in the stock market, pundits in energy. You see at any given point in time, there is a pundit saying something is great, another saying its bad, and another saying its neutral at this time. Pundits contradict each other just as much as bloggers. Therefore it is wise to choose your pundits carefully, or better yet, do your own research and form your own opinion.

When we hear things like 'player x is rising on the draft board', this is an illusion. It is not that a player is rising, it is that the outsiders, also known as the pundits, are just getting more information as to where the teams actually are rating the players. They were never really lower or higher. You have to remember at all times, the pundits draft board is guesswork refined slowly by inside information. It is certainly not based on their knowledge. Their job is simply to entrain and sell commercials or blog hits.

If your mock draft remotely resembles the mock of a pundit, then you know you've been suckered in. If you are that into it, do your own research. If you think a pundits opinion that coincides with your own makes you more right, you are likely more wrong.

They need to drop "tampering" when it comes to players eligible for free agency after their final signed season.

The rule makes sense for players under contract. It would be obvious an issue if a GM were talking about, say, Russell Wilson or Cam Newton...someone signed for the upcoming season.

But if soon-to-be free agents are allowed to talk and look at teams...why should teams be able to look at them? And rather than hurting the original team, it helps them...it's much easier to make an offer when you know what a player is seeing on the market.

Seems like a no-brainer...

If all we needed was a run stuffing DT I'd be all for re-signing Soliai. He's 30 and by the time we are relevant, he will be at least 32-33 so goodbye Paul. Thanks for the memories.
Same goes for Starks. Don't get me wrong, they're good players but we can't spend the cash they'll demand with all the holes we got. Besides, exactly how many key runs did they stop when we played the Bills and Jets when it mattered?
We gotta retool and signing 30 year old run stuffing DTs ain't the way to go.

I was very surprised that Ross was dumb enough to allow Ireland to continue to do the Dolphin draft for each of the last 4 years after it was clear he was terrible at drafting. And I'm surprised also that Ross is dumb enough to allow Philbin to continue as HC after its clear he is a terrible HC.

I was suggesting to trade C.Wake for a 1st round pick, as he is on the wrong side of 30 and we need O- linemen. Having 2 firsts will fill two holes with decent players and bring costs down, too. Moreover, we have Dion Jordon and Olivier Vernon (who acquitted himself quite well in 2013.)

Martin really screwed us up

Posted by: Mr nj | February 24, 2014 at 09:01 PM

Martin helped us out. Incognito screwed us badly.

How about drafting Wallace a real QB? Someone with some accuracy.

Not to mention the $$$ those Draft selectors are paid to increase or decrease a Player's value. For instance, they start talking crap about Manziel that means the Houston Texans greased them.

Signing Solai is a must. We cant keep losing top players if we want any hope of competing.

My mistake. The Houston Texans draft first and they will select Manziel without any problems. Let's say Selectors start talking crap about Jake Matthews, or not talking at all about him, that probably means the St. Louis Rams greased them. You catch the idea?

Those quick, agile Gorillas are not easy to find.

He sucks, Miami cant stop the run....idiots

IMO, there isn't a franchise player on this team, including Grimes, so why should we be losing our sh*t over losing any if not all of these FA's? Especially on a defense that was ranked in the low 20's last year and could not stop a pee wee RB. Give Hickey a chance.

Armando, Come on, man.......

You've been doing this for HOW MANY YEARS...???

I'm not sure why Armando would write this and get less football educated fans all spun out..? For those of you who are genuinely concerned (I'm not talking to "The sky is falling" gang) Miami is allowing an exodus to occur. Allow me to do what Armando in his ongoing fit of anger with the Miami Dolphins organization didn't bother to report.

If the Dolphins have a player several teams are interested in. The most insanely stupid thing they could do is be the first to make an offer. When a team does that, they are setting their own players market for him and giving the other franchises the first opportunity to trump your offer.

By not reporting this matter in this context, Armando is sowing his OWN hand. He either doesn't give you, the fans enough credit to understand this, OR, he doesn't know. Either way is pretty damned unimpressive.

Solia is definitely worth keeping same with Starks but if you got only one I would take Solia but it is close.
Got to keep Grimes as and Patterson sing him to a one year deal to see if he can stay healthy, who was the guy on this blog that said we don't need to sign any running backs ? Did you watch any of the games last year?

Dolphins should sign the best of the DTs either Soliai or Starks, don't believe they can take both,,,saw a lot of football teams this past yr run of the Dolphins, Profootballfocus says its the linebackers ?????
Why do we pay so much for so little?

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